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									Curriculum Vitae Cristian Senchiu

      Current address       Cristian Senchiu
                            Hohewiesenstr. 24A,
                            76275 Ettlingen, Germany

      Contact               home: 07243/525676
                            cell: 0160/3878532

      Date of birth         21st of March 1973
                            (Sihlea, jud. Vrancea, Romania)

      Social statute        married
      Citizenship           Romanian
      Languages             English: very well
                            German: well


       •   11/2009          - Sun Certified Java Programmer, Java 6

       •   10/1997 – 07/2001- Faculty of Computer Science,
                                  “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania.
                            • Bachelor
                            • Final grade: 9,19 out of 10

       •   10/1992 – 07/1997- Faculty of Mathematics,
                                  “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania.
                            • Bachelor
                            • Final grade: 9,25 out of 10

       •   09/1988 – 06/1992- “M. Kogalniceanu” Theoretical High School,
                                  Vaslui, Romania.
                           • Final grade: 9,85 out of 10

Curriculum Vitae Cristian Senchiu                                            1
      •   viaMEDICI AG / Viamedici Software GmbH Ettlingen, since graduation (2001),
          Software Developer and Architect, Research and Development.

      •   Programming languages, technologies, frameworks:
             • Java:
                    • Beans, AWT/Swing, Applets
                    • RMI, Servlets
                    • JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity)
             • JavaServer Pages (JSP)
             • SQL, PLSQL
             • Javascript, ExtJS Framework, Dojo Framework
             • Ajax, Jabsorb, JSONRPC
             • HTML, XML, XSLT
             • JMX (Java Management Extensions): JConsole
             • JMS (Java Message Service): ActiveMQ
             • JavaBeans Activation Framework
             • JavaMail API
             • JSDT (Java Shared Data Toolkit)
             • HTMLB (SAP Enterprise Portal, iViews, Layouts, Roles, Worksets, Pages; EP
             • BAPI (SAP Connectivity)
             • C#
      •   Database:
             • Oracle 9, 10
             • MS SQLServer
             • MySQL
             • PostgreSQL
      •   Tools:
             • Java:             Jdeveloper 8, 9i, 10g, Eclipse, NetBeans
             • SAP:              SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
             • C#/C++:           Microsoft Visual Studio
             • Javascript:       Aptana, Spket IDE
             • SQL:              TOAD, TOAD SS, MS SQL Server Management Studio,
                                 Query Analyzer, SQLDeveloper, HeidiSQL, pgAdmin III
             • Performance:      YourKit, AppPerfect DevSuite, FindBugs, PMD, JSLint
             • General:          CVS, DCL, Achievo, Luntbuild

Curriculum Vitae Cristian Senchiu                                                          2
Some tasks, as part of the normal flow of the EPIM development
      •   Optimizations (speed and memory usage) of java and javascript code.
      •   Team and colleagues support in case of heavy bottlenecks
      •   Evaluation of new technologies and frameworks.
      •   Students' diploma technical coordination and supervision
      •   Concept and design of new architectures
      •   Implementation of sensitive features

Some projects
      •   Distributed Daemons
             • Keywords: Java, JMS, ActiveMQ, JMX, Swing, JavaMail, SQL, Java Activation
             • Team: alone
             • Duties: analysis, design, implementation, system test
             • Description: Design and implement a EPIM-MasterDaemon-Subdaemons-Starters
                 structure, able to be distributed on any number of different Windows and/or Linux
                 machines/servers. With this architecture, the load can be taken from one server and
                 splitted/ distributed to any number of servers. The MasterDaemon is able to monitor
                 all subdaemons (running or not) and to request changes in their state (start,
                 restart,stop, reports). The Starters are daemons (machine processes, services) able to
                 receive requests regarding the Subdaemons they are responsible for, and act upon
                 them accordingly. The Starters can start, restart on crash, restore on machine boot,
                 stop and watch these Subdaemons. They can also send e-mails about crashing
                 processes to some defined responsible persons. Subdaemons are modules (machine
                 processes) able to receive and execute requests, send requests, execute complex
                 tasks(planners, xmlimports, xmlexports, image/audio/video/document/text/graphic
                 import and export, export dispatcher for load balancing). The backbone of the
                 communication between all these daemons, distributed over network, EPIM
                 included, is JMS, specifically ActiveMQ.

      •   PatchInstaller Tool
             • Keywords: Java Beans, Swing, JDBC, SQL, Oracle Database, MS SQL Server
             • Teamp: alone
             • Duties: analysis, design, implementation, system test
             • Description: Tool for automatic installation of EPIM bugfixies and updates. It can
                patch both system's database and system's files. It can install patches delivered as
                archives but also stand-alone patch classes.

