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                 Issue sixteen - Summer 2008                                to
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      Headuse their heads when it
      comes to healthy eating - see page five
      Gold Award winner - Best newsletter, Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards Scotland 2005/2006
             Finalist - Best newsletter, Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards Scotland 2007
Our thanks to…
                                          Asda cheque-out: The John Lynch
                                          Renal Unit at Crosshouse Hospital
                                          received £300 from Asda in Irvine
                                          as a thank you for looking after
                                          their colleague, Yvonne Reid, until
                                          her kidney transplant in 2001. The
                                          donation will benefit all patients in
                                          the unit. Our photo shows (from left):
                                          Staff Nurse Fiona Sweeney, Staff Nurse
                                          Andrew McCubbin, Training Facilitator
                                          Geraldine Ovens, Yvonne Reid, Staff
                                          Nurse Lynn Robinson and Kathy Paton.

Diabetes donation: The Diabetes
Day Centre at Crosshouse Hospital
has received the generous sum of
£2630 from Mrs A McManus, Diabetes
Co-coordinator and Mrs L Brisbane,
Junior Royal Matron of the Order of
the Amaranth. The money will be
used for audio-visual equipment. Our
photo shows (from left): Diabetes
Specialist Nurses Sister Lorna Whitelaw
and Charge Nurse Bill Sheppard, Mrs
McManus and Mrs Brisbane.

                                             Predictive cheques: Ayrshire
                                             Maternity Unit’s Neonatal Unit
                                             received a cheque that was out of
                                             this world! Local woman, Jean Allan
                                             from Kilmarnock, held a clairvoyant
                                             night and raised £138. Staff predict
                                             the money will be spent wisely.
                                             Our photograph shows (seated
                                             from left): Kyle Little, Rosie Little
                                             and Lorraine Herbert; (standing
                                             from left) Sandra Sneddon, Jean
                                             Allan and Marion Breckenridge.
Dialogue is distributed to every NHS
employee in Ayrshire and Arran. Total
distribution approximately 10,000.
                                                       dialogue                                      Issue sixteen – Summer 2008

If you have any comments, suggestions
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Published by: NHS Ayrshire & Arran
Issue number 16: Summer 2008
Design and layout: Ocean Agency

                                        14                                22                                              24
                                            Take the initiative
                                            As part of the Patient Safety Programme,
                                            Directors have been taking part in
                                            walkrounds to speak to staff about patient
                                            safety issues and to find possible solutions
            Marie Hun
                        ter during a busy   with them.
Staff Nurse            ICU.
day in Ayr

At each walkround, staff have the           Sister Dorothy Kerr and her team              A main part of the theatre’s work
opportunity to speak to two Directors       in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)              focuses around safety briefings. At
and the Patient Safety Co-ordinator,        have been involved in the SPI since           the start of each theatre list staff run
Susan Dillon. Since the start of the        February 2007. Their main driver              through a number checks including:
walkrounds in April 2007, 248 issues        has been to introduce a range of              •	 Checking	equipment
have been identified for action and         improvements in the care of patients          •	 Order	of	the	list
                                            on ventilators. This includes tilting up      •	 Patients’	details
213 of them have been completed.
                                            patients’ bed-heads by 30 degrees,
                                            which helps reduce ventilator acquired        Staff have ‘time out’ sessions between
Here are a few examples of what has
                                            pneumonia (VAP) by raising patients’          each patient to clarify details, which
been achieved:
                                            heads.                                        reduces the number of errors.
•	 Staff	were	concerned	that	a	number	
   of policies and guidelines were          Other targets for the ICU team are:           The team are updating their peri-
   out of date. Senior managers have        •	 Reducing	central	line	infections           operative checklist to include checking
   reviewed all the policies and all        •	 Hand	hygiene	audits                        a patient’s temperature before they
   wards now have an up-to-date             •	 Glycaemic	control	(keeping	                leave the ward for surgery and
   version.                                    patients’ blood sugar level within         before they return to the ward.
                                               the normal range)                          Their temperature should be 36
•	 Staff	noted	that	some	patients	were	                                                   degrees celsius or higher. Staff are
                                            •	 Ward	rounds	including	staff	from	a	
   still smoking in their rooms. New                                                      also recording patients’ temperature
                                               number of different disciplines to
   smoke alarms have been installed                                                       during their operation if they are in
                                               set the targets for the day
   which activate a voice message in                                                      theatre for more than one hour.
   the main ward if a patient smokes        Sister Kerr commented: “We have
   in their room.                           definitely noticed improvements in            Liz Kelso, Theatre Manager,
•	 Staff	raised	concerns	about	exposed	     hand hygiene as we are currently              commented: “All the theatre staff
   pipework, which has now been             sitting at 90 per cent compliance.            really like the theatre briefings.
   covered over.                            Our glycaemic control targets are also        Everyone is involved and they can
                                            improving. Staff are very enthusiastic        raise any issues, no matter how small,
Through the Safer Patients Initiative       and are willing to try new things and         before we start the theatre list.”
(SPI) we hope to reduce adverse             the changes in the unit are a result of
events by 50 per cent by the end of         their hard work and commitment to             Liz added: “I hold monthly meetings
the programme. These examples show          the project.”                                 with staff and SPI is on every agenda
that by making small changes, the                                                         to make sure everyone is aware of
effects can be significant.                 To help reduce central line infections        what is happening. The ‘time outs’ are
                                            staff review patients every day and           a good safety check and it gives staff
We are also taking part in the Scottish     assess if they still need the central line.   peace of mind that nothing has been
Patient Safety Programme, a new             It is removed as soon as it is no longer      missed.”
initiative launched by the Scottish         needed, as the longer it stays in the
Government, which builds on the             greater the risk of infection.
work of the Safer Patients Initiative.                                                    If you would like to find out
All health boards in Scotland are           Theatre Manager Liz Kelso and the             more information about the Safer
involved in the programme and               rest of the team only became involved         Patients Initiative or the Scottish
here in Ayrshire and Arran our work         in SPI in June 2007 but have been             Patient Safety Programme,
focuses on Crosshouse Hospital, where       making great progress to catch up             contact Babs Gemmell at Ayr
walkrounds have already started.            with the rest of the workstreams.             Hospital extension 14553 or

Wii’re game for a laugh
Love them or hate them,
interactive games consoles are
a world-wide phenomenon.
And now, in an innovative step to          She said: “We will
aid rehabilitation, Biggart Hospital       be assessing the
has introduced the art of gaming to        effectiveness of the
patients in the form of two Nintendo       games and how our
DS Lites and a Nintendo Wii.               patients react.

Hospital staff are hopeful that the ever   “We hope it will
popular Brain Training games and the       stimulate patients     Game on: Volun
                                                                                teers hand over
                                                                                                the games cons
physically interactive games on the Wii    and encourage                                                      oles to grateful
                                                                                                                               staff and patient
will ease the road to recovery.            interaction, movement and speech as
                                           well as interaction with the staff.”
Among those who could benefit are
patients recovering from strokes and       And it’s all thanks to the hospital               Mr Bryn Mills, Biggart Hospital
even Parkinson’s’ sufferers.               volunteers who kindly responded to                Volunteer Coordinator was more than
                                           a request for the consoles from the               happy to grant their wish and said:
Ann Reid, Clinical Development             Speech and Language unit at the                   “Eventually, we hope all our wards
Manger – Care of older Adults, believes    hospital.                                         here will benefit.”
this is an exciting move forward.

          n the ball
A youth football team have been persuaded
to swap their chocolate bars and cans of fizzy
drinks for fresh fruit and water during half-time.
In a bid to improve oral health,   kebab’ tasting session
willing players at Kingswell       to promote their
Football Club agreed to try out    healthy alternatives.
an initiative set up by the Oral
                                   And it didn’t stop
Health Action Project for North
                                   there - the lucky
West Kilmarnock
                                   youngsters received
There were no arguments from       free, fresh oranges for one                         Fruit feast: Th
                                                                                                        e oral health
players when the project team      month of training sessions and                      tactics with th
                                                                                                       e young foot
                                                                                                                      team discuss
                                                                                                                                   half-time tast
                                                                                                                     ball stars                   e
agreed to provide them with        football matches.
water bottles and fresh fruit.
                                   Our cover photograph shows
The Oral Health squad were         Devlin Martin, 10, showing off
also available to run a ‘fruit     his skill at headers.

Tell it like it is: Freddy
Crawford-Grundy of Ayrshire

                                            Care to comment?
and Arran’s Patient Council
tries out the mobile Cam Room

                                            New options to tell us what you think
                                            Our Care to comment scheme encourages people
                                            to share their comments, suggestions or concerns
                                            about health services.
                                            The ‘Care to comment’ scheme enables         Executive Nurse Director Fiona McQueen
                                            patients, visitors, staff and members of     launched the scheme during visiting
                                            the public to give their views straight to   time at Ayr Hospital. Fiona comments:
                                            camera, ‘Big Brother’-style, in a roving     “We want to offer everyone who uses
                                            Cam Room which will be travelling            our services the best possible care and
                                            around Ayrshire and Arran.                   treatment. We hope to encourage them
                                                                                         to help improve the quality of care by
                                            Other options available to people include    telling us what they think about our
                                            postcards and postboxes, a freephone         services.”
Here to listen: Lorna Loudon (above),
Patient Relations and Complaints
                                            number, a freepost address and
Manager, and Mrs Fiona McQueen              dedicated email address.                     You can email your comments to
(below), Executive Nurse Director, at the                                                caretocomment@aapct.scot.nhs.uk or
launch of the Care to comment scheme
                                                                                         telephone free to 0800 169 1441.

