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									NEW YEAR DAY
     The greatest occasion for making
     parties is the night of December 31,
     called New Year's Eve. At midnight
     we wish each other “Happy New
     Year”. Parties, champagne and
     fireworks are common around the
     It is also customary to make New
     Year's resolutions which we hope
     to fulfil in the coming year, for
     exemple to become better, skinnier,
     more fit, more patient, and smoke-
     free. The New Year's Day Parade
     takes place annually on 1 January
     through the streets of London.
     New Year’s day is a bank holiday.

St. Valentine's Day falls on February 14. It is the traditional day on
which lovers let each other know about their love, commonly by
sending Valentine's cards, which are often anonymous. The word
"Valentine" has two meanings. It can mean a card to a
sweetheart on Saint Valentine's Day. It can also indicate a person
chosen to receive a greeting on Saint Valentine's Day. It is
estimated that, world-wide, approximately one billion valentine
cards are sent each year. Women buy approximately 85 percent
of all valentines. (What a pity for us girls! )
In America "Mardi Gras" is
the day before Ash
Wednesday and the final
day of Carnival. The English
used to call it Shrove
Tuesday or Pancake Day. An
occasion of great festivity,
this wonderful holiday is
celebrated in many
countries with carnivals,
masquerade balls and
parades of costumed
              March 8th - International's
              Women's Day 8 March is
              the occasion to celebrate
              womanhood. It is the
              global day connecting all
              women around the world
              and inspiring them to
              achieve their full
              potential. Though such a
              cause cannot be confined
              to a single day, yet, the
              importance of this day
              shouldn’t be undermined.
           ST. PATRICK’S DAY

One of the greatest Irish festivals, St. Patrick's
Day or Paddy's Day commemorates the death
of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland but
it’s also celebrated with much enthusiasm in
Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the United
States and New Zealand. Great feasts, green
clothes, shamrocks and the leprechaun, Irish
jokes and Irish music - all are parts of this
grand occasion celebrated on March 17.
        Ash Wednesday is the
        first day of Lent on
        which priests make ash
        marks on the foreheads
        of Christians to
        symbolize their
        repentance for
        wrongdoings, their
        mortality and their
        commitment to Good.
    Easter, the principal festival of the
    Christian church year, celebrates the
    Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third
    day after his Crucifixion. Easter is a
marked by funny stuff like eggs and bu
    festival of overwhelming joy that
    celebrates life or, rather, the victory of
    life over death.
    Easter is also marked by funny stuff like
    eggs and bunnies.
            MOTHER’S DAY
9th May brings to us the wonderful
opportunity to celebrate the unique
occasion called Mother's Day. It is impossible
to pay back even a fraction of the affection
and care that we get from our mothers.
Mother's Day is a symbol of the depth of the
love of every human being for his/her mother.
         FATHER’S DAY

Father's Day is celebrated in the 3rd Sunday in
June. The idea for creating a day for children to
honor their fathers began in the US. A woman
by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd who had
been raised by her father after her mother’s
death thought of the idea for Father's Day in
1909. It’s a special day for the special man, and
an wonderful opportunity to make him feel the
The cherished 4th July, the
American Independence Day is
time for all Americans to celebrate
the spirit of liberty and equality.
On July 4th, 1776, the United
States of America was born
declaring its independence from
the Kingdom of Great Britain.
Independence Day is commonly
associated with fireworks, parades,
barbecues, picnics, concerts,
baseball games and political speeches.
Halloween is a secular holiday
celebrated on October 31. It
has roots in the Celtic festival
of Samhain and the Christian
tradition of All Saints.
Halloween activities include
playing trick-or-treat, attending
costume parties, carving jack-
o'-lanterns, ghost tours,
bonfires, telling scary stories
and watching horror films.
Thanksgiving is celebrated on
the fourth Thursday of
November in the United States
and on the second Monday of
October in Canada.
Traditionally, Thanksgiving is
associated with giving thanks to
God for the harvest and
expressing gratitude.
Thanksgiving dinner includes:
roast turkey, cranberry sauce,
potatoes, pumpkin pie.
       The origin of Santa Claus begins
       in the 4th century with Saint
       Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, an area
       in present day Turkey. By all
       accounts St. Nicholas was a
       generous man, particularly
       devoted to children. The modern
       American version of Santa Claus
       says that he lives on the North
       Pole with his wife, a number of
       elves and flying reindeer . He
       brings giftsto the good children
       for Chrismas.
Religious holiday, the second most important
Christian festival after Easter. It is the day on which the
birth of Jesus is celebrated, although his actual birth
date is unknown. Observed on 25 December, it is
traditionally marked by feasting and gift-giving. All
over the world, Christians gather together on
Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They
thank God for giving his only Son, who was born as a
human being. Then there is a late service, known as
midnight Mass. And people sing Christmas carols. In
churches there are models of the crib in memory of
where Jesus was laid.

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