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                                                A publication of the Jacoby Arts Center                Fall 2010 Edition

Arts & Champagne “Carnaval”

                                                                                                           Arts & Champagne 2009

Jacoby Arts Center will host our annual Arts & Champagne Auction Dinner on Saturday, September 18, at 6:00 p.m.
This year’s theme is a celebration of the “Carnaval,” with festive Rio de Janiero-inspired attire optional. Complimentary
champagne will flow as guests peruse and bid on art and services in the silent and live auctions led by auctioneer D-Ann
Kimbro. Each year Tony’s Restaurant caters a delectable buffet dinner, and this event will be no exception as you enjoy
live music played by Christine Bear. Tickets are $50 per person or a table of 8 for $400. Please call Jacoby Arts Center at
618.462.5222 for reservations. Call early as seating is limited and sells out quickly.

Artist Studios a Reality

A goal of the Board of Directors to provide affordable studio space for artists soon will become a reality. Thanks to an
anonymous gift of just over $102,000 to develop artist studios in the lower level of the building, we will begin construc-
tion this Fall on seven studios, four 19’ x 13’ and three 19’ x 17’ with adjacent common work and display areas. Artists will
have the option to share studio space as well. Proposal for a black box theater also is being considered. Renovation of the
lower level offers already existing advantages: a sizeable receiving area to accommodate large canvases and sculptures,
existing waterlines, and a partial below-ground location, costing less to heat and cool. Completion is expected by early
These studios are part of a Phase 2 Facility Development Plan which focuses on the lower level and back of the building
facing Landmark Boulevard. Exterior renovations include painting the Jacoby Arts Center logo on the back façade, replac-
ing old and boarded up windows, and continuing the joint project with the City of Alton and Alton Marketplace to trans-
form the vacant lot west of the building into a Pocket Park.
There are no small projects at the Jacoby Arts Center. Repurposing a historic building into a bright and useful future is a
creative process driven by a dedicated Board of Directors, staff and volunteers. This major gift helps jump-start the Cen-
ter’s vision to develop all aspects of the fine arts: music, theatre, dance, literary and visual. It is an expression of commu-
nity generosity and support for which Jacoby Arts Center is profoundly grateful.
Don and Jackie Jacoby Endowment Fund
With the sad passing of our benefactor, Don Jacoby, the Board of Directors voted to use a portion of the funds generously
donated to us from the Don Jacoby estate to set up the “Don and Jackie Jacoby Endowment Fund.” Don Jacoby under-
stood well the demand of daily operational costs and preparing now for the future, so it is to this end that these funds will
be directed. Those of you who would also like to be a part in ensuring continued operations at JAC are welcome to direct
your support to this fund. We are genuinely thankful every day for the continued support from the Jacoby family – and
from all of you!

Since You’ve Asked…
Many of you have asked, with the change in executive director, if Kathryn Nahorski, the former director, is leaving the Arts
Center. Kathryn remains at Jacoby, directing our educational programs. She also continues to volunteer her time coordi-
nating exhibits and artists as well as coordinating facility development and rentals.
Linda Miller has completed her term serving on our Board of Directors but will remain actively involved at Jacoby. Linda’s
artwork is carried in The Artist Shop and has been shown in our gallery exhibitions. She also is a regular volunteer at events.

Recycling at its Finest
The sixth annual rummage sale held Saturday, July 24, was once again a success due to quality donations and the unflag-
ging work of Coordinator Rose Mary Towey and her volunteers: Judy Allendorph, Bob Crivello, Rhonda Griffith, Jane
Hellrung, Allan Largen, Linda Miller, Cyndy Rice, Denise St. Peters, Susan Spineto, Jim Towey, Mark Vantrease and Modell
Yates. Publicity was carried out by Andrew Dobson, Nancy Williams, and JAC Marketing committee members Kathryn Na-
horski and Joseph Langley. Remainders were donated to local non-profit organizations including Hope for Animals Resale
Shop and Oasis. The proceeds of over $1,300 will definitely benefit Jacoby Arts Center. We’re looking forward to an even
bigger and better sale next year; you won’t want to miss it!

