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narrative_writing by shuifanglj


									Narrative Writing
           The Narrative Essay
 Generally     autobiographical writing…
     Tells a true story about an important period,
      experience or relationship in a writer’s life –
      often in real time, and with dialogue.
     Includes the following:
       • A series of events that involve the writer as a main
       • Details, thoughts, feelings and insights from the
         writer’s perspective.
       • A conflict or event that affects the writer.
       • A chronological organization that tells the story
         clearly and presents events in the order that they
    Types of Narrative Essays
 autobiographical   sketches – brief
  snapshots of moments in a person’s life
  that had particular significance
 memoirs – longer works detailing the
  series of events in a person’s life; often
  focus on important relationships
 anecdotes – short, often humorous, stories
  told to entertain and to make a point
             The Short Story
A   brief, fictional narrative
             The Short Story
A brief fictional narrative (“Brief enough to
 read in one sitting” – E.A. Poe)
    Establishes the setting in time and place.
    Introduces and develops a conflict, a problem
     to be resolved.
    Presents a main character who takes part in
     the action as the problem is resolved.
    Weaves a plot, the series of events that make
     up the action of the story.
    Suggests a theme or generalization about life.
       Types of Short Stories
 Historical   narratives
 Mysteries
 Thrillers
 Science-fiction
 Character    pieces

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