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The Lakeside Link


									 THE LAKESIDE LINK                                   March 2010                                                 Page 1


                                                                                                    Th de
                                                                                                      e L   in
         From the Desk of the President:

   Working Together to Keep Our Community Safe              loved ones.     Positive feedback form the audience
                                                            encourages us to consider making this a bi-annual event.
Everyone’s mind has been on Chelsea King. We are all
saddened by the events that have taken place and the loss   The Lakeside Revitalization Meeting on March 26,
to the San Diego Community. We have all been touched        9:30am at the Community Center is another opportunity
by this tragedy and wonder what it is we can do to stop     for our businesses and citizens to voice their needs and
this madness. Not only have we lost a beautiful young       desires for this community. This is your community and
woman who seemed destine to do great things, but we         we must accept responsibility in its development. Come
have lost our sense of security, sense of well-being.       voice your ideas, hear what is being accomplished and see
                                                            where you can help affect change in Lakeside.
The feeling of hopelessness, the sense of not having
control can be overwhelming. As we mourn this beautiful    The Chamber is working on developing a Lakeside
child, we need to renew our commitment to our              Citizens group to help eliminate Graffiti in our
community and do our part to ensure the safety of our      community. We are developing a procedure that involves
citizens. As individuals we doubt our ability to affect    the Sheriff Dept., the Chamber and our citizens. On our
change, but as a group we gather strength and knowledge    website:, we have created a link for
from each other and create the changes that are necessary  reporting graffiti. Postings will then inform the Sheriff so
to Lakeside.                                               they can photograph the offending tagging for future
                                                           prosecution and alert the Citizens Group to take action to
         “...along with words of encouragement that        begin the removal process. We need volunteers who are
         we all need to be proactive with our own          willing to reclaim our community, take it away from those
         safety and those of our loved ones.”              who deface our buildings thus creating a negative image
                                                           of Lakeside. Please contact the Chamber to see how you
Last night the Chamber co-sponsored our 1 annual can be a part of this up-and-coming group.
Lakeside Conversation.        This evening provided our
citizens the opportunity to ask questions of our First Commerce can not grow without safety issues being
Responders; your Sheriff Officers, Fire Fighters, the addressed, businesses require a safe environment to flour-
Chamber, CHP officers, Post Office and Animal control ish and the Chamber is committed to helping business
agents. This one-on-one question session addressed grow. Lets all work together to ensure the safety of our
concerns and provided valuable information to our children and create an environment that encourages
citizens, while informing our law enforcement of potential commerce. We need you to help develop procedures and
crime issues in our community. A presentation regarding take action!
internet tools that can keep us informed was given by our
Crime Prevention Specialist, Alyssa Dean, County Sheriff Todd Williams, President
Dept., along with words of encouragement that we all
need to be proactive with our own safety and those of our
THE LAKESIDE LINK                                           March 2010                                              Page 2

    Chamber Board of Directors                                                   Lakeside
           2009/2010                                                         Community Calendar
   Todd Williams                        President                    March
   James Fread                          1st Vice President           1            Chamber Board Meeting
   Bobbi Buettgenbach                   2nd Vice President           2            1st Annual Lakeside Community
   Jean Stanzick                        Treasurer                                 Conversation
   Steve Menefee                        Past President               3-17         Lakeside Planning Group Meeting
   Mike Anderson                        Director
                                                                     4/11/18/25   Lakeside Farmers’ Market
   Lisa Anderson                        Director
   Anton Botter                         Director                     6            A Child’s Center of Wonder &
   Bonnie LaChappa                      Director
                                                                     6            Lakeside Optimist Spaghetti Dinner
   Terry Leimbach                       Director
   Nick Ottonello                       Director                     10           Design Review Board Meeting
   Mike Randazzo                        Director                     20           Miss Lakeside Scholarship Pageant/
   Neil Rodvold                         Director                                  Teen Miss Lakeside pageant
   Amy Ruiz                             Director                     20           Riverview International Fair
   Linda Stock                          Director                     21           Eastern San Diego Junior fair

