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									                                      THE EPISTLE
                         St. Paul's Lutheran Church
                Mission Statement: A family of faith sharing the gospel and love of Christ.
                          A Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) congregation.
Volume 54                                                April 2011                                                                   No. 4

                                                                             2011 LENTEN SERIES
                                              We will continue to have our mid-week services on Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. and 7:00
                                            p.m. Plan now to be a part of our Lenten discipline for 2011.
                                                               March 27 – Sunday --- STREAMS OF LIVING WATER
                                                                                   John 4:5-42
                                                        March 30 – Wednesday --- THE EVANGELIST HAS A SHADY PAST
                                                                          Psalm 95 and John 4:5-42
             ESTABLISHED IN 1830                               April 3 – Sunday --- A GOD WHO SUFFERS WITH US
               Office Hours:                                                         John 9:1-41
           8:30 a.m.—3:30 p.m.                              April 6 – Wednesday --- THE CASE OF THE DANCING MEN
             Monday—Friday                                                 Psalm 23 and Psalm 51:1-18
       Church Office: (704) 633-0922
        Church Fax: (704) 636-1300                                    April 10 – Sunday --- SET FREE FOR LIFE
                                                                                    John 11:1-45
        205 St. Paul's Church Road
           Salisbury, NC 28146                           April 13 – Wednesday --- THE CROSS NO ONE WANTS TO SEE
       E-mail: splc@carolina.rr.com                                       Psalm 130 and John 18:1-19
        Website: www.splcweb.org                            April 17 – Palm Sunday --- A SALVATIONS ARMY PARADE
                                                                                   Matthew 26:14-27
    WEEKLY WORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:             Everyone will gather in front of the church on PALM SUNDAY and process in with palms,
         Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.         weather permitting. We will remember Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, as he was
       Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m.         heralded Lord of Lords and King of Kings. This service will prepare us for Holy Week as we
     Thursday Night Worship at 7:30 p.m.    walk with Christ to the Cross of Calvary and realize His dying in our place.
                                                     April 21 – Maundy Thursday --- BROUGHT TOGETHER AND SENT FORTH
              CHURCH STAFF:                                                       John 13:1-17, 31b-35
                   PASTOR                     This service reminds us of the example that Jesus gave his disciples – to serve and love
            Rev. William S. Ketchie         each other as he served them. Most of all, we celebrate MAUNDY THURSDAY by remembering
             (704) 279-8859 Home            and sharing the liturgy of the upper room with Holy Communion. The 7:00 p.m. service is
                                            concluded with the chancel being stripped, reminding us of the New Covenant that God made
               CHURCH OFFICE                with his people in the bloody sacrifice and death of his Son our Lord, Jesus Christ, at Calvary.
             Genevieve Lambert,
               Church Secretary                               April 22 – Good Friday --- WAS THERE NO OTHER WAY?
             (704) 638-6290 Home                                                  Isaiah 52:13 – 53:2
                                              This service reminds us of the passion of Holy Week, as we walk with Christ to His
            SPECIAL MINISTRIES              sacrificial death on the cross. Through Christ's death, our sins are forgiven and Jesus
      Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish Nurse      conquered death.
             (704) 633-3439 Home
                                              The EASTER SERVICES will begin at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, April 24,
                Alison Moore,
                                            with the SUNRISE SERVICE including special music and Holy Communion. The
        Girl Scouts Troop Coordinator
                                            EASTER BREAKFAST will begin following the Sunrise Service in the Fellowship
              SUPPORT STAFF                 Hall and served by our youth groups. Contributions will be accepted for the
            Louise Eller, Treasurer         breakfast to help with the youth activities during the year. After the breakfast,
                                            everyone is invited to Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Our EASTER SERVICE will
                  MUSIC                     begin at 10:30 a.m., again celebrating the triumphant resurrection message with special
         John Brock, Music Director         music and Holy Communion. Weather permitting, both services will be concluded in the
          Johnsie Taylor, Organist          cemetery. Plan to be present on the holiest day of the Church year as we celebrate Christ's
                                            victory over the grave.
        GIRL SCOUT CHICKEN DINNER                                               LOST AND FOUND
      Girl Scout Troop 1109 will                                    Throughout the church there are items such as
be holding a CHICKEN                                           jackets, umbrellas, dishes, etc. that have been left in the
DINNER FUNDRAISER on                                           church. Please look and pick up your items. Thank you.
Sunday, March 27 from 11:30
a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Please join
us after Worship for a delicious meal of Glen Amos'
Chicken, two sides (slaw and baked beans), dessert,                   ROWAN HELPING
and a drink. Cost of the meal is $8.00 with all proceeds                MINISTRIES
going towards the Troop trip to Washington, D.C. in                 The number of pounds donated
April. There will be tickets available at the door following   to the ROWAN HELPING MINISTRIES for
the Worship Service on March 27.                               the month of February by St. Paul's and our Girl Scout
      We hope you will join us for some food and               Troops is 34 pounds. Thank you all for your continued
fellowship. It will be a wonderful way to get to know the      support and ministry!
young ladies in our scouting program. We appreciate all
of the help and support the congregation has given us               RHM item for April is: CANNED FRUIT/ JUICES.
over the years.

                                                                                         LUTHERAN HOUR
                     HABITAT FOR HUMANITY                                                   (Radio Ministry)
                 PORT-A-PIT CHICKEN FUNDRAISER                                     During the month of April, St.
