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									                                    Auto Shipping Myths
       Relocation can be a frightening experience, especially with all that it involves. The
prospect of having to ship your auto can also be frightening considering all the misconceptions
people have about it. Choosing an auto shipping company should not be a frightening
experience. A-1 Auto Transport is dedicated to making sure you have the information you need
to make an informed decision regarding your auto shipping options.
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   1. It will cost me a fortune
              False. Although shipping an auto is not cheap, gas, car maintenance or even car
      repair associated with relocating your auto yourself is more costly. Most auto shipping
      companies supply you with information to compare your quote with other companies in
      the area to ensure you receive the best available rate.
   2. If something happens to my car I’m responsible
              This is also inaccurate. Most auto shipping companies have cargo insurance
      policies and A-1 Auto Transport is no different. A-1’s policy covers your vehicle for full
      replacement value while in our possession.
   3. Auto shipping companies have no accountability
              Many people seem to think that auto shipping companies can deliver your vehicle
      whenever they see fit. This is simply not true. In the business of auto shipping delays do
      occur due to mechanical breakdown, unfavorable weather conditions or traffic backups.
      However, auto shipping companies, A-1 in particular, strive to make every delivery as
   4. Most auto shipping companies don’t even transport your car themselves
              This is partially true. When deciding on an auto shipping company there are really
      two options, you can use a broker or a carrier. Auto transport brokers typically do not
      own their own trucks and find trucking companies in your area to pick-up and transport
      your vehicle. Carriers on the other hand own their own trucks and personally handle the
      transport of your vehicle. A-1 for instance owns and operates over 30 modern transport
      carriers in the continental U.S. So some auto shipping companies actually transport your
      vehicle themselves.

   5. I’ll probably have to drive my car somewhere to drop it off
              Actually most auto shipping companies’ use what’s called a “door-to-door”
      service meaning they pick up your vehicle from the location of your choice and drop it
      off where you specify. However, A-1 also gives you the option to drop off your vehicle at
      a terminal in your area for pick-up if it is more convenient for you.

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