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Setting Up Your Website - Your Guide


									   Setting Up Your Website – Your Guide
You’ve ordered a Property Investor Website System and you are no doubt excited about
getting started. An important part of your Property Investor Website System is of course
the website that we set up for you. We always get a lot of questions about this so we
have put together this guide for you to answer the most common questions and to help
you to get your website up and running as soon as possible.

Read this guide through a couple of times. When you are ready just send us all your
information via the ‘Order Form’ on

Any questions?

Email us at

Section 1 – About Your Website

So why do I need a website?

Your website is a very effective tool that you can use to educate people about what you
offer and lead potential motivated sellers into sending you their details. It is completely
automatic and works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is
examine the leads that come in and decide if you want to pursue them or not.

How does it work?

When people visit your site they go straight to the main page which briefly explains who
you are and what you offer. There is a free report offered to all visitors explaining how
people can sell their house quickly at no cost to them. In order to get this report the
visitor has to fill in their name and email address.

Once they have done this they are automatically sent an email from you with a link in it
to the free report you have on your site. They then read this report and follow the link in
this to a page where they can enter details about their property, what they are looking to
sell it for, how quickly they need to sell, if they have any debts etc.

When they fill in this form this lead is sent to your site’s own password-protected
database and an email is sent to you to let you know. If the visitor doesn’t fill in the form
online they are sent reminder emails after 3, 6 and 9 days. If they do, no reminder emails
are sent so as not to annoy them.

How will people find my site?

As part of your website set up process we will have already submitted your site to the
major search engines:
1), Open Directory listing submission. The Open Directory powers the
core directory services for the Web's largest and most popular search engines and
portals, including Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit, and
hundreds of others.

2) Google Add URL – We will add the website in Google. Google adds and updates
new sites to their index each time it crawls the web.

3) Yahoo Site Submission - The goal of Yahoo! Search is to discover and index all of
the content available on the web to provide the best possible search experience to
users. The Yahoo! Search index, which contains several billion web pages, is more than
99% populated through the free crawl process.

4) MSN Live Search Submission - Generally their web crawler, MSNBot, can find most
pages on the Internet. However we will send them the address (URL) anyway.

For further instruction on using the web to find bargain properties visit and

You will also find around 10 hours of instructional videos on the Property Tycoons

   1.   Visit
   2.   Click on ‘free downloads’ from the top of the screen.
   3.   Click on “how to find bargain properties – training videos for tycoons members”.
   4.   Ignore what Parmdeep says in there about not having your own site. The videos
        were meant for absolute beginners starting from scratch and without any proven
        materials. You have the proven materials now so it’s just a case of getting on
        with employing the people who will do the online marketing for you.

People will also find out about your site because you advertise it.

The best way to do this is in all your ‘offline’ marketing, such as leaflets, letters and
newspaper adverts etc. It is worth bearing in mind that most of the time you will be
looking for leads only in particular areas, probably near to where you live. The web
cannot be so precise as to only find you leads in those areas so that is why it is a good
idea to advertise offline in the areas you are looking to invest in. If you invest in the
Land’s End area and you get a lead in John O’Groats for example, then it’s of little or no
use to you really!

Can I make changes to my site?

Yes absolutely – our sites are fully customisable. As soon as your website is complete
you will receive a login username and password from our website developers.

Go to your website and click on ‘members’ to access the password protected area. Type
in your username and password to access the backend. You will now see a small edit
icon besides each piece of content (click around the site once it’s done and you’ll see
what I mean).
Now visit:

If your Property Investor Website includes a blog then please also follow the link below
to learn how to use the blog:

You can use your member access to go in and change whatever you like at any time.

Will I have email addresses for my site?

There are two options here:

   1. You can set up email forwarding onto an existing email account (simplest and
      easiest – recommended if you are not too computer minded). The only downside
      here is that you can’t send email ‘from’ your website email address, unless your
      existing email account allows you to do this. Incidentally, it seems that yahoo,
      hotmail and gmail all allow you to send email ‘from’ another address. So if your
      website email address is then you will be able to send
      an email to somebody from instead of it coming from a
      Hotmail account for example.

   2. We can set up mailboxes so you can download emails into Outlook on your
      computer. If you want to do this let us know which addresses you want. is required but apart from that you can choose whatever
      your want. is what most people choose as well.

