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Motherboards - PDF

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									Motherboards                                                                                               Ca
                                                                                                          MCMll for
                                                                                                              Price                                      Products

                                                                                                                                                                               Section 24
MCM, an InOne company
has a wide variety of
                                                                                                                                                        Computer Products
motherboards from top name                                                                                                               3Com . . . . . . . . . . .615    Floppy Drives . . . . .574
manufacturers. Here is a sample of                                                                                                       Adaptors . . . . .611, 612       Garmin . . . . . . . . . .602
the motherboards we have to offer.                                                                                                       AITech . . . . . . . . . .586    Gold-X . . . . . . .607-609
If you don’t see what you are looking for                                                                                                AMD . . . . . . . . . . .566     Hard Drives . . . . . . .572
just call and we will find it for you.                                                                                                   ATI . . . . . . . . . . . .585   Hawking . . . . . .617~619
                                                                                                                                         Bar Code Scanners .596           Headphones . . . . . .579
Order #     Model #               Chipset          Slots     AGP/PCI Express X16 Memory                 LAN       USB      *Notes        Blank Disks . . .597~599         Hood Kits . . . . .611, 612
                                                                                                                                         Books . . .See Reference         I/O Cards . . . . .567, 577
                                                                                                                                                     and Education        IDE/Floppy/SATA/
Socket AM2 Motherboards
                                                                                                                                         Cable Couplers .611, 612         SCSI Drive Cables . .571,
83-10939 M2N32-SLI Deluxe         nForce 590       2PCI      2 X PCI Express X16 4 DDR2 800/667MHz 1000BT           8 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
                                                                                                                                         Cable Ties . . . . . . . .619                          610, 611
Socket 939 nForce Motherboards
                                                                                                                                         Cables . . .571, 575, 568,       Ink Cartridges and
83-10641 A8N-SLI                  nForce4SLI       3PCI      2 X PCI Express X16 4 DDR400/333MHz       1000BT      10      1,3,7,8
                                                                                                                                                 581, 582, 607-611        Toner . . . . . . . .589~591
83-10642 A8N                      nForce4          3PCI      PCI Express X16     4 DDR400/333MHz       1000BT      10       1,3,7
                                                                                                                                         Calculators . . . . . . .602     Inkjet Refill Kits 590, 591
Socket u478 800/533MHz Motherboards
                                                                                                                                         Case Brackets . . . . .567       Intel . . . . . . . .565, 566
83-10923 P4S800-Deluxe            SIS655FX         5PCI      AGP                   4 DDR400MHz            Y         8        1,2
                                                                                                                                         Case Fans . . . . . . . .569     Ipod Accessories 581~583
83-10924 P4P800-SE                I865PE           5PCI      AGP                   4 DDR400MHz            Y         8        1,2
                                                                                                                                         Category 5e and                  Keyboards . . . .591~594
                                                                                                                                         6 Network Cables . .619          Kinyo . . . . . . . . . . .580
Socket AM2 Motherboards
                                                                                                                                         Category 5e and                  KVM Switches . .602~604
83-10940 GA-M51GM-S2G             nForce 430       PCI       Express X16           4 DDR2 800/667MHz 1000BT         8    1,3,4,5,6,9
                                                                                                                                         6 Network Connectors 619         LG . . . . . . . . . .575, 576
Socket 939 nForce Motherboards
                                                                                                                                         CD Holders . . . . . . .599      Linksys . . . . . .622, 623
83-10643 GA-K8N Ultra-SLI         nForce4SLI       2PCI      2 X PCI Express X16 4 DDR400/333MHz       1000BT      10     1,3,6,7,8
                                                                                                                                         CD/DVD Labeling 598, 599         M-Audio . . . . . .578-579
83-10644 GA-K8NF-9                nForce4          3PCI      PCI Express X16     4 DDR400/333MHz       1000BT      10      1,3,6,7
                                                                                                                                         CD-ROM Drives . . . .575         Maxell . . .581, 597, 598
                                                                                                                                         CD-RW Drives .575, 576           Maxtor . . . . . . . . . .572
Socket AM2 Motherboards
                                                                                                                                         CD-RW Media . . . . .597         Memory . . . . . . . . .568
83-10936 K9N Neo-F                nForce550        PCI       PCI Express X16     4 DDR2 800/667MHz 1000BT           8 1,2,4,5,6,7,9
                                                                                                                                         Cleaning                         Mice . . . . . . . .594, 595
83-10937 K9N Platinum         nForce570 Ultra      3PCI      2 X PCI Express X16 DDR2 800/667MHz 1000BT             8 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
                                                                                                                                         Accessories . . .600, 601        Modems . . . . . . . . .614
83-10938 K9N Platinum         nForce570 SLI        3PCI      2 X PCI Express X16 DDR2 800/667MHz 1000BT             8 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
                                                                                                                                         Computer                         Monitors . . . . .583, 584
Socket 939 nForce Motherboards
                                                                                                                                         Batteries . . . . .600, 602      Motherboards . . . . .565
83-10645 K8N-NEO4-SLI             nForce4          3PCI      2 X PCI Express X16 4 DDR400/333MHz       1000BT      10     1,3,6,7,8
                                                                                                                                         Computer Locks . . . .600        Nintendo Parts . . . . .601
83-10646 K8N-NEO4F                nForce4          4PCI      PCI Express X16     4 DDR400/333MHz       1000BT      10       1,3,7
                                                                                                                                         Computer Screws . . .569         Null Modem Cables .609
Socket u478 800/533MHz Motherboards
                                                                                                                                         Computer                         Panduit . . . . . .621, 622
83-10922 865PE-NEO2-V             I865PE           5PCI      AGP                   4 DDR400MHz            Y         8        1,2
                                                                                                                                         Software . . . . .596, 597       Patch Panels . .620, 621
Intel Media Series Motherboards                                                                                                          Computer                         Plextor . . . . . . . . . .576
Order #      Model #                Chipset        Slots     AGP                   Memory             LAN         USB   *Notes           Speakers . . . . .579, 580       PNY Technologies . .568,
83-10843 BOXD945PVSLKR              I945P          4PCI      PCI Express X16       4 DDR2 533/667MHz 1000BT        8  3,4,5,6,7,9        Cooler Master . .566~569                               584, 588
83-10847 BOXD945GNTLR               I945G          4PCI      PCI Express X16       4 DDR2 533/667MHz    Y          8   2,3,4,5,7         CPUs . . . . . . . . . . .566    Power Supplies .570, 571
83-10848 BOXD945GCZLR               I945G          4PCI      PCI Express X16       4 DDR2 533/667MHz    Y          8   2,3,4,5,7         Creative Labs . . . . .577       PS/2 Cables . . .610, 611
83-10849 BOXD945GTPLR               I945G          4PCI      PCI Express X16       4 DDR2 533/667Mhz    Y          8   2,3,4,5,7         D sub Connectors611, 612         Punch Down Tools . .620
                                                                                                                                         Data Comm . . .609~623           Seagate . . . . . . . . .572
Intel Desktop Series                                                                                                                     Data Switches . .604~606         Serial ATA Cables . . .571
Order #      Model #             Chipset     Slots   AGP                  Memory                        LAN       USB      *Notes        Digital Camera Batteries         Sony . . . . . . . .575, 576
Socket LGA775 Dual Core 1066MHz FSB DDR2 Memory ATX Motherboards                                                                            See Battery and Power         Sound Cards . . .576, 577
83-10647 BOXD955XBKLKR           I955X       3PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 533/667MHz            1000BT       8     1,3,4,5,7                          Products     SOYO . . . . . . . . . . .567
83-10850 BOXD945PSNLK            I945G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 533/667MHz            1000BT       8     1,3,4,5,7      Digital Camera                   Stellar Labs . . . . . . .605
83-10851 BOXD945GNTL             I945G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 533/667MHz            1000BT       8       2,4,5,       Memory . . . . . .587, 588       SVGA Matrix . . . . . .605
Socket LGA775 Dual Core 1066MHz FSB DDR2 Memory BTX Motherboards                                                                         DVD Media . . . . . . .598       SVGA Cables . . . . . .613
83-10842 BOXD955XCSLKR           I955X       3PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 533/667MHz            1000BT       8     1,3,4,5,7      DVD±RW Drives . . .576           TV Tuners . . . . . . . .586
Socket LGA775 Dual Core 1066MHz FSB DDR2 Memory w/Integrated Graphics ATX Motherboards                                                   DVD-ROM Drives575, 576           USB Accessories 606, 607
83-10844 BOXD945GNTLKR           I945G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 533/667MHz            1000BT       8     2,3,4,5,7      Dymo Labelers .622, 623          Vacuum Cleaners 600, 601
Socket LGA775 Dual Core 1066MHz FSB DDR2 Memory w/Integrated Graphics Micro-ATX Motherboards                                             EDO RAM . . . . . . . .568       VGA Splitters . .604, 605
83-10846 BOXD945GTPLKR           I945G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 533/667MHz            1000BT       8     2,3,4,5,7      Enermax . . . . . .569~571       Video Adaptors . . . .611
83-10853 BOXD945GTPL             I945G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 533/667MHz               Y         8       3,4,5        Eprom . . . . . . . . . . .568   Video Cards . . .584, 585
Socket LGA775 800/533MHz FSB DDR Memory w/Integrated Graphics Micro-ATX Motherboards                                                     Ethernet Cards .614~617          Video Convertors585, 586
83-10854 BOXD945G101GGCL         I945G ATI Graphics  PCI Express X16      4 DDR 333/400MHz             1000BT       8      1,2,4,5       Ethernet Hubs . .614~616         Western Digital . . . .572
83-10539 BOXD915GAGL             I915G       2PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR 333/400MHz             1000BT       8      1,2,4,5       Ethernet Routers . . .615        Wireless Networking
Socket LGA775 800/533MHz FSB DDR Memory w/Integrated Graphics ATX Motherboards                                                           Ethernet Switches614~617         Products . . . . .617, 619
83-10541 BOXD915GAV              I915G       4PCI    N                    4 DDR 333/400MHz                N         8      1,2,4,5       Firewire Cables . . . .609       Wiring Ducts . .621, 622
83-10542 BOXD915GAVL             I915G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR 333/400MHz                Y         8      1,2,4,5       Flash Memory .587, 588           Y-Mouse . . . . . . . . .609
Socket LGA775 800/533MHz FSB DDR memory ATX motherboards
83-10855 BOXD915PLWDL            I915P       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR 400/333MHz                Y         8      1,3,4,5
83-10550 BOXD915PGNL             I915P       4PCI    N                    4 DDR 400/333MHz                Y         8      1,3,4,5
Socket LGA775 800/533MHz FSB DDR Memory BTX Motherboards
83-10543 BOXD915GMHL             I915G       2PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR 333/400MHz                Y         8      1,2,4,5
83-10544 BOXD915GMHLK            I915G       2PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR 333/400MHz             1000BT       8     1,3,4,5,6
Socket LGA775 1066MHz FSB DDR2 Memory uBTX Motherboards w/Integrated Graphics
83-10845 BOXD945GCZLKR           I945G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 533/667MHz            1000BT       8     2,3,4,5,7
83-10852 BOXD945GCZL             I945G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 533/667MHz               Y         8       3,4,5
Socket LGA775 800/533MHz FSB DDR-2 Memory w/Integrated Graphics Micro-ATX Motherboards
83-10545 BOXD915GUXL             I915G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 333/400MHz               N         8      1,2,4,5

Socket LGA775 800/533MHz FSB DDR-2 Memory w/Integrated Graphics ATX Motherboards
83-10547 BOXD915GEVL             I915G       4PCI    PCI Express X16      4 DDR2 333/400MHz               Y         8      1,2,4,5
Socket LGA775 800/533MHz FSB DDR-2 memory micro-ATX motherboards
83-10551 BOXD915PSYL             I915P       2PCI    N                    2 DDR2 400/533MHz               Y         8      1,3,4,5
83-10555 BOXD915PCML             I915P       2PCI    N                    2 DDR2 400/53MHz                Y         8      1,3,4,5
Socket LGA775 800/533MHz FSB DDR-2 memory ATX motherboards
83-10552 BOXD915PBLL             I915P       4PCI    N                    4 DDR2 400/533MHz               Y         8     1,3,4,5,7
83-10553 BOXD915PCY              I915P       4PCI    N                    4 DDR2 400/533MHz               N         8      1,3,4,5

Notes:                                        3   Includes eight channel audio            7 Includes onboard RAID technology             NET 30
1 Includes both two serial ATA (SATA)         4   Includes PCI Express X1 slots           8 Includes SLI technology for
  ports and two IDE ports                     5   Includes PCI Express X16 slots            dual video cards                                        Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                                   Order Toll Free
2 Includes six channel audio                  6   Includes FireWire Ports                 9 Includes S/PDIF digital out connector
                                                                                                                                        1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 565
                                                                                                                                        1-800-543-4330, FAX
                             Computer                                                                   Ca
                                                                                                       MCMll for
                             Products                                                                      Price

     Section 24
     CPUs                                                     Order #  Description
     •Includes cooling fan                   Ca               83-6235 Pentium 133MHz                             See our latest additions
                                            MCMll for         83-6245 Pentium 166MHz                                 of Intel™ Core™2
     Order #           Description              Price         83-7620 Pentium 166MHz MMX
     83-8963           DURON 1.2GHz Socket A                  83-7803 Pentium 233MHz MMX                             Duo Processors at
     83-9078           DURON 1.3GHz Socket A                  83-7806 PII 300MHz with fan                          www.mcminone.com
     83-10466          Sempron 2600+ 1.83GHz Socket A         83-7807 PII 333MHz with fan
     83-10467          Sempron 2800+ 2.0GHz Socket 754        83-7808 PII 350MHz with fan
     83-10498          Sempron 3000+ 2.0GHz Socket 754        83-7809 PII 400MHz with fan
     83-10468          Sempron 3100+ 1.8GHz Socket 754        83-7951 PII 450MHz with fan
     83-10239          Sempron 3300+ 2.0GHz Socket 754        83-8098 Celeron PPGA 366MHz with fan                     Order #    Description
                       128Kb Cache                            83-8102 Celeron PPGA 433MHzwith fan                      83-9686 PIII FCPGA 1.4GHz 512K Cache with fan (133MHz)
     Sempron Socket AM2 Processors                            83-8420 Celeron PPGA 466MHz with fan                     83-8972 P4 Socket 423 1.4GHz with fan
     83-10240          Sempron 3400+ 2.0GHz Socket 754        83-8421 Celeron PPGA 500MHz with fan                     83-8973 P4 Socket 423 1.5GHz with fan
                       256Kb Cache                            83-8422 Celeron PPGA 533MHz with fan                     83-8974 P4 Socket 423 1.6GHz with fan
     83-10925          Sempron 2800+ 1.6GHz 128Kb Cache       83-8423 Celeron FCPGA 533MH with fan                     83-8980 P4 Socket µ478 1.6GHz with fan
     83-10926          Sempron 3000+ 1.6GHz 256Kb Cache       83-8424 Celeron FCPGA 566MHz with fan                    83-8981 P4 Socket µ478 1.7GHz with fan
     83-10927          Sempron 3400+ 1.8GHz 256Kb Cache       83-8425 Celeron FCPGA 600MHz with fan                    83-8984 P4 Socket µ478 2.0GHz with fan
     83-10928          Sempron 3500+ 2.0GHz 128Kb Cache       83-8426 Celeron FCPGA 633MHz with fan                    83-9311 P4 Socket µ478 2.6GHz with Fan
     83-10929          Sempron 3600+ 2.0GHz 256Kb Cache       83-8427 Celeron FCPGA 677MHz with fan                    83-9176 P4 Socket µ478 2.26GHz 533MHz FSB with fan
     Athlon Processors                                        83-8428 Celeron FCPGA 700MHz with fan                    83-9175 P4 Socket µ478 2.4GHz 533MHz FSB with fan
     83-9654           Athlon XP2700+ 2.167GHz                83-8777 Celeron FCPGA 733MHz with fan                    83-9312 P4 Socket µ478 2.66GHz 533MHz FSB with fan
                       (333MHz FSB) Socket A                  83-8103 PIII Slot 1 450MHz with fan (100MHz)             83-10229 P4 Socket µ478 2.4GHzE 533MHz with fan*
     83-9656           Athlon XP3000+ 2.16GHz                 83-8104 PIII Slot 1 500MHz with fan (100MHz)             83-10228 P4 Socket µ478 2.8GHzE 533MHz with fan*
                       (333MHz FSB) Socket A                  83-8105 PIII Slot 1 550MHz with fan (100MHz)             83-9830 P4 Socket µ478 2.4GHz 800MHz FSB with fan
     83-9892           Athlon XP3200+ 2.20GHz                 83-8396 PIII Slot 1 650MHz with fan (100MHz)             83-10040 P4 Socket µ478 3.2GHz 800MHz FSB with fan
                       (400MHz FSB) Socket A                  83-8401 PIII Slot 1 533MHz with fan (133MHz)             83-10221 P4 Socket µ478 3.4GHz 800MHz FSB with fan
     83-10348          Athlon64 2800+ Socket 754              83-8403 PIII Slot 1 667MHz with fan (133MHz)             83-10227 P4 Socket µ478 2.8GHzE 800MHz FSB with fan*
     83-10349          Athlon64 3000+ Socket 754              83-8404 PIII Slot 1 733MHz with fan (133MHz)             83-10226 P4 Socket µ478 3.0GHzE 800MHz FSB with fan*
     83-10350          Athlon64 3200+ Socket 754              83-8405 PIII Slot 1 800MHz with fan (133MHz)             83-10224 P4 Socket µ478 3.2GHzE 800MHz FSB with fan*
     83-10351          Athlon64 3400+ Socket 754              83-8406 PIII Slot 1 866MHz with fan (133MHz)             P4 LGA 775 Socket Processors
     83-10502          Athlon64 3700+ Socket 754              83-8925 PIII Slot 1 1GHz with fan (100MHz)               83-10506 Celeron D 326 2.53GHz with fan
     83-10501          Athlon64 3200+ Socket 939              83-8964 Celeron FCPGA 850MHz with fan                    83-10507 Celeron D 331 2.66GHz with fan
     83-10352          Athlon64 3500+ Socket 939              83-8965 Celeron FCPGA 900MHz with fan                    83-10508 Celeron D 336 2.8GHz with fan
     83-10353          Athlon64 3800+ Socket 939              83-8966 Celeron FCPGA 950MHz with fan                    83-10509 Celeron D 346 3.06GHz with fan
     83-10500          Athlon64 4000+ Socket 939              83-8967 Celeron FCPGA 1GHz with fan                      83-10237 Celeron D 351 3.20GHz with fan***
     Athlon64 X2 Dual Core Processors                         83-8968 Celeron FCPGA 1.1GHz with fan                    83-10236 Celeron D 355 3.33GHz with fan***
     83-10794          Athlon64 4200+ 2.2GHz                  83-8969 Celeron FCPGA 1.2GHz with fan                    83-10511 Pentium4 Processor 521 2.8GHz with fan
                       1Mb Cache Socket 939                   83-9688 Celeron FCPGA 1.4GHz with fan                    83-10512 Pentium4 Processor 520J 2.8GHz with fan
     83-10795          Athlon64 4400+ 2.2GHz                  400MHz FSB Celeron Processors                            83-10517 Pentium4 Processor 550 3.4GHz with fan
                       2Mb Cache Socket 939                   83-9202 Celeron Socket µ478 1.7GHz with fan              83-10519 Pentium4 Processor 560 3.62GHz with fan
     83-10796          Athlon64 4600+ 2.4GHz                  83-9310 Celeron Socket µ478 2.0GHz with fan              83-10636 Pentium4 Processor 630 3.0GHz with fan**
                       1Mb Cache Socket 939                   83-9685 Celeron Socket µ478 2.3GHz with fan              83-10637 Pentium4 Processor 640 3.2GHz with fan**
     Athlon64 X2 Socket AM2 Processors                        83-9684 Celeron Socket µ478 2.4GHz with fan              83-10638 Pentium4 Processor 650 3.4GHz with fan**
     83-10797          Athlon64 4800+ 2.4GHz                  83-9981 Celeron Socket µ478 2.6GHz with fan              83-10640 Pentium4 Processor 670 3.8GHz with fan**
                       2Mb Cache Socket 939                   83-9982 Celeron Socket µ478 2.7GHz with fan              P4 LGA 775 Processors with BTX thermal solution
     83-10930          Athlon64 X2 4000+ 2.0GHz               83-10044 Celeron Socket µ478 2.8GHz with fan             83-10521 Pentium4 Processor 630J BTX 3.0GHz with fan
                       2 X 1Mb Cache                          533MHz FSB Celeron Processors                            83-10522 Pentium4 Processor 650J BTX 3.4GHz with fan
     83-10931          Athlon64 X2 4200+ 2.2GHz               83-10330 Celeron D 325 2.53GHz with fan***               83-10523 Pentium4 Processor 660J BTX 3.62GHz with fan
                       2 X 512Kb Cache                        83-10331 Celeron D 330 2.66GHz with fan***               P4 LGA 775 Dual Core CPUs
     83-10932          Athlon64 X2 4400+ 2.2GHz               83-10332 Celeron D 335 2.8GHz with fan***                83-10235 Pentium4 Processor 805 2.66GHz with fan****
                       2 X 1Mb Cache                          83-10504 Celeron D 340 2.93 GHz with fan                 83-10790 Pentium4 Processor 820 2.8GHz with fan****
     83-10933          Athlon64 X2 4800+ 2.4GHz               83-10505 Celeron D 345 3.0GHz with fan                   83-10791 Pentium4 Processor 830 3.0GHz with fan****
                       2 X 1Mb Cache                          83-8408 PIII FCPGA 500MHz with fan (100MHz)              83-10792 Pentium4 Processor 840 3.2GHz with fan****
     83-10934          Athlon64 X2 5000+ 2.6GHz               83-8409 PIII FCPGA 550MHz with fan (100MHz)              83-10234 Pentium4 Processor 920 2.8GHz with fan*****
                       2 X 1Mb Cache                          83-8410 PIII FCPGA 600MHz with fan (100MHz)              83-10233 Pentium4 Processor 930 3.0GHz with fan*****
     FX Series                                                83-8411 PIII FCPGA 650MHz with fan (100MHz)              83-10232 Pentium4 Processor 940 3.2GHz with fan*****
     83-10342          Athlon64 FX-53 Socket 940              83-8412 PIII FCPGA 700MHz FSB with fan (100MHz)          83-10231 Pentium4 Processor 950 3.4GHz with fan*****
     83-10499          Athlon64 FX-55 Socket 939              83-8413 PIII FCPGA 750MHz FSB with fan (100MHz)          Extreme Edition 2Mb Level 3 Cache
     83-10343          Athlon64 FX-55 Socket 940              83-8414 PIII FCPGA 800MHz FSB with fan (100MHz)          83-10230 Pentium4 Processor 955 3.46GHz
     83-10241          Athlon64 FX-57 2.8GHz Socket 939       83-8415 PIII FCPGA 533MHz FSB with fan (133MHz)                     1066Fsb with fan *****
                       1Mb Cache                              83-8416 PIII FCPGA 600MHz FSB with fan (133MHz)          83-10793 Pentium4 Processor 840 Dual Core
     83-10242          Athlon64 X2 FX-60 2.6GHz               83-8417 PIII FCPGA 667MHz FSB with fan (133MHz)                     Extreme Edition 3.2GHz with fan**
                       Socket 939 2 x 1Mb Cache               83-8418 PIII FCPGA 733MHz FSB with fan (133MHz)          *Prescott series CPUs 1Mb cache, check with
     83-10935          Athlon64 FX-62 2.8GHz 2 x 1Mb Cache    83-8419 PIII FCPGA 800MHz FSB With fan (133MHz)          motherboard manufacturer for compatibility
                                                              83-8770 PIII FCPGA 866MHz FSB With fan (133MHz)          **Prescott series CPUs 2Mb cache, check with
                                                              83-8771 PIII FCPGA 933MHz FSB With fan (133MHz)          motherboard manufacturer for compatibility
     High Performance                                         83-8772 PIII FCPGA 1GHz FSB With fan (133MHz)            ***Prescott series CPUs 256K cache, check with
     Copper Heatsink and Fan                                  83-8970 PIII FCPGA 1.13GHz with fan (133MHz)             motherboard manufacturer for compatibility
     •Fits Intel Pentium 4                                    83-8971 PIII FCPGA 1.2GHz with fan (133MHz)              ****Cache size 2 x 1Mb
     Socket u478 CPUs up to                                   83-9687 PIII FCPGA 1.2GHz 512K Cache with fan (133MHz)   *****Cache size 2 x 2Mb

