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					                          FULL-SERVICE MORTGAGE COMPANY
                                      “We try harder so you don’t have to!”

Size Does Matter
Tri-State Mortgage is a small mortgage
company that gives personal service.
We don’t have voicemail and you can                                          “Frank is a delight to work
come into our office to discuss your                                          with and he always called
loan needs. No need to get the shuffle                                        me back. I’ve been selling
with a large bank or lender. Our combined                                    real estate for 20 years, and
experience and funding ability has
                                                                             I’ve never met such a great
kept us in business while the rest of
the industry has failed. At Tri-State                                        mortgage broker.”
Mortgage we try harder so you don’t           Frank Brock, Manager
                                                                                             Susan Duncan
have to. So, why not give us a try!
                                                                                            ReMax Alliance
                                    Mortgage Brokers                         “Paul Hernandez followed
                                   Mortgage Brokers are a great              up with my borrowers and
                                   resource for a home buyer or              closed the loan on time. I
                                   borrower who needs to refinance            would recommend Paul and
                                   into a lower rate. The service of         Tri-State to anyone.”
                                   a mortgage broker is to select the
                                   right loan for you at the lowest rate.                   Joe McCloskey
                                   With the credit crunch of 2007,                    Williams Real Estate
                                   most lenders and brokers have            .............................
                                   gone out of business. Banks have
Paul Hernandez, Senior Loan Officer become very tight on underwriting         “Tri-State closed my loan       guidelines, and a mortgage broker         in one week after I spent 6
                                   can fill the gap. No need to surf          months with another lender.
the internet looking for the “best deal”. A good broker has several
                                                                             They did not ask for a lot of
lenders to shop the loan, if it can be done. Give Tri-State Mortgage
a try the next time you are looking to buy or refinance.                      paperwork, and they even
                                                                             attended the closing!”
                                                                                                  Paul H.
Experienced                                                                              Denver, Colorado
The founder of Tri-State Mortgage has 19 years of experience in the
mortgage business. This includes conventional loans, FHA/VA, second
mortgage, commercial mortgage and private loans. Prior to mortgage
origination, the owner had sold real estate and invested in properties.
                                                                            Contact Us
Full Service                                                                3090 South Jamaica Court, #107
Tri-State Mortgage walks the borrower through the loan process with                 Aurora, Colorado 80014
all the disclosures. We offer advice on property values, credit repair
and investments. Our friendly staff will return a phone call or email the        phone: 303.369.8000
same day. We even have the option of brokering loans in several states
for our relocation clients. Our network of investors, realtors and
                                                                                   fax: 720.367.5332
contractors has been with us for years, and they enjoy working with
our high degree of professionalism.                               

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