                                                                              Paul's will be sponsoring the Lutheran
                       HABITAT FOR HUMANITY PORT-A-PIT
                                                                              Hour (Lutheran Vespers) on Radio
                 CHICKEN FUNDRAISER will now be a
                                                               Station WSTP. The vespers will be broadcast on
                 once-a-year Event! Because we have
                                                               Sunday mornings.
decided to drop our Fall fundraiser we really need your
support for our Spring sale on Tuesday, April 5, from
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. For $8.00 you get a ½ chicken,
slaw, potato salad, roll, and dessert. Please buy your
tickets from St. Paul's Social Ministry Committee (Sandy           THE CHURCH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED ON
Canup, Alice Davis, Amy Goins, D. W. Honbarger, Kathy          MONDAY, APRIL 25, IN OBSERVANCE OF EASTER.
Ketchie, Teresa Linker, Jenny Opel, Alan Powlas, and
Sue Young). Thank you!

                                                                                  WOMEN OF FAITH
      The AMERICAN RED                                               Please join the Women of Faith Bible Study on
CROSS BLOOD DRIVE will                                         Tuesday, April 12th, at 11 am in the Conference Room.
be held in the Fellowship Hall                                 Our topic of study will be "Beyond the Tomb." Please
on Monday, May 2, from 2:30 – 7:00 p.m. (Date                  bring a finger food to share. Also, please call the church
changed due to Easter.) No appointment is necessary,           office to sign up or email Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish
just drop in at any time. Our goal is 50 pints. There is a     Nurse at jearnhardtrn@gmail.com if you will be attending
great need for blood at the present, so please come and        on the 12th.
give the gift of life. (Photo ID is required.)                       We have a new topic every month, so you can
                                                               never get behind. Please join us for an awesome time of
                                                               fellowship, prayer and studying God's Word.
                    LUTHERAN MEN
                                                                   EASTER SERVICES ON APRIL 24
                      Congratulations to Jimmie Deal for
               being awarded the North Carolina             EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE at 6:30 a.m. with music and
Lutheran Men in Mission Honorary Life Membership!           Holy Communion.
Jimmie has been an active participant and contributor in    EASTER BREAKFAST at 7:30 a.m. served by our Junior
the Men's Group as well as holding many other duties        and Senior Youth. The menu consists of: country ham,
and responsibilities in the church.                         eggs, sausage, grits, and toast.
                                                            SUNDAY SCHOOL at 9:30 a.m.
       North Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission               EASTER SERVICE at 10:30 a.m. again celebrating the
              St. Paul's Lutheran Men                       resurrection message with music and Holy Communion.
             Honorary Life Memberships
Date           For year Honorary Life Member
3/17/02        2001      Harley Canup
                                                                             ST. PAUL'S
3/17/02        2001      Vernon Davis                             SING-A-LONG AT THE LUTHERAN HOME
3/17/02        2002      Carl Haynes                                                      "Music speaks what cannot
3/17/02        2002      Devon Jenkins                                               be expressed, soothes the mind
3/17/02        2002      Paul Ritchie                                                and gives it rest, heals the heart
2/1/04         2003      Carl Canup                                                  and makes it whole, flows from
2/1/04         2003      Orville Trexler                                             heaven to the soul." Anonymous
2/1/04         2004      William H. Irvin                                                 We see this quote fulfilled
2/1/04         2004      Walter W. Smith                                             each Friday morning as we visit
11/06/05       2005      Tim Deal                           the Lutheran Home at Trinity Oaks for "St. Paul's Sing-a-
11/06/05       2005      Wayne Taylor                       Long." St. Paul's has been providing this ministry to the
1/7/07         2006      Travis Alligood                    Lutheran Home for over 20 years.
1/7/07         2006      Bill Behrendt                            For those of us who give an hour of our time each
1/08           2007      Vaughn Wilhelm                     week, it is a well received ministry; but also a personal
1/08           2007      David Honbarger, Jr.               blessing for each of us. We are blessed with bright
2/1/09         2008      Dana Bost                          smiles, hugs, laughter, and love that feed our soul.
2/1/09         2008      Kenneth Whisnant                         Please contact Perry
3/7/10         2009      Bill Reissner                      Julian or Jenny Earnhardt if
2/27/11        2010      Jimmie Deal                        you would like to participate
                                                            in this ministry. No musical
      All LUTHERAN MEN are invited to attend an             talent is necessary, just a
appreciation dinner on Tuesday, April 12, at 6:30 p.m.      willingness to come, meet
at the VA (Ground Floor Courtyard). Please contact the      some wonderful people and
church office at (704) 633-0922 or Bill Reissner at (704)   have a joyous time.
630-0897 by April 7 if you will be attending the dinner.          We'd like to share with you some of our wonderful
                                                                                                     Karen McConnell
      Our next LUTHERAN MEN'S meeting will be on
Thursday, April 14th, at 6:30 pm. Please don't miss
this opportunity to eat a good meal, fellowship and enjoy         VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO HELP AT
an interesting program. See you there!                                   SOUTHEAST MIDDLE
                                                                  We need volunteers for Southeast Middle School
                                                            again during lunch. This year it will be the first Monday
      The veterans at the NC Veteran's Retirement
                                                            of each month.
Home have showed much appreciation and enthusiasm
                                                                  The dates are the following: April 4 and May 2.
for the BINGO hour St. Paul's Men have provided for
                                                                  If anyone would like to volunteer from 11:10 a.m. to
them. This month, the Lutheran Men will be
                                                            1:15 p.m. on these days, please contact the church
providing the Bingo on Tuesday, April 19, at 6:30
                                                            office at (704) 633-0922.
                                                                      ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT
                      Pastor Ketchie concluded the 2010-
                2011 CONFIRMATION CLASSES on                      The Sunday School
                February 23. The first year confirmands     EASTER EGG HUNT for
                will begin confirmation on September 7.     children in Nursery – 6th
      The second-year confirmands are: Melanie              grade will be on
Huffman, Colton Opel, Heaven Rogers, Abby                   Saturday, April 23, from
Wilhelm, and Hayley Wilhelm. They will meet with the        1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Christian Education Committee on Sunday, April 3, at              NURSERY – KINDERGARTENERS are asked to
4:00 p.m. and then they will meet with the Congregation     please a basket for the Easter Egg Hunt. Plastic eggs
Council on May 1 at 8:30 a.m. to be approved for            and prizes will be provided for the hunt.