     2.6GHz and AMD Socket A
     CPUs •12VDC ball bearing                                                                                                          Intel P4
     fan •3 pin connector •33.2                                             High Performance
     cfm •3800rpm •34.5db(A)                                                Thermal Compound
     •Dimensions: 3.26" x 2.71" x 2.047" with heat sink                                                                                478 Heat
                                                                             Features: •Two
     Order #                                         (ea.)                   templates ensure                                          Sink Fan
     83-9155                                        $24.95    correct applying area for various                         •Type: Socket 478 up
                                                              CPU socket types Features:                                to 3.4GHz •Material:
                                                              •Excellent thermal conductivity                           Aluminum •Fan size:
                                                     NET 30   •Electrically non-conductive •Wide                        70 x 70 x 15mm •Heat sink size:
                                                     Terms                                                              83 x 68.5 x 37mm •#DI4-7H53D-08
                                                              range of application temperature
                             Order Online                     Order # Conductivity   (1-9) (10-up)                       Order #                 (1-9)                  (10-up)
      566            www.mcminone.com                         83-10380 4.18W/mK      $3.25 $3.14                         83-10373                $4.95                   $4.69
            Socket 370,                                Slot A Heatsink/Fan
            Socket A                                   Combination                                                                        Products
and Socket 462 Heatsink                                Dual fan cooling                                                          A
•Type: Socket 370, A                                   system for AMD Athlon
                                                       processors. Replace your
                                                                                                                                                                  Section 24
and 462 •Maximum CPU
support: AMD XP2200+                                   stock heatsink today.                                                         B
•Material: Aluminum •Fan size: 60 x 60 x 15mm           Order #                  (1-9)                     (10-up)
•Heat sink dimension: 60 x 60 x 40mm •Noise level:                                                                                                            C
                                                        83-9331                 $19.95                     $18.49
30-33dBA •#DP5-6I11A-99
Order #                (1-9)                (10-up)                                                                   Audio Expansion
83-10747               $5.95                 $5.51                                                                    Brackets
                                                                                                                      •Ensure the connectors are correct for
                                                                                                                      your application
            Socket 370,                                Deluxe Socket                                                  Fig. Order # Description                       (1-9) (10-up)
            Socket A                                   7/FC-PGA CPU Fan                                               A 83-10168 1 x RCA jack, 1 xSPDIF optical $7.19 $6.22
                                                       •For AMD K6/K6-2/Socket                                                     toslink connector to 3 pin socket
and Socket 462 Heatsink                                A, Intel Pentium                                               B 83-10169 1 x RCA jack, 1 xSPDIF optical 9.95 8.50
•Type: Socket 370, A                                   60~266MHz, Celeron                                                          toslink connector, 2 x 3.5mm
and 462 •Maximum                                       300~700MHz PPGA/FC-PGA, Pentium III 500~800                                 stereo jacks to 3 and 6 pin connectors
CPU support: XP2800+                                   FC-PGA, Cyrix 6x86, 6x86MX and MII and IBM                     C 83-10170 2 x 3.5mm stereo jacks               6.09 5.12
•Material: Aluminum •Fan size: 60 x 60 x 15mm          6x86 processors •12VDC ball bearing fan •3 pin
•Heat sink dimension: 75 x 60 x 40mm •Noise level:     connector •10.5cfm •5400pm •Noise level: 33dB                  PS/2 Port Adaptor
30-33dBA •#DP5-6I31D-A1                                •High-ratio aluminum heat sink •Dimensions:                    •6 pin mini DIN
Order #                (1-9)                (10-up)    2"x 2" x 1.5" with heat sink                                   female connector with
83-10748               $5.95                 $5.51     Order #                    (1-9)                     (10-up)   expansion slot bracket
                                                       83-8371                    $7.95                      $6.13    •10" cable to 8 pin
                                                                                                                      IDC connector
              Jet 4 Intel P4
              Socket 478                               CPU/Chipset                                                    Order #                         (1-9)                  (10-up)

              Heat Sink Fan                            Heat Sink and Fan                                              83-7792                         $4.29                   $3.80
                                                       Protect your CPU from                                          Serial Port Adaptor
•Cooler Master’s newest                                overheating with this 12V/.9W
product, JET 4, has a new                              DC CPU fan. Easily mounted on                                  •DB-9 male connector
and improved Jet blower                                your motherboard’s CPU, these                                  with bracket for
derived from the successful                            compact fans prolong processor                                 installation into
Aero blower •With an                                   life span. Mounting frame and                                  expansion slot of personal computers •10" cable to 10
amazing blower that provides                           heat sink included. Floppy disk                                pin IDC connector to connect to control card
high airflow with the same air                         drive power connector clips onto power source.                 Order #        Description         (1-9)     (10-49)   (50-up)
pressure and rpm rating •Type: Socket 478 and          486 CPU fan.
Prescott CPUs up to 3.6GHz •Material: Copper                                                                          83-3520        DB-9M adaptor       $3.89      $3.09     $2.63
stacked fin/aluminum stacked fin •Fan size:            Order #                                              (ea.)     83-0800        DB-25M adaptor       4.89       4.11       -
80 x 80 x 80mm •Heat sink size: 83 x 68 x 50mm         83-1975                                              $7.29     83-3525        DB-25 female         6.69       4.97      4.40
•Jet 4-ICB-V83
Order #                 (1-9)                (10-up)
83-10377               $34.99                $33.55

              AMD                                      PC Brackets                                                    TechAID
              Socket                                   •Allows user to add additional connectors to                   Debug Card
              A Heat                                   computer expansion slots and/or fill missing plates            Features:
              Sink Fan                                  Order #     Description                  (1-5)      (6-up)    •Easy to read
                                                        83-2090     One hole DB-9                $0.91      $0.73     LED display
•Type: Socket A up
                                                        83-2100     One hole DB-25                0.91       0.71     on both the
to XP 3200+, socket 462,
                                                        83-2105     One hole DB-37                0.91       0.73     TechAID
socket 370 •Material:
                                                        83-2130     No hole (blank)               0.91       0.73     and the
Aluminum with copper
insert •Fan size: 60 x 60 x 15mm •#CP5-6J31C-01
                                                                                                                      •Will assist in revealing where problem is while
Order #               (1-9)                  (10-up)                                                                  troubleshooting •Can be used to identify whether
83-10371              $5.95                   $5.72                                                                   CPU or motherboard is defective •Will help to
                                                                                                                      determine if the memory is faulty •Able to pinpoint
                                                                                                                      whether the video card is problematic •Six LEDs that
                                                       USB Expansion                                                  can hint whether the power supply is failing •Simple
                                                                                                                      to follow POST code table for problem description
Celeron                                                Brackets                                                       •Drastically reduce troubleshooting
                                                       •Add additional USB ports to your PC •Check
CPU Fan                                                to make sure the connectors are correct for
                                                                                                                       Order #           Mfr. #                               (ea.)
•12VDC ball bearing                                    your application                                                83-9952           SY-TECHAID                           $34.95
fan •3 pin connector •Ultra quiet •Low profile
•Cross cutting design for more efficient heat           Order #    USB Bracket Description                    (ea.)
dissipation •Mounting clip provided •Dimensions:        83-7873    2 x USB A 1.1 to 2 x 5 pin connectors    $12.29
53⁄8" (W) x 7⁄8" (H) x 2" (D)                           83-10165   2 x USB 2.0 A to 2 x 5 pin connectors     11.19
                                                        83-10164   1 x USB A, 1 x USB B to 2 x 5               5.95
Order #                (1-9)                (10-up)                pin connectors
83-8060                $9.95                 $9.22
                                                       FireWire®                                                      Quickpost PCI
                                                       Expansion Brackets                                             Version 3.3
                                                       •Add additional                                                •Works with any
                                                       FireWire® ports                                                PCI bus system •Digital

                                                       to your computer                                  #83-10166    indicators for every P.O.S.T.
                                                       •Check to make                                                 code error •Monitors power supply voltages
                                                       sure the connectors                                            •Tests the presence of clock and reset signals
                                                       are correct for your                                           •Plugs into any PCI I/O slot •Supports all major
                                                       application •FireWire®                                         BIOS manufacturers
                                                       brackets #83-10166:                                             Order #                                                (ea.)
                                                       1 x 6p to 10 pin
                                                                                                         #83-10167     83-8849                                               $299.00
                                                       connector #83-10167:
                                                       2 x 6p to 10 pin
                                                       connectors                                                      NET 30
                                                        Order #                   (1-9)                     (10-up)
                                                        83-10166                  $5.95                      $5.25                    Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                     Order Toll Free
                                                        83-10167                   5.95                       5.25    1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 567
                                                                                                                      1-800-543-4330, FAX
                            Computer                                                                                        r
                            Products                                                                                Call foice
                                                              Memory Products                                                    LIFETIME

      Section 24
                                                              •PNY Technologies is a global leader in the design,
                                                              manufacturing, and distribution of memory upgrade products
                                                              for desktops, notebooks, servers, workstations, printers,
                                                              digital cameras, hand held PCs, and other customized memory
                                                              applications •All products 100% tested •Free technical support
                                                              directly from the manufacturer

                                                               Order # PNY #                      Description                   Order # PNY #                 Description
     Eprom                                                     168 pin DIMM                                                     83-10527 D21GX43OPT           1Gb PC4300 (two 512Mb)
     Order #          Speed             Pins         (ea.)     83-8689 64174ESEM4G-PC             128Mb PC100 SDRAM             83-10805 D1GX43OPT            1Gb PC4300 single module
     2732A-20          200ns            24           $4.60     83-8690 6432ZESEM4G-PC             256Mb PC100 SDRAM             Notebook SODIMM
     2732A-25          250ns            24            4.61     83-8685 64174GSEM4G-PC             128Mb PC133 SDRAM             83-8693 6416ZESWM4G-PC        128Mb PC100 SODIMM
     2764-25           250ns            28            5.99     83-8686 6432ZGSEM4G-PC             256Mb PC133 SDRAM             83-8934 6432ZESWM4G-PC        256Mb PC100 SODIMM
     2764              450ns            28            5.52     83-8928 6464WHSEM8G17TWN           512Mb PC133 SDRAM             83-9646 N128S133Y             128Mb PC133 SODIMM
     2764A-20          200ns            28            4.36     184 pin DDR DIMM                                                 83-9647 N256S133Z             256Mb PC133 SODIMM
     27C64-15          150ns            28            6.10     83-9642 32X64D2700                 256Mb PC2700                  83-9648 N512S133W             512Mb PC133 SODIMM
     27C64-25          250ns            28            7.69     83-9643 64X64D2700                 512Mb PC2700                  83-9652 N256D27OPT            256Mb PC2700 SODIMM
     27128-25          250ns            28            5.07     83-10524 D1GBPC270PT               1Gb PC2700                    83-10401 6464WNDYA            512Mb PC2700 SODIMM
     27128A            200ns            28            5.63     83-10399 D256MPC32OPT              256Mb PC3200                  83-10800 N1GBD27OPT           1Gb PC2700 SODIMM
     27C128-15         150ns            28            7.43     83-10400 D512MPC32OPT              512Mb PC3200                  83-10801 N1GBD32OPT           1Gb OC3200 SODIMM
     27C128-25         250ns            28            6.10     83-10525 D1GBPC320PT               1Gb PC3200                    DDR2 SODIMM
     27256-25          250ns            28            5.07     83-10879 D22GBPC32OPT              2Gb PC3200 (two 1Gb)          83-10880 N512X42OPT           512Mb PC4200 SODIMM
     27C256-12         120ns            28            5.95     240 Pin DDR2 DIMM                                                83-10806 N1GX43OPT            1Gb PC4300 SODIMM
     27C256-15         150ns            28            5.95     83-10881 D512X42OPT                512Mb PC4200
     27C256-25         250ns            28            7.12     83-10526 D2512X43OPT               512Mb PC4300 (two 256Mb)
     27C256-55          55ns            28            6.14
     27C256-90         90ns             28            6.14
                                                                                                                                                                   MCMll for
     27512-25          250ns            28            6.10
     27C512-10         100ns            28            6.50
     27C512-12         120ns            28            7.49                                                                      Order #                    Size
     27C512-15         150ns            28            7.12
                                                              Kingston                                                          DDR 333 SDRAM
                                                                                                                                83-9416                    256Mb
     EDO RAM (72-Pin)                   Ca                    DDR SDRAM
                                       MCMll for
                                                                                                                                83-9417                    512Mb
     •Call for the latest pricing          Price              The Kingston ValueRAM line is designed to
                                                                                                                                DDR 400 SDRAM
                                                              industry specifications is 100% tested and carries                83-9418                    256Mb
      Order #        Description                   Speed      a lifetime warranty.                                              83-9419                    512Mb
      EDO4000-60     4 x 32(16MEG) non-parity      60ns                                                                         DDR2 533MHz
      EDO8000-60     8 x 32(32MEG) non-parity      60ns                                                                         83-10460                   256Mb
      83-7812        16 x 32(64MEG) non-parity     60                                                                           83-10461                   512Mb
                                                                                                                                83-10462                   512Mb kit (2 x 256Mb)
     Microprocessors                                                                                                            83-10463                   1024Mb (1Gb)
     Order #       Pins        (ea.)                          Note: Due to fluctuating computer market conditions, prices are   83-10464                   1024Mb kit (2 x 512Mb)
     Z-80          40          $9.21                          subject to change without notice. Please call your MCM Account
     8085A-2       40           6.99                          Representative or visit www.mcminone.com to verify pricing.

