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					    WEEK 8

               The Road Map
   What is your end game?
    – You need to develop a road map before you
      start driving traffic to your site.
   Why do you want a web site?
    – Orders
    – Inquiries
    – Brand awareness
    – Customer Service & Technical Support
    – Because your competitors have them
    – To appease the stockholders
    – No clue
              The Road Map
   You need to know what your goals are:
    – primary and secondary goals
   How much you can spend
    – Marketing-IT-Customer Service
   How you are going to handle the backend?
    – Do you have the support you need?
    – Whose job is it?
    – How much time can you allocate?
               The Road Map
   If you don’t know the answers
    – You will waste your time
    – You will waste your money
    – You will lose your chance to to make a good
      first impression to 10’s 100’s 1000’s of people
              The Road Map
   To be successful online you need focus.
    Your site must have one overall goal.
                   One Goal

 You got to have one goal.
 How does someone go around your site.
    – Is this what you want them to do?
 You train your customer,
 If not
    – they do what they want to do and they leave
                      One Goal
 There are two things you can do online
1-Generate Inquiries : Starting a dialogue
   – Free catalog
   – Free information
   – Free samples
   – Sign up for a club or loyalty program
      » Do sth that requires some sort of involvement or commitment
It is almost impossible to do the
                     One Goal
   What is the major thing you want to do?
    – Inquiries, customer service,sales
       » you take that one goal and you support that goal
         with secondary goals that match your goal.
    – If you focus on sales, technical support
      becomes another site.
                          One Goal
 You got to map out what the customer
  supposed to do when they go to the site.
 If the goal is to give information or generate
  an inquiry you are going to tell them to do
  specific things.
 If they are coming and looking for a job and
  not do what you want them to do you end
  up breaking the sites apart.
    – This is the only thing you can do long term, that will work.
                   One Goal
 Your  goal as a zookeeper to know
  what you want the customer to do and
  then to get them to do just that.
 You can change the customer
  experience by telling them where you
  want them to go.
  – Very few people tell you exactly where you want to go.
     » (self banners, guided tours)
   If the goal is to generate sale not to generate
    inquiry are we hurting ourselves by offering
    the free catalog?
    – Answer : In most cases, Yes
    – If the goal is sale all directions need to point in
      the road to the sale
    – If you start giving them other choices you
      impact that.
    – It is not that you don’t have access to a free
      catalog,but that access can’t be dominant
                   One Goal
   To have an inquiry site and have an order
    site is not a bad thing.In many cases that is
    the best thing you can do.But how you get
    the traffic from one place to another that is
    the tough one.
   What exactly do you want them to do?
    –   What their experience should look like
    –   What is the customer experience in the end
    –   This is what is going on in my site
    –   Orders, Inquiries brand awareness, customer
        service and technical support.
   Find a book I know I want
   Buy a book I want
    – Order straight from the product page
    – Configure
    – Confirm order details
   Browse book I might be interested in
   Get recommendations on books that might interest me
   Keep a note of the books that interest me
   Follow up on a book I want
   Send someone a gift
   Keep track of a gift I sent
   Redeem a gift voucher
     4 Very Important Things
 Your Home Page
 Shopping Cart
 Search Function and Navigation
 Email and backend programming
   A Solid Homepage
    –   Solid header
    –   Navigation
    –   E-mail Sign-Up
    –   Date
    –   Please bookmark this site
    –   Offer box
    –   Self banners
    –   Sell 3-4 products
    –   Hot Box
    –   Intro copy and text
    –   Refer this site to a friend
           You’ve Gotta Be Fast
   Immediate ordering or Inquiring
    – You’ve got 22 seconds to get their attention
    – You have got 2 minutes and 23 seconds to get their
    – You have got 5 minutes and 18 seconds to get their

   Short pages (2 pages)
    – Better to have lots of short pages than a few long pages
    – Long pages are too slow and overwhelming
                  Home Page
   Bananas for the gorillas
    –   Free information
    –   Reminder services
    –   Sweepstakes and contests
    –   Communication boards and forums
    –   Fun stuff
                  New Things
   The New New Thing
    – New things get people to :
       » Come
       » Stay
       » Interact
       » Stay longer
       » Come back
       » Think you an ebiz
         How Customers Think?
   It rocks or it sucks, there is no in the middle
   If they say this is hot they(10%) come back in
    approximately 8 days and they decide ( rocks or
    sucks) if they will start a relationship with you.
   If you are hot again you build a relationship with
    the customer.
   If you suck, which is very typical, you are not
    current or up to date.
   They ask: Has anything been changed since I
    have been in here?
   Change your homepage regularly
    – Noticeable change every 8 to 10 days
    – Changes don’t need to be dramatic, just enough
      to make them notice
    – Changing the offer works far better than
      anything else
       » Change deadline
             Home Page

