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Banville, John.
The book of evidence. 1989. 4v. UK Loan only.
A remarkable blend of thriller, farce and dramatic tragedy, the book of evidence is the
first person testimony of Freddie Montgomery - convicted of the ghastly and
seemingly motiveless kidnap and murder of a young woman. Trying to make sense of
the crime that destroys his life, Freddie's monologue is also an attempt to come to
terms with 40 years of aimless drifting and dissolution. Contains passages of violence
which may be offensive.

Barker, Pat.
Border crossing. 2001. 4v.
Tom Seymour is a child psychiatrist who has worked in the north of England for many
years. One day, while walking by the river, he rescues a young man from drowning,
and realises it's a child murderer at whose trial he gave flawed evidence.

Barling, Tom.
Goodbye Piccadilly. 1990. 4v.
The killer of eight-year-old Peter Petrie could only be a vicious and sadistic
psychopath. Even so, the discovery of his mutilated corpse on the outskirts of London
hardly seemed to justify turning over to the Special Branch just another routine
murder investigation. But within twenty-four hours - after their puzzling visit to the
boy's parents, after the savagery of the Soho bombing, after the evidence of massive
secret sterling transfers between London and Europe - they knew the case threatened
violence and death at every turn. And they still had to meet the fanatical Giles
Prebble, and learn of his underground meteorological station and its terrifying
programmes. They have only five days to piece together the answers as the steady
continual rain becomes torrential, and a massive anti-cyclone sweeps down from the
Artic Circle, threatening to engulf the east coast and London itself beneath a huge
tidal surge.

Billingham, Mark.
Lifeless. 2005. 5v.
To his friends, his foes and even to himself it looks as though Tom Thorne's career is
on the skids. On his last case he had seriously over-stepped the mark, and now
gardening leave has been suggested. So when it appears someone is targeting
London's homeless community it seems perfectly natural for Thorne to take a step
nearer to the gutter and go undercover amongst them. He blends into the sometimes
invisible community easily - too easily perhaps - but the information he gleans quickly
proves that this is no random killer; it is someone with a very specific list of victims.

Billingham, Mark.
Sleepyhead. 2001. 4v. UK Loan only.
He doesn't want you alive. He doesn't want you dead. He wants you somewhere in
between. DI Thorne is after a murderer who didn't mean to murder; someone who
wants to put people into a state where they can't move, can't talk, can't do anything
but think. Someone who won't be caught by normal means.

Booth, Stephen.
Dancing with the virgins. 2002. 6v.
In a remote part of the Peak District stand the Nine Virgins, a ring of stones
overshadowed by a dark legend. Now, as winter closes in, a tenth figure is added to
the circle - the body of Jenny Weston is discovered, her limbs arranged so she
appears to be dancing. This might only be the beginning.

Booth, Stephen.
One last breath. 2004. 6v.
The vast labyrinth of caverns, passages and subterranean rivers beneath the Peak
District are a major tourist attraction. But this summer, not all the darkness is
underground, and not all the devils are folk legends. Mingling with the holidaymakers
is a convicted killer, bent on revenge.

Dostoevskii, F M.
Crime and punishment. 1991. 14v. UK Loan only.
A psychological study of a young student, who kills an old money-lender, and his
subsequent fear and remorse.

Eco, Umberto.
Foucault's pendulum. 1989. 14v.
Three editors in a Milan publishing house produce a computer file of mediaeval
occultism, after receiving a manuscript on Templar mysticism. "Foucault's Pendulum"
is a modern thriller wrapped around a maze of ancient mysteries, as people begin to
disappear without explanation.

French, Nicci.
Beneath the skin. 2000. 7v.
Zoe, Jenny and Nadia, different ages, different walks of life, all receive anonymous
notes saying they are going to be killed. The three lives are turned upside down as
the police search for what has attracted the attention of a killer. Contains language
which might be considered offensive.

French, Nicci.
Killing me softly. 2000. 2v. UK Loan only.
Alice Loudon is a young woman who seems to have it all: close friends, a loving
boyfriend, and a successful career. Then she meets a stranger and immediately
embarks upon a passionate and dangerous affair.