Affirmation of Baptism on Sunday, June 12. Please                 The FIRST-SIXTH GRADERS are also asked to
remember these young people in your prayers as they         please bring a basket for the Easter Egg Hunt. Plastic
come to this mile marker in their faith journey.            eggs and prizes will be provided for the hunt.
                                                                  Your friends and family are invited to participate in
                                                            this year's Easter Egg Hunt. Refreshments and prizes
                                                                                 The Junior Youth will have a Bible
                        SENIOR YOUTH (7TH-12TH)                              Study with George Barringer on Sunday,
                                                            April 10, at 5:00 p.m.
                           The Senior Youth will have a           The Junior Youth will be helping the Senior Youth
                     Bible Study on Sundays, April 10       in preparing for the Easter Breakfast and need to be at
                     and 17, upstairs in the Youth room     the church on Saturday, April 23, at 11:30 a.m. Please
                     at 5:00 p.m.                           bring 2 dozen eggs per family to the church. This will
      Saturday, April 23, at 11:30 a.m. the Senior and      give the advisors time to buy more if needed. Lunch will
Junior you will begin preparations for the Easter           be furnished.
Breakfast. Please bring 2 dozen eggs per family on                The Junior Youth are invited to attend our annual
Saturday, April 24. Lunch will be provided.                 Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 23, at 1:30 p.m.
      Senior Youth are also needed to help prior, during,   Please bring only a basket. Plastic eggs will be provided.
and after the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at 1:30 p.m.                 The Junior Youth will help serve the Easter
Please contact Diane Day by Palm Sunday, April 17 or        Breakfast on Sunday, April 24, after the Sunrise
the church office if you will be able to help with the      Service. Youth who are not attending the early service
Easter Egg Hunt.                                            need to be in the Fellowship Hall around 6:45 a.m.
      Please let the Advisors know if you will be           Others attending the service can come directly after the
participating in the Sunrise Service on Saturday. The       close of the service. We hope you make plans now to
Senior Youth need to arrive at the Church at 5:30 a.m.      join us at this annual breakfast given by the youth and
on Easter morning, April 24. Others attending the           advisors.
Sunrise Service can come directly after the close of the
      The Advisors hope that everyone will come to as                        BIBLE Bookmarks
many of these events as possible. Friends are always              Beginning on Sunday, March 13, BIBLE
welcome. We look forward to meeting together for fun,       Bookmarks are being given to the children attending
fellowship, and studying the Word of God.                   Sunday School and church each week during the Lenten
                                                            Season. Each bookmark provides a topic of focus for
                                                            the week and a scriptural reference for study every day
            TWEENERS (K-2ND)                                Monday through Friday. Several brief discussion
     The Tweeners are invited to participate                questions are provided for consideration on
in this year's annual Easter Egg Hunt on                    Wednesdays and Fridays. The Christian Education
Saturday, April 23, beginning at 1:30 p.m.                  Committee hopes that the children and parents are
                                                            finding the BIBLE Bookmarks helpful and will want to
                                                            continue this program after Lent.
                                                                   MOTHER/DAUGHTER/OTHER BANQUET
                APRIL NEWS
              Sarah Goodman, President                                              Mark your calendars now for our
                                                                             Mother/Daughter/Other Banquet! The
                         March has been a busy month for
                                                                             Banquet will be held Saturday, May 7,
                    our organization.     We have had
                                                                             beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the
                    several funeral meals that our groups
                                                                             Fellowship Hall.
                    have served. Several members of our
                                                                   This year the Lutheran Women are trying
                    church attended the World Day of
                                                             something different. We will have 24 tables each being
                    Prayer at Rock Grove United
                                                             decorated by the seven groups and individuals with
                    Methodist Church.
                                                             different themes. When purchasing your ticket, please
      During the Lenten season, we are collecting
                                                             inform how many people are in your party so that those
"Pennies for Hope." The organization will determine
                                                             collecting the money can coordinate what table to sit
where we will be donating the pennies at our next
Quarterly meeting in June. A jar is located in the
                                                                   The Lutheran Men have graciously agreed again to
Narthex of the church, so if you have extra change (we
                                                             serve our meal.
take bills, too!), we would appreciate any donation.
                                                                   Our entertainment this year is Phyllis Heil, The
      Habitat for Humanity has their annual BBQ on
                                                             Whistling Lady, from Hickory.
Tuesday, April 5. This year Habitat for Humanity will
                                                                   Don't forget all the fabulous door prizes as well.
only be sponsoring this event in April. Everyone is
                                                             You definitely will not want to miss this!
encouraged to donate un-iced cakes for this worthy
cause. Please leave the cakes in the church kitchen               Tickets will be $7 for ages 13-adult, $3.50 for
Monday afternoon or night or take them directly to the       ages 4-12, and free for ages 3 and under. Tickets
Civic Center Tuesday morning.                                may be purchased in the church office during the
      St. Paul's Women collect supplies for the Woman's      month of April (due to Easter being so late this year).
