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					               WINTER PARK TOPICS       A Weekly Review of Social and Cultural Activities
                                                 During the Winter Resort Season
                          Entered as second-class matter January 8, 1937, at the Post Office, at Winter Park, Fla., under the Act of March 3,1079.
  Vol. 16-No. 13       Charles T. Hammond, Publisher          Winter Park, Florida, Friday, APRIL 1, 1949               Season Subscription $2.25      Price 15 Cents
         The Square Dance at 10 P.M.
      this Saturday night following
                                            THE UNIVERSITY CLUB AND ROSTER OF NEW MEMBERS
      Renfro Valley Folks will be held
     in the Rollins Student Centre and
      on the patio as the closing feature
      of the Annual Rollins Fiesta.
      Tickets may be purchased at Rol-
     lins Student Centre, Music Box,
      Annie Russell Theatre 2-4:30 P.M.
      Chairman Helen Moore's commit-
      tee are Mmes. Theodore Darrah,
      John Nelson, Florence Wilde, and
      J. B. Dyer and Nathan Starr.
         Two groups will present exhibi-
      tion square dancing. The Winder-
     mere group, Prof, and Mrs.
     Harry N. Irwin, directing, includes
      Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chase, Dr.
      and Mrs. J. R. Chappell, Capt. and
     Mrs. L. N. Craig, Major and Mrs.
      R. W. Doanges, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
     Dyer, Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Geier,
     Mr. and Mrs. T. W. McAllister,
     Rev. and Mrs. G. A. Moreley, Mr.
      and Mrs. A. T O'Neal, Rev. J. M.
      and Miss Jo Lotz, Mr. and Mrs. E.
     G. Paramore. They will offer
     four numbers, "The Lancers," a
      genuine quadrille originating as a        The new clubhouse of the University Club of Winter Park which has taken          its place as a new center of com-
      court dance in France. Next,              munity and cultural activity and given the Club opportunity for the expansion    of its activities and membership.
      "Forward Up to Six and Back," a
     truly American dance; "Four-Leaf
      Clover," an adaptation of a native        A new comer to Winter Park, to meet the full operating cost. In                       "That is all very interesting;
, .„jippalachiaa.mQun.tain.iig.ure, apd... driving in from the North, notices the meantime, expenses which                        now may I see the inside of the
      they will close the exhibition with -•a- haadsome building, set ^-ell- • cannot-toe covered by dues are mot                 building?" Passing through....the
     the "Fireman's Dance," which was back from the street with an at- by voluntary contributions."                              entrance hall, with a small office
     discovered in Michigan. It's a tractive landscaped frontage. Per-                   "More than five hundred mem-             and a spacious coat-room on one
     lively and hilarious dance!             haps he is curious enough to drive bers in this little city! I can hard-             side and a ladies' room and store-
                                             into an extensive parking area at ly believe it." "It is surprising,                room on the other, the visitor en-
         These authentic dances are an the rear, and fortunate enough to even to those who have been                             ters a large, high-ceilinged audi-
     opportunity to see a "moving pic- find a person who can answer his members since the Club was                               torium seated with folding chairs
     ture" from our past, and an im- questions.                                       started, fourteen years ago, by             and provided with a platform and
     portant part of America's heritage         "This is a fine building. What is about twenty college men. The                  reading-desk. A microphone and
     which are now resuming popu- it?" "The new clubhouse of the fact is that this area has become                               amplifiers suggest the purpose of
     larity. Then comes the younger University Club." "Oh! One of a Mecca for men from all parts                                 the room. At the rear, connected
     generation with their more vigor- those exclusive, expensive clubs of the country who have retired                          with the main room by wide
             (Continued on Page 8)           for the upper brackets." This from their active careers. The                        doors, are a library and a confer-
                                             makes the informant smile. "Ex- climate is an important factor,                     ence room.
     DR. GUTHE TO SPEAK AT                   actly the opposite. One of the but still more significant is the                         "This does not look like any
     PAN AMERICAN DINNER                     cardinal principles of this club is cultural atmosphere surrounding                 men's club that I have ever seen;
                                             to keep the dues low enough to Rollins College and enriched by                      no lounging rooms, no billiard
         Dr. Carl E. Guthe, famous enable any qualified man to be- the programs and personalities of                             tables, no bowling alleys, no din-
     archaeologist, noted for the wide come a member, regardless of the the University Club itself. The                          ing room, no bar; just a big lec-
     popular appeal of his lectures, will state of his pocketbook." "Indeed! majority of the members are re-                     ture room and a library. What
     be the speaker at the Pan Ameri- What are the dues and the initia- tired men who, taken as a •whole,                        does the club do to attract so
     can Dinner pn April 10 to be held tion fee?" "No entrance fee, dues have been everywhere in this and                        many members?" "If you re-
     at the University Club during ten dollars a year." "Impossible! other countries and who have                                member the composition of the
     Pan American Week by the Inter- How can such a plant be run on worked in almost every kind of                               membership, I think you will un-
   ' American Center of Rollins Col7 that plan? Big endowment?" "Oh, occupation. Some are persons of                             derstand. Mutual association of
        ge.                        .•.,,.,•• nn. Listen and £11 explain."             national or even international             so many men of such wide and
         Dr. Guthe possesses the rare          "You may bo/thinking of a club reputation. Besides these older                    varied experience is agreeable and
     ability of presenting the interpre- of about a hundred" members. men, the membership includes                               stimulating, especially to those
     tations of science in terms which With that number, each would many who are still active in the                             who,    after a very exacting pro-
     the layman receives with profit have to pay at least sixty dollars professional and business life of                        fessional life, now have time to
     and pleasure. He is & specialist a year, but we already have well this area. Although the neigh-                            enjoy leisurely contact with
     in the Maya civilization, author over five hundred members. As boring city of Orlando has a uni-                            others whose experience has been
     of "Pueblo Pottery Making," was the Club continues to grow and versity club of a different type,                            quite different from their own.
     formerly director of the Uniyer- we gradually pay off the mort- some seventy of its residents be-                           We learn to know each other and
             (Continued on Page 8)           gage, we expect income from dues long to our club."                                 to appreciate each other by the
                                                                                                                                 give-and-take of conversation, by
  GALA PROGRAM FOR                                                                                                               listening to a member as .he
  LADIES NIGHT                                         Scheduled Events for the Rollins Fiesta Saturday                          speaks on a subject in his special
     A gala concert to feature the                                                                                               field, by questions and discussions
                                               Children's Theatre, 10, 11, 12 A.M. Annie Russell Theatre.                        on the topic."
  annual spring party of the Uni-              Bridge-Tea: 2 to 4 P.M. Rollins Dormitories
  versity Club when it invites mem-                                                                                                  The Club has two principal
  bers of the Women's Club as                  Farewell Performance Renfro Valley Folks, 8 P.M. Animated                         kinds of meetings, first the regu-
  guests, will take place next                      Magazine stand.                                                              lar meetings, every two weeks
  Wednesday evening, April 6, at               Square Dancing, 10 to 12 P.M. Student Centre.                                     from early November to early
  the new University Club.                                                                                                       April, at which business is trans-
     Oral and musical numbers will             Midway—10 A.M. to Midnight. The Emporium, men's women's                           acted and the chief interest is an
  be rendered in the mos.t cultured                 and children's clothes 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Animated Magazine                   address by an eminent speaker;
  fashion by world renowned artists                 stand.                                                                       secondly, the so-called "pow-
  under the direction of M. Lucien                                                                                               wows, which, I think, have be-
  Edouard d'Harriot, Impresario.               Fiesta Bazaar—Casa Iberia all day.                                                        (Continued on Page 4)       .
Page Two                                             WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949