                                                                                         For more information visit the Intranet
                                                                                         or contact Lorna Loudon, Patient and
                                                                                         Community Relations Manager, at
                                                                                         Eglinton House, extension 13610.

                                                                                                          Hoopy days: Robert, Dylan

Have-a-go youngsters
                                                                                                          and David from Loudon
                                                                                                          Academy with Alex from
                                                                                                          Kilmarnock College

take the challenge
Children and young people from all over Ayrshire proved they
were game for a sporting challenge at the sixth annual Ayrshire
Sportsability ‘Come and Try’ event.
Nearly 600 primary and secondary           Children and young people got the           Members of Ayrshire
pupils with physical and learning          chance to try out lots of different         Sportsability include:
disabilities took part in the three day    sporting activities. These included
                                                                                       •	   NHS Ayrshire & Arran
event held in the Magnum Centre in         dancercise, new age kurling, athletics,
Irvine. The ‘Come and Try’ games are       football and shinty. The games also         •	   East Ayrshire Council
organised by Ayrshire Sportsability        allowed the youngsters to meet and          •	   North Ayrshire Council
which includes members from NHS            interact with others while having fun.      •	   South Ayrshire Council
Ayrshire & Arran, the three Local
                                           Judging from the youngsters’ smiles,        •	   Scottish Disability Sport
Authorities, North Ayrshire Leisure Ltd,
and local and national disability sports   the event was a huge success. All of        •	   Sportscotland
organisations.                             those who took part were presented          •	   South Ayrshire Access to Sport
                                           with certificates and goody bags.
                                                                                       •	   North Ayrshire Sports
Hockey go lucky: Vickki Brown and her      Special thanks go to Kilmarnock                  Association for the Disabled
daughter Katie from Symington Primary
                                           College whose enthusiastic students         •	   North Ayrshire Leisure
                                           helped out with the sporting activities,
                                           and staff at the Magnum Centre.

                                           Chief Executive Dr Wai-yin Hatton is
                                           also Chair of Ayrshire Sportsability.
                                           She was delighted with the continued
                                           success of the games. She said: “The
                                           Games continue to go from strength
                                           to strength each year. It was a great
                                           three days and we’d like to thank
                                           everyone involved for their endless
                                           enthusiasm and hard work. Ayrshire
                                           Sportsability would not be possible
                                           without the generous donations and
                                           support from all its sponsors. My          She shoots, she scores: From left, Mandy
                                                                                      Hickman, Health Promotion; Mary Kilpatrick,
                                           thanks also go to our fantastic coaches
                                                                                      Deputy Provost South Ayrshire Council; Cheryl
                                           and volunteers who ensured that            Brady, Ayrshire Sportsability; Margaret Tonner,
                                           everyone who came along was able to        South Ayrshire Councillor; Provost Stephanie
                                           try something new and exciting. “          Young of Easy Ayrshire Council

         On the road
    ag ain: Rachael
       her way to offer
 support to ca        re
   thro ughout Ayrshi
              and Arran

Day in the
Your job in one sentence                   from nursing, occupational therapy,      workplace assessor prior to becoming
                                           physiotherapy and dietetics.             a Peripatetic Assessor.
Anne: I’ll try! Essentially, it involves
teaching, supporting, advising and         Rachael: We develop Nursing
assessing candidates who are doing
                                                                                    Courses you have followed
                                           Assistants and Allied Health             or intend to follow outside
their S/NVQ awards.                        Professional (AHP) Assistants through
                                           NVQ to progress through the
                                                                                    of work?
Rachael: Really, I’m a bit of a nomad.
I travel around NHS Ayrshire & Arran       Knowledge Skills Framework (KSF)         Anne: Only work-related courses
to where candidates have their clinical    gateways at their own request.           as I don’t have much free time! At
work. I then support candidates                                                     the moment I’m doing a course in
through NVQ level 2 and 3 awards.                                                   Teaching in Nurse Practice.
                                           Your career path?
                                                                                    Rachael: Actually, I’m finishing off my
                                           Anne: More than eight years ago          Psychology degree at the moment.
How does you role fit into                 I started doing assessing with the
the organisation?                          Health Board and was trained
                                                                                    One highlight of your job
                                           by Paisley University. I assessed
Anne: We fit into the organisation
                                           candidates while working on the          Anne: There are quite a few, but
through the Practice Development
                                           wards and did a lot of this in my own    I think the one that stands out
Unit but we also work with the
                                           time. When the position of peripatetic   for me is when candidates have
Training Centre at Irvine Central. In
                                           assessor came up, I thought it would     completed the award and have their
Ayrshire and Arran the peripatetic
                                           be a great opportunity to concentrate    certificate presented to them by Fiona
assessors work with candidates
                                           on the job during working hours!         McQueen, Executive Nurse Director.
from any hospital or community
                                           I applied, got the job and began
setting within Ayrshire and Arran                                                   Rachael: The main highlight for me
                                           promoting the S/NVQ training as
who would like their Health care                                                    is meeting so many different people
                                           much as possible.
support workers/Nursing assistants                                                  and the fact that I can learn from
to do the above qualifications. Right      Rachael: I started off in nursing        others while observing candidates in
now, we’re working with candidates         and then went on to become a             their departments.

Anne Howatson and Rachael
MacLeod describe life on the road as
Peripatetic SVQ Assessors

                                               Help is at hand: Anne
                                               offers a friendly ear to
                                               candidates working on
                                               their S/NVQ awards

Any funny stories to share                 Who would you like to                    Favourite track on your
about your work?                           dine with and why?                       i-pod/MP3 player at
Anne: Not as such, but plenty of fun       Anne: That’s easy! David Beckham         the moment?
is shared when the peripatetic assessors   as he is so good looking and appears     Anne: Bleeding Love, by Leona
and the office team get together for       charming.                                Lewis.
our monthly lunch when we can all
relax and have a really good laugh.        Rachael: My close friends. They’ve       Rachael: I’m listening to anything by
                                           been such a great support and are        Amy MacDonald at the moment.
Rachael: Yes, but none of them are         very important to me.
                                                                                    What do you think you
                                           Best piece of advice you
Aspirations for the future?                have been given?                         do best?
Anne: Hmm… I would love to be              Anne: If you fail to plan, you plan      Anne: I am a good listener.
able to travel to Australia.               to fail.                                 Rachael: I’m a faithful friend. My
Rachael: It would be great to have a       Rachael: Simple really. Take care        daughter says I’m a good mother.
future where staff are educated and        of yourself.
motivated with the end result being
better care for patients.                  Ice skating, white water
                                           rafting or sunbathing?                   “I can learn
What do you do in your
spare time?
                                           Anne: Sunbathing.                        from others
Anne: Walk my dogs, look after my
                                           Rachael: Definitely sunbathing. I’m
                                           a bit of a sun worshipper when I get
                                                                                    while observing
family and listen to music.                the chance. Also, even though it’s       candidates in their
                                           not on the list, I’d quite like to try
Rachael: I like to walk, socialise and
study.                                     parachuting!                             departments.”
Winning by a nose
                                                                                                         Clip art:
                                                                                                         From left, Martin
                                                                                                         Levermore, Dr Akuafo
                                                                                                         Agbenyega, Dr Karen
                                                                                                         Bell, Research and
                                                                                                         Development, and
                                                                                                         Mike Stevens, Deputy
                                                                                                         Director - Chief
                                                                                                         Scientist Office

A simple but effective device for stopping nose bleeds, invented by one of our doctors,
has been launched on the NHS market throughout the UK.

