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									“Hostility and Death”

Corey M


We open with a continuation from the scene of Claire being taken away by Christian from season 4. Claire is shocked to see her father. CLAIRE: “Dad? Dad, what are you doing here? How the hell did you get here?” CHRISTIAN: “Claire, none of that matters. None of it. What does matter is that you come with me.” CLAIRE (Angrily): “I‟m not going anywhere with you! Give me my son back!” CHRISTIAN: “I think you‟ll find that you do wanna come with me, kiddo.” CLAIRE: “I said, give me my son back.” CHRISTIAN: “You don‟t understand, Claire. This island…It‟s going to become a place of hostility and death. It‟s not going to be a safe place. And I need you to come with me, so that you can be away from that hostility and death.” CLAIRE: “Wha…What about the baby? He‟s coming too, right?”

CHRISTIAN: “Aaron…he doesn‟t need to come with us. He won‟t be here when that death and hostility really kicks in.” CLAIRE: “I don‟t want to go with you if you won‟t let me be with my son.” We see a shot of Miles, lying awake. CHRISTIAN: “Claire, I promise you that you will not be away from the baby for long. This is for your best interests, and the baby‟s.” Claire thinks for a moment. She slowly nods, and they get up. Christian walks about ten feet before putting the baby down and then leading Claire into the jungle.


Act Two

We are back in the temple. We see Claire, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer and Miles bound and gagged. Jack, Esau, Charles, Ben, and a few of Charles‟s men are standing by. Charles has sent Desmond to make Ilana turn the donkey wheel. As Jack is standing, angrily staring at Esau, who is just smirking at him, a time flash occurs. The light comes inside the temple, even, and engulfs everyone. The light recedes. SAWYER (Through his gags): “Son of a BITCH!” JACK: “What the hell just happened?”

CHARLES: “We moved the island, Jack. Just as Benjamin here, did to protect the island.” We switch to a shot of one of Charles‟s men standing in front of Sayid, rifle in hand. Sayid does one of his quick army moves on the soldier. He sweep kicks him, knocking him off his feet. He grabs the rifle and picks it up, pointing it straight at Esau. SAYID: “Now, you let us go. Enough of this nonsense.” ESAU: “And why would I do that, Sayid? You cannot kill me.” Sayid raises his gun. SAYID: “I hope, then, for your sake, you are right.” He is about to shoot when a gunshot is heard. Sayid slowly looks down at his stomach. There is a gunshot wound in the middle of his abdomen. He trembles and falls to the ground. We reveal that Ben has shot him, with the same look on his face that he had when he shot Charlotte in season 4. Jack kneels over Sayid. JACK: “I can help you, Sayid, you just need to hold on. I can save you.” SAYID: “As I said before, Jack…(coughs blood) Nothing can save me…” He gives a blank, dead stare. He is dead. Claire is sobbing. We hear a „Whooosh‟, which indicates the beginning of a flashback. Claire and Christian are walking through the jungle. Christian speaks. CHRISTIAN: “I‟m taking you somewhere safe, Claire, somewhere that you can be with me.” CLAIRE: “Where?”

CHRISTIAN: “It‟s a cabin. It‟s not far from here. Claire, you cannot leave this cabin. Not until I say. You must not leave.” CLAIRE: “Alright, alright!” We are now in the cabin with Christian and Claire. Some time has passed, obviously, because John Locke is exiting the cabin. CLAIRE: “Why wouldn‟t you let me talk to him?” CHRISTIAN: “Because then he would have wanted to take you back. I have something planned. We have to go somewhere, Claire.” CLAIRE: “Where?” He gives her a smirk, and exits the cabin. Claire reluctantly gets up and follows him out. End flashback. We are back with Desmond, who is walking back through the tunnels after making Ilana push the donkey wheel in order to get information on Penny‟s whereabouts from Charles. Desmond enters back into the temple, where the group is standing. Jack has an angry look on his face as he is sitting by Sayid‟s lifeless body. DESMOND: “Jack? What the hell happened to him?” JACK (Angrily): “They happened.” He points at Charles, Esau, and Benjamin. Cut to Desmond‟s reaction. End scene. We are focused on a closed eye. The eye opens, and zooms out. It‟s Charlie, after being knocked out by Charles‟s men. Charlie gets up and runs to Frank, who is outside a tent. CHARLIE: “Frank! Frank!” He reaches Frank, out of breath and frantic.