          Chamber Office Staff
                                                                                  Barbecue and Fundraiser Auction
                                                                     25           Chamber Mixer-Hooleys
   Kathy Kassel                         Executive Director
   Christie Gocke                       Office Assistant
                                                                     1-8-15-22-29 Lakeside Farmers’ Market
                   Chamber Interns
                                                                     5            Chamber Board Meeting
                   Britney Jenkins
                  Maura Anderson                                     7-21         Lakeside Planning Group Meeting
             Ascher Chatterton-Richmond                              14           Design Review Board Meeting
                                                                     15           Chamber Mixer-Eastbound Bar &
                      The Lakeside Link                                           Grill
             A monthly newsletter published by-                      17           Run for the Arts
             The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce
                                                                     17           5th Annual It’s How We Live! Health
                       9924 Vine Street                                           Fair
                     Lakeside, CA 92040                              24           Lakeside Western Day’s Parade
                        (619) 561-1031
                      Fax (619) 561-7951
                                     23-24-25     46th Annual Lakeside Rodeo
                                                                     1            Chamber Board Meeting
The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization
created to serve the interests of the local business community       10           Design Review Board Meeting
through the dues and efforts of its members. It is our mission to
support and strengthen the economic and social environment of the    3-17         Lakeside Planning Groups Meetings
unincorporated East County region of San Diego County known as
Lakeside. We hold monthly Board of Director meetings that are open
                                                                     4/11/18/25   Lakeside Farmers Market
to our members.
THE LAKESIDE LINK                                March 2010                                        Page 3

We Are Giving Away $7,000!
                              The Lakeside Chamber
                              of Commerce provides
                              scholarships for out-
                              standing High School              March Business Mixer Host:
                              Seniors enrolled in a
                              Lakeside School. A
                              total of $7000.00 in
                              scholarships, awarded
in $1000.00 and $500.00 increments, will be awarded             Hooleys Irish Pub & Grill
to High School Seniors who maintained a 2.0 GPA,
and are continuing their education after graduation.      5500 Grossmont Center Dr. #277
Applicants will be screened by the Lakeside
Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Committee.
                                                                La Mesa, CA 91942
Potential finalist will be contacted and an interview
will be scheduled. All finalist must attend the                           Thursday
interview for final consideration. Interviews will be
conducted the week of May 3rd-7th, 2010
                                                                          March 25th
      Applicants must meet the
       following requirements:                            Networking in an informal
 Students must be a senior in a Lakeside High             and fun atmosphere!
   School with anticipation of graduation no later
   than 2010
 Students must submit a completed application
   along with two letters of recommendation from                    Hosted Appetizers
   an employer, teacher, school         employee,

                                                                    Happy Hour Prices
   business leader,      community leader and/or
   religious leader. Letters of recommendation
   must include contact information of the
 Completed application must be postmarked no
                                                                 $1.00 Off All Libations
   later than April 9th, 2010

                                                                 $5.00-Chamber Members
    Applications are available at our website                    $8.00 Potential Members
     If you have any questions please call
                 619-561-1031                                         2 for 1 special
                  Or stop in at                           Chamber member’s bring a potential
     The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce
               9924 Vine Street
                                                           new chamber member and get the
              Lakeside, CA 92040                               2 for 1 special entry rate.

                                                              For more information please contact the
                                                                Lakeside Chamber of Commerce at:
THE LAKESIDE LINK                                              March 2010                                                            Page 4