       linical Teaching and Research     for a paramedic at an accident scene,   available on NHS contract, and to
       Fellow Dr Akuafo Agbenyega,       nursery teachers caring for groups of   A&E clinicians, paramedics and first-
       who works at Ayr Hospital,        children and nursing staff in a busy    aiders everywhere.
had the idea for his innovative design   A&E department.
while he was working in the A&E                                                  If the product is successful, the NHS
department at Crosshouse Hospital.       Akaufo approached our Research and      stands to benefit commercially. Every
                                         Development team with his idea –        time a RhinoPinch® is sold, the NHS
One way to staunch a nose bleed is to    and they were able to set the wheels    will receive a share of the licence fee.
apply even pressure across the bridge    in motion to bring the invention
of the nose for a period of time,        into production. It was developed       The RhinoPinch® is a cushioned,
which often means a carer having to      by Medical Devices Technology           adjustable plastic clip designed to
physically hold the patient’s nose.      International Ltd (MDTi) working with   fit the nose snugly and comfortably,
                                         NHS Ayrshire & Arran and Scottish       while applying pressure to the area
The RhinoPinch® is a lightweight         Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL), an       just below the bridge of the nose in
adjustable plastic nasal clip which      organisation set up by NHS Scotland     order to halt the flow of blood.
does the job instead, freeing up the     to help develop and bring new
clinician or carer to attend to other    products or technologies to market.     Speaking after the launch of the
patients or duties, or to treat other                                            invention at Crosshouse Hospital
parts of the body needing immediate      MDTi have now licensed the              in April, Martin Levermore, Chief
treatment. This is particularly useful   Rhinopinch® from SHIL. It is already    Executive of MDTi, said: “The
                                                                                 development of the RhinoPinch®

and other MDTi products has             been possible to get it to launch        to Dr Agbenyega and our research
been carried out by real clinicians     without the support of my colleagues     and development team. It is extremely
in real trial conditions using real     in NHS Ayrshire & Arran and our          encouraging to know that our staff
people, in answer to real needs         partners at SHIL and MDTi.”              are not only focused on delivering
and requirements. It is a simple                                                 exceptional patient care on a day-
but very effective solution to a        Elaine Gemmell, Business                 to-day basis but are also committed
common problem. We believe that         Development Manager at SHIL added:       to improve the quality of treatment
the RhinoPinch® should be standard      “It has been very exciting working       through the development of
equipment for every paramedic, in       with both the clinicians and the         innovative products and techniques.”
every A&E department, and in every      Research and Development team at
first aid box in the workplace and at   NHS Ayrshire & Arran to develop the
home.”                                  RhinoPinch® product knowing that
                                        MDTi were signed up to push it to the
Dr Agbenyega added: “It has been        wider market.
very gratifying to be involved in                                                   If you have an idea...
today’s launch as it is testament to     “I hope that the RhinoPinch® story
the belief that so many people have     will encourage staff across NHS             If you have an idea for a new
shown in the original product idea.     Scotland to come forward with their         or improved medical device, a
                                        own ideas.”                                 diagnostic test, a new therapy
“It takes a lot of work to get from a                                               or treatment or some other
concept to something that is real and   The launch was chaired by our own           useful technology you should
proven and still more work to make      chairman, Professor Bill Stevely CBE,       first contact our Research and
the product a success. Even though      who commented: “I am delighted to           Development team. They are
the RhinoPinch® is a wonderfully        have been able to chair today’s launch      based at 58 Lister Street. And
simple product, it would not have       of the RhinoPinch®. Credit must go          look out for the next issue of
                                                                                    Dialogue, when the Research
                                                                                    and Development team feature
                                                                                    in our regular ‘Under the
                                                                                    microscope’ slot.
In safe hands:
A&E staff examine the
new device, which will be
available across the NHS

This month we focus on some of the IT
staff working behind the screens to ensure we
can get the information we need to do our jobs

Screen test: The management team behind our Knowledge Management
and eHealth systems: back row from left - Sally Smith, Jillian Neilson, Andy
Hardie, Mark Fleming, Andrew Maitland, Ron McKie; front row from left -
Mhairi McMillan, Kirstine Dyer, Marianne Monaghan, Denise Brown.

Keep it personal
Personal information is something each
of us hand over willingly and trustingly
on a regular basis to numerous
companies and organisations.
                                                                               Here are some useful tips from the Information
However, recent events featured in the media have shown                        Governance Team:
that the handling of this information is not as safe as we
perhaps thought.                                                               Do
                                                                               	 care when discussing personal information about patients
Sally Smith, Head of Knowledge Management tells                                 or staff to ensure that conversations are not inappropriately
us: “These incidents have highlighted the importance                            overhead
of following good practice when handling personal                               Keep patient or staff personal information secure at all times
information.”                                                                   Dispose of patient or staff personal information securely
                                                                                Make your password difficult for others to guess
Here are a few examples:                                                        Avoid sending staff or patient personal information wherever
•	 Child benefit personal details go missing                                    possible – anonymise it
   Two discs containing 25 million child benefit records                        Make sure that you log off pc/systems when not in use
   were lost in the internal government post between Her
   Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Office in the north east
   and the National Audit Office in London.                                    Don’t
                                                                                Access information just because you can –only access the
•	 Driving test details lost in America                                         patient or staff information you need to know to do your
   Over three million British motorists are at risk of identity                 job
   fraud after their personal details went missing in the                       Leave staff or patient information lying around
   American Midwest.                                                            Share you password or user ID with anyone
                                                                                Allow anyone to access applications while you are logged
•	 NHS Cardiff and Vale Trust loses personal data
   The personal details of up to 3,000 patients went
                                                                                Save patient or staff information on desktop PCs, laptops,
   missing when a laptop was stolen from a GP surgery.
                                                                                memory sticks, CDs or any other mobile device unless
Sally adds: “Everyone in NHS Ayrshire & Arran is                                encrypted – contact the IT Security Team for assistance
responsible for handling information securely, efficiently,                     Email patient or staff personal information to other
effectively and within the law.”                                                organisations unless using @nhs.net address

  If you want support or guidance on any issue about the processing of personal identifiable information, visit
  the Information Governance and IT Security pages on AthenA or contact the Information Governance Team on
  01292 513693/4 or call in at their office at Room 6, main building, Ailsa Hospital.

The gods are smiling Welcome to AthenA!
AthenA is our new Knowledge Portal.            for example:                                   taking Sharepoint forward with Michele
                                                                                              Caldwell, Director of Pharmacy and Andy
It is being developed using the Microsoft      •	 Policy documents are managed and
                                                                                              Hardy, eHealth Programme Manager.
software system, SharePoint 2007.                 stored in one single location.
                                                                                              “My technical team had just built the
AthenA will provide us with a single           •	 Users are given permissions to see
                                                                                              Sharepoint server and asked if we had
point of entry to a range of information          certain information according to
                                                                                              a name for it. If we didn’t, it would be
stored electronically. In addition, it            the requirements of their job, - for
                                                                                              called sharepoint2 or MOSS - Microsoft
will enable us to capture and share               example, no permissions, ‘view only’
                                                                                              Office Sharepoint Service. Neither is very
knowledge, make collaborative working             permissions or update permissions.
easier and allow clinical specialties to set
                                               Lorna Keen, AthenA Project Manager,
up ‘communities of interest’.                                                                 Denise, Michele and Andy decided to do
                                               says: “AthenA provides teams and
                                                                                              a quick ‘Google’ search on knowledge
Sally Smith, Head of Knowledge                 departments with templates for easy
                                                                                              and wisdom, and up popped Athena,
Management Services explains:                  development of pages and tools to
                                                                                              the Greek Goddess of Wisdom.
“Information and knowledge can be              manage information appropriately.”
used to strengthen patient care and                                                           “Athena also embraced the AA of Ayrshire
                                               “It is a secure central repository, offering
improve people’s health. AthenA will                                                          and Arran and within ten minutes we had
                                               indexing, storage and rapid retrieval and
help us to make information and                                                               made a decision,” said Denise.
                                               distribution of information,” she said.
knowledge available when and where it
                                                                                              If you are interested in hearing
is needed.”                                    But just how did AthenA get its name?
                                                                                              more about the project or perhaps
Teams, departments – even individuals          Denise Brown, Head of eHealth Services         receive a demo of developments, you
– will be able to manage their own             explains how the name evolved. She             can contact Lorna at Ailsa Hospital,
information locally. This means that,          says: “I was discussing options for            extension 15305.

Knowledge is free
at the library
Just bring your own container                                                          Book report: Susan Cuthbertson, Ron Harris,
                                                                                       Julie Wands and Lynda Raynor

They say the best things in life are free.     for you from the vast network of other         internet during a break or after work.
That’s certainly the case at our libraries.    libraries in the UK.
                                                                                              “We are the place to come, especially
                                               The excellent service doesn’t stop there.      if you don’t have desktop access,”
The library team can offer support for both
                                               Mhairi adds: “Don’t think that you have        stresses Mhairi. “We will give you a warm
educational and professional development
                                               to come to us to access the service as we      welcome and as someone once said:
or simply with your daily work.
                                               are happy to bring it to you wherever you      ‘Knowledge is one of the few materials
“We are happy to share our expertise and       work, whatever job you do.                     that gains value if you share it’.“
skills in online searching with you,” says
                                               “In fact, we have been providing clinics       You can also access the library service
Mhairi McMillan, Knowledge Services
                                               with training in online searching to more      online through the AthenA portal. Visit
Manager for libraries.
                                               than 560 people as far afield as Ballantrae,   http://athena/kmeh/kmeh/library to find
She adds: “Also, if you don’t have the         Dalmellington, Arran and Cumbrae!”             out more.
time or the inclination, you can put our
                                               Mhairi also made it clear that the libraries   So, if you are interested in signing up for
expertise to work for you, by asking us to
                                               are not just for clinicians. “Everyone         library services please don’t hesitate to get
carry out searches on your behalf.”
                                               is welcome and we have suites of               in touch.
The libraries have been busy updating          computers that are available for anyone
                                                                                              For more information contact Mhairi
their collections so there are lots of new     to use,” she says.
                                                                                              McMillan, Knowledge Services
textbooks to borrow.
                                               The relaxed atmosphere at the library          Manager, Ayr Hospital extension
And don’t despair if you can’t find the        means you can even bring your coffee or        14179, or email mhairi.mcmillan@
book you’re looking for - they can get it      lunch with you if you need access to the       aapct.scot.nhs.uk

