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									m a n a g e m e n t   S e r i e S

Core Competencies to Continuously
improve Performance at Work

gain soft-skills and the competency to manage your work and the people you work with. this
programme focuses on developing self-directed performers with the right attitude for learning and
delivering high quality work that will make a bottom-line difference in your organisation.
m a n a g e m e n t   S e r i e S

                                      You Can Be
                                      effective too!
                                      Core	Competencies	to	Continuously
                                      Improve	Performance	at	Work

Soft-skills programmes are           	 Objectives                                  	 Facilitator
designed to create a balance           Participants will learn:                    	 AnAnthy	SAnkArAn
between task and people at           • Core competencies that count in a             ananthy boasts 20 years of working
                                       performance evaluation and how to             experience in the marketing, sales and
work. Focus on developing your         continuously enhance performance.             training industry. She is winner of the
staff to become self-directed        • How to work better with people and how        prestigious “Best in-house trainer” award
                                       to communicate clearly.                       from a top notch training and Consultancy
performers with the right attitude   • to change mindset and look at challenges      firm in the country.
                                       more positively.
for learning and delivering high     • How to manage workload productively.         She has trained employees from all
quality work that will make a        • How to turn intentions into actions.         levels including top management, Senior
                                     • to recognise what’s urgent and what’s        managers to Clerical staff. Her areas
difference in your organisation’s      important.                                   of expertise or most popular training
bottomline.                                                                         workshops are largely in the administrative
                                                                                    competencies areas—such as motivation,
                                     	 Who	Should	Attend                            Communication, interpersonal Skills,
given a chance and the right                                                        Leadership, and many more.
                                     • Clerks
mind-tools, everyone can master      • Supervisors                                  Her portfolio includes in-house training
                                     • Officers                                     programmes for Polis Di raja malaysia
the core competencies of work        • executives                                   (PDrm), LHDn, PerKeSO, tnB, JPm, mPSa,
productivity. give your people       • managers                                     JPa, and Jabatan akauntan negara, to
                                                                                    name a few. ananthy was also on the
that chance, today.                                                                 panel of PerHeBat (Perbadanan Hal-ehwal
                                     	 Methodology                                  angkatan tentera) trainer at Sungai Buloh
                                                                                    where she had conducted entrepreneurship
                                      Lectures, supported with group discussion,    and motivation programs for Cadets,
                                      role play, case study, self analysing &       majors and Colonels.
                                      experiential learning. this programme
                                      is simple and easy to understand, with        ananthy has also conducted programmes
                                      practical applications that will produce      for the automotive industry; she assisted
                                      immediate results.                            400 Line Leaders from Perodua to enhance
                                                                                    their core competency skills, she also
                                                                                    formed positive work culture for more than
                                                                                    200 staff of naza Kia, toyota assembly,
                                                                                    Proton and 100 Volvo staff.

                                                                                    ananthy Sankaran holds a B. econs.
                                                                                    (Business administration) and masters
                                                                                    Degree in Civilization Studies from
                                                                                    University malaya.
m a n a g e m e n t   S e r i e S

                                        You Can Be
                                        effective too!
                                        Core	Competencies	to	Continuously
                                        Improve	Performance	at	Work

                                    	 Course	Outline

                                    	   CreAtIng	A	bAlAnCe	betWeen	               	   underStAndIng	WhAt	IS	
                                    	   PeOPle	And	nuMberS                        	   requIred	OF	yOu
                                    •   are you task oriented?                    •   What my boss and others want from me
                                    •   are you people oriented?                  •   am i acting my roles?
                                    •   How to create balanced leadership style   •   How to carry my responsibilities
                                    	 ChArACterISIng	yOur	WOrk	Style
                                    • Understanding evolution of                  	 IdentIFyIng	COre	COMPetenCIeS
                                      time management                             • What is competency?
                                    • are you productive?                         • main contributor in performance
                                    • What tasks are considered productive in       evaluation
                                      finance department?                         • Core competencies at present level
                                                                                  • Core competencies for the next level
                                    	   WOrkIng	WIth	StAkehOlderS
                                    •   analyse your communication matrix         	   underStAndIng	yOur	AttItude
                                    •   Your personality versus team member’s     •   How much attitude contributes to KPi?
                                    •   Your personality versus boss’             •   Understanding “Financial attitude”
                                    •   Learning to accept differences            •   Strength and weaknesses of finance staff
                                                                                  •   What influences my attitude?
                                    	   deAlIng	WIth	debt	COlleCtIOn
                                    •   things to know by heart                   	   MAkIng	AttItude	WOrk	FOr	yOu
                                    •   Creating your collection system           •   Simple attitude changing process
                                    •   Handling difficult situation              •   Discover how much can you change
                                    •   maintaining a positive relationship       •   Secret to develop positive attitude.
   regIStrAtIOn	FOrM		|		MPdC	PrOgrAMMe                                                                    PrOgrAMMe	regIStered	FOr

