California Here I Come by mudoc123


									The Move Westward
       The 49er’s
 Who came to California?
   Life on the Mine
      The Chinese
   There be Gold in Thar Hills
• Mexicans had discovered
  gold before the famous
  strike on John Sutter’s Mill
• John Sutter is credited with
  discovering gold in
  California but it was really
  a hired hand named James
• Gold is discovered in 1848
  on Sutter’s sawmill
  There be Gold in Thar Hills
• 2 Reasons for the Gold
  Rush were:
   • A 16 oz gold nugget is
     displayed in the
     Northeast and leads to
     immigration towards
     the west in search of
   • Whites believe in
     Manifest Destiny
   There be Gold in Thar Hills
• Most 49er’s do not locate
  gold and strike it rich they
  expected to pick gold of
  the ground
• A typical miner locates
  gold flakes not gold
• Most tend to give up after
  a couple of months or end
  up working for a mining
       Life on a Mining Camp
• Once 49er’s arrived to
  California they
   • Disease
   • Danger from criminals,
     Indian attacks and
     dangerous work
   • Hard work and exhaustion
   • Uncomfortable conditions
        Life on a Mining Camp
• Miners have to contend
  with high prices, gamblers
  and criminals
• San Francisco in 1845 had
  a population of 400 but
  after gold is found it
  increases to 32,000 by
• This lead to the scarcity of
  items which then lead to
  unusually high prices for
  example and egg might
  cost you $20!!!
Life on a Mining Camp
 Who came looking for Gold?
• 2/3 came from the
  United States from all
  walks of life. They
  seek a new beginning
  based on economic
• 1/3 come are from
  South America,
  Mexico, Europe and
 Who came looking for Gold?
• The Chinese come
  because they are
  escaping war, poverty
  and unemployment
• They expect to strike it
  rich and return home
  to buy land and get
  married, most end up
  staying here
  Who came looking for Gold?
• They transport their culture
  to California and encounter
  racism and discrimination
• Hatred is because the
  Chinese are hardworking and
  become the scapegoat for
  American failure during the
  Gold Rush
• Chinese immigrants take
  jobs that no American will
  do like cooking and laundry
  Who came looking for Gold?
• The Chinese are attacked
  by groups called
• To keep the Chinese from
  coming to the United
  States the Chinese
  Exclusion Act of 1882 is
  passed that prohibits the
  immigration of Chinese
  into America
      Statehood for California
• It becomes a state in
• California enters as a
  free state in the United
• California upsets the
  balance of Congress
  seats on the side of the
  Northern states

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