Pandemics – the facts
Health experts, including those at the World Health Organisation (WHO),
believe we are closer now to a major flu outbreak than at any other time
since the last one in 1968.

        r Harry Burns, Chief Medical          person to person by coughs and          Turkey – more than half these people
        Officer, has said: “We take the       sneezes and spreads across the          died. Each case had a history of
        threat of a flu pandemic very         world in a very short time              contact with sick and dead poultry.
seriously and have been working with       •	 Influenza A, B and C are the three      The virus doesn’t jump easily from
Health Departments across the UK to           main groups of flu virus. Influenza     birds to humans, nor does it spread
prepare fully.”                               B and C infect people only,             easily between humans.
He believes, along with other experts,        however Influenza A can cross
                                              from species to species infecting       However, a pandemic could begin if
that it is a case of when and not if
another pandemic will strike.                 humans, birds and animals               •	 H5N1 adapts, giving it a greater
                                           •	 Influenza A has caused all previous        affinity for humans
Most of us are familiar with epidemics
                                              flu pandemics                           •	 It exchanges genes with a human
of ‘ordinary’ flu but what do we really
                                           Who will be susceptible?                      flu virus to produce a new virus
know about a flu pandemic?
                                                                                         strain that could easily spread
                                           Everyone, as nobody will have                 between people
                                           immunity to it.
What is a pandemic?                                                                   How will the health services cope?
                                           Unlike ordinary flu, pandemic flu will
•	    Pandemic is the term used to                                                    There is no doubt that a flu pandemic
                                           affect healthy adults as well as the
      describe the spread of a virus on                                               would lead to extreme pressure on
                                           elderly, young children and people
      a global scale, affecting many                                                  health services, disruption to daily life
                                           with existing medical conditions.
      hundreds and thousands of people                                                and many deaths.
      across many countries                As a result, many more people could
                                                                                      The Scottish Government and Health
                                           become severely ill and many more
•	    It occurs when a new virus                                                      Protection Scotland have issued
                                           could die.
      emerges for which people have                                                   guidance for infection control in
      little or no immunity                How could a pandemic start?                hospitals, primary care and other
             •	     The disease spreads                                               healthcare settings.
                                           The H5N1 subtype of avian influenza
                             easily from   A (bird flu) is a new and extremely
                                             severe influenza virus. It has already   Here are some of the facts:
                                                 shown an ability to infect people    Health impacts
                                                 and cause severe disease – a
                                                                                      •	  We have drawn up contingency
                                                 key characteristic of a pandemic
                                                                                          plans based on attack rates of 25
                                                strain. It first infected humans in
                                                                                          per cent, 35 per cent and 50 per
                                               Hong Kong in 1997, with 18 cases
                                              and 16 deaths.
                                                                                      •	 Between 5,100 and 63,700 deaths
                                             Since mid-2003, it has caused the            are possible
                                            largest and most severe outbreaks in
                                                                                      Clinical features
                                            poultry ever recorded.
                                                                                      •	   Rapid onset of cough and fever
                                            Infections in people exposed to sick
                                                                                           are the most significant
                                           birds were identified in December
                                           2003.                                      •	   Headache, sore throat, runny or
                                                                                           stuffy nose, aching muscles and
                                           Human cases of infection have since
                                                                                           joints, extreme tiredness
                                           been confirmed in countries across
                                           the Far East, Africa, Central Asia and

•	   People are most infectious soon      even if 50 per cent of the population        occur in two waves, several months
     after developing symptoms, but       are affected.                                apart. Each wave can last for two to
     can be infectious for up to five                                                  three months.
                                          Not-so-good news! A strain-specific
     days (seven days in children)
                                          pandemic vaccine is unlikely to be           Predictions based on previous
How it is spread                          available during the first wave of a         pandemics show clinical attack rates
                                          pandemic flu.                                can be high – up to 50 per cent - and
•	   Through close contact from
                                                                                       almost all the population can be at
     person to person. Evidence points    What does this mean?
     to the most important routes
                                          It will be especially important to use
     being droplet spread (in a sneeze,                                                Don’t forget to have your flu jab!
                                          other methods of control in order to
     for example) and direct and
                                          reduce exposure and prevent spread.          Even though the ordinary flu vaccine
     indirect contact transmission (for
                                                                                       will not protect you from the
     example, shaking the hand of         What can I do if I catch flu?
                                                                                       pandemic flu, the ordinary flu is still
     someone who hasn’t washed their      •	  Cover your nose and mouth when           serious so make sure if you are due a
     hands after coughing or sneezing)        coughing or sneezing, preferably         jab – have it!
How to stop it spreading                      with a tissue
                                                                                       Health Protection Scotland has also
We would:                                 •	 Bag and bin dirty tissues promptly        prepared tailored infection control
                                              and carefully                            guidance for a range of other non
•	  Strictly apply infection control      •	 Avoid non-essential travel and            health settings:
    practices, especially hand hygiene        large crowds
    and the use of personal protective                                                 •	   Schools and early years or group
    equipment (PPE) such as masks         •	 Maintain good personal hygiene                 childcare settings
                                              – for example, wash hands
•	 Separate patients with influenza           frequently with soap and water           •	   Childminders
•	 Tell staff with respiratory            •	 Clean hard surfaces (for example,         •	   Further Education Colleges and
    symptoms to stay at home and do           kitchen worktops, door handles)               Higher Education Institutions
    not come in to work                       often. Make sure children follow
•	 Restrict visitors with symptoms                                                     •	   Residential settings for children
                                              this advice. If you catch flu, stay at
                                                                                            and vulnerable young people
•	 Undertake environmental cleaning           home and rest
    and disinfecting                      •	 Take medicines, for example,              •	   Fire and rescue services
•	 Education staff, patients and              aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol        •	   Funeral directors
    visitors about transmission and           to relieve symptoms (but
    prevention of influenza                   remember that children under 16
•	 Treat patients and staff with              must not be given aspirin or flu         For more information on Pandemic
    antiviral drugs. This can reduce          remedies containing aspirin)             flu: a summary of guidance for
    infectiousness and the duration of    •	 Drink plenty of fluids                    infection control in healthcare
    illness                               •	 Contact your doctor if your               settings, view: www.scotland.gov.
                                              condition gets worse                     uk/pandemicflu
•	 Vaccinate patients and staff
What about antiviral drugs and            Will a flu pandemic really reach the         Also, you can log on to www.show.
vaccinations?                             UK and if so, how many of us could           scot.nhs.uk/sehd/pandemicflu to
                                          catch it?                                    view the Scottish version of the
Good news! Preparation and research                                                    government’s Influenza Pandemic
has already begun. Scotland has           Yes. According to the World Health
                                                                                       Contingency Plan.
enough antiviral drugs to treat all       Organisation (WHO), if a pandemic flu
patients with symptoms if the virus       strain emerges overseas, it will almost
affects 25 per cent of the population.    certainly reach here.
The stockpile will increase to cover 60   It could spread throughout the UK in a
per cent of the population.               matter of weeks.
What does this mean? Everyone who         A flu pandemic could
needs treatment will get it,

Fact file
 Last cases of pandemic flu
•	 Spanish Influenza in 1918-19 - Estimated 40-50 million deaths
•	 Asian Influenza in 1957 - Estimated two million deaths
•	 Hong Kong Influenza in 1968 - Estimated one million deaths
control – it’s
our business

                                                           Welcome to Ayrshire: The main party (from left) of Paul Martin,
                                                           Chief Nursing Officer; Fiona McQueen, Executive Nurse Director; Nicola
                                                           Sturgeon MSP, Cabinet Minister for Health and Wellbeing; Dr Bob
                                                           Masterton, Executive Medical Director; Mary McGinn, Associate Nurse
                                                           Director; and Dr Wai-yin Hatton, Chief Executive
Don’t look the other way when
it comes to tackling infection
control – make it your business!
This is the no-nonsense request highlighted in a
new set of standards for dealing with healthcare
associated infection (HAI).

Published by NHS Quality Improvement Scotland
(NHS QIS), these standards emphasise that
prevention and control of infection is everyone’s

HAI can not only have a devastating affect on
patients receiving care but can also have an impact
on the efficiency and effectiveness of NHS services.       Team work: The Cabinet Secretary meets members of the infection
                                                           control team
The standards have five key themes:

Prevention and control of:

	    •	 infection
	    •	 environment
	    •	 equipment

The need for:
	 •	 education
	 •	 training

The message to all staff is simple - HAI initiatives are
not just the infection control teams’ responsibility,
they’re yours too!

If you would like to see copies of the standards log
on to: www.nhshealthquality.org                            In the lab: The Cabinet Secretary sees an agar plate

Screen test
                                                                                       Give them
                                                                                       a hand
                                                                                       It’s not just youngsters who
                                                                                       need to be shown how to
                                                                                       wash their hands properly.

