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                                                                                     Spring 2009
                   The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart

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      Meet Sentinel’s
      Stay out of the red with TV’s Dom

p6    Bungalow bliss
p10   Green up your life and save money
                                        News ............................................................................................ 3
                                        Set the Agenda ............................................................................. 4
                                        Feature – Bungalow bliss in Old Basing ......................................... 6
                                        Feature – Riding high with MITIE ................................................... 8
That’s the spirit                       At home with the Walkers ............................................................ 10
Welcome to the first                    Home Hints & Tips ........................................................................ 11
edition of the new-look
magazine for Sentinel                   Up my Street
                                        Popley........................................................................................... 12
We’d like to thank everyone
                                        Oakridge....................................................................................... 14
who has been involved with
the review and relaunch of              Winklebury ................................................................................... 16
the magazine, its your help
and ideas that made                     Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot & Camberley .................................. 18
it possible.
                                        Get more – Crossword Prize Draw................................................. 20
We’ve packed in more local              Get more – Garden Competition ................................................... 21
news, your views and tips,
as well as money-saving                 Teen spirit ..................................................................................... 22
vouchers and competitions.
                                        In shape ........................................................................................ 23
A special thank you to Mr               Have it your way ........................................................................... 24
and Mrs Hennessey of Old
Basing and Kevin and Alison
Walker of Popley who
invited us into their homes               Soapbox – say what you see
for our new features.                      We asked you what you think of our Communicare
                                           pendant alarms
We’d love to hear from
more of you, so if you have                I was most impressed.                            Pendant can only be used
a story you’d like to share,               Our electricity failed and                       within the flat. I think it would
give us a call, drop us                    immediately when it came back                    be helpful if it worked in the
a line or email us.                        on, the Communicare service                      garden as well.
The contact details are                    phoned me to enquire if I was                    V Doody, Farnborough
on the back page.                          OK. Wonderful service.
                                           N Sadler, Basingstoke                            While we’re fortunate enough
                                                                                            not to have needed them, I
                                           Your service enables me to stay                  must say, the response to my
                                           in my home. Thank you.                           first call of enquiry and during
Kim Drewery                                K Mitchell, Crookham                             installation was excellent.”
Communications Co-ordinator
                                                                                            B Tolfrey, Chineham, Basingstoke

2            Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
                                   Dom’s on the case
                                   We’ve teamed up with TV               We only have a limited stock
                                   presenter Dominic Littlewood to       of these, and so will be issuing
                                   produce a handy DVD to help           copies to people who have
                                   residents cope with the effects       notified us that they’re struggling,
                                   of the recession.                     or who’s rent accounts are
                                                                         in arrears.
                                   The BBC consumer champion
                                   helped us produce a 15 minute         We also joined forces with
                                   film providing tips and advice from   Basingstoke & Deane Borough
                                   how to organise household budgets,    Council to host a Credit Crunch
                                   to clearing debts, and explains how   Clinic on Wednesday 25 March,
                                   to make sure you keep a roof over     in Festival Place, Basingstoke.
                                   your head during the hard times.
                                                                         Basingstoke residents dropped
                                   The DVD will also be accompanied      in to pick up loads of advice,
                                   by a booklet that shows you where     chat with financial and benefit
                                   to start, and includes contact        experts, and find out what
                                   details for other agencies who can    help is out there. If you’re
                                   help, from Citizens’ Advice to the    struggling give us a call for
                                   National Debt line.                   some free advice.

Credit where it’s due                                                     Knowing
                                   If you need an affordable loan
                                                                          you better
                                   or want to start saving for next       A big thank you to
                                   Christmas, why not see how our         everyone who filled in our
                                   new credit union can help. Your        recent customer profiling
                                   local contact is Anthony Baker,        survey. By getting to know
                                   and he’ll be in our Basingstoke        you better, we’re able to
                                   office every Friday from 9.30am        tailor our services to meet
                                   to 11.30am. No appointment is          your expectations, as well
                                   necessary, just drop in for a chat     as identify possible new
                                   and see how Hampshire Savers           services so you can enjoy
                                   Credit Union can help.                 your neighbourhoods.

                                                                          Surveys from our
Don’t forget Early doors                                                  sheltered schemes have
                                                                          all been returned, and
                                                                          congratulations to Mrs J
If you don’t have contents         Our offices and call centre are        M Legate of Hedge Croft,
insurance, you can get peace       now open half an hour earlier.         Yateley, and Mrs K Friswell
of mind for less than £1 a week.   Opening at 8.30am means you            of Bishopswood Court,
Call free today on                 can pop in to our Basingstoke          Tadley, who have won the
0800 195 5515 and ask about        or Fleet offices on your way to        prize draw and each receive
My Home Contents Insurance.        work, or log your repair requests      £250 of shopping vouchers.
                                   or other queries a little earlier.
                                                                           3     3
Set the agenda
Improve your area with Community Chest
You may be aware that we devolve                       So why not take the bull by the
1% of Sentinel’s turnover for                          horns and put together a bid for
a range of projects under our                          a project in your area?
Community Chest banner.
                                                       It’s easy to get started, so for
Community Chest provides you with an                   a form, or advice, contact
opportunity to direct funding to your area             Richard Pilbeam, on
to improve your neighbourhood.                         0800 195 5515
                                                       or email Richard.
In the last year, we’ve funded five projects,          pilbeam@
and are always keen to hear ideas from       
other residents. Now we’re coming to a
new financial year, our Neighbourhood
Panels are looking for new ideas.

