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					                                     Minutes of Meeting
                                     Board of Directors
                          Harbour Island Condominium Association
                                     September 24, 2010

        The following Board Members were present:

          Paul Rogers             Tom Duffy               Dick Kemper

                Dick Pridgeon                 Jay Hancock          Chip Gordy

        Also in attendance:      Gene and Beverly Brewis

        The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the August 20, 2010 Board Meeting
were reviewed. A motion for approval of the minutes, was made by Paul Rogers, seconded by
Dick Pridgeon and unanimously accepted.

         The Treasurer’s report was presented and reviewed. Dick pointed out the expenses to
date are down but over the next few months approximately $50,000 will be spent on the parking
lot sealing, striping and numbering, along with repairs to the bulkhead for A, B, and C buildings
in addition to the bulkhead repairs on the corner of L building; but Dick feels 2010 will still come
in under budget by the end of 2010.
          A motion for approval of the Treasurer’s report was made by Chip Gordy, seconded by
Tom Duffy and unanimously accepted.

        ELEVATORS: The elevator doors on L & M buildings are in need of repair as the
headers have rusted out and the doors will not completely close; Gene had received a proposal of
$19,000 for the door repairs from Thyssenkrupp Elevator and Gene informed the company the
proposal was too high so the company reduced the price to $15,000 per elevator for the necessary
door repairs. According to the elevator company K building was not in need of repair at this time
but the Board feels all three elevators K, L, and M should be repaired at the same time and Gene
will request a new proposal for the door repairs on all three elevators. Chip suggested once the
doors are repaired possibly Harbour Island maintenance could lubricate the doors during the
winter months as preventative maintenance.

        COMCAST: Comcast has changed the basic cable line up and has informed Harbour
Island of the fact Comcast is preparing to change their cable service to an all digital format
sometime during the fall and/or winter of 2010 which will then require the use of a digital box in
order to obtain the service. Unit owners will receive one free digital box at no cost and the boxes
are available in the 83rd Street Comcast office. The Board requested notification of this change be
included in the October 1, 2010 quarterly billing and this information will also be provided to
Board of Directors
September 24, 2010
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those unit owners attending the September 25th Annual Meeting. The boxes are now available for
pickup at the Comcast office.

         INSURANCE: Dick Kemper and Paul Rogers met with Reese Cropper and Patty Wright
of IMG, the insurance agent for Harbour Island, regarding the Harbour Island deductibles for
water and property damage. The current Harbour Island deductible for water damage is $5,000
and the property damage deductible is $2,500 and Reese has suggested in order to simplify
matters according to Maryland law regarding the deductible assessment letter which is sent to the
Harbour Island unit owner responsible for the damage; the deductible for both water and property
be the same in the amount of $5,000 each.
         If the damage to a unit is $5,000 or less through no fault of the unit owner from which the
damage originates, then the claim is turned over to that unit owner to be sent to their insurance
carrier to be submitted under their HO6 policy. Harbour Island unit owners are notified yearly
regarding their HO6 coverage requirement.
         Another recommendation of IMG is to suggest to the unit owners to replace the water
shutoff valves in their units with ball valves as over time the shutoff valves will leak with the
potential of causing water damage. This recommendation will be presented to the unit owners at
Saturday’s Annual Meeting.
         A motion to increase the Harbour Island deductible for both water damage and property
damage to $5,000 each per occurrence, was made by Paul Rogers, seconded by Dick Pridgeon
and unanimously approved.

        WMO: The White Marlin Open’s contract runs through 2012 and as soon as the WMO
committee and Jim Motsko are available negotiations will begin on the following years WMO

        SPRINKLER SYSTEM: A unit owner expressed concern on the timing of the grounds
sprinkler system operation. Gene informed the owner the sprinkler system was currently
operating problem free therefore, he was not in favor of changing the timing of the system.

        COMMERCIAL VEHICLES: A HI unit owner contacted the Board informing them a
Harbour Island II unit owner was parking a taxi on Harbour Island property. The Harbour Island
II owner claims the HI parking space is owned by him. The Board will look into the owner’s
claim of ownership of the Harbour Island parking space prior to handling this situation.

          CHARTER FISHING: Gene noted there is a boat docked in a HI boat slip which seems
to be running twice weekly charters out of Harbour Island which is against the HI by-laws. The
boat had knocked over a piling for the second time and the captain was aware he would have to
repair the piling.
          Gene contacted the slip owner as to a number at which he could reach the owner of the
boat who is leasing the slip, meanwhile Gene spoke with the boat captain and was told the captain
is not running charters out of HI therefore, Gene would like a letter sent to the boat owner
indicating Gene’s opinion that he feels the boat is running charters out of Harbour Island. Gene is
to get the boat owner’s information from the slip owner and the Board will send the boat owner a
letter stating HI’s policy regarding the running of charters out of Harbour Island.

       PAVED AREAS: The Board will announce at Saturday’s Annual Meeting the dates of
October 13, 14 15th and 18, 19 and 20th for the sealing, numbering and striping of the HI paved

         MID-RISE GUTTERS: Gene noted a gutter company wanted $2,100.00 to clean the
gutters on the K, L, and M buildings so he had Old Towne Construction who was currently on HI
Board of Directors
September 24, 2010
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property doing repair work submit a quote for the same work and their price was $600.00 to clean
the gutters of all three mid-rises. Gene signed the contract with Old Towne Construction and
asked them to also repair any loose gutters or nails.

         PILINGS: Paul noted when the new pilings were installed the stern pilings appear too
short and Paul feels if there is a strong storm surge the stern lines will definitely come up and off
of the pilings. He suggested installing cleats on the pilings similar to those which have been
installed on the north side and the T pier.
         Chip advised the installation of the cleats on the pilings is the slip owner’s responsibility.

        PETS: In regards to the problem of distinguishing HI pet owners from the pets of the HI
renters which are in violation of the HI rules with bringing their pets onto HI property, Beverly
noted she had found reflective pet tags with a minimum order requirement of 100 tags at a cost of
$3.40 each. The tag also has the potential to be engraved but with a 250 minimum order of tags.
        A motion to present the option of reflective tags for HI pet owners in order to distinguish
the pets from the renter’s pets at the 2010 Annual Meeting, was made by Paul Rogers, seconded
by Tom Duffy and unanimously approved.

       BEAUTIFICATION AWARD: Beverly informed the Board Harbour Island has once
again won the award as an Ocean City beauty spot which will be noted at the HI Annual Meeting.

         RAILING POWDER COATING: Some of the HI unit owners requested permission to
remove their railings and have the railings powder coated at their expense. The Board did not
feel this would be an issue as long as HI standards are maintained and will discuss this matter
further at a future BOD meeting.

         POOL CLOSING: The yearly pool closing date will be presented to the HI unit owners
at the 2010 Annual Meeting for their preference as to the closing date.

         TIMESHARE: The issue of timeshare restriction requires 34% of the unit owners to file
a petition which limits each developer to the potential of the timeshare of one (1) unit. This will
be on the agenda for Saturday’s Annual Meeting of HI Council of Unit Owners; to date seventy-
six of the HI unit owners have returned their forms in favor of timeshare restriction at HI.

               With no further business to discuss, Dick Pridgeon made the motion to adjourn,
which was seconded by Dick Kemper, and unanimously carried.

                                                   Respectfully Submitted,

                                                   Jay Hancock, Secretary
vlt                                                Paul Rogers, Asst. Secretary

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