             San Diego Click-E-Deals                                   Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, it is. Make sure to browse through
                                                                       our message archive, you can listen through past teachings. Oh, and
We offer robust online marketing strategies designed to help           we can't forget to tell you how much we like to laugh. Having fun
businesses use online where they need to be. Today’s consumers         is one of our core values
use the internet as their primary tool to locate the products and
services they are looking for. We put the face of the business
                                                                                          Pastor Jeremy McGarity
where consumers can find it. We offer online coupon campaigns,
e-commerce websites, web pages and much more. If you Google a                                   7SD Church
product you followed by San Diego and you business doesn’t come                              9841 Vine Street
up on the first page of results, then you are losing revenue.                              Lakeside, CA 92040
Together we can help.
                        Sean Wilcock                                            
                     11221 Oak Creek Dr
                     Lakeside, CA 92040                                            Phoenix Specialty Printing
                      619-922-9825                                     We provide silk screening, signs and vinyl graphics, pad printing
            Email:                           on promotional items. Need t-shirts or printed for fundraisers,
                                                                       special events, corporate gifts or business promotions. we have got
                                 you covered! Banners or window decal? You won’t believe what
                                                                       we can print on!
                  Children’s Choice                                                           Andrea Hunter
                                                                                         Phoenix Specialty Printing
At Children’s Choice, we provide attentive, loving day care
services for children from infants to school age. Our day care                            12233 Higgins Terrace
professionals are all responsible, sympathetic caregivers who focus                        Lakeside, CA 92040
on the happiness and well-being of the children as well as their
proper growth and development. We provide all meals and have an                             619-647-1313
academic curriculum available that keeps the children in our care             Email:
healthy and fully engaged. Give us the chance to show you the                  
quality of our care. Call us today for a free week!

                     Candis Beckwith                                                             AmeriPlan
                     Children’s Choice
                  9748 Los Coches Rd #10                               ...invites you to take care of yourself and your family with
                                                                       AmeriPlan. Your life is full of precious things; the people you
                    Lakeside, CA 92040                                 love, the home you live in, products you need to keep the things
                     619-561-1178                                      you value the most in life secure. A good place to start is right here
                                                                       at AmeriPlan.
                                                                                           Melvin L Robinson
                                                                                        9395 Harritt Road Space 67
                 7 San Diego Church                                                        Lakeside CA 92040
We are now meeting in Lakeside and Chula Vista, CA. Catch us
meeting every Sunday at 9:30 and 11:15 AM. Your kids will love                              619-443-5647
our Youth group and K-5 programs. And if you have younger                                 Fax: 619-443-5647
children, you can check out our full Nursery and Pre-K programs as                 Email:
well. Come! Join us! Relax! We've got Starbucks coffee.                 
Why do we call our church Seven? Seven is the perfect number in
the Bible. It represents wholeness or completeness. We like to
say, “Seven is the perfect church for IMPERFECT people.”
THE LAKESIDE LINK                                                March 2010                                                             Page 5

                                                                         Procurement Outreach Workshops for Small business
                  (New members continued)                                                     “Doing Business with the County of San Diego”

                       Rodeway Inn

Rodeway Inn in Santee offers clean and comfortable guest rooms at
a reasonable price. We are a two Diamond AAA rated property
located across from the Santee Trolley Center. We provide our
guests with free continental breakfast, free USA Today
newspapers, free wi-fi, an outdoor pool, fridge/microwaves, hair
dryers, irons and ironing boards, cable TV, free local calls and free   Hosted by: County of San Diego Department of Purchasing & Contracting
parking. When you stay with us, you earn points through Choice
Privileges to redeem for a free night at any Choice Hotels property.
                                                                                           Who Should Attend?
                       Sheryl Bhakta
                       Rodeway Inn                                      The workshop is directed towards small businesses of
                 10135 Mission Gorge Road                               all types. The program will cover the process involved
                     Santee, CA 92071                                   in completing the necessary registration and
                                                                        information on how to pursue business opportunities
                   619-258-2020                                         with in the County of San Diego.
                 Fax: 619-258-1225
                                        Workshops available at various locations and on                            various dates throughout the County.

                                                                                   For information or directions:

                                                                              Time to Spend the Day
                    Support our                                                   on the Greens
                   local students                                             We have a fun day planned for you
                       and the
                      future of                                                        The 5th Annual
                                                                              Lakeside Chamber of Commerce
                                                                               Scholarship Golf Tournament
                                                                                    Friday, June 25, 2010
                                                                                  Barona Creek Golf Club

                                                                    This tournament finances our Scholarship program.
                                                                Scholarships are given yearly to our Lakeside High School
                                                                  Seniors planning to further their education. We provide
                                                              funds for local students to attend trade schools, two-year col-
                                                                leges or four-year colleges. Help us support the future of
                                                               Lakeside and join us for an amazing day of golf, food, drinks,
                                                                                      prizes and fun!