French, Nicci.
Land of the living. 2002. 4v. UK Loan only.
Abbie Devereaux wakes in the dark, hooded and bound. She doesn't know where she
is or who it is feeding her, talking to her, threatening to kill her. Yet Abbie has courage
and, above all, hope. She escapes her captor and runs back into the light. But the real
world, the safe one, isn't as she remembers it. There are days missing before she
disappeared - days when she quit her job and left her boyfriend, did things she can't
explain to the police, her friends or even herself. Why won't anyone take her story
seriously? Because if Abbie can't convince anybody that it really happened, then
maybe he will come for her again. Contains language which might be considered

French, Nicci.
Secret smile. 2004. 4v.
When Miranda Cotton gets home from work to find her new boyfriend, Brendan,
reading her diary, she breaks off the relationship and throws him out. Getting Brendan
out of her life, however, is not so easy. When he starts seeing her sister, what begins
as an embarrassment turns into a nightmare.

Fyfield, Frances.
Blind date. 1998. 6v. UK Loan only.
Elisabeth Kennedy, a disgraced ex-police officer, is haunted by her sister's horrific
murder and her own humiliating attempts to lure the killer into a confession. Then she
is the victim of a senseless attack and, wanting to hide from the world, she flees the
comfort of her mother's house for her own eccentric home - high above the ground in
a disused London bell tower. But even the safest places are not sacrosanct. Contains
language which might be considered offensive.

Fyfield, Frances.
Perfectly pure and good. 1994. 5v.
When Sarah Fortune is sent to a seaside town to sort out the inheritance problems of
the Pardoes, she goes willingly, eager to distance herself from an overwhelming
relationship. She soon discovers that there are more problems than the ambiguously
worded will. Guilt, insecurity, unrequited love and a touch of insanity are the legacy of
a suicide; and a white haired figure - ghost or vagrant? - insinuates himself into the
power struggles of the Pardoe children.

Gerritson, Tess.
Body double: a novel. 2004. 4v. UK Loan only.
Returning from Paris to discover a murder victim in her driveway, Boston medical
examiner Maura Isles is shocked to discover that the victim looks exactly like her and
is a twin sister she never knew. Contains swear words and violence.

Gerritson, Tess.
The sinner. 2004. 6v.
Within the walls of a convent, a scene of carnage is discovered. On the snow lie two
nuns, one dead, on critically injured - victims of a seemingly motiveless and brutal
attack. As medical examiner Maura Isles' autopsy of the murder victim yields a
shocking surprise, the case takes a sudden and disturbing twist. The body of another
woman has been found. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to remove her face,
hands and feet. Together, Isles and homicide detective Jane Rizzoli uncover an
ancient horror that connects these terrible slaughters. Contains violence.

Goddard, Robert.
Out of the sun. 1996. 5v. UK Loan only.
When Harry is informed that his son, David, is in a diabetic coma, he is certain there
must be a mistake, since he does not have a son. But he soon discovers that he does
and that other scientists employed like David have died in mysterious circumstances.
Is David the victim of attempted murder? When Harry is informed that his son, David,
is in a diabetic coma, he is certain there must be a mistake, since he does not have a
son. But he soon discovers that he does and that other scientists employed like David
have died in mysterious circumstance. Is David the victim of attempted murder?

Harris, Thomas.
Hannibal. 1999. 8v. Hannibal Lecter Series; Book 3.
The sequel to "Silence of the lambs" marks the return of Dr Hannibal Lecter. One of
Hannibal's victims, the influential and rich Mason Verger - a paraplegic confined to a
respirator thanks to Hannibal - is bent on revenge and FBI agent Clarice Starling
provides the perfect bait. Contains passages of violence which may be offensive.

