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					                                  Alameda Association of REALTORS®
                                                      Serving the City of Alameda since 1922
                                                                      Winter 2008

                                  A Message from the President…
                                  By Dianne Richmond

                                      On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to wish our members a happy and
                                  successful 2008. Last November, the 2008 Directors met with the 2007 Directors to
Voice of Real Estate in Alameda

                                  establish goals for this year. Taking into account the changing real estate market, we
                                  decided to focus on the need to develop, implement and promote programs and services to help our
                                  members remain successful. The Technology and Education committees have been combined to
                                  meet these needs. This committee, co-chaired by Rolando Basora and Pacita Dimacali, will develop a
                                  plan for the coming year. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

                                      The AAOR will continue to participate in activities that promote availability and affordability of
                                  housing in Alameda. In October, 2007 the Association applied for and successfully received a grant
                                  from the California Association of REALTORS® Housing Affordability Fund. toward the building of 8
                                  affordable homes in Alameda at Buena Vista Commons. On December 14 , a check for $50,000 was
                                  presented to the Alameda Development Corporation during our AAOR volunteer workday. Additional
                                  workdays are expected to be announced and your participation with this community effort will again
                                  show that we are dedicated to this cause. We plan to support this project until completion in August or
                                  September of 2008.

                                      Our Local Government Relation and Public Relation committees will continue to bring political
                                  awareness and involvement among our membership. We want our members to become more visible
                                  and active in local affairs and the Association needs to be recognized as a Player in the city. This year
                                  a new committee has been formed: the Commercial Committee. If you are interested in joining this,
                                  or any of our committees, please contact Dee at the office for more information. The schedule of
                                  committee meetings is also available on our website: www.AlamedaAOR.org .

                                      I look forward to representing you this year and wish you all a prosperous 2008!

                                                       Alameda AOR hosts DRE Commissioner Jeff Davi
                                                                       By Peter Holmes, REALTOR® Affiliate

                                                                              California’s Real Estate Commissioner Jeff Davi was the keynote
                                                                          speaker at a luncheon hosted by our Association recently. Joining Mr.
                                                                          Davi from Sacramento was Maria Giuriato, California’s Real Estate
                                                                          Industry Liason.
                                                                              The two hour luncheon, held on Thursday, February 21st at the Elk’s
                                                                          Club, featured an in depth operational report from the State’s top real
                                                                          estate regulator. Among other things, Mr. Davi updated the crowd on the
                                                                          Department’s progress in managing and regulating real estate licensees.
                                                                              “To give you some scope on the magnitude of our licensing program, it
                                   is estimated that 1 out of every 52 adult Californians currently holds a real estate license,” Davi reported.
                                       With so many licensees, the Department’s focus has been upon reviewing the status and managing the
                                  educational requirements to distribute and maintain a real estate license.
                                       Ms. Giuriato also spoke to the group, updating attendees on the State’s ongoing efforts to counsel
                                  homeowners facing foreclosures. She has personally coordinated several large “townhall” type meetings
                                  throughout the State to answer questions and provide loan workouts for California homeowners facing mortgage
                                  resets. For more information on these State services, go to dre.ca.gov.
                                       The lunchtime presentation concluded with a brief question and answer session, in which Mr. Davi shared
                                  some thoughts on the housing market, observing that the foreclosure problems in the State could ease as we
                                  move into the later part of 2008. He additionally championed the notion of affordability for Californians’ housing,
                                  supporting the recent temporary raising of the conforming loan limit.
                                       On hand for introductions was our President, Dianne Richmond and Master of Ceremonies Jeffrey Schwalm.
       Congratulations Alameda Association of REALTORS®
                        2008 Board of Directors
                                      DIANNE RICHMOND President
                                            Gold Coast Real Estate
                                            1300 Encinal Avenue
                                            Alameda, CA 94501
                                            Office: 510.748.5410

     EILEEN WALKER President-Elect                             KEIKO McDONAH Director
           Alameda Realty                                            Prime Properties Real Estate
           1902 Broadway                                             2994 Johnson Avenue
           Alameda, CA 94501                                         Alameda, CA 94501
           Office: 510.522.8585                                      Office: 510.522.4449
           Cell: 510.333.8897                                        sold@keikosellshomes.com

     ERIC LIM Treasurer                                         ROB PLATT Director
            Prudential California Realty                              Robb Platt & Associates
            660-A Central Avenue                                      2199 Harbor Bay Parkway
            Alameda, CA 94501                                         Alameda, CA 94502
            Office: 510.337.8670                                      Office: 510.823.8001
            eric.lim@prurealty.com                                    rob@robplattrealestate.com