                                         DISTINCTIVE GIFTS
    FRANCES 0 HEIR                   322 N. Park Avenue Tel. 118
              Royal Minton Bone China — English Dinnerware
                       American Haviland — Carbone
               Stangl and Louisville Pottery — Swedish Crystal
    California Ceramics by Kay Finch — Vally Werner - Hedi Schoop
              Knitting Bags - Bridge Prizes - Greeting Cards
                 Special attention given to wedding presents
             Visitors are invited to come in and enjoy the shop
                                                                                                          Sport Clothes
                                                                                                         Gowns — Wraps
ROLLINS CREW RACES                       Mrs. A. D. Johannes, Mrs. William
DARTMOUTH SATURDAY                       E. Curtiss, Dr. Elizabeth Mochrie,
   Dr. U. T. Bradley's Rollins Col-       Mrs, Alfred J. Hanna, Mrs. Rhea
lege crew will be matching                Smith, Mrs. Henry Thompson,
                                          Mrs. A. B. Seibold, Mrs. C. A.            San Juan Hotel Building                                   Orlando
strokes with Dartmouth College            Coddington, Mrs. Robert Pening-
on Lake Maitland at noon Satur-           ton and Mrs. William Winder-
day in one of the features of the        weedle.
Rollins Fiesta program. It is the
second home race for the Tar                 Elizabeth Blount Shippen, "II,     CONSERVATORY STUDENTS
oarsmen. Last week they lost a            eleven year old granddaughter of      IN PUBLIC RECITALS                         LUCY LITTLE'S
two length decision to Boston             Dr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Shippen,          Jeannine Romer, outstanding
University 's crack eight oar shell.      is planning to fly from Boston to
                                          Winter Park to visit her grand-       student pianist of the Rollins Con-          Flower Shop
       Rollins Plays Mercer                                                     servatory, will be presented in a
   Coach Joe Justice's Rollins Tars      parents during the Easter holi-        special recital Sunday, April 3,            Deliveries of flowers made
baseball team will meet its eighth        days. On her return trip she will     at 8:15 P.M. in the Winter Park          to hotels. Telephone your or-
consecutive out of state opponent         stop over in Washington, D. C, to     Woman's Club. She is a pupil of          der for delivery by telegraph
when it tangles with the Mercer          visit "Dumbarton Oaks" the girl-       Walter Charmbury, professor of           to any part of the United
College Bears at 3:30 P.M., Satur-       hood home of Mrs. Shippen, and         piano.                                   States.
day at Harper Shepherd Field in          the birthplace of her father, Dr.
                                         Rodman Shippen.                           Catharine Sorey, student sopra-         Gardenia and Orchid
one of the features of the Rollins                                              no of the Rollins Conservatory,
Fiesta program.                             Mrs. David Carll of New                                                             Corsages.
                                                                                will be presented in her junior re-
                                         Rochelle, N. Y., who has a daugh-      cital Wednesday, April 6, at the           Table arrangements
                                         ter in the Freshman class at Rol-      Winter Park Woman's Club. She
  SOCIAL JV0TE5                          lins College is visiting Miss Bessie   will be assisted by .Anne Loveil,          '
                                                                                                                                534 Park Avenue, S.
                                                                                                                                   Telephone 35
                                         Dow Huntington for the balance         talented student violinist.
    A beautifully appointed' Tea         of the season.
was given on Wednesday by Mrs.              Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ste-                                                           NORTHCOOL
W. Stewart Gilman at her resi-           phenson are expecting Mrs. Ste-
dence on Osceola Avenue in honor         phenson's niece and her husband            The Jade Lantern                       White Tuxedo Coats
of her daughter, Mrs. Harry              Mr. and Mrs. George B. Post, of                    Since 1937                           $27.50
Florey of New York and, also, for        Great Neck and Quogue, L. I. on
her two granddaughters, Miss             Sunday. When they leave here
Marjory Florey and Miss Karen            they will fly to Mobile, Ala., Mrs.
Gilman,, who are spending their          Post's girlhood home, and then
spring vacation from' Smith Col-         back to Long Island.
lege with Mrs. Gilman.                      Dr. Anna Gemmill will be the
" A large number of guests from          speaker at Winter Park Woman's
Winter Park and Orlando called           Club on Wednesday morning,
between 3:30 and 6 o'clock.              April 6, and will give a review of
  : Hostesses for the afternoon in-      the popular non-fiction book                   UNUSUAL GIFTS
cluded Mrs. Dan T. Gilman of             "Road to Survival" by William
Orlando, Miss Irmgard Kuntze,            Vogt.                                    For Easter:
                                                                                     • Hand Painted Easter Cards
              211 E. WELBOURNE
                                                         Q4L                          •Bunny Toys (washable
                                                                                     • Peter Rabbit Candles
                     Reductions in Yams                                              • Easter Egg Candles
                      Washable Nylon Bags
                   Baby Wear and Easter Cards                                          332 Park Ave. North                      R. C. Baker
       ELEZABETH S. BAYLES - Tel. 310-M - WINTER PARK                                                                            202 Park Ave., S.

                  HEAVEN'S FIRST LAW
    ORDER is also our first law in our Winter Park shop . . . you con
                                                                                    Florando Fashions
       . find the gift you seek without having to "browse around" . . .                                  featuring famous
        we invite you to make a trial of the plan we have worked out                                     resort clothes
        for first aid in making selections of appropriate gifts for special
                                                                                                         exclusively yours
        occasions and for favored friends.
                                                                                                         in Orlando a t . . .
                                                                                               ON THE

                                                                                            SECOND FLOOR
                                                                                             OF FASHIONS
                                                WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949                                                  Page Three

         On Patio from 120 North Orange & 35 West Washington

        The Whistling Oyster
                  Wedding Presents                                                                     Southland Fashions11.
                   Smaller Gifts
                     gift that matters
        Jensen Silver — Swedish Crystal .— Lamps                                                                         to whirl you through
        Spode - Wedgwood - Castleton - Royal Doulton
     Marghab Linen — English Silver — Mark Cross Purses
                                     >                                                             a gay new season . . .
                Unusual Greeting Cards, Etc.
                                                                                                                  underneath the Florida sunl
      The largest stock of fine china & crystal in Orlando.

                                     artistic dancing, especially her in-
  SOCIAL NOTES                       terpretations of the Javanese
                                       Mrs. George F. Bradley and                         ORLANDO
    Sponsors lor the Pan American Mrs. George H. Bogert, who have
  dinner are: I. T. Frary, chairman occupied an apartment at 246 E.
 John Ames, Mrs. Edward F. Comstock Avenue all season, will
 Belches, W. B. Calkins, M. D. depart next week for Old Lynne,
 Carrel, Oliver K. Eaton, Mrs. Her- Conn., their northern home.
 bert Halverstadt, Charles D.                                                  Mr. and Mrs. William M.             and Mrs. Albert Gifford of Inter-
 Hurrey, Arthur Lissauer, Sara         Mrs. Starr Walter, who lias been
 Norris, Marion Peasley, Charles occupying Mrs. Melvil Dewey's              Mehan, of Forest Road, have with       lachen Avenue.
 H. Pratt, Maurice Saunders, house on Interlachen Avenue, is                them their daughter, Mrs. Har-
 Bertram D. Scott, Mrs. Robert moving into her attractive new               riet Ainsworth until the end of        ROLLINS PLAYERS PRESENT
 Skillman, Mrs. Henry A. Strong, home on Osceola Avenue over-               May. Mrs. Ainsworth has just           "MERCHANT OF YONXERS"
 Mrs. George A. Thorne, Mrs. looking Lake Mizelle.                          aiu'lved in this country after sev-       The Rollins Players will present
 Claude D, Walker, Mrs. Addison        Lucia Hammond, soprano, Mar-         eral years service as secretary in      "The Merchant of Yonkers" in the
 S. Wickham, Mrs. Starr Walter.      celle Hammond, mezzo-soprano,          the American Embassy in Rome.          Annie Russell April 5-9, under the
                                     and Sally Trope, pianist, will be      She is awaiting her orders for         direction of Donald S. Allen.
    Marguerite McDonald, talented presented in a concert next Tues-         transfer to another post.
 soprano, of New York and West day afternoon by the Sorosis Club               The Unitarian Women's Alli-            Written by Thornton Wilder,
 Orange, N. J.. has been the guest in Orlando.                               ance of Winter Park will meet in       this amusing comedy has a typical
""this week of her friend," Mrs. Va-                                         a luncheon at Dr. John Martin's,       1890 plot involving a prosperous
                                       Mr. Joel P. Phillips, of 2300 E.                                            merchant who doesn't want his
 netta Musselwhite of Osceola Winter Park Road, with his uncle,             Genius Drive, Tuesday, April 5th
 Avenue. The; two women at- Mr. J. L. Crow, of Hamlin, Texas,               at 1 P.M. Luncheon will be im-         daughter to marry a starving art-
 tended Oberlin College at the have just returned from a trip to            mediately followed by the an-          ist. The merchant, meanwhile, is
 same time.                                                                 nual meeting, with election of of-     trying to find a wife himself, The
                                     Havana and Santiago, Cuba. Mr.                                                complications which arise from
    Mrs. Quiney Blakely, who has and Mrs. Asa W. Hyde, (Mary                ficers for the coming year.
 been spending the winter at the Jane Phillips) and little son, John           Miss Martha Bathgate, of            the two love-matches are ex-
 Five Hundred Chase, is departing Marvin, of Jacksonville Beach,            Princeton, N. J. and her niece         tremely amusing. This is one of
 this Sunday for her home in West Fla., will spend this weekend with        Miss Susan Ragland of Richmond,        Wilder's more obscure plays but
 Hartford, Conn.                                                            Va. have been guests for the past      contains the same skill which
                                     Mrs. Hyde's parents, Mr, and Mrs.                                             made his "Our Town" a classic.
    Mrs. James E. Zeigler and little Joel P. Phillips.                      week of Commander and Mrs.
 daughter, Hilary, of Des Moines,      Mrs. Arthur H. Sewell and her        Leonard Dyer.                             The Rollins production stars_ a
 Iowa, are visiting the former's young daughter, will return next              Dr. Helen Vincent McLean of         cast of new student actors. It in-
 mother, Mrs. Clark D. Parsons, week to Glencoe, 111., after visit-         Chicago has been visiting her          cludes Eugene Smith, Jan Olson,
 of Comstock Avenue. Mrs. Ziegler ing several weeks with her par-           mother Mrs. C. A, Vincent and her      Les Boyd, Bob Elman, Valerie
 is the former Barbara D. Parsons ents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold H.              sister Miss Hope Vincent, for a        Stacey, Ray Smith, Paul Ulrich,
 and with her husband, directs the Elliott, of Palmer Avenue. Mr.           week, leaving by plane last Satur-     Chap McDonald, Joe Popeck, Art
 Arthur Murray dance studio in Sewell went North this week-end,             day morning to return to Chicago.      Swacker, Carolyn Alfred, Noel
 Des Moines, the only one in that being called here by the serious             Mrs. Julia Burr, of St. Paul,       French, Ann Garretson and Alice
 state. While a student at Rollins, illness of his father, Mr. J. A.        Minn, and her sister-in-law Miss       Smith.
 Barbara was known for her Sewell, of Aloma Avenue.                         Eleanor Burr, left last Wednesday         Tickets for the production at
                                                                            after a two weeks visit with the       the Annie Russell box office from
                                                                            former's mother and father Mr.         2 to 5 each afternoon,