* To the Board of Directors: Susan Shobe, and Mark Vantrease
* To the Marketing Committee as Co-Chairs: Casey Bennington and Allan Largen
* To the Performing Arts Committee, Music Division: Casey Bennington, Meredith Elston, Allan Largen, and Jaka Wagner
* To New Volunteers: Jaka Wagner, Travis Ware, Allan Largen, Reid Mustain, Jeremy Shipley, Jan Hines, Caitlin Peach,
Joyce Zerban, Pat Imming, Casey Bennington, Nathan Badman, Ginny Coyle, Doloris Ele, Eric Murphy, and Jeff Tupper. A
big thank you to our regular volunteers, as well!
* To New JAC Members (May thru August, 2010): Colleen Boulds, Tracy Falcone, Joyce E. Boswell, Virginia Woulfe-Belle,
Kathie R. and John C. Wuellner, Lionel Boley, Kerry Ellen Vincent, Sarah Ansell, Dennison Foster, Andrea L. D. Maneke,
Marjorie Whitsell, Sue Sinclair, Cathy Droste, Carole Roller, Charles and Joan Sheppard, Jeanne Meyer, Claudia Herndon,
Mark and Terri Darr, Mary June Crowson, Virginia Coyle, Linda S. McGuire, Nikki Stephens, Maureen L. Neuling, Lynn F.
North, Barb Driesner, Vanessa Stock, Scott Ross, John Celuch, Michael Suchart, Ruth Ann Reese, Jessica Forys-Cameron,
and Brady Kesner.
Thank you to all for your very active and continued support.

   Jacoby Arts Center
   for your next event.
          Introducing Our New Executive Director
                                      Hello, everyone! I’m very excited to have this opportunity to introduce myself personally to all
                                      of you, our supporters, to whom we are ever thankful. My name is Melissa Mustain and I began
                                      working here at the Jacoby Arts Center on June 1 as the new executive director. And although I
                                      am the new executive director, I am not new to Jacoby.
                                                I have been serving as the project director for our Poetry Out Loud program for the past two
 cited to have this opportunity to introduce myself personally to all of
  ever thankful. My name is Melissa Mustain and I began working also assisted with marketing, publicity, and development throughout the past six
                                                years and have
ne 1 as the new executive director. And although I am the new
 acoby.                                         years. Artistically I am a writer, but I also do some photography (mostly scenic, architectural, and
                                                 for life). two years
roject director for our Poetry Out Loud programstillthe pastProfessionally, my career background has been in marketing, publicity, and business
 g, publicity, and development throughout the past six years.
                                                administration. I am very happy to be here at Jacoby once again and excited to experience the
do some photography (mostly scenic, architectural, and still life).
              incredible creative business that flows through the building as well as beyond its walls. I am looking forward to working with
 d has been in marketing, publicity, andenergy administration.
              everyone here and with all of you to take
 t Jacoby and excited to experience the incredible creative energy that JAC to the next levels of growth and development. I can’t say enough about
              walls once again. I I work with – it’s just simply
s beyond its all the peopleam looking forward to working with an amazing group! From our community supporters to our volunteers and to
 take JAC to the next levels of growth and development. I can’t say
              our staff amazing group! I know I’m truly
with – it’s just simply an and board –From our community blessed to be included in such an amazing group of talent and dedication and I can
              board – say thank you enough for all each
 ur staff and never I know I’m truly blessed to be included in such of you do.
cation and I can never say thank you enough for all each of you do.
              The next phases we will have signage are back
ment are getting underway, and soonof development on thegetting underway, and soon we will have signage on the back of our building, new
              windows, our local artists – and spaces to offer our local artists – and there’s more to come! Our activities and offerings con-
new studio spaces to offer and new studio there’s more to
              tinue to expand and grow hunger of to satisfy the hunger of the ever-increasing cultural appetite of the community. The arts
ontinue to expand and grow in order to satisfy thein order the ever-
 mmunity. The arts are booming throughout the area and it’s truly an
          are booming throughout the area and it’s truly a wonderful time to be a part of it all!
Jacoby lately, please do soon. If I haven’t yet met you, I know I want
              If you haven’t stopped in at Jacoby lately, please do soon. If I haven’t yet met you, I know I want to. If you have any ques-
rns, or ideas for things you’d like to see happening through the
              tions, concerns, or ideas for things you’d like to see happening through the Center, be sure to let us know. After all, it’s
 all, it’s because of all of you that we continue to grow!
          because of all of you that we continue to grow!
          Seeyou soon,
              you soon,