Shelter during April and May. Some of the most needed        Tickets will also be sold following the Worship
supplies are paper products (especially toilet paper);       Service on Sunday, May 1.
kitchen supplies (glasses, pots & pans, silverware);
towels (kitchen, pots & pans, silverware); towels (kitchen
and bath); twin bed sheets, blankets and pillows;
cleaning supplies; alarm clocks; diapers; and even used                     DECORATE FOR THE
cell phones. Just about any household item can be
used. The collection boxes will be located in the Narthex
                                                                        MOTHER/DAUGHTER BANQUET
and beside the Conference Room.                                    This year for the Mother/Daughter Banquet will be a
      Mark       your    calendars      now     for    our   "tabletop event." Make this year special and show your
Mother/Daughter/Other Banquet! The Banquet will be           enthusiasm (or talent) and decorate one (8 or 6 person)
held Saturday, May 7, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the          table for the event using your own dishes, utensils,
Fellowship Hall. This year the Lutheran Women are            tablecloth, centerpiece etc. everything that goes on the
trying something different. We will have 24 tables each      tabletop except the food.
being decorated by the seven groups and individuals                Decorate to a theme, a color, or just an idea.
with different themes. If you are interested in decorating         Won't it be colorful, exciting and fun to have up to
a table, please contact the church office (704) 633-0922.    20 different table decorations to enjoy.
When purchasing your ticket, please inform how many                If you would be willing to decorate a table please
people are in your party so that those collecting the        contact Karen McConnell at 704-797-8964 or
money can coordinate what table to sit you. Thank you        kmacc@carolina.rr.com or Susan Bernhardt at 704-637-
to Betty Earnhardt for coordinating this year's              0155 or bbernhardt@carolina.rr.com for details.
entertainment: Phyllis Heil, The Whistling Lady, from              Join the fun and fellowship as we decorate for
Hickory. Tickets may be purchased in the church              Mother's Day.
office during the month of April (due to Easter being
      Please pray for our organization as it continues to
work in the church, community, nation, and world.
   SOUTH SALISBURY FIRE DEPARTMENT                                                  ZUMBA CLASSES
    60TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION                                      The Zumba Craze has officially begun at St. Paul's
       A REFLECTION OF OUR HISTORY                               Lutheran Church! Our original schedule for Zumba has
                                                                 been one class on Monday Nights. We are changing our
     The congregation is cordially invited to the 60th           framework for the class. Zumba will continue to be
Anniversary Celebration of South Salisbury Fire                  offered on Monday nights, but it will be offered for two
Department on Saturday, May 21st, from 10:00 a.m. until          classes!
3:00 p.m. Opening Ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m.
     A community luncheon will be provided between                  Class 1 "Zumba Low Impact": This class is going
11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.                                             to be offered at a slower pace. It will help you gain
     Scheduled Activities will be: Air Medical Helicopter            Zumba moves and will continue to be a good
Presentation, Fire Extinguisher Training, Operation of a             workout. The class times will be 6:45 pm-7:15 pm.
Fire Hose and a Vehicle Extrication Demonstration.                   The cost of this class is $1.00.
Displays from local public safety agencies will be                  Class 2 "Zumba High Impact": This class will be
available as well as activities for both adults and children         the same version of what has been offered. You will
throughout the day.                                                  continue to receive the same High Impact
     It's an exciting time for our community and we hope             Instruction as before. The time for this class will be
you and your family can share this achievement with us.              7:30 pm-8:30 pm. The cost of this class is $2.00.
     South Salisbury Fire Department is located at 3207             If you would like to participate in both classes you
Old Concord Road (Salisbury, NC 28146). Please follow                may do so for a cost of $3.00.
signs for designated parking locations.
                                                                      If you tried Zumba before and wished that it were a
     If you would like more information on the event,
                                                                 bit slower or if you like the high impact and wanted to
please contact Jason Burnett at (704) 636-8575 or
                                                                 continue, we are now able to offer both classes for you!
                                                                       We will be ending out six week class on Monday,
                                                                 March 28th and the new schedule will begin on Monday,
                   FRIENDSHIP CLUB                               April 4th.
     For April, the Friendship Club will participate in the           In order for participants to get the full effect of the
Maundy Thursday, April 21, at 11:00 a.m. Worship                 class, we are asking that Class #2 not come into the
service as their program. Following the service, the             Fellowship Hall until 7:25 pm.
group will go eat at Fry Daddies in Rockwell.
                                                                       Please be aware that we will be having Holiday and
                                                                 other closings on several Mondays in the months to
        HEALTH MINISTRY VOLUNTEER                                come. Our first closing will be Monday, April 25th, due to
     At the recent Health Cabinet meeting, we decided to         the observance of Easter. Calendars will be presented
expand our volunteer ministry at St. Paul's Lutheran. At         at the beginning of each month.
St. Paul's we are so blessed to have so many caring and                           Thanks, Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish Nurse
nurturing people. Many needs are met on a consistent
level. If you are interested in visiting our sick and shut-
ins we would like to invite you to become a Health
Ministry Volunteer. This is an exciting new program that
will bless members of our church and community. As a
member of the Health Ministry Volunteers, there is an
informational session that you will need to attend. This
is a short information session that is vital for the health of
the ministry. Please contact Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish
Nurse at the church office if you would like to assist with
this ministry.
     The next class sessions will be offered: Sunday,
April 3, at 9:00 a.m. and Tuesday, April 5, at 11:00
a.m. in the Parish Nurse office.
                          Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish Nurse
            From the desk of the Parish Nurse                                     BODY MASS INDEX
               Healthy Weight Challenge                              A good way to determine if your weight is healthy for
              A 5 week challenge for Live Abundantly            your height is to calculate your body mass index or BMI.
                          participants!                         Being overweight puts strain on your heart and can lead
                                                                to serious health problems. These problems include:
          You can choose a weight loss or weight
                                                                 Heart Disease
          maintenance goal.
