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Warren County Report


									 Independent Local News Magazine for Front Royal & Warren County, Virginia

                  Warren County Report                      Vol 1 Issue 1                 Aug/Sep, 2006

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          A NEW ERA
   Officials poised and ready as two new schools take shape
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                              A student looks back but questions the future
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Why is it so high?                                                           Locals react to
Page 32                                                                             conflict
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Page 2                                                         Warren County Report                                                         Aug/Sep 2006

A personal note from the publisher
   Everybody who knows anything        end. They are a lot like us even if     has grown to where a ton of differ-      publishing        successes      and
about newspapers or magazines          they sound different.                   ent people look at it each day, most     screwups. He is an inspiration to
tells me that I should have an offi-      My dad was stationed in some         of them from around here.                me and puts out one heck of a good
cial editorial or two on this page     pretty scary places (in a late-night        But I figured that if I started a    paper.
next to a bunch of legal stuff. But    conversation I’ll tell you he darn      newspaper or magazine, more                  Thanks to all my friends and
I’m running so darned late for the     near won the Cold War single            people would see it since it would       website users who responded to my
printer that I was worried that I      handed!) My parents retired to          be staring them in the face when-        insessant pestering to check out
would throw something together         Stephens City, where it is pretty       ever they went into a store.             bits and pieces of this publication
without thinking about it too hard     peaceful when a neighbor isn’t            This is kind of strange since most     as I worked out the style and sub-
and get into trouble. So I just        blowing up his house.                   experts say that the media is get-       stance.
thought I would tell you folks a         I also have the two best sisters in   ting away from the print format and          Most of all, thanks to you for
little about me and this paper as      the world. One became a Winches-        more into the Internet. I am doing       buying this paper and taking the
though we were sitting at the Daily    ter LPN (she says that stands for       the opposite, except I’m keeping         time to read it. Now hurry up and
Grind over a cup of fancy coffee.      “lowest paid nurse”) and the other      the site, even though much of the        put it back together neatly and stick
   I was born in Japan but I’m not     owns a Manassas strategic market-       stories in the paper won’t appear        it back in the stack so they can sell
Japanese--although at 5’6”, I          ing firm, whatever the heck that        there in their entirety. If I do that    it again. Roger is bugging me for
wouldn’t mind going back one day       means, and is up for Woman of the       no one will buy the paper and I          a salary!
to buy some suits and not have to      Year in the city.                       won’t be able to afford to print it.
pay to get them hemmed!                   I went to Fork Union Military           I believe that a paper will sell if   Dan McDermott
    My parents were stationed in       Academy in the ninth grade and          the content is good, original, and       Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Okinawa in the late sixties when I     then moved to Front Royal in 1990       local. And a little wit doesn’t hurt     Warren County Report
came along. In fact, the whole is-     to work at R-MA where I taught          either. So we’ll try to deliver all
land was a U.S. military base. I       computer programming and started        that each issue.
                                                                                                                           Warren County Report
grew up all over, living in Greece,    R-MA On-Line. I have lived here             I want to thank some folks for
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Belgium, and visiting a whole          moved to Manassas to work as a             Roger Bianchini has helped me
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bunch of other countries. It was a     database programmer and write a         immensely for gas money while I
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lot of fun seeing the whole world      computer game, and the time I           got my act together. This paper flat
when I was a kid but sad when I        went to Winchester to open a res-       out would not have happened oth-
                                                                                                                                  Publisher and
had to keep moving all the time,       taurant in the mall. (You’ll be able    erwise. Sure, he’s an old 60’s con-
saying goodbye to all my friends       to read all about the restaurant if I   spiracy theorist and I’m pretty con-
                                                                                                                                Daniel P. McDermott
over and over. When someone asks       ever finish my book, “How to Lose       servative and we argue about ev-
me where I’m from I have to say,       a Million Dollars Before You’re         erything, but that makes it fun. At
“Got a minute?”                        Forty.”)                                least I know that if I have con-
                                                                                                                           Managing Editor and Reporter:
   It was also a dangerous way to        I have liked the news since I was     vinced Roger about something I’m
                                                                                                                                 Roger Bianchini
grow up. I saw a lot of people die     a kid. I worked for a year as news      probably on the right track.
                                                                                                                                 (540) 636-7386
and we were evacuated once, right      director at a radio station in              Paula Conrow has entered our
before our house was bombed by         Lynchburg and in January I started      group recently and is selling ads.
angry Pakistanis.                      hosting the News at Noon and The        She has done a bang up job, espe-
                                                                                                                                Advertising Sales:
   But I got to see Princess Diana     Valley Today on 95.3 FM and 1450        cially since she didn’t even have a
                                                                                                                                  Paula Conrow
in person and meet a whole lot of      AM here in town. It is a lot of fun     sample issue to show people. And
                                                                                                                                 (540) 635-4835
other famous people. Mostly I          except I get recognized everywhere      she handles Roger and me pretty
learned that people all over the       from the ad on channel 23.              well.
world--except for the loud crazies-      In November 2005 I started the           I especially want to thank Doug
                                                                                                                        Subscriptions are $30 per year ($45
-pretty much want a house, a car,      website          Harwood, editor of The
and a job so they can relax and        since there really wasn’t an active     Rockbridge Advocate monthly, for
hang out with their wife and kids      community site for Warren County        being so helpful by providing me
or watch a good game on the week-      or Front Royal. In nine months it       with insight from his 12 years of
Aug/Sep 2006                                              Warren County Report                                                          Page 3

Winds of change blowing
through school hallways

    Warren County
    Junior High School
    Photo by Roger Bianchini
    Courtesy of Reginald
    Cassagnol / CassAviation

WCHS and WCJHS be gin                                                    for reopening in the 2007-08 are still being ironed out in the
                                                                         school year as the new Warren halls of county government, the
countdowns to new facilities                                             County High School.                  building occupying the high
                                                                            However, the undercurrent of ground above Luray Avenue is fac-
                                                                         change also pulls hard at students ing future use as a public school,
By ROGER BIANCHINI                    Those pending changes are more walking the hallways of 66-year- just on a different level as one of
Warren County Report                readily apparent at Warren County old Warren County High School. two planned renovated middle
                                    Junior High School, where stu- For this is that historic community schools.
   School years come and school dents will be housed in some newly landmark’s final season as what it           For administrators, teachers and
years go, but in Warren County this constructed wings, as well as trail- has been for six and a half decades, the students these are exciting,
is a landmark season of, if not ers while the school’s seven-year- the county’s lone public high busy and even worrisome times.
change, change on the horizon.      old, original wings are refurbished school. While details and logistics See Schools Page 4
Page 4                                                           Warren County Report                                                     Aug/Sep 2006

Schools (from Page 3)                    nient but we knew it was coming.        Business as usual?                    and gone to heaven to have new
                                            “And to be honest, I’m not too                                             facilities,” Calhoun says of her
WCJHS Principal Andrew Keller            concerned about what we’ll face             But at both schools to a great school staff’s anticipation of the
addressed the challenges and an-         this year. These trailers are pretty    extent it must be business as usual, 2007-08 school year. “How much
ticipation of the coming year at his     nice, it’s not like we’re putting our   WCHS Principal Melinda Calhoun of that is in the sight of the students,
school. One immediate conse-             students in cattle cars, they are       points out.                           I’m not real sure because students,
quence is the temporary return to a      good classroom trailers and they’ll        “As excited as we are about the at their point in life, are not really
post-Labor Day opening to allow          have all the things that would have     prospect of new facilities, we’ll be projecting themselves into the fu-
more unimpeded summer con-               been in their traditional classrooms    in the middle of a school year at a ture as much as we older people
struction time at WCJHS.                 this year.”                             high school, with all the testing re- tend to do. I think as this year
                                            But beyond the transitional use      quirements, making sure the kids progresses I’ll be able to better an-
WCJHS evolves                            of trailers to house students, por-     are ready for graduation. That’s all swer the question about how the
                                         tions of the newly constructed          you really have time to focus on students are viewing the changes
    “I think it’s difficult to get the   wings and facilities, including         and this is going to be an intense that are coming,” Calhoun said in
pulse of eighth and ninth grade kids     classrooms, a gym and refurbished       year and we’ll have the same re- her office in late July.
on many levels, and their only as-       cafeteria, will be open for use as      quirements on us as we have for          But for one class at the high
sociation with change last year was      other existing areas are under con-     the past six years of making those    school there will be no preparation
that some of their windows were          struction. So, at WCJHS it is much      [state and federal] test scores and for change other than that faced
boarded up. But I think the kids on      more immediately a year of transi-      making sure our kids are getting annually by high school seniors
the whole are probably very ex-          tion, change and a bit more physi-      what they need to get out into the everywhere – graduation.
cited about the fact they’re going       cal turmoil than is being felt at the   world and go on to higher educa-        “We certainly hope to instill the
to have brand new everything next        high school.                            tion or go on to jobs,” Calhoun       perspective that it is an honor to
year. It’s going to be inconvenient                                              said.                                 be the last high school class to
this year but I think everybody’s                                                  “We talk all the time about how
going to accept that inconvenience                                               we’re going to think we’ve died See Schools Page 5
as a hurdle toward progress.
   “It’s going to be a challenge for
us this year because we have about
20 trailers around here, some of
which are going to be a pretty good
distance from our gym. So, we’re
going to really have to play around
with the time it takes to get from
one class to another and routing
people through areas to make sure
that they can get there not only on
time but without having to wear a
hard hat. So that’s going to be
tough but I think it’s something we
certainly can do successfully.
Eighth and ninth grade kids are
pretty resilient and they will re-
spond to almost anything, really.”
Keller said he saw firsthand evi-
dence of that resiliency as an as-
sistant principal at the school seven
years ago.
    “When we first opened this
building up in 1999, we did not
have lockers or a gym the first half
of the first semester. And teachers
and students both responded to that
and we really did not have any
problems with it. It was inconve-
Aug/Sep 2006                                                   Warren County Report                                                               Page 5

Schools (from Page 4)                  WCHS,                                    to be tied to, as opposed to a build- here in over 65 years. For the kids
                                       an end & a beginning                     ing itself.                           that will be in Skyline High School,
graduate out of this building, as it                                                                                  they’ll be able to say to their chil-
will be an honor to be the first        During the debate over one ver- New school, new traditions                    dren and grandchildren, ‘I was part
graduating class out of the new sus two new high schools, many                     “And I think for those students of making that happen,’ and frankly
buildings,” Calhoun said of her WCHS alumni expressed alarm who will attend the new school, I think that will be really exciting.”
school’s seniors.                     that their own children might not that can be really exciting too. It’s           McInnis noted that some students
   One senior, Melissa Fisher, ex- graduate from a school of the same           like being a charter member of an have expressed distress at the pros-
pressed the mixed emotions many name as they had. And after the organization. The kids that go to pect of being separated from long-
seniors may be experiencing about class of 2006-07 that will be the Skyline High School will have the time classmates and friends in the
the coming year. “I would have case for some. Half of the county’s opportunity to start traditions, to 2007-08 school year. The admin-
liked to have been in a nice, new public school children will gradu- put things in place that no one has istration is contemplating a joint
comfortable school but not split up ate from Skyline High School, just had the opportunity to do here since graduation ceremony for Skyline
from my friends. I feel good about over the ridge beyond Criser Road 1940, when the current high school and Warren County High Schools
being part of the Class of 2007 – from the soon-to-be-former Luray building opened. Nobody has ac- in 2008 to address those concerns
the upside is we rock and we get Avenue high school.                            tually had an opportunity to create to some extent, McInnis said (see
that special distinction of being the     But Warren County Public new traditions for a high school related student comments, Page 6).
final class to graduate from the old Schools Superintendent Pamela
building, the downside is that the McInnis believes what is to come
world after graduation seems more may not be as problematic a change
uncertain than ever.”                 as some have feared.
   Calhoun noted that her staff has      “Those parents that have been
already made some recommenda- part of this system and are WCHS
tions about making the coming graduates, I think are very tied to
year a special one at the high that building. But being one of
school.                               those people, though I don’t have
  “A couple of teachers, in fact Ms. kids, but when I was there, it was
Fox initially, have already men- only the main building. The career
tioned to me that this Homecom- and tech-ed center wasn’t there, the
ing needs to be a very special one whole gym and athletic wing and
and we’ve already talked about band rooms were not yet in place.
how we could involve the commu- So, when you think about it, people
nity in that.”                        adapted pretty well when they
   Calhoun also said she is thank- added those more modern looking
ful for the time, effort and liaison buildings because it improved the
work the central office staff has put facility.
into preparing for the coming tran-     “And I think that’s the same re-
sition. “You couldn’t do those two action that’s going to happen next
jobs at once,” Calhoun said of the year. Kids are very adaptable and I
tasks facing school and school sys- think once they get into the new
tem administrators in such times of buildings and see what they have
change.                               to offer, things will go very well.                      in
  “Central office is where they are     “Warren County High School is
really planning out the new not going away, that’s what’s im-                    Front Royal & Warren County’s
schools. Initially they asked for a portant. What WCHS means and
lot of input from us for floor plans is, and not the facility it’s in, but
                                                                                    community newspaper:
and what we’d like to see in the the people and what goes on inside
new building and all the staff had those walls makes the school what              Warren County Report
input into that. But once it got un- it is. So that will all still be there, it
derway they have been the ones just won’t be the same physically,”                    Call (540) 635-4835
continuing that work.”                McInnis says. “Perpetuating that                      or E-mail:
                                      WCHS name, it will have the same
                                      traditions as the current WCHS   
                                      has. And that’s what people need
Page 6                                                         Warren County Report                                                         Aug/Sep 2006

One junior’s perspective    Quotes
on a two high school future
                                                                                                                        "What we usually pray to God
                                                                                                                        is not that His will be done, but
                                                                                                                        that He approve ours." - Helga
                                                                                                                        Bergold Gross
By MEGAN RITENOUR                   selves.
WCHS junior, anticipated Skyline      “I will make the adjustment, like        the new suburbs of Winchester?           "It would be easier to subjugate
High senior                         everyone else, whether I want to              “A joint graduation would help        the entire universe through force
                                    or not – and I don't want to. It will      a lot for me personally, but will we     than the minds of a single vil-
  “Skyline High School has been be hard after being a stubborn                 have joint proms too and home-           lage." - Voltaire
long coming for Front Royal, it Wildcat for so long. For me the                comings in the future?
should have been done many years Wildcats of Front Royal were not                 “I am being stubborn I realize        "It is the job of thinking people
ago. Some of the advantages of just another school – we have been              this, but I am a diehard Wildcat and     not to be on the side of the ex-
being the first senior class at the united, we have grown together             a lot of people are. I just wish         ecutioners." - Albert Camus