     ANGELA McINTYRE Past President                             STEVE SORENSEN Director
          Gallagher & Lindsey                                         Harbor Bay Realty
          2424 Central Avenue                                         885 Island Drive, Suite 200
          Alameda, CA 94501                                           Alameda, CA 94502
          Office: 510.748.1121                                        Office: 510.814.4888
          angelamcintyre@mindspring.com                               Cell: 510.914.3003

     DANIA ALVAREZ-MORRONI Director                             TROY STATEN Director
           Harbor Bay Realty                                          Gallagher & Lindsey
           885 Island Drive                                           2424 Central Avenue
           Alameda, CA 94502                                          Alameda, CA 94501
           Office: 510.814.4832                                       Office: 510.748.1125
           dania@hbrhomes.com                                         TroyOZ@aol.com

                               2008 Committees & Chairperson
AFFILIATES / INFORUM: Jeffrey Schwalm                 EDUCATION & TECHNOLOGY:
                                                       Rolando Basora & Pacita Dimacali
                                                      FINANCE / BUDGET: Eric Lim
BY LAWS / POLICY: Eileen Walker
                                                      HOUSING AFFORDABILITY: Victor Jin
                                                      LOCAL GOV’T RELATIONS: Rob Platt
                                                      INSTALLATION: Constance Farber
 ADOPT-A-CLASSROOM: Anne DeBardeleben                 MEMBERSHIP: Angela McIntyre
 4TH OF JULY PARADE: Eileen Walker                    NOMINATING: Evelyn Kennedy
 FUND RAISER: Fritz Mayer                             PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS: Evelyn Kennedy
EBRDI BOARD: Troy Staten                              PUBLIC RELATIONS: Peter Holmes

                                           CAR Business Meeting Summary – January 2008
Federal Issues                                                                 12.19 and 12.20 be added or amended as set forth in underline and
1. That C.A.R. believes that before NAR promulgates a policy on                strikeout below:
immigration, or decides if they wish to have a policy on immigration,
the materials should be presented and voted on by the appropriate              12.10 False or Misleading Advertising and Representations; True
NAR committees and the Board of Directors.                                     Picture Standard of Conduct. Participants and subscribers may not
                                                                               engage in false or misleading advertising, including, but not limited to,
Housing Opportunity                                                            advertisements or representations regarding the participant's or
1. It was reported for information only that the Housing Opportunity           subscriber's relationship to the service, about the service itself, or about
Committee, following extensive discussion of the “Affordable                   any property listed with the service. MLS participants and subscribers
Housing Definition IBP” during its January 23 meeting, decided to              shall present a true picture in their advertising and representations to the
exercise the option of creating a 2008 Working Group to further                public, including the URLs and domain names they use, and participants
evaluate the issue of establishing a C.A.R. definition of “Affordable          and subscribers may not:
Housing”. This Working Group will consist of up to 11 Members of               (a)          engage in deceptive or unauthorized framing of real estate
the Housing Opportunity Committee as well as 2-3 Invited Guests                brokerage websites;
from each of the following:                                                    (b)       manipulate (e.g., presenting content developed by others) listing
          --Legislative Committee                                              content in any way that produces a deceptive or misleading result; or
          --Taxation Committee                                                 (c)     deceptively use metatags, keywords or other devices/methods to
          --Housing Affordability Fund                                         direct, drive, or divert Internet traffic, or to otherwise mislead
Additionally, other Guests may be invited, as determined by the HOC            consumers.
Leadership, in order to take advantage of all potential affirmative            …
contributors to this discussion. The mission of the Working Group              12.19 Website Name and Status Disclosure. MLS participants’ firm
will be to fully “vet” the concept of “affordable housing” in the              websites shall disclose the firm’s name and state(s) of licensure in a
REALTOR® environment and encompass in the discussions and final                reasonable and readily apparent manner. Websites of subscribers
report how “home ownership”, the ultimate focus of all                         affiliated with a participant’s firm shall disclose the firm’s name and the
REALTORS®, fits within, or is, in fact, the over-arching factor that           subscriber’s state(s) of licensure in a reasonable and readily apparent
must be the guiding principle for C.A.R.’s affordable housing                  manner.
discussions, positions, and policies.
                                                                               12.20 Use of the Terms MLS and Multiple Listing Service. No MLS
MLS/Computer & Business Technology                                             participant or subscriber shall, through the name of their firm, their
1. That, subject to NAR approval, C.A.R. Model MLS Rule 10.1 be                URLs, their e-mail addresses, their website addresses, or in any other
amended as set forth in underline and strikeout below:                         way represent, suggest, or imply that the individual or firm is an MLS, or
                                                                               that they operate an MLS. Participants and subscribers shall not
10.1 Reporting of Sales. Listings with accepted offers shall be                represent, suggest, or imply that consumers or others have direct access
reported to the MLS or input into the MLS database as “pending”                to MLS databases, or that consumers or others are able to search MLS
within 24 hours of the acceptance by the listing broker unless the             databases available only to participants and subscribers. This does not
negotiations were carried on under Section 9.1 (a) or (b), in which            prohibit participants and subscribers from representing that any
case, the cooperating broker shall notify the listing broker of the            information they are authorized under MLS rules to provide to clients or
“pending” status within XX hours after acceptance, whereby the                 customers is available on their websites or otherwise.
listing broker shall then report or input the status change to the MLS
within XX hours of receiving notice from the cooperating broker.               MLS Working Group
report to the MLS or input the listing in the MLS as “pending” and             1. That the recommendations of the four work groups (AE, Data
send a copy of the listing’s changed status to the listing broker within       Standards, Rules and Governance) be adopted and recommended to the
24 hours after acceptance. The listing shall be published on the MLS           H-MLS entity except that:
as pending with no price or terms prior to the final closing. Upon final       a. further discussion be obtained from the directors with respect to item
closing, the listing broker shall report or input the listing in the MLS       (1.x.(1)) relating to including sold data in IDX feeds.
as “sold” and report the selling price within 24 hours of the final                                                               (continued on next page)
closing date unless the negotiations were carried on under Section 9.1
(a) or (b), in which case, the cooperating broker shall notify the listing
broker of the “sold” status and selling price within XX hours after the
final closing date, whereby the listing broker shall then report or input
the status change and selling price to the MLS within XX hours of
receiving notice from the cooperating broker. Listings which were not
input into the MLS as a result of the seller’s instructions may be input
into the MLS “sold” data at the listing broker’s option.