                                                                 High Blood Pressure
Your Goal: To lose 1-2 lbs per week and/or focus on              Sleep Apnea
healthy eating & maintain your current weight!                   Type 2 Diabetes
Follow these steps:                                              Varicose veins
1.   Sign up with Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish Nurse to                 Please stop by the Ladies Parlor after the worship
     take part in this Healthy Weight challenge. Get a          service to have your BMI checked. This will be done in a
     copy of the Healthy Weight Daily Goal Sheet.               private setting. There will be a set of scales and a chart
2.   Measure your start weight. Use the BMI table to            that you can utilize privately or I will assist you if you
     determine if you need to lose weight. If your BMI is       need any help.
     over 25 consider weight loss, but if your BMI is                 This BMI measurement will complete one of your
     under 25 then consider the weight maintenance              Living Abundantly objectives.
     goal! Document your own start weight on the                      By becoming a participant of Living Abundantly, you
     Healthy Weight Daily Goal Sheet. Use the same              will receive a free gift from CMC NEMC. Also your name
     scale for all weekly weights.                              will be placed into a drawing for a Treadmill.
3.   Start tracking your weight and activity on March                           LIVE ABUNDANTLY!
     27th. You should use the Healthy Weight Daily                    Our St. Paul's Health Cabinet and in conjunction
     Goal Sheet to track weight, minutes of exercise and        with CMC NorthEast wants to invite you to participate in
     fruit & veggie servings! For weight loss: Choose a         a program called Live Abundantly. We want to help
     healthy eating plan that works for you. Visit              you make choices that will help you maintain or improve
     www.carolinasmedicalcenter.org/liveabundantly for          your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We will
     helpful resources.                                         be providing you with health information and tools
4.   Turn in your Daily Goal Sheet by May 15th. Be              focused on ten goals that will guide you on your journey
     sure to get your final weight on the same scale as         to Live Abundantly. You will find flyers around the
     your start weight. Each participant who turns in           church with the ten goals listed. They include healthy
     their form will be entered into a drawing in their faith   choices such as seeing your doctor for a well visit, eating
     community for a pair of movie tickets and into a           healthy, staying active, and maintaining a healthy
     grand prize drawing for a Sears's Pro-Form                 spiritual life.
     treadmill.                                                       For those who want more help meeting their
Questions? Please contact Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish            personal health goals, you are encouraged to participate
Nurse at jearnhardtrn@gmail.com                                 by signing the roster or sign-in sheet located in the
                                                                Ladies Parlor or the Nursing office. You will then be
                                                                given a wallet card as you complete suggested activities
                                                                related to each goal. As you work toward completing
      I would like to say a special thank you to Travis         your 10 goals, you will have a chance to win incentives
Alligood, Massage Therapist, for providing massages to          along the way.
the participants in the Women of Faith Bible Study group              Even if you are not able to participate fully at this
as part of the Women of Faith Mystery Bible Study in            time, you will still have access to Jill Earnhardt, RN,
March. Also, thank you Travis for speaking to the               Parish Nurse and access to all of the health materials
Friendship Club on the benefits of Massage therapy.             such as the monthly bulletin boards, flyers, and
Travis is such an asset for our Church family and also in       brochures to help you maintain your good health.
his profession.                                                       At the end of the year, we will celebrate together
           Thanks again, Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish Nurse       our achievements towards living fuller, healthier lives.
                                                                      If you have any questions, please contact Jill
                                                                Earnhardt, RN, your Faith Community Nurse.
                        Thank You...
                                                                                 MEMBER TRANSFER
      Dear St. Paul's Members,
           Thank you so much for your prayers, calls,                Notification was received from First Reformed
      cards, and visits during my recent surgery. A             Church in Landis in March of the transfer from St. Paul's
      special thanks is extended to Pastor Ketchie and          of Holland Bost. We wish him the best!
      Betty Monroe.
                                                Linda Shirley
                            + + +
                                                                              CEMETERY FLOWERS
      Dear Members of St. Paul's,
           Thank you for the many prayers, calls, cards,             The Cemetery Committee needs your help.
and visits during my recent hospitalization. Thank you          Recent winds have blown many Cemetery flowers off the
especially to Pastor Ketchie, Pastor Bost, Tim Deal, and        markers and are lying on the ground or in the woods.
Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish for their visits and prayers.        The committee does not know where the flowers are to
                                            Luther Goodman      be replaced and need your help to go through the
                                                                Cemetery and woods and replace your flowers. Many of
                         + + +                                  these flowers are still in good shape. The Cemetery
Dear St. Paul's Family,                                         Committee will be throwing away flowers that are not
      On behalf of the Patricia Bowles Family, I would          replaced in a few weeks. Thank you for your help.
like to express thanks to the members of St. Paul's
Lutheran Church for their cards, calls, prayers, and
support. Words cannot express how thankful I am to the
Lutheran Women for providing a deli meal for my family
following the funeral service. A special thanks to
Genevieve Lambert for all of her help and to Pastor
Ketchie for his prayers and visits.
                                              Elaine Bowles
                         + + +
      A thank you note was received from Rowan
Helping Ministries. For 2011, St. Paul's has apportioned
$20,000 to help those who are needy in our community.
Dear St. Paul's Lutheran Church,
      We are so grateful to St. Paul's Lutheran Church
for their donation to Rowan Helping Ministries.
      In severe times of crisis, many families have
                                                                           NEW LIFE LUTHERAN CHURCH
nothing to fall back on. This is why Rowan Helping
Ministries exists. We give hope and help to families who              St. Paul's Lutheran Church has been continuing to
are on the verge of homelessness and struggling with            assist the new LCMC mission congregation that formed
the increased economic challenges.                              in New London named New Life Lutheran Church. The
      Because of community support during the first 6           congregation has been meeting at Christ the King
months of the fiscal year Rowan Helping Ministries has          Academy in New London.
served: 8,350 individuals with $611,337 in financial                  On the wish list of the new congregation was an
vouchers; 4,521 individuals with over 144,303 pounds of         altar. Pastor Ketchie's brother and sister-in-law, Bobbie
groceries; 24,680 people with a hot noon meal; 217              and Jancy Ketchie, donated marble for the altar; James
different guests with a safe place to spend the night, and      Lyerly crafted the altar for the marble top; and Becky
4,266 individuals with clothing.                                Lyerly graciously created paraments for the altar.