                                                                                                                        "I am not blaming those who are
   WCHS junior Megan
   Ritenour, left, and senior                                                                                           resolved to rule, only those who
   Melissa Fisher expressed                                                                                             show an even greater readiness
   overlapping perspectives on                                                                                          to submit." - Thucydides
   what it means to a part of
   their respective classes in the                                                                                      "A general dissolution of prin-
   2006-07 school year. WCR                                                                                             ciples and manners will more
   Photo by Roger Bianchini.                                                                                            surely overthrow the liberties of
                                                                                                                        America than the whole force of
                                                                                                                        the common enemy. While the
                                                                                                                        people are virtuous, they can-
                                                                                                                        not be subdued; but when once
                                                                                                                        they lose their virtue, they will
                                                                                                                        be ready to surrender their lib-
                                                                                                                        erties to the first external or in-
                                                                                                                        ternal invader ... If virtue and
                                                                                                                        knowledge are diffused among
                                                                                                                        the people, they will never be
                                                                                                                        enslaved. This will be their great
                                                                                                                        security." - Samuel Adams,
                                                                                                                        American Patriot and Politician
new schools will be having all         and we know each other – it’s the       they’d have built one new school
spanking new facilities. Everything    small town effect. For instance, I      in ’95 but they didn’t and my class      "I am not a vegetarian because I
will be gorgeous. The disadvantage     could tell you a story about any        of '08 is going to have to deal with     love animals; I am a vegetarian
is the split, obviously from class-    person in my class of 2008. When        it, whether we want to or not.           because I hate plants." - A.
mates and staff.                       that is gone, for me Front Royal           “We can make it the worst, most       Whitney Brown
   “The old classmates not being       will have changed forever.              miserable high school year ever or
able to experience their senior year     “We will no longer be the War-        we can suck it up and just try to        "If I had thought about it, I
together, with all of the advantages   ren County Wildcats, taking the         think that the last class is still       wouldn't have done the experi-
and happiness of just being a high     criticism from the Frederick            united, just for the fact we’re go-      ment. The literature was full of
school senior, being there for each    County schools together. How will       ing through the change together. In      examples that said you can't do
other through getting in college or    we look at those future battles?        the real world you may not like          this." - Spencer Silver on the
just watching the people I have        Will the battles we have to look for-   things but you can only do so much       work that led to the unique ad-
known since I was in the sixth         ward to most be the battles against     before you face it. And that is what     hesives for 3M "Post-It"
grade spending our last year to-       each other? It is difficult to me to    it is to me – I may not like it, but I   Notepads
gether before we go out in ‘the real   face, Front Royal being against         have to accept it like everyone else
world’ to make something of our-       each other, are we just going to be     and make the best out of it I can.”      Dist. by DBR Media, Inc.
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Page 8                                                         Warren County Report                                                      Aug/Sep 2006

Town ups the
                                                                              had five town managers, including      lution, saying he did not believe the
                                                                              three interim, in two-plus years.      town needed to make concessions
                                                                              Initially Town Engineer Steve          as presented to fill positions. How-
                                                                              Burke helped fill the void left when   ever, the need to fill a crucial hole

salary ante
                                                                              Town Planning Director Brevetta        at a time planning and rezoning
                                                                              Jordan was fired near the end of       have become volatile and legally
                                                                              2005. That position was filled on      contentious matters for the town
                                                                              an interim basis two months ago        held sway with the council major-
Soliman making $20,000-plus                                                   by William Shelley. Both the pub-
                                                                              lic works and finance departments

more than other department heads                                              have also turned over at the top in    Meet Nimet Soliman
                                                                              the past year.
                                                                                Interim Town Manager Robert S.         Soliman will assume her position
By ROGER BIANCHINI                      town manager narrowed to two fi-      Noe Jr. explained during July 24       with the town on Sept. 15. She is a
Warren County Report                    nalists, time will soon tell if em-   discussion of the reclassification     1969 graduate in Engineering from
                                        ployment trends impact that hiring    and associated benefit package and     the University of Cairo, and comes
   Front Royal Mayor James M.           in a similar fashion.                 job requirement adjustments of the     to Front Royal from Prince Will-
Eastham said on Aug. 8, that com-          While incoming Front Royal         planning chief ’s position, that       iam County, where she has been
petition for qualified planners by      Planning Director Nimet Soliman       Soliman’s acceptance of the job,       employed for 27 years. She has
private industry forced the town to     was hired at a base salary of         whatever it’s to be called, was con-   served as Assistant Planning Direc-
go offer a higher than anticipated      $100,000 per year, plus benefits,     tingent upon council’s approval of     tor there since 1992 and was
salary to the town’s new planning       the position was advertised at con-   the terms of the newly-defined po-     Deputy Director for Land Devel-
director.                               siderably less.                       sition.                                opment for three years prior to that.
  Eastham explained that over the              The town’s website -              Among the terms approved by           Among the projects Soliman was
eight months the town attempted - listed     resolution of council was a waiver     involved in as Prince Williams’
to fill the position on a permanent     the position at a salary range be-    of residency requirements within       assistant planning director were the
basis it found itself increasingly      tween $48,526.40 and $77,583.48,      the community for “up to three         creation of a Rural Crescent Area
competing not with other munici-        plus benefits. That advertised up-    years” (Soliman lives in               within the county’s 1996 Compre-
palities, but rather with the private   per end salary would have put the     Gainesville), that a severance pack-   hensive Plan, establishment of fis-
sector.                                 new planning director, now called     age equal to one month’s salary for    cal methods for calculating sug-
  “Private industry has been hiring     the Assistant Town Manager for        each year of service be given for      gested proffers from developers on
a lot of the planners out there and     Community Development, in the         involuntary separation not due to      rezoning proposals, and 25-year
they generally compensate at a          range of existing town department     misconduct, and a town match of        growth projections. Soliman is also
higher level. So we found our-          heads as shown in the accompany-      50 percent of the employee’s an-       Prince Williams’ staff liaison to the
selves in the position of having to     ing chart.                            nual contribution to the ICMA RA       Washington Metropolitan Council
deal with those kinds of numbers          Soliman’s salary averages out to    retirement fund, up to a total of      of Governments and was respon-
to have a realistic hope of filling     about $48 per hour.                   $2,500.                                sible for developing codes to com-
that position with a qualified indi-      The town has been trying to sta-        Councilman Eugene Tewalt, a        ply with newly applied Chesapeake
vidual,” the mayor said.                bilize key positions after a season   former town public works director,     Bay watershed regulations.
   With the town’s hunt for a new       of staffing turmoil. The town has     alone opposed approval of the reso-

         Current Front Royal Senior Staff Pay
                                                                                                                           Date in
         Name                             Department                             Hourly          Annually        Hire Date Position
         Julie Bush                       Director of Human Resources            $33.77          $70,241.60      01-03-05 01-03-05
         Kim Breeden                      Director of Finance                    $37.28          $77,542.40      08-24-81 09-01-05
         Ronnie Williamson                Chief of Police                        $38.21          $79,476.80      11-11-81 11-02-05
         Joe Waltz                        Director of Public Utilities           $39.17          $81,473.60      12-01-05 07-01-06
         Steve Burke                      Dir of Pub Wrks/Twn Eng                $36.36          $75,628.80      07-15-02 07-01-06
Aug/Sep 2006                                                    Warren County Report                                                                 Page 9

War ren County drops Island
Far m rezoning challenge
Developer’s attorney, Strasburg planning chair debate ‘conspiracy’ charges
Warren County Report                    forth “by sitting town council          of a potential suit by the developer.   tally challenged Shenandoah River.
                                        members” who voted with the 5-3         “In discovery we’ll find out who          The Strasburg Planning Commis-
    Following a closed session on       majority to approve the rezoning        attended what meetings, who did         sion unanimously recommended
Aug. 1, the Warren County Board         in June. Those allegations include      what and to whom.”                      denial of the Island Farm proposal,
of Supervisors voted 4-0, with one      meetings at Strasburg Planning            Last month members of Voice of        which has been on the drawing
absent, to drop a legal challenge of    Commission Chairman Leon                Strasburg urged the Warren board        board since 2002. Athey said his
the Strasburg Town Council’s June       Smith’s house “in which incoming        to follow through on its challenge      client stood to lose about $10 mil-
14 Island Farm, or Summit at Ox         town council members illegally          of the rezoning due to a being left     lion if the rezoning was reversed.
Box, residential rezoning.              attended . . . and developed a strat-   out of the pre-vote review process.         Three councilmen who voted
  Following the Warren County de-       egy to try to overturn this particu-    While the Voice of Strasburg con-       with the majority that approved the
cision, Madison Development Cor-        lar decision in violation of Virginia   tingent said they believed notifica-    rezoning on June 14 did not seek
poration attorney Clifford L. Athey     law,” Athey said.                       tion omissions by the Strasburg         re-election in May and another was
Jr. called the citizen and grass-root     Smith said that while opponents       government may have been inad-          defeated. It is believed if the rezon-
organization, Voice of Strasburg’s,     of the rezoning had met at his          vertent, they reflected a pattern of    ing were revisited the new council
ongoing legal challenge of the re-      house to discuss the approval pro-      arrogance by the former council         majority would oppose approval.
zoning on flawed procedural             cess situation, neither he nor any      majority.                                   At an Aug. 8 meeting of the
grounds “a farce” and threatened        councilmen, incumbent or incom-           Warren County filed its challenge     Strasburg Town Council two citi-
legal action over an alleged con-       ing, attended. Smith said that meet-    of the rezoning on July 13, one day     zens, Kim Bishop and Joyce Gary,
spiracy to sabotage the former          ing was hosted by his wife and had      before the deadline to do so. At that   lambasted Councilmen Nicholson
council’s approval process.             been attended by citizens, who op-      time Warren Board Chairman Ri-          and Wallace for their early depar-
  However, contacted later that day     posed the rezoning.                     chard Traczyk said the suit was         ture from the July meeting to pre-
about Athey’s remarks, Strasburg          But Tuesday morning, Athey in-        filed to give Warren County staff       vent a Closed Session revisiting of
Planning Commission Chairman            dicated his client is prepared to       time to review the proposed devel-      the Island Farm legal issues.
Leon Smith denied allegations of        pick up the legal apple thrown its      opment.                                 Strasburg Mayor Timothy S.
a conspiracy, which he said were        way by sitting Strasburg Council          Following the Warren board’s de-      Crisman also read a prepared state-
initially made by sitting Strasburg     supporters of the rezoning.             cision to withdraw the suit Tues-       ment outlining what he believes are
Councilmen Steve W. Nicholson              “If [the Strasburg Council] de-      day, Traczyk said that in the wake      elected officials responsibilities of
and Edith R. Wallace following          cides to take the unusual step of       of a county planning staff evalua-      office and suggested the creation
their early departure from a recent     saying that somehow we’re going         tion of the project it was concluded    of a Vision Committee of public
council meeting.                        to use this spurious argument about     there would be “no appreciable          and private individuals to develop
  “Mr. Athey has been threatening       notice to try to revoke [the rezon-     adverse impacts on Warren               a statement of principal dealing
law suits through this whole pro-       ing] then they’re opening them-         County” from the planned 180-           with future growth issues.
cess, ‘If we don’t get what we want     selves up to a number of causative      home residential development to           One new councilman, Donald M.
we’ll sue,’ but there is not a bit of   actions that will go to whether or      be phased in at 18 homes per year       LeVine, said he had had what he
truth to these allegations and Mr.      not they had any involvement with       over 10 years on 61 acres of the        termed “fruitful” conversations
Athey better start checking his         the problems with the notice re-        property’s 135 acres on the             with both Nicholson and Wallace
facts,” Smith said.                     quirements when they were ini-          northside of the counties’ border.      about the situation since the July
  Athey confirmed the allegations       tially published. That would in-           Opponents have centered criti-       incident and believed the council
of possible sabotage of the review      volve the town planning staff, the      cism of the project on potential en-    could move constructively for-
process by opponents of the rezon-      town manager, the incoming coun-        vironmental impacts to nearby Ox        ward. Neither Nicholson or
ing in and out of the Strasburg town    cil members, the chairman of the        Bow and Cedar Creeks, two feeder        Wallace commented on the situa-
government have been brought            planning commission,” Athey said        streams to the already environmen-      tion.
Page 10                                                      Warren County Report                                                   Aug/Sep 2006

Enchanted Dragon Mirror
Maze a roaring good time
By Dan McDermott                       Adrian Fisher Mazes Ltd, an En-      Maze is open year around.             the attraction offers a miniature
Warren County Report                   glish firm that flies all over the      Skyline Caverns also features a    train ride.
                                       world making memorable and           world renowned cave tour that is         For more information, call Sky-
  Having only been to a cheap car- unique mazes. It was built by a          also open year around and a new       line Caverns at (540) 635-4545.
nival maze when I was a kid, I was contractor out of Florida.               room available for birthday parties
shocked at the beauty and intricate       The Enchanted Dragon Mirror       and other gatherings. Seasonally,
decor of the Enchanted Dragon
Mirror Maze, the newest attraction
at Skyline Caverns, in Front Royal,
  Within 30 seconds of entering the
maze, I was lost. But luckily our
guide knew enough to get us back
out. The walls are incredibly clean
mirrors in sort of diamond pattern
where you can't really tell if it is a
pathway or a mirror until you al-
most bump into it. This leads to an
amusing sort of cautious gait nor-
mally seen only when a nightclub
is closing.
    The mirror maze occupies a
building that formerly housed a
general store. And according to
Skyline Caverns manager Brooks
Bolen, it has been a great success
from the start.
   "We opened the mirror maze on
black friday, the day after Thanks-
giving. And it is a real hit, espe-
cially for groups with kids. We
don't know of any other mirror            Warren County Report
                                          photo by Roger Bianchini
maze anywhere near this area."
    The maze was designed by

   Blue Ridge Educational Center
                                54A Chester Street

                              Providing Assistance for:
                             * Home-schooled Students
                * Public/Private School Students in Need of Training
                      * Adults Seeking a Diploma or G. E. D.

                                    Open all year                Grades 7-12

             (540) 631-9503 *
Aug/Sep 2006                                                      Warren County Report                                                               Page 11

South River and                                                                   The Baby Boomer Nester

the Hatch Act                                                                     by KRIS RADISH

                                                                                      There are many joys and blessings attached to the word, mother,
Federal job restrictions could                                                    but I am hear to tell you that a traffic court appearance with a teenage
                                                                                  daughter is not one of them.
again impact district’s board seat                                                   This is also not a very nice way to spend the dog days of summer.
                                                                                  It's hot and muggy. We should be at the beach and not dressing up in
                                                                                  skirts and make-up to go handle the first traffic offense.
By ROGER BIANCHINI                       federal salary but joked, “it’s more         Speeding, of course. My daughter has a size 11.5 foot, which, the
Warren County Report                     than $10,000.” County board mem-         last time I checked, fit nicely onto the gas pedal of her hail-damaged
                                         bers make about $3,000 less than         red car. But there she was, doing 45 with her foot on the brake, so she
   South River District Supervisor       $10,000 annually.                        says, just as the speed limit dipped to 25.
Scott Weinberg recently acknowl-           According to the federal website,          It was midnight, and she was on the way home, with my permis-
edged that Hatch Act restrictions        the Hatch Act impacts the political      sion, after curfew, after comforting a friend who was going through
on partisan political activity by fed-   activity of executive branch em-         Crisis #389.
eral employees would not allow           ployees, District of Columbia gov-         I am here to tell you that Rachel still fits on my lap, but it's a stretch
him to run for reelection in 2007.       ernment, and some state and local        because she is 5' 11" tall. She can still cry into my hair and wipe her
  However, Weinberg explained he         employees who work in connection         nose on my arm, which is exactly what happened at 12:23 a.m., on
is considering options to move into      with federally funded programs.          that fateful night.
private sector employment because           State Department employee                 She was scared, and so I did the right thing and held her when I
he considers service in local gov-       George Glavis abandoned a                wanted say, "Well, you were speeding." I was a kind heart, a wise
ernment more important than a                                                     mama, and extremely tired the next day.
place in the federal bureaucracy.                                                     My lively daughter could have just paid the ticket, but she is still
  "It's way more important than the                                               driving under the auspices of a probationary license, and the manda-
working in the federal govern-                                                    tory four points on her driving record would have been close to the
ment," Weinberg said of his role as                                               edge. So, as she started saving money for the ticket out of her meager
South River District supervisor. "I                                               deli waitress salary during the past three months, I prepared her for
haven't made any decision but if I                                                the realities of life in my world.
decide to run again, I'll have to                                                    It's basically called, Sometimes You Have to Pay Big for Your Mis-
move into private sector employ-                                                  takes.
ment." Weinberg said he has had                                                      My stomach was in my throat as we got up and drove across town
such offers in the past.                                                          to the municipal court, and Rachel peppered me with questions.
   Weinberg is a native Canadian,                                                   Court was crowded and I was not the only mom with a son or daugh-
who became a U.S. citizen after           Scott Weinberg may quit fed HHS job     ter who got caught. Rachel took it like a woman. She got up in front
attending Christendom College             to keep seat on Board of Supervisors.   of the judge, told him what happened, got two points knocked off and
and marrying a U.S. citizen. He got                                               a verbal warning to, "Be careful." And then we were in the car, hug-
his job in the U.S. Department of        planned 2003 run for office due to       ging.
Health and Human Services, Ad-           the Hatch Act. After his withdrawal          "Why do they make everyone stand up in front of everyone and
ministrative Division for Children       from local politics, the South River     talk?" she asked as we gulped water. "Well, I think it's to humiliate
and Families, after the 2003 South       District resident’s wife, Linda, ran     you a little bit, to make you say it in public, to make you feel uncom-
River District race to replace retir-    a write-in campaign that garnered        fortable so you never do it again, and well, because they can."
ing and long-time Supervisor             279 votes in the 2003 South River          I, for one, am glad that is out of the way, because with my daughter's
Stuart Rudacille. The Hatch Act          board election. Weinberg defeated        lead foot, this was bound to happen, and sooner than later when it
allows federal employees like            former county airport commission         comes to this, is good news.
Weinberg, elected before their fed-      chairman Charlie Brown by 12                The other good news is that my lovely princess is broke from pay-
eral employment began, to serve          votes, 557-545 in that race.             ing her fine and cannot fill her gas tank.
out their elective terms in office.      Weinberg stressed fiscal conserva-          For once, I do not care about driving her sweet self around town.
However, a run for reelection is         tism, a hallmark of Rudacille’s ten-
prohibited.                              ure as South River supervisor, in          (c) 2006 Kris Radish · Dist. By DBR Media, Inc.
  Weinberg declined to specify his       his campaign.
Page 12                                            Warren County Report                                          Aug/Sep 2006