                                                                      Computer Cases

                                                                                                                                Praetorian ATX
                                                                                                                                Computer Case
                                                                                                                                •Superior airflow
                                                                                                                                design for maximum
                                                                                                                                cooling performance
                                                                                                                                motherboard tray
                                                                                                                                for easy installation
                                                                                                                                and maintenance
                                                                                                                                •Tool-free assembly/
                Cavalier 4 Home Theater Design                                                                                  disassembly for quick
                                                                                                                                and convenient
     Computer Case with 350W Power Supply                                                                                       maintenance or
     •Build your own media center PC or DVR to fit into                                                                         upgrade •Clear
     your home theater rack •The Cooler Master home           Wave Master Aluminum ATX Computer Case                            anodized surface for a
     theater PC cases are designed simply and tastefully to   •The Wave Master case is designed with lightweight                long last finish •Reinforced frame for maximum
     fit into your home design •High efficiency ventilation   aluminum alloy that greatly reduces its weight                    structure integrity •Easy to clean metal screen filter
     design ensures long life •Fully EMI shielded to          (34% in comparison to casings made of iron) •Stylish              for front air intake Specifications: •Model #PAC-T01
     protect user from harmful electronic emissions           curved front plate design •Sophisticated machine                  •Tower case •Motherboard: ATX 12" x 9.6" •Power
     •Tool-less assembly/disassembly for quick and easy                                                                         supply: Support for up to 650W power supply •Front

                                                              processing for exotic smooth finish •Removable
     maintenance or upgrade Specifications: Cavalier 4:       motherboard tray for fast and easy assembly                       panel USB, IEEE1394 and audio ports •Dimensions:
     •Motherboard type: ATX •Power supply: 350W               Specifications: •Model #TAC-T01 •Tower case                       497 x 196 x 452mm (LxWxH) •Cooling fans front:
     •Front panel ports: USB, audio and firewire              •Motherboard: ATX 12" x 9.6" •Power supply:                       80mm x 2 (2 standard), rear: 80mm x 1 (standard),
     •Dimensions: 500mm (D) x 202mm (W) x 435mm (H),          Support for up to 650W power supply •Front panel                  top: 80mm x 1 (standard) •Expansion slots up to 7
     Order #        Mfr. #               Color      (ea.)     USB, IEEE1394 and audio ports •Dimensions:                        Order #       Mfr. #               Color        (ea.)
     83-10567       CAV4-T04-UKA         Black     $109.00    540 x 198 x 45mm (LxWxH) •Cooling fans front:                     83-10562      PAC-T01-E1           Silver      $119.00
     83-10568       CAV4-T04-UWA         Silver     109.00    80mm (1 standard), rear: 80mm x 1 (standard)                      83-10563      PAC-T01-EK           Black        119.00
                                                              •Expansion slots up to 7
                                                    NET 30     Order #            Mfr. #             Color          (ea.)
                                                               83-10560           TAC-T01-E1C        Silver        $149.00
                               Order Online                    83-10561           TAC-T01-EK         Black          159.00
      568             www.mcminone.com
                                         Computer Cases                                                                                Computer

                                                                                                                                                                 Section 24
                                                           Computer Case Fan                                            PC Screw Kit
                                                           •Helps keep inside of PC cooler for better                   The PC screw kit is
                                                           performance •12VDC ball bearing fan •3 pin                   a handy assortment
                                                           connector with 4 pin standard power adaptor                  of common PC
                                                           included •33cfm •2500rpm •Noise level: 29dB                  fasteners for building,
                                                           •Includes four mounting screws •Dimensions:                  repairing, and
                                                           31⁄8" x 31⁄8" x 1"                                           maintaining
                                                            Order #                (1-9)                     (10-up)    computer systems.
                                                            83-8380                $8.49                      $7.10     The kit includes 12
                                                                                                                        different fasteners all
                                                           80mm LED                                                     in a plastic carrying
                                                           Case Fans                                                    case with divided compartments. Includes 50 screws
CM Stacker BTX/ATX Computer Case                                                                                        and fasteners in each of seven category types for
                                                           Features:                                                    a total of 350 screws as well as an assortment of
CM Stacker is a new computer chassis from                  •Silent •Cool                                                standoffs. Screws included are 6 x 32 x 1⁄4", 6 x 32 x
Cooler Master with extremely powerful functions.           and illuminate                                               3mm, M3 x 11⁄4", 4 x 40 x 3⁄16", and 7⁄16" self-tapping case
The innovative design supports EATX, ATX and BTX           your case at                                                 fan screws. Other items include metal jackscrew
form factors. Adding your own power supply gives you       the same time                           #83-10111
                                                                                #83-10109                               standoffs #6-32 to M3 which is a hex head (barrel)
complete design control. Besides its unique cross-flow     •Add flair and                                               with an outer thread of #6-32 and inner thread of M3
fan, the CM Stacker supports up to eight regular fans,     personality to your PC •Easy to install                      and a length of 5⁄32", metal jackscrew standoffs #4-40
giving it unmatched cooling performance. Built from        •Shockproof Specifications: •LED: 3 x specified              which is a hex head (barrel) with a thread of #4-40
1.0mm thick steel plate, the CM Stacker is immensely       color •Dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 25mm                        and a thread length of 7mm (0.27") and a overall
strong, with a high-quality anti-vibration stand           •Speed: 3000rpm (avg.) •Air flow: 0.96m3/hr                  length of 11mm (0.45"), AT style snap in standoffs,
providing extra protection for the system.                 •Noise: 30dBA •Power supply: 12VDC                           ATX style snap in standoffs and plastic screw in
Specifications: •Model #STC-T01 •Tower case                (4 pin molex adaptor included)                               standoffs with a #6-32 thread. Nuts included are
•Motherboard: ATX; BTX, EATX •Power supply:
                                                           Order #  Description                                 (ea.)   4-40 x 2mm and 4-40 x 6mm. Plastic case dimensions
Support for up to dual power supply •Front panel
                                                           83-10107 3 blue LED 80mm fan                        $9.29    are 81⁄4" (L) x 41⁄4" (W) x 11⁄4" (H).
USB, IEEE1394 and audio ports •Dimensions: 19.1 x
7.9 x 16.8"(486 x 200 x 427 mm)(DxWxH) •Cooling            83-10108 3 green LED 80mm fan                         9.49    Order #                  (1-9 kits)             (10 kits-up)
fans front: 120mm x 3 (1 standard), top: 80mm x 1          83-10109 3 red, green, blue flashing                22.95     83-9689                   $29.95                  $28.38
(standard), rear: 120mm x 1 (standard) •Expansion                   LED 80mm fan
slots up to 7                                              83-10110 3 red LED 80mm fan                          7.36
                                                           83-10111 3 red, green, blue LED 80mm fan             8.99
 Order #         Mfr. #                Color       (ea.)
 83-10558        STC-T01-UW            Silver   $175.00                                                                 Security Screws
 83-10559        STC-T01-UWK           Black     175.00                                                                 Enermax
                                                                                                                        security screw
                                                           Adjustable Speed                                             set for PC cases,
ATX Mid-Tower                                              Case Fans                                                    power supplies,
Computer Case                                              •Both automatic and                                          and PCI/AGP
with Power Supply                                          manually controlled fans                                     cards. These screws are more secure than standard
                                                           •80mm x 25mm and                                             screws due to their non standard head, while at the
•Ten internal drive
                                                           120mm x 25mm versions                                        same time they are fairly easy to install and remove
bays–four 51⁄4", two 31⁄2"
                                                           •Manual fans use a                                           for tech crews. Unlike keylock screws which use a
external and four 31⁄2"
                                                           variable resistor and                                        key to turn the screw, these use a more traditional
internal drive bays
                                                           also support automatic                                       driver. This means you can use more of them
•Seven expansion
                                                           motherboard control                                          without sacrificing ease of install, build up or ease
slots •Rear cooling
                                                           •All fans use 3 pin                                          of servicing while at the same time you gain security
fan •Front panel USB
                                                           motherboard connector                                        from sticky fingered users. Features: Protect your PC
2.0 and headphone
ports •Cool gray with                                       Description                                                 components. Two types of screws to fit most PC
350W PS (2 x SATA)                                          Order #       Mfr. #      Size        (1-9)      (10-up)    components. Unique dual head screw driver
•Includes power                                             Manual Resistor Speed Control                               and key. Neat quality package.
cable and                                                   Ball bearing, gold grill                                    Order #          Mfr. #                 (1-9)        (10-up)
mounting hardware                                           83-9047       UC-8FAB     80mm       $10.25       $9.78     83-10457         UC-SST8               $12.95        $12.31
 Order#                                           (1-9)     Sleeve bearing, blue neon
                                                            83-9048       TC-12CAS-BL 120mm       16.25       15.71     DB Hex Nut Kit
 83-10594                                        $44.95
                                                            Automatic Speed Control                                     •Use with wall
                                                            Ball bearing                                                plates •Replaces
                                                            83-10451 UC-8TCFB         80mm            5.95     5.61     lost hex nuts
                                                            Ball bearing, clear fan                                     on connectors
                                                            83-10452 UC-8TCFB(V) 80mm                 6.95     6.64     •Can also be
                                                            Sleeve bearing                                              used as a PC board
                                                            83-9691       UC-8TCFS    80mm            6.95     6.54     standoff Kit contains:
                                                            Ball bearing                                                •Ten hex posts and nuts
                                                            83-10453 UC-12FB          120mm       12.95       12.31
                                                                                                                         Order #     (1-9 kits)        (10-49 kits)     (50 kits-up)
                                                                                                                         83-885        $1.69              $1.37            $1.31

ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case
with 350W Power Supply                                                                                                  Computer Case Screws

                                                                                                                        •Used when adding items to
•Ten drive bays: Four 5 ⁄4", two 3 ⁄2" external and four
                             1     1
                                                                                                                        computers or replacing lost
31⁄2" internal drive bays •Seven expansion slots •Rear                                                                  screws •6~32 thread size
cooling fan •Front panel USB 2.0 and headphone
ports •Includes power cable and mounting hardware                                                                                                               Price Per Pkg.
                                                                                                                         Order # Description       Qty.    (1-9) (10-99) (100-up)
 Order#               Description                  (1-9)
                                                           System Slot Fan                                               83-3600 .37"              20     $0.81     $0.50      $0.30
 83-10591             Beige case with 350W       $44.95                                                                  83-3615 Assorted          30       1.20      0.70      0.49
                      PS (2 xSATA)                         •Installs easily in open PC slot and connects to
                                                           standard 4 pin power connection •Special blade
                                                           design moves five times more air than standard                NET 30
                                                           PC fans •12V, .15A                                            Terms
                                                            Order #                 (1-9)                    (10-up)                Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                   Order Toll Free
                                                            83-8256                $12.50                    $10.82     1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 569
                                                                                                                        1-800-543-4330, FAX
                                                                Sparkle Power
                             Computer                           MATX P4
                                                                Power Supplies
                             Products                           •High-efficiency,
                                                                low-noise power                                                                                                   C
                                                                supplies for
     Section 24
                                                                MATX style case
                                                                Features: •Output
                                                                over-voltage and
                                                                short-circuit                                               Replacement
                                                                protection •MTBF:                                           HP Power                                       #23-200
                                                                Above 100,000                                               Supplies
                                                                hours •Includes AC power cord and built-in
                                                                switch Specifications: •Input voltage:                      These hard to find power supplies include the HP
                                              ATX Power         95~132/190~264VAC, switch-select, 47~63Hz                   video connector and the Intel P4 connector. These
                                             Supplies           •Output voltage: +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -5V, -12V,               allow you to replace your old power supply with the
                                                                +5Vsb •Dimensions: 4.9" x 3" x 3.9"                         same specifications as the original at half the cost.
                                          •High–efficiency,                                                                 Choose from MATX or ATX power supplies that drop
                                          low–noise power        Order #   Wattage        Fan          (1-9)    (10-up)     right into your HP machine. We can check your system
                              supplies for ATX style case        83-9371    180       Ball-bearing    $24.95    $23.95      model number to provide you with the exact power
                   Features: •Output over–voltage and            83-9372    180         Sleeve         23.95     22.92      supply. Ball bearing fans are used to ensure a long
     short–circuit protection •MTBF: Above 100,000                                                                          MTBF. Specifications: #83-10047: •Connectors: 1 x
     hours •Includes AC power cord and built–in                                                                             ATX 20 pin, 5 x 4 pin molex, 1x HP floppy, 1 x HP
     switch Specifications: •Input voltage:                                                          SPARKLEPOWER
                                                                                                                            video, 1 x ATX P4 •Dimension: (W) 150mm x (D)
     95~132/180~264VAC, 47~63Hz •Output voltage:                                                      AT Power              100mm x (H) 86mm #83-10048: •Connectors: 1 x ATX
     +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -5V, -12V, +5V •Dimensions: 5.9" x                                             Supplies              20 pin, 3 x 4 pin molex, 1 x floppy, 1 x HP video, 1 x
     3.4" x 5.5"                                                                                                            ATX P4 •Dimensions: (W) 125mm x (D) 100mm x (H)
      Order #     Wattage Fan                 (1-9)   (10-up)                                      •Output                  76mm #83-10049: •Connectors: 1 x ATX 20 pin, 1 x
      83-8360     250       Sleeve           $39.95   $37.03                                       over–voltage             AUX, 3 x 4 pin molex, 1 x floppy, 1 x HP video,
      83-10659    250       Sleeve with       59.95    57.95                          and short–circuit protection          1 x ATX P4 •Dimensions: 140mm (W)
                            monitor outlet                      •MTBF: Above 100,000 hours •Includes 6' AC power            x 150mm (D) x 74mm (H)
      83-8361     300       Ball–bearing      37.95    36.00    cord and on/off switch Specifications: •Input               Fig. Order # Mfr. #      Description              (ea.)
      83-8362     350       Ball–bearing      52.95    51.45    voltage: 95~132/180~264VAC, 47~63Hz •Output
                                                                                                                             A 83-10047 FSP180SPV-HP 180W Micro              $39.95
      83-8363     400       Ball–bearing      79.95    77.95    voltage: +5V, +12V, -5V, -12V •Dimensions: 5.9" x
                                                                                                                                                     ATX Power Supply
      24 Pin Prescott Power Supplies                            3.4" x 5.5"
                                                                                                                             B 83-10048 FSP180NIV-HP 180W Micro ATX Power 35.95
      83-10660 300          Ball–bearing      42.95    41.55    Order #     Wattage   Fan              (1-9)    (10-up)                              Supply (with bottom fan)
                                                                83-8357     230       Ball–bearing    $39.95    $37.03       C 83-10049 FSP250ATV-HP 250W ATX Power Supply 49.95
                                                                83-8358     250       Ball–bearing     44.95     41.15       - 23-200                Additional power cords    6.09
                                                                83-8359     300       Ball–bearing     59.95     55.57

                                                                CoolerGiant                                                 NoiseTaker P Series
                                                                Silent Power                                                ATX Power Supplies
                                                                Supplies                                                    The Noisetaker series
                                                                CoolerGiant                                                 is built with nothing
                                                                series power                                                in mind other than
                                                                supply fan                                                  performance and
                                                                adjustable series:                                          silence. These power
                                                                Dual fan and unique bottom blower for heat                  supplies are packed
                                                                dissipation, P4 ready. Retail box. Features: Meets          with new features
                                                                AMD K7, Intel ATX +12V 1.1 and ATX 2.03                     like SATA connectors,
                                                                version (Pentium 4 fully supported). Ultra cooling          onboard fan control
                                                                design: One 9cm fan and bottom blower intakes               and dual 12V rails.
                                                                heat and one 8cm fan exhausts heat, AMD                     These power supplies
                                                                recommended version. FMA function (fan speed                meet and exceed Intel’s
                                                                monitored by M/B and adjustable). 9cm thermal               new ATX12V version 1.3 power supply design guide.
                                                                control fan. Low noise. High MTBF.                          The very first of their kind to have dual +12V rails
                                                                Specifications: AC input: 115/230V, 50~60Hz,                that separate unwanted noise interference from your
                                                                10A/6A. DC output: +3.3V/34A; +5V/40A; +12V/16A;            CPU. They also include a unique fan delay circuit that
                                                                -12V/0.8A; +5VSb/2.5A; +3.3V& 5V/280W. Total                allows the fans to run an additional 2 minutes after
                                                                power: 480W. Five IDE connectors, two floppy                system shutdown to cool your PC. Features: •Dual
                                                                connectors, two SATA connectors, one auxiliary              fan design •Meets ATX 2.03 and ATX +12V 1.3 version
                                                                (video card) connector, one 3 pin connector, +12V           specs •Gold plated connectors and tied cables ensure
                                                                                                                            neatness and high performance •Dual fan design with
     Liberty Series ATX Power Supplies                          power connector, aux power connector.
                                                                                                                            motherboard thermal control •MTBF 100,000 hours @
     The Liberty™ series includes the newest technology,        Dimension: 150mm (W) x 86mm (H) x 140mm (D).
                                                                                                                            25°C •Includes AC power cord and built in switch
     modular cabling. These power supplies are also             All specifications are for 480W version, check              Specifications: •Input voltage: 90~135/180~265VAC,
     packed with features like SATA connectors, dual            with manufacturer for specifications of other sizes.        47~63Hz •Output voltage: 3.3V, +5V, +12V, -5V, -12V,
     12V rails and a single 120mm fan for low noise.            Order #   Mfr. #    Description        (1-9) (10-up)        +5Vsb •Internal cables: ATX 20+4P, raid 12V cable,
     Features: •Single 120mm fan •Meets ATX 12V V2.2                                                                        12V P4, five CD-ROM and HDD, two floppy, two SATA
     version specs •Gold plated connectors and tied cables      Power-Up!
                                                                                                                            , AUX cable, fan and ATX cable •Dimensions:
     ensure neatness and high performance •Modular              83-10444 LC-B350ATX 350W single       $26.99 $25.74
                                                                                                                            5.9" x 3.4" x 5.5"
     cable design allows for cable management •MTBF                                 fan design
                                                                CoolerGiant Series                                           Order #  Wattage Mfr. #       (1-9)            (10-up)
     100,000 hours @ 25°C •Includes AC power cord
     Specifications: •Input voltage: 100~240VAC,                83-10446 EG435P-VHB 430W dual fan      89.95 87.95           83-10060 375W EG375P-SFMA24P $72.95            $71.25
     50~60Hz •Output voltage: +3.3V, +5V, +12V1, +12V2,                             and blower design                        83-10061 425W EG425P-SFMA24P 84.95              82.95
     -5V, -12V, +5Vsb •Internal cables: 400W 20+4P main,        83-10447 EG485P-VHB 480W dual fan      99.95 97.95           83-10062 495W EG495P-SFMA24P 109.00            107.00
     two PCI-E cables, two IDE/SATA cables, one                                     and blower design
     SATA/floppy cable •Dimensions: 5.9" x 3.4" x 5.5"

