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					One of the most important parts of your computer to keep clean is the system registry. If you have
problems on your registry then nothing will be able to function correctly. From the first second you
press the "on" button on your computer your registry is chugging away in the background, connecting
every              component            of               your            system              together.
Why Do I Have Issues With My Registry?
Every single time you amend something on your computer the registry will change to suit the update.
As time goes by your registry will become clogged up with invalid commands, these will do nothing
but slow down your system. The most common problems that occur from these errors are:
1. Constant blue screen errors.
2. Constant DLL and ActiveX errors.
3. Slowed down computer speed.
4. Increased loading times.
5. Random restarts.
There are of course a lot more errors and problems that can be associated with an untidy registry. One
of the main reasons why people get their registries in this state is because they don't uninstall software
properly that they are not using. This will cause all of the data to hang around your computer and take
up valuable space
Using A Microsoft Registry Cleaner?
There are certain system tools that will allow you to keep your computer running nice and smooth,
though they will not specifically clean your registry. There are the Disk Defragmenter, Disk Cleanup
and the Add/Remove Programs area. All of these options will be able to optimize your computer to a
certain extent, and they can arrange the system registry into a tidy order. They won't however be able to
delete problematic files and folders from your registry. In these situations you will need to either
manually edit the registry or download software.
To manually edit the registry you must:
1. Click the Start Button.
2. Click the Run button and type in "regedit."
3. Click the File button and Export the registry to save the data.
4. Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder and delete the files you no longer need.
5. Restart your system.
It is very important that you back up all of your data before you start editing the registry. Failing to do
this could cause you more problems in the future as you won't have a starting point if everything goes
Can I Download Free Registry Repair Software?
There are a lot of different software options available for you to download online. I would advise that
you run all of the default Microsoft tools before you use downloaded software as you might be able to
sort out the problems through those channels first. If the Microsoft options don't work then there is a
program that can be found online called Registry Easy. This software will be able to fix all of your
problems and back up your data automatically. Downloading software can be a lot safer than manually
editing                                           registry                                        files.

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