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The Residency Match 2012 by zhangyun


Match Day 2011….
Match 2009
Your Match
March 15, 2012
Overview of the process
   Decide upon specialty
   Explore programs using Frieda and by looking at
    program sites
   Submit your application and all additional materials
   Invited to interview-set aside a month for this
   Consideration of your options
   Rank programs
   Match day…probably will be March 15, 2012
Selecting a Medical Specialty 
You will have lots of help!!
 Dr.Kathleen McKie,
Associate Dean Student Affairs
 Roles of…
   Sponsoring Department Advisor

   Match advisor
Valuable assistance…
The Office of Student Affairs

 Stephanie Lloyd-A thru Hancock
 Linda Kimberly-Hanna thru Norton
 Donna Branan-Obiaga-Z
Office of Student Affairs Office
   Location: CB 2340

   2nd floor of the R & E Bldg, immediately
    adjacent to the cross walk from Hamilton

   Phone: 706-721-5115
Excellent resource
In our office for your use on loan
NRMP and San Francisco Match
NRMP – governing body for the Main Match

San Francisco Match – governing body for the
  residency match in Ophthalmology and Child

Military Match, Urology Match
NRMP – National Residency
Matching Program

 The NRMP Main Match provides
  an impartial venue for matching
    applicants' preferences for
 residency positions with program
     directors' preferences for
Statistics for 2009…
 Over 26,000 positions
 37,735 applicants
 16,559 U.S. seniors (up by 489)
 94% matched # exceeded
  15,000 (94.2% in 08)
 81% matched in (top 3)

   Dermatology, urology, orthopedic surgery,
    otolaryngology, plastic surgery, radiation
    oncology, thoracic surgery, and vascular surgery
    were the most competitive fields

   The number of U.S. medical school seniors in
    emergency medicine increased by 7 percent and
    grew for the sixth year in a row
More Data on the Match
   Match Day Press Release
   Advance Data Tables
   Results of the 2010 NRMP Program
    Director Survey
   Charting Outcomes in the Match
   Registration
   Ranking
   Results

Students must register with the NRMP to
  participate in the main match, which
  typically includes transitional years for SF
   U.S. allopathic medical school seniors
    MUST participate in the NRMP for
    their preliminary positions.
   If a program director for an early match tells
    you they will “take care of your preliminary
    year” … it may not be correct. You must
    participate in the NRMP for preliminary
    positions!!!!! Be careful and make certain!
If you participate in an early
   ….and you do not submit a rank order list
    to the NRMP, then you will likely be
    “unmatched” for your preliminary position
    and may not be eligible for the “unmatched
    list” during scramble.
   It can be difficult to scramble into a prelim
    spot ! Better safe than sorry!
   Application service is ERAS “electronic residency
    application service”

   Students must register with ERAS to apply to
    most programs…but not all programs use ERAS

   May explore ERAS at any time:

   Our office will notify you when you can access
    ERAS to begin entering your information.
NRMP versus SF match
   NRMP uses ERAS             SF Match uses the
    (primarily, although        CAS (common
    some programs do not        application service)
    use ERAS). You must
    check with individual
Program requirements
   It is YOUR responsibility to contact
    programs concerning requirements.

   Each program is different and each
    program has different individual deadlines
    for applications.
Your application will include
   Application form (open your site and begin your application as
    soon as you get your token/ electronic registration opens about
    Aug. 15)
   Personal statement and photo
   Letters of Recommendation 3-4 per program
   Transcript release early and again nearer the
    MSPE release
   MSPE (Nov. 1, 2011) Requested target date is
    October 2011
   USMLE scores
Letters of recommendation
 Cover letter/waiver form
 Number required varies with the program
 Originals only!! …on letterhead, no faxes.
 Provide letter writer with CV and personal
  statement .
 Deadline to our office for scanning:
  ~September 1
   Objective evaluation of your record of
    accomplishments as a medical student.
   It is NOT a letter of recommendation!
   Subjective comments will be cast in the best
    possible light – within the confines of the truth.
   Your clerkship behavior will reappear!
   MSPE Release Form must be signed by you to
    allow us to transmit your mspe letter.
                                  Georgia Health Sciences
                                        Letter head

                          Medical Student Performance Evaluation
                                      Your Full Name
                                     November 1, 2011

Identifying Information

    XXX is a fourth-year student at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia.

Unique Characteristics

    (from your CV includes research, volunteer work, interests, hardships)

    XXX earned a Bachelor of XXX Degree in XXX from XXX in XXX…….

    XXX matriculated as a first year student at the Medical College of Georgia in August of
MSPE continued …
   Academic history
       LOA, transfer, remediation, combined degree
        programs, disciplinary action at MCG
   Performance during 1st two years (basic
    science) no comments included
   Performance during core clerkships,
    electives-final grade and comments
   Summary
  Your Contribution to the MSPE
Numbers and clerkship comments have been
 generated over your career and stand as they
 are at this point
You can influence what appears in the area of
 unique characteristics and in the summary.
You are encouraged to meet with Dr. McKie in
 order to discuss what you would like
Make an appointment!
   Contact Stephanie, Linda, or Donna to
    make an appointment . Meeting times Apr-
   20 minute slots, arrive a few minutes early
   Bring your CV with highlighted features
    you most want included.