                                                                                       Hand hygiene has become
                                                                                       such a vital part of infection
                                                                                       control that the national
                                                                                       Cleanliness Champion Course
                                                                                       was developed to teach adults
We are one of only three health boards in Scotland                                     how to do it properly.
chosen to participate in pathfinder work in a year-long                                So far, 27 Hotel Services
MRSA screening programme.                                                              operatives and domestics
                                                                                       have successfully completed
                                                                                       the Hand Hygiene part
The year-long programme involves               If successful, the programmes will be   of the course. They, in
screening all patients for MRSA using          introduced in every health board in     turn, will be able to pass
nasal swabs.                                   Scotland from 2009/10.                  on their knowledge and
                                                                                       encouragement to other
The screening programme is a key               Dr Bob Masterton, Executive Medical     colleagues.
element of the third Healthcare                Director, proudly added: “We are
Associated Infection Plan (started             confident that the pilot of this MRSA   Remember … spread the
on April 1) backed by a £54 million            screening programme will make sure      word, not the infection.
investment.                                    that healthcare in Ayrshire and Arran
                                               will be among the safest in the UK.”

                                                                                       Catering for
                                                                                       Hotel Services have been
                                                                                       involved in a new Hygiene
                                                                                       Certificate developed by
                                                                                       Aberdeen College.

                                                                                       The course will provide
                                                                                       production staff and senior
                                                                                       catering assistants with
                                                                                       refresher training in food
                                                                                       hygiene over a period of six
                                                                                       weeks, including individual
                                                                                       training sessions and group
                                                                                       coursework culminating in a
                                                                                       final exam.

                                                                                       With further courses in the
                                                                                       pipeline for the rest of the
                                                                                       year, the Department are
                                                                                       delighted that eight members
Nose job: Nicola Sturgeon MSP Cabinet                                                  of staff already have achieved
Secretary for Health and Wellbeing visited                                             passes with distinction.
Crosshouse to launch the screening programme

Mind your health
Working together to develop our services

For more than a year, NHS Ayrshire & Arran                               Since then, we have been informing and engaging with
                                                                         these groups to describe how mental health service would
has been carrying out a review of mental
                                                                         work under this new model of care. We have identified a
health services.                                                         short list of possible options for the location of these services.

We have listened to the views of staff, service users, carers,           We need you to tell us what you think about these options
local authority partners and voluntary organisations, and                for the location of mental health inpatients services.
produced a proposed model of care. This was approved by
the Ayrshire and Arran NHS Board on 23 January 2008.

                                                                                                          Option three                3
                                                                                                          A combination of new
                                                                                                          building and redecoration
                                                                                                          and renovation of
                                                                                                          existing buildings at Ailsa,
                                      Brodick                                                             with a second, smaller site
Option one                  1                                                       East Ayrshire
                                                                                   population 119,290
                                                                                                          at a newly built facility at
                                                                                                          Ayrshire Central Hospital
A combination of new
building and redecoration                                                         Cumnock

and renovation at Ailsa                                                                                   Option four                 4
                                                                                                          A newly built facility at
                                                                                                          Ayrshire Central Hospital
Option two                  2                                                                                                       ,
                                                                                                          with a second, smaller site
A newly built facility at                                                                                 at Ailsa Hospital which
Ayrshire Central Hospital                                                                                 would be a combination
in Irvine                                                                                                 of new building and
                                                                                                          redecoration and
                                                                                                          renovation of existing

       For a copy of the consultation booklet and DVD please

             Write free to                                                     Telephone free on         e-mail to
             Mind your health, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, FREEPOST SCO6879,         0800 169 1441             mindyourhealth@aapct.scot.nhs.uk
             Boswell House, 10 Arthur Street, Ayr KA7 1BR

       Find out about the Mind your health project so far by reading previous ‘Mind your health’ Updates at
       The consultation ends on Friday 12 September 2008

Health advice
                                                                                        Measuring up:
                                                                                        A member of the
                                                                                        public gets his waist-
                                                                                        line measured by the

right up your street
                                                                                        street nurses

Yes, there really is a nurse on a street near you!                     Street Nurses can give advice on
                                                                       things like:
In an innovative bid to improve health awareness, the
Healthy North Ayrshire project piloted a Street Nurse scheme           •	   cardio vascular disease
earlier this year.                                                     •	   high blood pressure
And the message was - if you won’t come to us, then we’ll              •	   type two diabetes
                      come to you!
                                                                       •	   some cancers
                         Not everyone likes to ‘bother’ the
                                                                       Despite the success of MOTs in community pharmacies and
                         doctor and many people worry
                                                                       venues, Healthy North Ayrshire could see there was still a
                          silently about their ailments, aches
                                                                       need to offer a proactive outreach service.
                            and pains.
                                                                       They hope this latest scheme, which takes a more light-
                              Thanks to the new scheme,
                                                                       hearted approach, will especially help the hardest-to-reach
                              the people of North Ayrshire
                                                                       people who may be experiencing the poorest health.
                              were able to share their
                              concerns with the Street                 Jackie Reid, Public Health Nurse, says: “Through Street
                               Nurse, who was able to                  Nurse, we speak to people in their own communities, where
                                give health advice and                 they spend their time. We were able to go out and about
                                information on the spot.               in local communities served by the Healthy North Ayrshire
                                                                       project with the aim of measuring waists and checking blood
                                         On the move: The
                                                                       “Participants benefited from a rapid nursing assessment and
                                         Street Nurses take to the
                                         streets offering advice and   the opportunity to realise what small changes they can make
                                         information everywhere        to benefit their long term health and what local resources
                                         they go                       they might access to achieve these.”

Reaching out – your community needs you
Continuing our regular look                    regularly targets 31 communities                •	 Hold one-to-one consultations
                                               across East Ayrshire. It reaches those               with each patient.
at Community Planning,                         who would normally find it difficult to         •	   Develop a unique programme to
Dialogue visits East Ayrshire                  access services, offering:                           suit individuals’ needs and interests
                                               •	   Five-minute health checks
The NHS is one of the key Community            •	   Advice on diet                             Young at heart network
Planning partners in East Ayrshire –
                                               •	   Advice on stopping smoking                 Aims to increase the activity levels of
and it’s a partnership which brings
benefits not only to us, but to the            •	   Referral to other Ayrshire services        older people who live in East Ayrshire.
wider public services on offer for local            and information about local                It has resulted in:
communities.                                                                                   •	 Twenty physical activity classes
Community Planning Partnerships                Lifestyle referral scheme                            a week specifically designed for
mean that partners can team up to                                                                   those with long term conditions,
                                               Working closely with the CHIP Van,
jointly plan and deliver a range of                                                                 older and sedentary people.
                                               the Lifestyle Referral Scheme operates
services that the health service could         a number of lifestyle clinics across East       •	 More than 250 people per week in
not deliver on its own.                        Ayrshire. It has already received 25,000             the most deprived areas attending
                                               referrals.                                           sessions, including chair based
The CHIP van                                   Health professionals can:                            exercises, walking groups, mixed
                                                                                                    activity and gym sessions.
The CHIP (Community Health                     •	 Refer patients who will benefit
Improvement Partnership) van is                     from changing one or more factors
a mobile healthy living centre that                 in their lifestyle.

New hope for                                                                                                           Listen and learn
people with                                                                                                            The first steps in getting it right
                                                                                                                       You can’t force people to listen or take advice,
                                                                                                                       especially when it comes to their health.

chest conditions                                                                                                       The Keep Well programme, however, is doing
                                                                                                                       everything it can to continue to engage with
                                                                                                                       groups who up till now do not use health services,
                                          Are you living                                                               to enable them to get health checks and other

      ocal people with the                Chronic Bron                                                                 community health services.
      chest condition, Chronic           or Emphysem                                                                   The programme aims to reduce the risk of
      Obstructive Pulmonary              (COPD)?                                                                       coronary heart disease in 45 to 64 year olds in
Disease (COPD), can look                                                                                               deprived areas of East and North Ayrshire.
forward to an improved                  Then ask yours
                                                         elf the                                                       However, following the recent Keep Well
lifestyle and independence              following qu
                                                                                                                       conference, it was apparent that the way these
                                          Do you want
thanks to a new £4.95 million             your quality
                                                         to improve
                                                        of life?                                                       communities are being approached is not meeting
project. NHS Ayrshire & Arran             Are you ready
                                         active role in
                                                          to take a mo
                                                                       re                                              their needs.
                                                        your own car
has been chosen as Scotland’s                                         e?
                                         Can you com
                                                        mit three ho
                                                                     urs                                               Grace Moore, Associate Director of
only demonstration site                  each week for
                                        to learn how?
                                                         seven weeks
                                                                                                                       Health Promotion and Equalities,
and one of only eight sites         If so, then the
                                                    Health Founda                                                      (pictured) explains: “Health
                                   Co-creating Hea                   tion’s
throughout the UK to               for you!
                                                     lth Initiative cou
                                                                        ld be
                                                                                                                       professionals are now learning to
pioneer the scheme, which          To find out mo
                                                  re contact the                                                       listen more to their target audience
                                               Health Patien
will transform the traditional    on 08000 304
                                  between hou
                                               rs of
                                                              t Hotline
                                                                                                                       in addition to the more traditional
                                  or email helpde 9.15am to 5pm
doctor/patient relationship.      COPD self-ma
                                                                ic.co.uk                                               methods of communication such as
                                 All our publicat
                                                 nagement -
                                                                patients and
                                                                                staff working
                                                                                              together                 letters and telephone calls.”
Supported by independent                          ions are availabl
                                 Visit our website:
                                                                    e in other form

