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					                          KELLY CLARKSON

Kelly Clarkson was literally catapulted to fame by being the winner of
the inaugural American Idol TV show in 2002.

In the show Kelly sang her way from being just one of ten thousand
contestants, to being one of the thirty finalists to eventually being the
outright winner.

Over 100 million TV viewers loved her for it, engrossed by the rags to
riches story, the girl from Burleston Texas, a sweetheart from the
heartland of whom the notorious talent judge Simon Cowell was heard
to remark “There’s no question about it, you are the best singer on the

Critics who predicted that such TV manufactured fame would
evaporate have all quickly been proven wrong. Her debut album
Thankful sold over three million copies worldwide and her latest
Breakaway has already exceeded five million sales.

It’s a heart warming story for a girl who was literally working as a
waitress when she met you and who’s pre teen career ambitions had
been to be a marine Biologist, an idea she abandoned after having seen
the movie Jaws.

I came from a very musical family but nobody really plays any instruments
or like sings you know professionally or anything but they were always
listening to music everyone, and I am the youngest so obviously I just had
all these different musical influences from like my brother and sister and
parents. I actually grew up dancing from like when I could walk, I was a
dancer, I was on stage, loved performing and didn‟t even know I could sing
until I was 13. You know I guess you don‟t really know what you sound
like. You know still to this day I am like I don‟t know why do people like
me but you know that‟s cool. You know I think its more you know I never
sang in front of anyone so a teacher heard me sing in the hall way, Mrs
<.......> heard me sing in the hall way and said hey you wanna be in the
Choir and I was like NO! And then I found out I could sing so and from the
moment I found out I could sing, I literally dropped everything going on in
my life. I was 13, it was my first solo ... I knew I was going to make career
out of this. I was on stage and I had never really sang a solo before, I wasn‟t
nervous at all, I think just coz I had been on stage before you know dancing
and stuff, but I dont I went on stage and sang “Vision of Love” Mariah
Carey, I dont know the people, the people‟s reaction... I was so thrown back.
I was like „am I actually that good ...ah people just started coming up left,
right and centre. and I just started singing in church and people were like
you know what God has given you this gift, its inspiring ....... You need to
run with this...I didnt know I was supposed to sing so began to learn more
Opera style staff coz that‟s what they teach you in choir you know, so you
can blend, when you know how to sing classical music it broadens your
range of like music. Like I can sing Country, or R&B or Rock or anything
just because of that experience you know that I have had. Its kinda like basic
training you know for a vocalist so...

after school Kelly tried her luck in LA where she found herself working
for the famous songwriter Gerry Goffin. The big breaks weren’t coming
however and with Goffin falling ill and her apartment destroyed in afire
a return home became inevitable.

I had actually full scholarships after high school to go to great music
colleges or other colleges or to go whatever I wanted to really do just
because of singing and everything else that I had accomplished in high
school but I didnt go. I didnt use any of them, I knew that like if I...
something inside of me really wanted me to move to LA, really try it on my
own. I dont know I just had a feeling. So I packed up everything you know
after high school and went up to LA and worked, you know back up jobs in
bands and clubs, worked with writers you know I did everything that you
normally do you know coming up the ladder and I was doing great ..........and
my apartment burned down so I had no place to live... so I was like I was
living in my car for like 3 days, slept in my car finished out some studio
work I was doing and then I had to drive home coz then I was like I have to
take a shower!! (laughs) And then on my way home .... God works in
mysterious ways... he had a friend who told me about some auditions and I
was like ok cool I will go audition and it ended up being American Idols.