2. That, subject to NAR approval, C.A.R. Model MLS Rule 10.2 be
added or amended as set forth in underline and strikeout below:
10.2 Removal of Listings for Refusal/Failure to Timely Report Status
Changes. The MLS is authorized to remove any listing from the MLS
compilation of current listings where the participant or subscriber has
refused or failed to timely report status changes. Prior to the removal
of any listing from the MLS, the participant and/or subscriber shall be
advised of the intended removal so the participant and/or subscriber
can advise his or her client(s).

[Note: If passed, the current 10.2 and 10.3 will be re-numbered to 10.3
and 10.4 to make room for the above new rule within Section 10 on
“Reporting Sales and Other Information to the Service.”]

3. That, subject to NAR approval, C.A.R. Model MLS Rules 12.10,
                                            CAR Business Meeting Summary – January 2008
b. That the three largest broker directors be changed to three from        modifications to the protection clause within the listing agreement.
the largest ten brokers.                                                   The Committee directed staff to create a draft addressing septic,
                                                                           well and boundary issues and the Committee will discuss the listing
2. That the H-MLS entity be formed per the outline from the MLS            agreement recommendation on an upcoming conference call. The
Governance Work Group except that ownership and control shall              Committee also received input from the Common Interest
be vested with C.A.R. The control functions outlined in section 4          Development Committee Chair and Vice-Chair to consider changes
(dual membership vote) shall be exercised by the Presidents of             to the Home Owner Association Information Request (HOA) form.
participating AORs and Regional MLSs, as long as they are                  The Committee will await a formal recommendation from the
C.A.R. directors. The Presidents shall cast both entity and                Common Interest Development Committee and discuss the proposal
weighted votes on behalf of their associations. C.A.R. would               in an upcoming conference call. The Committee approved revisions
retain ultimate control as required by the corporate code.                 to the Cancellation of Listing (COL) and the Purchase Agreement
                                                                           Addendum (PAA) forms. The Committee also approved the
3. That the H-MLS entity be funded with the balance of the                 creation of a new form titled “Trust Advisory” (TA) with some
$500,000 previously authorized (estimated to be about $475,000).           modification. The Committee tasked staff to explore the feasibility
                                                                           of creating a standardized REO purchase agreement in collaboration
4. That the initial directors be chosen as follows:                        with representatives from the lending community and report back.
a. There will be an open nominating process whereby any                    Additionally, the Committee instructed staff to create an REO
participating entity may submit names. Self nomination is also             advisory form. The Commercial Forms study group is scheduled to
allowed.                                                                   have their first meeting on February 8th. The Standard Forms
b Obviously no AORs or MLSs have opted to be part of this at the           Advisory Committee/WINForms joint study group will coordinate a
outset. AOR or regional MLS must complete a form similar to                date for their first meeting. The Standard Forms Advisory
the one distributed in October stating an intent to participate. A         Committee recommended to Leadership that a RPA Study Group be
person vying for a slot would have to be from one of the AORs or           established. Finally, the Committee reviewed 4 of the 60 comments
MLSs making such a declaration.                                            received and will review the balance of the comments within an
c. The deadline for nominations would be March 1st.                        upcoming conference call.
d. An H-MLS Nominating Committee will be selected by the
C.A.R. Officers to vet the nominees.
