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									      2010 25-27, 2010
                         Symposium &
                         Annual Meeting

             Chula Vista Resort
                  Chula Vista
              Wisconsin Dells, WI
          Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

              Wisconsin Custom Operators
Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin
              & Midwest Forage Association
                                 Monday, January 25                                   Agenda subject to change.            Wednesday, January 27
    1:00 PNAAW Level 1 Certification                                                                     7:00 WCO Annual Meeting
	          	    	    Ted	Bay,	UWEX-Grant	County                                                      	       	 	    Complimentary breakfast for paid WCO members - ticket required
	          	    	    Joe	Bollman,	UWEX-Columbia	County
                                                                                                         8:30 Effects of Farm Equipment on Pavement Performance*
	          	    	    Jerry	Clark,	UWEX-Chippewa	County
                                                                                                     	       	 	    Shongtao	Dai,	MN	Department	of	Transportation	-	Maplewood,	MN
	          	    	    Matt	Hanson,	UWEX-Dodge	County
                                                                                                         9:15 • Wisconsin Alfalfa Yield & Persistence Monitoring
	          	    	    Nick	Schneider,	UWEX-Winnebago	County
                                                                                                     	       	 	 	 Michael	Rankin,	UWEX-Fond	du	Lac	County
        Note: Monday session is included only with a Tues./Wed. Registration                                   • On-Farm Evaluation of Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures
                                                                                                     	       	 	 	 Paul	Peterson,	UM-St.	Paul/Extension
                                                                                                     	       	 	 	 Doug	Holen,	UM-St.	Paul/Extension
                                 Tuesday, January 26                                                            Nutrient Management Regulation Update*
                                                                                                     	       	 	    Andrew	Craig,	WI	Dept.	of	Natural	Resources	-	Madison,	WI
        8:30 Financing in 2010*                                                                      	       	 	    Pat	Murphy,	USDA-NRCS	-	Madison,	WI
    	          	 	     John	Mortier,	M	&	I	Bank	-	Appleton,	WI                                       	       	 	    Sue	Porter,	WI	Dept.	of	Ag.,	Trade	&	Consumer	Protection	-	Madison,	WI
    	          	 	     Gary	Sipiorski,	Vita-Plus	-	Madison,	WI                                                 • Evaluating/Justification of Equipment Purchases
    10:00 • Corn Silage Varietal Testing                                                                     		 	   Greg	Hadley,	University	of	Wisconsin-River	Falls
    	          	 	 	 Joe	Lauer,	University	of	Wisconsin-Madison                                                • Harvest Moisture Recommendations
                    Working with W Soils*                                                                    		 	   Randy	Shaver,	University	of	Wisconsin-Madison
    	          	 	     Andrew	Craig,	WI	Dept.	of	Natural	Resources	-	Madison,	WI                     10:15 BreAk/eXHIBITS
    	          	 	     Phil	Meyer,	USDA-NRCS	-	Appleton,	WI                                          10:45 • Effect of Harvest Moisture & Bale Wrapping on
                    Increasing the Likelihood of Being Paid                                                  Temperature & Forage Quality
    	          	 	     George	Twohig,	Twohig,	Rietbrock,	&	Schneider,	S.C.	-	Chilton,	WI             	       	 	    Krishona	Martinson,	UM-St.	Paul/Extension
    10:40 BreAk/eXHIBITS                                                                                       • Fall Harvest of Alfalfa: Impact on Density, Yield, & Quality
    11:00 • Evaluating Overlap Loss of Manually & Automatically                                      	       	 	    Marisol	Berti,	North	Dakota	State	University
            Guided Mower Conditioners                                                                          • Comparing RFV to RFQ for Scissors Clip and PEAQ
    	          	 	 Matt	Digman,	University	of	Wisconsin-Madison                                      	       	 	    Dan	Undersander,	University	of	Wisconsin-Madison
                • On-Farm Evaluation of Forage Harvesting Practices                                            • Comparison of Alfalfa & Orchardgrass Hay as
    	          	 	 Nate	Dudenhoeffer,	University	of	Wisconsin-Madison                                            Replacements for Grain in Lactating Dairy Cow Diets
                    Manure Application & Nitrogen Retention*                                         	       	 	 	 Hans	Jung,	USDA-ARS	-	St.	Paul,	MN
    	          	 	     Tim	Harrigan,	Michigan	State	University	-	East	Lansing,	MI                               PNAAW Annual Meeting
                • Custom Rate Survey                                                                           • Insurance Issues
                    	 Bob	Battalia,	National	Ag.	Statistics	Service	-	Madison,	WI                               	 Chris	Shafer,	McClone	Agency	-	Oshkosh,	WI
