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									       The 111th Nelson Battery, RCA,
A month before they left Edmonton for overseas
             Jack Gray (front row, left)
                The City of Nelson’s first casualty
(on the set of Academy Award-winning documentary film, 1941)
    Lt. Hampton (Hammy) Gray, DSO, VC
Older brother of Jack Gray, and last Canadian
 serviceman to die in combat in World War II
              Casualties from the
St. Paul’s United Church (Nelson) Boy’s Choir
      65 Choir members went off to war
 Local store displaying pictures of Nelson District’s
servicemen and women;1,300 served in World War II
Restaurants were allowed to serve only one cup of coffee or tea
                    during WWII rationing
Get into the scrap” was the slogan for scrap collection
           - Tons were sent off from Nelson
Fundraising was a major war effort - Nelson District
    raised $8 Million for Victory Bonds alone
Children were asked to make it
   a “Patriotic Hallowe’en”
A table in the book shows the location of BC geographical sites
            named after 28 Nelson District casualties

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