e. The initial board will be selected and appointed by the C.A.R.              Need a Local Government Relations Update?
Officers and reported to the full C.A.R. Board of Directors in
                                                                                   The LGR committee posts Alameda related
Real Estate Finance                                                                     information on their webpage at
1. That C.A.R., in conjunction with NAR, modify its existing                   www.AlamedaAOR.org. If you would like to be on
policy on risk-based pricing for the FHA mortgage insurance                     the LGR committee, they meet the last Friday of
programs so it:
--Does not disadvantage the market FHA was designed to serve,
                                                                                     each month, 10am at the AAOR Office.
--Does not rely solely on FICO scores but considers compensating
factors; including, but not limited to rental, cellular phone, utility,
insurance premiums and medical payment history,
--Does not mandate a specific down payment for purchase
borrowers, but instead adjust pricing based on down payment and
loan-to-value ratio, and
--Does not use risk based pricing models to qualify borrowers.

2. That C.A.R., in conjunction with NAR, support the
development and preservation of affordable housing through the
creation of a National Affordable Housing Trust Fund that does
not take money away from other federal, state and local housing
programs; and oppose any Trust Fund whose sources of funding
negatively impact housing prices, transaction fees or loan costs.
3. That C.A.R., in conjunction with NAR, accept the end of
federal subsidies for non-primary residences that were built pre-
Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and are required to have flood
insurance; but, the program must provide comprehensive coverage
for second homes, vacation homes and rental properties.
4. That C.A.R., in conjunction with NAR, support allowing the
National Flood Insurance program to offer coverage for wind.
5. That C.A.R., in conjunction with NAR, increase the
REALTORS® presence on Capitol Hill while congress is debating
the issue of subprime and mortgage reform. This would include
utilizing NAR’s and C.A.R.’s existing policy to advocate for or
against individual provisions within subprime and mortgage
reform bills.

Standard Forms Advisory
1. It was reported for information only that the Standard Forms
Advisory Committee received reports from 12 Regional
Representatives. The reports included recommendations regarding
creating a septic, well and boundary line addendum and making

      Social Security Numbers – Removed!
The National Association of REALTORS® and the California
Association of REALTORS® have purged all social security
number information from their databases. You will no
longer be asked to provide the last four digits and should
never be asked to reveal your number.

                   Member Benefits                                      Sterling Mortgage Inc.
Are you aware, as a member of NAR & CAR, you can
receive discounts on various products and services?
                                                                       Your Alameda Mortgage Experts!
                                                                      • Quick pre-approvals
NAR offers discounts at Dell computer, Car Rental Agencies            • In-house mortgage bank
(Avis, Buget & Hertz), Marketing discounts (PSPrint,                  • Onsite underwriting
eNeighborhoods and more), Office Solutions (FedEx, Pitney               www.sterlinghomeloan.com
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For a complete list of benefits, go to the NAR Website:         the widest selection of loan programs at the lowest
                                                               rates available, while always placing an emphasis on
CAR offers Insurance (Medical, Dentail, Pet, E&O, Worker’s                value, honesty, and integrity…”
Compensation), Technology (Verizon) and Office Solutions
(including Paychex and UPS). Visit
 www.car.org/memberadvantage for more information.
                                                               Peter Holmes
                                                               Real Estate Loan Consultant
           AAOR Commercial Committee
New this year!! If you are interested in Commercial, this is   510.749.7772
the meeting for you! They meet the 3rd Friday of each
month at Pier 29 at 9am.