health charity, the Health
                                                                                                                       Many public health programmes show men
Foundation, the Co-creating Health                                                                                     and women respond to different communication
initiative will let local people with COPD take control of their lives
by creating a better partnership between patients, doctors and                                                         Men and women may have different constraints
nurses.                                                                                                                in their lives that affect their ability to attend
For people with COPD, making small changes in their lifestyle
                                                                                                                       Even in communities located close to each
can lead to a massive difference in their quality of life. These
                                                                                                                       other, we cannot assume that a venue which is
small changes can have as much impact on their well-being as                                                           acceptable for one community is acceptable or
their medical treatment. The Health Foundation’s Co-creating                                                           accessible to the others.
Health initiative aims to meet this challenge in Ayrshire and
Arran through training – to give patients the knowledge to make                                                        Grace continues: “The range of engagement
these important lifestyle changes, and to ensure that doctors and                                                      methods needs to be designed to reflect sensory
                                                                                                                       impairment, learning disabilities, low levels of
nurses have the skills to support them better.
                                                                                                                       literacy and health literacy.
Patients with COPD have welcomed the good news, as the                                                                 “We need to find out what consumers need and
project puts patients in the driving seat. Professor Craig A White,                                                    want from a health programme, considering what
Associate Clinical Director - NHS Ayrshire & Arran explains: “The                                                      we offer, how we offer it, where we offer it and
Health Foundation’s Co-creating Health initiative will transform                                                       any costs to our clients in terms of receiving that
the way we deliver healthcare to people with long term medical                                                         service.”
conditions. Managing long term conditions is not just about                                                            She adds: “We hope to work with the community
regular doctor or hospital appointments. Patients’ lifestyles can                                                      over the next few months to gauge their needs
have a major impact on their well-being.                                                                               and by autumn we plan to review our approach to
‘Although we will focus first on                                                                                       For more information about the Keep Well
COPD, we hope that success with                                                                                        project, contact Carolyn Wyper, the Keep
                                                                                                                       Well Project Manager, at Strathlea on
this initial project will change the                                                                                   01563 549681.

way we treat all patients with other
long term conditions.’
Help on hand
for parents
and carers
Taking home a premature or ill baby for the first time
can be scary for new parents. Help is on hand from
our neonatal unit. Staff from Ayrshire Maternity Unit
and the department of Medical Photography and
Audiovisual Services have produced a DVD on basic
life support for young babies.

      round 80,000 babies in the UK are born early or ill        Sharyn Goldie, Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
      and need some form of special baby care – that is,         explains: “The DVD has been produced to help prepare
      around one in eight babies. The DVD, produced in           parents for when they bring their baby home from the
association with BLISS, the premature baby charity, gives        neonatal unit. It is intended to complement the advice
parents tips on how to care for their child if they become ill   parents receive from medical staff.
at home.
                                                                 “Newborn babies need special care, and babies who are ill
Parents are taught basic resuscitation techniques before         or premature need extra special care. Parents may struggle
they take their babies home, and the DVD further explains        when they take their babies home for the first time. This
these techniques. Explained simply, the techniques could         DVD offers some reassurance and gives basic tips on what
save the life of a baby who has stopped breathing.               to do if the worst happens.”
Tots TV: Joanne Sharp, General
Manager - Women and Children’s
Services, Marie Mitchell, Staff
Nurse - Neonatal Unit, Calum
Morrison, Consultant Paediatrician,
Stephen Palmer,
Head of Medical
Photography, and
Sharyn Goldie,
Advanced Neonatal
Nurse Practitioner

                                                                         Getting a buzz: Employee Director John Callaghan (left) joined

New childcare
                                                                         our very own Busy Bee (aka Stewart Donnelly) to launch the
                                                                         scheme in the children’s inpatient ward at Crosshouse

scheme is the
bees’ knees
Struggling to pay for child care?
If the answer is a resounding ‘yes,’ then tax free childcare
vouchers could be just the thing to help you out.
In a move that should ease the burden for many working
parents, we have teamed up with the company Busy
Bees to offer staff the vouchers.
The Busy Bees Group, founded in 1983 by working
parents, offer childcare vouchers to hundreds of
organisations across the UK.
And if that wasn’t enough, the vouchers are also exempt
from National Insurance contributions and can also be
used to pay for most types of childcare!
So, if you have children under the age of 16 you could          Jane McKie, General Manager for Policy and Performance
save up to £1196 a year on approved childcare from:             comments: “Busy Bees Childcare Vouchers are a great
                                                                benefit for both staff and people thinking of working for
•	    Independent nursery schools                               NHS Ayrshire & Arran.
•	    Day nurseries
•	    Playgroups                                                ‘Both parents can apply so the
•	    Crèche
•	    Holiday clubs or schemes                                  potential for savings is huge.’
•	    Before and after school clubs
•	    Registered childminders                                   So what are you waiting for? Buzz off and check out the
•	    Nannies and au pairs (approved)                           Busy Bees website www.busybeesvouchers.com

Curtain up on support for children
The needs of children and                  able to access opportunities such as        Partnership.”
                                           residential school trips.
young people took centre                                                               North Ayrshire is also the pilot site
stage at an innovative event               The event used alternative ways such as     in Scotland for Child Protection
                                           dramatisation and media presentations       Messaging, which is being developed
which used a drama workshop
                                           to showcase examples of integrated          through the Ayrshire Data Sharing
to highlight topical issues                working.                                    Partnership. It is part of the national
facing them.                                                                           E-Care programme, winning
                                           A play by Borderline Theatre Company        international recognition after receiving
‘Getting it Right for North Ayrshire’s     provided the main attraction, showing       a European E-Care Award.
Children’ was hosted by North Ayrshire     how outcomes for children and families
Integrated Children’s Services Planning    are improved by early intervention.         Pat sums up: “The key messages from
Steering Group, and was held at                                                        the event were the importance of
Irvine’s Harbour Arts Centre.              Pat Tait, Child Co-ordinator for North      early intervention and prevention in
                                           Ayrshire, comments: “The event              providing better outcomes for children;
The purpose of the event was to show       also promoted some of the positive          and that children should get the help
how, through partnership working,          work and developments taking place          they need when they need it.”
children are being supported and are       in the Children’s Services Planning

    The perfect partners
                             Good looking, intelligent           safety of the team in the event of
                              and reliable. These are            sudden braking or collision.
                              all qualities we have
                              on our wish list when            •	 Mobile phones fitted with a
                              we’re looking for a new             special monitoring device to
                              partner.                            ensure the safety of lone workers.

                            It’s no surprise then, that        •	 The car’s mobile personal
                          NHS Ayrshire Doctors on Call            computer system has also been
                        (ADOC) are delighted with the             upgraded to run the latest
                    new partners in their lives – a fleet of      version of state-of-the-art patient
                    brand-new Skodas.                             software.
                                                               It’s not just the inside of the car
 Our new fleet      The new cars are the perfect working
                    partners for NHS ADOC. Inside
                    and out, the fleet has all the latest
                                                               that’s been updated. The exterior
                                                               has had a facelift too.

of cars gives us    equipment to ensure that doctors
                    and drivers can reach patients
                                                               The fleet bears special high visibility
                                                               markings to make the cars visible to

an added edge       out-of-hours as quickly and safely
                    as possible – arriving with all the
                    information they need to assess and
                                                               all other road users.
                                                               And we can all rest-assured that NHS

when it comes       treat them.
                    The new-look standardised Mobile
                                                               ADOC’s drivers will take good care
                                                               of their new high-tech Skodas - they
                                                               have all been trained in defensive
 to responding      Team fleet has had its in-car medical
                    equipment reorganised into colour
                                                               driving skills and most have even
                                                               had some form of advanced driving

 promptly and       coded bags so the correct bag can
                    be easily recognised and lifted in an
                    emergency – for example, orange
                                                               qualifications by the police, army, or
                                                               fire brigade.

  safely to calls   resuscitation emergency bags, red
                    nebuliser bags, and so on.
                                                               Dr David Watts, Clinical Director
                                                               – NHS ADOC, comments: “Our

                                                               new fleet of cars gives us an added
                    Other new features of the car              edge when it comes to responding
                    include:                                   promptly and safely to out-of-hours
                    •	 Live satellite tracking system. This    calls. The on-board equipment also
                       allows real time monitoring of          ensures that our doctors have all the
                       all the vehicles and enables the        clinical information and equipment
                       dispatcher to decide accurately         they need at their fingertips, to assess
                       the most effective use of the cars      patients appropriately and ensure
                       and doctors available.                  they get the level of care they need.”