Hayder, Mo.
Tokyo. 2004. 5v.
Student Grey Hutchins comes to Tokyo seeking answers to what happened during
the notorious Nanking Massacre in which, in one city, the Imperial Japanese Army
killed up to 300,000 civilians. Only one man can help her, a survivor of the Massacre,
and now a visiting professor at the prestigious university of Todai in Tokyo; a man
who is rumoured to possess documentary evidence of Nanking. But first Grey must
gain his trust. Increasingly desperate and alone, she accepts a job as a hostess at the
'Some Like It Hot' club, an upmarket nightspot catering for Japanese businessmen
and wealthy gangsters

Highsmith, Patricia.
Edith's diary. 1977. 6v. UK Loan only.
Edith Howland's diary is her most precious possession, and as she is moving house
she is making sure it's safe. A suburban housewife in fifties America, she is moving to
Brunswick with her husband Brett and her beloved son, Cliffie, to start a new life for
them all. She is optimistic, but she has high hopes most of all for her new venture with
Brett, a local newspaper, the Brunswick Corner Bugle. Life seems full of promise, and
indeed, to read her diary, filled with her most intimate feelings and revelations, you
would never think otherwise. Strange then, that reality is so dangerously different.
Unsuitable for family reading.

Highsmith, Patricia.
People who knock on the door. 1983. 6v. UK Loan only.
The Aldermans seem to be an ordinary middle-class American family. When the
father, Richard, becomes a born-again Christian and his younger son Robbie
embraces the same moral fundamentalist convictions, the consequences are
shattering. Unsuitable for family reading.

Highsmith, Patricia.
Ripley under ground. 1971. 6v. UK Loan only. Ripley Series; Book 2.
Sequel to The talented Mr Ripley. For the sake of the firms which he has helped to set
up in England, Tom Ripley is willing to go to great lengths, trying always to prevent
Heloise, his beautiful wife, from discovering the full extent of his involvement.

Highsmith, Patricia.
Ripley's game. 1974. 5v. UK Loan only. Ripley Series; Book 3.
Sequel to Ripley underground. Further adventures of the atrocious Ripley, whose
involvement with the Mafia in Hamburg suddenly leads him into a situation fraught
with menace and violence.

Highsmith, Patricia.
The boy who followed Ripley. 1980. 4v. UK Loan only. Ripley Series; Book 4.
Sequel to Ripley’s Game. A young American boy, befriended by Ripley, turns out to
be the runaway heir to a food chainstore fortune. Protecting the boy, Ripley becomes
involved in an adventure with a horrifying climax of disaster.

Highsmith, Patricia.
The talented Mr Ripley. 1957. 5v. UK Loan only. Ripley Series; Book 1.
Tom Ripley is a wastrel and villain intent upon every sort of crime, and uses all his
undesirable talents in the course of carrying out an unusual assignment in Italy.

Hoag, Tammi.
Dark horse. 2002. 6v. UK Loan only.
Elena Estes' stubborn risk-taking has cost her dearly: her confidence, her career in
the narcotics division of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, and most
importantly, the life of a fellow cop. Now in retreat in Florida, she seeks peace. But
twelve-year-old Molly Seabright comes asking for her help - her older stepsister, Erin,
eighteen and trouble, has disappeared. The general consensus is that Erin, a groom
at the Wellington show grounds, has taken off on her own, Estes discovers a dark
side to a glamorous sport. There are drugs, payoffs and dirty deals - and in that world
stalks a killer.

Hubbard, Philip Maitland.
The causeway. 1976. 3v. UK Loan only.
Peter Grant is forced ashore on a small island on the Solway Firth. He finds
mysterious people, becomes involved in their affairs, and comes face to face with
love, terror, and violent death.

James, P D.
Cover her face. 1984. 4v. UK Loan only. Adam Dalgleish Series; Book 1.
On the same day as the St Cedd's church fete in the grounds of her home,
Martingale, Mrs Maxie learns of her son Stephen's engagement. By the next morning,
her new parlour maid, Sally Jupp, is dead. Detective Chief-Inspector Adam Dalgliesh
investigates murder in the Elizabethan manor house.

