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					Lighting a Fire Under Yourself

When you attend an Anthony Robbins seminar, the experience will give an
entirely new meaning to the phrase "motivational speaker". That is
because it is almost impossible to attend one of Robbins' events and not
come out of there motivated to change your life. And if he does energize
you to take action on becoming a better person and taking charge of your
destiny perhaps for the first time ever, that is worth the price of
admission entirely.

Anthony Robbins is naturally inspirational. This isn’t just because he
is a gifted speaker. It is because he genuinely believes deeply in the
things he is teaching and he wants to pass the truths of self-
actualization along to you. He has the passion of an evangelist and a
missionary for the truth and that passion is contagious. Yes, it does
sell books making Robbins wealthy. But the seminar you attend and the
books you bring home do more than just make Anthony Robbins wealthy.
They make you wealthy with the same richness of knowledge that changed
Robbins from a night janitor going nowhere in his life to the potent
force for change he is today.

There is a good reason that the backbone of the magic that Anthony
Robbins brings to his seminars and his writings is motivation. He knows
that maybe the biggest enemy of change in your life is inertia and mental
laziness that just accepts things as they are and that things can never
change. That willingness to compromise and not rise up from within to
defeat complacency is what keeps most of us stuck in the rut of where we
are today. Complacency tells you to come to terms with the failings, the
lost dreams and the distance you have come from your hopes about life and
to "grow up" and accept defeat without a struggle.

Anthony Robbins first lights a fire under you that the lies of
complacency in your life are just that - lies. You get to that place
because as part of avoidance of the pain that comes when you have a
disappointment or failure in something you were trying to accomplish.
The new information we get from a Robbins teaching is that there is no
reason to feel pain or embarrassment or sadness because something didn't
work out or you had a failure in your life. There is no shame in trying
something and failing except the shame of giving up and not trying again
to be a success in life.

But the real value of a Robbins seminar or that you take from reading his
books or articles is not the fire he lights under you to get moving on
realizing your dreams. The real values are the skills he gives each of
us light a fire under ourselves. Robbins teaches us to be fired up about
change and to tackle this new ambition with vigor and aggressive action.
But more than that, he teaches you to stay fired up to continue the quest
for greatness even when you do not have one of Robbins tapes or videos
handy to give you that fresh transfusion of enthusiasm.

Because many of the skills Anthony Robbins include new mental disciplines
for focus and to defeat negative thoughts and emotions, you also will
develop the ability to turn on the motivational speaker inside yourself.
By developing a habit of positive thinking and of visualizing your dream
every day, you become your own motivational speaker. And when you can
motivate yourself, you have a power that makes it virtually impossible
for anyone or anything to stop you from reaching that dream and then
dreaming bigger as you pile success on success as a result of what you
learned from Anthony Robbins.

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