 Change the date
 Change the self banners
 Change at least one news item
 Change the offer
 Do not change colors or Navigation
   Your site should look like your other
    marketing materials.
                   Intro Copy
   Intro copy, this is for search engine, the
    only copy the customers read. You will get
    real drill downs here.
    – Intro copy
       » 150 250 words.
       » Lots of links
 News. Speaks to the customers what is
 Biggest gardening company in the world
    – It s also search engine friendly
    – The company name comes first.
   Jakob Nielson
    – One of the leaders in usability
    – His book is worth looking
   Simple animation makes the eye going
 You may think the homepage is
 Number one entry page will tell you
    – 90% of the people who come to your site will
    – 90% of them will never come back
    – 90% of them will not drill down
   The goal is to make them stay longer
    through the site.
    – Increase your average user session
       » Average user session is 5 minutes b2b and b2c
       » If there is people who are there less than a minute in
         your site they are useless.

–   FAQ
–   Ask the expert
–   Testimonials
–   Tour or how to best use this site
              Lead Generation
   Ask for inquiry in every page
    – Ask for it in several different ways
       » Free catalog info
       » Contact (company name)
       » Would you like more information
       » Free Newsletter - Emails
             Lead Generation
   Make sure you can use the information. If
    you cant use it, don’t ask for it

   Confirm receipt. Quickly
   Be sure to ask qualifying questions so you can
    segment the names based on their propensity to
    buy at a later date.
   Post rules on the site
    –   Name and address
    –   Age/Area limitations
    –   Retail value of the prize
    –   Odds of winning
    –   Begin and end dates
    –   All contest rules and disclaimers
    –   Make sure to run them by a lawyer before you go live
             “File Not Found”
   A “File Not Found” page designed to
    replace the default File Not Found page
    your host offers
    – Custom page allows you to redirect users to the
      page(s) of your choice.
Shopping Cart
      The Perfect Shopping Cart
   Design your site for the Lowest Common
      The Perfect Shopping Cart
   Abandoned shopping carts
    – Major issue
       » Traditional   3-4 out of 10
       » Net           7.3-9.9 out of 10
 No more than 5 steps.
 Easy information first.
 Remind them NICELY when they screw up
          Perfect Shopping Cart
   What is perfect shopping cart?
    – Fast & easy
    – Intuitive(prevents the buyer from thinking)
       » Defaulting what the customers choice is very
    – Does all the work for you
    – Polite and courteous
    – Safe and secure
       » Say that your information is safe
       » Great choice to be there.
   Calculate discounts immediately ( #1
    – You go to checkout and it says your discount
      will be reflected at the time of confirmation.
    The Perfect Shopping Cart
 Calculate shipping, handling and taxes
  immediately, not after the fact.
 Don’t ask a million questions.
      The Perfect Shopping Cart
 Thank you for your order
 Your order has been shipped
    – Provide a tracking number
 If you have any questions……
 Keep ordering history for ever
 Keep unfinished orders with reminders
        The Perfect Shopping Cart
   6 keys to success
    –   Safety and security
    –   Speed
    –   FAQ and helpful advice (idiot proof)
    –   Alternatives to ordering online
    –   Ease of use&ability to make changes
    –   Confirmations
             Remind Them
Remind them what they left in their shopping
 Conversion is 60%-70%
 Most people clean it after a week.
   Two things that work like gangsbusters
    – Up-sell and cross-sell
    – PBI discounts put back in
       » Bought $5000 desktop
       » Go to checkout, put the monitor out
       » And box pops up if you put that back in 10%
       » 60 –70% puts them back lowest is 45%
       » It is random…..( I am smarter than the pc)
                  Tell the Price
   Tell the price upfront&allow people to order
    –   Help reduce transaction time
    –   Reduces abandoned shopping carts
    –   Increases average order
    –   Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
 A clear path (into, around and out) of a site
 Consumers need to know
    –   Where they are
    –   Where they can go
    –   How they can get there
    –   How they can get back to where they were
    –   Where they can look for help
   Secrets of successful navigation
    – Top Navigation
       » Free Info, Free catalog, Free whatever
    – Left hand navigation
       » Subject categories / Index
    – Bottom bar navigation
       » Contact Information / Privacy Statement
           Successful Navigation