                        Drastic Reductions On
           EVENING GOWNS-formerly $110 now $65.50
                         Long and Short Sleeves
     342 Park Avenue N.          Phillips Block Winter Park

             CRAIGMYLE, PINNEY & CO.
                  Members New York Stock Exchange
                Members New York Gurb Exchange (Assoc.)                                                                   16 West
                                                                                                                        Central Ave.
     126 E. Morse Blvd.                                 Winter Park
                                                                                                                       ont VXDO
                              Telephone 966
    B. W. Rising, Jr., Mgr.                   James D. Colt, n, Rep,
Page Four                                         WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949

                                                                                                                F.isici Footwear
                                                                                                         Mm- -H'I 95 to $16.95
                                                                                                        WHim us -7.95to $17.95

                  We cordially invite your inspection
                            of the Unusual
                  Formals — Sports and Spectatorwear                                                                                                                DIXON
                    Coats — Millinery — Accessories                                                                                                               < Red Calf
                                                                                                                                                             • Green Calf
            217 Hillcrest Avenue                Phone 2-0950                                                                                                           $9.95
                Orlando, Fla.           Hours: 10 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.                                                                             • Walk Over Tan and White
                                              Closed Saturdays
                                                                                               .VV    ...                                          (Similar style) $14.95
                                                                                                            .     .   f   -   •*   -   !

                                                                                                                                            WALK OVER SHOP

UNIVERSITY CLUB                         organizations in providing a                                                                            Orlando Boot Shop, Inc.
NEW" MEMBERSHIP                         building for a Community Cen-            M M K <»\
    (Continued from Page 1)             ter."                                    CjAkJ±r\ \J                                                     64 N. Orange Ave,
come the outstanding characteris-          "I wish I could join the Club,"       • All White
                                        says the visitor, "but, not having                                                                          ORLANDO
tic of the Club. Twice a week,          a college degree, I suppose I            •All Tan $ 1 3 - 9 5
from the middle of October to the       would not be eligible." "That is         • All White Buck Without Ventilation $14.95
end of April, there is a "pow-          not necessarily true," rejoined his
wow" in mid-afternoon, lasting          informant. "A large majority of
exactly one hour. The nature of it      the members are college or uni-          Abbreviations: Ret., retired;                             Clarence G. Frantz, LL.D. Bald-
I have already suggested as a           versity graduates, but it was         WW, Who's Who; W.P., Winter                                      win-Wallace Col. Press. Apex
give-and-take, a meeting of keen        recognized from the first that the    Park; Orl., Orlando; U., Univer-                                 Elec. Mfg. Co. Cleveland, O.,
minds. This feature has been go-        thoroughness of a person's educa-     sity.                                                            active in industrial assns. and
ing on for more than ten years,         tion is not adequately measured               Admiited Nov. 6, 1948                                    management problems.
with, never a break, never a            by a degree. Every year we have       Harry S. Amer, B.S. Electroc-                                Alexander Harrop, B.S. Prince-
dearth of speakers, never any-          admitted a limited number of                Chem. Engineering, Penn                                    ton, 1913; active here since
flagging of interest. From a hun-       non-degree men and some of them             State, '09; 37 years with                                  1915 in citrus and real estate.
dred to a hundred and fifty men         are among our most active and               Westinghouse Corp. Ret.
are usually present." .                                                                                                                        With Hall Bros., Orlando.
                                        useful members. If a man has the            Home in Winter Park.                                   Gerald P. Herrick, A.B. Princeton,
   "One of the chief purposes of        ability and intellectual interest     William A. Coleman, A.B. Ursi-                                   1895; LL.B. N.Y. Law, 1897;
the club is to serve the com-           which would enable him to enjoy             nus; A.M. Columbia; LL.B.,                                 Active as research engineer,
munity. During the short period         the club's activities' and con-       . ... N, J.. Law;..Ed....,M,,.Rutgers.                           lawyer, "banker,"••Pres."Ctm-
since the building was opened, we       tribute to their value, the lock of         WW in Education. 37 years                                  vertoplane Corp.
have already held a series of pub-      a degree may not prevent his ad-            h.s. teacher in Penn. and N. J.
lic forums for the discussion of        mission."                             Charles B. Colmore, B.A., M.A.,                              Edward R. Hightower. B.S. Phar-
community problem's. Further-              The officers of the University           and D.D. Univ. of the South.                               macy, U. Florida, 1938; Part-
more, we have made the facilities       Club elected for the year 1949-50           WW. 33 years Prot. Epis.                                   ner Rexall Drug Store, Win-
of the club available for meetings      are Bertram D. Scott, who suc-              Bishop in Puerto Rico. Re-                                 ter Park.
of other organizations which have       ceeds Oliver K. Eaton, as Presi-            tired.                                                 Haxold Wellington Jones, M.D.
a. community purpose."                  dent, and William E. Stark, Sec-      William B. Edwards, Jr., studied                                 Harvard; WW. Int. WW. Ac-
   "Additional club activities for      retary, and Henry Schenck,                  at U. Alabama; grad. South-                                tive duty U.S. Army 39 years.
the benefit of others include (1)       Treasurer, who were re-elected.             ern Col. Pharmacy, 1937; ac-                               Medical author and editor for
the Student Aid Fund for assist-        Vice President who also serve as            tive partner Rexall Store,                                 Blakiston Co.
ing young people in their efforts       chairmen of committees are Wil-             Winter Park.                                           George N. Mayhew, B.A. Lynch-
to fit themselves for a life of use-    liam Trufant Foster, program;         Francis H. Emerson, B.S. Archi-                                  burg Col. B.D. Yale; M.A.
fulness, (2) the Committee on           James C. Moore, house, Lewis W.             tecture, U. Florida 1930; stu-                             Vaaderbilt; Ph.D. Chicago.
Educational and Vocational Serv-        Arnold, memorials, Hamilton Gib-            dent London Royal Inst, Brit.                              W.W. Author, Prof, of Reli-
ice to make the knowledge and           son, membership.                            Architects; now active in                                  gions, Vanderbilt U.
experience of our members avail-           The growth of the University             Winter Park.                                           Alexander H. McDannald, LL.B.
able to young people who are            Club is notably indicated by the      Howard S. Evans, B.S. Swarth-                                  1
                                                                                                                                               U. Virginia. W.W. Editor in
planning further education or           large number of new members                 more, 1903; engineering and                                Chief Encyclopedia Ameri-
choosing a vocation, (3) the Com-       who were admitted during the                bus, enterprises iricl. Phila.                             cana, 1919-1948. Encyclo-
mittee on Negro Betterment              season of 1948-49. The complete             Rapid Transit, Penn. Steel                                 pedist. Retired.
which has cooperated with other         list follows:                               Co. U.S. RR. Adm. Retired.                                   (Continued on Page 5)

                  BONMIE JEAM                                                                          GREETINGS
                                   presents                                                                                            to the

        W a r m Weather l a / n i o n /                                               University Club of Winter Park
                Cool Cottons                                                                   For its active part in community betterment
                      White Stag Shorts                                                               and its growth in membership

