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					report is the first instance of CDI associ-                    the full-blown toxic syndrome. When they        code-named “B” joins forces with a shad-
ated with West Nile Virus encephalitis.                       do get around to making the movie, it           owy coconspirator, the Delta agent, to
                                                              might be titled “Eschar Wars—Flesh-Eat-         cause an international outbreak of ful-
       Sofia Sherman-Weber and Peter Axelrod                   ing Strep Unchained!” Another scary skin        minant hepatitis. One possible crime
   Section of Infectious Diseases, Temple University          flick might be “Creeping Eruption—It Will        thriller might be called “Murder Most
     School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                                                              Make Your Skin Crawl!”                          Foul,” in which a mad microbiologist cre-
                                                                 Worms could be cast as repulsive beasts      ates ineradicable, multiple-drug–resistant
                                                              of the cinema. “To Helminth and Back!”          anaerobes that he injects into unwilling
1. Franco-Paredes C, Evans J, Jurado R. Diabetes              might be the title of a movie about battling    experimental subjects.
   insipidus due to Streptococcus pneumoniae                  and surviving Strongyloides hyperinfec-            The ongoing war against emerging
   meningitis. Arch Intern Med 2001; 161:1114–5.
2. Juffermans NP, Verbon A, van der Poll T. Di-               tion. The gastrointestinal tract would be a     pathogens, such as the severe acute res-
   abetes insipidus as a complication of crypto-              favored location for the wormy thriller         piratory syndrome coronavirus, is a real-
   coccal meningitis in an HIV-infected patient.              “From the Depths of the Bowels Comes—           time documentary of an unfinished saga
   Scand J Infect Dis 2002; 34:397–82.
                                                              Attack of the 30-Foot Tapeworm!” Even the       starring public health workers, infectious
3. Sanchez JF, Olmedo MC, Pascua FJ, et al. Di-
   abetes insipidus as a manifestation of cerebral            lowly pinworm would make you squirm             diseases specialists, microbiologists, and
   toxoplasmosis in an AIDS patient. Rev Neurol               in your seat—in fact, it will do it for you!    research scientists. Most of us are bit play-
   2000; 30:939–40.
                                                              The eyeworm and tongueworm are creepy           ers in the trenches, but we all have a role
4. Madhoun ZT, DuBois DB, Rosenthal J, et al.
   Central diabetes insipidus: a complication of              crawlers that could make the victim’s life      in contributing to a happy ending.
   herpes simplex type 2 encephalitis in a patient            a living helminth.
   with AIDS. Am J Med 1991; 90:658–9.                                                                                                              Ludwig A. Lettau
5. Moses AM, Thomas DG, Canfield MC, et al.
                                                                 The “Crypt Trilogy” could be 3 films.
                                                                                                                                     Lowcountry Infectious Diseases,
   Central diabetes insipidus due to cytomegalo-              The first, “The Crypt Abscess,” might fea-

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                                                                                                                                         Charleston, South Carolina
   virus infection of the hypothalamus in a patient           ture a foolhardy venture into the foul lair
   with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: a                                                                  Reprints or correspondence: Dr. Ludwig A. Lettau, Lowcountry
   clinical, pathological, and immunohistochem-
                                                              of the dreaded vancomycin-eating Enter-
                                                                                                              Infectious Diseases, 1938 Charlie Hall Blvd., Charleston, SC
   ical case study. J Clin Endocrinol Metab                   ococcus. Not many movie-goers would             29414 (
   2003; 88:51–4.                                             have the guts to experience Number 2:           Clinical Infectious Diseases 2004; 38:1043
6. Lee YJ, Yang D, Shyur SD, Chiu NC. Neuro-                                                                      2004 by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. All
                                                              “Cryptosporidium: Loose in Milwaukee!”
   genic diabetes insipidus in a child with fatal                                                             rights reserved. 1058-4838/2004/3807-0027$15.00
   Coxsackie virus BI encephalitis. J Pediatr En-             The final film would be “Crypto: Curse of
   docrinol Metab 1995;8:301–4.                               the Mummy’s Yeast Infection,” the amazing
Reprints or correspondence: Dr. Sofia Sherman-Weber, Sec-      true story of archaeologists stricken with      Apparent Failure of
tion of Infectious Diseases, Temple University School of      cryptococci released during the unwrap-         Moxifloxacin to Prevent
Medicine, 3401 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19140
                                                              ping of ancient mummies.                        Ciprofloxacin- and
                                                                 In the film “Deep Space Infection,”
Clinical Infectious Diseases 2004; 38:1042–3                                                                  Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    2004 by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. All   plucky astronauts would disinfect satel-        Bacteremia in Neutropenic
rights reserved. 1058-4838/2004/3807-0026$15.00
                                                              lite abscesses and dodge asteroid bodies.       Patients Undergoing
                                                              Unspeakable horrors also lurk in our inner      Peripheral Blood Stem Cell
                                                              body spaces, as might be seen in “Ozena—        Transplantation
Universal Precautions
Studios Presents: ID                                          Enter the Nare if You Dare!” Another film        Sir—Fluoroquinolones are frequently
Creature Features                                             could be “Out of the Jaws of the Hounds         used for antibacterial prophylaxis during
The recent review by Pappas et al. of in-                     from Hell Comes—The Dysgonic Fer-               the neutropenic period associated with
fectious diseases as depicted in the movies                   menter!” seeking hapless, spleenless            peripheral blood stem cell transplantation
was fascinating, but it is obvious that Hol-                  victims.                                        because of their excellent oral bioavail-
lywood is in urgent need of some fresh                           The blockbuster thriller “Thoracic Park”     ability and activity against most gram-
ideas for such cinema. The colorful lan-                      would feature ferocious Pneumococcu-            negative bacteria [1].
guage of our specialty and the variety of                     saurs, as well as galloping consumption by         From 1 January 1998 through 31 May
deadly or disgusting real-life pathogens                      TB Rex and its berserk cousin, the Battey       2003, a total of 1183 hematopoietic stem
could make for cinematic thrillers of al-                     Bacillusaur.                                    cell transplantation procedures were per-
most any genre. I offer some examples                            For the casting of spy or crime thrillers,   formed at our institution (Mayo Clinic;
with suggested titles.                                        the field of infectious diseases offers both     Rochester, MN). Antibacterial prophylaxis
   The soft-tissue virulence of “flesh-                        felons and special agents, such as the Eaton    was started 1 day before transplantation
eating” group A streptococci is truly                         and Norwalk agents. One film could be            and continued until neutrophil engraft-
frightening to anyone who has witnessed                       “The Yellow Peril,” in which a viral agent      ment (absolute neutrophil count, 1500

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