Kellerman, Jonathan.
A cold heart. 2003. 6v. UK Loan only.
Juliet Kipper, a gifted painter, is strangled in the LA gallery where her first solo show
has opened to critical acclaim, and Milo Sturgis takes on the murder investigation as a
favour to an old friend. He consults Alex Delaware, who discovers both were clients of
Robin Castagna, his ex-lover. The investigation points to a gruesome, sadistic pattern
of death, taking Milo and Alex into the dark side of the art world, and Robin into
terrible danger.

Koontz, Dean R.
Velocity. 2005. 4v.
William Wiles is an easygoing thirty-something, a bartender who lives a quiet life
alone until a serial killer singles him out - not to kill him, but to force him to decide who
the next victim will be. Billy finds the first note: 'If you don't take this note to the police
and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blonde schoolteacher. If you do take this note
to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have four
hours to decide. The choice is yours.' Billy pays an informal visit to an acquaintance,
Lanny Olson, who is a policeman, and who thinks the note is a prank. The
schoolteacher dies. With more communications from the killer, Billy is drawn deeper
into an accelerating nightmare. Contains passages of violence which may be

Lovesey, Peter.
On the edge. 1989. 5v.
Rose and Antonia had a good war. As WAAF plotters, they had all the excitement and
independence of a difficult and dangerous job, and all the fun of being two women on
an RAF base. Peacetime is a disappointment. Rosie's war-hero husband turned
brutal lout: Antonia, bored with her rich manufacturer husband, wants to move to
America with her lover. But what are the plotters for, if not to plot? And Antonia's
ruthless scheme would give them both what they want....

McCrumb, Sharon.
The ballad of Frankie Silver. 1998. 8v.
Frances Silver, a girl of 18, was charged in 1832 with murdering her husband.
Lafayette Harkryder is also 18 when he is accused of murder and he is to be the first
convict to die in the electric chair. Both Frances and Lafayette hid the truth. But can
the miscarriages of justice be prevented?

McDermid, Val.
The distant echo. 2003. 6v.
It’s four in the morning, at the end of a cold December, and snow is smothering St
Andrews. Student Alex Gilbey and his three best friends are staggering home from a
party when they stumble upon the dying body of a young woman. Rosie Duff has
been raped, stabbed and left for dead. And the only suspects are four young men
stained with her blood. Twenty-five years later, Fife police mount a cold case review
of the murder. But when one of the original four students dies in a suspicious house
fire and another in a bungled burglary, it looks as if somebody is inflicting their own
twisted brand of justice. Someone is taking revenge for Rosie Duff. If Alex Gilbey
wants to stay alive, he must find out who it is and who really killed Rosie all those
years ago. Contains language which might be considered offensive.

McDermid, Val.
The last temptation. 2002. 9v. Tony Hill Series; Book 3.
Sequel to The wire in the blood. Mapping the minds of murderers is what Dr Tony Hill
does better than anyone. So when a twisted killer starts targeting psychologists
across Northern Europe, he's the obvious choice to track the executioner's mental
and physical journey. Except he no longer wants to delve into the minds of serial
killers. Soon, however, the case comes too close to home. The next victim is a friend
of his. Hill's former partner, DCI Carol Jordan, is herself in Germany, working
undercover in a world where human life is cheaper than a drugs deal. She needs his
help as much as the hunters of the killer. Contains passages of violence which may
be offensive.

McDermid, Val.
The torment of others. 2004. 5v. Tony Hill Series; 4.
Sequel to The last temptation. A new murder scene bears horrific resemblance to a
series of murders two years ago - murders that ended when irrefutable forensic
evidence secured the conviction of Derek Tyler. But he has been locked up in a
mental institution since his trial, barely speaking a word. So is this the work of a
copycat? All his years of experience tell top criminal pathologist Dr Tony Hill that it
isn't. While Hill tries to crack Tyler, DCI Carol Jordan and her team mount a desperate
undercover operation to trap the murderer, a decision that will have terrible
consequences. Contains passages of violence which may be offensive.