      Your generosity is instrumental in making it                    On Monday, March 14, Pastor Bill and Kathy
possible for Rowan Helping Ministries to do its important       Ketchie delivered the marble altar and paraments.
and compassionate work. For this we thank you. We               Above is a picture of the altar and one of the paraments.
are especially grateful for St. Paul's Lutheran Church's
generous and continual support.
                                 Rowan Helping Ministries
     The Church Council wanted to share over the             and instruments change. Worship evolves. And there
next 5 months one of the five devotions reflected            always will be voices within the church that always resist
upon by the Church Council during their January              those changes.
Retreat. Pastor Kerry Nelson wrote and gave                       It was revolutionary at the time when Luther
permission for the use of the devotions.                     created a worship service that included hymn singing
                                                             replacing portions of the liturgy. Back in 1994, we did
                                                             the same thing at Covenant when we started offering
         CONGREGATION INCLUDE:                               variety in worship. There were voices opposed to using
      For I received from the Lord what I also handed on     "contemporary" music in worship, to guitars and drums
to you, that the Lord Jesus on the night when he was         and tambourines and song leaders.
betrayed took a loaf of bread, and when he had given              I didn't grow up connected to the church. It was
thanks, he broke it and said, "This is my body that is for   hard for me in college as a new Lutheran to come to
you. Do this in remembrance of me." In the same way          appreciate the rhythms and traditions of worship. At first
he took the cup also, after supper, saying, "This cup is     I thought it was so boring it was painful. But, and I'm
the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you       serious here, after I had been a pastor for a few years –
drink it, in remembrance of me." For as often as you eat     yes, it took that long for me! – I've come to a place
this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's        where I'm not at home anymore unless I've been in
death until he comes. 1 Corinthians 11:23-26                 worship. And that is what God wants in worship – that
      What is the heart of worship? Worship is where we      we throw a party to welcome God's prodigal children
meet God. Worship is where we bring who and what we          home!
are into God's presence. Worship is where God comes               Let us pray: Gracious Lord, we worship you daily,
to us in the Word and the Sacraments to restore us, feed     we worship you now, we worship when we gather with
us, fill us, transform us, and send us back out into the     others each week. Open our hearts to your heart when
world.                                                       we gather for worship. Forgive us the tendency to use
      Back in the days of the Protestant Reformation,        worship to isolate ourselves and inoculate ourselves and
Martin Luther made some important changes in                 open us so that our weekly celebrations might truly be
worship. They were simple changes. He encouraged             springboards toward lives well lived. In Jesus' name.
worship in German rather than Latin. He encouraged           Amen. Pastor Kerry Nelson
congregational singing to music that was down to earth
and popular. He changed the language used in the
communion liturgy so that it wasn't about human striving           LCMC AND NALC WOMEN'S MEETING
and worthiness but about the simple proclamation of the                  Saturday, April 2, at 2:00 p.m.
promises of Jesus to come to us in bread and wine.                     Union Lutheran Church in Salisbury
      In short, Luther made sure that worship truly was a          On Saturday, April 2, at 2:00 p.m. at Union
celebration of the people rather than simply the priest      Lutheran Church in Salisbury a Women's meeting will be
"celebrating" Mass whether the people were there or          held of women's organizations from congregations of
not. He made worship fun! Fun! Enjoyable!!                   Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC)
      Worship wasn't about doing the rite right but about    and North American Lutheran Church (NALC). The
God using worship to make us right. Luther called the        purpose of the meeting will be to determine if there is an
church "God's mouth-house" and made it clear that            interest in forming a state-wide Women's organization in
effective worship needed to make the proclamation and        conjunction with LCMC and NALC congregations. An
celebration as clear, simple, direct and down to earth as    invitation has been included for two-three women
possible. Clarity and power trumped clerical and             representing each North Carolina LCMC or NALC
pageantry.                                                   congregation.
      The second key is worship in the "language" of the           Alice Davis and Genevieve Lambert will be going
people. Wherever congregations' today worship in the         as the representatives from St. Paul's Lutheran Women.
languages, both spoken and musical, of the people            One more woman can go also, if you are interested in
gathered with power, joy and authenticity, those             going, please contact Genevieve Lambert at the church
congregations flourish.                                      office (704) 633-0922 or home at (704) 638-6290.
      Of course, this means that the worship life and        Registration deadline is Wednesday, March 30.
patterns of congregations are going to change over time.
People change. Language changes. Musical patterns
       A WORD FROM MARK VANDER TUIG...                        hears us when we pray, and He does answer—
               LCMC Service Coordinator                       sometimes in miraculous and amazing ways,
                                                              sometimes in ways that we will never see. But He
5 At our Annual Gathering last fall in Golden                 always hears and answers.
Valley, I had a chance to speak to our association                 For us to find our place in the Great Commission,
about my vision for LCMC. Since the beginning in              we need to become a people of prayer. I am
2001, I have said that we can't simply be a collection        convinced that the church will never rise up until we
of angry Lutherans. We need to be "for" something,            get to our knees.
not against. And I am seeing that change: people who
are free, excited again about "church" and confident
about the authority and veracity of the Word of God.
