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									                  Mysteries/ Thrillers:

Alphin, Elaine Marie   Counterfeit Son

               The son of a killed serial murderer assumes the identity of one of his father’s
               victims to join a well-off family and live a better life. Will his secret be

               “An engrossing, suspenseful novel that is sure to keep the reader glued to the
               page.”-Kirkus Review

 Clark, Mary Higgins      Remember Me

              Menley Nichols tries to repair her marriage and build a life around her infant
              daughter while mourning the recent railroad death of her young son. As
              Menley takes care of her daughter in an old Cape Cod vacation home, her
              attorney husband becomes preoccupied with defending an accused murderer.
              As many mysterious incidents occur, Menley can’t help thinking that
              someone or something is still out to harm them…

              “Pulse-pounding”-Publishers Weekly

   Cooney, Caroline B.       The Terrorist

                 Sixteen-year-old Laura Williams tries to find the terrorist who has killed
                 her brother but ends up in too deep…

                 “This timely novel is fast paced and crackles with tension” –Horn Book
Duncan, Lois     Stranger With My Face

             Laurie thinks she is being stalked, and her friends keep telling her that she
             has been doing things that she doesn’t remember doing. Is she losing her
             mind, or is there more going on in this suspenseful thriller?

             "The best of the sinister and supernatural is Lois Duncan's Stranger With
             My Face...Spine-chilling from top to bottom."
             --The New York Times

Kerr, M.E.     Fell*

               A mysterious car accident at prom leads John Fell to change his name and
               join an elite private school club, the Sevens, who are involved in more
               than John could have ever predicted.

               “Absorbing!”-Publishers Weekly

 Koontz, Dean      Sole Survivor

                 When reporter Joe Carpenter meets a woman claiming to be the sole
                 survivor of the plane crash that killed his wife and daughters, he
                 embarks on a frightful quest for truth.

                 “A spellbinding novel!” -School Library Journal

  Lynch, Chris         Freewill

                 Seventeen-year-old Will, who uses woodworking to cope with the
                 mysterious deaths of his father and stepmother, is blamed for other
                 teenagers’ deaths when his wooden sculptures are found near each of
                 the dead bodies.

                 “Intense, nightmarish storytelling: sometimes wildly funny, sometimes
                 heartbreaking, entirely memorable.” –Kirkus Reviews
Patterson, James       Jack & Jill *

             In this Alex Cross mystery, Washington D.C.-based investigator Cross
             is deeply disturbed by the murder of a young girl in his son’s elementary
             school. This murder, the murder of a senator, and riddles threatening the
             president lead Cross on an action-filled pursuit of the killers responsible
             for the crimes.

             “A fast-paced, electric story that is utterly believable.” -Booklist

Plum-Ucci, Carol      The Body of Christopher Creed

                 Popular sixteen-year-old Torey Adams investigates the strange
                 disappearance of Christopher Creed, a school outcast whose email
                 message casts suspicion on Torey and his group of friends. As Torey
                 pursues other suspects and explanations, he is surprised to discover
                 who can and cannot be trusted.

                 “Plum-Ucci knows her audience and provides her readers with enough
                 twists, turns, and suspense to keep them absorbed.” –School Library

Price, Charlie      Dead Connection

                    High school student Murray Kiefer doesn’t have many living
                    friends and spends his time communicating with the dead at a
                    nearby cemetery. When he is convinced that he hears the voice of a
                    murdered local cheerleader, he investigates her murder and tries to
                    prove how she died. This intriguing story is told from multiple
                    perspectives as readers learn more about various characters
                    connected with the investigation.

                    “A page-turner!” –Library Media Connection
Werlin, Nancy       Black Mirror

                  Sixteen-year-old loner Frances Leventhal begins to investigate the
                  dark secrets hidden among members of her boarding school after the
                  suspicious “suicide” of her older brother.

                  “Werlin has hit the jackpot with this well-written and masterfully
                  developed novel. A can't-put-it-down mystery thriller!”
                  -School Library Journal

Yancey, Richard      The Highly Effective Detective*

                Thirty-three-year-old Teddy Ruzak, an Encyclopedia Brown fan in his
                youth, decides to open his own detective agency. Business turns deadly
                when his work on a local geese case leads to a human murder mystery
                in this humorous thriller.

                “By turns touching, suspenseful and hilarious, this is sure to be one of
                the most well-regarded and enjoyed mystery debuts of the year.”
                -Publishers Weekly

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