                    •	 Satellite navigation
                       which accurately
                       pinpoints addresses
                       based on their full six-
                       digit postcode.
                    •	 Luggage protection
                       racks keep all medical
                       kit bags secure in the
                       rear of the vehicle, as
                       well as ensuring the

No place for bullying
A phenomenal 600 members of staff took part in
the ‘No place for bullying’ campaign.
A fantastic live performance from PACE Theatre Company
                                                                   Stage fright: Scene from
over the five-day campaign in Ayr, Crosshouse and Ayrshire         PACE theatre company’s
Central Hospitals showed the impact of bullying and                powerful drama, ‘No place
harassment at work.                                                for bullying’
According to Jane McKie, General Manager – Policy &
Performance, feedback from across the organisation showed
that the campaign has made a real impact.
She told Dialogue: “The attendance at the performances
was really phenomenal by any standard.
“With so many people taking the campaign message
to their workplaces, our voices will be heard that
NHS Ayrshire & Arran will not tolerate bullying and
harassment of any kind.”
NHS Ayrshire & Arran is committed to stamping out
bullying in the workplace, and the campaign is now
working on developing the next phase of action.
Jane would like to thank everyone who has given
their time to contribute to the campaign’s success.
“Everyone has been brilliant, positive and
enthusiastic – even those asked to contribute with
little or no notice!” she said.
If you have any problems with bullying at work and
would like some friendly advice please feel free to
contact Ayr Hospital Switchboard 01292 610555
and ask for the Staff Support Team.

                                            Alan Izat got on his bike to raise money for
                                            charity and has peddled a staggering 260 miles to
                                            raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust.
                                            The four-day trip left from Greenwich,      ever recorded prevalence of people
                                            London for the Eiffel Tower in Paris.       suffering from MS, affecting 260 per
                                                                                        100,000 people.
                                            Dedicated Alan, one of two MS
                                            Specialist Nurses in Ayrshire, has been     Alan added: “The MS Trust have given
                                            training hard for the gruelling trip.       me a lot of support and training so I
                                                                                        thought it was pay back time.”
                                            He says: “Following the official three
                                            month training programme, I aim to          You can still support Alan and/or the
                                            cycle 50 to 60 miles at the weekend         MS Trust by simply donating online
                                            and try to do two, ten-mile cycles          and all the money will go directly to
                                            during the week.”                           the Trust.

                                            MS affects over 85,000 people in            www.justgiving.com/alan_mstrustcycle
                                            the UK and Ayrshire has the highest

Hair today
gone tomorrow
Nurse Jennifer Dingwall said farewell to her lovely blond locks
in a hair-raising event to raise money for charity.
In a brave move, she decided to shave off all of her hair to
fundraise for Breast Cancer Care, a charity close to her heart.                                      Now you
                                                                                     e it …                    don’t …
                                                                           Now you se
Jennifer, who works in the theatre department at Crosshouse
hospital explained: “My mum received a breast cancer                 Each year 44,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer –
diagnosis and has undergone chemotherapy.                            over 100 per day.
“One of the most distressing side-effects of post-op                 Jennifer, who hopes to raise around £2000, wants to say a
chemotherapy is hair-loss, affecting self image, self                huge thank you to everyone in the hospital who has
confidence and self esteem.                                          offered sponsorship.
“I just wanted to do this to show my support to all these            If you didn’t get a chance to donate, and would still like to,
brave and remarkable women. “                                        just visit www.justgiving.com/jenniferdingwall

Healthy option: The Health and Safety Committee accept a hard copy
of the new Health and Safety Manual

Log on for health and safety
Our new Health and Safety Manual is now available on the Intranet.
It replaces the existing manual, launched in 2007, which             As a result, the Control Book and SHE Manual will become
gave us our first single system guide to the management              obsolete during 2008.
and implementation of health and safety procedures.
                                                                     You can find the Health and Safety Manual in the Health
After review, policies and arrangements in the Control Book          and Safety folder on the Intranet. Hard copies will be held
and Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Manual will be              in the libraries at Ayr, Ailsa and Crosshouse Hospitals as well
re-issued as single system documents in the Health and               as Arran War Memorial and Lady Margaret Hospitals.
Safety Manual.
As these new documents, known as Procedures, are issued,             For more information contact Selina Woolcott,
you will be advised of any corresponding documentation
that must be removed from old manuals and destroyed in               Head of Occupational Health and Safety, at
accordance with our Document Control Procedure.                      Biggart on 01292 614535.

People on the move...

Nan Newall and her colleagues from the department of
Strategic Planning and Performance
                                                       And goodbye and good luck
                                                       Kirsten Major Director of Strategic Planning and
                                                       Performance, has taken up a new position as Chief
                                                       Economist and Associate Director in the Finance
A warm welcome                                         Directorate of the NHS North West Regional
                                                       Authority in Manchester.
Dr Mark Luty MBChB, MRCPsych, MMedSc, joins
us as a Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry.              Nan Newall a Planner in the Department of
                                                       Strategic Planning and Performance
Ms Catherine Sharp MBChB, MSc, FRCS Glas               Department, has retired after 18 years
(Gen Surg) has been appointed Consultant General       working for NHS Ayrshire & Arran.
Surgeon with an interest in Upper FI Surgery at
Crosshouse Hospital.                                   Belle Lochery has retired as Patient
                                                       Liaison Officer at Ayrshire Central
Mr Jonathan Dearing BDS, FDS RCPS, MBChB               after more than 20 years with
(Hons), MRCS (Ed), Diploma in Sports and Exercise      the NHS. Belle worked for
Medicine, Member of the Faculty of Sport and           the Scottish Health Council
Exercise Medicine, FRCS (Orth) has been appointed      before joining the Patient
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Ayr Hospital.        Relations Department.
                                                       Belle is pictured right
Dr Jeremy Burley BSc (Hons)MBChB, MRCPsych             with Mrs Fiona
has been appointed Consultant General Psychiatrist     McQueen, Executive
– Adult Mental Health, North Ayrshire.                 Nurse Director.

                                                                                        Kirsten Major and her
                                                                                           colleagues from the
                                                                                      Department of Strategic
                                                                                    Planning and Performance

Kathleen Syme (pictured below) retired
after 23 years service with NHS Ayrshire
& Arran. Kathleen worked at Crosshouse,
Meadowhead stores and latterly at
Ayrshire Central as an E-Procurement
Support officer.

                                                  Scott McKenzie (pictured above) is
                                                  retiring after an amazing 40 years service.
                                                  Staff at Ailsa wished psychiatric nurse Scott
                                                  (61) a fond farewell – he will, however,
Mike Howlett (pictured below) Senior              continue his work as a DJ at Ayr Hospital.
Chief Biomedical Scientist, is all set to enjoy
a well-earned retirement after 42 years

                                                  on the move
with the NHS, the last 28 of which was
spent working for Ayrshire & Arran. Mike
is pictured centre with his wife, Catherine,
and Dr David Boag, Laboratory Service
Director.                                         •	 The Communications Department,
                                                     including Graphic Design, has moved to
                                                     28 and 34 Lister Street, Crosshouse. The
                                                     main office number is 01536 826111 (or
                                                     extension 26111).
                                                  •	 Eunice Goodwin has moved to the
                                                     Practice Development Unit as Practice
                                                     Development Facilitator - Cancer (Primary
                                                     Care). Eunice is now based at 42A Lister
                                                     Street, Crosshouse.

                                                                                       SimMan can
                                                                                       talk, breathe
                                                                                       and behave like
                                                                                       a real patient

                                                                                       Student body:
                                                                                       Medical students get
                                                                                       to grips with SimMan

A simulating experience
Astronauts and learner-drivers do it, so why not medical staff?
Simulator facilities have finally arrived   digital recordings of simulations          SimBaby, an advanced and interactive
in Ayrshire and are set to revolutionise    which can be used for debriefing and       baby manikin. This will allow those
traditional training methods used by        learning.                                  working in paediatrics the opportunity
doctors, nurses, medical students and                                                  to practice and develop skills in the
other clinical staff.                       The highlight of course has to be          emergency care of infants and young
                                            SimMan, a scarily realistic advanced       children.
The new state-of-the-art technology         simulator which uses an interactive,
will allow medical staff to develop         technologically advanced adult             The project was funded by
and gain vital care skills in a safe        manikin.                                   Undergraduate Medical Education
environment without risks to patients.                                                 with the full support of our
                                            Through a control room, SimMan can         Medical Education Committee, and
The clinical skills simulation room,        talk, breathe and behave like a real       undergraduate medical students in
based in the Alexander Fleming              patient and even displays vital signs      Ayr and Crosshouse Hospitals have
Education Centre in Crosshouse              like blood pressure and heart rate!        already benefited from teaching using
Hospital, is one of only a few purpose-                                                SimMan technology.
designed centres in Scotland. It            Resuscitation Officers Michael
uses the latest technology in patient       Canavan and Julie Hannah, who              Dr Hugh Neill, Postgraduate Tutor
simulators to provide high quality          piloted this development, says: “The       and Consultant Anaesthetist, explains:
training and education for frontline        new facilities will allow us to provide    “A clinical skills simulation centre
healthcare staff.                           training in a purpose-designed realistic   will allow NHS staff and students to
                                            environment, enhancing the learning        develop not only their clinical skills
The clinical setting is extremely           experience for those taking part.”         but additional skills such as leadership,
realistic and excellent for training in                                                communication and team-working, all
the management of ‘crisis’ situations       A new addition to the family is            of which will ultimately benefit patient
and can also produce high quality           planned with the purchase of               care.”