     I believe that in order for us to continue, we need                  Today's Word: Schismatic
to focus on four initiatives: prayer, mission, connection           Lately we have been labeled by others as a
and training. In this issue I want to focus on prayer.        schismatic group. The word usually applies to someone
     Early in January I worshiped with a congregation         or something that deliberately causes division within a
in North Carolina who have kneelers in the pews. We           group. Since LCMC does not insert itself into the affairs
used them at the point of confession in the service,          of other organizations, the word does not apply to us. In
and it struck me—what an appropriate position this is         addition, calling people names is hardly helpful.
for one in prayer, to come before the throne of grace               But schismatic is a Biblical word with a very
and bow down. It is a confession that there is nothing        interesting history. In Exodus 14:21 the Lord divided the
in me worthy of God's mercy, and yet He gives it              water of the Red Sea. The word to describe the
freely. Here, at the foot of the cross, there is no hiding,   separating is the word we know in English as schism.
no pride, no self-righteousness and no fear, only             The same word is used when God parted the heavens
mercy.                                                        and the dove rested on Jesus at His baptism in Mark
     So what do we do with prayer? I hope that our            1:10. The third occurrence of the word is found in Mark
congregations are houses of prayer! Does your                 15:38 and Matthew 27:51 when the temple curtain was
congregation have a prayer team? An e-mail prayer             torn in two from top to bottom. Tony Stoutenburg, an
chain? Are the prayers of your people from the heart,         LCMC pastor commented, "It seems to me that
from a book or from memory? Are you aware of the              whenever schism occurs in Scripture, and it doesn't
"prayer warriors" whom the Lord has placed in your            happen that often, it is God who is at work."
church? It doesn't matter how we pray or what words
we use—what matters is that we pray!
     Prayer is a conversation with our Lord, so it
involves time listening as much as speaking. Prayer is                             CHUCKLES
not simply bringing God a list of things that He ought             One Sunday morning, a mother went in to wake her
to do for us; it is rather a time of conversation between     son and tell him it was time to get ready for church, to
the Redeemer and the redeemed.                                which he replied, "I'm not going."
     As a pastor, I used to pray often with people. I'd            When she asked, "Why not?" he replied, "I'll give
pray at meetings and Bible studies, with those who            you two good reasons: they don't like me, and I don't like
came to my office, with the staff and in worship. But         them."
my personal prayer life was nearly absent. At a men's              His mother replied, "I'll give YOU two good reasons
conference I heard a challenge, one that finally moved        why you SHOULD go to church: you're 59 years old, and
me off my chair and on to my knees. God challenged            you're the pastor!"
me to become a man of prayer.
     This is my challenge to us—to become a people
of prayer. In our churches, our council meetings and
                                                                     1st Quarter 2011 By the Word Newsletter
our Bible studies—let's spend time in prayer. In our                  (Permission was granted from LCMC for use)
homes, our marriages, our families, our relationships,
our small groups and when we are alone—let's make
certain to spend time in prayer. We know that the Lord
                                                             A gift was received for the Kindergarten Sunday
                                                         School Fund in memory of Dorothy Goodman from:
                                                             Luther Goodman
        And Honorariums
                                                            A gift was received for the Parish Nurse Fund in
                        April                            memory of Peggy Hendren from:
                                                            Betty Earnhardt
    A gift was received for the Pastor's Discretionary
Fund in honor of Bob Cress from:                            A gift was received for the Parish Nurse Fund in
    Adult Sunday School Class #5                         memory of Rita Johnson from:
                                                            Betty Earnhardt
    A gift was received for the Parish Nurse Fund in
honor of Jill Earnhardt, RN, Parish Nurse from:               A gift was received for the General Fund in memory
    David and Judy Harkey                                of Willie Mae Morris from:
                                                              Dale and Genevieve Lambert
   A gift was received for the Parish Nurse Fund in
memory of Ruth Bernhardt from: Betty Earnhardt               Gifts were received for the Pastor's Discretionary
                                                         Fund in memory of Willie Mae Morris from:
   Gifts were received for the Parish Nurse Fund in          Judy Bernhardt
memory of Patricia Bowles from:                              Oleba Sebastian
   Alice Davis
   Mr. and Mrs. Terry Eller                                 A gift was received for the Parish Nurse Fund in
                                                         memory of Jeanette Weaver from:
    Gifts were received for the Pastor's Discretionary      Betty Earnhardt
Fund in memory of Patricia Bowles from:
    Dale and Genevieve Lambert                               Gifts were received for the Cemetery Perpetual
    Shane Pepper                                         Fund in memory of Troy Weaver from:
                                                             Perry and Lori Bernhardt
    A gift was received for the Capital Improvement          James and Betty Monday
Fund in memory of David Deese from:
    Perry and Ruth Julian                                   Gifts were received for the Choir Music Fund in
                                                         memory of Troy Weaver from:
   Gifts were received for the General Fund in              Adult Sunday School Class #6
memory of David Deese from:                                 Judy Bernhardt
   Cliff and Marian Bernhardt                               Dana and Crystal Bost
   Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bernhardt                               Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goodman
   Perry and Lori Bernhardt                                 D. W. and Judi Honbarger
   Dana and Crystal Bost                                    Trudy Rowland
   Johnny and Brenda Canup                                  Oleba Sebastian
   Keith and Summer Deal
   Frank and Cindy Hinson                                     A gift was received for the General Fund in memory
   D. W. and Judi Honbarger                              of Troy Weaver from:
   Dale and Genevieve Lambert                                 Perry and Ruth Julian
   Warren and Evelyn Morgan                                 Gifts were received for the Parish Nurse Fund in
   Dan and Glenna Sears                                  memory of Troy Weaver from:
   A gift was received for the Parish Nurse Fund in         Adult Sunday School Class #6
memory of David Deese from:                                 Travis and Cindy Alligood
   Vaughn and Nancy Wilhelm                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bernhardt
                                                            Jason Burnett
    Gifts were received for the Pastor's Discretionary      Alice Davis
Fund in memory of David Deese from:                         Keith and Summer Deal
    Terry and Susan Beeker                                  Tim and Karen Deal
    Nancy L. Powell                                         Grady and Jenny Earnhardt
    A gift was received for the Cemetery Perpetual          Mr. and Mrs. Terry Eller
Fund in memory of Roland Futrell from:                      Granite Quarry Class of 1955
    South Salisbury Fire Department
                                                              A gift was received for the Parish Nurse Fund in
                                                           memory of Mary Webb from:
                                                              Dana and Crystal Bost
        And Honorariums                                       Alice Davis
                  April (continued)                            A gift was received for the Pastor's Discretionary
                                                           Fund in memory of Mary Webb from:
     Gifts were received for the Parish Nurse Fund in          Charles and Polly Webb
memory of Troy Weaver from (continued):
     Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hinson                                   A gift was received for the General Fund for the use
     Dale and Genevieve Lambert                            of the Church facilities from:
     Mary Powlas                                                 Walter and Cora Earnhardt Family
     Harry and Lottie Simpson                                    A gift was received for the General Fund for the use
     Orville Trexler                                       of the Church facilities from:
     Charles and Polly Webb                                      St. Paul's Extension and Community Association
     Vaughn and Nancy Wilhelm
     A gift was received for the Pastor's Discretionary
Fund in memory of Troy Weaver from:
     Terry and Susan Beeker                                                    OUR LOVE AND SYMPATHY to Elaine
                                                                          Bowles, on the death of her Mother-in-
     Gifts were received for the Choir Music Fund in
                                                                          Law, and Ashlee and Franklin Bowles on
memory of Troy and Jeanette Weaver from:
                                                                          the death of their Grandmother, Patricia
     Renay Lyons
     Mariann Lyons
     Richard and Margaret Lyons, Sr.                          OUR LOVE AND SYMPATHY to the family of Mary
     Richard and Kay Lyons, Jr.                            Webb on her death Wednesday, March 2.
