Julian PTO meeting minutes by chenmeixiu


									Julian PTO meeting minutes

1. Robin Bush called the meeting to order at 7 PM. Minutes of October’s meeting,
which were approved via an electronic vote, can be found on the PTO’s website,

2. Treasurer’s report was distributed. Anyone who would like a monthly copy of the
report sent via email can contact Jeff Schroeder.

3. Detective Paul Kerley of the Oak Park police department gave a presentation about
Cybersafety. Topics included cyberbullying, predators, flaming, and sexting. Residents
with questions or concerns can contact Detective Kerley. He mentioned the Megan
Meier Foundation as a good resource, www.meganmeierfoundation.org/.

4. Dr. Sharts had the following announcements:
November 11 -- Peter Kahn and the Brits poetry slam
November 12 -- 8th graders visit OPRFHS
November 19 -- School Leadership Team will meet at 4 PM. Please contact Dr. Sharts if
you’d like to participate. Focus of work will be the Middle Level Oversight Committee
recommendations, parent communication, and academic handbook.

Co-presidents’ reports:
   a) Minority Hiring at D97. Xan Daniels reported that steps have been taken to
       recruit increased numbers of minority hires, i.e., partnering with HBCUs.
       Community concerns have been heard and a pilot program has been created. Dr.
       Sharts added that the district is attending additional job fairs and hopes to have
       openings for next year posted early in the recruiting season (January).
   b) Robin was contacted by a team of 7th graders who, as part of core advisory
       community action project, are investigating the possibility of creating a
       community garden at the school. Nancy Guarino offered to address their
       questions about getting funding from the PTO.
   c) Special funding requests.
           a. Dave Benson presented his request for track and field equipment totaling
                $2984, and some additional items (stop watches and gym banner to
                celebrate last year’s 3rd place state finish). Nancy suggested we pay for
                the banner with discretionary funds (majority approved) and moved to
                give the track and field $3100. Meghan seconded the motion and a
                majority approved the request.
           b. A second special funding request from the PE department for an additional
                recumbent bike was deferred.
   d) The PTO intends to amend the by-laws to allow a move from monthly to bi-
       monthly meetings. In accordance with governance policy, we are hereby giving
       30 days notice of this proposed change. If approved, articles V, VII and XII will
       read “bi-monthly meetings” instead of “monthly meetings.” This change will take
       place January 2010. Going forward, the PTO will meet in September, November,
       January, March, and May. We’ll also announce intent for this change in this
       week’s Just-in-Julian.

5. Lisa Lombard reported on speakers for future meetings: Amy Hill will address the 9th
grade high school placement process in December, and in January parent coach Sheryl
Stoller will discuss how to help your middle-schooler thrive.

Due to resignations, the PTO has opening for a recording secretary and a co-president.
Anyone who is interested in exploring the executive committee can contact Suzanne
Lavin or Robin Bush.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Meghan Strubel

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