Section 2 – Setting Your Website Up

In this section we are going to cover:

   •   Your domain name and website hosting
   •   Your contact details on the website
   •   Your photo and signature
   •   Your audio
   •   How you can help us to help you

Your Domain Name and Website Hosting

Your domain name is the name of your website. One question we are regularly asked is
what sort of name is suitable for your site.

Basically you have two options here, both of which are suitable:
1. You could go with a property or fast-sale related name such as or

2. You could go for a domain name that links in more with you and / or your business,
such as www.<yoursurname> or

Words like ‘cash’, ‘fast’, ‘property’ ‘home’ etc are useful for the first type, whilst words like
‘properties’, ‘ estates’, ‘solutions’, services’ etc. are useful for the second.

Try and make your domain name short and memorable if you can. It’s fine to separate
words with a dash ( Don’t have too many words in your
domain name as it can be confusing.

Having words like ‘sell’, ‘house’ and the area where you would like to buy properties say
‘lincoln’ as part of your domain name can help with search engine rankings. This is
because would a good match for somebody typing “Sell
House Lincoln” into Google or any other search engine.

It’s best for you to come up with your own domain name if you can – it may take a little
thought and investigation but it’s time well invested. You can check out the availability of
all names by visiting and typing in the name you want. It is fine for it
to be a .com or a or indeed any other ending (.net or .biz for example).

You do need to make sure your domain name is available before you ask us to set it up
so please go to to check out whether it’s available to purchase
or if it is already owned by someone else.

The important thing to remember is that you will be using offline advertising to drive
traffic to your site and that is why the name of your site can be either of the above styles.
The advert / leaflet etc. will do the job of selling your services and the site is the place
where they can get more information. As a note here, in your adverts you can capitalize
the first letter of the words in your address to make it easier to read and remember, for
example or

Domain name ownership: Once you are happy with a domain name and have checked
to see if it is available, that name needs to be acquired. We are happy to purchase this
for your exclusive use, but if you’d rather buy the domain name yourself we are equally
happy for you to buy it and then let us know what it is.

If you do purchase it, you are of course responsible for ensuring that you are up to date
with payments for it. You are also responsible for changing the nameserver settings for
the domain so we can host it for you on our server, although we are happy to help you
do this.

Please check out Appendix 1 at the end of this report for instructions on how to change
the nameservers. If you are going to purchase the domain name yourself we strongly
recommend you do it through as it can be difficult to change the
nameservers through other companies sometimes.
Website hosting: Due to us needing to connect your site to the database where your
leads are stored and set up your unique password for this we need to host your site on
our server. This also means that we can quickly and easily make any changes you
request, correct any problems that may arise and integrate your site with any new
services that we may introduce in the future without any extra cost or hassle to you.

Your contact details

For your site we will need your name, an address and contact telephone numbers. Here
are some common questions and their answers:

Do I have to use my own name? No, if you’d prefer to use an alias for whatever reason
you can.

Where do my contact details appear? They appear in 3 places; on the website
homepage, on the privacy policy page (address only) and in the free report.

I’m not happy having my home address on the site, what do you recommend?
Your first option is to set up a PO Box number, although this can have a negative effect
as you may be perceived as having something to hide. The second option is to find a
local company that can offer you an alternative business address – all letters sent to this
address can be collected or forwarded on to you. The third option is that on your website
and privacy policy we only include your town and county, rather than your full address.
However in your free report we recommend that you have your full address so people
can post their details to you should they wish to. Please bear in mind that if somebody
has taken the trouble to visit your site, filled in their name and email address to get your
free report, clicked on the link in the email you send them, read the report and then still
want to contact you there is a good chance that they are a motivated seller and so you
want to make it as easy as possible for them to get in touch with you. However if you
want, we need not include your full address anywhere if you don’t want us to.