The projects we’ve funded
Floral foray                               Spirit of Silchester                       Shelter from the storm
Shaw Trust is leading in                   In Silchester’s Firth Close,               At Hedgecroft sheltered
developing allotments                      Mr Smith wanted to clear                   scheme in Yateley, residents
on land at Silvester Close,                a communal area for social                 asked for a new summerhouse
Oakridge. The project is                   gatherings. Our Basingstoke                to replace three gazebos all
aimed at creating four raised              resident representatives                   lost to stormy weather in
flower-beds. More than 350                 agreed to hand out £750 so                 recent years.
residents were consulted, and              Mr Smith could buy some                    The idea is to develop
the idea is to transform the               gardening tools, a lawnmower,              community spirit for the
derelict allotment site into an            and some furniture.                        40 residents. Our Hart area
attractive green space.                                                               resident representatives
The project could benefit up               Cost: £750                                 agreed to fund £1000 of the
to 300 residents over the next             Community Chest                            £4000 cost, once the rest had
three years.                               Contribution: £750                         been raised elsewhere.
                                           Date: May 2008
Cost: £2064                                                                           Cost: £4000
Community Chest                                                                       Community Chest
Contribution: £1000                                                                   Contribution: £1000
Date: May 2008                                                                        Date: June 2008

 4              Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
Hampshire residents share ideas
                                Housing association resident        For those unable to attend,
                                representatives from across         we also held a series of locally
                                Hampshire gathered recently to      promoted ‘conversation’ events
                                discuss how our new industry        to make sure Sentinel residents
                                regulator, the Tenant Services      got the opportunity to influence
                                Authority, should set standards     the national debate.
                                for how landlords are run and
                                deliver services.                   This was the biggest gathering
                                                                    of housing association residents
                                More than 100 residents from        in Hampshire, and proved a really
                                12 landlords shared ideas at        useful exercise for residents,
                                the event on March 5 at the         who could compare landlords
                                Basingstoke Country Hotel, and      based on ‘real’ experiences.
                                expressed their views, as part of   We’re planning more of this in
                                a major consultation initiative     the future.
                                called the National Conversation.

                                                                      Take a
Hen House coup                  They think it’s all over…
The Hen House is the resident   Basingstoke’s Winklebury              We’ve started work to see
group for our Heathlands        Youth Project has been                if there’s a local appetite
Court hostel in Yateley.        a jewel in the crown in               for resident groups in some
To help improve the             providing things to do for            of our neighbourhoods.
self-confidence of parents      young people. Sadly, much of          In Basingstoke, we’ve teamed
and encourage socialising,      their equipment was stolen            up with the borough council to
Hart neighbourhood              when the Green Hut was                try and put together a Popley
representatives gave the        broken into. Our Basingstoke          Poets resident group, and
thumbs up to fund fortnightly   resident representatives              recently canvassed opinion for
Rhythm & Rhyme play and         agreed to provide funding             something similar at Highfields,
learn sessions for a year.      for replacement equipment.            Old Kempshott Lane.
The project had previously      Sentinel staff have also
been funded from other          played several football               In Hart & Rushmoor, we’re
sources, and had helped some    matches against the young             exploring setting up a group
residents come out              people to encourage better            for residents on Pyestock, and
of depression.                  relationships.                        for new households moving
                                                                      into the former army homes
Cost: £780                      Cost: £1000                           we’ve recently refurbished at
Community Chest                 Community Chest                       Dukes Park, Aldershot.
Contribution: £780              Contribution: £1000
Date: July 2008                 Date: August 2008
                                                                    5     5
          Feature Story

Bungalow bliss
in Old Basing
       Richard and Edna Hennessey have done it all, and now their Old Basing
       bungalow has been transformed as part of our major refurbishment
       project to raise living standards for all our customers.
       “You couldn’t fit two people in our old kitchen,”        “We moved into a mobile home
       Edna Hennessey explains as she pours the tea, “but       at Hatch,” Edna says, “and even
       since they knocked the wall down, it’s really opened     though we owned it, we wanted
       things up. It’s made such a difference.”                 something more permanent. We
                                                                were on the waiting list for some
       Edna, 85, and 88-year-old husband Richard have           time before this came up in 1998.”
       lived in houses of all shapes and sizes during almost
       half a century of married life.                          Since moving to Old Basing,
                                                                Edna and Richard have remained
                                                                extremely active. Edna completed
                                                                four 5km charity runs for Race
                                                                for Life, and can still be spotted
                                                                around town at the gym,
                                                                in the swimming pool, or at
                                                                line-dancing classes. Richard gave
                                                                up his handyman role at his local
                                                                car showroom in his eighties,
                                                                and has since had both knees
                                                                replaced, so a bungalow is the
                                                                perfect setting to enjoy the rest
                                                                of his retirement, after seeing the
                                                                world during military service.

                                                                The £10,700 project to upgrade
                                                                the Hennessey’s home in Cavalier
                                                                Close included replacing the
                                                                old bathroom suite, with the
                                                                bath making way for a shower
                                                                tray and finally the old galley
                                                                kitchen was knocked through last
                                                                summer to create a kitchen diner.

       After emigrating to Australia in 1973, they returned     Edna continues: “We got to
       to the UK in 1987, and after spending time visiting      choose what finishes and colours
       relatives, settled on Basingstoke, where their son       we wanted, and the old doorway
       worked at the time.                                      to the kitchen was blocked up so

6   Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
                                  Extra investment
                                  in homes upgrade
                                  This year, we’ll be spending £13m on the Decent
                                  Homes initiative, and expect to modernise more
                                  than 1000 homes in the process.