          Artist Profile: Robert Maguire
          Robert Maguire has taught art for 37 years on all educational levels, from elementary to college. His program at Cahokia
          High was called “a gold mine” for art students of higher education by the Kansas City Art Institute. He was honored as
          The Illinois Teacher of the Year in 1985 by the Illinois State Board of Education.
          Maguire’s passion for drawing is manifested in his personal artworks. He has a penchant for illustrating everyday or com-
          mon objects that yield rich and vibrant aesthetically rewarding images, transforming the mundane into much more. A
          series of works with these types of images is shown in his pencil frottage works. This transfer and rubbing process yields
          varied creative, but uniquely distinctive, types of mark making. These marks and gestures add pneuma or breath to his
          works. Maguire has exhibited in many juried shows, including Ball State Small Drawing and Sculpture Show and Jacoby
          Arts Center Juried Exhibitions. He is also exhibiting in the upcoming ARTEAST Studios and Exhibits Tour.

                                                                      Studios and Exhibits Tour    11 AM - 5 PM Both Days

                                                                         October 16 & 17
                                                    A Program of                                  618.462.5222

          Editor                                                                Layout
          Jean King                                                             Andrew Dobson
Arts Calendar
Jacoby Arts Center                          Concerts 2010                               Events
627 East Broadway
                                            LIVE at Jacoby: last saturday nights        “Carnaval” Arts & Champagne
Alton, IL 62002
                                            $10 General Admission                       Annual Fundraiser
                                            $8 Seniors and Students.                    Saturday, Sept. 18, 6:00 p.m.
                                            Season tickets: $60                         ARTEAST
Holiday Closings                            Doors Open: 6 p.m. Concerts: 7–9 p.m.       Alton-Edwardsville Studios/Exhibits Tour
Easter, Mother’s Day, Sunday and Monday     Sept. 25                                    Friday & Saturday, October 16, 17
of Memorial Day Weekend, Father’s Day,      The Jared Hennings Band                     11 a.m.–5 p.m. both days
July 4th, Sunday and Monday of Labor Day    Jazz Standards, Ballads, Broadway           Artsplash
Weekend, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve    Show Tunes                                  2nd Saturdays of the month, beginning
and Day, New Year’s Eve and Day
                                            Oct. 30                                     Sept. 11, 10:30-12:00
Gallery Exhibitions                         Gabie McGarrah                              Free art activities for children
                                            Pre-Halloween Parade Concert
Aug. 13–Sept. 26                                                                        Listen for JAC events and activities on
Of The Earth                                Family Entertainment                        WBGZ/1570 AM Radio:
                                            Doors open 5:30 p.m.
Gallery Talk, Wed., Sept. 22, 7 p.m.                                                    “JAC on the Air.” Melissa Mustain with
                                            Nov. 27
October 1–November 7                                                                    host Mark Ellebracht. Wednesdays,
                                            The Crusell Quartet                         10 a.m.: 9/8, 10/13, 11/10
ARTEAST Small Works
                                            Elsie Parker (“The Poor People of Paris”)
Opening Reception, Friday, October 1, 5–8                                               “Matinee Madness.” Jean King and
                                            Elegant Classical Chamber Music             musicians featured in LIVE at Jacoby: last
                                            Dec. 11                                     saturday nights concerts with host Mike
November 16, 2010–January 9, 2011
                                            Limited Edition                             Montgomery. Fridays, 4:15 p.m.: 9/17,
Fact and Fiction: The State of
                                            LCCC Holiday Concert                        Jared Hennings; 10/22, Gabie McGarrah;
Contemporary Photography
                                                                                        11/19, Elsie Parker
Opening Reception, Friday, November 19,

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  Melissa Mustain                                                          Board of Directors
  Executive Director & Poetry Out Loud Director
  Officers                                                                 Sally Ford
                                                                           Deborah Hawkins
  Victoria Conley                                                          Samuel Preston
  President and Education Coordinator
                                                                           Susan Shobe
  Susan Bostwick                                                           Rose Mary Towey
  Past President and ARTEAST Project Director                              Mark Vantrease
  Ron Dublo
  Susan Pate
               Concentrating in:
   Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation,
    Social Security Disability, Family Law,
        Traffic Tickets, General Law

   618-254-0055              800-421-0960

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