         Alameda Local Disclosure Update
Our Local Government Relations committee submitted an
update to the current version of our Alameda Local                     CAR Forms Update – Nov. 2007
Disclosure to include section 25: Automatic Gas Shutoff
Valves. To download a copy, dated 12/07 visit the AAOR         New Forms
website at www.AlamedaAOR.org RESOURCES menu.                  NTF    Notice of Transfer Fee
                                                               SSA    Short Sale Addendum
                                                               SSL    Short Sale Listing Addendum (Released 8/07)

                                                               Revised Forms
                                                               AVID Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure
                                                               MHPA Manufactured Home Purchase Agmt & Joint
                                                                       Escrow Instructions
                                                               MIMO Move In/Move Out Inspection
                                                               MT      Modification of Term: Authorization & Right to
                                                                       Sell, Acquire or Rent
                                                               NTT     Notice of Termination of Tenancy
                                                               RPA-CA California Residential Purchase Agreement &
                                                                       Joint Escrow Instructions
                                                               RR      Request for Repairs
                                                               SPQ     Seller Property Questionnaire
                                                               TAA     Trust Bank Account Records for All Trust Funds
                                                                       Deposited & Withdrawn
                                                               TAB     Trust Bank Account Record for Each Beneficiary
                                                               TAP     Trust Bank Account Record for Each Property
                                                               VLPA Vacant Land Purchase Agmt & Joint Escrow
                                                               WHSD Water Heater & Smoke Detector Statement of

                          Alameda Association of REALTORS®
   Business Development &Tech Faire
                                    2007 Year in Review 3 Annual Funky Formal                      rd
              April 27                                                                                               October 6th at the
 Oakland Airport Hilton                                                                                              Oakland Airport Hilton
 Nationally recognized                                                                                               With your help, we
  guest speakers and                                                                                                 raised $27,000 to benefit
              vendors!                                                                                               Alameda Education

    CAR Legislative
          Day                                                                                                         July 4th Parade
        June 6th                                                                                                       Our esteemed
     Members from                                                                                                     President-Elect
  Alameda, Oakland &                                                                                                 Dianne Richmond
   Berkeley shared a
    bus for the trip to
      S           t

      HAF Grant
 Alameda successfully                                                                                                    Affiliate of the Year
obtains a $50,000 grant                                                                                                      Peter Holmes
  from CAR’s HAF for
Buena Vista commons.
                                                                                                                     REALTOR® of the Year
REALTORS® work with                                                                                                     Jerry Nussbaum
Habitat for Humanity on
      the project.
                        T                                                                                            U               Inforums
  Education             O                                                                                            O
                        U                                                                                            T                AUSD,
  Paragon,              R                                                                                                         Tax Strategies,
   Digital                                                                                                 S
                                                                                                                                   HOA Loans,
Photography,                                                                                                                   Condo Conversion,
                        d’                                                                                 R’                    Trust & Probate,
ePro, Outlook,                                                                                             E
 PDA usage,                                                                                                                        CAR Legal,
                        A                                                                                  K                    Alameda Landing,
    Risk                L                                                                                  O                   Alameda Planning &
Management              A                                                                                  R                         Permits
                        M EDA May 17              REALTORS® & Affiliates biked to work, our Inforum and on B
                                                                                                        Diane is well know in the city
      We leave 2007 with our annual Installation of Officers & Directors                                She sits on you-name-it committee
                                                                                                        It’s a trait rather beautiful
      2007 CAR President Colleen Badagliacco issued the oath of office and our                          Her being do dutiful
        very own REALTOR® Poet Laureate Steve Andersen shared these words…                              And to boot she’s got legs that are pretty.