FRANK: “Easy there, Scotty. What‟s going on?” CHARLIE: “Claire! Kate! He took them!” FRANK: “Who?” CHARLIE: “Claire and Kate have been kidnapped! I don‟t know where they are! They just took them!” FRANK: “Easy. I think I know where they are.” CHARLIE: “Where? Where are they!?” FRANK: “There‟s a temple. It‟s sort of a hideout place for the other people on this island. We were brought there. I think whoever took them might have taken them there. Get as many men as you can and we‟re going to lead a group in at twilight tonight.” Charlie nods and runs off. CHARLIE: “Oy! Jin!” Jin stands up. He was sitting next to Sun, who now looks concerned. CHARLIE: “Jin! Claire and Kate! They‟ve been kidnapped!” JIN: “I know. Sun…told me.” CHARLIE: “We‟re going to the temple to get them back. We need as many men as we can get!” JIN (Looks at Sun): “I‟m going.” SUN: “Jin, you cannot go. I won‟t lose you again.” Jin comforts her, whispering in Korean. She begins to tear up. They kiss. JIN: “Okay Charlie. Let‟s go.” Charlie goes to Hurley.

CHARLIE: “Hurley, do you wanna come? We‟re going to save Kate and Claire.” HURLEY: “Dude, I don‟t even believe that you are you. You could be that one dude. You know…Esau.” Charlie kneels by Hurley. CHARLIE: “I guess I‟ll see you in another life, then, Hurley.” Charlie and Jin leave. End scene.

Act Three

Jack is still sitting angrily by Sayid‟s body. He begins to flare up with anger. He grits his teeth and grabs the rifle. He shoots Ben in the shoulder, then Widmore in the arm. Esau tries to grab him, but Jack knocks him out with the butt of his gun. Jack is untying his friends when he notices Desmond is kneeling by Widmore. JACK: “What are you doing?” DESMOND: “I…I have to stay with them. Charles knows where Penny is. I made an agreement with him. I can‟t break it. See ya in another life, brotha.” Jack has untied everyone and they are all standing around him. JACK: “Now we‟ve gotta find a way out of here.” KATE: “He just…he just killed Sayid.” SAWYER: “Yeah, Kate, he did. I‟m sorry. We‟ve gotta go. And soon.” CLAIRE: “Did he have anyone else in that room with you? The room you came out of?” Jack remembers that Richard and Bram were in the room, held captive with him.

He quickly walks over and slides the stone door open. Bram and Richard look surprised to see him. Jack unties them and removes their gags. As the three exit the room, Esau quickly jumps up, drawing a gun. Ben, who was shot in the shoulder, is handed a gun by Esau and so is Charles, who was shot in the arm. ESAU: “You won‟t get out of here alive, Jack.” RICHARD: “The prophecy says he will.” ESAU: “That prophecy was written by a bunch of idiots. He won‟t get out, Richard, and neither will you.” Bram tries to make a move for the gun, but is shot in the abdomen. He stumbles backwards against the wall. His back slides down the wall, and blood covers it. Bram tries to say something. BRAM: “Jack…Jack…(Coughs blood) (Jack gets closer). You can only kill him…by r--” He is shot again, killing him. Charles, clutching his arm, is revealed to be the shooter. Jack loses it. JACK (Screaming): “You are not going to kill any more of my people! I swear to God I will kill you with my bare hands if you lay a hand on any of these people, ever again!!!!” Esau is smirking. While still looking into Jack‟s eyes, with a smirk, he raises the gun and shoots Kate. She is hit in the shoulder. Jack really loses it now. He screams in anger, tackling Esau and beating the daylights out of him. A gun is heard cocking. Ben is about to shoot Jack, but is shot again in the same shoulder by an unknown person. Jack looks up. It is revealed to be Charlie, Jin, and Frank who have come to the aid of the group.