                                  Already 96% of Sentinel homes comply with this standard, and the
                                  extra investment this year will bring us up to 100%. In our next edition,
                                  we’ll publish more details of what we’re planning for which homes so
                                  you can see where the money goes.

we have much more cupboard
space. Now we’ve had the bath
                                  Cooking with gas in designer kitchens
taken out and the shower tray     More than 500 residents will           works out a little cheaper than
put in, it’s much easier.”        be able to choose from our             the traditional and standard
                                  new amazing range of designer          ranges we’ve installed
The Hennesseys’ home is           kitchens this year.                    in recent years.
one of thousands to have
been upgraded as part of the      The £3m project will give              Government rules say every
government-backed Decent          residents the chance to choose         resident must have a new
Homes programme, to bring         from thicker worktops, and four        kitchen every 20 years, and
all socially rented properties    different shades.                      by March 2010, all Sentinel
up to a higher standard.                                                 homes will comply.
                                  State-of-the-art kitchen designers
Gone are the days when the        Symphony will supply
                                                              Did you know
council painted all front doors   the range, and our
the same colour. These days,      contractor Kincraig                                                 ust be
                                                                                        s engineers m
residents have an amazing         will fit them out on        From 1 Ap ril 2009 all ga                 e will
                                                                                           e new schem
                                                                            egistered’. Th
amount of choice, whether         our behalf. And we          ‘Gas Safety R           ing ‘Corgi Re
bathroom tiles or from our        can reassure you that       replace the long runn
range of designer kitchens.       the new range actually

 Do you qualify?                                    If you live in one of these areas and are eligible
                                                    then give us a call on 0800 195 5515. To be eligible
                                                    for this non-chargeable service offered by Sentinel
 We are pleased to announce that this year’s        Housing Association in 2009, customers must:
 Internal Decoration Scheme will be running in
 Ashford Hill, Ashmansworth, Baughurst, Bishops     • Be aged 70 years or over and have no-one
 Green, Broadlayings, Burghclere, Charter Alley,      younger living with them OR
 Ecchinswell, Hannington, Headley, Heath End,       • Disabled, and have no able-bodied person living
 Highclere, Kingsclere, Little London, Monk           with them AND
 Sherborne, Mortimer, Mortimer West End,            • Have a clear rent account (or have an agreement
 Newtown Common, North End, Pamber Heath,             to clear the arrears that you are keeping to)
 Park Village, Penwood, Ramsdell, Silchester,       • Have a room that NEEDS redecorating
 Tadley, Winklebury, Wolverton, Wolverton
 Common and Woolton Hill.                           The closing date for applications is Friday 24 April 2009.

                                                                            7     7
  Feature Story

Riding high with MITIE
We’ve got a new way of fixing repairs, all designed to make life easier.
There are few things more annoying than a faulty                    The big benefits are that we’ll be able to offer
door-lock or a blocked sink. While they may not be                  you a specific appointment when you first call in
hard to fix, there’s the hassle of reporting it, waiting            a repair, and appointments in the evenings and
in for someone to come, and hoping they have the                    at weekends. We’ll also be able to send you text
right parts.                                                        updates to remind you, or if there are any delays.

As a repair is carried out on a Sentinel home twice                 Also, MITIE will be hiring tenant liaison officers to
a year on average, this is something you often tell                 survey homes, explain the repairs process, and feed
us how important it is that we get it right first time.             your comments back to MITIE or Sentinel.

That’s why we’ve come up with a new way of                          You’ll also notice workmen carrying handheld
dealing with repairs. A panel of residents and staff                consoles instead of job-sheets. These consoles
have spent the last few months whittling down                       link to the main computer system and allow MITIE
17 contractors to just one, and we’re pleased to                    office staff to reprioritise work once tradesmen are
announce that MITIE Property Services has been                      out on their calls. This means that we can get help
chosen as our main repairs contractor.                              on urgent repairs to you within minutes.

Hartley Wintney resident Dick Wylie – part of the                   We’re confident that choosing MITIE will make your
selection panel – explains: “As customers, we                       life easier, but we’d love to know what you think.
made it clear what we wanted from the outset.                       If you are having any work carried out in the near
We want repairs done right first-time, and                          future, write in and let us know how it went.
better information to advise residents when                         See back cover for details.
the contractor’s turning up. It’s been a rigorous
process, but MITIE has jumped through hoops
to give us what we want. We’re now looking
forward to feeling the difference.”

MITIE has been working with us for 11 years in
Basingstoke, but will now also take on repairs
for the 3,000 homes we rent in the Fleet and
Aldershot area, where MITIE will replace Brades.
“Yes, it’s goodbye to Brades for Hart and
Rushmoor residents,” adds Dick. “Moving to
a single contractor makes more sense, and
I believe residents across Sentinel will now
receive a more consistent service.”

 8              Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
 Meet MITIE                                                Did you know
                                                        Dripping tap
                                                        We’ll now co
                                                                       driving you m
                                                                       me out and re
                                                        Call 0800 195                 place tap-wa
                                                                       5515 to arran                 shers.
                                                       into your Sen                  ge. If you mo
                                                                      tinel home a                   ved
                                                       handbook m                    few
                                                                     ay say this is yo years ago, your
                                                       but as severa                  ur responsibili
                                                                     l customers e                     ty,
                                                       with this, we                nded up in dif
                                                                    ’ve now stepp                   ficulty
                                                                                     ed in to help.

 MITIE is a major provider of repair work, and
 work with housing associations, companies
 and property developers across the country.
                                                       Coming up
 The name stands for Management Incentive
 Through Investment Equity, and the company            The new contract starts on April 1, but we have
 is among the 250 biggest public companies             47 improvements – identified by residents –
 in the UK.                                            to introduce over the first year, including:

 MITIE’s regional headquarters is in Fareham,          • Text message updates to your mobile phone
 and the firm has run a local depot in                 • One-stop appointment system
 Winklebury, Basingstoke, since MITIE first            • New uniforms and ID cards
 started working with Sentinel in 1997.                • Repairs available until 8pm (Mon-Thu)
                                                         and until noon on Saturdays
                                                       • New Tenant Liaison Officers to help and
MITIE job opportunities                                  explain the new system
                                                       • MITIE apprenticeships available for
Our new approach to repairs and maintenance              Sentinel residents.
means even greater liaison between customers,
Sentinel and our contractors

MITIE will soon be hiring a Tenant Liaison Officer
to help keep you better informed. This varied role                           re
will range from resolving complaints to arranging                    appre ally
sponsorship, so much of the work will be out in                      patien ate your
our neighbourhoods.                                                  while e with us
                                                                    arrang he new
                                                                    gets g ment
The vacancy will be advertised locally in the next
few weeks, so if your interested in getting on board                      oing.
with this new role, keep an eye on the local papers
for more details.