                                                                                                                  3 in 1, 24 Pin Power Supplies for Intel and AMD Systems
     Order #          Wattage         Mfr. #            (ea)                                                     •Low noise and ultra cool thermal control power supply with
     83-10856          400W           ELT400AWT        $89.95                                  dual fans solution recommended by “AMD™ System Cooling Guidelines” •Copper
     83-10857          500W           ELT500AWT        125.00                                  shielding tube on main power, +12V, AUX and extra +12V power connector for better
     83-10858          620W           ELT620AWT        189.00                                  EMI reduction •Support dual Intel Xeon and AMD MP CPU server/workstation
                                                                                               board •FM function allows system to monitor power supply for 8cm fan rpm
                                                                                               •Thermal controlled 8cm and 9cm fan rpm auto adjusting bases on temp detected
                                                                                               inside power supply •Support Intel P4 and AMD XP and K8 CPU with enhanced
                                                                                               +12V output •+12V and aux power connector •Safety approvals: UL, cUL, TUV,
                                                      NET 30                                   DEMKO, NEMKO,
                                                      Terms                                    SEMKO, FIMKO. •EMC             Order #   Mfr. #          Watts     (1-9)   (10-up)
                                Order Online                                                   approvals: CE, FCC, and        83-9675 EG465P-VE FM       460    $94.95    $92.55
                                                                                               CNS directives.                83-9676 EG651P-VE FM       550    169.95    164.55
      570              www.mcminone.com
                                                           A                                                                          Computer
System                                                                                                                                 Products
Control Panels                                                                                                  B
•Maintain                                                 Cold Cathode
                                                                                                                                                             Section 24
control over your                                         Fluorescent Lamps
computer system
functions •Control                                        •Available in 4" and 12" lengths •12VDC power
your fan speeds,                                          required with 350mA draw for 12" lamp and 190mA
temperature levels                                        draw for 4" lamp •Average brightness: 15000CD/m2
and audio levels                                          •Average life: 15,000 hours •Available with power             Computer Power Supply
                      C                                   supply or without for replacement bulbs •Lamp kits
directly from the
                                                          include clear plastic housing with double sided tape          Convertor and Extension
front of your PC                                                                                                        •Great for converting larger
•Available in                                             for mounting •Power supply also available
                                                                                                                        Molex plugs usually used on
silver and black                                          Order #          Length             Color           (ea.)     51⁄4" devices to 31⁄2" drives
with a blue                                               A. Complete lamp kits with power supply*                      •Also relieves tension in
back-lit LED                                              25-3080            12"               Blue          $15.98     cables •6" length
•Several control configurations (see description          25-3085            12"            Black light       15.98
for details) •LEDs include alarms for temperature         25-3090            12"              Green           15.98      Order #        (1-9)             (10-49)        (50-up)
and low fan RPM •Requires one 5.25" drive bay for         25-3095            12"               Pink           15.98      83-3480        $1.01              $0.94          $0.73
operation •USB, IEEE1394 ports require available          25-3100            12"              White           15.98
internal ports to function UC-9FATR2: •18 in              25-3105            12"              Yellow          15.98
one mulifunction panel available in silver or             Power supply cables for computer case installation
black •Two fan controls, 16 in one card reader
                                                                                                                        Floppy Disk Power
                                                          25-3110                                              6.24
(CF/MD/MMC/SD/SM), LED temp display, two                  B. Lamps without power supply                                 Supply Cable
USB 2.0, one IEEE1394, and two SATA ports                 25-3010            12"               Blue           11.94     •Power supply cable for
UC-A8FATR4: •Four fan control with LED display            25-3015             4"               Blue            5.99     two 31⁄2" floppy disk drives
 Fig. Order #                   Mfr. #           (ea.)    25-3020            12"            Black light       15.36     •Comes with one 51⁄4" power
                                                          25-3025             4"            Black light        6.99     plug to two 31⁄2" power sockets
 A     83-10454                 UC-9FATR2-S     $55.95
 B     83-10455                 UC-9FATR2-B      55.95    25-3030            12"              Green           11.94      Order #          (1-9)             (10-49)      (50-up)
 C     83-10063                 UC-A8FATR4       49.95    25-3035             4"              Green            5.99
                                                                                                                         83-1345          $2.76              $2.14        $1.83
(-S = Silver, -B = Black)                                 25-3040            12"               Pink           11.94
                                                          25-3045             4"               Pink            5.99
                                                          25-3050            12"              White           11.94     Floppy Power Cord
                                                          25-3055             4"              White            5.99     •Great for gender changing
                                                          25-3060            12"              Yellow           6.99     and relieving tight cables
                                                          25-3065             4"              Yellow           3.44     •Female to female computer
                                                          Power supply**                                                power supply adaptor
                                                          25-3070 12V inverter for 4" lamps                    5.99     •6" length
                                                          25-3075 12V inverter for 12" lamps                  11.94
                                                          *Power supply includes connectors for 2 lamps                 Order #           (1-9)            (10-49)       (50-up)
                                                          **Power supply supports one lamp                              83-3475           $1.22             $1.01         $0.71

Round IDE
Cables                                                     Serial ATA
•High                                                      Drive Cables
molded round                                               MCM is your source for
IDE cables                                                 high speed Serial ATA
•Increase the                                              computer connectivity.
cooling in your system with these premium cables           We offer a wide range of
                                                           Serial ATA cables, including 90° and 180° cable
•Available 18" or 24" sizes in various colors
                                                           terminations which minimize clutter, increase
                                                                                                                        Floppy Disk Power Supply Cable
Order #             Color                Size    (ea.)     airflow and provide maximum transfer rates.                  •Power supply cable for one 51⁄4" and 31⁄2" floppy
83-9143             Black                18"     $9.99     Featuring a stylish translucent red outer jacket,            disk drives •Comes with one 51⁄4" power plug to
83-9144             Black                24"     12.95     these cables are designed to connect to all of               a 51⁄4" and 31⁄2" power socket
83-9145             Yellow               18"      9.99     todays Serial ATA hard drives, CD-ROMs,                       Order #                  (1-9)                  (10-up)
83-9146             Yellow               24"     12.95     CD-RWs, tape drives and more.                                 83-1350                  $2.76                   $2.45
83-9149              Clear               18"     12.95      Order#      Description                  (1-9)   (10-up)
83-9150              Clear               24"     14.95
                                                            90° Termination
                                                            83-9944     20" Serial ATA drive cable   $5.95    $5.61                                         3 Pin ATX Fan to
                                                            83-9945     40" Serial ATA drive cable    7.95     7.67                                         4 Pin Molex
Round                                                       180° Termination
Floppy Cables                                               83-9946     20" Serial ATA drive cable    5.95     5.61
                                                                                                                                                            Adaptor Cable
•High performance                                           83-9947     40" Serial ATA drive cable    7.95     7.45                                     Easily adapt your
molded round                                                                                                                                            ATX fan to 4 pin
Floppy cables                                                                                                                                           molex. Use this cable
•Increase the cooling in your system with these                                                                         to connect your ATX type fan to the 4 pin molex
premium cables •Available 18" or 24" sizes in blue         6" Serial                                                    power supply chain. Male and female 4 pin molex to
                                                                                                                        a male ATX. Works with all ATX CPU or case fans.
Order #             Color                Size    (ea.)     ATA Power
                                                                                                                        Order#            (1-5)              (6-9)       (10-up)
83-9151             Blue                 18"     $7.99     Adaptor Cable
83-9152             Blue                 24"      8.99                                                                  83-10390          $1.49              $1.33        $1.23
                                                           Convert an existing 5.25"
                                                           power connector into one serial ATA power
                                                           connector. Adapts one 5.25" power connector into
                                                           one Serial ATA power connector. Designed for
                                                           Serial ATA hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-RWs,
                                                           tape drives and more. 6" length.

                                                           Order#                       (1-9)                (10-up)
                                                           83-9943                      $3.95                 $3.55

                                                           ATX to AT
                                                           Power Adaptor
Computer Power Supply “Y” Cable                            •Converts ATX power
•For use when adding additional disk drives •4 pin         supply power leads to                                        NET 30
molex type male to two females •Cable length: 4"           AT style power leads                                         Terms
Order #                          (1-9)          (10-up)        Order #          (ea.)                                               Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                   Order Toll Free
83-0830                         $3.09            $2.87         83-8364         $9.95
                                                                                                                       1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 571
                                                                                                                       1-800-543-4330, FAX
                             Computer                                                                      Hard Drives

      Section 24                                               1 YEAR LIMITED

                  Call foice
                 MCM                                           Hard Drives                               Call fo
                                                               •31⁄2" form factor •ATA-100/SATA MCM             r
                                                               interfaces •ATA-100 drives are
     Hard Drives                                               compatible with ATA-66 and ATA-33
     •31⁄2" form factor
                                                                Order #            Capacity                   RPM
      Order #    Capacity    Interface      Buffer   RPM        2.5" Notebook Drives
      2.5" Notebook Drives                                      83-10596           40Gb                       5400
      83-10941 40.0Gb        ATA-100        8Mb      5400       83-10597           60Gb                       5400
      83-10942 60.0Gb        ATA-100        8Mb      5400       83-10598           80Gb                       5400
      83-10943 80.0Gb        ATA-100        8Mb      5400       83-10599           100Gb                      5400
      83-10944 100.0Gb       ATA-100        8Mb      5400       3.5" Desktop Drives
      83-10945 120.0Gb       ATA-100        8Mb      5400       83-8735            20Gb                       5400                               Hard Drives
      3.5" Desktop Drives                                       83-8740            40Gb                       7200           •3.5" form factor •2Mb or 8Mb buffer •Available in
      83-8701 40.0Gb         ATA-100        2Mb      7200       83-8741            60Gb                       5400           Serial ATA or IDE interfaces •Fluid drive bearings for
      83-8921 80.0Gb         ATA-100        2Mb      7200       83-8743            80Gb                       5400           ultra quiet operation •Call for master pack pricing
      83-9367 80.0Gb         ATA-100        8Mb      7200       83-8744            80Gb                       7200
      83-9029 120.0Gb        ATA-100        2Mb      7200       83-9575            80Gb SATA 8Mb cache        7200            Order #                 Description         Cache Size
      83-9366 120.0Gb        ATA-100        8Mb      7200       83-9567            120Gb                      7200            DiamondMax Plus 8 7200rpm
      83-10101 120.0Gb       SATA-100       8Mb      7200       83-9569            120Gb 8Mb cache            7200            83-9489                 40Gb IDE                2Mb
      83-10102 160.0Gb       SATA-100       8Mb      7200       83-9571            120Gb SATA 8Mb cache       7200            DiamondMax Plus 9 7200rpm
      83-9365 200.0Gb        ATA-100        2Mb      7200       83-10600           160Gb                      7200            83-9493                 80Gb IDE                2Mb
      83-9364 200.0Gb        ATA-100        8Mb      7200       83-10601           160Gb 8Mb cache            7200            83-9494                 80Gb IDE                8Mb
      83-10103 200.0Gb       SATA-100       8Mb      7200       83-10602           200Gb 8Mb cache            7200            83-9495                 80Gb SATA               8Mb
      83-9699 250.0Gb        ATA-100        8Mb      7200       83-10603           200Gb SATA 8Mb cache       7200            83-9500                 160Gb IDE               8Mb
      83-10104 250.0Gb       SATA-100       8Mb      7200       83-10604           250Gb 8Mb cache            7200            83-9501                 160Gb SATA              8Mb
      83-10946 300.0Gb       ATA-100        8Mb      7200       83-10605           250Gb SATA 8Mb cache       7200            83-9502                 200Gb IDE               8Mb
      83-10947 320.0Gb       ATA-100        8Mb      7200       83-10606           300Gb 8Mb cache            7200            83-9503                 200Gb SATA              8Mb
      83-10948 320.0Gb       SATA II        16Mb     7200       83-10607           300Gb SATA 8Mb cache       7200            MaxLine II Series 5400rpm
      83-10949 400.0Gb       SATA           16Mb     7200       83-10608           400Gb 8Mb cache            7200            83-9506                 300Gb IDE               2Mb
      83-10950 500.0Gb       SATA II        16Mb     7200       83-10609           400GB SATA 8MB cache       7200
      3.5" Desktop Drives 10,000rpm                             83-10968           500Gb 16Mb cache           7200           Note: Due to fluctuating computer market conditions prices
      83-9698 36.7Gb         SATA-100       8Mb      7200       83-10969           500Gb SATA 16Mb cache      7200           are subject to change without notice.
      83-10105 74.0Gb        SATA-100       8Mb      10000      83-10970           750Gb 16Mb cache           7200
      83-10106        WD SATA interconnect cable                83-10971           750Gb SATA 16Mb cache      7200

                                                                                                                              21⁄2" Notebook Hard Drives                   3 YEAR LIMITED

                                                                                r                                          Toshiba’s line of 21⁄2" slimline drives support
                                                                         Call foice                                        ATA-2/ATA-3 interfaces to ensure compatibility
     My Book™                                                           MC M Pr                                  with a wide range of systems. Specifications include:
                                                                                                                 •13ms average seek time •128Kb cache buffer •Low
     External Hard Drives                                                                                        power consumption
     Easy to set-up, easy to use, these
     drives are all about simplicity. Plug it                                                                     Order #                        Mfr. #                     Capacity
     into your computer’s USB 2.0 port                                                                            83-9030                        HDD2166                     40Gb
     and start saving your documents,                                                                             83-9317                        HDD2183                     60Gb
     photos or music •Intelligent drive                                                                           83-10439                       HDD2188                     80Gb
     and power management features, the
     My Book™ drive turns itself on and off with your
     computer •Smartly designed, the elegant case takes
     up less space on your desk, stacks horizontally, and
     allows two or more drives to stand neatly together
     like volumes on a shelf •High-quality hard drive;
     inside the case is an exceptionally fast, ultra quiet,
     cool-running hard drive from Western Digital •Free                           NetCenter™ Network Drives
     Google™ software searches your drive, manage your                             Easily share photos, video, music,
                                                                                                                             ToughTech‘ SATA
     photos, and simplifies web searches. Specifications:                          files, and even a printer in your         External Storage
     •Dimensions: 2.25" (W) x 6.71" (H) x 5.5" (L)                                 home or office with the WD                Premium enclosure
     •Interface: USB 2.0 •Current requirements: AC input                           NetCenter™ network hard drive.            for your important
     voltage 100~240VAC, AC input frequency 47~63Hz                                Installation is simple with the           data, ToughTech is
     Requirements: •Available USB port or Firewire port                            NetCenter" wizard and EasyLink™           a premium quality drive
     •Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP or Mac® OS X 10.2.8+                                utility that sets up the NetCenter™       enclosure meant to make sure
     Includes: •USB 2.0 USB cable, AC adaptor with                                 as a local drive. Includes EMC®           your data is safe while ensuring that you’ll have
     power cord, quick install guide Premium Editions                              Retrospect® Express back-up and           all the free disk space you need. ToughTech’s all
     include FireWire™ cable.                                                      system recovery software.                 aluminum and fanless design make it quiet and
      Order #              Description                (ea.)                        Specifications: •Dimensions:              beautiful. ToughTech introduces FlexMount
      Essential Edition USB2.0                                                     2.25" (W) x 5.9" (H) x 9.4" (L)           Anti-Shock Protection. FlexMount is a shock absorber
      83-10951             80Gb My Book™             $106.00                       •Interface: Ethernet •Current             that mounts between the drive and the enclosure
      83-10952             160Gb My Book™             145.00                       requirements: AC input voltage            protecting your data against bumps and vibrations.
      83-10953             250Gb My Book™             169.00                       100~240VAC, AC input frequency            Specifications: •Dimensions: 1.25" (W) x 9" (H) x

      83-10954             320Gb My Book™             199.00                       47~63Hz Requirements:                     5.25" (L) •Interface: Serial ATA •Current
      83-10955             500Gb My Book™             299.00                       •Available 10/100 Port •Windows®          requirements: AC input voltage 100~240VAC,
      Premium Edition USB 2.0 and FireWire™ 400                98SE/Me/2000/XP or Mac® OS X 10.1.5 •CD-ROM                   AC input frequency 47~63Hz, 12V 3A Requirements:
      83-10956             160Gb My Book™             179.00   drive for software install Includes: •Ethernet cable,         •Available SATA Port •Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP
      83-10957             250Gb My Book™             196.00   AC adaptor with power cord, quick install guide,              or Mac® OS X 10.2.8+ Includes: •SATA cable, appro-
      83-10958             400Gb My Book™             289.00   stand for vertical placement, CD containing software          priate hard drive, AC adaptor with power cord, quick
      83-10959             500Gb My Book™             329.00   utilities and additional product documentation, CD            install guide
                                                               containing EMC® Retrospect® Express back-up and                Order #              Description                       (ea.)
                                                               system recovery software
                                                                                                                              83-10963             Enclosure only                   $89.95
                                                     NET 30     Order #         Description                    (ea.)          83-10964             250Gb enclosure                  268.95
                                                     Terms      83-10960        160Gb NetCenter™ Drive       $209.00          83-10965             400Gb enclosure                  467.95
                              Order Online                      83-10961
                                                                                250Gb NetCenter™ Drive
                                                                                320Gb NetCenter™ Drive
                                                                                                                              83-10966             500Gb enclosure                  565.95
      572                                                                                                                     83-10967             750Gb enclosure                  754.95
                      Hard Drives and Accessories                                                                                      Computer

                                                                                                                                                            Section 24

MaxFile Attache®
MaxFile Attaché provides the                                               #83-10909
ultimate high-capacity mobile
storage solution for people on
the go that need to store and
transport large volumes of information, often more                                                                      PLEOMAX
than would fit on a conventional flash-based USB
drive. •Available in 8Gb capacity (higher capacities                                                                    Ultra Portable
available later this year) •Integrated 180° USB 2.0                                                                     Hard Drive
connector •Compact size (approx. – 2" x 1.75" x                              PLEOMAX                  #83-10910         Don't lose your data!
.75") makes it easy to transport •Durable anodized                                                                      Back up your files
aluminum housing with LED activity indicator                                 Ultra Portable Hard Drive                  and take them with
•Includes USB extension and carrying case                Don’t lose your data! Back-up your files and take              you. PLEOMAX ultra portable USB drives provide
with belt clip •One year limited warranty                them with you. PLEOMAX portable hard drives                    you with abundant storage and hi-speed data transfer
Order #                                         (ea.)    provide you with abundant storage and hi-speed data            rates. Specifications: •1" hard disc drive •Capacity:
                                                         transfer rates. Specifications: •2.5" hard disc drive          6Gb •Interface: USB 2.0 •Data transfer rate: Max
83-10984                                       $169.00
                                                         •Capacities: 40Gb or 80Gb •Interface: USB 2.0/1.1              10Mb/sec •Dimension: 67 mm x 50 mm x 12.5 mm
                                                         •Data transfer rate: Max 480Mbps •Dimension:                   •LED flashing during data transfer •Plug and play
                                                         75mm x 116mm x 14mm System requirements:                       with no external power needed •Extended USB
                                                         •Windows XP/Mac OS 10.0 or higher/Linux                        connector for easy use System requirements:
                                                         2.4 or higher                                                  •Windows XP/Mac OS 10.0 or higher
                                                          Order #  Mfr. #     Capacity               (1-9) (10-up)      Order #          Mfr. #             (1-9)        (10-up)
                                                          83-10909 UHD25-40GB 40Gb                 $119.00 $117.00      83-10908         UHD-6GB           $141.00       $140.00
                                                          83-10910 UHD25-80GB 80Gb                  179.00 177.00