Widmore raises the gun, but Sawyer jumps him and wrestles the gun away. He hits Widmore in the head with it, knocking him out. Kate is crying from the pain of the gunshot wound. It hit her collar bone. Charlie and Claire are shown hugging. KATE: “Jack…” JACK: “I can fix you, Kate.” KATE: “I…I know you can. I can trust you, Jack…” Jack is tearing up. He looks to Sawyer and Miles. JACK: “Guys…I‟ll carry Kate. Can you…Can you get Sayid‟s body?” SAWYER: “Jack…Let‟s just burn this damn place down. We can kill those guys, too. Ben, and Widmore, and Esau, I mean.” JACK: “It doesn‟t matter if those three are dead. All that matters is that I get all of you off this island. If I truly am the only one that can kill Esau, then so be it. I don‟t want you to have anything to do with it. Get Sayid. I‟ll get Kate. We‟re getting out of here.” The group leaves the temple in complete silence. About 20 seconds after they leave, the camera zooms in on Esau. His eyes snap open. End scene.

Act Four

We are with Christian and Claire in a flashback, walking through the woods. Christian is leading Claire somewhere. She is reluctant to follow him, but she notices a hole in the ground.

CLAIRE: “What is this?” CHRISTIAN: “This…is a Cerberus vent.” CLAIRE: “A Cer?” She is interrupted by Christian, who pushes her into the vent. She screams as she hits the ground about 15 feet down. She clutches her arm, which looks as if it is severely dislocated. A light flashes, as if a camera were taking a picture. Claire‟s arm mysteriously cracks back into place when no one is touching her. She yells in pain. CLAIRE: “Who‟s there?” The place is now lit up by a light on the wall, revealing that the room is an ancient room similar to the one in the temple that Smokey comes out of. Smokey appears. It circles around Claire, judging her. She looks so confused. The smoke monster merges into Esau. ESAU: “Hello there, Claire.” CLAIRE: “Who are you?” ESAU: “Before you take your leave, Claire, I have some news to tell you.” Claire looks interested but scared at the same time. ESAU: “Jack Shepherd is your brother. Your brother was chosen by a prophecy to do something…He was chosen to kill me. And Claire, if Jack ever makes plans to do this, you have to find a way to make sure that he is dead before this happens.” CLAIRE: “Why would I want to do that? If he‟s my brother, why would I kill him?” ESAU: “Because, Claire, if you don‟t, I‟m going to kill Aaron.” She is about to speak, but Esau morphs back into the smoke monster and rapidly throws her out of the vent and into a tree, knocking her out. End flashback.

The group of survivors is walking back to the camp when Richard approaches Jack, who is leading the group with Kate in his arms. RICHARD: “Jack. I need to tell you something.” JACK (In a breathy and tired voice): “Yeah, Richard?” RICHARD: “Jack…The prophecy. It says that you are the only one that can kill Esau. But there is only one way to do that. You can‟t do it in just any way.” JACK: “What do I have to do?” RICHARD: “When we get back to your camp and you stitch up Kate, after that, I‟ll show you what you need to do.” Jack nods, and we cut scenes back to the temple. Desmond is kneeling by Charles, and Esau is leaving as we speak. DESMOND: “Where is Penny?” CHARLES: “There‟s something else I need you to do, Dezzy. And then, I give you my word I will tell you where she is.” Desmond looks pissed. DESMOND: “Alright, Charles. What do you need me to do this time?” Charles gives a look to Benjamin, who is sitting up, but in very bad shape. He has been shot in the shoulder twice. Charles looks back at Des. CHARLES: “I need you to go to that beach camp, Desmond…And I need you to kill Jack Shepherd.”


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