Video 1 – Miss Independent
Back in Burleson Kelly felt revitalised, she found solid work to pay the
bills but the dream of singing persisted. Then one day a friend told her
about a new television program, American Idol.
The funny thing about American Idol the first season, we had never heard of
any Idol, we had never heard of any show like that, so we thought whatever.
This is gonna not turn out to be anything, this is a joke but maybe since they
you know you gonna be live on National Television and you gonna be able
to sing what you want and be able to showcase yourself in a way that you
want, it was just too good of chance, too good of an opportunity to be able to
showcase yourself to millions of people nationwide and you know you knew
people would tune in to watch something live and you they would tune in to
see all the bad people that you had on the auditions. So you know it was just
too of an opportunity, we all knew that it wasn‟t gonna really amount to
anything you know we were like you know whatever. We just hoped for a
manager or a record executive or somebody to see us and be like wow I
could work with that. So whenever the competition actually blew up we
didnt know what to do so were just like wow so people really like this, and it
just became this own thing that nobody really ever, this phenomenal thing
that everybody just got sucked into. The only part that was gruelling, I mean
obviously I love auditioning I‟m weird, I love singing alright but auditioning
its just a challenge for me and I love. You know so each audition you know
even just to get to the <.......> you know the large shows you know it was
fun for me so I loved it. The only part that started getting hard was when the
show did blow up and 40 million were watching it you had to do all that
press and promotion to cover that and the States is a pretty big place so you
are doing you know photo shoots, you know interviews, TV and rehearsing
and everything from literally 4am till like 12 am the next morning so we got
no sleep. When I was the top 3, we didnt wanna win non of us wanted to win
coz we weren‟t sure like what that meant we like so we were like does that
mean we have to give up our first child??? And totally have to make a first
record we dont want to, you know we were all pretty fearful about what was
gonna happen if you did win. So were all pretty much like ok we wanna
make it to the top two but we dont wanna win, so how do we do that, so it
was actually funny that we were kinda like “I hope you win” so we did it so
you know, but you know when I did I was just like you know, I was very
fearful of what that meant, how many people were gonna try coz I had
already lived in LA and I had already been in contact with people that would
totally try to steam roll over you and package you and make you something
you not and I was not gonna do that so you know I just took it as a sign from
God that you know I already had these millions of fans and had this
opportunity of a giant door to the industry. You know I just told people that
look I am not coming up with a record that I dont wanna do, I wanna write
on it, I wanna be a part of the record, be very involved, you know I just
kinda let people know what I wanted to do.

Video 2 – Since you been gone

Kelly Clarkson won the American Idol contest on September 4, 2002
earning 58% of the vote over the other finalist. Her official prize was a
million dollar RCA record contract, the unofficial prize was instant,
mind boggling fame.

Going to the studio to make this record, I had already worked in the studios,
I had already done you, I mean I was you know at the back of vocal queen
so you know I already new I had that down, so you know I already had the
songs, I had written on Miss Independent. We had already had the material
which was just you know going into the studio and doing it. I had already
had experience in the studio. I mean even if not beforehand like I did in LA
we did it on the show, we were in studios everyday recording stuff. And you
know doing group songs and doing everything so I already had all this
experience in the studio, I was very prepared for that. You know the new
thing was you know, working with producers, that you know I actually have
a say. You know when you are a back up vocalist you know, you have to do
what exactly they tell you, you know, so with this it was cool coz you know
I got to kinda be a creator instead of you know the person behind, just
behind the voice. Millions of fans were waiting for a record you know right
after American Idol, you know a lot of people went out and bought that
record just coz you know they voted for the girl on a TV show and they
wanted to know what I was doing, you know, and then people actually end
up liking the music, you know, it wasn‟t just about that, you know. They
liked the fact that I was the singles you know, just everything that was
happening. I go to that interview and it was like „Oh how was writing on the
show?‟ And I was like „wow, basically what you are saying to me is that I
have actually no talent and I am writing on television programme?? Ok‟ So
lets see how I can change this. You know its not that I am like, I have to
prove myself to someone but its just like all the people that are working their
tails off with me, that‟s basically a slam in their face when someone says,
you are successful because of one thing, you know because all of us are
putting our energy and time and heart into our project and we wanna be, we
wanna be appreciated for that. And so with the next record we want a bit of a
different direction. You know we did a little bit more rock.

Kelly capitalised on her TV fame by selling three million copies of her
debut album Thankful. Critics predicted though that as the memory of
American idol faded so too would sales of her second album Breakaway.
They were soon proven to be completely wrong.