2.5" Hard Drive                                          Aluminum USB
Enclosure                                                2.0 + IEEE 1394
Features: •Size:                                         Combo 2.5"
14cm x 9cm x 3cm                                         IDE External Case
•Case material:                                          The USB 2.0 + IEEE
Aluminum •Any                                            1394 Combo to IDE                                              Network Attached
2.5" parallel ATA                                        External Case allows                                           Storage Center
hard drive (notebook size HDD up to 9.5mm)               you to upgrade 2.5"                                            The compact Hawking
System requirements: •Windows ME/2000/XP                 IDE disk drives to                                             HNAS1 Net-StorTM
and Mac OS 9x or higher Includes: •USB 2.5"              either USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394 ATAPI host commands.               Network Storage Center
drive enclosure, USB 2.0 cable (5 pin x 4 pin),          Provides the ability to upgrade and support a variety          is an economical and
power adaptor, driver CD, user manual and                of ATA/ATAPI based 2.5" disk drives without changing           powerful device, and
mounting screws                                          the peripheral hardware. Provides true plug & play             provides an ideal solution
Order #                 (1-29)                 (30-up)   and high performance to support hard disk suitable             for small business and small office/home office users.
83-10631                $24.95                 $23.64    for desktop, notebook, palmtop, or pen based                   The HNAS1 functions as both a file server and FTP
                                                         computers. Extremely portable-just unplug and GO!              server, and can be used to easily share video, music,
                                                         Features: •Compliant with FireWire and both                    and data files. The HNAS1 can also be configured to
3.5" USB 2.0 +                                           the standard specification of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1              allow the transfer or back-up of files directly over the
IEEE 1394 Hard                                           •Complies with ATA/ATAP-6 specifications revision              internet via the web browser or FTP. It supports all
                                                         1.0 (PIO mode 0~4, DMA mode 0~2, UDMA mode 0~5)                standard 3.5" IDE hard drives of up to 250Gb (hard
Drive Enclosure                                          •High-speed transfer rate up to 480Mbps (USB) and              drive not included). The smart set-up wizard makes
Features: •Size:                                         400Mbps (FireWire) •64/512 bytes data payload for              installation of the network storage center simple
20.8cm x 12.5cm x                                        full/high speed bulk endpoint •Supports 8 bit/16 bit           and the user-friendly web interface makes it
3.5cm •Case                                              standard PIO mode interface •Supports 16 bit                   easy to manage.
material:                                                multi-word DMA mode and Ultra DMA mode interface
Aluminum                                                 (Ultra 33/66/100) •Supports power down mode and                Order #           Mfr. #            (1-9)        (10-up)
•Supports any 3.5" parallel ATA hard drive •Metal        USB suspend indicator •Supports wake-up                        831-2337          HNAS1            $120.00       $115.00
chassis provides maximum heat dissipation System         ability •Supports 2.5" IDE/ATA hard disk
requirements: •Windows ME/2000/XP and Mac                System requirements: •Win98/SE/Me/2000/XP
OS 9x or higher Includes: •USB 3.5" drive enclosure,     or MAC OS 8.6 •Available USB or FireWire port
USB 2.0 cable (5 pin x 4 pin) IEEE 1394 cable
(4 pin x 6 pin, power adaptor, driver CD, user
                                                         Order #        Mfr. #                 (1-19)         (20-up)   Easy Go USB 2.0
manual and mounting screws                               83-10035       EU-125                 $39.95         $38.55    IDE Adaptor
Order #                (1-29)                  (30-up)                                                                  •Utilize your older
                                                                                                                        drives for additional
83-10632               $39.95                  $39.09    Removable IDE                                                  storage •Makes
                                                         Hard Drive                                                     copying drives or
                                                                                                                        installing new drives
USB 2.0 5.25"                                            Frames                                                         a snap •Supports all
Optical Drive                                            •Allows hard drive                                             your ATA/ATAPI devices including hard drives,
                                                         to be easily removed                                           CD-ROM drives, CD-RW drives and more •USB 2.0
Enclosure                                                from PC for data security or to move from one PC to            high speed support •Supports USB suspend/resume
A slim, stylish and                                      another •Hot-swappable •Includes two security keys             ability •Plug and Play System requirements:
powerful aluminum                                        •Fits into 5.25" slot •Available with or without cooling

                                                                                                                        •Win98SE/ME/2000/XP or MAC OS8.6 •Available
drive enclosure for                                      fan •Retail boxed                                              USB port Includes: •USB to IDE adaptor
your optical drives.                                      Order #    Description                    (1-4)      (5-up)   •AC adaptor •Driver CD
Features: •Size: 26cm x 18cm x 6m •Case material:
Aluminum •Includes cooling fan for maximum cooling        83-8559    Hard drive frame              $15.75      $14.68   Order #                                           (ea.)
•Supports any 5.25" parallel ATA optical drive            83-8560    Hard drive frame with fan      22.00       18.95   83-10008                                         $34.95
(CD/CD-RW/DVD) •Includes on/off rocker switch
System requirements: •Windows ME/2000/XP and
Mac OS 9X or higher Includes: •USB 5.25" drive           2mm Mini Hard Drive Jumpers
enclosure, USB 2.0 cable (5 pin x 4 pin), power          •Jumper caps for hard drives
adaptor and cord, driver CD, user manual and             (pkg. of 100) •2mm jumper caps for                              NET 30
mounting screws                                          circuit boards                                                  Terms

Order #                 (1-29)                 (30-up)    Order #                (1-9 pkgs.)            (10 pkgs.-up)               Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                   Order Toll Free
83-10633                $39.95                 $39.09     83-9690                  $12.95                  $11.90       1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 573
                                                                                                                        1-800-543-4330, FAX
                              Computer                                                   Hard Drives and Accessories
                                                                   Mac Recovery                                             SATA DriveDock
      Section 24
                                                                   TrayDock SATA™                                           •Test your SATA
                                                                   •Connects corrupted                                      3.5" drives via a
                                                                   drive to any FireWire                                    bus-powered
                                                                   800/400 port for                                         FireWire bridge
                                                                   diagnosis and data                                       •Supports 3.5"
                                                                   recovery •Includes                                       hard drives up to
     Super DriveDock+                                              Prosoft Data Rescue™                                     300Gb and beyond,
     •Connects 3.5"                                                software for                                             also supports CD
     IDE hard drives                                               performing the                                           and DVD drives •Directly attach to drive eliminating
     without using an                                              recovery procedure                                       need for ribbon cables •Plug and play without drivers
     AC adaptor •Dual                                              •Hot-swappable                                           under Windows 98SE, ME, 2K, XP, Mac OS 9.1, 9.2,
     daisy-chainable                                               removable tray,                                          OSX •Bootable on a Macintosh •Small size,
     FireWire 800 ports                                            includes one tray for                                    attractive enclosure •Includes rigid bottom plate
     (400 compatible)                                              3.5" SATA drives, 3.5"                                   to provide base and protection for drive electronics
     •Powered by                                                   IDE tray is optional                                     •Includes DriveDock, AC adaptor or bus powered
     the FireWire bus                                              •Enclosure provides                                      available and bottom plate •Does not include
     •Efficiently converts FireWire bus power to IDE               dual FireWire 800                                        FireWire cable
     drive power •Exclusive LED power status system                ports (daisy chainable)
                                                                   and a single USB 2.0 port •Same enclosure accepts        Order # Mfr. #        Description             (1-9) (10-up)
     has power attached LED, power on LED (doubles
     as warning LED), access LED •Electronic fuse                  both SATA and IDE trays •Holds up to 400Gb drives        83-10671 SDK          SATA DriveDock        $249.95     -
     automatically resets when host power is insufficient          Includes: •One SATA tray, one FireWire cable, one                              with AC adaptor
     and blinks warning LED •3 position power switch               USB cable, AC adaptor and software •To prevent           83-10670    SDK-BP SATA DriveDock            299.95     -
     •Same great performance as any desktop enclosure              possible data loss data rescue should be used prior                            bus powered
     •Small, tough, aluminum design •Carry it anywhere,            to using any repair utility. Because no data recovery    83-10575    PWR-3 AC adaptor                   39.95 $37.95
     even in your briefcase                                        software can work in all situations, the recovery        83-10576    BPLATE (additional bottom plates) 11.95 10.95
                                                                   success of data rescue will depend upon the              831-1768    Gold-X 6' FireWire cable            8.99   8.60
     Order #     Mfr. #                            (1-9) (10-up)   condition of the drive and data structure. Data
     83-10577    SDP-Combo                      $249.00 $239.00    rescue can be used as an emergency CD as
     83-10575    PWR-3 AC adaptor                  39.95 37.95     long as the host computer is operational.
     83-10576    BPLATE (additional bottom plates) 11.95 10.95
                                                                    Order # Mfr. #            Description        (ea.)
                                                                    83-10661 MAC-             SATA              $279.95
                                                                             REVOCERY-SDK     recovery kit

                                                                   DriveDock V4
                                                                                                                                                            FireWire DriveDock V4
                                                                   •Test your
                                                                   notebook drives                                          •Test your 3.5" drives via a bus-powered FireWire
                                                                   via a bus-powered                                        bridge •Supports 3.5" hard drives up to 300Gb and
                               DriveDock Adaptors                                                                           beyond, also supports CD and DVD drives •Directly
                                                                   FireWire bridge
     •Combodock adaptors to read most small drives in the          •Supports 2.5"                                           attach to drive eliminating need for ribbon cables
     field •The adaptors attach directly to the Super Drive        notebook drives                                          •Plug and play without drivers under Windows 98SE,
     dock (#83-10577)                                              up to a 80Gb and beyond •Plug and play without           ME, 2K, XP, Mac OS9.1, 9.2, OSX •Bootable on a
      Order #      Mfr. #      Description                 (ea.)   drivers under Windows 98SE, ME, XP Mac OS9.1,            Macintosh •Small size, attractive enclosure •Includes
                                                                   9.2 and OSX •Bootable on a Macintosh •Small size,        rigid bottom plate to provide base and protection for
      83-10662     ADA-25      2.5" drive                 $49.95                                                            drive electronics •Includes DriveDock, AC adaptor
                               adaptor                             attractive enclosure •Includes rigid bottom plate
                                                                   to provide base and protection for drive electronics     (does not operate bus powered) and bottom plate
      83-10663     ADA-10      CF and microdrive           99.95
                               adaptor                             •Mfr. #NBDDV4                                             Order #       Mfr. #               (1-9)           (10-up)
      83-10664     ADA-18-TOSH 1.8" Toshiba                99.95   Order #                 (1-9)                  (10-up)    83-10760      FWDDV4             $149.95          $144.95
                               adaptor (IPOD®)                     83-10761               $149.95                 $144.95    83-10576      BPLATE                11.95            10.95
      83-10665     ADA-18-HT   1.8" Hitachi                89.95                                                                           (additional bottom plates)
      83-10667     ADA-SATA    SATA drive                  99.95
      83-10668     ADA-CABLE   Cable adaptor
                               for installed drives
                                                           24.95                       Floppy Drives and Accessories
                                                                   31⁄2" Black                                              USB Floppy Drive
                                                                   Floppy Drive                                             •Plug and play
                                                                                                                            USB floppy drive
     Removable                                                     floppy drive
                                                                                                                            for PCs and Macs
                                                                                                                            •Add additional flop-
     Hard Drive Trays                                              with standard
                                                                                                                            py drive or keep one around for your notebook •No
     •Maintain security                                            IDC and Molex
                                                                                                                            external power required System requirements:
     and data integrity with a removable hard drive tray           connectors for
                                                                                                                            •Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP or MAC OS 8.6
     •Lockable trays also offer a stylish upgrade to your          use in most name brand computers. Hard to find black
                                                                                                                            •Available USB port Includes: •USB floppy drive
     PC •Includes a low profile 6cm fan for cooling and a          faceplate and the ALPs name brand gives this drive
                                                                                                                            •Driver CD
     blue backlight LED for temperature readings and               an edge. Transfer rate of 500kbs (1.44M mode),
     alarms •Supports up to ATA-133 hard drives                    250kbs (720K mode).                                       Order #                  (1-19)                  (20-up)
     •Require 5.25" slot for installation                           Order #                Mfr. #                  (ea.)     83-10009                 $39.95                  $38.55
      Order # Mfr. #              Color        (1-9)     (10-up)    83-10046             DF354H121                 $9.95

      83-9669 UC-106TFMAS         Silver      $34.95     $33.55
      83-9670 UC-106TFMA          Beige        34.95      33.55    31⁄2" Floppy                                             Floppy Disk Drive
                                                                                                                            •Choose the drive to best
                                                                   Drive 1.44Mb                                             match your systems
     Note: Due to fluctuating computer market conditions prices    A great replacement                                      requirements with
     are subject to change without notice.                         floppy disk drive with                                   high-quality Teac floppy
                                                                   standard IDC and Molex                                   disk drives •Electronic and
                                                                   connectors for use in most                               mechanical improvements
                                                                   name brand and IBM                                       have resulted in huge memory capacities, low energy
                                                          NET 30   compatible PCs. Transfer rate                            circuitry and better performance •Low power
                                                          Terms    of 500Kbs (1.44M mode), 250Kbs (720K mode).              consumption and reduced heat generation
                               Order Online                         Order #                                       (ea.)     Order #              Description                    (ea.)
      574              www.mcminone.com                             SB00014                                      $19.95     83-2915              1.44Mb 31⁄2" drive            $19.95
                    Floppy Drives and Accessories                                                                                           Computer

                                                                                                                                                                Section 24

                                                #83-2080        51⁄4" Floppy Disk Slide Rail                                          CDRW Drives
                                                                •Plastic slide mount for 51⁄4" floppy drives •Useful
                  #83-2635                                      when installing drive in computer case that have
                                                                slide mount rails
                                                                 Order #         (1-9)              (10-49)      (50-up)
 Floppy/Hard Disk Drive Adaptor Kit                              83-3505         $1.53               $1.36        $0.94
 •Allows user to mount 3 ⁄2" floppy and hard disk
                                                                                                                           CD-RW Drives
 drives in 51⁄4" slot                                           31⁄2" Hard Drive Mounting Brackets
                                                                                                                           •ATAPI and SCSI
  Order # Description            Height (kit) (2 kits-up)       •Use to mount 31⁄2" drives in 51⁄4" slot •Includes         interface available
  83-2075 31⁄2" HDD mounting kit 1"     $5.32 $4.42             mounting hardware                                          •All drives feature
  83-2080 31⁄2" FDD mounting kit 1"      5.32    4.42            Order #                    (1-9)                (10-up)   “Burn proof”
                                                                 83-2635                    $2.29                 $2.19    technology
                                                                                                                           98/98SE/ME/2000/XP compatible •One year
                                            CD-ROM Drives                                                                  manufacturers warranty provided by Plextor
                                                                                                                           Order # Description Color              Interface (ea.)
                                                                                                                           PlexWriter Premium-Up to 1Gb storage on 700Mb disks
                                                                                                                           83-9932 52x32x52       Premium beige EIDE       $116.00
                                                                                                                           PlexWriter-Up to 700Mb storage
                                                                                                                           83-10615 52x32x52      Beige           EIDE       64.95
                                                               CD-ROM                                                      83-10616 52x32x52      Black           EIDE       64.95
                                                               Audio                                                       83-9891 52x32x52       Black           EIDE      129.95
                                                               Cable                                                       83-9931 52x24x52       Black           EIDE       79.00
                                                               •24" 4 pin
             52x CD-ROM                                        MPC to
•ATAPI/EIDE interface •7.8Mb/sec transfer rate                 4 pin MPC
•75ms access time •128Kb buffer •Front panel                   •Fits most
controls: Open/close/stop button, play/skip button,            CD-ROM
rotary volume control, stereo headphone jack, busy             drives on the
LED, emergency eject hole •Both bulk and retail                market today
drives come with driver diskette, IDE cable and                Order #                     (1-9)              (10-up)
mounting screws                                                83-8259                     $5.39               $4.29
 Order #     Mfr. #               Description       (ea.)
 83-9636     GCE-8521BI           Beige drive      $18.95
 Retail Boxed
 83-9922     GCR-8523BKB          Black drive       17.95
                                                                                                                                               52x32x52 CD-RW Drive
                                                                               Alloy Front                                 •Write, read, and rewrite your own CDs
 CD-ROM                                                                        Bezels                                      •Data transfer rate: 32x rewritable/CD-RW, 52x
                                                                               •Special                                    record/CD-R, 52x max read/CD-ROM, •Access
 Audio Cable                                                                   design alloy front bezel that fits most     time 100ms •2Mb buffer with buffer underrun
 •24" 4 pin MPC                                                optical drives •Using genuine 3M double-sided tape          error protection •MPC III compliant •Windows
 to Soundblaster connector                                     •Best matched with any alloy chassis •Stealth your          XP/2000/ME/98/NT compatible •Mt. Rainier
 •Fits most CD-ROM drives                                      drives! Note: •New version of the bezel                     Compliant for true drag and drop CD file copying
 on the market today                                           does not have the Cooler Master logo                        •Software includes B’s Gold authoring software
                                                                                                                           •Complete with manual, drive cable, and
  Order #                      (1-9)                 (10-up)   Order #            Color              (1-9)       (10-up)   mounting screws
  83-8260                      $5.29                  $4.38    83-10384           Silver             $8.25        $8.05     Order #                Mfr. #                    (ea.)
                                                                                                                            83-9630                CRX230A1                 $69.95
                                                 DVD Drives
                                                                                                                                      52x32x52 CD-RW Drive
                                                                                                                           •Write, read,
16x DVD-ROM                                                                                                                and rewrite
Drive                                                                                                                      your own CDs
•Reads DVD-ROM,                                                                                                            •Data transfer
DVD-video and all                                                                                                          rate: 32x
CD-ROM formats                                                                                                             rewritable/
•EIDE/ATAPI                                                                                                                CD-RW, 52x record/CD-R,
interface •256K
                                                               16x DVD-ROM                                                 52x max read/CD-ROM •Access time 100ms
buffer •Single eject                                           Drive                                                       •2Mb buffer with SuperLink for buffer underrun
button System                                                  •Reads DVD-ROM, DVD-video and all CD-ROM                    error protection •MPC III compliant •Windows
requirements:                                                  formats •EIDE/ATAPI interface •512Kb buffer                 XP/2000/ME/98/NT compatible •Mt. Rainier
•400MHz PC or                                                  •Single eject button System requirements:                   compliant for true drag and drop CD file copying
faster, 64Mb RAM, #83-10896                                    •400MHz PC or faster, 64Mb RAM, Windows 98SE or             •Software includes Ahead’s Nero authoring
Windows 95 or higher and an open 5.25" drive bay               higher and an open 5.25" drive bay •Includes drive,         software •Complete with manual, drive cable,
•Includes drive, audio cable, mounting screws and              audio cable, mounting screws                                and mounting screws

DVD software                                                                                                               Order #        Mfr. #        Description       (ea.)
                                                                Order #           Description                    (ea.)
Order #            Description                      (ea.)       Drive only                                                 Retail Boxed
83-10895           16x DVD-ROM beige                $29.95      83-10899          16x DVD-ROM beige             $29.95     83-9983        GCE-8525BI    Beige            $26.95
83-10896           16x DVD-ROM black                 29.95      83-10900          16x DVD-ROM black              29.95     Drive Only
Drive only                                                                                                                 83-9984        GCE-8525BB    Beige             26.95
83-10897           16x DVD-ROM beige                 26.95                                                                 83-10483       GCE-8526BKB   Black             26.95
83-10898           16x DVD-ROM black                 26.95