                             Catalina Bathing Suit?
    118 Greeneda Court                                  Phone 859-M                 NEILL O'BRIEN'S PHARMACY
                                              WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949                                                   Page Five
UNIVERSITY CLUB                         teacher, YMCA, army and
NEW MEMBERSHIP                          bus. Active acct. and tax
       (Continued from Page 4}          consultant.                            ANNOUNCING—That Before a Trip to Spring Market—
Adelbert H. Morrison, B.E.E., E.E., Ralph Huntley, A.B. Oberlin; for-
     M.ED. Tufts; 5 years study-        mer instructor U. Minn. Now                     NONA DUMAS, Designer of Interiors
    Berlin and Paris. Retired           Professor of Physics, Rollins
     after nearly half century as       College.                                        69 E. Park Lake Ave., Orlando, offers
     Head Master Boston Tech. Eugene Maier, Ph.D., Erlangen U,,
    High.                               Germany; since 1926 with                       Decorative Accessories, Pictures, Lamps,
Walter L. Newton, B.S. Syracuse,        Rockefeller Inst, Bellevue
                                        Hosp., Fla. Med. Center.                       and Upholstered Furniture at a Discount.
     1907. Retired in 1944 after        Chemist and bcateriologist;
     24 years Prin. Rome, (N.Y.)        WW.
     High School, and a total of 48 Martin Edwards, M.D., Harvard;
     years high school work.            organizer and former Dean              practised medicine 1933-40;        William H. Duncan, Pre-Med. stu-
William Pitt Putnam, B.S.C.             Harvard Med. School, China.            resumed prac. in Winter Park            dent U. Texas; served World
     Buchtel Col. (U. Akron) 1893:      Prac. preventive medicine,             1946 after 4 years army serv-          War I; grad. Phila. Col. Phar-
     Case Sch.. App. Science.           Boston.                                ice.                                   macy; Sales Mgr. 20 years
     Chemist. Retired from Pres. Duncan T. McEwan, A.B. & M.D.             Samuel E. Kingman, architect li-           Ciba Pharmaceutical,Co. Ret.
     Detroit Testing Lab. Retired.       Cornell; WW in Medicine;              censed by U. State N.Y.; 33        Philip P. Edwards, A. B. Oberlin
A. George Sar-Louis, A.B., M.D.          author medi. articles; attend-        years with N.Y. Bd. Educa-              1914; banking & mfg. Ret. as
     Western Reserve; M.S.U.            ing surgeo i Orange Memorial           tion, Ret. as Dept. Supt.              Treas. Ingersoll Milling Ma-
     Penn. Practiced medicine in        Hospital. .                            School Bldgs. N.Y.                     chine Co., Rockford, 111.
     Cleveland, Ohio, until 1948. Ainslie B. Minor, A.B., Marietta         William M. McKillop, assoc. for 33     Frederick W. Heyl, Ph.B, & Ph.D.
J. A. Stewart, B.A. West Point,         Col. A.M. & Ph.D. Princeton;           years in executive positions           Yale; D.Sc. Kalamazoo Col.
     1917. Army colonel retired          Phi Beta K. asst. prof. Span-         with H. J. Heinz Co. Pitts-            Prof, Chemistry U. Wyoming;
     after 34 years service. Asst.       ish, Rollins College.                 burgh; Ret. built home W.P.            Ret. as Research Dir. Upjohn
     Commandant U.S. Military William Dayton Phillips, grad.               Everitt A. Sherwood, A.B. Yale              Co,
     Academy. Active service in          Adelphi Acad., Phila.; with           '06; 40 years with Harris          Arthur B. Markus, grad. Quincy
     both world wars.                   Marine Ins. Co. No. America            Trust & Savings Bank Chi-              Col. accounting and engineer-
Frank P. Temple, B.S. in Bus.           47 yrs. ret. as claims mgr. N.Y.       cago; Ret. Phi, Beta K.                ing; 32 years an executive H.
     Admn. Va. Poly., 1930. Sales Perry Daniel Slrausbaugh, B.S.,          C. E. Stewart, 22 years with Dept.         A. Brassert & Co., Consulting
     Engineer Western Electric           Wooster; Ph.D. Chicago U.;            Justice, Washington, as adm,           Engineers.
     Co. Entered the Army Air           Phi Beta K. author textbooks           ast. to Attorneys Gen. Ret. as     Charles M. Meister, B. Litt.
     Forces as lieutenant and re-        biology; Prof. Botany, U. W.                                                 Columbia 1924; newspaper re-
     tired in 1947 as Colonel.           Va.                                   Clerk U.S. Dist. Court, D.C.
Robert Owen Thomas, B.A. Mac- Alvin W. Schoenleber, M.D., U.               Hope Strong, lawyer, admitted              porting in U.S. and abroad;
     alester College; B.D. McCor-        111. U.S. Army Col. Med. Dir.          1918; former City Atty. and           now with Orlando Daily
     mick Seminary, D.D. Park            Standard Oil N.J. for med.            in active practice in Winter           Newspapers.
     College. Clergyman. Pastor          & sanitary service in tropics.        Park.                              George V. Miller, Butler U. LL.B.
     ates in Chicago, Lansing, Frank F. Sutton, B.A. Colgate,              Frederic Allen Whiting; M.A.               Indiana U. active career in
     Mich., Dodge City, Kansas.         teacher, ret. 1947 as Treas. of        Kenyon; D.F.A. Lawrence;               building materials industry;
     Retired.                           Houghton, Mifflin Co.                  Dir. Cleveland Museum of               resident Orlando since 1934;
John G. Trudinger, B.S. Bradford Benjamin F. Welton, B.S. Dart-                Art; 1913-30; Pres. Amer.               Moderator of Eola Park
     Technical College (England).       mouth; Civ. Eng. Comm.                 Federation of Arts, 1930-36;            Forum.
     Civil Engineer. Forty years        Accts. N.Y.C. 12 years, Mgr,           Ret,                               Walter D. Randall, U. Cincinnati,
    with General Electric Co. Re-       International Salt Co. 1930-45.      Admitted December 18, 1948                '99; retired as V. Pres. and
     tired.                            Admitted December 4, 1948                                                       Mgr. of Champion Paper and
Ralph Waldo Wager, A.B. Emory Frank M. Carpenter, M.D. U. Buf.             James D,, Colt, Jr., Studied at Yale        Fibre Co., Hamilton, O., after
     University; M.S., M.D. Medi-       falo; Postgraduate and Johns            and Cambridge, Eng. 14 years           30 years bus. activity. Many
     cal Co. S. Carolina; Ph.D.         Hopkins; Med. Corps World               in banking in N.Y, and Pitts-          years ago became owner of
     Illinois. Professor of chem-       War I; Ret. from prac.                 field, Mass. Now representa-            the large estate known as
     istry, Rollins College.            Rochester, N.Y.                         tive of Craigmyle, Pinney              "The Ripples."
                                    Edward W. Cobb, M.D. Hahne-                 Co,, W.P.                               (Continued on Page 6)
   Admitted November 20, 1948           mann Med. Col. Chicago 1914;
Frank O. Builer, Harvard, '03;          prac. 33 years and taught at
    bus. career with Butler Bros.       Hahnemann, Chicago.
     as buyer and mdse. mgr.; re- Russell L. Fuller, Colgate U, Rol-
    tired as mdse. mgr. in Chi-         lins, B.A. 1929; printing, pub.          Supplying Winter Park's Needs
    cago.                               bus. in W.P, Propr. multi-copy
Erschell C. Constans, specialist in     service.
    acctg. & bus. administration; Roscoe Graham, A.B., Wooster;                      In Homes and Offices
    long associated with A.T.&T.        B.D., Princeton; Congrega-
    auditing staff. Ret.                tional Minister; ret. after 24         For Winter Park's multifold activities we are supplying
Thomas R. Crocker, A.B. Wake            yrs. Plymouth Ch, Milwaukee,
    Forest Col. gaye up teaching Eugene E. Hagan, Lt. Col. U.S.                    an ever increasing variety of business equipment.
    for tobacco industry. Ret,          Army; ret. 1938 after 31 years             The demands of literary, philanthropic and finan-
    .1937 as sales mgr. Liggett &       service; recalled to act. duty
    Myers.                              1940. ret. 1945.                           cial responsibilities, which are often carried on in
E. Byron Gay, LL.B., U. Kansas Walter B. Johnston, B.S. Rollins;                   homes, bring us a constant call for machines,
    City; varied experience as          M.D, Western Reserve U.,
                                                                                   materials and service.

                                                                               GEORGE STUART, Inc., is one of the largest business
                                                                                   equipment supply houses in the South and fills
                                                                                   requisitions without delays. Among the National
                        Congratulations                                            Brands stocked are:
                                                                                Underwood Typewriters           Shaw-Walker Filing Cabinets
                               to the                                           Sundstrand Adding Machines      Acme Visible Records
                                                                                Elliott- Fisher Accounting      Marchant Calculating Machines
                                                                                    Machines                    Elliott Addressing Machines
                   UNIVERSITY CLUB                                                                  GEneral Electric Fans

