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                                                                                                                         Sun Jun 19 @ 3:00PM - 05:00PM
                                                                                                                         High School Boys - Drop-in Soccer

                                                                                                                         Sun Jun 19 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
                                                                                                                         Women's Fitness Classes

                                                                                                                         Sun Jun 19 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
                                                                                                                         Girls Drop-in Basketball

                                                                                                                         Mon Jun 20 @ 6:30PM - 07:30PM
                                                                                                                         Girls English Halqa (Learning
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                                         Operation Manager:
                                         Muhammed Hamou
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                                         London Muslim Mosque                                                            Prayer Times
                                         151 Oxford Street W.                                                                London, Canada
                                         London, ON Canada                                                                      21 Rajab 1432
                                         N6H 1S1                                                                               June 23, 2011
                                         Phone: 519-439-9451                                                              Download Mobile Azan
                  London, ON N6H 1S3, Canada
                                                   Day         Thursday
                                                   Fajr          3:59
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                                                   Sunrise       5:45
                                                   Dhuhr         1:27
                                                   Asr           5:32
                                                   Maghrib       9:08
                                                   Isha         10:56
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                                                   Friday Prayer Times (Jummah)
                                                   First Prayer: 12:00pm
                                                   Second Prayer: 1:30pm
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                                                   PRAYER TIMES!

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Description: Remember Muhammed Hamou? You should, after all you paid for his ticket on the Sea Hitler with your tax dollars. Hamou is the Operations Manager for the London Mosque. A fact bragged about on the Sea Hitler "crew" announcement. Well it seems the London Mosque didn't like to advertise the fact that your hard earned money paid for Muhammed's joyride on the Sea Hitler. Thank Goodness for Google Cache cause now you don't see "Operations Manager Muhammed Hamou" and now you DO!