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Apple, Inc. and Sony
    What Is Innovation?

 The implementation of a new or significantly
  improved idea, good, service, process or practice.
 Types of Innovation:
     Process
     Organization
     Marketing
     Product
Process Innovation

 The implementation of a new or significantly
  improved production or delivery method.
 Examples:
       Henry Ford’s Assembly Line
Organization Innovation

 The creation of new organizations, business
  practices, or ways of running organizations.
 Examples:
       Dell’s flexible and high-speed business model
Marketing Innovation

 The development of new marketing methods
  with improvement in product design,
  packaging, product promotion, or pricing.
 Examples:
Product Innovation

 The introduction of a new good or service that
  substantially improves another product.
 Examples:

    1973                     2005
Apple, Inc.

A History

   Steve Jobs – Atari Designer
   Steve Wozniak – Electronics Hacker
   Apple I designed in 1975

   Apple Computers Formed In 1976
   Apple II Is Released In 1977
   Company Goes Public In 1970

   Apple III and “Lisa” fail to capture the market.
   The Macintosh is released in 1984.

"1984" Ad Campaign

   Late 80’s – Windows 3.0 coupled with cheap
    IBM computers begin to consistently outsell
   Steve Jobs is asked to resigned in 1985.

   Jobs’ returns as CEO and immediately begins to
    restructure product lines.
   iMac released in 1998, becomes a sales smash.
   iPod released in 2001, dominates market.
Product Innovation Throughout The Years

   Apple I/II
    –   Apple I Released In 1976, Apple II Released In 1977
    –   Cassette Interface For Loading And Saving Programs
    –   Completely Redesigned TV interface – allowed for
        memory in display
    –   Became First Color Home Computer
    –   Launched Home Computer Revolution
Product Innovation Throughout The Years

   Macintosh
    –   Released 1984
    –   First Computer To Use Mouse
    –   Macintosh Operating System Was Most Advanced
        Operating System Of Its Time
    –   First Home Computer To Be Completely Ready Out Of The
Product Innovation Throughout The Years

   The Newton
    –   Released In 1993
    –   Precursor To Modern Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
    –   Recognized Both Print And Cursive
    –   Could Connect To The Internet
    –   Largely A Failure
Product Innovation Throughout The Years

   The iMac
    –   Released 1998
    –   All-inclusive Computer
    –   Emphasis On Design, Aesthetics, And Ease Of Use
    –   One Of The Most Popular Apple Products
Product Innovation Throughout The Years

   The iPod
    –   Released In 2001
    –   Central Scroll Wheel
    –   Ease Of Use
    –   High Aesthetic Appeal
    –   High-Capacity Storage
    –   Works With Non-Apple Products
Product Innovation Throughout The Years

   iTunes
    –   Launched In 2003
    –   First Online Music To Charge A Flat Rate ($.99 per song)
    –   Signed Five Major Record Companies To Provide Music
    –   Flexible Software
    –   Compatible With Windows
Major Innovators
Steve Jobs
 Background
  Born in 1955
  Helped form Apple
  Left the Company in
   1985, Returned in
 Major Innovators
 Steve Jobs
 Success through Innovation
  The mouse
 Major Innovators
 Steve Jobs
Too Much Control
  Mishandled the Lisa line
Sony, Inc.

 A History
   Founded On May 7th, 1946 as
    Toyko Telecommunication Engineering Corp
   Founded By Masaru Ibuk And Akio Morita
   First Commercial Product Was A Rice Boiler
   Created Its First Hardware Device in 1950 – A Tape
   Released First Pocket Transistor Radio In 1955
   Sony Dominates Transistor Radio Market In 1960s
   Name Changed To Sony In 1958
   Sony Introduces Trinitron, Its First Line Of Color
   Sony Goes International
       Sony Corporation Of America Founded In 1960
       Sony Corporation Of America Founded In 1968
   Betamax released in 1975, failed largely due to
    VHS’ affordability
   Sony Walkman Becomes Popular Among Teens As
    The Popular Choice For Personal Recorders
   Acquires CBS (Columbia) Records Group In 1988.
    Renamed Sony Music Entertainment.
   Acquries Columbia Pictures In 1989. Renamed
    Sony Pictures Entertainment.
   Sony Music Entertainment Merges With BMG
    Music Group In 2004.
Product Innovation Throughout The
 G-TYPE recorder
   Released in 1950
   The first tape player/recorder
   Led to the company’s first profitable product
Product Innovation Throughout The
 Portable Transistor Radio
    Released in 1957
    Was the first radio to fit in your pocket
    Launched a new era of microelectronics in the US
Product Innovation Throughout The
 Trinitron Televesion
    Introduced in 1968
    Use three cathodes tubes to increase picture quality
    Apple, Dell, and others have duplicated
Product Innovation Throughout The
 The CV-2000
    Released in 1964
    The first VTR (Video Tape Recorder) to be sold for
     home use.
    Helped launch the home video market
Product Innovation Throughout The
 The Sony Walkman
    Released in 1979
    Played modern cassette tapes
    Had two head phone jacks
    Had a built in microphone
    Major Innovators
    Akio Morita
   Background
       Born in Japan on January 26, 1921
        Had an early fascination with western technology,
        such as the automobile and phonograph
       On May 7, 1946, Ibuka and Morita founded Tokyo
        Telecommunications Engineering Corporation
Major Innovators
Akio Morita
   Innovations
       Tape Player
       Walkman
       Video Tape Recorder
   Leading
       Changed name to Sony
       Insisted the name be everywhere
       Insisted that the company have local production
Major Innovators
Akio Morita
   Died in 1999
       Died of pneumonia
       He was 78
       He is survived by his daughter and two sons, and
        his wife Yoshiko