There will also be apprentice opportunities coming
up, and we’ll give you more information on that in
the near future.
                                                                               9   9
At home with...

Kevin and Alison Walker are taking a stand against Britain’s
throwaway society by reclaiming items to fit out their home.
And they’ve saved thousands of pounds along the way.

Few of us could have predicted a            How did you get started?
decade ago that our throwaway               Kevin: “I used to work for a         Kevin: “Our patio slabs came
culture could cause serious social          tipper, taking skips of waste to     from an old swimming pool in
problems. After all, your local             landfill. I thought there’s got to   Andover, my shed is built from
council is paid to get rid of what          be more that can be done.”           scrap wood and the summer
we don’t want – end of story.               Alison: “It could be to do with      house was free. Our fence is
                                            budget. Some people would            made from broken fence panels
Today, our approach to rubbish is           rather go into debt than take        blown down in the wind.”
causing upset across the country.           someone else’s cast offs, but we
Neighbours accuse each other                wouldn’t be able to afford all       So is this just about saving
of filling up their bins, families          these things we’ve got.”             money, or are you aiming to
argue over what can and can’t be                                                 be green?
recycled, and councillors who back                                               Alison: We recycle everything.
fortnightly rubbish collections have                                             It takes us a month to fill our main
been kicked out of office.                                                       bin, with five of us living here.
                                                                                 We track our energy usage online,
But for Kevin and Alison Walker,                                                 and we noticed a big drop when
the issue is crystal clear. “I don’t                                             we turned everything off standby,
see why we should spend on                                                       and put in low energy lightbulbs
something brand new when we
can get it for less,” says lorry                                                 Kevin: We’d like to get an
driver Kevin of Abbey Road,                                                      allotment, but even though
Popley. “Nearly everything in our                                                there’s four allotment sites
house is what other people were                                                  in Popley, there’s a two-year
getting rid of.”                            What sort of things have             waiting list. I’d like the council
                                            you reclaimed?                       to look at using more local
We decided to get under the skin            Alison: “We’ve been here four        land for allotments, so we can
of this thorny issue.                       years. We got two solid wood         grow our own food. It keeps
                                            internal doors from the tip,         the kids occupied and keeps
                                            and our lounge carpet from the       families together.”
                                            Freecycle website. We decorated
                                            the house with paint from the        Why not give it a go?
                                            Community Furniture Project,         Get started at
                                            and our cooker would have been       and, or call
                                            £1500 new, but we got it second      Community Furniture Project
                                            hand for £60 and cleaned it up.”     Basingstoke on 01256 320700.

 10              Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
Home hints & tips
Green N Clean
Household cleaning items can be costly not just to your pocket but to the
planet as well. Here’s a top tip using cheap all natural ingredients.

When I’m cleaning windows!
Next time you clean your windows why not try
this mixture. Put all the ingredients into a spray
bottle, shake it up a bit, and use as you would
a commercial brand. The soap in this recipe
is important. It cuts the wax residue from the
commercial brands you might have used in
the past.

1/4-1/2 teaspoon liquid detergent
3 tablespoons vinegar
2 cups water
Spray bottle

  Surfs Up….                                           For public transport information try
                                              this helps you plan your
  By Ron Stokes of Popley, Basingstoke                 UK journey whether its by bus, train, coach,
                                                       ferry or underground.
  If you have access to a computer, surfing the web
  will give you loads of information, free stuff and has loads of information
  tips to make your life easier. These are some of     about coach holidays and special offers for
  my favourite sites:                                  destinations all over the world. the radio directory  has information about
  has loads of different radio stations from around    airport parking, hotels and travel insurance.
  the world.
                                              has customer reviews of
  You can download free firewall software for your     hotels and resorts from all over the world.
  PC go to or                         has loads of great
                                                       money saving tips and ideas. There are also you can download the            money saving vouchers that you can print off
  Google Earth 5.0 for free and then to a virtual      and get great savings.
  visit of anywhere in the world.
                                                       If you’d like to share your web tips email us you can get directions         at
  and download maps for free.

                                                                        11 11
Popley area
                                                                           Up my Street
New homes on parade
The first new homes for rent in Marlowe
Close have now been let. The area around
Milton Close is on schedule to complete at
the end of March, and will provide a further
six apartments for rent and 16 to part buy
part rent. If you would like more information
about part buy part-rent contact our
Homescope team on 01256 338800.

The three new shops in Shakespeare Road
are expected to be ready by the end of April,
depending on weather conditions. The new site
will also provide a further 10 apartments.

Finally, the demolition of Longfellow Parade’s shops
and flats will begin in May, and this final phase of
42 new homes is expected to be completed in the
late summer of 2010.

 Popley regeneration – more views sought
                                                                  The £40m regeneration of Popley’s Faroe
                                                                  Close and Maldive Road has received the
                                                                  thumbs-up from Basingstoke & Deane
                                                                  Borough Council’s planning committee.

                                                                  This means we can demolish the 120
                                                                  maisonettes and replace them with 237 new
                                                                  homes for rent and shared ownership. As part
                                                                  of that undertaking, we’re continuing to work
                                                                  with local residents, to look at redesigning the
                                                                  area around the shops and car park.

