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									    Refinance                  Payment Plan                Get quick Cash for                  Free Consultation
                                                              Your Home                          No-Obligation
 We have Private Lenders       You don’t have to come     We can provide money for
  available to refinance you     up with the back            your moving expenses.
  out of your situation.         payments to reinstate                                        2 legal traps to avoid
                                 your mortgage              We can help you restore
                                                             your credit.                    Be sure to call us before listing
 NO CREDIT CHECK                                                                            with a realtor. Don’t commit to a
  You can have any credit       We have contacts with      We will help you with the       listing agreement. You’ll be at
  score to qualify.              banks to get a workout                                      risk to losing your home if it
                                                             relocation process by
                                 plan for you.               writing a reference letter to   doesn’t sell.
                                                             a future landlord.
 Conventional lenders will                                                                  Bankruptcy should be avoided at
  not refinance the home        We can slow down the                                        all costs. It will hurt your ability
                                                            We may be able to move
  because of the situation.      foreclosure process to                                      to get a mortgage in the future
                                                             you into one of our homes
                                 allow you to save money     without qualifying.             and it can really damage your
                                 to apply to your plan.                                      credit.
 In Bankruptcy – OK
                                                            We also can work with your
                                                             lender to buy your home
 Refinancing out of                                         even if you owe more than
  Bankruptcy is possible                                     its worth at no cost to you.
   Your Rights as                      How We Help                                          The Truth According to
                                                                                            Our Customers.
   a Homeowner
                                       We provide solutions to                              This letter is to thank Home Savers, LLC for
As a homeowner, you have certain       homeowners faced with                                helping me with my house in Florida. They
rights that your lender may not have   mortgage difficulties.       KEEP YOUR HOME          did exactly what they said they would do for
informed you of which could SAVE                                                            us and we are grateful for their help. We
                                                                                            strongly recommend the services of Home
YOUR HOME. Your lender does                                                                 Savers. They will do their best to turn the
not want you to know what we           Our Services are              To Hear a free 24hr    situation around.
know.                                  Guaranteed.                                                                                Ronald H.,

                                       We do what we say we will
                                                                    recorded Message on                                      Winterhaven FL.

Call now for FREE mortgage             do and you have no money     how we can help, Call   Thank you for your excellent service. You
mitigation analysis.                   at risk.                                             acted quickly and delivered on all of your
                                                                                            promises. I would recommend you to anyone
                                                                                            that is looking to work with someone that
We are not a loan company, nor are
we attorneys. We are Foreclosure       We help you choose the
                                                                    888-322-KEEP            operates with integrity.
                                                                                                                                   Priscilla S.,
                                                                                                                                 Lakeland, FL
Protection Mediators specializing in   option that best fits your
stopping    and     avoiding     the                                                        I was about to lose my home. I didn’t know
foreclosure process and saving
                                       financial situation.                                 what to do. I saw a sign for Home Savers, so I
homes for our clients. We are on       (Over for options)                                   called it. They were very helpful and started work
                                                                                            on getting the new loan and that we knew just what
your side and your best interest is                                                         was going on. They were by our side until we
our primary concern. We can help                                                            closed on a new loan. I would recommend they to
you choose the option you want.                                          Member                                                        Thanks
                                                                                                                                    Deborah H
                                                                        West Florida                                            Clearwater, FL

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