McDermid, Val.
The wire in the blood. 1997. 10v. Tony Hill Series; 2.
Sequel to The mermaids singing. Tony Hill is asked by the Home Office to form a
national task force of trained psychological profilers, a hit squad capable of moving in
on particular complex cases. He gives his new team the details of thirty missing
teenagers and asks them to discover whether there is a sinister link between any of
the cases. Only one officer, Shaz Bowman, comes up with a concrete theory. She is
ridiculed by the rest of her group until a killer murders and mutilates one of their
numbers. Contains language which might be considered offensive.

McEwan, Ian.
Enduring love. 1997. 5v. UK Loan only.
The story begins on the day that Joe Rose meets Jed Parry. Something that passes
between them gives birth in Parry to a powerful obsession that will test Rose's
scientific rationalism, threaten the love of his wife Clarissa, and drive him to take
desperate measures to stay alive. It is the story of how an ordinary man can be driven
to the brink of murder and madness by another's delusions. Contains language which
might be considered offensive.

Magnan, Pierre.
Death in the truffle wood. 2005. 4v.
In Banon, a small, peaceful village in upper Provence, the local community's principal
source of income is the cultivation and sale of truffles, and a small group of society's
drop-outs have set up home in this remote region. When one of them is found dead in
the freezer of a local hotel, and when a further five bodies are discovered in a family
vault in the cemetery, it takes all of Commissaire Laviolette's considerable resources
to unravel crimes whose origins can be traced to a climate of age-old superstition and
secret animosity.

Pattterson, James.
1st to die. 2001. 4v. UK Loan only.
Four women - a police detective, an assistant D.A., a reporter, and a medical
examiner who call themselves the Women's Murder Club - develop lifelong bonds as
they pursue a killer whose twisted imagination has stunned an entire city.

Pattterson, James.
2nd Chance. 2002. 4v. UK Loan only.
When a little girl is shot on the steps of a San Francisco church, Detective Lindsay
Boxer knows it's time to reconvene the Women's Murder Club. Boxer and her friends
think the killer may be an ex-cop, but nothing can prepare them for the demented
logic behind his choice of victims.

Pattterson, James.
3rd degree. 2005. Coming soon. UK Loan only.
Detective Lindsay Boxer is jogging along a beautiful San Francisco street as a fiery
explosion rips through the neighbourhood. A townhouse is engulfed by flames and
when Lindsay plunges inside to search for survivors, she finds three people dead and
a sinister note signed "August spies". Soon a wave of violent incidents, all with links to
political terrorism, sweeps through the city. Lindsay asks her three friends, the
Women's Murder Club, to help her figure out who is committing these murders and
why they are intent on killing someone every three days. Before long, the
investigation is raging furiously, especially when the killer begins to target one of the
Women's Murder Club.

Pattterson, James.
Pop goes the weasel. 2002. 4v. UK Loan only.
In Washington, the murder of a prostitute attracts little attention but for Alex Cross, he
suspects the murder is one of a hundred. Unable to convince anyone else that there's
a serial killer on the loose, Cross must work alone to find a dangerous and clever
adversary with the perfect cover.

Potter, Dennis.
Blackeyes. 1987. 4v.
This disturbing psychological thriller centres on Maurice James Kingsley, an ageing
novelist who, after 20 years of writer's block, produces a new book which becomes
the surprise hit of the season. Kingsley's niece believes the story to be hers, and
sudden death soon intervenes in this subtle and complex thriller of the literary world.
Unsuitable for family reading.

Reichs, Kathy.
Deja dead. 1998. 9v.
When the bones of a woman are discovered at an abandoned monastery in Montreal
city, the case is given to Dr Temperance Brennan. Researching recent
disappearances, Brennan is convinced a serial killer is at work, and is determined to
find a connection through the way in which these women were slaughtered. But even
before she makes her breakthrough, the killer is closing in. Contains swear words.

Rendell, Ruth.
A sight for sore eyes. 1998. 7v.
Teddy Brex emerges from a loveless childhood as a handsome young man. Francine
Hill, traumatized by the murder of her mother, grows into a beautiful young woman.
Teddy rides to the rescue, but he is a man who has already committed two murders.
Contains passages of violence which may be offensive.