 12            Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
There’s care and then there’s

Extra Care
Residents of Abbey Court Sheltered Scheme will soon be able to
benefit from the introduction of a new Extra Care service. The Extra
Care service bridges the gap between sheltered accommodation
and residential care homes. From April 2009, we will start providing
on-site carer cover around the clock 365 days a year. At present
carers and sheltered support staff are only on-site during the day.
The out-of-hours service is provided by the CommuniCare lifeline
and the mobile assistance service. The 51 current residents will be
able to benefit from these extra services, which are designed to
reduce the need to move into residential care, so residents can
stay in their own home and remain independent for longer.

Knock knock,                                                           Safer Popley
                                                                       Residents have been setting

who’s there?                                                           priority police beats in
                                                                       Popley. In February, the Safer
                                                                       Neighbourhoods Team focused
                  Falkland Road residents have                         on Specklewood Road, Marnel
                  been telling us what they                            Park and Chineham Park School.
                  like and don’t like about
                  their neighbourhood. Our
                  Neighbourhood Team completed
                  a massive door-to-door survey
                  in January, and we’re now
                                                        What’s on...
                  analysing the suggested               May
                  improvements. We’ll keep you
                  posted in the next edition.           Sunday 17 May, Popley Festival Sponsored
                                                        by Sentinel, Popley Fields Community Centre.

Big Bramley Bash                                        June

If you’re a teenager or the parent of a teenager        Tuesday 9 June, Popley Neighbourhood Team
living in Bramley then keep Friday 14 August            in Malta Close, phone us for times
free. There’ll be a whole day of fun activities for
young people and their parents, as well as loads        July
of information about drugs, alcohol, smoking and
healthy eating. If you’ve got ideas of your own         Tuesday 7 July, Neighbourhood Team in
and want to help plan and organise this event           Lane End, Bramley, phone us for times.
please contact Larissa or Richard on freephone
0800 195 5515.

                                                                        13 13
Oakridge area
                                                                           Up my Street
Making a
Austen Court Residents Association are already
working hard to make their new Houndmills
development a great place to live. Confused visitors
were never sure where they were allowed to park,
so the Residents Association asked us to mark the
visitors bays with a painted V. It’s another example
of how we can work together to make your
neighbourhood a great place to live.

                                                                  Working together
                                                                  If you live in the Highfields development in old
                                                                  Kempshott Lane you can benefit from a new
                                                                  multi-agency Neighbourhood Panel for Buckskin
                                                                  and the surrounding area. Local residents,
                                                                  Neighbourhood Watch, Council and Sentinel
                                                                  staff will meet regularly to improve community
                                                                  safety and resolve local issues. If you’d like to get
                                                                  involved, pop down to the Ridgeway Centre in
                                                                  Buckskin on 1 or 29 April from 6.30pm to 8pm.

                  New homes for
                  South View
                  Ten new apartments are underway in South View,
                  replacing these 12 unpopular bedsits in Shooters
                  Way. The £1.6m project will go to people on
                  the council waiting list, who’ll be moving in
                  this summer.

 14            Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
What’s on...                                                         News from
                                                                     the Towers
Friday 3 April Community Surgery, Oakridge Hall for All, 10am.
Thursday 16 April, Sentinel on the Road in Lefroy Avenue and
Baynard Close, South View, call us for more information.
Friday 17 April, Pride in Your Place Walkabout in North Houndmills
from 11am.
Tuesday 28 April, Pride in Your Place in Crown Heights from 10am.


Friday 1 May, Community Surgery, Oakridge Hall for All, 10am.        Residents of Oakridge Towers
Thursday 21 May, Sentinel on the Road in Belle Vue Road,             were dismayed to find the new
Old Basing, phone us for times.                                      flat screen television presented
                                                                     to them by Apollo Lifts last year
June                                                                 had been stolen. They weren’t
                                                                     disconnected for long however,
Friday 5 June, Community Surgery, Oakridge Hall for All, 10am.       as refuse collection company
Thursday 11 June, Little Neighbourhood Helpers in South View         Veolia heard about their plight
Junior School, phone us for times.                                   and kindly donated
Friday 12 June, Pride in Your Place Walkabout in North Houndmills    a replacement.
from 10am.
Tuesday 23 June, Pride in Your Place Walkabout in Crown Heights
from 11am.                                                           Christmas Magic
Tuesday 30 June, Pride in Your Place Walkabout in Jefferson Road,
Normanton Road and Mullins Close, phone us for times.                in South View
                                                                     We sponsored the Oakridge
July                                                                 and South View Magic
                                                                     of Christmas event
Friday 3 July, Community Surgery, Oakridge Hall for All 10am.        last December.
Thursday 16 July, Pride in Your Place Walkabout in Freemantle,       Over 200 people
Taverner and Westray Close, phone us for more information.           were entertained
                                                                     by carol singers,
                                                                     a magician and
                                                                     Santa’s Grotto
                                                                     at the South View
         Did you know                                                School event.
         There’s aroun
                        d 20 shoppers
         behind the h                   parking space
                       airdressers in                   s
        We’re workin                   Oakridge Vil
                       g with the co                 lage.
        sign post ere                  uncil to get a
                      cted to help                     new
        pressure for                 ease the park
                     local residen                  ing

                                                                     15 15
Winklebury area
                                                                            Up my Street
Sentinel conjures
up funding for
local Wizards
LOCAL football club, Winklebury Wizards
successfully applied for a Sentinel Community
Chest Grant. The £1000 grant has bought the club
eight sets of inflatable goalposts. “This is great for
us” said Coach Graham Garrett “We train and play
matches in the grounds of Winklebury School and
they don’t have any goalposts, now we’ll be able
to set them up for matches and training and store                  Sentinel Grant Scheme through one of our coaches,
them securely when they aren’t being used”.                        we do loads of fundraising for the club with discos
                                                                   and raffles and this kind of sponsorship is always
Graham started the club in 2000 for his son and                    really welcome, so thank you Sentinel. I would
seven other local lads, since then its grown to                    definitely encourage other local groups to apply.”
around 180 members. Ages range from six to 14
with around 100 players attending the Saturday                     If you live in the Winklebury area and are into
morning training sessions. “I found out about the                  football give Graham a call on 01256 417570