   Easy to learn
    – users are not going to spend time to learn it.
      Like offline aisles, corridors
   Designed for the LCD
    – Yellow-if they are looking for post-it
   Consistent
    – Do not change navigation from pages.
   Fast
   A test for b2b
    – $350
    – Click if the product is there
    – They didn’t know if it went in.
       » Let customers know what is going on
    – The grandma’s turn off the pc
   You got to figure out what is the LCD and
    how the customers interacting with you.
 Top bar navigation sets the tone of your
 Right hand navigation is used for selling
    – Offer box
    – Don’t use right hand for search function
   Track eyes
          Left Hand Navigation
 Newsletter sign up
 Highlights
    – The most viewed after the offer
   Product list
    – have your content, separate from customer
   Bottom is refer a friend or colleague.
    – Letter is sent from me
          Right Hand Navigation
   Shopping cart
   Log in
   Offer box area is the hottest box of the site.
    – Something that can expire.
   Tip of the day, below the offer box
    – Tip of the day is very important because half of this
      page is shown in the first page view other half of should
      be shown in the bottom page view.
    – This is a hot spot to getting someone scroll down
    – Customers do very well with top ten
 What is just bought online. B2B and B2C
 If you have any search or type in your name
  DON’T put it in right hand column.
    – It s like driving in Britain for the customers
    – That is where we define the experience
   The eye moves the same internationally
   When a customer goes to your site there are
    certain things that they are looking for
    –   Where they are
    –   Where they can go
    –   How they can get there
    –   How they can get back to where they were
         » I am stuck I am leaving
    – Where they can look for help.
         » They try to fix it themselves
 Evidence, that someone like us already been
  there. Amazon
 User reviews Ebay and Amazon.
 30-35% should convert to inquiries.
 Inquiries: kind of dialogue, newsletter sign
  up, email address
               3 C’s of Success
   Content
    – Information that is helpful to ME!!
   Community
    – Customer-centric
       » Verticalnet
   Commerce
    – Solid homepage
    – Strong navigation and search function
    – Great shopping cart
 Give them a reason to come
 Give them a reason to stay
 Give them a reason to sign up
 Give them a reason to come back
 Give them a reason to tell their friends
  about you.
Getting people to STAY is what e-success is
  all about.
 New
 Exclusive
 Interesting
 Relevant
 Useful
 Interactive
   Things that stick
    – Auctions and discount areas
    – Internet only exclusives
        » Very good to put it out there 3 or 4 weeks before you put it on
          the direct mail piece.
        » Great area to test new things. Only on the internet.
    – Cosmo quizzes
        » Rate your hobby, job or something.
        » , you pick a quiz and it rates
          your customer service and it tells you what you should be
          doing to get better.Customer sensitivity quotient.makes
                      Get Sticky
   Ask for the order over and over and over…
    –   Next to every product
    –   Homepage (3-5 products)
    –   Offer box
    –   Bestsellers list
    –   Thank you pages
    –   Thank you confirmations
    –   Left hand navigation (once)
    –   Right hand navigation (once)
    –   Self banners (twice a page)
    –   Search results page(s)
    –   Action bar (quick order)
                    Get Sticky
   Work hard to improve your inquiry-to-
    buyer conversion
    –   Get something-anything-in the cart FAST
    –   Use an offer with a deadline
    –   Use an early bird bonus with a deadline
    –   Promote speedy shipping
    –   Offer a members only area
    –   Promote your telephone number
                   Self Banners
   2 banners per page
    – 1 on the top one on the bottom
   Use a mix of related and unrelated products
   Design 30 banners
   Make sure to place text under the banner
   Change your rotation every 7-15 days depending
    on your traffic
   Bring them right into the page where they can
    order the product
   Treat every banner as if you were using it on an
    outside side.
   An easy to remember URL
    – If your URL is difficult to remember, change it
       If you only have one you re not there yet.
   You need to get URL that customers going
    to remember.
    – the number 1 way of looking
   Have those names and all the misspelling of
    that name
           Try to Buy
 Company Name
 Brands
 Categories
 Plurals
 Misspellings
         USP ---TAGLINE!!!!!
   In online world they remember the tagline
    – And they search according to the words in that
      tag line

    – IP address and URL