                                                                                                                            NET 30
                                                                                                                                       Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                      Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                           1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 575
                                                                                                                           1-800-543-4330, FAX
                               Computer                                                                         DVD±R-RW Drives
                                                                       16x Dual Layer                                                   DVDirect
      Section 24                                                       DVD Recorder                                                     DVD Recorder
                                                                       •Maximum write                                                   Specifications:
                                                                       speed: 4x DVD+R
           CDRW/DVD Drives                                             DL; 16x DVD+R, 8x DVD-R and DVD +/- RW, 16x
                                                                       DVD-ROM, 48x CD-R, 24x CD-RW, 48x CD-ROM
                                                                                                                                        •Supported media:
                                                                       •Access time 100ms •2mb buffer with PowerBurn™                   DVD+R, DVD+R DL,
                                                                       •MPC III compliant •Windows XP/2000 compatible                   DVD+RW •Recording
                                                                       •Shortened mounting depth 41.3 x 146 x 165 mm                    mode: DVD+VR
                                                                       Package includes: •Nero Burning ROM SE                           •Video format:
                                                                       software suite, interface cable, replaceable black bezel         MPEG2 •Automatic
                                                                       and owners manual DVD+R DL and DVD+R/+RW                         chaptering: 5, 10 or
     52x32x52                                                          discs recorded on this drive will playback in                                                      Front      Back
                                                                                                                                        15 minutes •Recording
     CD-RW and                                                         most consumer DVD players and computer                           times: HQ (single layer: 1 hour, double layer:
     16x DVD                                                           DVD-ROM drives.                                                  2 hours), SP (single layer: 2 hours, double layer:
     Combo drive                                                        Order #      Mfr. #          Type                     (ea.)     4 hours), SLP (single layer: 6 hours, double layer:
     •E-IDE (ATAPI-4) interface                                         83-10625     DRU820A         Internal EIDE           $89.95     12 hours) •Audio output: Dolby® digital (AC3)
     4-in-1 drive: 52x CD-R, 32x CD-RW, 52x max                         83-10442     DRX820UL/T      External USB            159.00     •Inputs: composite video x 1, S-video x 1, analog audio
     CD-ROM and 16x DVD •120ms average random                                                                                           Computer-attached operation:
     access •1.5Mb buffer max •Supports CD-DA;                                                                                          •Media speeds: 2.4x DVD+R DL; 16x DVD+R, 8x
     CD-ROM (mode 1); CD-ROM (mixed mode);                                                                                              DVD-R, 4x DVD +/- RW, 16x DVD-ROM, 48x CD-R,
     CD-ROM XA (mode 2, form 1 and form 2 and                                                                                           24x CD-RW, 48x CD-ROM •Interface: USB 2.0
     mixed form; CD-I; Photo CD; Video CD; CD-Extra;                                                                                    •Compatible with Windows XP/2000 •Average
     CD+G; CD text •Compatible with a large number                                                                                      random access time: 140ms •8Mb buffer with
     of CD-R and CD-RW media •Flash ROM allows                                                                                          PowerBurn™ technology •Dimensions: 6.46" x 2.6" x
     for easy upgrade over the internet •Windows                                                                                        9.21" Package includes: •VRDVC10 DVD recorder,
     98/2000/ME/XP compatible Includes: Data                                                                                            NeroVision Express™ DVD video editing and
     cables and mounting screws                                                              #83-10617                    #83-10621     authoring software, Nero™ Burning ROM SE
                                                                                                                                        CD/DVD mastering software, Ahead InCD™ drive
      Order #          Mfr. #            Description           (ea.)                                                                    letter recording software, Nero™ Showtime™ soft
                                                                                            16x Dual Layer DVD Recorder
      83-10902    SOHC - 5236VBLK        Black OEM            $37.95                                                                    DVD player software, Nero™ BackitUp™ back-up
                                                                       •Maximum write speed: 6x DVD+R DL, 16x DVD+R,                    software, AC adaptor and USB cable, user’s manual
                                         internal EIDE drive*
     *Bulk drives do not contain software package,                     8x DVD-R, 4x DVD+/-RW, 3~5x DVD-RAM, 16x
                                                                       DVD-ROM, 40x CD-R, 24x CD-RW, 40x CD-ROM                         Order #                  Mfr. #                    (ea.)
     only drivers and installation guide
                                                                       •Write formats: DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW,                     83-10626                 VRDVC20                  $299.00
                                                                       CD-R/RW, DVD+R DL •Read formats: DVD-RAM,
                                                                       DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-ROM, DVD+R DL,
                                                                       CD-R/RW, CD-ROM mode 1.2, CD-DA, CD-IFMV,
     52x32x52                                                          CD-ROM XA, Mixed CD, CD Extra, CD-Text,
                                                                       CD-Plus, Photo-CD, Video CD •Access time 100ms
     CD-RW and                                                         •8Mb buffer with buffer underrun error protection
     16x DVD                                                           •MPC III compliant •Windows XP/2000/ME/98/NT
                                                                                                                                        16x DVD
     Combo                                                             compatible •Mt. Rainier compliant for true drag and              Burner
                                                                       drop CD file copying •Software includes Roxio Easy               •Write, read,
     Drive                                                             Media Creator 7™, Dantz Retrospect™ (30 day trial)               and rewrite
     •E-IDE (ATAPI-4) interface 4-in-1 drive: 52x CD-R,                and PlexTools™ Professional •Complete with manual,               your own CDs
     32x CD-RW, 52x max CD-ROM and 16x DVD •100ms                      drive cable and mounting screws •Drives except for               and DVDs
     average random access •2Mb buffer •Supports CD-R;                 #83-10621 include interchangeable black and beige                •Combining both formats, -R/RW and +R/RW with
     CD-RW; CD-ROM (mode 1 and 2); CD-ROM XA (form                     faceplates, see description for interfaces                       fast speeds •Maximum write speed: 16x DVD+R,
     1 and form 2 ; CD-audio; packet writing; DVD-ROM;                                                                                  4x DVD+RW, 8x DVD-R, 4x DVD-RW, 5x DVD-RAM,
     DVD-Video •Windows 98/2000/ME/XP compatible                        Order # Mfr. #               Description               (ea.)
                                                                                                                                        40x CD-R, 24x CD-RW •Access time 130ms
     Includes: •DVD playback software and Ahead’s Nero                  Tray type drives                                                •2Mb buffer with superlink for buffer underrun
     authoring software, manuals, data cables and                       83-10617 PX716ASW            Internal EIDE drive      $132.00   error protection •MPC III compliant •Windows
     mounting screws                                                    83-10619 PX716SASW           Internal SATA drive       159.00   XP/2000/•Complete with manual, drive cable, and
                                                                        83-10620 PX716SABPSPL Bulk internal SATA drive 149.00           mounting screws
      Order #                   Mfr. #                       (ea.)
                                                                        Slot load drive
      83-10624                  CRX320AU                    $74.95      83-10621 PX716ALSW           Internal black EIDE drive 189.00   Order #       Mfr. #            Description          (ea.)
                                                                       *Bulk drives do not contain software package,                    83-10458      GSA-4082BI        Retail package      $59.95
                                                                       only drivers and installation guide                              83-10612      GSA-H10AK         Bulk black           54.95
     CD-RW and
     16x DVD Combo                                                                                                         Zip Drives
     •E-IDE (ATAPI-4)
     interface 4-in-1 drive: 52x CD-R, 32x CD-RW, 52x max                                                            1 YEAR LIMITED
                                                                                                                       WARRANTY         Zip Drives
     CD-ROM and 16x DVD •120ms average random                                                                                           Provides the perfect solution for backing up
     access •2Mb buffer •Supports CD-DA; CD-ROM                                                                                         important documents from your hard drive or for
     (mode 1); CD-ROM (mixed mode); CD-ROM XA (mode                                                                                     sending large graphics files or data files from one
     2, form 1 and form 2 and mixed form; CD-I; photo                                                                                   PC to another. External drives offer a great storage
     CD; video CD; CD-extra; CD+G; CD text •Windows                                                                                     solution for laptops. USB models will work with PC
     98/2000/ME/XP compatible Includes: •DVD playback                                                                                   or MAC computers. ZIP 250 drives can read/write to
     software and Ahead’s Nero authoring software,                                                                                      ZIP 250 or 100 disks. Features: •Uses 250Mb or
     manuals, data cables and mounting screws                                                                                           100Mb removable cartridges •29mS access time
      Order #                                                                                                                           •1.25Mb/sec. transfer rate •Includes drivers and

      Mfr. #          Description                            (ea.)                                                                      necessary cables for installation •Requires Pentium
                                                                                                                                        PC with required interface or iMac or Power
      83-10112        Beige internal EIDE drive             $39.95
                                                                                                                                        Macintosh computer with required interface.
      83-10114        Bulk black internal EIDE drive*         37.95                                                                     Order #     Description                           (ea.)
      GCC-4521BKBulk                                                                                                                    Zip 250 Drives and Disks
      *Bulk drives do not contain software package,                                                                                     83-8585     External USB drive for PC or MAC     $189.00
      only drivers and installation guide                                                                                               83-8584     Internal IDE drive                    139.00
                                                                                                                                        83-8582     4 pack MAC formatted disks             79.95
                                                           NET 30                                                                       83-8583     8 pack PC formatted disks             139.00
                                                           Terms                                                                        ZIP 100 Drives and Disks
                                                                                                                                        83-7400     3 pack PC formatted disks              32.95
                                Order Online                                                                                            83-8579     10 pack PC formatted disks            110.00
      576               www.mcminone.com
                           USB 2.0 and FireWire™
                           Combo PCMCIA Card                                                                                                  Computer
                        •Adds two high speed USB
                        2.0 (type A) ports and two
                                                                 B                                                                             Products
                        IEEE1394 FireWire™ ports
                        (1 x 6 pin, 1 x 4 pin) to your

                                                                                                                                                                     Section 24
notebook PC •Uses one Type II PCMCIA slot System
requirements: •Available Type II/III PCMCIA slot
•Win 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP or MAC OS8.6 Includes:                                              C
•PCMCIA card and driver CD •AC adaptor                                                                                                                   USB 2.0 + IEEE 1394
Order #                   (1-19)                     (20-up)     A                                                                                       Combo Card
83-10007                 $79.95                      $77.95                                                                                           The USB2.0 + IEEE 1394
                                                                                                                                                      combo card combines both
                                                                                                                                                      USB 2.0 connections and
Two Port USB                                                                                                                                          FireWire connections into
2.0 PCMCIA Card                                                                     USB 2.0 Interface Cards                                           one single card. Provides
•Adds an additional two high                                   •USB 2.0 cards from IOGEAR will move data at                                           two USB 2.0 ports with
speed USB 2.0 (type A) ports                                   rates up to 480Mbps •Take advantage of the                    speeds up to 480Mbps performance and three
to your notebook PC •Uses                                      scalability that USB 2.0 cards provide Features:              FireWire ports with speeds up to 400Mbps
one Type II PCMCIA slot                                        •Fully backwards compatible to USB 1.1 •Hot                   transmission. Features: •Compliant with both
System requirements:                                           swappable, plug-n-play •USB 1.1 and USB 2.0                   the standard specification of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1
•Available Type II/III                                         compliant •Up to five built-in type A USB                     •USB high-speed up to 480Mbps data transfer
PCMCIA slot •Win                                               connections •No software needed •Three year                   rate •Supports USB over-current detection and
98/98SE/ME/2000/XP or                                          limited warranty                                              individual/gang power control •High-speed detection
MAC OS 8.6 Includes:                                                                                                         indicator output •Links up to 127 USB devices
                                                               Fig. Order #   Mfr. #    Description        (1-9) (10-up)
•PCMCIA card and                                                                                                             •Legacy support USB 1.X and 2.0 specifications
driver CD                                                       A 83-9580     GIC251U   5 port PCI card  $39.95 $37.95       •Compliant with IEEE 1394-1395 and compatible
                                                                B 83-9581     GIC220U   2 port PCI card    24.95 16.95       with 1394A •Supports IEEE 1394 transfer rate of
Order #                 (1-19)                    (20-up)       C 83-9582     GPU202    2 port PCMCIA card 69.95 44.95       100/200/400Mbps •Links up to 63 FireWire devices
83-10006                $37.95                    $37.03                                                                     •Supports Plug & Play specification •Supports
                                                                                                                             self-powered mode •Supports cable powered mode
                                                               Four Port USB                                                 with a power provider •Provides a total of 5 ports:
                                                               2.0 PCI Card                                                  Two external downstream type A USB ports, two
PCMCIA                                                                                                                       external FireWire ports and one internal FireWire
FireWire® Digital                                              •USB (universal
                                                                                                                             port System requirements: •Win98/SE/Me/2000/XP
                                                               serial bus) 2.0
Editing Kits                                                   specification
                                                                                                                             or MAC OS 8.6 •Available PCI slot
•Contains the                                                  compatibility                                                  Order #          Mfr. #            (1-19)            (20-up)
hardware and                                                   •Compatible                                                    83-10034         UF-400            $34.95            $33.55
software you need                                              with OHCI
to create and edit                                             (open host
your own movies!                                               controller
•Connect your DV                                               interface)                                                    Five Port USB 2.0 PCI Card
camcorder and as many as 61 more FireWire®                     •Hot-swappable                                                •Add’s an additional five high
devices to your computer while you enjoy the                   and real                                                      speed USB 2.0 (type A) ports
convenience and high-speed transfer rates                      plug-and-play capability •Provides bus-fault detection        to your PC •Uses one PCI slot
that FireWire® products bring Requirements:                    and reconfiguration •2.0 hi-speed PCI card runs at up         •Up to 480Mbs transfer rate
•Windows® 98SE/2000/ME/XP •Mac OS 10.2 or                      to 480Mbps •Compatible with USB drivers (Windows              System requirements:
higher Includes: •IEEE1394 PC Card •Warranty                   95/98/Me/2000/XP) and Mac OS •Provides four USB               •Available PCI slot •Win
registration card •Users manual •Software                      root ports, each port supports with 1.5Mbps, 12Mbps           98/98SE/ME/2000/XP or MAC
and drivers on CD                                              full speed and 480Mbps high-speed function •PCI               OS8.6 Includes: •PCI card
                                           Price per kit       interface specification V.2.2 compliant                       and driver CD
 Order # Mfr. #     Description          (1-9)    (10-up)      Order #                     (1-9)                   (10-up)    Order #                   (1-19)                    (20-up)
 83-9585 GPF103     3 Port CardBus card $54.95 $52.95          83-10190                   $15.95                   $14.37     83-10005                  $19.95                    $17.95

                                                                              Sound Cards
                                                               1 YEAR LIMITED
                                                                 WARRANTY                                                    1 YEAR LIMITED
Audigy 2 Series
Sound Cards
•24 bit/192KHz
                                                               Sound Blaster®                                                Sound Blaster® 16
DAC and                                                        Live Dolby 5.1                                                PCI Sound Card
24 bit/96KHz ADC                                               PCI Sound Card                                                •Provides CD
on all channels                                                •Offers cinema                                                quality audio
for high-quality                                               quality sound to                                              with a fast PCI
playback and                                                   your movies,                                                  interface •128
recording up to                                                music and games with digital 5.1 clarity •Includes            voice MIDI music
106dB SNR for rich, crisp audio playback                       EAX® technology that delivers enhanced audio                  synthesizer •3D audio technology •Plug and Play
•Up-mix any audio source to 6.1 channels including             functionality and performance •Includes Creative              for easy installation •Includes microphone and line
compressed audio content like Dolby Digital 5.1                PlayCenter™ that provides a full 320kbps encoder              inputs, speaker/headphone and line outputs and
and MP3s with CMSS® 3D (Creative Multi-Speaker                 and up to 9x acceleration System requirements:                joystick/MIDI port System requirements: •Pentium
Surround System™) •SB1394™ ports for blazing fast              •Pentium 166MHz PC or faster, Windows 95 or                   133MHz PC or higher, 32Mb RAM, Windows
data transfer and for LAN gaming twice the speed of            higher, 32Mb RAM, open PCI slot and a CD-ROM                  95/98/2000/NT and a CD-ROM drive for software
fast ethernet (100Base-T) Requirements: •Genuine               drive for software installation •Includes PCI sound           installation •Includes drivers and Creative software
Intel® Pentium® II, Celeron 350MHz, AMD-K6®                    card, MPC3CD audio cable, SPDIF CD audio cable,               bundle on CD-ROM
450MHz or faster •Intel®, AMD® or 100% compatible              driver and application software and manual
motherboard •64Mb of memory for Windows®                                                                                      Order #                                            (ea.)

98SE/Me, 128Mb for Windows® 2000 SP2/XP •600Mb                 Order #                                           (ea.)        83-8945                                            $24.95
free hard disk space •Windows® 98SE/Me/2000                    83-8947                                           $49.95
SP2/XP •Headphones or amplified speakers (available
separately) •CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive required
for software install                                                                                                         Note: Due to fluctuating computer market conditions prices
                                                                                                                             are subject to change without notice.
Order #    Description                    (1-9) (10-up)
83-9394    Audigy 2 PCI card            $124.95 $122.95
83-9395    Audigy 2 Platinum PCI card
           with live drive panel         199.00     195.00
                                                                                                                               NET 30
                                                                                                                                          Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                         Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                             1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 577
                                                                                                                             1-800-543-4330, FAX
                            Computer                                                                       Sound Cards
                                                                                                                           USB to Optical PC
                                                                                                                           Audio Adaptor
      Section 24                                                                                                 Back      Send super-clean direct
                                                                                                                           digital audio from your PC
                                                                                                                           to external components
                                                                                                                           for recording or
                                                                                                                           playback! •The USB
     Revolution 5.1                                                                                                        Soundbox connects
     Sound Card                                                                                                  Front     to your PC’s primary
                                                                                                                           USB port and works
     Revolution 5.1                                             MobilPre USB Powered Preamplifier                          with standard
     features support
                                                                MobilePre USB is the preamp with a built-in audio          Windows® audio
     for today’s
                                                                interface that’s designed for laptop recording such        players including
                                                                as field recording and sampling expeditions. In fact,      MUSICMATCH, Winamp,
     game technologies,
                                                                it’s one of the only completely bus-powered preamps        RealJukebox, RealPlayer, LiquidAudio, Sonique,
     as well as low CPU usage to insure lightning-fast
                                                                available. (Of course, you can use it on the desktop       and many others •Play any type of file your player
     visual response in gaming. •High-definition 24
                                                                as well.) Zero-latency direct monitoring provides you      supports (MP3, WAV, WMA, tracks “ripped” from CDs,
     bit/192KHz audio playback on up to 6 channels
                                                                with a streamlined professional recording experience.      etc) and the Soundbox exports the audio signal via a
     •Digital out transmits PCM, plus passthrough of
                                                                Features: •2 x 2 16 bit/48KHz analog I/O •Two              pure digital pathway •The sound is much cleaner
     AC-3 and DTS (coaxial) •Supports DTS output
                                                                microphone inputs (XLR balanced) with 48V                  than you get using the analog output of most PC
     and Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding using third-party
                                                                phantom power •Stereo microphone input (1⁄8")              sound cards •The USB Soundbox features a
     applications •Six analog line outs (three stereo 1⁄8"
                                                                •Two high-impedance instrument/line inputs                 mini-optical plug for connecting to the digital input of
     mini jacks) •True professional 24 bit/96KHz
                                                                (balanced/unbalanced 1⁄4" TRS) •Two mono line              almost any portable MiniDisc recorder •Dual output
     mic/line recording (1⁄8" stereo)
                                                                outputs (1⁄4" @ -10dBV) •Stereo line output (1⁄8")         mode even allows it to work with recorders that only
      Order #                 Mfr. #                    (ea.)   •Stereo headphone output with level control knob           accept analog inputs •You can also use the Soundbox
      83-10485                US99150                  $79.95   •Gain control knob for each input channel (+40dB           to link your PC to a home component that has a
                                                                max) •Zero-latency hardware direct monitoring              standard toslink optical digital input such as a
                                                                (mono/stereo) with software level control                  receiver or a CD-R/W or MD deck (connection to
                                                                •USB-powered for total mobility •Includes Maximum          this kind of component requires a toslink-to-toslink
                                                                Audio Tools software bundle •Sampling rates (KHz):         optical digital cable)
     Revolution 7.1                                             8, 9.6, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48             Order #                 (1-9)                (10-up)
     Sound Card                                                 Specifications: •Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
                                                                                                                            83-9083                $40.75                $38.71
     Revolution 7.1                                             ±1.2dB •Signal-to-noise ratio: 101dB (typical,
     features support                                           A-weighted) •Dynamic range: 101dB (A-weighted)
     for today’s                                                •THD: < 0.002% •USB recording: 16 bit/44.1KHz >
     state-of-the-art                                           2-in/2-out, 16 bit/48KHz > 2-in/2-out                      5.1 Channel USB
     game technologies,                                         Order #                Mfr. #                    (ea.)     Audio Adaptor
     as well as low CPU                                         83-10484               US4101                   $149.00    This adaptor
     usage to insure                                                                                                       operates as a USB
     lightning-fast visual response in gaming. Features:                                                                   soundcard. This
     •High-definition 24 bit/192KHz audio playback on up                                                                   will output audio
     to eight channels •Digital out transmits PCM, plus                                                                    from your PC to
     passthrough of AC-3 and DTS (coaxial) •Supports                                                                       speakers via the
     DTS output and Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding using            A                                                          analog 3.5mm jack or to your home theater via the
     third-party applications •Eight analog line outs                                                                      digital toslink output. You can play DVD on your PC
     (three stereo 1⁄8" mini jacks) •True professional                                                                     and send Dolby® Digital or DTS® surround sound
     24 bit/96KHz mic/line recording (1⁄8" stereo)                                                                         data (DD/DTS Pass Thru) to your decoder/receiver/
     Order #                 Mfr. #                     (ea.)                                                              amplifier for the most amazing home theater
                                                                                                                           experience. Includes the InterVideo® WinDVD®4
     83-10486                US99120                   $99.95   B                                                          (software DVD player), USB cable and optical cable.
                                                                                                                           Experience true audio simplicity. Amazing digital
                                                                                                                           technology turns your PC and existing
                                                                                                                           decoder/receiver/amplifier into a home theater.
     Sonica Theater                                                                                                        Order #                   (1-9)                 (10-up)
     7.1 USB                                                                                                               83-10171                 $34.95                 $29.95
     Sonica Theater
     let’s you play                                             C
     DVDs, games and
     all your music in
     up to 7.1 sur-
     round sound. Full
     support for Microsoft Windows Media 9 means you                                  USB Keyboards                        Wireless Bluetooth
     can play surround sound audio from the internet
                                                                Choose from the Ekeys 37, Keystation 49 or the
                                                                                                                           Audio Transmitter
     today. TruSurround XT provides virtual surround                                                                       Features:
     on your stereo or even headphones. Features:               Keystation 61es. These keyboards come with music
                                                                software that makes keyboard learning a breeze for all     •Compatible with
     •High-resolution audio recording and playback up to                                                                   IOGEAR’s wireless
     24 bit/96KHz •Eight analog line outs (four stereo 1⁄8"     ages. Installation is just as easy, simply plug into any
                                                                USB computer. So whether you want to learn to play         stereo headphones
     mini jacks) •Digital out transmits PCM, AC3 and DTS                                                                   (#83-10831) •Plugs into
     (coaxial) •Supports DTS output and Dolby Digital           the piano, create your own compositions, mix using
                                                                the included library of professionally recorded sam-       any standard 3.5mm or
     5.1/EX (6.1 DVD) decoding •Stereo 1⁄8" analog line in                                                                 RCA jack •Use it on your
     •SRS TruSurround XT delivers virtual surround with         ples, or simply have fun with pre-school nursery
                                                                rhymes, M-audio keyboards do it all. Ekeys 37: •37         home stereo, computer, MP3
     stereo speakers •SRS Circle Surround II real-time                                                                     player or other music devices •Wireless range up
     stereo-to-surround conversion •Powerful control panel      mini-keys •Extremely compact •Windows XP bundled
                                                                music software includes: Sound Studio II VST, Picture      to 66' •Built in rechargeable batteries for up to
     for bass management and other features •Supports all                                                                  6.5 hours of continuous operation •RCA audio cable
                                                                Board and Music Teacher •Plug and play for OS X