Front Royal Tourism                                                                                         AL

Guest Registry Report                                                                                       AZ
July 2006: 1,587 Domestic & 392 International                                                               CO           10
from 46 States & 27 Countries                                                                               CT
                                                                                                            DC           29
                                                                                                            FL          137
                                                         Australia                        10                GA           26
                                                         Austria                           5                HI            2
  What prompted your                                     Belgium
  visit to Front Royal?                                  Czech Republic
                                                                                                            IN            5
                                                                                                            IA            8
                                                         England                          49                KS           21
                                                         Ireland                          36                KY           39
  AAA Travel Guides                           2
                                                         Scotland                          7                LA            8
  Appalachian Trail                          22
                                                         Wales                             2                ME            8
  Bicycle Tour                                2
                                                         Germany                          47                MD          157
  Blue Ridge Pkwy Directory                  10
                                                         Hong Kong                         1                MA           26
  Business Trip                              15
                                                         India                             6                MI           43
  Brochure                                    2
                                                         Israel                           18                MN           14
  Camping Directories                        24
                                                         Italy                             4                MS            3
  Christendom College                        13
                                                         Japan                            10                MO            4
  Driving Through                           133
                                                         Korea                             5                MT            -
  Friends                                    19
                                                         Lithuania                         2                NE            -
  Highway Signs                               3
                                                         Malta                             2                NV            -
  History/Civil War                          87
                                                         Netherlands                      29                NH            6
  Internet                                    5
                                                         New Zealand                       7                NJ           78
  Local Resident                              7
                                                         Poland                            3                NM            2
  Lonely Planet Travel Guide                  1
                                                         Qatar                             3                NY           85
  Model-A Club                                4
                                                         Sri Lanka                         8                NC           46
  Previous Visit                             23
                                                         Sweden                            4                ND            6
  RCI Condo Exchange                         16
                                                         Switzerland                       6                OK           10
  Randolph Macon Academy                     11
                                                         Taiwan                            2                OH          100
  Regional Resident                          94
  Relatives                                  92                                                             OR            6
  Relocating                                 13                                                             PA          173
  Skyline Caverns                            55                                                             PR            2
                                                      This data was compiled by Front Royal Tourism         RI           14
  Skyline Drive/SNP                         638       Coordinator Don LaFever from the guest registry.
  Uncertain or no reply                     147                                                             SC           19
                                                      You can find Don and a wealth of information at       SD            -
  Vacation                                  462       the Visitor’s Center on Main Street. (540) 635-5788
  Visiting                                   75                                                             TN           27
  Wineries                                    6                                                             TX           51
                                                                                                            UT            -
  July 2006 Total                         1,981                                                             VT            2
                                                                                                            VA          211
  (The above numbers have been categorized                                                                  WA           17
  from a wide variety of answers far too broad                                                              WV           19
  to enumerate as listed in the guest registry.)                                                            WI           20
                                                                                                            WY            -
Aug/Sep 2006                                                   Warren County Report                                                            Page 13

The Bing’s Field of Dreams reopens
Community raises the bar for youth athletics facilities throughout the Valley

Warren County Report

   “It was 53 years ago today, Sgt.
Pepper taught the band to play,” or
more appropriately on this occa-
sion, “the Bing to croon.”
    Okay, okay, paraphrasing the
opening line from The Beatles
summer of love – 1967 for you
youngsters – landmark Sgt.
Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
album is probably a bit obtuse but
we are taking artistic license due
to the musical Bing Crosby con-
nection. Yes Virginia, the stadium
is named after Bing Crosby, the late
crooner/actor, because he donated           Bing Crosby Stadium
$4,000 to the community’s youth             Photo by Roger Bianchini
recreation programs that put the            Courtesy of Reginald
                                            Cassagnol / CassAviation
stadium project in motion after
coming to town to premier one of
his films in the early 1950s.           third place in the Little League       plexes throughout the Shenandoah      ten by speakers during that Satur-
    But back to basics – I know         World Series following an un-          Valley. As went “The Bing” it         day morning ceremony.
where the heart of a story lies and     timely, freak injury to one key        seemed, so went the community as         Two of those speakers, Warren
this one’s is in a community’s com-     player. In 1953 that team played in    it battled hard economic times and    County Board of Supervisors
mitment to its future and its chil-     a $10,000, concrete wall-encased       occasionally itself, in the wake of   Chairman Richard Traczyk and
dren.                                   “Bing” that was state of the art for   the loss of its major employer of     Vice-Chairman Ron Llewellyn
   It was, in fact, 53 years ago that   youth athletics at the time.           nearly 50 years, the American Vis-    were part of the county govern-
Front Royal’s 11-12-year-old, 1953        But over a half-century later that   cose, then FMC, then Avtex rayon      mental team that dared to dream
                                                                               manufacturing plant.                  this community would support a $3
                                                                                  Does “The Bing’s” resurrection     to $4-million athletic investment in
                                                                               point to the successful culmination   its children and its future. And
                                                                               of another rebirth, that of the       while that nearly $4-million expen-
                                                                               American Viscose site as both busi-   diture has been an ongoing topic
                                                                               ness and recreational parks? With     of debate for some, on a recent
                                                                               the same commitment and for-          Saturday such grumbling faded
                                                                               ward-looking perspective of local     like the shadows driven from the
                                                                               government, one can certainly         Bing’s field by an emerging late
                                                                               hope for a similar conclusion.        morning, July sun.
                                                                                  “Build it and they will come,” a      “This new ballpark is, indeed, a
                                                                               line from the baseball fantasy film   field of dreams for virtually every
    Photo by Roger Bianchini
                                                                               “Field of Dreams,” seemed an ap-      child coming through its gates . . .
                                                                               propriate reference to the vision     What child does not dream of the
Little League All Stars, the first to   facility had aged, deteriorated and    and commitment leading to the         opportunity to play in a Camden
play in the original Bing Crosby        was passed both in appearance and      July 22, 2006, grand re-opening of    Yards or a Yankee Stadium?”
Stadium, made it to Williamsport,       amenities by newer high school         Bing Crosby Stadium. It was a ref-
Pa., where they finished a gutsy        and even some Little League com-       erence and a theme returned to of-    See Bing Page 14
Page 14                                                         Warren County Report                                                     Aug/Sep 2006

Bing (from Page 13)                     rebuilt for the kids. The money is      home games at The Bing (Smith’s        mass, first-pitch ceremony. The
                                        well spent, there’s no doubt about      stirring remarks are reported else-    Col. Wesley Fox Jr. Marine Honor
Llewellyn asked in recounting his       it. And the kids playing high school    where in this issue).                  Guard presented federal, state and
own childhood here, which he            ball now, they’re going to have kids       Members of this year’s WCHS         Legion Post 53 colors as members
noted included “over 100 games in       someday and they’re going to be         team that shared the Northwestern      of the WCHS Band played the
the original Bing.” But while, like     playing here and then someday           District Title with Sherando and       renovated stadium’s first National
himself, most of us aren’t destined     their grandkids will be playing here    fell one game short of a state play-   Anthem.
to attain the dream of baseball’s big   too. So this ballpark carries it all    off berth also participated in a
“Show,” Llewellyn pointed out that      into the future.
the new Bing is a viable working            “We’ve got another team here
alternative for the community’s         going to the World Series, the Chal-
baseball playing youngsters.            lengers,” Cooksey said when asked
   And while questions remained         about his own childhood exploits
that Saturday about the immediate       leading to Williamsport’s own leg-
playability of rain-soaked sections     endary field of dreams. “There’s
of infield sod (only four Front         only two teams in the whole world
Royal Cardinal home games re-           going to play in the World Series
mained that day in this lost gypsy      in that group, and they are one of
Card season before eight months         them and that’s amazing.
of undisturbed sod setting and field        “So they’re taking our banner
manicuring can occur), and some         away from us, they’re carrying it
final necessary construction tweak-     on,” Cooksey said of the Challeng-
ing was apparent to the close ob-       ers ending his team’s distinction as
server, the focus on July 22 was on     the town’s only Little League
the stadium’s long-term potential       World Series participant. “And
as a baseball and community facil-      they have no idea what they’re get-
ity.                                    ting into when they get up there,
  Several speakers noted that Front     they’ll get caught up in it because
Royal has always been known as          they love baseball just like the rest
“a baseball town.” And now it           of us. And if you ever come and
seems that youth baseball and its       watch them play, you’ll fall in love
modernized centerpiece have the         with them like I did,” Cooksey said
opportunity to help reunite a com-      of the Challengers.
munity as it comes to terms with          He then noted that the Challenger
change and the parameters of the        League All Stars are in the process
change that will define it and its      of conducting a variety of events
future.                                 to raise the money necessary to
                                        make the trip to Williamsport and
Perspective, traditions                 urged the community’s support of
                                        that effort.
   The focus on pride gained from          Included among speakers repre-
tradition, effort and the achieve-      senting future users of the stadium
ment of “being the best YOU can         on Saturday were Front Royal
be,” may have been best expressed       Little League President Bryan
by 1953 Front Royal Little League       Helmick, American Legion Post
                                        53’s Jody Lee, Front Royal Cardi-
                                                                                            Warren County Report
All Star Sam Cooksey, who ap-
peared with former teammate War-        nals President Linda Keen, Warren
ren Miller at the opening ceremo-       County High School Athletic Di-                                Paula Conrow
nies.                                   rector Buck Smith and baseball                                  Advertising Sales
   “I played at Bing Crosby when I      coach Todd Miller. Smith was also
was about 10 years old and it’s         representing Skyline High School,                           (540) 635-4835
amazing what they have done here.       scheduled to open in the fall of
                                        2007, along with the new WCHS.
I take my hat off to the people that
got together and got this stadium       Both high schools will play their
Aug/Sep 2006                                                    Warren County Report                                                                Page 15

‘Oh, people will come, people                                                                                            Bing Crosby Stadium, “This field,
                                                                                                                         this stadium is a glowing tribute to

will most definitely come’
                                                                                                                         all who dare to dream. If we be-
                                                                                                                         lieve the impossible, the incredible
                                                                                                                         can come true. Without the com-
                                                                                                                         mitment and support of our citi-
  Warren County High School Ath-        when thirty seemed old and inno-        and peace they lack.                     zens. Without the visionary plan-
letic Director Buck Smith visited       cence was high. The terms used in          “ ‘And they'll walk out to the        ning of our leaders, without the
baseball’s long-time connection to      baseball are a representation of        bleachers, sit in shirtsleeves on a      cooperation and flexibility of agen-
the American spirit in his July 22      those values, words such as a sac-      perfect afternoon. They'll find they     cies involved, this Field of Dreams
remarks at the reopening of Bing        rifice bunt, courtesy runner, or an     have reserved seats somewhere            would not exist.”
Crosby Stadium. His words and the       error.’                                 along one of the baselines, where          At one point Smith listed the an-
words he referenced, from Walt             “A book entitled ‘Shoeless Joe       they sat when they were children         ticipated users of the Shenandoah
Whitman and W.P. Kinsella, hark-        Jackson’ by W.P. Kinsella was the       and cheered their heroes. And            Valley’s new flagship Youth base-
ened back to our collective past, to    inspiration for the Universal           they'll watch the game and it'll be      ball facility, including, “the War-
lost innocence and the deep pull of     Studio’s 1989, film ‘Field of           as if they dipped themselves in          ren County Wildcats, Post 53
memory that transcends genera-          Dreams’ starring Kevin Costner.         magic waters.                            American Legion, Babe Ruth,
tions and virtually any other           The film and its plot are well            “ ‘The memories will be so thick       Little League and the Front Royal
boundary that separates us from         known. Co-starring with Costner         they'll have to brush them away          Cardinals—to name a few. In the
our hearts, our dreams, our neigh-      was James Earl Jones. Jones played      from their faces. People will come.      spring of 2008, another team will
bors and ultimately from ourselves.     the character Terrance Mann, a re-      The one constant through all the         call the Bing their home—The
We gratefully reprint a portion of      tired beat writer of the 1960’s. In a   years has been baseball. America         Skyline Hawks. The opportunity
those remarks here:                     scene, Mann describes why Ameri-        has rolled by like an army of steam-     for our young student-athletes to
   “Baseball holds a special place      cans are attracted to baseball and      rollers. It has been erased like a       play in such an outstanding facil-
in the hearts of Americans. Walt        will come to the stadium Costner’s      blackboard, rebuilt and erased           ity is remarkable. As a representa-
Whitman, the great American poet        character has built in a cornfield in   again but baseball has marked the        tive of the Warren County Public
of the mid 1800’s, wrote, ‘Baseball     the middle of rural Iowa.               time.                                    School System, I applaud and ex-
is our game, that’s the chief fact in       “ ‘People will come. They'll           “ ’This field, this stadium; this     tend our appreciation to the citizens
connection with it, it’s America’s      come to this stadium for reasons        game: it is a part of our past. It re-   of Warren County for supporting
game, it has the snap, the go, the      they can't even fathom. They'll turn    minds of us of all that once was         this project and the building of the
fling of the American atmosphere.       up in the parking lot, not knowing      good and it could be again. Oh,          two new high schools.”
It has also been said that whoever      for sure why they're doing it.          people will come. People will most       - comments edited and introduced
wants to know the heart and mind        They'll arrive at this park as inno-    definitely come.’”                       by Roger Bianchini
of America had better learn base-       cent as children, longing for the         In closing Smith said of the new
ball. The very values of our lives,     past. Of course, we won't mind if
families, and communities are           you look around, we'll say, it's only
symbolized in the sport. Baseball       $20 per person. They'll pass over
reminds of a time gone by. It takes
us back to our childhood. A time
                                        the money without even thinking
                                        about it, for it is money they have                ADVERTISE
   The Warren County Parks and Recreation Depart-
   ment is currently looking for individuals interested
                                                                                   Front Royal & Warren County’s
   in officiating during their Youth Basketball                                       community newspaper:
   Leagues. Games are held on Saturdays, beginning
   December 2nd and continuing through March
                                                                                   Warren County Report
   2007. For more information or to express your in-                                   Call (540) 635-4835
   terested, please contact Jennifer Justice, Recre-                                         or E-mail:
   ation Coordinator, Monday through Friday, 8am-
   5pm at 540-635-7750.
Page 16                                                        Warren County Report                                                       Aug/Sep 2006