                    for its progress and growth
                                                                                             FOR PROMPT SERVICE CALL
                        RAY GREENE
                                                                               George Stuart9 Inc.
                                                                                         13 S. Main Street, Orlando, Tel. 8158
Page Six-;                                            WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949
                                                                                       , nois 1903; chemical engnr. 30       research chemist with Du-
                                                                                .-••. - years in mf g. bus., later news-     Pont Co., War Production
                                                                                         paper publisher; ret. 1948          Board, Plant Supt. Vacuum
                        FINE DIAMONDS                                                    from bus. to W.P.                   Foods Corp., Plymouth, Fla.
                                                                                 James F. Moriarty, grad. The Arthur T. Dear, Jr., studied at
                                                                                         Citadel, military college of        Princeton; A.B. Rollins, 1936;
                                                                                         S.C. 1917; 30 year service in       active in bus. and civic circles
                                                                                         U.S. Marine Corps, ret. as          in W.P.
                       GROVER MORGAN                                                     Brig. Gen. Now active in Charles R. Dixon, B.S. in Educa-
                                                                                         real estate bus.                    tion, N.Y. Univ., 1910; princi-
                   BANK CORNER - WINTER PARK
                                                                                 William Foster Rice, B.L. Dart-            pal of schools in Bergen Co.,
                                                                                         mouth 1895; Phi Beta K.,            N.J., 40 years. Ret. 1939, as
                                                                                         teacher for 47 years in high       supervising prin. Ridgefield,
UNIVERSITY CLUB                              Mill Co., steel broker in Phila.            schools in Mass., prominent in     N.J.,
NEW MEMBERSHIP                               ret. to live in W.P.                         Congregational Church cir- George B. Ryland, Ph.G. Phila.
    (Contnnued from Page 5)             Kenneth E. Wacker, U. Michigan,                  cles.                               Col. Pharm, propr. chain drug
Benjamin W. Rising, U. Minne-                '33; Navy in World War II;          Morris A. Skop, A.B. Ohio State             stores Pittsburgh many years;
     sota; securities bus. in N.Y.,          now active in insurance bus.                U., Jewish Inst. of Religion;       Ret.
     4 years in Army ret. with               Winter Park.                                grad. study at Harvard; Rabbi Frank D. Drake, bus. career with
     rank of Major; now with            Alva S. Wilson, Dartmouth; audi-                 of Jewish congregation in Or-      Gen. Electric, also 20 years
     Craigmyle, Pinney Co., Win-             tor Warm Springs Fdtn. ac-                  lando.                             rep. Standard Oil in China.
     ter Park office.                        tive in bus. in Atlanta and         Mano W. Stukey, Kansas born,               Ret. 1948.
Wade A. Sanders, B.S. Clemson                Orlando.                                    B.S. U. of Kansas, 1939; teach- George W. Johnson, B.S. Haver-
     Col. '06; engineering and con-                                                      er and coach in high schools       ford; LL.B. Harvard; attorney
     struction field with N.Y. Cen-        Admitted January 15, 1949                     and U. Kansas, in active bus.      prac. in Orlando and active in
     tral and Penn. RRs. Stone &        George W. Benton, A.B. Wabash                    as tax consultant in W.P.          community affairs.
    Webster, Fla, Road Dept. head            1884; M.A. '87; teaching and        Ernest B. Tomlinson, studied at Arthur G. Kingman, Rensselaer
     of Sanders Construction and             school administration; 20                  U. Wisconsin, investment            Poly. Inst. and U. Vermont;
     Sales Co., Inc.                         years editor for Amer. Book                banking, ret. as V. Pres. Na-       elec. engineering; 20 years
Alexander C. Stevens, Cornell '07,           Co. Ret.                                   tional Biscuit Co. in 1946.         with Bell. Tel. System as pat-
     M.E., with General Electric,       Charles H. Breed, A.B and A.M.          Walter G. Whitman, A.B. Tufts               ent atty.
     ret. as manager of educational          Princeton; Ed D. Lafayette;                 Col. 1898; A. M. Columbia Morris S. Lazaron, A.B. U. Cin-
    service. Amer. Inst, Elec.               47 years in prep, school work;              1907; teacher of science in        cinnati; A.M. U. Cincinnati.
    Engineers.                               24 years at Lawrenceville;                 high schools and Nanking U,,        L.H.D. Rutgers; WW, also
William J. Taylor, U. Fla. Reg.              ret. as Headmaster Blair Aca-              science editor for Amer. Book       English WW; active in inter-
    Pharmacist now in Winter                 demy.                                      Co. Ret.                            faith work and United Na-
    Park; former City Commis-           Morton Drew Carrel active in                   Admitted January 29, 1949            tions Assn., Rabbi Emeritus,
    sioner, active in bus. and civic        Latin-American field since                                                      Baltimore; now lecturing at
    life.                                    1899 in govt. and bus. fields.     William Waite Beardsley, A.B.               Rollins.
                                            From 1941 to 1948 with Office               Harvard, 1909; author, edi- A. F. Perrin, Mechanics Inst.
   Admitted January 1, 1949                 of Inter-American Affairs.                  torial director; formerly with      Rochester, N.Y., owner ond
William L'Engle Barnelt, B.S.           William J. Cotter, B.S. Holy Cross              Encyclopedia      Brit.,    also    pub. since 1931 of "Better
    Princeton, 1913; studied For-           1940, economics; entered                    Crowell-Collier Co.                 Roads Magazine," Chicago,
    estry at Yale; joint author             Army as private, 1941, mus-         Henry Cragg, B.S. Chicago, 1933;                (Continued on Page 7)
    "Common Forest Trees of                 tered out as Major. Manager
    Florida." Citrus grower.                Virginia Inn.
Guy B. Hartley, W. Virginia U.,         David S. Fisk, LL.B. Union U.
    engineering work in W. Va.              1907; practiced law Hudson
    and Fla., now active as con-            Falls, N.Y., since 1924 served
    sulting engnr. in Orlando.              as U.S. Commissioner.
Guy N. Hitchcock, identified with      Harvey M. Kelsey, Columbia 1920;
   banking in St. Louis for over            engaged in banking and auto
    50 years, ret. as Exec. V. Pres.        bus. Pittsfield, Mass., winter                           We extend our hearty
   Commercial Bank 1939.                   resident, W.P.
Mark Rudich, LL.B, Cornell 1906;
   law practice and City Magi-
                                       Ralph P. Lovelock, studied archi-
                                           tecture N.Y. U., served in U.S.
   strate in N.Y. Now in bus.              Engineer Corps during war.                                             to the
   The Greeting Shop, Orlando,             Now associated with Jas.
William S. Stephenson, former
   sales mgr. for Amer, Rolling
                                           Gamble Rogers, W. P.
                                       John Albert McFarland, U. Illi-
                                                                                                     UNIVERSITY CLUB
                                                                                          as a progressive community organization of
             INTERLACHEN DINING ROOM                                                             which the City of Winter Park
    Regular Dinners $1.20                          Sunday Dinner $1.65                                 may well be proud
            Sunday Buffet Supper Served from 6:00 to 7:00 $.90
             Luncheon Parties and Afternoon Teas by Appointment
                      Mrs. H. L. Morse, Proprietor
    350 Inierlachen Ave. S.                                   Phone 4SZ

                                                                                    This office has an exceptionally good buy in a new one-story
   "THE FLEUR-DE-LYS" Antiques and Objets d'Art
            Wedgwood, Worcester, Sevres, Meissen                                    house in a fine location, 3 bedrooms, 2 tile baths, living
            Figurines of Distinction
            Enamels For The Advanced Collector                                      room, dining room, den, kitchen, 2-car garage, laundry,
   Casselberry Route 17 & 92                              Pauline F. and
   Telephone Winter Park 2-2741                           Samuel Gerson             central heating plant, large lot; hollow concrete tile con-
                                                                                    struction, tile roof, strictly modem throughout; price has
                               The Finest In                                        just been reduced $4,000 for immediate acceptance only.
   MATTRESSES            BOX SPRINGS           HOLLYWOOD BEDS                       If interested communicate with
                         Direct from Factory to You
               Renovating and Rebuilding a Specialty