                                                                         Application available:
THE LAKESIDE LINK                                                    March 2010                                                             Page 6

                    Socializing at Sunland                                            Slate for 2010/2011 Termed Board of Directors

                                                                            Each year, as needed, and according to our bylaws, we are hereby
                                                                            publishing the nominees for our 2010/2011 Board of Directors. The
                                                                            group of names (the “slate”) was presented by the Nominating
I’d  like  to  thank  my  sister,  Lisa  Anderson,  and  all  of  her        
                                                                            Committee at our Board of Directors meeting March 1, 2010. This
co‐workers at Vacationer RV Park, for hosting a great mixer  slate of candidates is to serve a two year term and to replace the
last  Thursday!  It  was  a  nice  big  room,  there  was  plenty  to  Directors whose regular terms are expiring on June 30th, 2010. Each
eat  and  drink  (especially  once  Bonnie  LaChappa  found  the  candidate is an active member in good standing and has agreed to
right  RV  park  and  added  to  the  refreshments  Lisa  already 
had!),  and  once  again,  we  had  a  great  turnout  of  new  and                    2010/2011 Slate for Termed Board of Directors:
old  Chamber members, as well as a few guests (aka “future”                                        President-James Fread
                                                                                                1st VP-Bobbi Buettgenbach
      “’ll  get  to  know  others  in  the  Chamber,  and  it                                2nd VP-Neil Rodvold
      becomes  almost  a  certainty  that  somehow  you’ll                                        Treasurer-Jean Stanzick
                                                                                               Past President-Todd Williams
                                                                                                       Nick Ottonello
                                                                                                      Terry Leimbach
                                                                                                      Mike Anderson
members)                                                                                               Lisa Anderson
                                                                                                         Amy Ruiz
.                                                                                                     Mike Randazzo
                                                                                                     Bonnie LaChappa
                                                                                                       Frank Hilliker
                                                                                                        Jerry Mosier
It  was  a  great  opportunity  to  meet  new  people,  hang  out 
with your friends, and take advantage of a great networking 
environment.  I  heard  one  member  say  he  had  two  new    
                                                                            As per our Bylaws– Section 6.3-Slecetion and Election of Directors
clients the next day! It reminds me of what I’ve always felt 
about belonging to the Chamber of Commerce: you get out                     C: Additional names of candidates for Directors may be nominated
of it what you put into it. If you think you’re going to double             by petition bearing the signatures of at least twenty (20) members in
your  business  by  just  joining  and  displaying  your  business          good standing. Petitions must be filed with the Secretary, Jean
cards  at  the  office,  you’re  likely  to  be  disappointed.  But,  if    Stanzick within ten(10) calendar days of the notification date of the
                                                                            names submitted by the Nominating Committee. The determination
you make a habit of joining us for our mixers and Expo,   get‐
                                                                            of the Nominating Committee as to the legality of the petitions will be
ting         involved with the parade, the  Christmas festivities,          final. (This petition needs to be filed by March 22, 2010)
and other activities we host year round, you’ll get to know 
others  in  the  Chamber,  and  it  becomes  almost  a  certainty           D: If no petition is filled within the designated period, the nomina-
that  somehow  you’ll  gain  some  benefit.  If  not,  the  worst           tions will be closed and the nominated slate of candidates will be
that  can  happen  is  that  you’ll  gain  some  new  friends,  and         elected by the members at its regular July meeting.
get to  know  others that are concerned about our   commu‐
nity of Lakeside.

OK,  I’m  stepping  down  from  my  soapbox  to  invite  you  to                2010 Lakeside Western Days
future  mixers.  March  is  the  month  for  St.  Patrick,  so  we’re 
going  to  meet  at  one  of  our  new  member’s  “office,”                          Sponsorships are still available
Hooley’s  Irish  Pub  and  Grill  in  Grossmont  Center.  Join  us                 Help keep this grand tradition going!
from  5:00  to  7:00  on  March  25  for  some  of  Hooley’s         
delicious  appetizers  and  samplers,  as  well  as  drink  specials                         Announcer Booth Sponsor
for our mixer. This month, we’re going to raise the donation                                         $100.00
for  non‐Chamber  members  to  $8,  leaving  it  at  $5  for                                     Parade Division
members,  as  a  way  to  reward  our  members  while  not                                           $300.00
scaring away those who have yet to join.                                                        VIP Party Sponsor
On April 15, we’ll meet and help kick off Western Days and                                           $500.00
Rodeo week at Lakeside’s newest restaurant, the Eastbound 
Bar and Grill. You may need a drink or two after filing your                      Sponsor forms available at the Chamber office.
 THE LAKESIDE LINK                                        March 2010                                                Page 7