Rendell, Ruth.
Keys to the street. 1996. 8v.
Mary Jago had donated her own bone marrow to save the life of someone she didn't
know. However, this generous act led directly to the bitter break-up of her affair with
Alistair. For him, it was as though her beauty had been plundered. But the man whose
life she had saved would change Mary's life in a way she could never have imagined.

Rendell, Ruth.
Make death love me. 1979. 4v.
Alan Groombridge had a fantasy. Husband to a woman he didn't like, father of two
children he had never wanted, and manager of a tiny branch of the Anglian-Victoria
bank, Alan was doomed to a life of domestic boredom and tedious routine. All that
saved him was that one fantasy: stealing enough of the bank's money to allow him
just one year of freedom - one year in which to live a different sort of life. But one day
the bank was robbed, the manager and cashier disappeared and what was once a
place of dull and dreary repetition became one caught in a brutal, chilling nightmare
that might never, never end.

Rendell, Ruth.
The face of trespass. 1974. 4v. UK Loan only.
Gray was obsessed with the rich girl who had loved him and, though he gradually
began to recognise Drusilla's sinister face, he could not break away.

Siler, Jenny.
Shot. 2002. 3v. UK Loan only.
When journalist Kevin Burns gets a call from former schoolmate Carl Greene, he's
surprised. They weren't that close at school and the temperature cooled when Carl
married Kevin's girl, Lucy. Carl, a scientist, sounds anxious, afraid. They arrange to
meet at the baseball game in Denver but Carl never makes it. Someone kills him first.
Soon after, Lucy surprises a masked figure found prowling Carl's study. Whatever her
husband was working on, a lot of people want to get their hands on it. But the prowler,
it turns out, is a woman with a quite different agenda.

Slaughter, Karen.
Blindsighted. 2001. 5v. UK Loan only.
The sleepy town of Heartsdale is jolted into panic when Sara Linton, pediatrician and
medical examiner, finds Sibyl Adams, a young college professor, horribly murdered in
the local diner. Police chief Jeffrey Tolliver then finds a second victim crucified and
recognises the work of a serial killer. Unsuitable for family reading

Smith, Carol.
Kensington Court. 1996. 5v. UK Loan only.
When Kate flees from a violent relationship to London, she finds a new family among
the inhabitants of Kensington Court, including the delightful Barclay-Davenports and
the actress Connie Boyle. But who is the silent watcher and who has broken into
secure apartments, killing in cold blood? When Kate flees from a violent relationship
to London, she finds a new family among the inhabitants of Kensington Court,
including the delightful Barclay-Davenports and the actress Connie Boyle. But who is
the silent watcher and who has broken into secure apartments, killing in cold blood?

Starling, Boris.
Vodka. 2004. 9v.
Alice Liddell feels more at home running her consultancy in Moscow than she ever did
in the US. But all this stands to be washed away in a sea of vodka, for Alice is an
alcoholic. Sergei Korshkachesh, consigliori to the head of the largest Slav mafia gang
in Moscow, knows that in Russia vodka means power: control the drink and you
control the people. Negotiating the sale of one of the largest distilleries draws Alice
into Sergei's world, and in a climate of deception - of themselves and those around
them - the two begin a dangerous affair. Warning Contains swear words, sex scenes
and violence.

Swift, Graham.
Waterland. 1983. 5v.
In 1943 lock-keeper Henry Crick finds a drowned body in his lock. Nearly forty years
later his son Tom a history teacher, is driven by a bizarre marital crisis and the
provocation of one of his pupils to forsake formal teaching. He decides to tell stories
of his native fens, a turbulent heritage, and of the fateful repercussions of that
morning in 1943 which still trap the old man.