     Richard Lyons, III                                       OUR LOVE AND SYMPATHY to the family of Troy
     Gifts were received for the Parish Nurse Fund in      Weaver on his death Wednesday, March 2.
memory of Troy and Jeanette Weaver from:                        OUR LOVE AND SYMPATHY to Nellie Payne on the
     Paul and Crystal Canup                                death of her Sister-in-Law, Hilda Furr Beaver.
     Renay Lyons
     Mariann Lyons                                             OUR LOVE AND SYMPATHY to the family of David
     Richard and Margaret Lyons, Sr.                       Deese, Jr. on his death Sunday, March 13.
     Richard and Kay Lyons, Jr.                                 OUR LOVE AND SYMPATHY to Mike Morris on the
     Richard Lyons, III                                    death of his Mother, Willie Mae Morris.
     Gifts were received for the General Fund in                OUR LOVE AND SYMPATHY to Miranda Mahar Fox on
memory of Mary Webb from:                                  the death of her Uncle, Michael James Mahar.
     Adult #3 Sunday School Class,                              OUR LOVE AND SYMPATHY to Helen Gordon on the
           Bethel Baptist Church of Locust                 death of her Nephew, Lewis Neal Terrell.
     Sylvia Dallimore
     Reece and Sarah Eury
     Carolyn Hastings
     D. W. and Judi Honbarger
                                                                Congratulations to JUSTIN and
     Doris Imlay
                                                           SAMANTHA POWLAS WELLS on the birth of
     Dewayne and Nancy Pigg
                                                           a daughter, ZOE LEIGH WELLS. ZOE was
     Glenn and Martha Webb
                                                           born March 8 at Rowan Regional.
     Max and Deanie Webb, David and Melanie
                                                           Grandparents are Alan and Terri Powlas.
     A gift was received for the Handbell Choir Fund in         Congratulations to HOLLAND and SAMANTHA BOST
memory of Mary Webb from:                                  on the birth of a son, BRADY SAMUEL BOST. BRADY was
     Darren, Shane, Mackenzie, and Corbin Menius           born February 26. Grandfather is Dana Bost.
     A gift was received for the Junior and Senior Youth
in memory of Mary Webb from:
     Webb Reunion
          St. Paul's Lutheran Church                                                              Non-Profit Organization
          205 St. Paul's Church Road                                                              U.S. Postage
          Salisbury, NC 28146-8832                                                                Faith, NC 28041
                                                                                                  Permit #7
OUR MISSION: A family of faith sharing the
gospel and love of Christ.

Address Service Requested:

                                      ORDER FORM FOR LILIES/AZALEAS
                We are again offering members the option of purchasing either Easter Lilies and/or White Azaleas to
                beautify our church for Easter Sunday on April 24. The cost for purchasing per wrapped flower is:
                Easter Lily ($9.75) and white Azalea ($6.75). Bows are omitted, thus saving money per flower.
                Please fill out the information below if you would like to purchase a lily or azaleas or designate a gift in
                lieu of a lily or azalea. Make all checks payables for Lilies/Azaleas to: ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN
                CHURCH. Orders may be placed in the offering plate, turned in to the church office, or mailed in.

In Honor of _____________________________________________________________________________________

In Memory of ___________________________________________________________________________________

By: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
        Total Number of Lilies given: __________                    Total Number of Azaleas given: __________
                               Amount Given for Lilies and/or Azaleas: $___________
DEADLINE: Sunday, April 3
IN LIEU OF LILIES/AZALEAS you may make a memorial or honor gift to the General Fund, Improvement Fund,
Youth, Parish Nurse or any other area of St. Paul's ministry. Make all checks payables to: ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN
CHURCH. Clearly mark the desired fund and turn in the order form.

FOR: _________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                (Name of Fund to receive gift)

In Honor of _____________________________________________________________________________________

In Memory of ___________________________________________________________________________________

By: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Amount Given In Lieu of Lilies/Azaleas: $_____________
        __Yes __No I plan to pick up my lilies/azaleas after the Easter Service Sunday, April 24, at 10:30 a.m.
                       [All lilies/azaleas left after Sunday, April 24, will be removed or given away.]

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