 Giving y chance
 people a ething
                                                                   Community Chest
 to try so up new
  new, t  ake       p
            and kee
  hobbies s they are
  fit, mea to get
   less likely                                                     Hanging around on street corners isn’t the most
    into trou                                                      exciting pastime. Local young people wanting
                                                                   to lead a healthier lifestyle are getting together
                                                                   with Community Wardens to apply for a Sentinel
                                                                   Community Chest Grant for gym membership.
                                                                   “Giving young people a chance to try something new,
                                                                   take up new hobbies and keep fit, means they are
                                                                   less likely to get into trouble.” said Neighbourhood
                                                                   Manager Beth Holmyard.
                                                                   “We wish them every success with their application”.

 16             Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
                                                    What’s on...

                                                    Thursday 9 April, Easter Egg Hunt, Limes Park,
                                                    call us for times.
                                                    Wednesday 15 April, Winklebury
                                                    Neighbourhood Team in Harleck, Ludlow
                                                    and Tiverton Close, call us for times.


Community Makeover                                  Wednesday 13 May, Basingstoke Rurals Team
                                                    in villages, phone us for more information.
THE communal gardens at Woodcott House in           Drug Awareness Event in Winklebury this
Tadley have been given a makeover thanks to         month, phone us for more information.
our partnership with the Probation Service.
The Community Service Programme carried out the     June
work in December 2008, clearing overgrown areas,
cleaning and re-defining footpaths and cutting      Wednesday 10 June, Basingstoke Rurals Team
back overhanging bushes.                            in Bishopswood Court and Hangar Road,
                                                    phone us for times.

Weather didn’t dampen                               July

festive spirit                                      Wednesday 8 July, Basingstoke Rural
                                                    Neighbourhood Team in villages, phone us
DESPITE the wet weather over 200 people came        for more information.
along to the Winklebury centre Magic of Christmas   Saturday 25 July, Winklebury Carnival,
event, sponsored by Sentinel. Entertainment         Sponsored by Sentinel, Winklebury Way
included children’s rides, Santa’s Grotto and       Playing Fields.
a window decorating competition.

First new homes                                     Greenham upgrade
in Andover                                          Dozens more residents are enjoying their nice
                                                    new homes after the completion of the next
                                                    stage of our £20m regeneration of Bishops
We are investing £20m at East Anton Farm in         Green, near Newbury.
Andover. This is our first development in Test
Valley, and will provide 154 new affordable         The area has been transformed, and we have
homes over the next three years, with the first     also provided £5000 towards the youth project
to be handed over in June 2009. We have also        run from the village hall.
acquired a smaller plot nearby, which should
deliver around 15 rented apartments,                The third and final stage is now underway, and
subject to planning permission.                     the whole project will finish in September 2009.

                                                                      17 17
Hart area
                                                                           Up my Street
Older living concept launches in Fleet
Exciting new plans to redevelop the Campbell
Close sheltered scheme in Fleet have gone
public. We’re working with local Councils
to build a new complex of 74 Extra Care
apartments so we can cope better with the
ageing population forecast for our area.

Extra Care is new for us, alongside the new
accommodation, Care and Support will have
Homecare staff on site to deliver domestic care
and support for the new residents, as and when
they want it.

The £12m development is made up of 57 two
bedroom and 17 one bedroom apartments, with
40% of floorspace devoted to communal use.                        We’ve completed widespread consultation on the
The new Campbell Close is likely to have a new                    new designs with sheltered residents, councillors
name, and will be earmarked for the over 60s,                     and neighbours, with overwhelmingly positive
and Hampshire County Council, Hart District                       feedback. We’ve made a few tweaks to the
Council and Sentinel are working to put                           scheme, and Hart District Council will rule on
together new allocation rules for this project.                   the application in the spring.

Better informed…                                                     Pyestock
Keeping young people informed                                        partners
helps them make better
decisions. With this in mind                                         here to help
Sentinel staff participated in a                                     The new community surgeries held in Whetstone
drug awareness event at Robert                                       Road, Pyestock are proving popular with local
Mays school, Odiham. The 14 to                                       residents. Come along for a chat about any
16 year olds and their parents                                       neighbourhood issues, you can talk to Sentinel
were invited along to find out                                       staff, local Cllr Sue Gatsby, Neighbourhood Rep,
more about the effects of drug                                       Peter Wood and PCSO Lisa Attwood. The surgeries
and alcohol abuse.                                                   are held on the third Tuesday of each month.

 18            Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
                                      Improved parking
                                      Farnborough residents in Melrose Avenue, Cove Court and
                                      Brook Court will benefit from allocated parking to help tackle
                                      long-running parking problems in the area. The spaces will be
                                      lined and numbered, with permits for all residents. We hope
                                      this improvement will help solve the parking issues and
                                      related neighbourhood disputes.