Tracy, P. J.
Live bait. 2004. 6v. UK Loan only.
When elderly Morey Gilbert is found lying dead in the grass by his wife, Lily, it's a
tragedy, but it shouldn't have been a shock - old people die. But when she finds a
bullet-hole in his skull, the blood washed away by heavy rain, sadness turns to fear. It
looks like an execution. And soon a whole city is fearful as new victims are found
killed with the same cold precision. Warning: Contains swear words and violence

Tracy, P. J.
Want to play?. 2004. 5v.
The slaying of an old couple in small town America looks like one-off act of brutal
retribution. But at the same time, in Minneapolis, teams of detectives scramble to stop
a sickeningly inventive serial killer striking again in a city paralysed by fear. When the
two separate investigations converge on an isolated catholic boarding school,
decades old secrets begin to fall away. It seems a killer has resurfaced. Yet still the
killer's real identity remains dangerously out of reach.

Turnbull, Peter.
Deep and crisp and even. 1981. 4v.
When Susan Smith is stabbed to death in Glasgow, she is the killer's fifth victim. He
leaves a message written in Susan's lipstick on her mirror. It is definitely the
handwriting of a psychopath. Detective Sergeant Ray Sussock's "grass" knows the
killer's identity but he will only talk to Ray. And Ray is off sick and three miles away
while the killer is murdering his social worker.

Vine, Barbara.
A dark-adapted eye. 1986. 7v. UK Loan only.
Set in the respectable middle-class countryside of Essex soon after the Second World
War, this traces tensions between Vera and her sister, Eden. At the centre of the
drama is a child whose parentage remains in doubt to the final page. Complex,
engrossing and real, Barbara Vine relentlessly grips the imagination.

Vine, Barbara.
The blood doctor. 2002. 8v. UK Loan only.
The First Lord Nanther clearly hoped to be the subject of an admiring posthumous
biography. Having built a name for himself as Queen Victoria's favoured physician
and expert on blood diseases, he fastidiously set about recording the details of his
eminent life and carefully cataloguing every significant letter, diary and medical essay
that he'd written. But when the present Lord Nanther embarks on a biography of his
great-grandfather. What he uncovers begins to horrify him as he realizes that Nanther
died a guilty man - carrying a horrific secret to the grave.

Vine, Barbara.
The Brimstone Wedding. 1996. 7v.
Unlike the other residents of Middleton Hall, Stella is smart, elegant and in control.
She keeps her secrets to herself, giving away nothing of her past. Only Jenny, her
young care assistant, seems aware that she harbours a dark, painful mystery. But not
until Stella leaves Jenny her tape-recorder, into which she has recounted the events
of the past, can the truth be finally - and shockingly - revealed. Unlike the other
residents of Middleton Hall, Stella is smart, elegant and in control. She keeps her
secrets to herself, giving away nothing of her past. Only Jenny, her young care
assistant, seems aware that she harbours a dark, painful mystery. But not until Stella
leaves Jenny her tape recorder, into which she has recounted the events of the past,
can the truth be finally - and shockingly - revealed.

Vine, Barbara.
The chimney sweeper's boy. 1998. 8v.
The obituaries for Gerald Candless were respectful - an admired and popular writer,
once a candidate for the Booker Prize. The trouble was, as his daughter Sarah soon
discovered when she embarked on a memoir of him, very few of these facts were
true. It seemed that her father had taken on a different identity at some point in his
life... that he wasn't Gerald Candless at all. But if he wasn't Candless, who was he?
And what had driven him to conceal his real identity even from his wife and children?

Vine, Barbara.
The house of stairs. 1988. 7v.
Dark, rich and sinister, this narrative tells of brooding obsession brought into the light
of day when Cosette, recently widowed, buys a large dilapidated house in London at
the end of the 1960's. Her young cousin Elizabeth comes to stay, as do many young
people absorbed into the drug culture, lured by Cosette's wealth. In this compulsive
atmosphere conspiracy and sudden death take root.

Vine, Barbara.
Gallow glass. 1990. 6v.
Sandor is excellent at story-telling, and Little Joe is ready to listen. The power of the
educated over the simple is horribly clear in this disturbing and unusual relationship.
As Sandor's motivation becomes clear, the darkness surrounding him is too much for
them both - and for the beautiful ex-model sequestered in her Suffolk mansion by an
obsessive husband. Sandor is excellent at story-telling, and Little Joe is ready to
listen. The power of the educated over the simple is horribly clear in this disturbing
and unusual relationship. As Sandor's motivation becomes clear, the darkness
surrounding him is too much for them both - and for the beautiful ex-model
sequestered in her Suffolk mansion by an obsessive husband.