                  ECHOLS BEDDING CO.                                                 THE WINTER PARK LAND COMPANY
       Winter Park                                     Orlando                                                  Realtors
   1111 N. Orlando Ave.                            22 S. Main Street                128 Park Ave. S.                                  Telephone 655
        Phone 718                                   Phone 2-4146                                           Winter Park, Fla.
                 "Serving Central Florida Since 1920"
                                                  WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949                                                   Page Seven
•UNIVERSITY CLUB                            Wars; associated with N.Y.
NEW MEMBERSHIP                              banking houses as industrial
       (Continued from Page 6)              and financial consultant.
 John Tiedlke, A.B. Dartmouth;
     M.C.S. Tuck School of Bus,
                                       Elbert K. Fretwell, Ph.D. Colum-             Annual Clearance Sale
                                            bia; 25 years' a professor at
     pub. acct. and investment              Columbia; WW; now Chief
     mgr., now Treasurer Rollins
   Admitted February 12, 1949
                                            Scout of Boy Scouts of Amer.
                                       Gilman B. Joslin, B.S. Mass. Inst.
                                            Tech., fire protection engi-
                                                                                  The Gown Shop
                                            neering,     associated   with       Corner Shop, Phillips Bldg,
Linton M. Allen, B.S. U. Georgia,           Canada Insurance        Under-
     1909; Pres. 1st Natl. Bank, Or-                                             Winter Park                                    BERGLIOT REIDY
     lando; Director Atlantic Coast         writers Assn.
     Line, active in bus. and civic    William A. McKee, B.A. American
     affairs.                               U. 1927; .14 years as Chaplain
Darwin Spencer Berger, manufac-             in Army; ret. as Lieut. Col.          in real estate and community      Bert E. Ropei, B.A. Emory U.;
     turer of New Haven, Conn.,             now asst. probation officer,          activities.                           M.S. U. Pittsburgh; Phia
     where he has been actively             Orange Co.                       Robert R. Johnson, Minot State             Beta K.; radio-radar tech-
     identified with community         Bolivar V. Meade, B.S. U.S. Naval         Teachers Col. N.D., since 1928         nician in Navy 1944; citrus
    projects and business enter-           Acad. 1910; grad, study at            associated with Florida Power          research ; work.
     prises.                                Stanford; served in Navy in          Corp., now District Mgr. at        William R. Hosenfeli, Tiffin Univ.,
Phillip M. Bichard, B.A. State U.           both wars; ret. 1945 with rank        W.P. Active in civic and              Patent Office, Wash. D. C ,
     of Iowa; M.D. Louisiana State          of Captain.                          community projects.                    connected with Florida Bank
    U., prac, ophthalmology in         Fred J. Seaver, B. S. Morningside     Hugh Lasseler, A.B. Emory U.               of W.P. since 1923 and now
     Orlando.                               Col. M. S. and Ph.D. Univ.           1940; Army Air Service 1940-           its President.
Blair Boyd, studied at Cornell;            Iowa; WW., associated with            45, as major and squadron                 (Continued on Page 10)
    bus. career with C. S. Bell            N.Y. Botanical Garden 40              commander. Citrus grower
    Mfg. Co., also Pres. of grocery        years, ret. as head curator.          and cattleman.
    bus. and a Texas ranch.            Nat M. Turnbull, LL.B. and LL.M.      Thomas G. McCune, bus. career
                                           Natl. Univ.; LL.B. Univ. Flor-        with H. J. Heinz Co. 40 years;               Edgar N. Smart
Taliesin O. Evans, B.S. Ohio State         ida; asst. to Senator C. 0 .          ret. as Treas. and Director.                Mary Louise Smart
    U., mfg. by-products coal and          Andrews; Internal Rev, Serv.          Ret. to Winter Park as his
    pigiron with DuPont in distil-         now prac. attorney in Or-             home.
    lation of coal.' Ret. 1945.            lando.                                                                           The Smarts
Robert M. Falkenau, M.E. Cornell,      William H. Walker, M.D. Harvard,      Neil O'Brien, Jr., graduate South
    1935; served in both World             1903; devoted 41 years to psy-        Georgia Teachers Col. Reg.                 ANTIQUES
                                           chiatry; senior physician at          Pharmacist and proprietor
                                           Fairfield State Hosp., New-           O'Brien's Pharmacy, W.P.;              Furniture, Glass, China
                                           town, Conn. Fellow of Amer.           active in community projects.
                                           Med. Assn. and Amer Psy-          Arthur T. O'Neal, B.S. Univ.                  Winter Park 2-2074
         Best Wishes                       chiatric Assn.                        Washington; bus. career in                U. S. Highway 17-92
                                       Frank H. Webster, Jr., bus. career        lumbering, road construction,             MAITLAND, FLORIDA
             to the .                      in motor transport and mfg.           Packard Motor Co., now in
                                           Ret, as Pres. Webster Prod-           real estate, Orlando.
                                           ucts Co.
      University Club                     Admitted February 26, 1949
                                       Henry Evelyn Bliss, College of                           We extend our hearty congratulations
       for its program of                  the City of N.Y. where he was
                                           assoc. librarian for 48 years;                                     to the
                                           author; W.W.                                  UNIVERSITY CLUB OF WINTEB PARK
      Civic Activities and
                                       Wilson F. Cellar, Otterbein Univ.
    Growth in Membership                   1900-02; active career in lum-                     on the growth of its membership and the
                                           ber bus, in Central Ohio; win-                       expansion of its community activities
                                           ter resident W.P.
                                       Carl H. Elliott, A.B. and A.M.
                                           Wooster Col.; D.D. Alma Col.
                                           Presbyterian minister with                          FRED L. HALL-Realtor
                                           pastorates in Kansas, Michi-                         Established in Winter Park since 1917
                                          .gan, Ohio, N.Y, and Panama
  THE                                      Canal Zone. W.W.                        Mr. Hall was the original developer of Oscoola Court, find Sylvan
                                       Daniel W. Fagley, Univ. Penn. 39          Lake Shores, also the F. L. Hall Subdivision which extended from
                                           years with N.Y., Ontario &            Batchelor Place to the Cannl. All of these developments were
       QUALITY MtftCHAHPHE                 Western as Asst, and Division         carried out before the Florida boom of 1925,
                                           Engnr. Ret. 1945.
      Winter Park's Own                FredTL. Hall, engaged in business                  150 Park Ave., S.                       Tel. 342
                                           20 years in Oberlin, O., organ-
      Department Store                     izer and Pres. Pittsfield Gas         Associates: Gertrude Royal, J. D, Rumbaugh, Christine Baldwin,
                                           Co., came to Winter Park in                  Roger Brindle, Carolyn Holz
                                           1917 where he has been active

      BARNEY LINENS                                                              Want a NEW House?
                                                                                 You can save all the headaches
                          IMPORTERS                                                and time that goes with build-
                                                                                   ing by purchasing this new
                     312 and 314 N. Park Ave.                                      charming bungalow—
                        Winter Park, Florida                                                          3 BEDROOMS, 2 BATHS, located near Rollins,
                                                                                                      surrounded by 3 lakes, high elevation. This
          Going Out of Business                                                                       house was built by M, L. Noyes, one of our
                                                                                                      most reliable builders. The owner has reduced
                                                                                                      the price to cost. Exclusively listed with

                     We Will Be Closing Soon                                                   FRED L. HALL, Realtor
                    REDUCTIONS UP TO 50%
                 Buy your Christmas Gifts now and save                           150 Park Ave., S.                                Tel. 342 and 1S2
              You are welcome to come in and look around
 Page Eight                                                              WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949

      For distinction in                                                                                                        D'AGOSTINO'S
      Men's wearing apparel visit

                THE TOGGERY
                                                 MEN'S WEAR
               Last shop on S. Park adjacent to Rollins Campus
                                                                                                        VILLA NOVA
                                                                                                                     FAMOUS ITALIAN CUISINE
 SQUARE DANCES NOVEL                                       DR. GUTHE TO SPEAK                           FINE HOME COOKING-SPECIALIZING IN
 FIESTA FEATURE                                                     (Continued from Page 1)
      (Continued from Page 1)                              sity Museum, at the University of         SPAGHETTI DINNERS-CHICKEN A LA CACCIATORA
  ous adaptation of Southern                               Michigan and is now director of                      STEAKS AND SEA FOOD
  dances. The Rollins group, known                         the New York Museum. He has
  as the "Mountain Dancers" is led                         participated in expeditions to New                A New and Daringly Different Sort of Restaurant—
  by Bob Smathers and Neal Jus-                            Mexico, Latin America, and the
  tice, with their ladies Rosalind                         Philippines and was formerly              If you Crave Fine Italian Foods, This Is the Spot You Won't Forget
  Swift and Jackie Bullock. Bob                            chairman of the Division of An-
  says these are original Smokey                           thropology and Psychology of the             Our Burgundy Room Can Be Reserved for Parties!
  Mountain dances; "Georgia Hang-                          National Research Council. Dr.
  Tang," "Wagon Wheel," "Grape-                            Guthe's subject on April 10 will                      NOW Open on Monday—Closed on Tuesday
  vine Twist," and "Birdie in the                          be "The Florida Indian and His                      Our Specialty—"Spaghetti a la Marimaro"
  Cage." The music for square                              Neighbors," and will constitute
  dances will be played by the fam-                        the findings of a group of notable        839 N. Orlando Avenue, Rte. 17-92           Winter Park Phone 834-J
  ous Renfro Valley Folks of Ken-                          anthropologists who will hold a
  tucky. The unitiated need not                            conference at Rollins preceding
  hesitate to join the fun. There                          the Pan American Dinner.              especially in its middle range is        be found at the Bookenj, Chocolate
  will be an experienced caller to                           Dr. Guthe is a personal friend      lonely; she has her evil moments         Shop and Sandspur Bookshop. Price
  guide them through their first                           of Mr. I. T. Frary and while he       of forcing high tones and also
  dance. Everyone who likes coun-                                                                                                         3Sc.
  try dancing wants everyone else                          and Mrs. Guthe are in Winter          gustily indulging in "chest tones"
  to like it, too. "Lone Wolves" and                       Park they will be his house guests.   although mezzos are not supposed
  unescorted ladies need have no                             Reservations for the dinner may     to. Her manner is one of her best             BOOK THROUGH THE
  fear. "The Grand March" or the                           be made through Mr. Frary or          assets, unaffected, fully bound up
  "Paul Jones" are wonderful                               through the Inter-American Cen-       in her song, a mistress of legato                 Orlando
                                                           ter of the College.                   and expressive diction; she never-
  mixers, and you'll find you will
  end up with a new partner every                             Other events arranged in ob-       theless felt it proper to overdo               Travel Service
  time. Clear the floor! Tune up                           servance of Pan American Week         Carmen's "Habanera" and make                      It Costs No More!
  the fiddle! and away we'll go 'til                       are four programs of motion pic-      it more vulgar than alluring. All
  the clock strikes midnight! $1.75                        tures relating to archaeology to      in all it might be said that Miss                   See us for
  covers the price of a reserved sec-                      be shown at the University Club       Merriman has not fully found the              AIR, STEAMSHIP AND
  tion ticket to the farewell per-                         on the evenings of April 11, 12,      ideal technical mastery for the                   BUS TICKETS
  formance of the Renfro Valley                            13 and 14.                            wonderful vocal resources that
  Folks' show and entrance either                                                                are hers.                                    Tour & Cruise Service
  as a square dancer or spectator at                       NAN MERRIMAN WINS
                                                           ORLANDO AUDIENCE                      CHILDREN'S ART WORK                        CECILE M. BROWN, Manager
  the Rollins Student Centre—so
  hurry—and do your part by hav-                              Revealing one of the finest        AT MORSE GALLERY                             Telephone Orlando 8393
  ing fun at the Annual Rollins                            natural voices Orlando has heard         Latest public exhibit at the                 118 East Central
  Fiesta on Saturday night.                                Nan Merriman, mezzo soprano,          Morse Gallery of Art, Rollins Col-
                                                           gave great pleasure to a sizable      lege, features art work done by
     Madame Colette van Boecop                             audience at the Municipal Audi-       children of the Orange County
  who has told the fortunes of many                        torium on Monday evening in the       Schools, grades six to 12, and is             THE TOWNE SHOP
  famous people in Europe, will be                         Peggy Fairchild Series. Miss          sponsored by the Junior Bed                    Children's Specialty and
  on hand in the tea garden of the                         Merriman besides being a joy to       Cross of America. The display,                         Lingerie
  Casa Iberia all day Saturday to                          look at has at her command the        which opens today, 2 to 5 P.M. has
  read fortunes either by palm,                            full, deep-toned quality that re-     an international note, for selec-              Mrs. George B. Cornell
  cards, or graphology according to                        news one's faith in singing as one    tions from the group will be sent               260 Park Avenue North
. the customer's wishes. Mitie. van                        of the great arts. We hear so         to schools in France, Sweden,             Phone 658      Winter Park, Via.
 Boecop includes the Duke of Kent,                         many singers who know their           Czechoslovakia and Venezuela.
  Mussolini, Balbo, King Alexander,                        music and even a high degree of       The pictures will be chosen be-
  and President Querille among                             musicianship but fail to make it      cause they reflect some aspect of
  those whose future she has told.                         beautiful. Miss Merriman's voice      American life and are of a quality             TAX SERVICE
                                                                                                 commensurate with standards of
                                                                                                 production for a pupil at a given                     Stukey
                                                                                                 grade level.
                WINTERLAND CLEANERS                                                                                                         Bookkeeping and Tax Service
     CLEANING - PRESSING - ALTERATIONS - MOTH PROOFING                                             A limited supply of "ON BEING            137 E, New England    Phone 159
                     Be Thrifty — Save — Cash and Carry                                          MARRIED," the refreshing essay writ-
                                                                                                 ten and delivered by Dr. Widmer
     1021 Orange Ave., Winter Park                                               Phone 67$-J     Doremtis at the University Club, is to
                                                                                                                                            Don't Miss Florida's Beauty Spot
                                                                                                                                                Sanlando Springs
                                                                                                               For Your                              Tropical Park
                                                                                                                                             Mid-way Betweon Winter Park and
           To Serve Your Printing Requirements                                                        EASTER CARDS                              Sanford on Highway 17-92
                                                                                                                                                 Scenic Boat Trips
                                                                                                    The Sandspur Bookshop                    Beautiful Azaleas Now in BJoom
        Mr, Harold Weidner, for many years connected with the                                          Opposite Colony Theatre             Dining Room     Out-door Dancing
     Orange Press in Winter Park, is now associated with
                                                 ROBINSONS                                              NEILL O'BRIEN'S                     R A P P E T T
                                                  with offices at                                        PHARMACY                                And his Spaghetti
                         2808 Orange Avenue, Orlando                                                  Opposite Colony Theatre