                • Marketing Your Business Based on Feed Quality                                                • Measuring Yield & Billing by the Ton
                  Delivered                                                                                  		 	   Tim	Meister,	John	Deere	Ottumwa	Works	-	Ottumwa,	IA
                    	 Michael	Rankin,	UWEX-Fond	du	Lac	County                                                		 	   Dave	Mertens,	U.S.	Dairy	Forage	Research	Center	-	Madison,	WI
    12:00 LuncH                                                                                      12:00 LuncH
     1:00 Midwest Forage Association Annual Meeting &                                                 1:00 UW Feed Grain Evaluation System
          Local Council Open Forum                                                                   	       	 	    Randy	Shaver,	University	of	Wisconsin-	Madison
          Liquid Manure Application Methods & Tools*                                                 	       	 	    Pat	Hoffman,	UWEX-Marshfield
    	          	 	     Dave	Eisentraut,	Eisentraut	Ag.	Services	-	Waldo,	WI                                     Update of Online NRCS 590 Nutrient Application
                    Truck Safety Inspection                                                                     Restriction Maps*
                    	 Sgt.	Michael	Klinginberg,	Wisconsin	State	Patrol	-	Wausau,	WI                  	       	 	    Sara	Walling,	WI	Dept.	of	Ag.,	Trade	&	Consumer	Protection	-	Madison,	WI
                    	 John	Alberding,	CATCO	-	St.	Paul,	MN                                                      Inoculants & Application Technology
        2:00 BreAk/eXHIBITS                                                                          	       	 	    Jim	Smith,	Pioneer	Livestock	-	Stillwater,	MN
        2:30 Low Lignin Alfalfa                                                                      	       	 	    Dan	Dohrmann,	Dohrmann	Enterprises	-	St.	Cloud,	MN
    	          	 	     Neil	Martin,	U.S.	Dairy	Forage	Research	Center	-	Madison,	WI                  	       	 	    Jerry	Ganfield,	Gandy	Company	-	Owatonna,	MN
                    Precision Ag. Technologies to Improve                                                2:00 BreAk/eXHIBITS
                    Nutrient Applications*                                                               2:30 Making & Managing Piles
    	          	 	     Jim	Leverich,	UWEX-Sparta                                                     	       	 	    Rich	Muck,	U.S.	Dairy	Forage	Research	Center	-	Madison,	WI
                    Custom Operator as a Feed Supplier                                                          What is the Cost of Doing Business?*
    	          	 	     Chris	Hartleben,	Hartleben’s	Custom	Cropping	-	Wittenberg,	WI                 	       	 	    Bruce	Jones,	UWEX-Madison
    	          	 	     Tom	McClellen,	McClellen	Farms	-		Delavan,	WI                                           • Emergency Safety
    	          	 	     Daryll	Woldt,	Woldt	Harvesting	LLC	-	Brillion,	WI                                        	Jeff	Nelson,	University	of	Wisconsin-Madison
        3:30 High Forage Diets - How High Can You Go?                                                          • Precision Ag. - Understanding GPS
    	          	 	     Larry	Chase,	Cornell	University	-	Ithica,	NY                                            	 Doug	Wallander,	Riesterer	&	Schnell	Inc.	-	Chilton,	WI
                    Managing Risk of Manure Runoff*                                                      3:30 Adjourn
    	          	 	     Kevan	Klingberg,	UWEX	Discovery	Farms	-	Pigeon	Falls,	WI
                    Assessing Needs for SPFH & Support Equipment                                                       * PNAAW Level 2 Certification Sessions
                    in 5 Years
                     Bill	Arneson,	Arneson	Custom	Harvesting	-	Barneveld,	WI                                                  Symposium Hosted By:
                     Roy	Lemmenes,	Lemmenes	Custom	Farms	-	Waupun,	WI
                     Daryll	Manthe,	D	&	J	Manthe	Forage	Service	LLC	-	DeForest,	WI
        4:30 Multi-State Nutrient Applicators Meeting
        6:00 “Daily Double” Dinner & Casino Night
                                      To reServe A room:
                                        Chula Vista Resort                                                                     In collaboration With:
                            2501 N. River Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
                              Phone: 800.388.4782 Local: 608.254.8366
                    Rates if booked by 12/31/09 ($70 single; $82 double)
                                                                                                                                  University of Wisconsin–Extension
               Wisconsin Custom Operators, Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin & Midwest Forage Association

                                                                       2010 25-27, 2010
                                                                                                   Symposium &
                                                                                                  Annual Meeting

                                                                          Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
                                                                       Preregistration Form
                                                                  Includes proceedings, programs, and meals.