Pond suggests balance on
growth issues
By ROGER BIANCHINI                     proffer proposal. Since council re-    to get it right,” Pond cautioned in    town planners have taken an in-
Warren County Report                   jected the developer’s request for     suggesting compromise toward a         creasingly hard line against devel-
                                       an additional month to negotiate       middle ground that achieves a bal-     oper requests for increased
Outgoing Vice-Mayor J. Daniel          terms on that development pro-         ance between the interests of de-      buildouts.
Pond III had some pointed advise       posal, Centex has indicated it will    velopers and the existing commu-        “There may be alternatives, where
for his soon-to-be former col-         build 100 by-right homes of a          nity.                                  land is preserved, density is re-
leagues and soon-to-be successors      higher value as a means for acquir-    “You, the new council are man-         duced, but the developer pays for
on the Front Royal Town Council        ing its profit margin.                 dated by the people who put you        the projects’ impact,” Pond said.
on June 26.                            However, Pond also cautioned           in office to find out [the] answers .  The outgoing vice mayor also took
Sitting next to Mayor James            against blind acceptance of devel-     . . If you don’t make [developers]     a parting shot at the current town
Eastham during his final meeting       oper requests for increased build-     pay their fare share, then you do      administration’s track record on
after choosing not to seek reelec-     outs made by dangling insufficient     nothing more than give away ex-        maintaining key staff positions.
tion after four-and-a-half years on    cash proffers to compensate for the    isting citizen’s assets and put a ter-  “I am confident that you will find
council, Pond cautioned against too                                                                                  a good fit for town manager and
hard a line being taken by either                                                                                    planning director . . . if you can fit
pro or anti-growth public officials.                                                                                 those last pieces in the [staffing]
Noting that by-right development                                                                                     puzzle and leave them alone and
will always lead to a certain                                                                                        let them manage, the town will
amount of residential expansion in                                                                                   flourish.”
a municipality, Pond cited the need                                                                                  This council majority swept into
for the town to acquire proffers in                                                                                  office in 2004 in the midst of the
exchange for some concessions to                                                                                     Wal-Mart location controversy has
developers in order to pay for in-                                                                                   been through four town managers,
frastructure improvements includ-                                                                                    including two interim appoint-
ing roads, schools and other ser-                                                                                    ments in two years and appointed
vices that will eventually be                                                                                        a fifth, and third interim, town
strained, even through by-right                                                                                      manager, Robert S. Noe Jr., on June
development.                                                                                                         26. The town was also without a
Pond said, “Everyone is a loser,                                                                                     planning director until the appoint-
except possibly for the developer,”                                                                                  ment of William Shelly on June 5,
                                         Incoming town councilman Tom Sayre (white shirt) attempts to get outgoing   to a three-month term, following
when cash or infrastructure prof-
                                         Vice Mayor Daniel Pond's attention following the June 26 council meeting as
fers are totally lost by drawing an                                                                                  the firing of Brevetta Jordan in late
                                         Mayor James Eastham appears to be checking the WCGC roof for leaks in
inflexible line against any in-          the wake of severe June thunderstorms. WCR Photo by Roger Bianchini.        2005. The town has since hired
creased residential buildouts.                                                                                       Nimet Soliman, from Prince Will-
Perhaps the vice mayor was recall-     total social impacts of their propos- rible strain on the residents of Front iam County (see related story) to
ing a potential hard lesson learned    als.                                      Royal who entrusted you to look take over the planning director’s
by his vote with a 4-2 council ma-     “If you allow developers to maxi- out for their interests.                    role on Sept. 15.
jority that rejected extended dis-     mize the amount of housing that is “Be open minded . . . please for the Pond cited increased family re-
cussion with developer Centex on       developed on their parcels, then the sake of this community don’t limit sponsibilities surrounding the birth
a proposed 300-unit cluster hous-      magnitude of those developments yourself,” Pond said. His audience of he and his wife’s two children
ing, rezoning proposal that resulted   will alter the character and charm included not only to incoming and during his council tenure as the
in the national developer’s with-      of Front Royal that we who live incumbent councilmen, but also primary reason for his decision not
drawal of its $2.4 million on the      here love.                                several planning commissioners. to seek reelection.
table, and a potentially doubled,      “You guys only have one chance With three recent appointments the
Aug/Sep 2006                                                     Warren County Report                                                                Page 17

        The McDermott Report
        Environmental groups are suing a chicken waste treat plant for exceeding dis-
        charges into the Shenandoah River by 6,000%, the Possum was a little grumpy
        at first, and it was one hot July. Here’s Dan McDermott’s take on the news.

“I don’t believe this is a smoking       fish, that likely could be years off,”   dicted for not returning a rental car   robbery. He admitted to the rob-
gun, I don’t want to relate it to the    Kelble concluded of why the deci-        to Virginia Auto Group. * Warren        bery but told the judge that he was
fish kill,” Shenandoah Riverkeeper       sion to file against Shaeffer was        County sued the town of Strasburg       stoned when he did it. * A lot of
Jeff Kelble said in the wake of the      made. * Rosie Lee McCloud, 25,           for not notifying them about a pro-     local folks are worried about the
Aug. 11 filing of an intent to sue       and Catherine Antoinette Pena, 19,       posed housing development lo-           housing market--especially those
Valley poultry business Sheaffer         plead guilty in a Front Royal van-       cated within a half mile of the         who recently bought a home that
International, L.L.C., for numerous      dalism spree. * The Warren               Strasburg/Warren line before hold-      had almost doubled in value in 5
violations of environmental laws at      County portion of Adelphia Cable,        ing a public hearing on it and ap-      years. * Jessie L. Shifflett was in-
its wastewater treatment facility in     which was used by it’s founder as        proving it. One of the project’s        dicted for stealing from Foodway.
Timberville, Virginia. “But we           a piggy bank, was bought by              supporters was voted out of office      If convicted, it would be his third
have a river that has got a lot of       Comcast. In it’s first week, the new     and three chose not to run for re-      larceny. * Wanda A. Brown, 58,
problems and we feel compelled to        Comcast system suffered a lengthy        election. Warren dropped the suit       was accused of pretending to be a
address each and every one of them       outage and told customers that it        after determining it would have no      Hurricane Katrina victim to get
in the hopes of eliminating all of       was scheduled maintenance. *             adverse effect on the county. Tak-      money. * Senator George Allen
the issues that we see. And if you       Travis Tritt played at the Warren        ing a page from the Save the Gate-      questioned his opponent Jim
push at all the problems the river       County Fairgrounds in July at the        way playbook, two of the projects       Webb’s lack of support for the war
faces, it should eliminate what’s        site’s first non-fair week concert.      remaining elected supporters            in Iraq. Former Reagan Navy Sec-
hurting the fish.” Kelble also           The fair association made lots of        walked out of a Strasburg Town          retary Webb responded by calling
stressed that he does not view           money--but not as much as Travis         Council meeting to deny a quorum        Allen a coward who sat out Viet-
Schaeffer International as a villain     Tritt. * George Jones played a           to the majority who wanted to re-       nam on a dude ranch in Nevada
in the story of what is affecting the    wonderful concert during this            consider it. The developer is           while Webb’s aid repeatedly re-
river. “The Schaeffer concept is a       year’s Warren County Fair. He            threatening to sue if the project is    ferred to Allen as “Felix,” the
very strong concept of recycling         showed up 45 minutes after the           revisited for “frivilous reasons.” *    middle name Allen hates and never
nutrients within the agricultural        stated 7:00 PM concert time and          The Town of Front Royal is pay-         uses. * July was really, really hot.
community and were this system           fussed about the sound through           ing an unprecedented sum of             * Quelman Quiroz, Jr. was indicted
to be operating at full capacity and     several songs. “Two much echo...”        money and making other conces-          for robbing Rick Phillips. *
full functionality, I would be a great   But once he got into his groove, all     sions to a prospective planning di-     Rappahannock resident Thomas
supporter and I hope that our in-        was forgiven. He played all the hits     rector from Prince William County       Edward Lee III went to trial for try-
volvement, that of the Shenandoah        that made him famous over 50             hoping she won’t leave as quickly       ing to steal a $1,200 parrot from
Riverkeeper, Potomac Riverkeeper         years. Some folks felt the show          as many other top level town offi-      Noah’s Ark Pets and Aquarium.
and the Waterkeeper Alliance, will       could only have been better had the      cials have. Outgoing Vice-Mayor         Unfortunately for Lee, an off duty
insure the fastest resolution to         fair sold beer--a topic of some of       Daniel Pond, III insinuated that        Fairfax cop and Warren County
eliminate any roadblocks that cur-       Jones’ better work. * Ashely             micromanagement could be an is-         Magistrate Leilani Monahan were
rently exist [to full implementation     Brooke Ballentine and Heather            sue between town council mem-           in the store shopping that day. The
of the Shaeffer plan] because it         Elaine Pond were crowned Miss &          bers and senior staff. * John Mar-      two’s trained legal eyes sensed
does appear that there are road-         Jr. Miss Warren County Fair 2006.        tin Delarosa, 22, was arrested and      something was up when Lee alleg-
blocks coming from multiple              Last year ’s winners, Lacey              charged with robbing the 7-Eleven       edly stuffed the bird into his back-
places. “We can’t wait for the fish      Lancaster and Chelsea York, got a        on John Marshall Highway. He was        pack. Lee said he was just testing
kill task force to give an opinion       hug from George Jones before his         easy to find since he was in jail for
about what they feel is killing the      show * Kimberly N. Klotz was in-         allegedly getting drunk after the       See McDermott Page 18
Page 18                                                        Warren County Report                                                      Aug/Sep 2006

McDermott (From Page 17)               ing countries aren’t complaining.      the U.S. hasn’t built a new refin-     Florida. * Timothy Duane Hall
                                       * Someone vandalized the new and       ery in thirty years. * Christopher     was sentenced jail with all but two
                                       improved Bing Crosby Stadium           Nelson Munday was indicted for         years suspended for assault and
the bird out. Judge Dennis Hupp        right before it opened. The police     possession of heroin. * Mason          battery of three people: Terry
didn’t buy it and convicted him. *     offered a reward. Apparently in the    Dixon spent a bunch of money           Daniels and Front Royal Police
A lot of folks went to Front Royal     4+ million dollar renovation plans,    polling Virginian’s and discovered     officers D.L. Fogle and J.A. Grohs.
stores on Virginia’s first sales tax   no one thought to buy some hun-        that most of us don’t support new      * Excavation continues on 522
free holiday for back-to-school        dred dollar cameras and a VCR. *       taxes but wouldn’t mind some           north of I-66 at the Riverton Com-
shoppers. The state says they think    Someone did $5,000 worth of dam-       shiny new roads. * A Gold’s Gym        mons and the Crooked Run retail
it was a success but aren’t sure       age to townhouses that are being       is opening next to the new BB&T        centers. Warren County will be the
since the stores didn’t have to re-    constructed on Kerfoot Avenue. *       bank in Royal Plaza Shopping           new home of a Wal-Mart, Target,
port anything. * A lot of restau-      H. N. Funkhouser President Bob         Center. * Former Front Royal           Lowes, Cracker Barrel , and other
rants and other businesses are slow.   Claytor said the big BP Alaskan oil    Town Manager David Reynal, who         stores, restaurants, and banks.
Most folks think it’s because gas      pipeline shutdown won’t effect gas     was forced out by Town Council
prices are so high. You can’t spend    prices here much since most of that    before his first anniversary, got a
the same dollar twice. Oil produc-     oil is sent to Japan anyway because    job running West Melborne

Chit Chat                                                                        Happy? Isn't that nice? Mad as
                                                                              you-know-what? That's a given.
                                                                                Recently, there was a charity auc-
                                                                                                                     heard Barbara was hot on Star's
                                                                                                                     heels, Star took off. She didn't nec-
                                                                                                                     essarily leave the rummage sale.
                                                                              tion in the Hamptons wherein fa-       However, she sure did make her-
By MICKEY GREENE                                                              mous designers donated their beau-     self scarce whenever Walters was
                                       before. So now we will have a                                                 in her vicinity.
   Bill Geddie, executive producer     sugar-high audience, which we                                                     You might think that Walters
of "The View," revealed plans for      never had before."                                                            would have been given sympathy
their new season to "Access Hol-          Regarding plans for choosing a                                             by the press because of Reynolds'
lywood," including Rosie               new co-host, Geddie said, "Let's let                                          shocking surprise announcement
O'Donnell's requests and plans for     Rosie get comfortable and figure                                              that she was leaving. However, the
securing a new co-host.                out what she is doing first. Then, I                                          New York press was anything BUT
    Recently in New York, Geddie       think you're going to see, come                                               kind to Walters.
told "Access Hollywood," "It's go-     October, some people start to sit at                                              If you caught it, the day after
ing to be fun when Rosie gets here.    the table. Whether they are really                                            Reynolds left, Walters made very
It's going to feel like 'The View;'    auditioning or just coming as                                                 sanctimonious noises about how
it's the same show - we just kicked    friends, we'll let you decide."                                               "supportive" she was of Reynolds,
it up a notch."                           Geddie also confirmed that Jes-                                            even after ABC decided not to re-
    When asked about any changes       sica Simpson would be the show's                                              new Reynolds' contract. Walters
to the set for the new season,         first guest in the new season, say-      Rosie O’Donnell wants her new        went on to say that she'd even of-
Geddie said, "Rosie has particular     ing, "It appears that Jessica            audience on a slope and a sugar      fered to back up whatever story
things that she likes about sets. So   (Simpson) has agreed to be our first     high.                                Star wanted to tell regarding her
we are going to change some things     guest for the first day that Rosie's                                          departure - in other words, lie!
about the audience ... the rake        on 'The View,' which is very excit-    tiful duds for a "rummage sale,"       Walters sniffed about how "hurt"
(slope) of the audience will be        ing for us."                           discounting those clothes as much      she was.
higher ... So you're going to see         When asked if he has spoken to      as 75 percent. Celebs swarmed the         In the battle between these two
some changes with the set and the      Star Jones-Reynolds since her de-      sale, looking for bargains. Some in    powerful women, neither one came
audience, and hopefully, those         parture from the show, Geddie said,    attendance were Kelly Ripa, Bar-       out unsullied. Star came off as a
changes aren't too much because it     "I have not spoken with Star. I cer-   bara Walters and (oops!) Star          demanding diva, and Walters came
still is 'The View.'" Geddie added,    tainly wish Star well. I hope she      Jones-Reynolds.                        off as a smarmy, self-righteous
"Rosie hasn't demanded anything,       lands a great job and I hope that         Apparently, Star had no idea her    witch. Oh, well. It made for good
except cookies and juice for the       she's happy. If she's happy, that      ex-boss, Walters, was going to be      entertainment, though, eh?
audience, which we never gave out      would mean a lot to us."               there. However, as soon as she         (c) 2006 DBR Media, Inc.
Aug/Sep 2006                                                     Warren County Report                                                                 Page 19