Vine, Barbara.
The house of stairs. 1998. 7v.
Dark, rich and sinister, this narrative tells of brooding obsession brought into the light
of day when Cosette, recently widowed, buys a large dilapidated house in London at
the end of the 1960's. Her young cousin Elizabeth comes to stay, as do many young
people absorbed into the drug culture, lured by Cosette's wealth. In this compulsive
atmosphere conspiracy and sudden death take root.

Walters, Minette.
Acid row. 2001. 4v.
Acid Row - a no-man's land where angry, alienated youth control the streets. Sophie
Morrison, a young doctor is trapped at the centre of a terrifying siege, with a known
paedophile. Young Amy is missing and the mob want retribution, no matter what the

Walters, Minette.
The breaker. 1999. 7v.
Twelve hours after a woman's broken body is washed up on a deserted shore, her
traumatised three-year-old daughter is discovered twenty miles away wandering the
streets of Poole. But why was Kate killed and her daughter, a witness, allowed to live?
And why weren't they together? More curiously, why had Kate willingly boarded a
boat when she had a terror of drowning at sea?

Walters, Minette.
The dark room. 1996. 8v.
Jane "Jinx" Kingsley, fashion photographer and heiress, apparently tried to kill herself
after being jilted by her fiancé, who has since disappeared. But when Jinx wakes from
her coma, she can remember nothing about the alleged suicide attempt. With the help
of Dr Alan Protheroe she slowly begins to piece together recent events. Then the
memories surface - memories of utter desperation and absolute terror.

Walters, Minette.
Disordered minds. 2003. 6v.
In 1970, Harold Stamp, a retarded, reclusive 20-year-old was convicted on disputed
evidence and a retracted confession of brutally murdering his grandmother - the one
person who understood and protected him. Less than three years later he is dead,
driven to suicide by isolation and despair.

Walters, Minette.
The echo. 1997. 7v.
Why did Billy Blake, a homeless alcoholic, die of starvation in the garage of wealthy
architect Amanda Powell? Six months on from the bizarre tragedy, Amanda is
suddenly obsessed with her dead visitor, and is eager to talk to journalist Michael
Deacon. Deacon's curiosity is intense, particularly as Amanda's wealth can only be
explained if her husband is dead.

Walters, Minette.
Fox evil. 2002. 6v. UK Loan only.
When elderly Ailsa Lockyer-Fox is found dead, the finger of suspicion points at her
wealthy, land-owning husband, Colonel James Lockyer-Fox. The inquest gives a
verdict of "natural causes" but the gossip about James refuses to go away;
Shenstead is a place of too few people and too many secrets.

Walters, Minette.
The Sculptress. 1996. 5v. UK Loan only.
When writer Roz Leigh stops working after a personal tragedy, she is given an
ultimatum by her publisher: write a book about convicted murderer Olive Martin or
lose her job. Initially repulsed by obese Olive, who has admitted to butchering her
mother and sister for ignoring her birthday, Roz is soon trying to prove that Olive is
lying to protect someone. Warning: Contains swear words, violence and sex scenes.

Walters, Minette.
The shape of snakes. 2000. 5v.
November 1978. Somewhere in West London a black woman dies in a rain-soaked
gutter. Her passing would have gone unmourned but for the young woman who finds
her and who believes that Annie was murdered, for the police record the death as a
simple RTA.

Yorke, Margaret.
Criminal damage. 1992. 5v.
Jennifer's whole being was consumed with hatred towards Stephanie, who had stolen
Daniel from her. Increasingly angry, she took to following Stephanie around London,
her obsessive love prompting her towards violent revenge. It would also lead to
Jennifer coming under suspicion by the police - for a crime much closer to home, a
crime that she did not commit.


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