Off to a flying start
All nurses, midwives and AHP newly              Each health board has received some
qualified practitioners can benefit from a      finance from NHS Scotland to help
national on-line development programme          introduce the programme. Here in
during their induction year.                    Ayrshire and Arran AHP staff will use this
                                                money to invest in quality mentorship
NHS Flying Start was commissioned               training to provide ongoing support to
in 2005 by Paul Martin, Chief Nursing           new graduates from the eight different
Officer, and Jacqui Lunday from the
Scottish Government.
                                                AHP groups employed here:
                                                Art and music therapists
                                                                                                 Child’s play
Developed by NHS Education for                  Dietitians                                       Our school nurses, health visitors
Scotland, the programme is designed             Occupational therapists                          and nursing teams for children with
to support all newly qualified nurses,          Orthoptists                                      special needs came in for praise at
midwives and allied health professionals        Podiatrists                                      the prestigious 2008 COSLA Service
joining NHS Scotland.                           Physiotherapists                                 Excellence Awards recently.
Its aims are to support new staff making        Radiographers                                    Their involvement in partnership
the transition from student to qualified        Speech and language therapists                   working with council services saw
practitioner by building confidence                                                              North Ayrshire Council scoop top
and capability in their first year as an        In the months since the process began            prize in the Service Improvement
employee.                                       32 AHPs have received the mentoring              and Innovation category.
                                                training and are now supporting more
The programme also has elements that            than 40 newly qualified AHPs as they             Following a series of selection
link to the Core Dimensions of the              follow the Flying Start programme.               processes, the award was gifted
NHS Knowledge Skills Framework (KSF)                                                             to NAC for their dedication to
Foundation Gateway.                                                       Allied approach:
                                                                                                 partnership working in order to
                                                                          Newly qualified        provide an inclusive out-of-school
                                                                          AHPs and their         child care service.
                                                                          mentors got
                                                                          together in            Their submission focused on the
                                                                          February for a         individual needs of children and
                                                                          successful learning    families affected by disability/
                                                                          workshop. The          complex health care demands.
                                                                          event attracted
                                                                          more than 70 AHP       The judges highlighted the
                                                                          staff.                 dedication of staff and teams
                                                                                                 across health, education and
                                                                                                 social services, stressing that no
                                                                                                 individual agency could provide
                                                                                                 this level of care on their own.

                                             The West of Scotland Managers                network, adding value to work and

   Networking                                Development network meets over
                                             lunch to give NHS managers the
                                             chance to meet, network, share best
                                                                                          working relationships.

                                                                                          “We depend on managers joining the

  on the menu                                practice and find out about learning
                                                                                          network and making the most of the
                                                                                          opportunities it provides.”

                                             The network covers NHS Ayrshire &            If you would like to be included
 If you’re guilty of spending                Arran and NHS Dumfries & Galloway,           on the network’s mailing list and
                                                                                          receive regular updates and notice
  every lunch break working                  acting as an information point, as well
                                                                                          of networking events, please forward
                                             as providing mentoring, coaching and
      at your desk, here’s the               shadowing opportunities.                     your details to Ann at annieclark1@
     perfect excuse for some                                                              btinternet.com
                                             Ann Clark, Regional Co-ordinator for
      ‘me’ time. And it could                the West of Scotland, says: “We aim to
        help your career, too.               continue to develop a dynamic

    L otsa                                  Forum
     lotto                                  It’s good to talk
                                            Ever wondered who comes up with the ideas for articles in Dialogue? You
                                            do! Deciding how to make best use of our staff magazine is just one topic
                                            discussed by the Communications Forum. We also talk about examples of
                                            best practice in different departments, and how we can learn from each

Everything                                  other so that we all communicate better in Ayrshire and Arran.
                                            The Communications Forum is open to any member of staff with an interest

in the                                      in championing better communications in their own workplace, or in NHS
                                            Ayrshire & Arran as a whole.

garden’s                                    To find out more, call May Smith on 01563 826107, or why not
                                            come along to our next meeting?

lotto lovely                                 Monday              1pm to 3pm          Syndicate Room, Training
                                             25 August                               Centre, Ayrshire Central
Staff and patients continue to reap the
rewards of the staff lottery. This summer
beneficiaries included staff, patients
and visitors to Pavilion One at Ayrshire
Central, who can now enjoy their very        Tuesday             1pm to 3pm          Room 2, Eglinton House,
own courtyard and garden thanks to
                                             28 October                              Ailsa Hospital
lottery funding.

Staff are pictured at an Open Day held
at the end of July to mark the new
addition formally.                           Wednesday           12noon to           Conference Room, Biggart
                                             17 December         2pm                 Hospital

                                            Is there something you would like to get off your chest or maybe you
                                            just want to raise an issue for debate with your colleagues. Whatever
                                            your opinion, whatever the topic, write to us at:
                                            Mailbag, Communications Department, 28 Lister Street,
                                            Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock KA2 0BE

                                            Phone us on         01563 826111
                                            Email               comms@aaaht.scot.nhs.uk
                                            or                  comms@aapct.scot.nhs.uk

                                            Please note that you can ask for your name not to be included in
                                            the magazine, or indeed you can send your letter anonymously

Our thanks to…
                                                    Well worth it: The children’s ward
                                                    at Crosshouse Hospital received a
                                                    generous cheque from Woolworths in
                                                    Kilmarnock. The shop’s kind-hearted
                                                    staff and customers collected an
                                                    amazing £2,031 for the Kids First
                                                    charity just by asking people to donate
                                                    at the checkouts.

Donation boost: Holmburn Ward at East
Ayrshire Community Hospital received a
generous donation from Cumnock man Jim
McGough, as a thank you for caring for his
mother. As a result, staff from the frail elderly
ward have purchased several new items
including two grandmother clocks, two TVs,
eight pressure relieving chairs and other soft
furnishing. Sister Isobel Gates and Mr Jim
McGough are pictured with one of the many
items his generous donation bought.

                                                       Easter bonus: The Hillbillies
                                                       Motorcycle Club revved up the
                                                       atmosphere at Crosshouse Hospital
                                                       and put a huge smile on the faces
                                                       of children who had to spend the
                                                       Easter holidays in the children’s
                                                       ward. Not only did they hand out
                                                       Easter treats but they also donated
                                                       a cheque for £750.

    Win… flights to Poland
    Glasgow Prestwick Airport has donated two return flights to Poland in association
    with low cost airline Wizz Air, who now offer four popular connections to Poland.

    Among the attractions are the capital city of Warsaw and                   vegetables, with no processed foods to be found. Sport
    the northern coastal resort of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea,                   also plays a big part in their lives, with athletics, basketball,
    as well as the lesser known but equally charming cities of                 boxing, swimming, volleyball, weightlifting and football
    Katowice and Poznan – all just over two hours away.                        being the most popular.

    Eastern European destinations such as this are becoming                    Poland is also gearing up for its biggest ever sporting
    increasingly attractive for Scottish travellers. Transport,                extravaganza, with the country set to co-host Euro 2012
    accommodation, and food and drink are cheaper than in                      along with Ukraine. The tournament will have a positive
    western countries, particularly with the pound growing                     knock-on effect for Poles and tourists alike, with huge
    steadily weaker against the Euro, and many people are                      investment in new stadiums and infrastructure.
    growing tired of the traditional ‘sun’ resorts.
                                                                               And you could check it out for yourself with this month’s
    With most of Eastern Europe only becoming accessible for                   competition.
    tourists relatively recently, there is also a whole lot of culture
    there waiting to be discovered.                                            For a chance to win two return flights to Poland, unravel
                                                                               the eight jumbled words to find words associated with a
    The Poles are a health-conscious race. Their meals are                     trip to Poland, and then find them on the grid.
    substantial and consist mainly of meats and home grown

                                                                                                      Please send all entries to
     S   J   K A T       R   L   P Q U R         K   I   C H T
     T A     I   Z   E W I       Z Z A       I   R   R   F   I    C      RAZZ WII                     Dialogue Wordsearch
                                                                                                      Communications Department
     A K     E N K       S N D E H L             A B A U R
                                                                         SEE OUR PETE RAN             28 Lister Street
     G E     B A D       I   C L M G         I   T   E W C T
                                                                                                      Crosshouse Hospital
     B   P   A G P       L   L   A B     Y   E   L   L O V         T                                  Kilmarnock KA2 0BE
     T O D A M D G E C F W Z O                           I   U A
                                                                         RULE CUT
     S   R Q V N R O K O P W S N L                           X T

     Y U C A         J   T O U R N A M E N T H
                                                                         GABLE STEVE
     J   E N R       T U D       I   K   L   A H Y       P   T     L
                                                                         THAT SLICE                   Department
     V N R       T   S   F   T W M B W M O G B                     E
     I   R   J   X S     A V U A U X B               R C R         T
     D E     S   E   L   B A T       E G E       V U U M I
                                                                         LOVLY LABEL
     H T U O O           I   D B A B         B D T       T   B C
                                                                         EXTRA GAZA VAN
     N S O F         J   A H N M U           I   L W D W S
     C A     S C N D G           J   F G U D N           J   U S                                      Contact number
                                                                         MOUNT TRANE
     L   E M E       K   I   S   K   P C R       I   O B     R     L

                                                                 You could join past winners like Janet Arnott from the Lister
                                                                 Centre, Crosshouse, pictured left receiving her flights to Budapest
                                                                 from Gillian McPherson of Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

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