    The intent of this brief composition                                                                We’re impressed that our new Presidente
    To confront you with this admonition                                                                Is both able and so caliente
    We’re behind in our backing                         Now Angela, what can I say                      With a clever design
    Our kudos are lacking                               When you’re with us it brightens our day        To keep us in line
    It’s time to display recognition.                   It must make you weary                          While acting in loco parente.
                                                        Being God awful cheery
    She’s cheerful, she’s charming, she’s smart         While our market’s been wasting away.           She’ll wear quite a number of hats
    And all of it comes from the heart                                                                  None of which will permit the ersatz
    With a smile she’ll engage us                       So for leading the group with such zest         In a role matriarchal
    In a way that’s contagious                          We thank you and wish you the best              She’ll throw in some sparkle
    Charisma scores way off the chart.                  As our leader emeritus                          She’ll need to, it’s like herding cats.
                                                        We acknowledge your veritas
    Her ability’s something to see                      Your tenure has left us impressed.              So we welcome Ms. Richmond indeed
    Every task is performed to a tee                                                                    She’s filling an ongoing need
    Improvements abound                                                                                 To head up our group
    When this woman’s around                                                                            Without being a poop
    So it’s time to say thank you to Dee.                                                               And for that, we all wish her Godspeed.
                          Welcome…                          to our Island City Association!
                  NEW REALTOR® MEMBERS                          NEW AFFILIATE MEMBERS
                  • JOSEPH ANNUNZIATO                           • PEG ADAMS
                  ANNUNZIATO & ASSOCIATES                       FIDELITY HOME WARRANTY
                  • NICK FALCONIO                               • CATHY CAMPBELL
                  PRUDENTIAL CALIFORNIA REALTY                  HOMEGUARD INC.
                  • MARC JASON FOURNIER                         • DENNIS EVANOSKY
                  BLUEWATER FUNDING                             ALAMEDA SUN
                  • JACK GLENNON                                • EMILY GRIEGO
                  GALLAGHER & LINDSEY                           PFC FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC.
                  • ANTONIA L. HERNANDEZ                        • JOHN JACOBS
                  GALLAGHER & LINDSEY07                         BANK OF ALAMEDA
                  • RONALD JONES                                • MYRA LOPEZ
                  HARBOR BAY REALTY                             CALIFORNIA STATE AUTO ASSOCIATION
                  • PATRICIA K. MOORE                           • DERRICK LYERLY
                  GALLAGHER & LINDSEY                           CALIFORNIA STATE AUTO ASSOCIATION
                  • BOBBI VOGEL                                 • MICHELLE MORGAN
                  GALLAHER & LINDSEY                            HOME EQUITY LINK
                  • BELINDA YOUNG                               • CHRISTINE REGUERO
                  BAYSIDE REAL ESTATE                           CALIFORNIA STATE AUTO ASSOCIATION
                  • AMINE ZEREMARIAM

                  C.P. & ASSOCIATES
                                                                Need a custom sign rider?
     MEMBERS MAKING CHANGES                                            Real Estate related supplies?

     SUSAN BATTAGLIA is now with                                 Stop by the AAOR office and browse the store.
     CAROL BURNETT is now with
     MARY CARDER is now with
     GEORZANN CHACO is now with
     JACKIE CLOREN, Affiliate, is now with
     PATRICIA GOMILLIA is now with
     CATINA HARVEY is now with
        OMM, INC.
     FRANK JOHN MANIBUSAN is now with
     FRANK M. MANIBUSAN is now with
     DAVID PARK is now with
     AL WAGNERis now with
     GARRICK WERDMULLER, Affiliate, is now with

           NAR Code of Ethics Training

Between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2008,
every REALTOR® is required to complete 2 1/2 hours of
Code of Ethics training. Not yet completed it? Logon to
www.realtor.org, click on Education / Code of Ethics for
additional information. Take care of this soon before the
year flies by…

          EVENT                DATE         TIME         LOCATION                        MORE INFO
Affiliate Committee            Mar. 4     9:00am    AAOR                         523.7229
                                                                                 Ardella Daily (AUSD) &
Inforum                        Mar. 11    8:30am    Garden Isle Clubhouse        Brooke Briggance (AEF)
Board of Directors Meeting     Mar. 18    1:30pm    AAOR                         523.7229
LGR Committee                  Mar. 28    10:00am   AAOR                         523.7229
Affiliate Committee            Apr. 1     9:00am    AAOR                         523.7229
Inforum                        Apr. 8     8:30am    Garden Isle Clubhouse        TBA
Board of Directors Meeting     Apr. 15    1:30pm    AAOR                         523.7229
LGR Committee                  Apr. 25    10:00am   AAOR                         523.7229
Affiliate Committee            May. 6     9:00am    AAOR                         523.7229
Board of Directors Meeting     May 20     1:30pm    AAOR                         523.7229
AAOR Office Closed             May 26                                            Memorial Day
LGR Committee                  May 30     10:00am   AAOR                         523.7229

                                           SAVE THE DATE
                 June 4                  Legislative Day Bus Trip to Sacramento

                Alameda Association of REALTORS®
                2504 Santa Clara Avenue, Suite 1
                Alameda, CA 94501

                                                              The Alameda Association of REALTORS® does not
                                                              recommend or endorse any paid advertising within
                                                              this publication.