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									   Bags Defined Announces Website Redesign and Delivery Changes

Staffordshire, United Kingdom (14 June, 2011) – Bags Defined, a leading online
retailer of handbags, cross body bags and clutches, announces website redesign to
improve their online service and improved changes for their international delivery

Bags Defined are a leading provider of designer bags from some of the most
respected international fashion brands, including Kipling, Guess, Mischa Barton, Nica
and many more. Bags Defined can provide a diverse range of bag designs, so their
leather bags are sure to complement a variety of styles and colours.

Bags Defined has recently announced that they are set to redesign their website to
provide a higher quality service, as well as a new look homepage which will
complement their image and products. Additionally, Bags Defined has stated that
they have made significant improvements to their delivery service, as their customers
now have a variety of postage and packaging options, as well as an improved
international delivery service for their overseas customers.

A spokesperson for Bags Defined commented: “Our new website design will provide
our customers with a higher quality service and an aesthetically pleasing homepage
that is sure to make their time online more enjoyable. Our new postage and
packaging services will ensure that our customers have a wide choice of delivery
options, such as our discreet delivery postage service.”

For more information on Bags Defined and their leather bags, visit their website at or call 0844 800 5920.

About Bags Defined:
Bags Defined offer UK and international delivery on designer shoulder, leather, cross body,
clutch, and many more types of bags on their website. With renowned designers Mischa
Barton, Miss Sixty, Fiorelli, Oushka, Fossil and a host of other designers showcasing their
bags on the site, Bags Defined are able to provide bags for every occasion and all personal

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