It’s getting better                                      What’s on...
all the time…                                            April

                                                         Thursday 2 April Community Surgery,
Residents of Hearsey Gardens, Blackwater, helped         Hart Neighbourhood centre 3pm-4pm.
plan a £180,000 area makeover and are now
benefiting from improved security. We have replaced      Thursday 16 April, Hart Neighbourhood Team
24 garages with open and safely lit parking for          in Yateley and Blackwater from 11am.
houses no’s 46 – 59. The grass area has been turned      Pyestock Community surgery, Whetstone Road,
into a dead-end access road with private driveway        phone us for more information.
parking for residents with improved lighting. And the
spiked metal railings have been replaced with strong     May
close-boarded wooden fencing to prevent cars and
motorbikes going onto the open land behind.              Tuesday 12 May, Hart Neighbourhood Team
                                                         in Hook from 11am.
                                                         Pyestock Community Surgery, Whetstone Road,
More than a safe haven…                                  phone us for more information.
                               Heathlands Court
                               residents had great fun   June
                               at the annual Christmas
                               party. Yateley Town       Thursday 4 June Community Surgery,
                               Mayor John Keane          Hart Neighbourhood centre 3pm-4pm.
                               played Santa, handing
                               out toys donated by       Tuesday 9 June, Hart Neighbourhood Team
Hampshire Youth Bureau to the children. Residents also   in Fleet area from 3pm, phone us for
received Christmas hampers donated by Fleet Rotary       more information.
Club, Little Steps Play Group and St Peters Church.      Pyestock Community Surgery, Whetstone Road,
                                                         phone us for more information.
Festive clear-up                                         July
We all end up with extra rubbish after Christmas,
so to help out we held ‘skip days’ in Hearsey            Tuesday 7 July, Hart Neighbourhood Team in
Gardens, Pyestock and Wickham Place. Not only            Rushmoor Area from 10.30am, phone us for
did this help people to dispose of their bulk refuse,    more information.
local residents also took the chance to chat to          Pyestock Community surgery, Whetstone Road,
staff about local services and in particular find out    phone us for more information.
about the new caretaking service for the Hart area.
                                                                    19 19
For your chance to                                                                Across

      WIN £30 vouchers
                                                                                  2 First note of the scale    (3)
                                                                                  3 Unforgettable              (9)
                                                                                  7 Having two meanings        (9)

        worth of shopping                                                         8 Previous
                                                                                  9 Entrance, gateway
– have a go at the quick crossword                                                12 Big tremor               (10)
                                                                                  15 Lashed                    (7)
                                                                                  16 Retained                  (4)
                                                                              6   17 Senior                    (5)
                                                                                  20 Family member             (8)
8                                                                                 22 Publish                   (5)
                                                                                  23 Cooker                    (4)
                                                                                  24 Flying toy                (4)

                                                                                  1 Old fashioned              (5)
                                                                                  2 Religious belief           (5)
                                                                                  4 Accompany                  (6)
                                                                                  5 Thoroughly absorbed        (9)
                                                                                  6 Thought about             (10)
                                     20                                           10 Kingly                    (5)
                                                                                  11 Bereaved woman            (5)
                                                                                  13 Practice                  (9)
                             22                                                   14 Revealed                  (9)
                                                                                  18 Devil                     (5)
                                                                                  19 Keyboard instrument       (5)
                                                                                  21 Special occasion          (5)

As usual send your entry to: Kim Drewery, Sentinel Housing Association,
56 Kingsclere Road, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 6XG
(Employees of Sentinel may enter but are not eligible to win)                      Competition
Name:                                                                              winner
                                                                                   ... to Carey West of
                                                                                   Oakridge, who wins the
                                                                                   wireless electricity monitor,
                                                                                   which we hope will help
                                                                                   save money on her fuel bills.
Contact number:

 20               Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart

    Calling all gardeners
    It’s that time of year again, when all you green-fingered gardeners get to show
    off your handy work by entering Sentinel’s annual Gardening Competition.

                                                                          Little help,
                                                                          big difference

                                                                          A little help here and there
    This year entries will be judged on Monday 20 July 2009. If you are   can make a massive difference
    not at home when the judges call, they will leave a card to let you   to the lives of older people.
    know your entry has been judged.                                      Sentinel Home Care is looking
                                                                          for a caring, friendly, reliable
    Prizes:                                                               person to provide domestic
                                                                          help to our clients in their

         £50                      £30                    £15              own homes.

         for 1st                 for 2nd                 for 3rd          The work is varied and no
                                                                          experience is necessary as full
                                                                          training will be given, you just
    Please select the category or categories that you would like          need a car and a full driving
    to enter and send to:                                                 licence. Hours are between
                                                                          9am to 3pm Monday to
    Richard Pilbeam, 56 Kingsclere Road, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 6XG     Friday. You’ll get an excellent
    The deadline for entries is: Friday 26 June 2009.                     benefits package and huge job
                                                                          satisfaction. For an application
    NAME:___________________________________________________              form or more information
                                                                          please phone 01256 338833.
    ADDRESS: ________________________________________________
                                                                          We also have flexible Homecare
    _________________________________________________________             shifts available to provide 24
                                                                          hour care to our customers.
    _________________________ TEL: __________________________             Full training will be given and
                                                                          you’ll get an excellent benefits
    I would like to enter the following category/ies:                     package and guaranteed hours.
                                                                          So if you have a car and a full
    Best kept large/medium garden (more than 10m²)                        driving licence and want to
    Best kept small garden (less than 10m²)                               make a difference to someone’s
    Best kept planted container or window box                             life, then give us a call.
    Best kept communal garden

                                                                         21 21
Teen spirit                                                          Its never been a better time to be a young
                                                                     person living in a Sentinel neighbourhood.
                                                                     Some of you may already have joined in the Get With
                                                                     activities we lay on during the school holidays, or the
                                                                     team events organised by the community wardens
                                                                     that we also fund.

                                                                     But did you know that we also sponsor local youth
                                                                     clubs and sports initiatives for young people through
                                                                     our Community Chest Grant Scheme? So if you
                                                                     belong to a club that needs some extra cash give us
                                                                     a call and ask about the Community Chest.

