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The Contact Lens Fitting:

Contact lenses are medical devices that require thorough testing to ensure
accuracy and safety. After your initial Visual Assessment and Health Exam, the
Doctor can discuss contact lens options and schedule you for a fitting session.
This includes evaluation of the lenses on your eyes to ensure good ocular health
as well as optimal vision. Included in new fittings are free trial lenses and 30 days
of unlimited follow-up visits to ensure continued success. Standard fees apply for
soft disposable lenses that correct basic nearsightedness. Specialty fitting fees
apply for patients that wear more difficult prescriptions such as bifocals or
astigmatism. Upon completion of the fitting, the patient may purchase a supply of
lenses for the remainder of the year. Each year a contact lens maintenance exam
is required to keep your contact lens prescription current.

Free Trial:
We are happy in some cases to offer a free trial to those patients that are unsure
about contacts. It is available to patients who have completed their Visual
Assessment & Health Exam and are deemed suitable for contact lens wear by the
Doctor. A separate visit is scheduled where the lenses can be worn in the office
for 10-15 minutes to evaluate the comfort and overall vision. Assuming the lenses
are satisfactory, a complete fitting can be performed that day, including an
evaluation by the Doctor and instruction on lens care. The usual fitting fees
apply. If the trial is NOT satisfactory, for any reason, the lenses can be discarded
and there are absolutely no charges incurred. The trial is strictly “in-office”.
Lenses may leave the office only after a fitting is performed.

Fitting Fees:
Visual Assessment                           $134

Std Fit - new wearer (has never worn
contacts & includes $30 instruction fee &
30 days follow-up)                           $97
Std Fit - experienced wearer, new
to Carteret Vision Center (includes
30 day f/u)                                    $67
Maintenance Exam - established CVC
Contact lens patients who have main-
tained yearly exam (includes minor
prescription updates with same lens type; no
follow-up included)                            $24

Refit Exam - established patient who
Requires follow-up due to a significant
change in prescription or a different
Lens type (includes one f/u visit)             $50


Toric Fitting - (astigmatism) Free Trial N/A  $65
Bifocals (or monovision)                      $75
Gas Permeable (semi-hard)                     $60
Other Specialty Lenses                Prices Vary


We adhere to guidelines set forth by the North Carolina Board of Optometry which state
that contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year from the date of your fitting. An
annual examination is required to renew the prescription.

                                 TRIAL LENS POLICY
As a large contact lens practice, we realize how dependent our patients become on their
contact lens wear. As a convenience, we offer the following options for emergency
contact lens replacements. However, THE RESPONSIBILITY IS WITH THE PATIENT

With examination procedures: unlimited trials (within reason) until final fit is
established: one pair at no charge with each annual contact lens maintenance exam.

Subsequent lenses will follow the following schedule:
Current (non-expired) RX: one pair of complimentary lenses: Unlimited trials may be
purchased as long as the RX is current. Fees for one pair of lenses per year is to be
credited towards annual maintenance exam. Remember, it is ALWAYS more
economical to purchase "by the box".

2nd year (CL Prescription is expired within the past 12 months): 1 trial pair may be
purchased. This dispensing fee will be credited back at the next examination (must be
within two weeks). No more trials will be dispensed without a contact lens examination.
3rd year (CL Prescription is expired more than 24 months): No lenses may be
dispensed without a contact lens examination.

Please remember this service is provided as a CONVENIENCE for emergency
replacement. The most economical way to purchase disposable lenses is "by the box"!

John R. Scibal, OD