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A 10,000Km 18 Month Odyssey from
   Mongolia to Hungary by Horse

The vast steppe of central Asia is a region that has always been on the very fringes of
western consciousness. Indefinable, mysterious, a middle earth tucked between the
taiga of the north and the world’s greatest mountain chains in the south, it continues to
stir imagination.
In June 2004, pursuing his passion for adventure Tim Cope will embark on a journey
throughout this realm of mountains, steppe, deserts, and nomads. He will travel from
Mongolia to Hungary by horse, foot, and camel- a route not successfully completed
since Ghengis Khan and his descendants created the largest empire in history more
than 700 years ago.
A testing journey of 10,000km and 18 months, it will take him into the lives of the
nomads still living today, and in the footsteps of those passed into legend. In
particular it will follow the Khan Empire that stretched as far west as Hungary. What
better way to understand this region than to experience it from the saddle, among the
locals, intoxicated by the borderless steppe and taste of fermented mare’s milk?

From Mongolia’s majestic Altai Mountains Tim will cross into the plains of
Kazakhstan, the high alpine pastures of the Tien Shan and Pamirs in Kyrgyzstan, then
head westward on the fringes of the Kyzylkum desert to the dying Aral Sea where
horses will be traded for camels. From here it will be across the steppe out of the
wilderness into Russia where a horse and cart will be used onward into the Ukraine
along the fertile coastland of the Black sea.

Finally he will cross the Carpathian mountains into Hungary. From nomad heartland
of Mongolia to civilized Europe where eight lane highways and cities abound it will
be a unique look at the surviving legacies of the Mongols, the stories and issues of the
current-day descendants, and how it must have felt as a steppe-dweller arriving at the
end of his world and observing the oddity of sedentary life. At the heart of this will be
Tim’s personal story as he strives to live a dream in the face of an epic
adventure…first he has to learn to ride a horse!
                       TIM COPE: A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY

Tim Cope, a 25 year old Australian, has spent the past
six years pursuing dreams of adventure and exploration.
During that time he has travelled extensively in Europe,
studied on scholarship for a year as an arctic guide in
north Finland and Russia, cycled for 14 months, and
10,000 kilometres across Russia, Siberia, and Mongolia
to China, learnt to speak Russian, rowed a wooden boat
5000km through Siberia to the Arctic ocean, and guided
in Antarctica. At the core of his journeys is a love of adventure, people, and personal
challenge. For Tim, adventure is not about conquering the elements, but learning
about the world by immersing himself in the different cultures, landscapes and
situations he encounters.

These experiences have enabled him to develop a passion for writing, filming, and
photography. His first documentary, (filmed, narrated and co-directed by Tim), called
‘Off the Rails, On the back roads to Beijing’ was screened on the ABC in July 2002.
It documented his 10,0000km recumbent bike journey with Chris Hatherly. The full
52 minute version has since been the recipient of three major film festivals awards in
Europe. His book, 'Off the Rails' was released by Penguin in April 2003. More
recently, his second documentary went to air on National Geographic. Tim was the
director, cameraman, and one of the principle characters in ‘The Yenisey Expedition;
Rowing Siberia’s Wildest Rive.r ’ It has since won the ‘Peoples Choice Award’ at the
Banff Film Festival.

In the year 2000 Tim was the recipient of the ‘Australian Spirit of Adventure Award
2000,' presented by Australian Geographic for the cycling journey. In 2002 he was
awarded the Young Australian Adventurer of the Year. For Tim, living out these
adventures and sharing his experience with others have become a career.

How do I make contact with Tim during the journey?

There are a number of options to get in contact with Tim while he is on the road. In all
cases he should be able to respond with a phone call, or email within 48 hours.

      Send a free email/text. You can send a free text message to Tim’s phone from
       your email account by addressing it to: Tim
       can call you back, or send an email to you.

   Please note that these messages cannot be more than 160 characters, and that
   the characters in your email address are included. The subject line will not
   appear on Tim’s phone.

      Send an email to: Tim will be able to check his
       email on a relatively frequent basis, but will check phone messages more
      Call ‘Internatioanl Access Code + 881631012999 and leave a voicemail

Where Can I find background and information about Tim?

For all your needs visit By accepting Tim’s
correspondence it is hoped that you will also refer to this website online or on air so
that the listening audience can follow the adventure in more detail. A lot of effort goes
into keeping this site up to date and highly interesting.

Are there some high resolution pics that I can access for publishing?

Yes! Go to the ‘Resources’ page on Tim’s website where you will find media
resources including some high resolution pics for downloading. Alternatively Cds will
be sent out with images upon request.

How will pics be made available during the journey?

Digital pics will be made available by email and post live from the adventure. Later
on, transparencies will also be available.

What is the timeline of events?

Tim will depart on May 26 and return to Australia in December 2005.

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