                                                 Telephone 2-1668                                       Prescriptions — Drugs
                                                                                                          Fountain Service
                     •   '   "   '   !   •   •

       Mr, Weidner's Icing experience in the preparation and handling of
                                                                                                                                             Georgia M. Eidson
     printing orders are at the service of those who demand quality                                       WE DELIVER                                   Realtor
     printing at moderate prices.                                                                          Telephone 402                    Phone 1115     238 Park Ave. S.
                                                  WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949                                                  Page Nine

                                                 TEA ROOM                                   For WESTINGHOUSE Sales & Service
                                                   334 Park Ave.                   Phone WALTER WILCOX, Inc. 2-3751 Orlando
                                                 WINTER PARK
                                                    Phone 555                         61 E. Robinson Ave., Orlando, opp. Post Office
      Luncheon 12:30-2:30; Tea 3-5 Daily; Closed Sunday                                       Everything Electric for the Home.
             Catering for teas, luncheons, cocktail parties                            The LAUNDROMAT Automatic Washer Is Exclusive
                                                                                                     With Westinghouse.
                                   daughter was christened last Sun-
 SOCIAL NOTES                      day afternoon at the 5 o'clock
                                   Vesper Services at the Chapel of hoping to settle here. Mrs. Den-              Extra copies of this issue of Winter
                                   The Good Shepard (Episcopal) in ton's father Mr. W. J. Peabody Park Topics containing roster of new
   A large and enthusiastic gath- Maitland, Rev. James Duncan of and his son John Peabody and members of the University Club may
ering of members and friends en- All Saints, Winter Park, offici- the daughter Mrs. Tyler Mon- be had at the newsstands or from the
joyed the hospitality of the Wom- ating. She was christened Carol tague are all from Atlanta, Ga.              publisher, P. O. Box 84S, Winter Path
an's Club last Friday evening, June.                                   Arthur Hutchins and Jim
when the ladies gave their An-                         who has lived
nual Dinner for the University at Mrs. C. W. Stott, Apartment on Hardee the performancestoday to
                                       the Cardwell
                                                                               flew to Boston
Club. The clubhouse was filled Essex Road, for most of the win- attend                               of the
                                                                                                                          Earle H. Shannon
to capacity, and after a fine din- ter, left Monday for St. Paul, Metropolitan Opera Company
                                                                     who are on tour in Boston. They
ner a program was presented                                                                                                  PHONE 1117
                                            Mrs. Stott is the mother
which included musical numbers Minn. Theodore .H. Darrah. Mrs. hope to hear, "Tristan and Isolde,"
                                   of Mrs.                                                                              133 E. Morse Blvd.
by Jean Chadwick, readings by James Harrison and daughter, and will of Seville" and "Mignon,"
                                                                                fly back Sunday in time
Marcelle Hammond, and con-Miss Harriet Harrison, of Lake- for the opening of college Mon-                                   Real Estate Sales
cluded with the unveiling of the ville, were at the Hamilton Hotel day morning.                                       and Property Management
figurine of Dr. Kathryn Abbey over the week-end and visited
Hanna which is the entry of the Dean and Mrs. Darrah, also Mr,         Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D, Tris-
Woman's Club at the General John Fullerton, of Somersworth, men, and Mr. William R. Cisney,
Federation next month in Holly- N. H., who came over from St. brother of Mrs. Trismen, have re-
wood, Fla.                         Petersburg for a short visit.
                                                                     turned from a trip covering a good                      NANCY'S
                                                                     part of the state, and including
   His Excellency, Dr. Rafael         Earl Wade Hubbard, a senior at visits to relatives and friends in          Park Avenue Beauty Shoppe
Heliodoro Valle, Ambassador Amherst and member of Chi Psi, Coral Gables, Cocoanut Grove and                                    Phone 1127
from the Republic of Honduras to and his classmate and fraternity Sarasota. Mr. Cisney and his
the United States, who will act brother Thomas Goodnow, of mother, Mrs. Alfred J. Cisney,                                 532 Park Avenue, S.
as toastmaster at the annual Pan Norfolk, Conn., are spending the have been spending the latter
American Dinner on April 10 at Spring vacation with Mr. Hub- part of the winter in the guest
the University Club, will be the bard's parents, Mr. and Mrs.cottage on the Trismen estate,,
houseguest of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Percy Hubbard of Chelton Circle.                                                  IIuvo your Upholstery Si Rues
Hanna. Dr. Valle will be accom-       Dr. Christopher O. Honaas, di-
panied by Mrs. Valle, a distin- rector of the Rollins College Con-                                                    DTJRACLEANED
guished Peruvian. The Valles are servatory, is spending the week            Jas. Gamble Rogers II
long time friends of the Hannas in New York City where he is in              Architects -:- Engineers               Durnclcanlngr rovlvcs colors.
with whom they have been close- consultation with Dr. Serge Kous-                                                    ISnllvons pile- Gleans safely
                                                                               Building Consultants                 without hazards at live Btoiiin
ly associated in various move- sevitzky. Dr. Honaas, was re-               POST OFFICE BUDDING                             TTso again sawn <ln,y
ments in-Latin-America;            cEntlyselectecl to" serve on the           WINTER PARK, FLA.                        Orlando Dutacleaners
   Mr, and Mrs. C. Burton Cran- faculty of the Summer session of                                                   •316 STivnklin St. P h o n e 8-WSS
dell left this week for Oak Park, the Berkshire Music Centre by
111., after spending the season at Dr. Koussevitzky.
the Mowbray apartment on Chase        Friends of Mrs. Melvil Dewey
                                                                          FRANCIS H. EMERSON, A.I.A,
Avenue. Mr, and Mrs. E. A, and Mrs. Frank Daley will be
Sherwood, also of Oak Park, re- glad to know they are returning              ARCHITECTURAL                          TAYLOR'S PHARMACY
turned north yesterday after to Winter Park about the 9th of
spending the winter at the Grimes  April, after a winter spent in                   SERVICE                        "The drug store on the corner"
apartment on Lyman Avenue.         Tuczon, Arizona and California.      114-B Pnrk Ave. S.-Greened» Ct.
   Guests at the Herbert L. Clarks    Mrs. G. Frederick Lazarus of           Winter Pnrk, Fla.-Ph. 284                      W. J. Taylor, R.Ph.
on Osceola Avenue who have de- Lakeview Drive has her son and                                                              102 N, PARK AVE,
parted for their homes include his wife, Mr, and Mrs. Wm. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Loomis Burrell, of Lazarus and their two children,
Little Falls, N. Y,; Mrs, Mitchell Susan three, and Martin nine                        ELY                           Reliable Prescription Service
Follansbee, Brunswick, N. J.; months old, visiting her for a
Miss Agnes Lodwick, of Ferguson'   month. Mr. Lazarus is moving           INSURANCE AGENCY                            Newspapers and periodicals
Mo. Mr. Clark will leave shortly with his family to Trenton, N. J.,           Dependable Companies
to drive his father, Mr. Alfred W where he has transferred his busi-                                             Free Delivery              Phone 603
Clark to Gordonsville, Va., where ness interests.                              108 PARK AVE. N.
he will remain for some time with     Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Moore of                   Phone 687
a daughter.                        New York City who have been
                                             Mr. and
   The Clarence Cubbedge's little visiting of French Mrs. George
                                   Cooper               Avenue, left
                                   Monday to return North.                            Winter Park Insurance Agency
                                      Mrs. T. S., Denton has her                                GENERAL INSURANCE
                                   brother and sister and"*father
                                   visiting for a few weeks. They          Fire, Automobile, Personal Liability, Burglary. Special policies to fit
    UNIVERSAL                      have rented Dr. Harvey Shats-           individual needs. Consult our agency for your insurance problems.
                                   well's house for the summer and         128 Park Ave. S.                                        Telephone 655
       CLEANERS                     are looking about for a home