Growth projections impact school plans                                                                                 two, updated middle schools feed-
                                                                                                                       ing the high schools. The two new,
School board recommends A. S. Rhodes remain elementary school 9-12 grade high schools are sched-
                                                                                                                       uled to open with eighth graders at
                                                                                                                       the those facilities as part of the
                                                                                                                       plan to begin the Phase Two reno-
                                                                                                                       vations in late May of 2007.
                                                                                                                         However, some supervisors have
                                                                                                                       wondered if enrollment and finan-
                                                                                                                       cial circumstances might not re-
                                                                                                                       quire a new elementary school to
                                                                                                                       be put ahead of the middle school
                                                                                                                           Cost factors, initial estimates
                                                                                                                       made nearly two years ago were
                                                                                                                       around $25 million for the middle
                                                                                                                       school and old WCHS renovations,
                                                                                                                       have also been cited as a potential
                                                                                                                       delaying factor as the county heads
                                                                                                                       into the full payment years of the
                                                                                                                       $86-million capital improvement
                                                                                                                       bond issue. That bond, which will
                                                                                                                       peak at around $5 million in an-
    A. S. Rhodes Elementary School
                                                                                                                       nual payments, is paying for the
    Front Royal, VA 22630                                                                                              new high schools and the Bing
                                                                                                                       Crosby Stadium renovations. Both
                                                                                                                       high school baseball teams will use
By ROGER BIANCHINI                   increased student populations an- improvement plan will end with the “The Bing” as their home baseball
Warren County Report                 ticipated as growth pressures from fall 2007 opening of two new high field.
                                     the Northern Virginia area continue schools (see related story). Phase               Rising oil price crisis have sent
   Growth and how it is expected to push into the Northern               two is envisioned as a remodeling construction costs skyrocketing
to impact the county’s public Shenandoah Valley.                         of the old WCHS and Warren beyond initial estimates over the
school student population in com-       In July, Warren County School County Middle School to serve as past two years.
ing years is a current topic of dis- Superintendent Pamela McInnis
                                                                          History of A. S. Rhodes Elementary School
cussion between the Warren told the school board updated
                                                                             Abraham S. Rhodes was born on January 14, 1858, in Middletown, Virginia. He
County School Board and Board of county population projections in-
                                                                          moved to Warren County in the latter part of the nineteenth century and settled in the
Supervisors.                         dicate that a planned new northside Rockland area. During the time that Mr. Rhodes lived in Warren County, he was very
  At its July 13 meeting the school elementary school housing 650 stu- interested in the community. He was a justice in the Warren County court system, a
board unanimously recommended dents, Phase Three of the 20-year member of the Warren County Electoral Boards, and a member of the Board of
a change to the school system’s 20- plan, may not be enough to meet Directors of the Bank of Warren.
year capital improvement plan that the county’s needs over the next 14      In the late 1890's, Mr. Rhodes was appointed to the Warren County School Board.
would maintain A.S. Rhodes as an years. The system’s capital im- He held this appointment for thirty-five years. He was very interested in the educa-
elementary school through 2020. provement plan initially called for tion of the children of the county. He felt that it would be better to have larger schools
The board also agreed to set up a the existing A.S. Rhodes to be con- rather than the small one room school house scattered throughout the county. When
work session with the county board verted into an alternative education a new school was built in Riverton, part of this plan became reality.
                                                                             Mr. Rhodes died on October 24, 1930. He never saw the school built in Riverton
of supervisors, who hold the facility following the opening of a
                                                                          but because of his interest in the concept of consolidated schools, the School Board
schools’ purse strings, to discuss new northside elementary school
                                                                          voted to honor him by naming the new school in his memory.
the ongoing viability of the school in 2010.                                A. S. Rhodes was the first school in the county to be named for a person. It opened
board’s three-phased capital im-        The space for the extra 250 el- for the first time for the school year 1936 - 1937. There were only four classrooms
provement plan.                      ementary school students A.S. then for grades one through seven. During 1951 - 1952, two wings were added. Now
   The school board has viewed Rhodes can house is now believed there are twelve classrooms for kindergarten through fifth grade, a library, cafeteria,
each phase of that plan as a neces- to be necessary through 2020, resource room, computer lab, and music room. A multi-purpose building was added
sary chronological step toward McInnis said.                              in 1999.
readying the school system for the      Phase one of the 20-year capital    Courtesy of A. S. Rhodes Elementary School.
Page 20   Warren County Report   Aug/Sep 2006
                                                                                    Aug/Sep 2006
                                                                                    Warren County Report

Coalie Harry’s Pub                     Sunday: Karaoke
 Open for lunch except Tues & Sun      Monday: Karaoke
Full menu until 1:30 AM every night!   Tuesday: Trivia ($1 burgers from 4-9 PM)
  Traditional homemade pub fare        Wednesday: Karaoke (5 cent wings 4-9 PM)
  We specialize in private parties     Thursday: Open Mic ($1 chili dogs 4-9 PM)
  Piccadilly Street in Winchester      Friday: DJ Dance Party
           (540) 665-0616              Saturday: The Valley’s best bands and DJs!
                                                                                    Page 21
Page 22                                                         Warren County Report                                                         Aug/Sep 2006

Israeli/Lebanon Crisis
hits close to home
Locals, survivors of 1967 attack react to Israeli military offensive
By ROGER BIANCHINI                     largely at the expense of $15 mil-       also used for many years, as in its       exchange,” Molchany says.
Warren County Report                   lion a day in American taxpayer          recent kidnapping of many elected            Molchany explains her connec-
                                       money – others ask if it is Israel’s     officials in Palestine. Hezbollah’s       tion to the region.
   Throughout much of the world        existence that is now at stake in the    stated intention was to trade the            “My father was born in Feah,
the Israeli attack of Lebanon          Middle East?                             captured Israeli soldiers for Leba-       Syria, which is now a part of Leba-
launched on July 12 resulted in an        For many Americans of Middle          nese already kidnapped and impris-        non, and came to the US around
outcry against what was seen by        Eastern descent it is the survival of    oned by Israel. But who in America        1912 and my mother was born in
critics to be myriad Israeli viola-    the nations of their ancestors, rather   has heard the first part of that story?   Pennsylvania but her parents im-
tions of international law and hu-     than Israel’s, that appear to be at      The mainstream U.S. media always          migrated in the late 1800's from
man rights standards against the       risk. With escalating reports of the     describes Israeli attacks as re-          Zahleh, Syria, which also became
                                       daily destruction of Lebanon’s           sponses, the American public never        part of Lebanon.”
                                       ability to provide power and other       gets both sides of the story, so it is      Molchany said that since her par-
                                       basic essentials to its routed popu-     little wonder people here have a          ents, as a Greek Orthodox (father)
                                       lation, as well as international         distorted perspective about what is       and Roman Catholic (mother), dis-
                                       agencies warning of both looming

                                       humanitarian and environmental
                                       crises that a belated ceasefire
                                       would not prevent, the fear and
  ANALYSIS                             anxiety of many Lebanese-Ameri-
                                       cans has been accentuated by a
  AND                                  feeling their countrymen are un-
                                       sympathetic, even hostile, to their

  OPINION                              distress. If such indifference or
                                       hostility exists, many feel the
                                       American media’s reporting of the
                                       Middle Eastern situation is one root

                                       One American view
“collective punishment” of an en-
tire population over the actions of        “The media perpetuates many
one minority political Party.          myths about Israel and the Arabs         happening in the Middle East.             agreed over the role of the Vatican,
    However, here the U.S. media       and the media has quickly estab-           “The headlines are ‘Israel strikes      she was raised as a Protestant.
and government continue to por-        lished a myth about the beginning        back’ or that Israel is ‘defending        Molchany also said that in the Syr-
tray Israel as a victim in a defen-    of the current fighting,” Warren         itself’ against rocket attacks by         ian/Lebanese-based, mixed reli-
sive posture, simply asserting its     County resident and second-gen-          Hezbollah, which crossed into Is-         gious household she was raised in,
right to exist. But with an Israeli    eration Lebanese-American Betty          rael to ‘kidnap’ Israeli soldiers. The    religious tolerance was the norm.
military estimated by some as the      Molchany said of the story being         Hezbollah rocket attacks on Israel           ”My parents were both very re-
world’s fourth most powerful, and      told to the American public. “Yes,       were a response to the Israeli            ligious, but never at any time re-
a nuclear arsenal believed to be the   Hezbollah took two Israeli soldiers      choice to bomb all of Lebanon,
planet’s sixth largest – both built    as hostages, a strategy Israel has       rather than negotiate a prisoner          See Lebanon Page 23
Aug/Sep 2006                                                    Warren County Report                                                                  Page 23

Lebanon (from Page 22)                  soldiers being held by Hezbollah         Molchany added of another side of         Liberty,” and spearhead an organi-
                                        publicly criticized Israel’s attack      Israeli dissent largely unreported in     zation, “The Liberty Alliance.” The
                                        on Lebanon and said war was not          the U.S. "The [U.S.] Congress re-         goal of both projects is increasing
viled another religion,” she says.      the way to secure the safe return        cently passed a resolution, which         public awareness about the Israeli
However, she believes such reli-        of her son, Israel’s stated aim at the   said that Israel is careful not to kill   attack on the U.S. intelligence ship
gious tolerance and mutual respect      outset of its most recent attack on      civilians. Really?” Molchany asks.        USS Liberty during the 1967 Arab-
has disappeared from the Ameri-         Lebanon.                                 “Is dropping a one-ton bomb on an         Israeli Six Day War.
can media in its reporting of the         “Only one side of the raging de-       apartment building in a crowded              The Liberty’s crew became the
Middle East.                            bate in the Jewish community is          urban area in Gaza in an effort to        most decorated in U.S. naval his-
   “Never is the Arab or Muslim         heard in America. It would be won-       kill one man they could have eas-         tory as a consequence of their ac-
view presented in an op-ed piece        derful to hear both sides of the Jew-    ily arrested, care not to kill civil-     tions during what former two-time
and the sky would fall if such a        ish perspective, but one side’s          ians? Not only have they killed ci-       Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs
                                                                                                                           of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer
                                                                                                                           described as one of the most vi-
                                                                                                                           cious and sustained attacks upon
                                                                                                                           an American naval vessel in his-
                                                                                                                           tory. That two-hour-and-12-minute
                                                                                                                           attack by Israeli air and sea forces,
                                                                                                                           Howard points out, was against an
                                                                                                                           essentially unarmed ship and lasted
                                                                                                                           as long as the 1941 Japanese attack
                                                                                                                           on Pearl Harbor that resulted in
                                                                                                                           America’s entrance into World War
                                                                                                                           II. The official line, accepted with-
                                                                                                                           out public hearing for 39 years by
                                                                                                                           the American government, is that
                                                                                                                           that attack was, as Israel claims, a
                                                                                                                           case of mistaken identity.
                                                                                                                             Liberty’s late Captain William L.
                                                                                                                           McGonagle, a Congressional
                                                                                                                           Medal of Honor recipient for his
                                                                                                                           actions that day, and his crew have
                                                                                                                           disputed the mistaken identity ex-
                                                                                                                           planation to this day. Yet their gov-
                                                                                                                           ernment has refused to give them
                                                                                                                           the objective, public inquiry they
                                                                                                                           have sought.
person were permitted to have a         voices are stilled because they do       vilians, including many children,             “A 10-year-old wouldn’t have
running column. When there is a         not support the atrocities which         but even the UN Secretary General         made that mistake,” Howard says
conflict in any Middle Eastern          Israel commits daily against the         has raised questions about Israel’s       of the Israeli explanation. “As the
country, the U.S. news channels         Palestinians. And there are many         claim its attack on the UN peace-         most sophisticated intelligence
call on experts, often Jewish-          such alternative Jewish voices, in-      keeping headquarters in southern          ship in the world Liberty’s profile
Americans notorious for their ha-       cluding Jewish Voice for Peace,          Lebanon was an accident.”                 was highly distinctive and the well-
tred of Arabs and Muslims. Rarely       Allison            Weir          of                                                identified Liberty was four times
is an Arab invited, and rarer still a,                 Distant echoes?                           the tonnage and over twice the
Muslim, certainly not as experts.”      Norman Finklestin, Noam                                                            length of the 45-year-old, rusted
   Molchany also points out there       Chomsky, Norman Solomon, and               Alleged distortions in the report-      Egyptian freighter, the El Quseir,
is a large Jewish peace movement        Joshua Frank.                            ing and official explanation of an-       Israel said it thought it was attack-
both inside and outside Israel that       "And over 1,400 Israeli military       other supposed Israeli “mistaken          ing.”
is virtually non-existent in main-      personnel have been imprisoned in        identity” attack, this one 39 years          Israel’s self-described “acciden-
stream American reporting about         Israel for refusing to serve in the      ago against a U.S. target, has led        tal” attack on the UN headquarters
Israel and the Jewish perspective.      Occupied Territories because of the      another Warren County resident,           in Southern Lebanon in July, which
In fact, she noted that the Israeli     daily brutality they are ordered to      Tito Howard, to both produce a
mother of one of the two Israeli        inflict on innocent Palestinians,”       documentary film, “The Loss of See Lebanon Page 24
Page 24                                                          Warren County Report                                                       Aug/Sep 2006

Lebanon (from Page 23)                   electronic surveillance evidence of     ern battlefield are also being with-    ment or media, Chomsky told a
                                         its starting of that war, as well as    held from them?”                        Jewish interviewer.
                                         of war crimes its army was com-           Molchany noted in early August          “If Chomsky’s assertions are cor-
resulted in the death of four UN         mitting in the Sinai, including the     that The Jerusalem Post reported        rect it is very disturbing,”
peacekeepers, stirs unpleasant           murder of Egyptian POWs,”               Israeli military officials told the     Molchany said. “I believe a truly
memories among Liberty’s surviv-         Howard explained while discuss-         paper the Bush Administration was       informed American public would
ing crew.                                ing his film and the Liberty Alli-      encouraging Israel to expand its        not tolerate the kind of foreign
   “What the Israeli military did to     ance membership.                        offensive into Syria. On Aug. 11,       policy their nation is pursuing in
the UN peacekeepers is the same            That membership, Howard notes         Molchany added that noted Jewish-       the Middle East.”
as they did to us, they shot first and   with pride, has included many high      American author Noam Chomsky                Concerning an Aug. 11 UN
asked questions later – it’s called      level retired U.S. military officers,   stated in a recent interview that       ceasefire resolution Israel may
‘Mistakenly on Purpose,’ ” Liberty       including the late Admiral Moorer,      Iran’s ruling cleric Ayatollah          adopt early this week, Molchany
crewman John Hrankowski, says.           4-Star Marine General Ray Davis,        Khamenei reiterated in June of this     added, “Israel should not be per-
“I am reliving my nightmare all          former Chief of Naval Operations        year an offer first made in 2003 that   mitted to walk away without pun-
over again and I feel so sick for the    Admiral Arleigh Burke and retired       would recognize in principal            ishment for its targeting of an en-
people caught up in this new night-      U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General        Israel’s right to exist in return for   tire civilian population, the de-
mare.                                    Merlin Staring, as well as a num-       Israel’s return of territories it has   struction of Lebanon's infrastruc-
  “I hope our government tells both      ber of Congressional Medal of           occupied since 1967. Khamenei,          ture and a consequent oil spill
sides to stop the killing,”              Honor recipients. Why the interest      Iran’s highest ranking official, also   along the Lebanese and Syrian
Hrankowski told Warren County            of high-ranking and decorated U.S.      set the stage for on-site inspections   coasts, which could take as much
Report. “There has to be a time for      military personnel in the Liberty       of his nation’s uranium enrichment      as 20 years to repair. If Iran had
serious talk and compromise. It          story?                                  facilities, Chomsky said. Those         done such things to a neighbor
can’t keep going on like this, the           Perhaps because as the chief        offers have yet to be publicly ac-      what would our reaction be?”
little people are the ones getting       counsel to the original U.S. Naval      knowledged by the U.S. govern-
hurt, they suffer and for what?”         inquiry into the Liberty attack, re-
    Thirty-four of Hrankowski’s          tired Captain Ward Boston, told
shipmates died and 172 more were         this reporter and the Navy and
wounded, many seriously, out of a        Marine Times, his immediate su-
ship’s company of 294 as the Is-         perior in the inquiry, Admiral Isaac
raeli attack left over 3,000 armor-      C. Kidd, was under orders “from
piercing .50-caliber machine gun         the highest levels” of American
and 821 rocket and cannon holes          government “to fabricate the mis-
in the Liberty, along with one of        taken identity conclusion” of that
five torpedo strikes, from the attack    inquiry.
occurring 13 miles off the coast of          “I remember Ike (Adm. Kidd)
el-Arish, in Egypt’s Sinai Penin-        saying, ‘the murderous bastards,
sula.                                    they knew what they were doing.’
   The state-of-the-art U.S. intelli-    That was his and my opinion,”
gence ship was clearly displaying        Boston said after 36 years of si-
U.S. naval markings and the crew         lence. Boston explained his and his
has insisted that a large American       superior’s compliance with their
flag was also being flown at the         orders to fabricate a military
outset of the attack, which occurred     inquiry’s conclusion – “We were
after several leisurely flyovers by      military men, when orders come in
low flying Israeli surveillance          from the secretary of defense and
planes.                                  President of the United States, we
   As with the recent attack on the      followed them.”
UN headquarters in Lebanon, one              Can it be surprising, Howard
might ask what could be the mo-          asked, “that if the horrendous cir-
tive for Israel attacking either an      cumstance of an Israeli attack upon
important ally or neutral peace-         a U.S. ship has been hidden from
keepers?                                 the American people for 39 years,
    “Evidence indicates Israel be-       that the true nature of current
lieved the Liberty had accumulated       events on that same Middle East-
Aug/Sep 2006                                                     Warren County Report                                                                 Page 25