     popular media players including Windows Media 9                                                                       and phono plug adaptor included •Class 2 device
     •Completely USB bus-powered (no power supply               and Windows XP Keystation 49 and Keystation
                                                                61es: •49 or 61 keys •Pitch bend and modulation            compliant with Bluetooth 1.2 specifications
     required) •Includes valuable entertainment and                                                                        •Mfr. #GBMA201
     music creation software                                    wheels •Volume/control slider •Programming
                                                                capability •Sustain foot pedal input •Octave ±buttons       Order #                  (1-9)                 (10-up)
      Order #                 Mfr. #                    (ea.)   to extend keyboard range •Separate MIDI out jack            83-10832                $96.95                 $94.50
      83-10487                US99110                  $82.95   routes MIDI signals from your computer to control
                                                                external devices •Powered via USB or 9VDC power
                                                                adaptor (not included) •Plug and play for OS X and
                                                                Windows XP
                                                      NET 30
                                                      Terms      Fig.   Order #    Mfr. #    Description        (ea.)
                                                                 A      83-10489   US72022   eKeys 37           $69.95
                             Order Online                        B      83-10490   US70080   Key Station 49     109.00
      578             www.mcminone.com                           C      83-10492   S71010    Key Station 61es   179.00
            Computer Speakers and Headphones                                                                                     Computer

                                                                                                                                                     Section 24
Wireless Stereo                                            Headset
Headphones                                                 5000 with
with Microphone                                            Boom Mic
•Enjoy music                                               The Headset
wirelessly from                                            5000 headset is
Bluetooth-enabled                                          designed to
computers, PDA,                                            deliver the
MP3/CD players,      A                                     maximum
and more                                                   benefit from
•Maximum                                                   digital sources.
wireless range up                                          This headphone                                                          PLEOMAX
to 66' •Supports
mp3 quality audio
                                                           will deliver                                            Wireless Headphones
                                                           brilliant, full                                         Listen to your favorite music
•Allows you to                                             dimension stereo
pick-up incoming                                                                                                   without the hassle of wires!
                                                           sound. The extra                                        PLEOMAX wireless headphones
calls during music                                         large soft
playback using                                                                                                     won’t tie you down! Features: •2.4GHz
                                                           cushioned                                               wireless headphones •Perfect reception up
detachable boom                                            ear-pads make
microphone                                                                                                         to 30m distance •Auto channel selector (8
                                                           this headphone so comfortable and the in-line           channels) •Plug and play •On/Off switch
•Integrated                                                volume control makes this unit easy to control.
                                                    B                                                              System requirements: •Windows
headphone control                                          Specifications: •Impedance: 32Ω±15% •Sensitivity:
buttons give you quick access to play/pause,                                                                       98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP•Available USB port
                                                           89±4dB •Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz •Driver
track selection, and volume control •Comfortable           dimension: Ø27mm • Maximum power input: 30mW             Order #        Mfr. #             (1-9)         (10-up)
to wear behind-the-neck style •Incoming call alerts        •Rated power input: 20mW •Cord length: 6'                83-10918       PHS-3800          $69.95         $68.55
•Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 6.5 hours         Microphone: •Impedance: 2.2KΩ •Sensitivity:
play time •Foldable easy-to-carry design •Compliant        -54±3dB •Driver dimension: Ø9.7 x 6.5 (H)mm
with Bluetooth 1.2 specifications Headphone                •Directivity: Omni-directional •Frequency response:
specifications: •Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz            20Hz~20KHz
@ -3dB •Output: 7mW @ 32ohm •Noise level: -80dBA
                                                           Order #       Mfr. #          (1-9)          (10-up)
Fig. Order #
Description           Mfr. #            (1-9)    (10-up)   83-10821      87074          $19.95          $18.49
A    83-10831         GBMH201          $96.95    $94.50
Bluetooth wireless headphones
B    83-10833         GBMHKIT          175.00    172.00
Bluetooth wireless headphones and bluetooth
audio transmitter (#83-10832)

USB Speakerphone
•Full duplex speaker phone
with 110dB peak volume
•Use with IM software                                                                                              Studio Pro 4 Monitor Speakers
(AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc.)                                                                                            Recording engineers and producers in music
or VoIP software (Skype,                                                                                           studios around the world rely on M-Audio reference
Vonage, Webex, etc.)                                                                                               monitors to insure that their mixes are accurate.
•Speaker: 2W peak,                                                                                                 The StudioPro 4 brings that same standard of audio
40mm, 4ohm,                                                                                                        fidelity right to your desktop. M-Audio’s proprietary
500Hz~5KHz, 8KHz input sampling rate •USB                                                                          OptImage wave guide technology also improves stereo
audio with 2.5mm headset jack •Dimensions: 3.2" x                                                                  definition. Complete with magnetic shielding for
2.2" x 0.8" •Weight: 1.5 oz. •DSP voice processor                                                                  desktop use, StudioPro 4 delivers great audio
•40mm mylar speaker and electret condenser                               Headset 6000 with Bass Boost              experiences from your music, games and DVDs.
omni-directional microphone •Mfr. GPH100U                                                                          Features: •HF driver: 1" mylar cone with OptImage
                                                           The Inland Headset 6000 is designed for comfort and     dispersion-controlled wave guide •LF driver: 4"
Order #                   (1-9)                 (10-up)    sound quality. The unique USB or battery powered        coated paper cone •Dynamic power: 18W/channel
83-10834                 $49.95                 $47.95     bass-vibration unit senses low sound frequencies and    •Dynamic range: >95dB •Crossover frequency:
                                                           enhances them with a vibrator built into the earcups.   2.8KHz •Signal-to-noise ratio: >90dB (typical,
                                                           The adjustable headband and microphone boom             A-weighted) •SPL: 101.5dB •Input impedance:
                                                           allows the user to adjust the headset to fit            20Kohm balanced, 10Kohm unbalanced •Input
                                                           comfortably. The 6000 also includes an in-line volume   connectors: RCA •Attenuation: Mid-cut switch
                                                           control. Specifications: •Impedance: 32Ω±15%
                                                           •Sensitivity: 105±4dB •Frequency response:              Order #                Mfr. #                    (ea.)
                                                           20Hz~20KHz •Driver dimension: Ø40mm •Maximum            83-10488               US5115                   $159.00
                                                           power input: 100mW •Rated power input: 50mW
                                                           •Cord length: 8' Microphone: •Impedance: 2.2KΩ
                                                           •Sensitivity: -54±3dB •Driver dimension: Ø9.7 x         Amplified
                                                           6.5 (H)mm •Directivity: Omni-directional •Frequency     Multimedia Speakers
                                                           response: 20Hz~20KHz Vibration unit •Power
                                                                                                                   •5W RMS, 180W PMPO
                                                           requirement: USB power, battery or adaptor
                                                                                                                   •Magnetically shielded
                                                           Order #       Mfr. #          (1-9)          (10-up)    •Frequency response:
                                                           83-10822      87076          $24.95          $23.64     100Hz~20KHz 2" x 3" full

                                                                                                                   range speaker in each cabinet
             KY-100 5.1 Channel                                                                                    •Volume control, power switch
Surround Sound Headphones                                                                                          and headphone jack on master
•Six speakers and two force feedback elements                                                                      speaker •Dimensions: 2.75" (W)
combine for sonic realism •Frequency response                                                                      x 6.75" (H) x 4" (D) •AC power cord included
20Hz~20KHz •Dolby Digital™ and DTS™ ready 5.1                                                                      Order #                (1-9)                   (10-up)
channel surround sound headphone set •Compatible                                                                   83-8998                $7.95                    $7.16
with any audio source •Base unit includes
connections for two headphones •Designed for use
with computer, DVD, VCR, TV and all gaming                                                                          NET 30
systems •Includes 20' cord                                                                                          Terms
 Order #                (1-9)                   (10-up)                                                                         Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                               Order Toll Free
 83-10367              $49.95                   $46.30                                                             1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 579
                                                                                                                   1-800-543-4330, FAX
                           Computer                                       Computer Speakers and Headphones

     Section 24                                                                                                        PS-270B
                                                                                                                       •3W RMS
                                                                                                                       power •240W
                                                                                                                       PMPO •Front
     PLEOMAX                                                                                                           power, volume and tone controls •Color coded wires
                                                                                                                       for easy installation •Front headphone jack •USB
     Crystal Series                                                                                                    version does not require AC adaptor
     USB Speakers                                                                                                       Order #                  (1-9)                (10-up)
     Features: •Built-in two channel stereo
                                                                                                                        83-10360                $12.95                $11.28
     amplifier •No power adaptor required •Magnetically
                                                                           GZ-501 5.1 Channel                           USB Version
     shielded •Power on LED indicator System
                                                                                                                        83-10361                 15.95                 14.37
     requirements: •Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP                Surround Sound Speaker System
     •Available USB port •Mfr. #PSP-7000X
                                                              •50W continuous power •Frequency response
     Order #                  (1-9)                 (10-up)   30Hz~20KHz •Dolby Digital™ and DTS™ ready 5.1
     83-10913                $17.95                 $17.25    channel surround sound speaker system •Includes
                                                              4 x 5W satellite speakers, 1 x 10W center channel
                                                              speaker and 1 x 40W subwoofer •Includes remote
                                                              control for ease of use •Color coded speakers for easy
                                                              set-up •Designed for use with DVD, VCR, TV and all       PS-193
     USB AM/FM                                                gaming systems                                           Computer
     Radio SHARK                                               Order #               (1-9)                  (10-up)    Speakers
     •Record any AM or                                         83-10365             $89.95                  $79.95     •1W RMS per
     FM radio broadcast in                                                                                             channel output
     real time •Program it                                                                                             •Magnetically
     to record a scheduled                                                                                             shielded •3" full
     show, or to ‘pause’ live                                                                                          range drivers
     radio so you can                                                                                                  •Frequency response: 100Hz~20KHz •Volume and
     return right where                                                                                                power controls • 3.5mm headphone jack •3.5mm
     you left off moments                                                                                              stereo connector for use with computers, walkmans,
     or even hours before •Includes a full-featured                                                                    CD players, musical keyboards and more •AC
     software application that controls all radio and                                                                  adaptor included
     recording functions •Presets can be set with the click                                                             Order #             (1-4)            (5-11)   (12-up)
     of a mouse, and new stations can be scanned and
                                                                                                                        83-9284             $9.95            $9.22     $8.19
     tuned with ease Specifications FM stereo tuner:
     •Tuning range: 87.5~108.0MHz •Frequency steps:
     100KHz •Antenna: Built-in •Frequency response:
     50Hz~15KHz AM tuner: •Tuning range:
     530~1710KHz •Frequency steps: 10KHz or 9KHz
     •Antenna: Built-in System requirements •Mac:
     400MHz G3 (New World ROM), G4 or later
     recommended, running Mac OS X (10.2.8 or higher)
     with USB port •PC: 400MHz processor running
     Windows XP with USB port                                                                       1 YEAR LIMITED

      Order #                Mfr. #                  (ea.)    SW-4315 Subwoofer System
      83-10774               4018-RADS              $59.95    •Wooden woofer enclosure to enhance solid bass
                                                              performance •Magnetically shielded •Frequency
                                                              response: 50Hz~20KHz •Volume/power, bass and
                                                              treble controls •3.5mm stereo connector for use with     3 YEAR LIMITED
                                                              computers, walkmans, CD players, musical
     RocketFM, FM                                             keyboards and more •AC cord attached Subwoofer:
     Transmitter                                              •15W RMS output •4.25" super bass woofer                 Pro Sound
     •Uses FM frequency to                                    •Dimensions: 10.25" (H) x 5.75" (W) x 9.5" (D)           2000 Amplified
     transmit audio through                                   Satellites: •5W RMS per channel output                   Speakers
     your home, car or office                                 •3" mid~hi range drivers •Dimensions:
     stereo system.                                           8" (H) x 3.5" (W) x 5.25" (D)                            •Cloth speaker grills •7.2W RMS total output
     •Applications such as                                                                                             •Magnetically shielded •Frequency response:
                                                               Order #                 (1-4)                (5-up)     70Hz~20KHz •3.5" full range woofer in each cabinet
     MusicMatch, WinAmp,
     iTunes, GarageBand,                                       83-8447                $49.95                $46.30     •Volume control, power switch and headphone jack
     video soundtracks                                                                                                 on master speaker •Includes 4' AC power cord and 6'
     and even streaming                                                                                                audio cables with 3.5mm stereo plug
     internet radio can be                                                                                             Order #          Color              (1-9)      (10-up)
     conveniently broadcast                                                                                            83-8815          White            $12.95       $11.84
     with RocketFM Specifications: •Compact size:                                                                      83-8816          Black             12.95        11.84
     4.2" (107.5mm) x 1.2" (31.6mm) •Built-in antenna
     •Power requirement: Powered USB port, 100mA
     (low-power) •Modulation: FM stereo •Frequencies:
     87.5~107.9MHz •High stability crystal oscillator,
     phase-lock loop control •Stereo separation: Greater

     than 45dB •Signal distortion: Less than .5%
     •Frequency response: 50Hz~15KHz •Operating                                                                        Computer Desktop
     range: 10'~30', depending on the quality of the FM                    TW-527 5.1 Channel                          Microphone
     radio receiver (limited by FCC regulations) •FCC         Surround Sound Speaker System                            •Electret condenser
     compliant •Cable length: 3' (0.9m)                       •35W continuous power •Frequency response                microphone •Desktop
     Order #                 Mfr. #                  (ea.)    50Hz~20KHz •Dolby Digital™ and DTS™ ready 5.1            design with ON/OFF
     83-10775                4000-RKFM              $32.95    channel surround sound speaker system •Includes          switch •Adjustable
                                                              five 3W satellite speakers and one 20W subwoofer         elevation angle
                                                              •Includes wired remote control for ease of use •Color    •Metal-weighted base
                                                    NET 30    coded speakers for easy set-up •Designed for use with    •6' audio cable
                                                    Terms     DVD, VCR, TV and all gaming systems                      •Sound Blaster compatible •Mfr. #QS-5838
                            Order Online                      Order #                (1-9)                  (10-up)    Order #                                        (ea.)
      580             www.mcminone.com                        83-10366              $89.95                  $79.95     35-876                                         $6.99
                                    iPod Accessories                                                                             Computer

                                                                                                                                                            Section 24

iPod® Remote Control                                    Ipod® FM Transmitter
•Functions include play, pause,                         •Allows you to play your iPod®
forward/backward, and volume                            through any FM radio •Scans
•LED Lights illuminate perimeter                        stations for cleanest signal
and buttons (when buttons are                           •Locks in up to ten of your
depressed) •Receiver includes audio                     favorite stations with memory
output jack (for use with speakers or                   button •No power switch, easily plugs into
stereo systems) •Works on iPods® that                   iPod® •No batteries required •High-stability crystal
are free-standing or docked •Requires two “AAA”         oscillator •Phase-locked loop control
batteries (not included)                                Order #                 Mfr. #                  (ea.)
 Order #                  Mfr. #                (ea.)
                                                                                                                Cassette Adaptor
                                                        80-6725                191204                  $23.95
                                                                                                                •Allows you to play your
 80-6710                  191201               $23.95
                                                                                                                iPod®, MP3, CD, DVD
                                                                                                                or other portable player
                                                                                                                through a car cassette deck
                                                                                                                or other cassette system
                                                                                                                •Easy and convenient way
                                                                                                                to provide quality sound
                                                                                                                from your portable player
                                                        iPod® FM Transmitter                                    •Works in any and all
iPod® Back-Up                                           with Auto Power Adaptor                                 cassette players
Battery Pack                                            •Allows you to listen to your                           Order #        Mfr. #       (ea.)
•Ideal for outdoor activities,                          iPod® through your car’s FM                             80-6750        19210        $9.95
long trips, or periods of time                          stereo while charging at the
away from a power cord                                  same time •Scans stations
•Allows 15~20 hours                                     for cleanest signal •Locks in
additional playing time                                 up to ten of your favorite
•Includes clip for secure                               stations with memory button
attachment to iPod®                                     •No power switch-easily
•Displays remaining                                     plugs into iPod® •No
battery life via LED                                    batteries required
indicator •Requires                                     •High-stability crystal
four “AA” batteries                                     oscillator •Phase-locked loop control
(not included)
                                                         Order #                 Mfr. #                 (ea.)
Order #                   Mfr. #                (ea.)    80-6730                 191205                $29.95
80-6715                  191202                $24.95