      •   Physical Deletion
             • Keywords: Java Beans, JDBC, SQL, Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, JSP
             • Team: alone
             • Duties: analysis, design, implementation, system test
             • Description: The system performs a complete database and file system cleaning.
                The relations between database tables (through foreign keys) are taken into
Curriculum Vitae Cristian Senchiu                                                                    3
      •   Workflow
            • Keywords: Java Beans, Swing, JDBC, SQL, Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, JSP,
            • Team: alone
            • Duties: implementation, system test, concept extensions
            • Description: The system can generate (groups of) workflows and roles. It can
                perform common and customized actions, based on the state of an object or on the
                performed transition. The system can notify the responsible through joblists or e-
                mails. The system has two parts: one is the WorkflowAssistant, the tool which can
                create and change workflows and roles; the other one is integrated in viaMEDICI
                EPIM and is responsible for the usual workflow operations (state checks,
                transaction checks, joblists, emails, userright checks)

      •   SAP: viaMEDICISAPConnector
            • Keywords: Java, Swing, BAPI, XML, XSLT
            • Team: alone
            • Duties: analysis, design, implementation, system test
            • Description: GUI-ed application used to extract data from MM and SD modules of
                the SAP system, based on given search criteria. The application transforms/maps the
                extracted data into an XML format, usable with EPIM's xmlimport module.

      •   SAP: PoweredByNetWeaver Certification for Viamedici EPIM
            • Keywords: SAP Enterprise Portal, Java, RMI, JMS, JSP, SQL, HTMLB(iViews,
                Layouts, Roles, Worksets, Pages)
            • Team: alone
            • Duties: analysis, design, implementation, system test, administration of portal
            • Description: The goal of the project was to obtain the SAP PoweredByNetWeaver
                Certification for viaMEDICI EPIM. I did this twice, in 2004 and 2008. An RMI
                interconnection between EPIM and SAP Enterprise Portal was designed and
                implemented, allowing SAP EP to extract data structures from EPIM system. The
                architecture had three layers: GUI layer, implemented on SAP EP, using HTMLB
                and Java; COM layer, implemented using RMI, Data layer, implemented as addon
                for viaMEDICI EPIM.

      •   JJBridge
             • Keywords: Javascript, Ajax, Jabsorb, JSON RPC, Java
             • Team: alone
             • Duties: analysis, design, implementation, system test
             • Description: Conception and implementation of a easy to use bridge between client
                side and server side, based on any free choosable ajax framework. The final bridge
                had to be light to ensure a sharp acceptance curve. JJBridge is in the meantime in
                full production mode, being used overall in EPIM (backbone is the jabsorb
                framework), for ExtJS framework data feeding, for logs on server from client side,
                for retrieving data from database, for changing data in database ...

Curriculum Vitae Cristian Senchiu                                                                4
      •   EPIM – Language Server connector
             • Keywords: Java, Applets, C#, C++, JNI, Across
             • Team: 2
             • Duties: team leader, analysis, design and implementation
             • Description: Connection between viaMEDICI EPIM and Across Language System,
               for word and phrase suggestions from language server. The goal was to deliver to
               EPIM users, valid suggestions from the language server, based on thei input in our
               custom rich text editor applet.

      •   EPIM – LDAP Server connection
             • Keywords: Java, JSP, LDAP
             • Team: alone
             • Duties: analysis, design and implementation, system test
             • Description: Delegation of EPIM user authentication, usually internally done by
               EPIM, to a freely choosable LDAP server, performing of the authentication.

Free time projects
      •   Further development of the SyncMarks extension for Firefox
             • Description: SyncMarks is an extension which can synchronize the bookmarks in
                 Firefox with Windows' and InternetExplorer Favorites, with a FTP server or a
                 XML/HTML file (local file system or on a server).
             • Used technologies: Javascript, XUL.

      •   InternetExplorer fix
              • Description: Javascript to auto-activate embedded objects, in order to avoid the
                  activate ActiveX extra click, introduced by a Microsoft patch. It supports the
                  EMBED, OBJECT and APPLET tags. The script will check if client's browser is the
                  InternetExplorer and will search the DOM for the problematic tags, clone the
                  objects, write new objects and replace old ones with the new ones. This combination
                  of document writting and DOM manipulation ensures that the objects are rendered
              • Used technologies: Javascript.

      •   Site creation (2007) and maintenance:
              • Description: Site offering the possibility to send animated ecards.
              • Used technologies: Java Beans, JSP, JDBC, SQL, MYSQL, Javascript, Dojo
                  Framework, Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI), Server related (Apache and
                  Tomcat: security,optimization,tracking,compression,... )

      •   Site creation (2005):
              • Description: Personal site.

Curriculum Vitae Cristian Senchiu                                                                  5

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