Diane                                    shops, and buses in Israel?
                                            As far as the civilians in Leba-
                                                                                 rael and the U.S. Now, that’s noth-
                                                                                 ing new. It’s just been ratcheted up.
                                                                                                                            Let me just say this: I have every

                                         non who are being killed, even if          I like the way Israel operates.       empathy for people who are strug-
                                         accidentally, I lay that blame com-     They don’t play. They know what          gling to make a living. However,
                                         pletely on Hezbollah’s doorstep.        has to be done militarily and - bam      here’s a news flash - EDUCATION
   I have had just about enough!         Because Israel is squeezing them        - they go out and do it. The U.N.        is the answer and solution to lift-
                          I’m talking    hard, they’re fleeing into heavily      doesn’t like it? Tough! The U.N.         ing people out of poverty. The
                        about the        civilian populations in order to        has proven over and over that it’s       minimum wage can be raised and
                        way the me-      “hide,” pushing ever northward. It      a corrupt, useless, ineffectual insti-   raised and raised all you want. It’s
                        dia is cover-    is THEIR fault for using their own      tution. If I had my way, it would        not going to do a thing for people
                        ing the situa-   people as human shields. It is defi-    be disbanded and thrown out of the       who won’t better themselves.
                        tion in the      nitely not Israel’s.                    U.S.                                         Sound harsh? Okay, maybe.
                        Middle East.         Now, finally, Israel is fighting      Iran and Syria must be dealt with      However, since public education is
                           Why is it     back. And, not a moment too soon,       as well, once Lebanon is purged of       free in this country up until the 12th
that whenever there are pictures         if you ask me! They are literally       Hezbollah. And that will happen.         grade, there’s no excuse. College?
shown, most of them depict some          surrounded by their enemies - en-       Israel has a brilliant plan to get rid   There are tons of programs, loans,
grieving Arab family? Why are we         emies that make no bones about          of Hezbollah, and I know it’ll           grants, scholarships, etc., for those
only hearing about the Arab civil-       wanting to obliterate Israel from       work. Once that happens, the Leba-       motivated enough to avail them-
ians being killed by the Israelis?       the planet.                             nese people can have their country       selves of them.
    Well, it could be because the          Fortunately, the official U.S. po-    back to govern sanely, not at the          Raising the minimum wage isn’t
media has decided to take the Ar-        sition is staunchly with Israel. Con-   hands of some fanatic lunatics.          the answer. People bettering them-
abs’ side. In fact, I’d bet on that.     trary to what some are saying, it’s       ON ANOTHER NOTE: The de-               selves is.
    What I want to know is, what         definitely in our best interests to     bate over the minimum wage is, as        Send comments to Diane Amantea,
about all the innocent Jewish civil-     align with Israel. If you don’t think   always, a circus sideshow. Those         c/o DBR Media, PO Box 21,
ians who’ve been killed by terror-       so, just take a look at the latest      on the left scream about the “work-      Hopewell Jct., NY 12533, or e-
ists for years? What about the sui-      rantings from al-Qaeda. They have       ing poor” not having a livable wage      mail:
cide bombings in malls, pizza            urged an all-out jihad against Is-      and about the “greed” of corporate       (c) 2006 DBR Media, Inc.

Kris Radish                              called “living-wage” ordinance is
                                         not new to Chicago or to every
                                                                                 that the jobs are needed in the city
                                                                                 no matter how much they pay,
                                                                                                                          ordinances have already been
                                                                                                                          passed in California, New Mexico,
  You do not have to be a Wal-Mart       other state in this country where the   while the other side focuses on the      and Washington, D.C., but some-
lover or hater to be turning your        minimum wage controversy burns          notion of a living wage and the un-      one has to do something, and leave
head toward Chicago these days.          without any kind of national            attractive bottom line of retailers      it to Chicago to keep this issue on
   The city’s recent passage of an       change or charge.                       such as Wal-Mart.                        the front burner.
ordinance that affects all big-box           The federal minimum wage is            Three cheers for the wise Chi-          Debate often leads to change, and
retailers and mandates the payment       still stuck at $5.15, and living on     cago aldermen who voted in favor         when it comes to the national mini-
of higher wages and benefits             that is so far below the word, mini-    of this necessary ordinance. Three       mum wage, this country remains an
should be more than a wake-up call       mum, it’s impossible to come up         cheers and then some for those           embarrassment.
for retailers way beyond the bor-        with an invented word for it.           brave souls who say corporate                The working poor are not the
ders of this gutsy city.                    This ordinance popped onto the       greed be damned, our citizens, the       only ones suffering. The working
                            The or-      nation’s radar screen when Wal-         residents of our city, deserve to be     poor are not the only ones dis-
                         dinance         Mart announced plans to build a         paid what they are worth because         gusted with corporate America and
                         will re-        store in the city limits of Chicago     we know you can afford it.               with a government that is not re-
                         quire re-       after its usual success with stores         Will Chicago come tumbling           sponsive when it comes to eco-
                         tail giants     placed throughout the suburbs, and      down without dozens of Wal-Marts         nomic change and equality.
                         with one        that’s when the controversy began.      in its city limits if this plan back-      Sometimes, forcing change is the
                         billion           Where it ends is anyone’s guess,      fires? Hardly. A big fire couldn’t       only way to make it happen. Some-
dollars in sales and with stores at      but how wonderful that the coun-        stop it, and the graceful idea of        times, it takes a brave city to take
least 90,000 sqare feet to pay its       try is at least talking about how       equality, especially economic            the first step.
workers a minimum of $10 an hour         hard it is to survive on the wages      equality, cannot stop it either.             Go fill your shopping bags in
and $3 in fringe benefits, i.e., in-     not only Wal-Mart, but other big-         Critics say that the working poor      Chicago.
surance.                                 box businesses, pay.                    will really not be helped by an or-      (c) 2006 Kris Radish · Dist. By
   The controversy over this so-           In Chicago, one group complains       dinance such as this, and similar        DBR Media, Inc.
Page 26                                                      Warren County Report                                                         Aug/Sep 2006

Judge feels burden of
inter preting new law
Hupp labors over civil commitment case decision
By ROGER BIANCHINI                    ing of six to eight-year-old boys     earlier sexual predatory crimes
Warren County Report                  and testimony indicated Walsh         against young children.                      The decision Hupp faces in the
                                      ended his sexual advances if the           “There are programs out there        Walsh civil commitment case
  On Aug. 4, the full weight of the children expressed discomfort at        that were not available a couple of       hinges on two primary factors, how
law fell hard in Warren County Cir- the situation.                          years ago that could justify condi-       much of threat Walsh will present
cuit Court.                              With new legislation and even      tional release . . . the bottom line is   to the Commonwealth’s children as
  However, that weight did not fall                                         I truly understand the significance       a conditionally released outpatient
on either a defendant or a failed                                           of my decision . . . Quite frankly I      and whether or not the new Vasavor
prosecution team. It was 26th Ju-                                           need more time,” Hupp said.               outpatient treatment program gives
dicial Circuit Court Judge Dennis                                                Due to conflicting vacation          Walsh his best hope for overcom-
L. Hupp upon whom the legal ham-                                            schedules of both the judge and at-       ing his pedophile tendencies.
mer fell that day.                                                          torneys as summer’s end ap-                   Testimony has indicated the
   “I appreciate your patience – I                                          proaches, Hupp will render his de-        Vasavor program, while relatively
hope you understand how weighty                                             cision in Shenandoah Circuit Court        new, has achieved an astonishingly
this is,” Hupp told both state and                                          in Woodstock at 4 p.m. on Aug. 29.        low one to two percent recidivism
defense attorneys at the conclusion                                              Hupp began his comments              rate. Expert witnesses in clinical
of nine hours of testimony and le-                                          around 7:25 p.m. by saying he had         psychology and program adminis-
gal argument over whether Timo-                                             fully intended to render his deci-        trators pointed out that Vasavor, in
thy K. Walsh should remain incar-        Should Timothy K. Walsh remain     sion at the end of the Aug. 4 hear-       conjunction with the Sex Offender
cerated indefinitely for a crime he      incarcerated indefinitely for a    ing, the fourth on the matter since       Containment Model, stresses
hasn’t yet committed.                    crime he hasn’t yet committed?     May 11. “It’s gone on long                tightly imposed behavioral restric-
  Earlier in what has been a three-                                         enough,” he said. However, Hupp           tions that make it difficult for pa-
phased civil commitment case that newer standards of enforcement            acknowledged that compelling              tients to follow through on aber-
began on May 11, Hupp ruled that meeting legally ambiguous lan-             closing arguments from both State         rant sexual impulses. Among the
the 34-year-old Walsh fit the defi- guage, all sides are feeling their      Attorney General’s Office prosecu-        tools utilized by the outpatient pro-
nition of a Sexually Violent Preda- way along a new legal path, Hupp        tor Thomas E. Kegley and defense          gram Walsh is seeking release into
tor (SVP) under new Virginia law. made a point of saying in front of        counsel Edward S. Rosenthal had           are real-time Global Positioning
Under a statute passed by the Gen- state Delegate Todd Gilbert, also        given him pause.                          and other electronic monitoring
eral Assembly in 1999, but only an assistant commonwealth’s attor-              “I listened to Mr. Kegley and I       equipment, halfway house living
funded for enforcement two years ney in Warren County, who was              said ‘that makes a lot of sense’ and      situations with restrictive curfews
ago, the Commonwealth can seek present at the start of the Aug. 4           I listened to Mr. Rosenthal and said      and travel parameters, job super-
the indefinite civil incarceration of hearing.                              ‘that makes a lot of sense.’ All three    vision, intensive parole and treat-
those judged to be an ongoing             Nine hours later Hupp said,       attorneys have represented their          ment monitoring, and regular lie
threat to society and its children as “Public safety and certainly the      respective parties with profession-       detector tests.
sexually violent predators.           safety of children is of great con-   alism Hupp said, including defense          While the identification of the pe-
  While deemed violent under the cern to the court, but so is fairness      co-counsel Lana M. Manitta in his         dophile impulses by the patient is
new statute, Walsh’s crimes skirt and justice. He’s served his time,”       commendation for the way the case         part of the treatment, both prosecu-
that definition in the traditional the judge noted of Walsh’s comple-       had been handled.                         tion and defense expert witnesses
sense of the word. His crimes usu- tion of a nine-and-a-half-year sen-
ally involved masturbatory touch- tence for probation violations for        His last and best chance                  See Hupp Page 27
Aug/Sep 2006                                                      Warren County Report                                                                  Page 27

Hupp (from Page 26)                         “If he is not released now he          tunity “to groom” or get to know a       derstanding of their son’s situation
                                        probably never will be,” Rosenthal         potential victim. Testimony in ear-      and problems as a key factor in cre-
in psychology pointed out the tight     told the court.                            lier hearings indicated Walsh views      ating the kind of support group that
control of the patient’s movement,         However, Kegley said that was           himself as establishing emotional        could help Walsh succeed on con-
behavior and social opportunities       overstatement by the defense. He           bonds to the children he later mo-       ditional release in Fairfax County.
was the main thrust of the program,     noted that the law required annual         lests.                                      The draining emotions of hear-
rather than seeking a “psychologi-      reviews of civilly committed SVP             But Kegley argued the risk of es-      ing several days of testimony in re-
cal cure.”                              patients.                                  calating offenses was too much of        cent months about their son’s con-
   “This is his last good chance.         “What they are asking is for you         an unknown factor.                       dition and future prospects seemed
Rosenthal told the court. What is       to let him out and subject the pub-          “Could an abduction be next? We        to tell at the end of the Aug. 4 hear-
at stake is the rest of Tim Walsh’s     lic to risk in order for him to prove      don’t know,” Kegley said.                ing. Walsh’s tearful mother was al-
life.” Rosenthal argued that the        himself. Let him prove himself in-            The defense argued that court-        lowed to embrace her son before
Vasavor/Sex Offender Contain-           side the center for behavioral re-         imposed parameters, including be-        he was returned to the Warren
ment Model treatment plan Walsh         habilitation, then come back and           ing housed in the Fairfax County         County Jail for transport back to
would have access to as a condi-        ask to be released,” Kegley said in        Jail the first 45 days of his entrance   the Brunswick Correctional Facil-
tionally released outpatient if pa-     arguing the state’s side.                  into conditional release, would ad-      ity. Walsh’s own eyes glistened as
roled to Fairfax County where his           Rosenthal countered that both          equately          safeguard        the   he waved to his father, a retired cor-
parents live, far surpassed the qual-   side’s experts testified if Walsh          Commonwealth’s children.                 rections/parole officer, as he gath-
ity of treatment he was likely to       failed in outpatient treatment, it            Walsh’s separated parents have        ered up notes he had kept during
receive in the Virginia’s newly cre-    was likely to be by breaking the           attended each of the civil commit-       the day’s hearing.
ated, prison-like Center for Behav-     very restrictive rules of coming and       ment hearings. The defense team
ioral Rehabilitation.                   going or by seeking out an oppor-          cited the family’s support and un-