                             Registration form for first registrant only, to register additional participants complete form on the reverse side.



                            CITy:                                                                           STATE:                                           ZIp:


                            phONE:                                                                          EMAIl:

                                           2010 Association memberships (for first registrant only)
Detatch Here

                                          midwest Forage Association 2010 membership                                           50.00             $

                                          Wisconsin custom operators 2010 membership                                           50.00             $
                     Toda ave
                Saveembers sn fees.
                     M                    Professional nutrient Applicators
               2010 registratio !
               on pr Join tod
                              ay          Association of Wisconsin 2010 membership
                                          PNAAW Active Hauler Membership                                                      100.00             $
                                          PNAAW Industry/Farmer Membership                                                     50.00             $

                                                                                      Association membership subtotal: $
                                                                                                Carry Association Membership subtotal below

                                           Symposium registration (for first registrant only; additional registrants on reverse side)
                                                                                                    ‘10 member           non-member
                                                                                                   Preregistration       Preregistration
                                         *Tues./Wed. Registration                                     $115.00               $155.00             $
                                          onsite: $130 member; $170 non-member
                                          Tuesday Registration Only                                       85.00               105.00            $
                                          onsite: $95 member; $115 non-member
                                          Wednesday Registration Only                                     65.00                 85.00           $
                                          onsite: $75 member; $95 non-member

                                                        Symposium registration subtotal (for 1st registrant): $
                                           Association Membership subtotal (from 1st registrant above): $
                                      Subtotal from reverse (add’l participant membership/registration): $
                                                                                                                                     Total: $

                                                  *Monday Registration (FREE with Tues./Wed. Registration; Monday only not available)
                                                                                       Total attending Level 1 Certification.

                                                                             Complete and return by January 15, 2010
                                           Make checks payable and mail to: Midwest Forage Association • 4630 Churchill Street #1 • St. paul, MN 55126 • 651.484.3888
                                                                   Make room reservations directly with Chula Vista - 800.388.4782
                                                   2010 Symposium & Annual meeting
                                                Additional registrant Preregistration Form
                  multiple registrants from the same farm/business can register below - copy this form for more than ten registrants.
                                                    (If registering only one person, please do not complete this side of form.)
     Example (please print):   R    O     B     E     R       T               S       M           I       T       H
   2nd Registrant’s Name:

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  10th Registrant’s Name:

                         Key: (MFA) Midwest Forage Association; (PNAAW) Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin; (WCO) Wisconsin Custom Operators

                                        2010 Membership Fees                                                                             2010 Symposium & Annual Meeting Registration
                       (Circle fees for each of the associations you are joining)                                                                 (Circle the appropriate fees)

                                                                       pNAAW                                       2010 Member Registration Fees             Non-Association Member Registration Fees    Total per
                       MFA                WCO                                                                                                                                                           Registrant
                                                          Active Hauler      Industry/Farmer                  Tues./Wed.    Tues. Only       Wed. Only        2-day         Tues. Only     Wed. Only
      Example:         $50         →      $50        →                                                →         $100           $75             $55       →     $140            $95            $75         $200
2nd Registrant         $50                $50             PNAAW memberships are issued on a                     $100           $75             $55             $140            $95            $75
 3rd Registrant        $50                $50                  per farm/entity basis; 2010                      $100           $75             $55             $140            $95            $75
 4th Registrant        $50                $50                PNAAW memberships may be                           $100           $75             $55             $140            $95            $75
                                                           purchased on the front of this form.
 5th Registrant        $50                $50                                                                   $100           $75             $55             $140            $95            $75
 6th Registrant        $50                $50                 2010 Member Registration Fees                     $100           $75             $55             $140            $95            $75
 7th Registrant        $50                $50             (next column) apply to all employees                  $100           $75             $55             $140            $95            $75
 8th Registrant        $50                $50             attending the Symposium if the farm/                  $100           $75             $55             $140            $95            $75
                                                             entity is a 2010 PNAAW member.
 9th Registrant        $50                $50                                                                   $100           $75             $55             $140            $95            $75
10th Registrant        $50                $50                                                                   $100           $75             $55             $140            $95            $75

                                                                                                                           Subtotal for additional memberships/registrations: $
                                                                                                      Carry add’l participant membership/registration subtotal to reverse side

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