We will email you when dates open for April.
Reading your MSPE…
   You may read your MSPE.
   It will be available in October (class will be
    notified by email when letters are ready)
   You may correct factual errors, but may not
    edit the narrative comments. (AAMC
   You should read it so there are no
    surprises when you interview 
Southwest Campus Students
   Dr. McKie will coordinate with Dr. Guest the
    optimal time to come to your site in order to meet
    for individual advising and planning of the MSPE.
   Dr. McKie is happy to speak by phone appt. in the
    early evenings to answer questions or offer
    advice. Email me 
   We will coordinate a time for you to review your
    MSPE. This must be done in person or Dr. McKie
    can review by phone if necessary.
Appealing grades/comments
   Make appointment with Clerkship director to
    discuss any appeal of comments or grades.
   The MSPE is read carefully by program directors
    and thus you should take them seriously.
   The MSPE is most important in decisions
    regarding ranking. USMLE scores have more
    influence in decisions to invite you for an
A few things to remember…
 Step  2 CK and CS by Dec 15th
 Interview etiquette
 Tips for a successful match
Schedule now !!!
Must take USMLE Step 2 CK and
           CS before
  December 15, 2011.
Schedule CS as soon as
If you have not taken/passed Step 2
          Most programs will
consider ranking a student who has not
           passed Step 2 CK
Step 2 CS
   Can really trip you up! No kidding!!!
   Every year several people have to take it
    again probably because of ridiculous errors
    that might be prevented by taking your
    OSCE seriously and by reading the First
    Aid for CS.
   Rescheduling is a nightmare and the long
    reporting time creates major anxiety!!!!
Passing USMLE Step 2 is required
         for graduation
          You can
participate in Graduation or
  Hooding if you have not
 passed Step 2 CK and CS!
Interview etiquette
   Be nice to program secretaries... They are usually
    in close contact with Program Directors and
    usually attend all selection committee meetings

   Take your current transcript and a CV.

   IF YOU MUST CANCEL, advise program director
    and indicate the circumstance requiring the
    cancellation. Call, email and ALWAYS send a
    follow up letter of explanation!!
When you communicate with
   It is a violation of the Match for a program
    to pressure you about where you plan to
    rank them. While it is fine for you to
    express your admiration for a program,
    avoid the use of the word “rank” when
    expressing your thoughts and praise!
   Strict regulations govern the match; if in
    doubt check policy. Violations of the match
    can result in severe sanctions against the
    student and the institution!!
The Couples Match…
   NRMP offers the opportunity for two residency
    applicants to link their rank order lists so that the
    applicants can match to programs suited to their
   Students enroll individually in the Match, but
    indicate that they want to be in the Match as a
   On the Rank Order List (ROL), pairs of choices
    are submitted for the match.
Tips for a successful match
   Be honest with yourself about your level of
    competitiveness (Program Directors Survey
    and Charting outcomes of the Match from
    the NRMP)
   Ask your Match Advisor for an honest
    assessment of your competitiveness
   Rank many programs – longer ROL =
    greater chance of matching
   Do not rely on “scramble” as a Match
What if you do not match?
   You will be notified whether you matched or
    not on Monday of Match week.
   If you did not, you can pursue a position
    through the “Scramble”, which our office
    operates for you.
   Scramble is not a viable option! It has
    become nearly impossible. Be willing to
    take advice in advance.
Scramble 2012
   Plans in progress for improved Scramble.

   I prefer Strategy, Strategy, more Strategy in
    order to avoid the Scramble.

   Go after what you want with reality and strategy
    and back up!!
Common Pitfalls in the Match
   Apply to the correct number of programs,
    which means many programs for
    competitive specialties and many programs
    if you have any academic glitches and
    more programs if you are looking out of
   If you get only a few interviews, especially
    in a competitive specialty, you are getting a
    wake up call! Think about your back up!
   Apply to and interview in enough programs
    to ensure “safety net” programs as well as
    your “reach” programs.
   Pay close attention to preliminary programs
    and apply to enough! Talk to your Match
   Do not believe the programs that tell you
    that you are the best thing since sliced
    bread and that you are ranked to match.
    They tell that to all the great candidates!!
The match…a legal contract
   After you have ranked programs and programs
    rank students, the “match” is generated using a
    computerized mathematical algorithm.

   By participating in the match, you are entering into
    a legal and binding contract.

   Extricating yourself from this is not trivial.
Importance of Advice
   Please ask for advice, especially from
    knowledgeable sources.
   Your Match Advisor has had to deal with
    Scramble and wants you to know how to
    avoid it! Believe him or her!
   Feel free to contact Dr. K McKie and your
    Match Advisor for straightforward advice!
Let’s Meet Again!
   In June or July 2011
   Numbers and ranges of programs to apply
    to, interview with, and rank. The ROL !!
   Importance of prelim programs strategy
   Back Up Plans
   Couples Pointers
   Interview Tips
4th Year is Lots of FUN!
It’s Your Turn!!!

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