   Online registration:                                                                     COre	COMPetenCIeS	tO	COntInuOuSly	
                                                                                                           IMPrOve	PerFOrMAnCe	At	WOrk
   PartiCiPantS’ DetaiLS
1. FULL name aS Per i/C (Dato’ / Datin / Dr / mr / mrs / ms):                            Vegetarian meaL      1 & 2 September 2010 (Wednesday & thursday),
                                                                                                              grand Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


   DeSignatiOn:                                                      memBerSHiP nO.1 :                     member                                       | rm 750
                                                                                                           member Firm’s Staff or Sponsored Staff 1     | rm 850
                                                                                                           non-member                                   | rm 950
2. FULL name aS Per i/C (Dato’ / Datin / Dr / mr / mrs / ms):                            Vegetarian meaL

                                                                                                           regIStrAtIOn	/	enquIry

                                                                                                           CAll :	Shadia
                                                                                                           tel : 03.2279 9349               FAx : 03.2273 5167
   DeSignatiOn:                                                      memBerSHiP nO.1 :
                                                                                                           Add : malaysian institute of accountants
3. FULL name aS Per i/C (Dato’ / Datin / Dr / mr / mrs / ms):                            Vegetarian meaL          Dewan akauntan, no. 2, Jalan tun Sambanthan 3
                                                                                                                  Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

   DeSignatiOn:                                                      memBerSHiP nO.1 :                     terMS	&	COndItIOnS

                                                                                                           COurSe	Fee	
                                                                                                           Fee is payable to:
   OrganiSatiOn’S DetaiLS                                                                                  1. MIA-MPdC for programmes in the Klang Valley and other
                                                                                                              locations (other than item 2);
                                                                                                           2. MAlAySIAn	 InStItute	 OF	 ACCOuntAntS for programmes in
                                                                                                              Perlis, Penang, Perak, Kedah, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.
                                                                                                           Fee includes course materials, lunch and 2 tea breaks per day.
   inDUStrY:                                            COntaCt PerSOn:                                    admittance will only be permitted upon receipt of full payment.
                                                                                                           registration made by fax must be followed immediately by
                                                                                                           CAnCellAtIOn	/	trAnSFer
                                                                                                           Upon registering, participant(s) are considered successfully
                                                                                                           enrolled in the event. Should participant(s) decide to cancel/
                                                                                                           transfer their enrollment; a cancellation/transfer fee will be
                                                                                                           levied. Written cancellations/transfer notice received:
                                                                                                           • One (1) week before the event, a refund (less an administrative
   teL:                                                 FaX:                                                  charge of 20%) will be made.
                                                                                                           • For no-show on the day of the event, no refund will be
                                                                                                           You can substitute an alternate participant(s) if you wish to avoid
                                                                                                           cancellation/transfer charges. any difference in fee charges will be
                                                                                                           charged accordingly. Cancelled/transferred unpaid registrations
                                                                                                           will also be liable for full payment of the registration fee.

                                                                                                           SPOnSOred	StAFF	
                                                                                                             Sponsoring member is required to indicate his/her name,
                                                                                                           designation and membership number in the registration form. the
   SignatUre & COmPanY StamP                                                                               sponsored staff must report directly to him/her in his/her firm or
                                                                                                           company, but for the latter, not in a subsidiary or related company.
                                                                                                           in the absence of written information on sponsoring, no refunds
   PaYment DetaiLS                                                                                         will be applicable after confirmation of acceptance of registration.
   PaYment BY CHeqUe                                                                                       terms and conditions apply.

   BanK & CHeqUe nO.:                                                 amOUnt (rm):
                                                                                                           CPe	hOurS
                                                                                                           all participants will be presented with a Certificate of attendance
                                                                                                           upon successful completion of the programme. For mia members,
   PaYment BY CreDit CarD                                                                                  the CPe hours will be credited into the membership System within
                                                                                                           2 weeks of the programme.
      ViSa        maSter (tick whichever applicable)   CarD eXPirY Date:

   CarDHOLDer name:                                                                                        malaysian institute of accountants (mia) reserves the right to
                                                                                                           change the speaker(s), date(s) and to cancel the programme
                                                                                                           should circumstances beyond its control arises. mia also reserves
   CarD nO.:
                                                                                                           the right to make alternative arrangements without prior notice
                                                                                                           should it be necessary to do so. Upon signing the registration
   i aUtHOriSe PaYment OF rm:                                                                              form, you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms and

   Date:                                               SignatUre:

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