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					      Goals of Today’s Meeting
• Update everyone on what’s happening with
  Mizzou Advantage (the known)
• Open discussion on preparing for Mizzou
  Advantage (the unknown)

         Mizzou Advantage
“The goal of the Mizzou Advantage is to raise
  MU’s stature and impact by enhancing our
  activities in the five areas in which we have
  world-class research and education programs
                          –Provost Brian Foster

          Mizzou Advantage
• Five Strategic Areas
   – Food for the Future
   – Media of the Future
   – One Health, One Medicine: The Convergence of
     Human and Animal Health
   – Sustainable Energy
   – Understanding and Managing Disruptive and
     Transformational Technologies
• Plus, Education

           Mizzou Advantage
                 Faculty Facilitators

Jo Britt-Rankin       Charles Davis         Carolyn Henry
Food for the Future   Media of the Future   One Health, One

              Mizzou Advantage
              Faculty Facilitators

Cerry Klein      Carsten Strathausen           LuAnne Roth
Sustainable      Understanding & Managing      Education Coordinator
Energy           Disruptive & Transformation

              Mizzou Advantage
          Role for MU Libraries
• Libraries support all areas
• Collaborative and interdisciplinary
• MA Library Liaison: Kate Anderson

          Mizzou Advantage
       Mizzou Advantage Grants
• Dark Archives (Dorothy Carner)
• Print for the People (Mike Holland)
• Architecture of Collaboration (Kate Anderson)

                    Mizzou Advantage
                    Kick-Off Celebration
                    Photo: KOMU

          Mizzou Advantage
          The Dark Archives Project
• Dorothy Carner (MU Libraries); Denise Adkins (SISLT); Kate
  Anderson (MU Libraries); Brian Brooks (Journalism); John Budd
  (SISLT); Stephanie Craft (Journalism); Charles Davis (Journalism);
  Debra Mason (Center on Religion and the Professions); Earnest
  Perry (Journalism); Richard Reuben (Law); Lilliard Richardson
  (Truman School)
• “Newspaper archives provide a snapshot of a community’s culture
  frozen in time. Over the past three years, 156 newspapers have
  either closed or stopped publishing their print edition.... Creating a
  ‘dark archive’ for orphaned newspaper content would insure that
  the historical record of communities, formerly served by print
  newspapers, would be committed to long-term access in digital

               Mizzou Advantage
            Print for the People
• Mike Holland (MU Libraries); Devoney Looser (English);
  Berkely Hudson (Journalism);
• “Our network brings together campus and local
  archival units to work together on integrated digital
  humanities projects, extending our ongoing initiatives.
  … ‘Print for the People’ will advance scholarly and
  curricular innovations in digital humanities and
  media, anchored by interdisciplinary collaborations
  and a proposed national symposium on the history of
  print and visual culture.”

           Mizzou Advantage
     Architecture of Collaboration
• Kate Anderson (MU Libraries); Mary Barile (Center for Arts and
  Humanities); Bill Bondeson (Center for Arts and Humanities); Roger
  Gafke (Journalism); Jeni Hart (Educational Leadership and Policy
  Analysis); Lindsay Leonard (Provost’s Office, SISLT); Tim Matisziw
  (Geography, Civil Engineering); Jack Schultz (Bond Life Sciences
  Center); Yi Shang (Computer Science); Chi-Ren Shyu (MU
  Informatics Institute); Douglas Steinley (Psychology); John Wedman
  (SISLT); Randall Westgren (Agribusiness)
• “Mizzou Advantage aims to build networks of very high-achieving
  individuals and organizations. But no network model of MU exits.
  We will develop tools for identifying existing networks at MU and
  between MU and other entities using the Bond Life Sciences
  Center and the Center for Arts and Humanities as example sub-

             Mizzou Advantage
2nd Round of MA Grants
     Deadline: November 15

 Mizzou Advantage
           Other Known Projects
• Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs)
• Infrastructure and Advisory Committees
• Use of MOspace for Mizzou Advantage

            Mizzou Advantage
 Open Discussion

Mizzou Advantage
              Open Discussion
•   How might MA affect me?
•   What might MA mean for MU Libraries?
•   What skills & traits do we need?
•   What are the best ways for MU Libraries to
    communicate (internally) about MA?

           Mizzou Advantage

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