                                Lakeside Chamber of Commerce
                                       Member Spotlight

                                 Walker’s Embroidery

    The name “Walker” is derived from the old English                The embroidery shop was a part-time job at first.
phrase “Weaver of cloth”, so maybe that's why Ralph              When Ralph and Sandy got married in 1992 and decided
and Sandy Walker feel like they are continuing a family          to start a family, the plan was for Ralph to get his
tradition by working with fabric. Not exactly weaving,           teaching credential and Sandy to run the business and
but embroidering on it. Close enough. The entrepreneu-           take care of the baby. Who knew a tiny baby could be
rial attitude seems to be inherited too. Walker’s Embroi-        so demanding? The business quickly grew to require full
dery has been in East County since 1988 and in Lakeside          time attention and so did the baby. They needed a plan
sine 1992, but its roots go back to the 70’s, when Ralph's       B, and decided to work together in the business . They
mother Elaine couldn’t find a good tennis hat that               haven't regretted it since.
blocked the sun but allowed full peripheral vision. After                They part of the business Ralph and Sandy enjoy
some experimenting, she made her own, and it was good            most is seeing all the unusual projects they customers are
enough that her friends want to buy it.                          working on. They’ve had a chance to do projects
                                                                 ranging from monogramming a handkerchief that was
                                                                 later presented to Mother Teresa, to embroidering
     “...but its roots go back to the 70s, when Ralph's          halter tops for the Chargers Girls (Sorry Ralph no custom
       mother Elaine couldn’t find a tennis hat that             fitting was required)
        blocked the sun but allowed full peripheral
                                                                       “…..he and Sandy have been seen recently at
                                                                       the Chamber mixers where they both tell us
So Walker's hat shop was born, at the little Singer sew-               they have a great time meeting their
ing machine in the hallway of her house in Lakeside.                   neighbors and swapping business ideas and
After a few years Ralph's brother Don took over the                    leads.”
business which he still runs in the Descanso area. He
would send out the hats to embroidery shops to have                  With Ralph doing production and Sandy keeping the
them add logos of the various resorts and pro shops              books and making the fashion decisions (Ralph has no
that he sold to. Ralph was intrigued by the process and          fashion sense) they feel they make a pretty good team.
decided to buy a small embroidery machine of his own,            Sometimes Ralph complains he has no life outside
and Walker’s Embroidery got its start.                           embroidery and hasn’t seen the sunshine in three years,
        Recently the Chamber received a call from a              Sandy just ignores him when he gets whiney, and we
woman who had one of the older hats, with a Lakeside             know it can’t be true because he and Sandy have been
label, and wondered in the Chamber could help her                seen recently at the Chamber mixers, where they both
track down the makers. After Almost 20 years the hat             tells us they have great time meeting the neighbors and
was starting to wear out and she wanted another one.             swapping business ideas and leads.
The Chamber didn't know Walkers Hat shop but
suggested she try Walker’s Embroidery, thinking they
might know each other. Another happy customer,                              Walker’s Embroidery
thanks to the Chamber.
                                                                               12431 Rockcrest Rd
            “Recently the Chamber received a call                                 Lakeside, CA
    from a woman who had one of her older hats,
      with a Lakeside label, and wondered if the                                  619-443-3464
       Chamber could help her track down the                         
    maker...Another happy customer thanks to the
 HE  LAKESIDE   INK                    March 2010               PRSRT-STD Page 8
                                                                US POSTAGE
 The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce                                   PAID
 9924 Vine Street                                               SANTEE, CA
 Lakeside, CA 92040                                           PERMIT NO. 327

 Return Service Requested

                            It ’ s That Time of Year Again!

                              DATE: April 24, 2010
                                TIME: 9:35 A.M
                            LOCATION: Lakeside, CA

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