Do I need a free-phone number / fax number etc.? Ah, contact telephone numbers. A
lot of options are available! Should I have a free-phone number? What about a local rate
or a national rate number? Should I use a normal landline number? How about a mobile
number? Do I need a voicemail set up? Should I buy a fax machine? And so on…

First of all there is no right or wrong answer to this – you can be successful with any
combination of the above. Also you can always change your mind and the phone
numbers on your website so there’s no need to worry about getting it right first time.
Let’s look at the pros and cons of each:

0800 / 0808 free-phone numbers. If you offer a free-phone number you appear more
professional and research has shown that a free-phone number can increase response
rates. Down sides are that it costs you as you pay for every call you receive and that
some people may think you might not operate in their area. Of course your marketing
may clearly tell them otherwise. The best way to use free-phone numbers is to offer it
when people already know something about what you offer to avoid expensive
timewasters, so make sure that your advert gives people an outline of what you do. If
you want an 0800 number I can recommend
0845 / 0870 / 0871 numbers. Again these can make you appear more professional.
Some of these can even earn you money when people call them. However some people
are put off calling them as they know they are being charged at full local / national rates.
As above the concerns about you not operating in the seller’s area may be present.

Landline / Mobile numbers. If you are happy giving out your home / office landline
number then there’s not a problem. It also shows you are local to the area (if you are, of
course). Some people may be more attracted to a free-phone number though. Mobile
numbers show that you are always in contact, either via a message or in person so if
somebody needs to speak to you urgently they can get in touch. The downside is that
some people may be put off by the cost of calling a mobile.

Fax numbers. If you have one, use it. The easier it is for people to contact you by
whatever means they can, the better. If you don’t have one already don’t worry about
buying one unless you are likely to want to send a lot of faxes too. You can get a free fax
to email (fax gets converted into a pdf and emailed to you) from
This number can also double as a free voicemail to email (wav sound file) too.

To get started now: if you’re really not sure, how about including a free-phone voice
message line offering to send your free report by post (see for
details), a fax number and a mobile / landline. As mentioned above though, you can
always change things later on.

Your photo and signature

These add credibility and confidence in you and help bring a professional image to your
site. If people can see and hear you it builds trust – they can see you have nothing to
hide and that you are a real person and not a faceless shark, waiting to rip them off.

How should I look in my photo? Just be yourself, be relaxed and smile. Smart casual
is fine. You may want to include a photo of you with your partner / kids too as this can
make you seem more human although this is by no means essential. Really it’s down to
you what you want.

What format do you want my photo and signature in? We can only use jpg or bmp
images. *PLEASE NOTE* we cannot use pdf, doc, or rtf files. Also please make sure
that the images are straight on the page as we cannot rotate them by less than 90
degrees at a time. Signatures should preferably be in blue ink and must be on a plain
white background. If you do not have a scanner or cannot get the files in the right format
you can post them to us instead and we will scan and save them for you. My address is
in the email that goes with this report.

I’m not happy about using my real signature on the site – what about identity
theft? Although highly unlikely if you are not happy with putting your signature up just
put up a ‘dummy’ one instead.

Your audio

Full instructions on how to set up your audio are included in the email you will
automatically receive in the next day or so. Like the photo and signature, audio is there
to help make you more human and trustworthy. It helps to develop trust and in
confidence in you. A suggested script is included with the email but feel free to make up
you own if you’d prefer.

Your free report

This is set up automatically for you when you install your site. If you do want to
personalize this later then we will send you instructions on how to do this. You will then
need to send the amended version of this to us.

How you can help us to help you

There’s a lot of information here so please read through this report at least twice before
you plan what you want on your site. When you have got everything ready please visit:
Appendix 1 – Nameserver Changes
Read these instructions then check out our video to help you with this:



If you already own the domain name you want to use here's what you need to do to host
your site on our server:

1. Log in to your domain name registration account.

2. Select the domain name that you want us to host.

3. Look to find out how you make changes to the settings for the account. What you are
looking for is "Change Nameservers" or something like ‘DNS Settings’. Note - you may
need to "unlock" the website first in order to make changes to the settings (not always
necessary, depending on where you bought your site from).

4. There could be up to 4 boxes to fill in. Change the nameservers by typing in:


in the first 2 boxes.

5. Save these changes.

6, MAKE SURE that you "lock" the domain afterwards - this stops people getting access
to it (This isn’t always necessary – godaddy recently changed and now you don’t need to
lock the domain again afterwards).

7. Tell us on your Order Form that you have done this. If you are having any problems
with this please let us know.

*Note – some sites may need the IP address too:

The IP address for the new server is:

(We only have this IP address so if you are asked for 2 IP addresses please just use this
one twice).

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