                                        tive features, yet it "stickers" at just
THUNDER ROAD                            $22,600 nicely equipped. Though
                                                                                   as part of a $1,500 package that
                                                                                   also includes a limited slip differ-
                                                                                                                            dling is excellent. Pirelli Pzero per-
                                                                                                                            formance tires grip the road tena-
'06 CHEVROLET COBALT SS                 not the breed's best, it'll surely pro-    ential. Reserve the 60/40 split fold-    ciously. The turning circle of this
                                        duce badly needed profits for Gen-         ing rear bench for kids - small ones.    2,991-pound car is listed at 34 feet;
By ZANE BINDER                          eral Motors!                               The trunk is oddly shaped, its           it's a lot closer to 39. Other features
                                        Outside, the Cobalt SS, the top of         liftover height high and its open-       of this front-driver include 4-wheel
With all indications gas will stay      the line, is almost handsome. In-          ing much too small. The buckets          disc antilock brakes, daytime run-
over $3 per gallon for at least the     side, it's about the same size as the      are divided by a large console; the      ning lights and a standard but me-
immediate future performance car        now defunct Cavalier Z24. That             glovebox lacks a lock. This two-         diocre Pioneer AM/FM/CD stereo.
fans have begun altering expecta-       means two will fit fairly comfort-         door front-driver's armrests unfor-      Underhood is a 2.0 liter, 4-valve-
                                                                                   tunately received little attention       per-cylinder fuel-injected "4" with
                                                                                   from Chevy's engineers.                  variable valve timing. It's super-
                                                                                   Looking around from the driver's         charged and intercooled, produc-
                                                                                   seat reveals a paucity of analog         ing 205 HP. It moves the SS from
                                                                                   gauges. Power locks, windows and         0-60 in 7.2 seconds. The smooth,
                                                                                   mirrors along with air condition-        quiet powerplant produces lots of
                                                                                   ing of adequate capacity with a dust     torque steer: beware! Fuel effi-
                                                                                   and pollen filter will please. The       ciency was observed at 20 miles
                                                                                   tilt/telescope steering wheel is         per gallon city and 28 highway
                                                                                   leather-covered; the speed-sensi-        (EPA 23/29).
                                                                                   tive power steering box itself is        Quality control was excellent, a
                                                                                   electrically operated and has more       pleasant surprise.
                                                                                   "feel" than standard Cobalts.            Should you buy a Cobalt SS? Its
                                                                                   Cruise control and keyfob entry are      acceleration and handling are bet-
                                                                                   included in the vehicle's base price.    ter than mid-pack, and its fuel mile-
                                                                                   Driving the Cobalt SS is quite           age ranks with the leaders. Test
tions. This week's test car, the ably in the sport front buckets,                  pleasant. The ride is "sports car        drive it along with its rivals!
Chevrolet Cobalt SS, is the new- seats that are leather-trimmed. Un-               rough," so be sure your spouse can
est of the breed. It has many attrac- fortunately, you can only buy them           put up with it on long trips. Han-       (c) 2006 DBR Media, Inc.
Page 28                                                                Warren County Report                                                               Aug/Sep 2006

 Leslie Gardner, with pom poms, proprietess of The Meeting Place on Main and Special Love, Inc. Executive Director Dave Smith were among locals getting into the spirit
 of the coming football season along with visiting Redskin Hogettes on Aug. 10. Jack Evans Chevrolet provided transportation for a portion of the Hogettes tour of downtown
 Front Royal and the Hogettes walked some Meeting Place treats off by hoofing it up and down East Main Street. From left, are Hogettes "The Brave," "Sunshine,"
 "Howiette," and "Hollywood Hillbilly" flanking Gardner and Smith. The Hogettes were scheduled for a stop at Camp Fantastic on Monday, Aug. 14, Smith said.
Aug/Sep 2006                                                  Warren County Report                                                          Page 29

Dear Dr. Doe by Doe
Lang, Ph.D.                                                             COMPUTER GURU
                                                                        By ZANE BINDER
                                                                        TIPS AND TIDBITS
  I know this may seem like a dumb question, but why do we laugh
                                                                            In just a few months, Microsoft will unveil its first major web
at certain things and not others? Is there any science on this?
                                                                        browser update in five years. Is it time to rejoice that a new version of
                                                                        Internet Explorer may soon grace your desktop? Possibly ... but Firefox
                                                                        and Opera haven't been asleep for five years either. The new browser
  People have tried to analyze humor for years, but now, laughter
                                                                        will be delivered via Microsoft's Automatic Update service, which is
researchers, called "gelatologists," have come up with
                                                                        0N by default. Guru has consistently argued it should permanently be
groundbreaking research (Quarterly Review of Biology, Dec.
                                                                        shut down. The reason: "updated" software often introduces new prob-
2005). Gervais and Wilson (Binghamton University, N.Y.) traced
                                                                        lems ... and only occasionally fixes older, chronic ones. Microsoft,
the evolutionary origins of laughter back to before humans split
                                                                        however, seems to have learned much since its last such debacle:
from apes, between four and two million years ago.
                                                                        they're going to ASK if you want it installed! Just say no ... for at least
 These early chuckles, responding to touch and tickling, were more
                                                                        a year. That'll be long enough for inherent problems to surface and
like staccato panting. About two million years ago, when humans
                                                                        the more critical ones patched. Unfortunately, except for upgraded
learned to control their facial expressions, they began to laugh at
                                                                        security, few details are available of what the newest iteration of
will as well as spontaneously. Much later, with the evolution of
                                                                        Internet Explorer includes. Though you can download it in beta (test)
language and higher cognition, laughter got connected with hu-
                                                                        form from Microsoft, it's best to wait. Beta's are notoriously unstable
                                                                        and can easily cause lost data. Despite this, Guru is presently torture
  Social control and group communication are important elements.
                                                                        testing it!
We mostly laugh during ordinary conversation rather than respond-
                                                                             This, however, is just one piece of the browser puzzle. Opera
ing to jokes. Making someone laugh puts you in a dominant posi-
                                                                        ( is now offering Version 9 and a plethora of com-
tion, as does laughing at someone. U. of Maryland researcher
                                                                        plimentary programs. Opera's main advantage over Internet Explorer
Robert Provine noticed women laugh more often than men, who
                                                                        is better security, the ability to work with Bit Torrent downloads (a
usually provoke the laughter. Of course, laughter's very contagious.
                                                                        feature mainly used for music), plus the fact, most viruses and malware
Nobody knows exactly why. Maybe a feedback loop is triggered
                                                                        simply won't work with Opera. However, in some cases, it won't prop-
in the brain. (The most extreme case was in Tanzania in 1961: A
                                                                        erly display certain websites. What's displayed, however, is almost
group of school girls got the giggles, which spread to surrounding
                                                                        always usable, even if it's not pretty. The reason for display glitches:
areas, and reportedly, lasted for months!)
                                                                        almost all website code is specifically written for Internet Explorer or
   As my grandmother used to say, "Laughter is soul medicine."
                                                                        Microsoft Outlook and its Express version. It's faster than IE with a
Norman Cousins actually cured himself of ankylosing spondulitis
                                                                        much smaller hard disc footprint. Despite this, its feature set and add-
by holing up in a hotel room for several weeks with a huge supply
                                                                        ons seem to give it an advantage over its many rivals.
of funny movies and videos.
                                                                          Firefox ( is also about to release a new, feature-
  Humor also varies in different cultures, classes and social groups.
                                                                        laden version. Like Opera, most malware won't penetrate its internal
   In 2002, a British psychologist, Richard Wiseman (U. of
Hertfordshire), announced results of his quest to find the joke that
                                                                           WAREZ SITES - Warez, loosely sites that offer hacker tools and
made the most people laugh: www. See if
                                                                        free but illegal downloads of expensive commercial software are gen-
YOU think it's funny!
                                                                        erally sewer-like repositories of viruses, worms, porn and dozens of
(c) 2006 Doe Lang, Ph.D. Dist. By DBR Media, Inc.
                                                                        programs designed to harm your computer. No matter how tempting
                                                                        their offers or how much security one employs, many infections are
                                                                        likely to slip through. The miscreants who run these sites won't ask
                                                                        permission to send damaging code; you'll be lucky if things aren't so
                                                                        bad, the only solution is to reformat your hard disc. There IS one way
                                                                        around such problems, but the best course is simply awareness.
                                                                           FLYINGHAMSTER.COM - This relatively new site offers lots of
                                                                        security tips plus general news. Controversy abounds - if you're not a
                                                                        "political person," avoid the clearly marked partisan copy. There's
                                                                        still lots here to like!
                                                                        (c) 2006 DBR Media, Inc.
Page 30                                Warren County Report                                      Aug/Sep 2006

   The aptly named
   Virginia Giant cre-
   ates a parking
   space at the 2006
   Warren County
   Fair. Photo by
   Cindy Rodney.

                         Jr. Miss Warren
                         County Fair 2005                     Country legend George Jones pals around with
                         Chelsea York,                        some local Young Marines before performing at the
                         George Jones,                        2006 Warren County Fair. Photo by Cindy Rodney.
                         and Miss Warren
                         County Fair 2005
                         Lacey Lancaster.
                         Photo by Cindy

                                                 Warren County

                                                 Fair 2006
Aug/Sep 2006                               Warren County Report   Page 31

   Travis Tritt tears it up at a special
   July concert at the Warren County
   Fairgrounds. No one threw any
   quarters. Photo by Cindy Rodney.
Page 32                                                        Warren County Report                                                         Aug/Sep 2006

Why does gas cost so much?
In-depth with H. N. Funkhouser President Bob Claytor
Transcript by PAULA CONROW             I remember about 10 years ago the       ing more energy than the whole           graphical borders that separated
Warren County Report                   Internet became popular. When           world used a little over 10 years        prosperity from destitution. It’s
                                       you go to Wal-Mart and get your         ago. And they are not producing          kind of leveling the playing field.
   Dan McDermott: With me is           taxes done they are sending them        oil, they are net importers of oil.      It’s a fact of life and we’ve about
Bob Claytor. He is president of        to India and E-mailing them back.       So you take 2 countries and dra-         tripled our energy in 10 years.
H.N. Funkhouser and Co. They           And you don’t even know it. And         matically increase consumption               Bob Claytor: China last year
operate the Exxon, Shell, and          when you call Dell you get an In-       more than 10 years ago total world       was building a huge dam project
Texaco plants in Winchester,           dian or Pakistani. I’ve lived in both   and you can see where some of our        and they were using about a third
Woodstock, and Front Royal and         those countries and I applaud those     problems are. They’re affecting not      of all the concrete in the world. Be-
they operate Napa Wholesale Auto       folks and they are highly educated.     just the energy market. They are         cause of that the concrete prices
Parts Stores, Handy Mart Conve-        But the problem is that people who      affecting the gold market. They are      almost tripled. They were using
nience Stores, and sell industrial     used to walk or ride a bike can now     affecting the concrete market, the       almost half of all the rebar in the
and automotive lubricants in the       afford a car. The energy demands        steel market. You see gold going         world, the metal that goes in the
Northern Shenandoah Valley. Mr         . Why don’t you tell me that sta-       up a lot. People say why is that?        concrete. So those prices went up
Clayter, how in the world did you      tistic that blew me away about          Well because these developing            dramatically. It's just not the pe-
find the time to be here today.                                                countries now want to buy jewelry        troleum industry, its all commodi-

You’re a very busy man.                                                        for their girlfriends and they’re so     ties being consumed by these de-
   Bob Claytor: I appreciate the                                               many of these folks over there gold      veloping nations.
sales pitch very much but I also ap-                                           is in strong demand right now so             Dan McDermott: I think this
preciate that this is a very sensi-                                            that price is going up as well.          dam was on the great wall of china
tive subject and people are very         This     inter view                      Dan McDermott: Well they’ve           scale. It’s a huge engineering feat.
concerned about it. I’m here to try      originally aired on                   been introduced to the concept of        They are very proud of it but have
to give a few facts and figures to                                             disposable income for the first          used a lot of resources to do it.
                                         The Valley Today                      time.                                    What was the reason the gas went
  Dan McDermott: Let's start off         talk show, heard                         Bob Claytor: Their gross in-          up so quickly after Katrina. I think
with the obvious questions. Gas is       live daily on Oldies                  come for the year used to be in the      I saw some oil executives who said
almost at post-Katrina levels.           Radio 95.3 and                        two to three hundred dollar range.       in order to prevent hoarding they
What’s the reason? Whats going           Real Country 1450                     That was their total income. Now         deliberately raised the price right
on?                                      at 12:30 P.M., fol-                   their up to about thirty five hun-       away. And it seems to me... I just
  Bob Claytor: There are two rea-                                              dred dollars a year. Still pales by      want to punch them in the nose.
sons. One factual and one not fac-
                                         lowing the News at                    our comparison, but a lot of those         Bob Claytor: I never heard that.
tual. The easy answer is the oil         Noon.                                 people are getting up to five or six     If that’s the case someone ought to
companies are taking advantage of                                              thousand a year and can start af-        punch them in the nose. We had
us. That’s very popular but not        China’s and India’s energy.             fording cars, houses and other con-      three storms in a row that dramati-
supported by fact. The other is that     Bob Claytor: I tried to pick an       sumable goods that we’ve been            cally upset the petroleum industry,
internationally there is tremendous    airline ticket with United and I        used to over the years.                  but Katrina was the worst. Katrina
demand in growth for petroleum         called United help line and talked         Dan McDermott: I lived in In-         singlehandedly shut down about
and that we cant keep up that ca-      to a person in India, so they are       dia as a kid and it was a country of     600 oil producing platforms in the
pacity to meet that demand. And        doing a lot of things. India and        beggars, basically, not the whole        gulf of mexico. It singlehandedly
the supply and demand issue, eco-      China, I think we lose grasp of how     country but you would see them           shut down about 15 refineries and
nomics 101 is taking place. So as      big they really are. China is about     everywhere. Just dirt poor. Pov-         2 if those refineries took over 2
the demand dramatically goes up        1.4 billion people. America for         erty, heartache, tragedy every-          months to restart. One was the big
and the supply stays the same price    example is about 280 million, so        where, people dying of starvation,       refinery in Pensagola, Mississippi
goes up.                               they are about 4 ½ or 5 times our       and that’s all changing. I think I       which was gigantic, produces
     Dan McDermott: Now you            size. India is over a billion people.   contribute the internet to a lot of it
gave me a statistic about Asia and     Those two countries today are us-       because its breaking down the geo-       See Gas Page 33
Aug/Sep 2006                                                     Warren County Report                                                                Page 33

Gas (from Page 32)                      of gasoline for weeks at a time. We           Dan McDermott: So as the            perately have got to start thinking
                                        hauled lots of product out of Penn-       need for energy is growing very         about energy independence, and
                                        sylvania because it wasn’t avail-         rapidly in certain parts of the world   with that we have to refine our own
400,000 barrels a day and was           able here. The consumer doesn’t           and pretty conservatively here only     product.
down for 2 ½ months. It also dis-       see that back all that disruption, all    by comparison to there, our refin-          Dan McDermott: I want to
rupted supply for about 3 days to       these pipelines going empty drives        ery growth, the number of refiner-      move on to that when we come
the pipeline that comes up in Loui-     these prices up high, and it cer-         ies which take 10 years to build has    back. First I want to ask you an-
siana and Texas was closed. I           tainly did.                               not kept up. Correct?                   other refinery question. I guess
know when you go to a pump you              Dan McDermott: It we tripled             Bob Claytor: A refinery costs        they switch blends in certain parts
expect the gasoline to be there but     our demand for energy, gas, oil, and      about 4 to 5 billion dollars, that’s    of the country to introduce more
it has to get there by a certain        other forms of energy in 10 years.        with a 'b.' And we haven’t built a      ethanol for pollution reasons. That
mechanism. We get all our prod-         I’m guessing its about triple.            refinery in America…I think the         was a noble goal in the ‘70’s, but
uct out of a pipeline that comes out        Bob Claytor: Let's deal with          last one was built in 1973. I read      today when every refinery is at
of texas and Louisiana goes all the     America now. I have the facts and         some articles where the last one        peak capacity and we’re not really
way up the East Coast and actu-         figures for that. America grows           was built in 1976. I don’t know         meeting demand or at least we’re
ally ends in Baltimore. So when         about 2 to 2 ½ percent a year. And        where that refinery was, but I do       barely meeting demand to the point
that pipeline is sufficient we can      our gasoline isn't our only               know where the ’73 was. Now             where prices have skyrocketed, are
barely keep up, when it is shut         demand…energy is a lot of things.         with either one of those numbers        we unnecessarily inconveniencing
down for a day or two it takes a        It's gasoline, its diesel fuel, its jet   its been 30 years since we built a      consumers to the tune of a buck a
very long time to catch back up.        fuel, its kerosene, heating oil,          refinery in America. So we can buy      gallon extra for a relatively limited
These refineries they were down to      chemicals, plastics. But gasoline,        crude oil from a lot of different       gain in the environment, or is it
the extent that they were bringing      this year, the '05 over '04 grew by       countries, Mexico, Venezuela, cer-      worth the cost?
product in the New York harbor in       300,000 gallons a day. So that’s          tainly all the Saudi countries, but       Bob Claytor: There's certainly
order to get product down to us. A      our growth for one year in                if we cant refine it into a usable
lot of our terminals were totally out   America.                                  form it does us no good. We des-        See Gas Page 34