                                                                     We also offer work experience placements through
                                                                     local schools, colleges and the Princes Trust. Speak to
                                                                     your school careers advisor if you’re interested in a
                                                                     placement with us.
Young people are often given a bad name,
especially if you believe everything you read,                       We’ll be offering even more for young
see and hear in the media.                                           people in 2009.
                                                                     Fancy getting together with other young people to
Here at Sentinel we’d like to put the record straight                tell us what you think about your neighbourhood,
and are looking for volunteer reporters who live in                  local facilities and school holiday activities? Give us
our neigbourhoods, to tell it like it is.                            a call and join our new Youth Panel.
• Do you get moved on if you’re hanging out with
  your friends?                                                      Into computers and chatting online? We’re looking
• Are there enough activities for young people in                    to set up a chat room where young people can share
  your neighbourhood?                                                news and views about what’s going on locally.
• Maybe you’ve seen a film or played a new game                      Check our website for details.
  you’d like to recommend.
                                                                     You can also:
                                                                     • Help to plan our Get With summer activity
Did you know er you all the
                                                                     • Tell us how you’d like to be actively involved in your
           off    irect can
 Connexions D               ce you need to
                                              help                     community through environmental and community
 inform   ation and advi                    life. From                 projects and be rewarded for your efforts.
                              oices in your
 make de    cisions and ch                      if you’re
                                 relationships                       • Help us develop new work placement
                to housing to                          0808
  education,                          advice. Phone                    opportunities for young people with our repairs
                     u can get free                      be
  aged 13–19 yo                         dline you will                 contractors.
                    is free from a lan
  001 3219 this                  mobile. Adviso
                                                  rs are
                                                                     • Become a local newshound, sending us articles
   charged if   you use your                         rmation
                                   . For more info                     and photo’s for this newsletter.
   there from 8    am until 2am   
   visit their website co
                                                                     If any of this grabs your attention get in touch
                                                                     with Melissa Chapman or Richard Pilbeam

If you’re aged between 12 and 19 give us a call or send • By phone on freephone number 0800 195 5515
us an email with your      or
news and views. You could win £25 of vouchers just      • By e-mail
for telling it like it is!

 22               Spirit: The Sentinel Magazine with the Community at Heart
In Shape….
     how well have we performed?
Below are the Customer Charter performance indicators from April 2008 to December 2008.
We aim to continuously improve our service delivery.

              Performance Indicator                       Up to Dec 2008          Target             At a glance
Letters answered within 10 working days                       98.8%                99%                   6
Customer Service Centre phone calls resolved at first           99%                 85%                  4
Customer Service Centre calls waiting lost                      9.9%                10%                  4
Average call waiting time (Customer Service Centre)          19 seconds         20 seconds               4
Customers satisfied with quality of responsive repair           96%                 96%                  4
Emergency repairs completed on target (1 day)                   99%                98.6%                 4
Urgent repairs completed on target (7 days)                     97%                97.1%                 6
Routine repairs completed on target (21 days)                   97%                 97%                  4
Current rent arrears                                            2.4%               2.6%                  4
Number of complaints received                                   194                 N/A                   -
Satisfaction with complaint outcome                             86%                 85%                  4
Satisfaction with complaint process                             88%                 85%                  4
Average time to re-let a general needs home                    24 days            23 days                6
Number of kitchens refurbished                                   167                153                  4
Number of bathrooms refurbished                                  157                153                  4

                                                        This issue’s star letter is from Mary Page
                                                        of Church Crookham
                                                        What does being a Sentinel tenant mean to you?
We’d like to include more of your                       Having a roof over your head?
views, opinions and letters in the                      Being able to let the kids out into a garden?
magazine. Our reader panel will                         Car spaces?
select a star letter to
                                                        Having bus routes nearby?
                                                        Neighbours nearby, even if you like your privacy,
WIN £25 of shopping vouchers                            they are there to call upon?
                                                        Shops close at hand?
To be featured in the next edition please get in
touch by Friday 29 May.                                 Schools too?
                                                        If anything goes wrong we can pick up the phone
You can either write to us at the Basingstoke office    and call for help, not having to search Yellow Pages
or email                 frantically looking for the solution that will be costly.
                                                        All of these things and maybe more, but for me it is
                                                        also that elusive quality...
                                                        Peace of mind
                                                                                   Thank you        Sentinel.
                                                                               23 23
Your Views
Community Spirit is a working title, and before we set everything
                                                                       Easter Office
                                                                       Opening Hours
in stone, we’d like to canvas your views. Fill in the entry form       Friday 10 April 2009
below to cast your vote or come up with your own idea and              Offices closed
you’ll be in with a chance of winning a year’s subscription to
                                                                       Monday 13 April 2009
your favourite magazine. The closing date is Friday 1 May 2009.
                                                                       Offices closed
Only Sentinel customers are eligible, and although Sentinel staff
can enter, they will not be eligible to win the prize.                 Normal services resume
                                                                  ✄    on Tuesday 14 April 2009.
 I think the name that best sums up this magazine is:                  If you have an emergency
     Sentinel Spirit     Community Spirit        Sentinel Scene        repair to report during this
                                                                       period, please ring
     Other                                                             0800 195 5515.
                                                                       Only emergency repairs
                                                                       reported during this
 Address:                                                              period will be passed to the
                                                                       Contractors. If you report an
                                                                       emergency and it is found
 Contact number:                                                       not to be an emergency, you
                                                                       will be charged a call-out fee.
                                                                       If you report a repair during
                                                                       this period that is not an
                                                                       emergency the order will be
                                                                       raised on Tuesday 14 April
                                                                       2009 (the repair completion
                                                                       target period will start
                                                                       from this date).
                                                                       Alternatively, for
                                                                       non-emergency repairs,
                                                                       customers can use our on-line
                                                                       repairs reporting facility on:

                  If you’d like this newsletter in large print, Braille, on audio tape
                  or in another language, please contact us on 0800 195 5515.
Basingstoke office: 56 Kingsclere Road Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 6XG
Fleet office: 11 Church Road, Fleet Hampshire, GU51 3RH
Produced by Sentinel Communications team Email:
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