This record was different and it came out and it was kinda like, ok now you
cant say coz I am not doing anything like I did on the show so, obviously my
fan base a lot <.....> part of my family has a lot to do in that but I‟ve sold
almost triple compared to what I sold on my first record so you know that‟s
a completely different fan base that I have gotten now and also travelling the
world. Nobody saw me on the show. You know a different part of the
country, you now, when I go to Long America or Australia you know they
never saw my show, they like the songs, you know so its kinda cool you
know I kinda get you know best of the both worlds. People always thought
that making the second album was gonna be like <.....> more curse you
know, with all this pressure you know because of the first platinum success,
and I wasn‟t nervous at all, I love challenges I love the fact that you know
there was kinda that can you do it thing? All that it does is make me better.
I‟ve always been like that since I was a kid so, its cool for me you know I
wanna be you know obviously step up the game. I wanna do something
different, I wanna keep myself entertained just as much as you all! You
know I dont wanna be on stage singing the same staff over and over again
you know that would be pretty boring for me – I put boring and doll
together, thats now a word, but that would be doll for me, so I dont know
this record I wasn‟t nervous at all, I went into the studio and did a record I
wanted to do and the music I love. My big goal for this project is world
wide, you know I love touring, like that is my favourite thing about my
whole job I would risk and sacrifice everything so I could tour. And I know I
dont tour much in the states, I love travelling and seeing the world I just
figure why not? Be able to do both in the same time, so you know my big
goal, I had a talk with my management and the record label was to become
more of a world atrist than just America coz I dont like in the bubble of just
America all the time, I love America obviously but there is so many
different cultures, so many different things to see and learn about and I love
it, I love travelling.

Video 3 – Behind these Hazel Eyes

The years since American Idol have been the stuff of dreams to Kelly.
Travelling the world, selling millions of albums, singing to millions of
people and probably most satisfyingly of all winning the respect and
admiration of artists whose music she grew up listening to.

<.....> I have been so blessed with everything thats happened to me in the
past 3 or 4 years and I think one of the biggest ones are moments like
VMA‟s, these past VMA‟s in the States. I was thrilled that I was even
nominated. You know its an award show, you know its just an award but
you know I was thrilled to even have been just nominated you know in the
same category with people like Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, people that I
grew up listening to and I adore, and you know influenced by so that was a
win for me you know then to know that people in the industry vote for those
awards you know thats like your peers pushing you to win awards, like to
win that, that was a pretty amazing thing for me. I got speechless, its very
hard to make me speechless.

Perhaps somewhat still surprised by the change in her life since
American Idol took her from small town Texas to the world stage Kelly
has refused to rest on her laurels and even know is already writing
songs for the next album.

I am always working, I am always writing albums, either for my records or
for you know other projects. I offer free therapy, its therapeutic writing so
but I am always writing and I have already written a good 4 or 5 songs for
my next record that definitely already on the record so my band and I are on
the road a lot, always touring so, obviously you know. We are always
inspiring each other coz we are all, you know get about your musician and
all your people in the room and creative people in the room all you gonna
wanna do is you know create. So we are constantly doing staff like that and
showcasing the new material on tours and shows, you know giving people a
little taste and taste. In the new record you know how its kinda evolving is
very soulful rock, you know its just even more that way. You know so
hopefully people dig it coz I am absolutely loving it so...

Despite Kelly’s success TV Talent shows still draw harsh criticisms
from those who say they can offer only fleeting fame and fail to
showcase real talent. It’s an argument Kelly obviously has little time

Obviously there are critics out there for anyone and anyway in other
businesses, so obviously there people out there who are like oh you came
from a TV show and its manufactured, the funny thing about I can‟t speak
for any other type of talk show, I know they have things like Pop Stars or
other kinds of shows, <...> I dont know, the one I came from American Idol
in America, I dont know about other countries. I got to pick what I sang,
what I wore and what I talked. Anything that happened on the show was me.
And no first time artist gets to do that. A manufactured part its quite the
opposite. You know I got to write on my first record, I got to tour and do
things you know, make my show how I wanted to without people making
me do it. You know its the opposite of being packaged, you know I turned
down two deals that came to me without the show and they were horrible,
and then you give me this option that I get to do anything I want and then
you gonna give me a deal! Like thats, I‟d a moron to turn that down. So you
know all I can say to people that are against this show, you know thats cool.
I am not really a planner, you know I have never been a planner but I do
have like goals obviously like you know my big thing is to become more of
a world artist and thats the big one especially for right now and two you
know you to constantly be changing. I love making different records, I love
that they are not all the same. I love that whenever I tour I have completely
different records that you would never guess they were from the same artist.
You know my goals are never limit myself, I never wanna become that
person that makes a record to have hits. I have plenty of records that people
dont even know of. People like Paddy Griffin?, she is like probably one of
the most talented women on the planet. Nobody knows who she is but she‟s
making music that she loves, and thats awesome and inspiring people like
me, so you know thats just what I wanna keep doing, thats just my big goal.
obviously I‟m like any other girl, I wanna get married, have children, like 4
and I want at least 4. I want kids. Yeah you know I wanna be the soccer
Mum and you know do that whole thing, but you know not anytime soon but
you know its obviously in the future thats what I wanna do.

Video 4 – Because of you

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