     Ann Downs, Realtor

                                                Daniel McGuinn                         426 Royal Avenue, Front Royal, VA 22630
                                                  cell (540) 305-5000
                                                                                       Large, all brick, 3200+ sq ft commercial office build-
                                                                                       ing in downtown front royal. Formally a title com-
                                                                                       pany, this property can be used for offices, insur-
         Ann Downs,                                                                    ance companies, title companies, lawyers, real es-
         Realtor                                                                       tate offices, etc. It offers a great layout for any pro-
         cell (540) 305-9735                                                           fessional office & has a great location. Parking in
                                                                                       rear. Offered at $345,000.
Page 34                                                          Warren County Report                                                        Aug/Sep 2006

Gas (from Page 32)                       and it does have a price associated     hol, and certainly..i just cut a        pian type of thing, but it does de-
                                         with it. I think it’s probably a good   couple of articles out of Forbes.       crease our dependency, but it does
a lot of that going on in the pipe-      thing to do, but then it does cause     You know currently we are using         have a price associated with it.
lines coming up in the east coast        peaks and valleys around the May-       about 4 billion gallons of ethanol          Dan McDermott: I think you
they were designed for three prod-       June frame because we are having        in this country right today. And just   said we would have to virtually
ucts. They were designed for             to change all these tanks over.         recently all the reformulated gaso-     plough down every crop in
leaded regular, leaded super, and            Dan McDermott: Next we’re           line, that is that which is used in     America to grow enough corn just
diesel which was also fuel back in       going to talk about moonshine, and      the cities, in the high density popu-   to support the United States energy
those days. We now have 35 dif-          can I go to McDonalds and get the       lations, they had an additive called    demand if we switched to alcohol.
ferent blends of product coming up       fryer oil and stick it in my diesel     MTBE that was found out to be a            Bob Claytor: This article said
those pipe lines. We’ve gotta            engine like Rudolph Diesel said we      carcinogen and just this year that      if the fuel demand continues into
somehow, it’s called boutique            could when he introduced the die-       was taken out and ethanol was put       2050 it would require 1.4 billion
gasoline, we’ve gotta take away          sel engine at the Worlds Fair back      in most of those products. So if        acres to eliminate importing gaso-
the states rights to personally blend    in the day.                             you buy gasoline in Washington,         line. That would be every square
all these gasolines and have differ-        Dan McDermott: We're back.           DC it has a 10 percent ethanol mix.     inch in this country for a total of
ent specifications. Efficiency           I see in brazil they have gone from     Ethanol is very popular. It is grown    1.4 billion acres. There would be
comes with running the same thing        85 percent imported oil to almost       in America. It has all the grandma      no room left for building homes or
a lot. When you have to stop re-         zero reliance on foreign entities for   and apple pie type things that          food crops.
fineries, change blends, read vapor      energy and they have done it by         people love. However alcohol                Dan McDermott: Wow if we
pressures and volatility points, and     growing a lot of sugar. This is not

blend 35 different blends, that’s        something they have done in the
very inefficient. It causes a lot of     last year, its something they’ve
transportation problems. And with        been working on for 20 years I
all of that there is a cost associated   think. In the United States we are        To listen to the audio recording of this Oldies
with it that the consumer has to pay.    paying farmers to grow certain            Radio 95.3 The Valley Today program, point your
   Dan McDermott: I imagine if           crops. I don’t know if we’re still        browser to
they said I’m going to cut the           paying them to plough under cer-          and click on “Hear The Valley Today Now”
power to your business for three         tain things and subsidizing this and
days because we’re going to have         buying food from them because           does not burn as efficiently as does    could buy Australia, I think its
a 3 percent decrease in pollution        they cant get enough profit. Should     gasoline. This article in Forbes        about a billion acres.
by switching blends and we’ve got        we switch all this to corn? Is that     says if you are using alcohol today        Bob Claytor: Another thing
to clean everything out, you             the answer? What is the solution?       it would equate to about $4.50 a        about alcohol, we can raise it from
wouldn’t stand for that.                 What else can we stick in our cars      gallon of gasoline. So you don’t        corn, but we can also buy it from
   Bob Claytor: And this recent          once you consider all the facts to      want to put 100 percent alcohol in      Brazil. Right this moment there is
blip in prices, you know we talk         stop having to burn liquid, decay-      because its expensive. Also alco-       a 54 cent tariff. That is to say if
about the oil companies and ship-        ing dinosaurs and plants?               hol is a very dry product so unless     we buy from Brazil again the tax-
ping and transportation, but the            Bob Claytor: You mentioned           you have a flex fuel vehicle you        payer pays a tariff to the govern-
government every may the first for       moonshine before the break, I           can burn your engine up. So right       ment because they want to make
the last five years has required that    thought you would come back with        now 10 to 15 percent is about all       sure they protect local homegrown
every gas dispensary in Virginia go      that. Moonshine is ethanol. Etha-       the alcohol your car can stand un-      corn. So all these things have little
to a lower re-vapor pressure gaso-       nol is a c2h50h. It is a thing you      less it’s a flex fuel vehicle. Alco-    strings attached and price points
line. It’s a gasoline that doesn’t       drink, so corn, George Bush said        hol made from corn is pretty            attached through taxes. Not that
evaporate quite as much in the           the other day, not only do you have     heavily subsidized. Right now all       they can’t be eliminated. You can
summertime. Well that requires           to raise corn for this, but you have    the corn growers out in Kansas and      make alcohol a lot of ways; you can
that every tank farm empty their         to feed corn to animals and not all     Nebraska are getting about a 54         make it out of hay, you can make it
tanks and put in this new product        corn goes to this purpose. You also     cents a gallon subsidy. About 40        out of anything that’s biodegrad-
by May 1st. We’ve got to do the          have to compete with, when you          percent of their income comes from      able. So alcohol is not just a corn
same with all our tanks in the           buy a bottle of Jack Daniels at 20      government subsidy, not from sell-      crop. I think brazil gets most of
month of June and get it done by         some dollars a pint or a quart I        ing the corn, so its not without        theirs from sugar cane actually.
the end of june. So every tank in        guess it is or a fifth. Are you will-   some federal cost to it. Also if you       Dan McDermott: If corn is not
the whole eastern United States has      ing to pay that much for gasoline       burn alcohol in your car you get        the answer, or if ethanol is not the
to be emptied and refilled with this     and the answer is no. There is no       about 24 to 30 percent less energy,     entire answer, what do you think
new product and then, again, this        question that Brazil has gone this      so your gas mileage will go down
causes disruptions and shortages         direction. The problem with alco-       about that amount. It is not a uto-     See Gas Page 35
Aug/Sep 2006                                                       Warren County Report                                                                Page 35

Gas (from Page 32)                       sue.                                      years.
                                            Dan McDermott: I think both                Dan McDermott: Real quick           5% interest I would get 50 bucks a
is going to be the crop or what will     parties are to blame. The Republi-        answer to this. Coal…I forget what      year. If you had a million dollars
be the crop or product that will be      cans haven’t spent what we need           state, west Virginia, one of those      and invested it you would get 50
a renewable source of energy to try      to spend to try to find other sources     states, they want to take coal and      thousand dollars. Well Exxon has
to eliminate our dependence on           of energy and the Democrats don’t         turn it into diesel and use the waste   380 billion dollars worth of mon-
foreign oil?                             want to drill anywhere. So I think        product to shoot in the oil wells to    eys. That’s what their assests were
   Bob Claytor: Surely alcohol is        both parties are to blame. What           bring the oil up. It’s wonderful        the last time I looked. So 380 bil-
one way. If we can take 10 per-          about vegetable oil? I heard you          they say and they say we have 40        lion dollars at 5% gives them about
cent of all our total gasoline de-       can go to McDonalds, drain their          times the coal reserves compared        18 billion dollars a year. So we’re
mand away from importing it that’s       tank and stick it in a diesel engine.     to the world's oil reserves.            dealing with a huge gigantic com-
10 percent we don’t have to buy.         Is that accurate? Is that another             Bob Claytor: That’s a great         pany that’s international. Conoco
You can make ethanol from a lot          solution?                                 question. There’s coal shale,           Philips was 183 billion, they made
of different things. You can make           Bob Claytor: You’ve gotta be           there’s coal itself. All this can be    13 billion last year. Exxons return
it from seaweed, from sugarcane,         careful because those products will       made into energy. You know we’ve        was about 10.7 %. The reason they
you can make it from hay. There          solidify pretty easily. You have to       kind of gotten away from nuclear        made so much money, and all the
are lots of different ways to make       make sure you put something in            energy, but if we put a couple of       oil companies, if you own oil wells
it. There is lots of crude oil around.   there. Back to the political issue.       nuclear power plants in and took a      you made money in the last couple
In fact just recently, you probably      It is not a political issue at all.       lot of our, energy dependence on        of years. Oil used to sell for 20 to
read in the news that our represen-      There has not been a long term            electricity for example, and took it    25 dollars a barrel, now its selling
tatives again voted down oil explo-      energy plan in America for over 30        to another fuel. A lot of our plants    for 70. So if you own oil wells,
ration off the gulf coast, even          years. And no one is going to build       are using fossil fuel oil to produce    the mercantile exchange sets that
though there are known oil wells         a refinery at 3 or 4 billion dollars      electricity. If we took that use to     price. It's an international price.
that have been capped in recent                                                    nuclear energy, we could take 15        The oil companies do not control
years. There are known oil wells           H. N. Funkhouser President Bob          to 20 percent need off line and not     it. If you own oil wells that’s the
                                           Claytor explains that high gas prices   have to import that oil because
off the coast of California, known                                                                                         price that you sell for and you make
                                           have no easy solution.
oil wells off the coast of Florida                                                 nuclear would make that power. It       huge sums of money when the
that have already been drilled and                                                 was very popular about 25 to 30         price is up. Back as late as 1998-
are capped because of environmen-                                                  years ago. No nuclear power plants      99, the barrel price was 18 dollars
tal reasons. Again we have not had                                                 in the past 20 years. You’re seeing     a barrel. They were losing money
a major leak, there is so much tech-                                               now that even Green Peace is say-       on that. That 10% return sounds
nology with cameras and mainte-                                                    ing that’s a good direction to go.      like a lot. Chevron and Texaco
nance issues, that it really doesn’t                                                  Dan McDermott: I think Three         were 7% return. If you look at
create much of an environmental                                                    Mile Island didn’t help the whole       other industries, like Yahoo!, they
issue anymore. We’ve got huge re-                                                  nuclear power cause.                    have a 45% return, Bank of
serves up in Alaska. We can be-                                                       Bob Claytor: Well there was          America had a 26% return, Merk
come pretty self sufficient if we can                                              less release there than when you        19, IBM 13, most banks make
just bring up this oil we already                                                  get a dental X-Ray. But I think it      about a 16% return. So it’s not a
know exists and open refineries so                                                 was blown a little out of propor-       huge return, it’s just such a gigan-
we can put it in a usable form for                                                 tion but then again…certainly all       tic huge company. Keep in mind
ourselves. I think we’re going to                                                  of these issues have hot button is-     too that in Exxons case, 70% of that
be always importing product.             and not know what the outcome is          sues for some people.                   profit was made overseas and in
Right now we’re importing about          going to be at the end. You could            Dan McDermott: 300 million           America they made money on
62 percent. We certainly have to         build that refinery and they could        bucks for the president of Exxon.       natural gas, chemicals, asphalts,
get that down below 50 percent.          change the specification as they          You run an oil company. When you        plastics, jet fuels, kerosenes, heat-
You know alcohol, conservation,          have in the last couple of years, and     retire are you going to get 300 mil-    ing oil, diesel fuel, and gasoline
certainly conservation is a big is-      your refinery was built to produce        lion and go to Disney World? Will       was only about 9 or 10 % of that
sue too, more miles per gallon,          a product that’s no longer allowed        you take me with you?                   profit. You know we can yell and
bringing up our own oil, building        to be sold. So we have to get some           Bob Claytor: Lets talk about         holler about gasoline, but it’s pretty
more refineries, more efficient dis-     long term, ten year energy plans          profits of oil companies and I’ll       efficient. You go overseas you pay
tribution systems, getting all the       out there so everybody can focus          back into that answer. First of all     about 6 or 7 dollars a gallon.
boutique gasolines out of the sys-       on that and build refineries, build       that was a stupid bonus to give any-         Dan McDermott: I want to
tem. All of those are important          specifications, have a direction and      body. You know if I had thousand        thank Bob Claytor, president of
steps towards the independence is-       not have it change every couple of        dollars and I invested it today at      H.N. Funkhouser.
Page 36   Warren County Report   Aug/Sep 2006
Aug/Sep 2006                                              Warren County Report                                                 Page 37

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Pleased to meat you!                                                 106 Great conductor
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55 Boy's name in a Johnny Cash     83 Paper bigwig                    3 Did well in tennis               90 Misprints
hit                                85 Pop                             4 Ja or s’                         93 Accumulate
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57 Olympic event                   88 Negative word                  Ursuline Order                      96 Dismisses
58 Unfruitful                      89 Never, to 86 Across             6 Aged                             98 DDE & others
59 Head-to-toe meas.               91 Wimpy cry of fear               7 Be in tiptop shape, to a meat-   99 Self-proclaimed expert
60 Former L.A. Dodger Ron __       92 Bowler                         lover?                              101 British weapon
61 Cabin piece                     95 "Born Free" lioness             8 British author Bagnold           102 Dog's noise
62 Sea feeder                      96 __ Newton                       9 Like a fish fillet               103 Make airtight
64 Chlorine or fluorine            97 Canal sight                    10 Fall color                       105 406
65 Bleat                           99 Note                           11 IRA, for one                     107 Depot: abbr.
66 Triumphant cry                  100 Aflame                        12 Become a candidate, to a meat-   109 Young animal
67 Nobleman                        101 Martha, to Lazarus            lover?                              110 Excellent
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7 Lector's stand                   104 NFL employee                  14 __ sapiens                       Solution on Page 28
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August 15, 2006   Warren County Report                      Page 39
                                         Solution Page 29

                      Solution Page 29
     Reliance Woods
     Reliance Woods
      A beautiful wooded environment with nearby golf, two new shop-
      A beautiful wooded environment with nearby golf, two new shop-
      ping centers, and the historic Shenandoah River. Did we mention
      ping centers, and the historic Shenandoah River. Did we mention
      it’s just 2 miles from I-66? Who says you can’t have it all!
      it’s just 2 miles from I-66? Who says you can’t have it all!
                                                    Enjoy serenity and peace in this this new sub-
                                                    Enjoy serenity and peace in this this new sub-
                                                    division in highly sought after Warren County.
                                                    division in highly sought after Warren County.
                                                    Estate lots range from 2 to 6 acres. Live just 2
                                                    Estate lots range from 2 to 6 acres. Live just 2
                                                    miles from I-66. Relax just minutes away from
          Attention Developers!                     5 golf courses. Only 20 lots remain. Claim yours
                                                    5 golf courses. Only 20 lots remain. Claim yours
                                                    before they are gone forever!
                                                    before they are gone forever!
Call for information on two other hot properties:
      · 5 lot subdivision in Warren County
                                                      (540) 631-8989
                                                      (540) 631-8989          (540) 305-9042
                                                                              (540) 305-9042
· 28 townhouse lot subdivision in Page County         (540) 305-9678
                                                      (540) 305-9678          (540) 631-8532
                                                                              (540) 631-8532

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