    The Pioneer Cleaners of                    CLOSET SHOP                                       RUSSELL L. FULLER
           Winter Park                       602 North Orange Ave.
                                          Specializing in Ensembles and                               MULTI-COPY SERVICE
                                          A c c e s s o r i e s for Bedroom,
                                          Kitchen and Bath; Space Savers                    Mimeographing — Multigraphing — Addressing
     F. A. IIASENKAMF, Prop.                   for Crowded Quarters.
                                                   Phone 2-1203                         1434 Sunset Drive                  Telephone 253-W
          121 W. Park Ave.
             Phone 197
                                          GATEWAY EXCHANGE                              RAY GREENE                    WILLIAM H. WINDOM
       A Particular Place for                      O. H. Schlick                           Real Estate                   General Insurance
                                             Colonial 8 Post Lanterns
                                            Brass — Copper — Ceramics                       Office Greeneda Court — Opp. Railroad Station
         Particular People                       Glass — Antiques
                                          1245 Orange Ave. Winter Park              WINTER PARK                 -:-           TELEPHONE 620
Page Ten                                       WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949
UNIVERSITY CLUB                        Col. Medicine, 1907; grad.
NEW MEMBERSHIP                         work Berlin and Vienna;
    (Continued from Page 7)            practiced in N.Y. City, author
                                       on Rhinoplastic Surgery.                                                          There Is Nothing!
Harrison B. Steward, LL.B. Val- Claude I. Newell, Penn. State
    paraiso U. 1915; veteran-          Col., lumber business in Pitts-
    World "War I and Mexican           burgh; divides time between                                                      Absolutely Nothing!
    Border Exped. 30 years prac-       that city arid Winter Park.
    tise as attorney Gary, Ind.;
    ret. 1948 to W.P.               Edward E. Wright, LL.B. U.                                                         Cooler Than Cottons
H. A. Ward, native of Vermont,         Michigan 1907; practiced law
    came to W.P. 1887; active in       in Illinois, and later in Nor-             OF FLORIDA
    many lines business and com-       wood, N.Y., where he is ac-
    munity work;: Treasurer Win-       tive in business.                       DREAM COTTONS
    ter Park Land Co. since 1904.      Admitted March 26, 1949
Charles A. Wisch, M.D., M.D. U. Cecil L. Boihwell, A.B. Un. Chi-                     AT DREAM-COME-TRUE PRICES
    Buffalo, 1906; Ear, Nose- and      cago 1938; M.B.A. Northwest-
    Throat Specialist,. Niagara        ern 1941; with Sears, Roebuck
  . Falls, N.Y. Ret.                   1938-42; Captain U.S. Army
Frank C. Yeomans, A.B. Yale            Air Force 1942-46; construc-                    COMPLETE SELECTION FROM $10.00
    1897; M.D. .Cornell, 1900;         tion work in Winter Park.
    W.W. studied abroad; prac- John C. Day, Ph.B. Wesleyan U.
    ticed in N.Y. since 1902; also     1908; D.D.S. Un. Penn. prac-
    at Polyclinic Hosp.                ticed dentistry in N.J. 1911-                        441 Park Ave. N., Winter Park, Florida
    Admitted March 12, 1949            1944. Ret. and living in
Frederic Q. Boyer, Ph.B. Yale, Seymour H. LeBelL native of
    1908; M.E. 1910; served .in en-    Scotland, studied in U. of          and the principals and teachers        day at 11 A.M. Advance orders
    gineering capacities on indus-     Vienna; textile importing           who have them in charge.               may be phoned 867-J.
    trial and government proj-         bus. N.Y., winter resident            Adpission to the public for this
    ects. Ret. as Chief C.E. Fed-                                          meeting is free.                         Copies of Dr. Widrner Doremus'
    eral Works Agency.                 W.P.                                                                       "ON BEING MARRIED" may still be
Sidney M. Lippmann, LL.B. St. M. H. McNuii, Eastern Teachers
                                       Col., Richmond, Ky. Supt.              There will be a Bake Sale at        obtained at the Bookery, Chocolate
    Johns U. Law School; prac-         Schools Kentucky 7 years,           the Ideal Women's Club March           Shop and Sandspur Bookshop. Price
    ticed law N.Y. City 1930-1942;     now active in real estate and       31, April 1, April 2. Open each        35c. The supply is limited.
    military service 1942-45. Now.     citrus. V. Pres. State Bank of
    prac. in Orlando.                  Apopka.
Arlhur O'Heir, McGill XL, grad. Frank William Nickel, M.D. TJ.                 Annie Russell Theatre                                 Rollins College
    Osgoode Hall (Law School in.       Illinois 1910; instructor in
    Toronto) practiced in Hamil-                                                                       The Rollins Players
    ton, Ont., entered business in     Pathology, U. 111. Med. School,
                                       practiced and owned clinic in                                        present
    Winter Park as prop. O'Heir's      Peoria, 111.
    Food Store, .                                                                   "THE MERCHANT OF YONKERS"
Joseph Safian, M.D. Long Island Raymond F. Potter, B.S. in E. U.
                                       Penn. 1911; resident Florida                              A Farce by Thornton Wilder
                                       since 1925; active in citrus in-                          Directed by Donald S. Allen
                                       dustry.                                                 April 5, 6, 7, 8, 9-8:15 p.m.
                                    Lowell S. Selling, grad. U. Michi-                        Prices: 60c, 90c, $1.20, $1,80, ind. tax
         ORLANDO                       gan; degrees include Ph.D.,                        Tickets at Theatre box office 2-5 p.m. weekdays
                                       MD., and Dr. P.H. given by
            FORGE                      Michigan, N.Y.U. and Colum-             (Pliontj W. P. 333) or from Edna Paul, Mezzanine, San Juan Hotel-
                                       bia; specialist in psychiatry;          Orlando 5366
     Hand-Wrought Metals               now offering course at Rol-                                Sixth Rollins Players* Production
                                       lins on "Case Studies in Com-
         unusual gifts in              munity Mental Health."
                      WROUGHT        FORUM ON MODERN SCHOOLS
                         IRON           An open forum on "Modern
                                     Schools" will be conducted at the                                 Our Salutations
                         BRASS       University Club on Monday, April
                                     4, at 8 P.M. Dr. Eugene R. Smith                                         to the
                           and       will discuss the trends in progres-
                                     sive schools as to the character of
                        COPPER       the school and its purpose. Dr
                                     James F. Hosic will follow with
                                                                                       University Club of Winter Park
                                     an account of how typical schools
                                     carry on their work. Both ad-                      as an outstanding asset to the community
           7 1 1 Orange Ave.         dresses will be directed toward                                to the community
             Winter Park             the public which supports the
                                     schools as well as to the parents
                                     of the children who attend them

                                                                                       Florida Rank and Trust Company
       We invite your inspection of the wonderful new
                                                                                                       Winter Park, Florida
                           LINCOLNS and                                                              "Your Personal Bank"

                                                                                   MKEOTORH                              OFFICERS
                                                                               K. C. Bilker                      W. It. Itimonfolt
                                                                               H, W. Barmim                               President and Trust Officer
                                                                               Ervin T. Brown                    II. AV. Btiriiiim    Vice President
                                                                               B. K.. Coleman
                                                                               1*. IS. naviH                     V. Ji. Davis
      CENTRAL        EM3{%™?2} MOTORS                                          Homer Gard
                                                                               Raymond "W. Greene
                                                                                                                        Vice President, Cashier and
                                                                                                                        Asst. Trust Offlcer
                                                                               W. II. Bosenfelt                  M. M. Baldwin      Assistant Cashier
      FLORIDA /fygft^          COMPANY                                         W. 15. Winderwecdlc               D. M. MeBridc      Assistant Cashier

       100 W. Jefferson St.      ORLANDO         Phone 2-2424                       Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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