                                                                                                                       A                                B

                                                                                                                                        iPod® DC Power Adaptors
iPod® Universal                                                                                                                    •Allows you to charge your iPod® or
Recharging Dock                                         Stereo Headphone                                        iPod® mini in your car or double your power capacity
•Includes three adaptors
                                                        Splitters                                               •Features a replaceable safety fuse •2' coil cord on the
for iPod® (15Gb, 20Gb,                                  •Allows you to connect two                              single unit or an adjustable position plug on the dual
30Gb, 40Gb or 60Gb) or                                  headphone sets to your iPod®,                           unit •Single unit includes cables for charging your
iPod® mini •USB and                                     iPod mini®, MP3, CD, DVD                                iPod® while you drive
FireWire cables allow                                   or other portable player                                Fig.       Order #        Description        Mfr. #    (ea.)
charging and syncing •AC                                •High-shielded cord reduces
                                                        interference •24K gold-                                 A          80-6755        Single             19211    $9.95
adaptor ideal for playing                                                                                       B          80-6760        Dual               19212     5.99
iPod® and charging iPod®                                plated connecter provides
without a computer                                      superior contact
•Includes audio output                                   Order #                 Mfr. #                (ea.)
jack for use with speakers or stereo systems             80-6735                 191206                $5.99
•Includes 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable
                                                                                                                iPod® Stereo
Order #                   Mfr. #                (ea.)
                                                                                                                FM Transmitter
80-6720                  191203                $25.95
                                                                                                                •Allows you to play your
                                                                                                                iPod® or iPod® mini, MP3,
                                                                                                                CD and other portable
                                                                                                                players through your car
Digital Ear Buds                                                                                                or home stereo •Transmits
•Ideal for iPod®, iPod mini®,                                                                                   on four FM channels •Up

MP3, CD, DVD or other                                                                                           to 24 hour battery life
portable players                                        iPod® Voice Recorder                                    •High-quality stereo sound
•Dyna-Drive: Dynamic                                                                                            •Ultra-light and compact
                                                        •Lets your iPod® record                                 •Requires three “AAA”
drivers deliver enhanced                                memos, lectures, or
sound performance •Flexible                                                                                     batteries (not included)
silicone body provides                                  •Omnidirectional                                        Order #        Mfr. #       (ea.)
ultimate comfort •Includes                              microphone for optimal                                  80-6765       191213       $14.95
in-line, slide volume control                           recording •20mm built-in
•Additional varied size ear                             speaker for high-quality
caps provided •Includes                                 playback •LED light                                      NET 30
leatherette travel pouch                                indicates active recording                               Terms
Order #      Mfr. #      (ea.)                           Order #                 Mfr. #                 (ea.)                 Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                             Order Toll Free
80-6745     191208      $14.95                           80-6740                 191207                $23.95   1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 581
                                                                                                                1-800-543-4330, FAX
                          Computer                                                                      iPod Accessories

      Section 24
                                                              iTrip, iPod FM                                               AirClick Remote Control for Mac,
                                                              Transmitter                                                  PC, iPod and iPod Mini
                                                              •FM transmitter                                              Lets you hook up your iPod to your
                                                              for iPods can play                                           sound system and wander through the
     iPod Home                                                                                                             house while in full control of your
                                                              your music
     Connect Kit                                              through any FM radio in your car Specifications:             tunes. Pause your iPod to answer the
     •Attractively designed                                   •Compact size: 2.4" x .84" •Built-in antenna •Power          door and then crank it up without
     and durable •Color                                       requirement: None, it’s powered by the iPod                  even going in the room. AirClickUSB
     coordinated with the                                     •Modulation: FM stereo •Frequencies:                         is a remote for Mac and PC
     iPod (and iMac)                                          88.1~107.9MHz •High stability crystal oscillator,            computers. The receiver module
     •Gold-plated connector tips •Great value at an MSRP      phase-lock loop control •Stereo separation: Greater          attaches to any available USB port and receives
     of $14.99 •1 year warranty Includes: •6' stereo          than 45dB •Signal distortion: Less than .5%                  signal from up to 60' away. AirClick USB is ideal for
     mini-jack to RCA males •7" stereo mini-jack to           •Frequency response: 50Hz~15KHz •Operating                   controlling applications including iTunes, QuickTime,
     RCA females                                              range: 10'~30', depending on the quality of the FM           and even Keynote or PowerPoint. Features:
      Order #               Mfr. #                  (kit)     radio receiver (limited by FCC regulations) •FCC             •Operating range up to 60' •Transmission method:
                                                              compliant •International frequencies software                Radio frequency •Frequency: 433.92MHz •Remote
      83-10763              3003-ASB               $10.95                                                                  battery: CR2032 3V •Remote dimensions: 2.75" x
                                                              selectable •Operating temperature range: 32°~95°F,
                                                              0°~35°C                                                      1.25" x 0.5" (not including belt clip; 0.75" max depth
                                                                                                                           including belt clip) •Remote weight (including
                                                              Order #     Mfr. #       Description                 (ea.)
                                                                                                                           battery): 0.8 oz. AirClickUSB system
                     iBeams,                                  83-10767    4014-Trip    iTrip for iPod             $32.99   requirements: •Macintosh running Mac OS X (10.3
                     iPod Laser                               83-10768    4013-2Trip   iTrip2 black for U2 iPod    32.99   or higher) or PC running •Windows XP (SP2)
     Pointer and Flashlight                                   83-10769    4025-Mini    iTrip Mini for iPod Mini    32.99   •An available USB port •CD-ROM drive
     •Ready for your dock-connector                                                                                        Order #     Mfr. #               RF Remote for    (ea.)
     iPod or iPod mini •Snap-on                                                                                            83-10777    AirClick iPod        iPod            $34.99
     flashlight is great for finding keys in the dark                                                                      83-10778    AirClick iPod Mini   iPod Mini        34.99
     •Also includes class IIIA laser pointer, handy for       iSqueez, iPod Holder                                         83-10779    AirClickUSB          PC/Mac           34.99
     iPod-friendly presentations and other, less
                                                              Your cup holder is a great
     professional pursuits •Includes a snap-on protective
                                                              place for your iPod on the
     cap that can be attached to any keychain for
                                                              road, but it can still slide
     convenient portability and accessibility
                                                              around, fall out, and even be                                iCarPlay,
      Order #                Mfr. #                 (ea.)     scratched. And trying to use                                 Cassette Adaptor
      83-10764               4037-IBEM             $15.95     a charging cable really
                                                                                                                           •Pops right into your
                                                              complicates things. Enter the
                                                                                                                           car’s cassette deck to
                                                              iSqueez. The iSqueez holds
                                                                                                                           play music from your
                                                              your iPod or iPod Mini at an
                                                                                                                           iPod •Spring-loaded
                                                              easy-to-see angle. The
                                                                                                                           cassette head helps maintain contact with cassette
                                                              material won’t scratch the
     iPod EarJams                                             iPod’s surface and your iPod isn’t going to fall out. The
                                                                                                                           player’s head for clear sound •40" cord so you can rest
     •EarJams snap onto your                                                                                               your iPod where you want it •24k gold-plated contacts
                                                              iSqueez also leaves room on the inside for a
     existing iPod Earbuds •Deliver                                                                                        resist corrosion for maximum signal transfer
                                                              docking cable.
     massive bass and improved sound                                                                                        Order #                Mfr. #                    (ea.)
                                                               Order #                 Mfr. #                      (ea.)
     •Enhance the comfort and fit of                                                                                        83-10780               125946                   $19.95
     your iPod earbuds •Raises your                            83-10770                4035-PPOD                   $6.95
     earbud volume by up to ten
     decibels •Includes multiple size                                                                                      iSpeaker™,
     ear pads and carrying case
                                                                                                                           Portable Speaker
     Order #                Mfr. #                 (ea.)
                                                              PowerPod, iPod                                               •Easy, lightweight
     83-10765               4039-EJAM              $7.95
                                                              Travel Charger                                               solution to listen to
                                                              •Works with both the                                         iPod and laptops •Over
                                                              old and new iPods and                                        eight hours of playtime
                                                              mini •Status LED                                             from four “AA” alkaline
                                                              •Fused and filtered to                                       power cells •Can be
     iTalk, iPod Voice                                        protect your iPod                                            used with any portable
     Recorder                                                 •Includes a detachable                                       audio device with a
                                                              4' cable •Fits into any 12V accessory outlet or car          mini-jack output, including laptops •Includes a 3'
     •Plug the Griffin                                                                                                     mini-to-mini stereo cable and four “AA” alkaline
     iTalk into the top                                       lighter jack •Great value at a MSRP of $24.99
                                                              •2 year warranty                                             power cells Specifications: •Output power 2W per
     of your iPod and                                                                                                      channel @ 4.7Kohm, frequency response 100~20KHz
     suddenly you have a world-class voice recorder with       Order #                 Mfr. #                      (ea.)   93dB @ 1M
     literally thousands of hours of recording time •With      83-10773                1072-POD                   $15.95
     iTalk you can record seminars, meetings, classes,                                                                     Order #                 Mfr. #                    (ea.)
     notes, songs, whatever you want •iTalk has a built-in                                                                 83-10781                125948                   $59.95
     microphone designed to record crystal-clear audio, and
     its automatic gain control assures you have the best
     possible signal level for recording •You can even con-   TuneJuice,
     nect an external microphone directly to iTalk for more
                                                                                                                           iSportCase™, iPod
     recording options System requirements: •Apple 3rd        iPod Battery                                                 Carrying Case
     generation iPod, 4th generation iPod, and iPod Photo     Back-Up                                                      •Protective case with
     Physical specifications: •Dimensions 2.4" x .84" x       •TuneJuice                                                   belt clip designed for
     .62" (61 x 21 x 16 mm) •Weight 0.64 oz. (18 grams)       works with any                                               easy access to iPod

     •iPod connection: Headphone/output 3.5mm stereo          dockable iPod or                                             controls and ports
     (with iPod audio play through) external mic input        iPod mini •If                                                •Includes Monster
     3.5mm mono (input switched                               your iPod has                                                ClearSkin™ laminate to
     when connected)                                          some charge, the TuneJuice will provide up to 8 hours        protect the iPod front surface without limiting
      Order #               Mfr. #                 (ea.)      of additional play; a completely drained iPod will get       functionality •Clip iSportCase to the included
                                                              up to 4 hours •Pop a standard 9V battery into the            adjustable tilt-and-swivel dash-mount or to your belt
      83-10766              4020-Talk             $32.99                                                                   •Also includes adhesive vehicle dash-mount so you
                                                              TuneJuice and keep rocking Made for: •iPod mini
                                                              •iPod Photo •4th Generation iPod with Click Wheel            can clip iSportCase to it
                                                              •3rd Generation iPod with touch wheel and buttons             Order # Mfr. #    Description                    (ea.)
                                                   NET 30     Requirements: •iPod •9V battery
                                                   Terms                                                                    83-10782 125392 Small-10/15/20Gb and 30Gb       $19.95
                                                               Order #  Mfr. #         Description                 (ea.)                    iPod Photo
                            Order Online                       83-10776 4002-TJuice    TuneJuice                  $16.95    83-10783 125393 Large-30Gb Gen3,40Gb and         19.95
      582            www.mcminone.com                          293-275 9V              Duracell 9V battery          1.71                    60Gb iPod Photo
                                      iPod Accessories                                                                                 Computer
iPod Cables
High performance
connection cables                                                                                                                                             Section 24
for your iPod.
Choose from
iCable to connect                                                 C
your desktop or
iSplitter to share                                                                                                     Apple® iPod®
your iPod with a                                                                                                       Replacement Batteries
friend. These
                                                                                                                       •Replace your worn out
cables incorporate #83-10785
                                                           Ipod® Accesories                                            iPod® batteries with these
Monster Cable’s latest audio cable technologies for
                                                                                                                       drop-in batteries •Choose
digital MP3 music in a compact design to match             •Expand your Ipod®                                  B       the standard batteries or
your iPod.                                                 experience •Choose                                          extend your runtime with the high capacity models
 Order # Mfr. # Description                        (ea.)   from a car charger for
                                                           your Ipod® Mini, FM                                                                                Capacity
 83-10784 126130 7' iCable for desktop connection $29.95                                                                Order #       Dantona#        Apple® # mAh (1-9) (10-up)
 83-10785 126132 iSplitter Y adaptor                9.95   transmitter and
                                                           charger for the                                              Classic Model
                                                           car or a Ipod®                                               PDA-116LI     PDA-116LI         616-026, 900 $17.95 $16.31
                                                           dock with speakers                                                                           iPod Photo
                                                           Specifications:                                 A            PDA-116LI-HC PDA-116LI-HC 616-026, 1200 32.95 29.43
iCarPlay™ Wireless                                         #294-1610 Ipod®                                                                              iPod Photo
FM Transmitter and                                         Mini Car Charger:                                            PDA-118LI      PDA-118LI        616-0212 250 17.95 16.31
Charger                                                    •18" cable with a 2A fused 12V connector to                                                  iPod Shuffle
                                                           Ipod® Mini data connector #294-1615 Ipod®                    PDA-136LI      PDA-136LI        616-0223, 330 17.95 16.31
•Easy one-button FM                                        FM transmitter: •30" cable with .1A fused                                                    iPod Nano
channel selection with                                     12V connector to 1⁄8" stereo plug •Outside the car,          PDA-139LI      PDA-139LI        616-0229, 760 26.95 24.51
eight available channels •Smart digital charging for       transmits Ipod® tunes to FM radios up to 15' away                                            iPod 5th Generation,
fast charges and maximum battery life •24k gold            •Phase-lock-loop technology to easily connect clearly                                        iPod Video
contacts for optimal signal transfer and corrosion         to one of eight channel options #294-1620 Ipod®              294-1595       PDA-36LI         UP325385A4H
resistance Specifications: •Compatible with all            Speaker dock: •Two stereo speakers in an                                                                 1600 19.95 18.55
iPods that utilize a dock connector including the iPod     integrated stand •Includes AC adaptor and                    294-1600       PDA-36LI-HC UP325385A4H
Mini •Transmitter utilizes FM channels: 88.1, 88.3,        connectors to support a variety of MP3 players                                                           2200 23.95 22.55
88.5, 88.7, 88.9, 89.1, 89.3, 89.5                                                                                      3rd Generation Slim Model
                                                            Fig   Order #        Mfr. #            (1-9)    (10-up)
 Order #              Mfr. #                      (ea.)                                                                 294-1585       PDA-33LI         616-0159, 550 13.95 12.55
                                                            A     294-1610       PDA-67CC         $11.95    $11.55                                      E225846
 83-10786             126133                     $49.95     B     294-1615       PDA-67FMT         25.95     24.55      294-1590       PDA-33LI-HC 616-0159, 850 35.95 32.20
                                                            C     294-1620       PDA-67PDMS        58.95     54.02                                      E225846
                                                                                                                        PDA-33LI-SPC PDA-33LI-SPC 616-0159, 1100 39.95 35.98
Ultra-Low Profile                                          iCase™, Travel                                               4th Generation with click wheel
Charger for iPod with                                      Pack for iPod®                                               294-1625       PDA-94LI         616-0183 950 17.95 16.31
Dock Connection                                                                                                         Ipod® Mini
                                                           •Includes                                                    294-1605       PDA-67LI         EC003        850 21.95 19.59
•Easy one-button FM                                        Monster                                                      22-8950        iPod® opener tool                    1.99
channel selection with                                     iCharger™ (charges                                                          (required for battery replacement)
eight available channels                                   your iPod in your car
•Smart digital charging for fast charges and               lighter socket) •Includes Monster
maximum battery life •24k gold contacts for optimal        iSplitter™ (connects two mini-stereo headphones into
signal transfer and corrosion resistance                   one jack) to share music with a friend •Lots of room
Specifications: •Compatible with all iPods that            and other custom-fit pockets and pouches for iPod®
utilize a dock connector including the iPod Mini           and travel accessories •Rubberized zipper pulls and
•Transmitter utilizes FM channels: 88.1, 88.3, 88.5,       stylish lightweight nylon exterior for
88.7, 88.9, 89.1, 89.3, 89.5                               enhanced durability
Order #               Mfr. #                      (ea.)    Order #                 Mfr. #                   (ea.)
83-10787              126133                     $34.95    83-10788                127036                  $49.95

                                                                  Computer Monitors
8" TFT LCD Monitor
The 8" LCD monitor features a high
resolution liquid crystal display. It                                                       5.6" TFT LCD Monitor with Tuner
is an extremely fashionable compact
size monitor that can be connected                                                          The 5.6" LCD monitor features a high
to any DVD or VCD. The picture                                                              resolution liquid crystal display. It is
can also be inverted for specialty                                                          an extremely fashionable compact size
applications. Includes AC adaptor                                                           monitor that can be connected to any
and DC car adaptor, compatible                                                              DVD or VCD. This also has a built-in
with dashboard mounting. Monitor                                                            TV tuner, so you can take your favorite
specifications: •High-resolution                                                            movie or TV show with you wherever you go.
display, up to 1024x768 (H x V)                                                             The picture can also be inverted for specialty
•On screen display control                                                                  applications. Monitor specifications: •5.6" LCD
(multi-language) •Full function                                                             display screen supporting PAL/NTSC/SEACAM
infrared remote control •XGA/VGA                                                            •336960 pixels •Built-in speaker •OSD menu

input (15 pin D-sub), USB or RS-232                                                         •Audio output: 100mV •Composite video connector
interface •Two RCA video inputs,                                                            •Adjustable volume •Adjustable contrast TV tuner specifications: •VHF 1~12
Audio input •Speaker (for video)                                                            receiving channels •UHF 13~56 receiving channels Remote features: •Power
built-in •LCD brightness: 400cd/m2                                                          button •Channel up/down buttons •Mute button •Volume up/down button •Menu
•Contrast: 200:1 •Viewing angle: 65/65(R/L), 45/60(U/D) degrees •Operating                  button •TV/AV button •0~9 buttons •Wide buttons
voltage: 11~13VDC •Power consumption: <10W •Dimension (mm): 205W x 163H x                   Order #                                                                       (ea.)
40D •Weight 1.8 lbs. Remote features: •Power button •Mute button •Volume                    83-10713                                                                     $169.00
up/down button •Menu button •TV/AV button •0~9 buttons •Wide buttons
 Order #                                                                      (ea.)                                      NET 30
 83-10714                                                                    $349.00                                     Terms
                                                                                                                                    Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                   Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                      1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 583
                                                                                                                      1-800-543-4330, FAX
                            Computer                                                                                  Computer Monitors
                                                                                                                                               19" LCD
     Section 24                                                                                                   17" Flat Screen
                                                                                                                                               The BenQ
                                                                                                           Provides 16" of                     FP931 is a
                                                                                                           viewing area, plug                  high-end 19"
                                                                                                           and play simplicity,                LCD monitor
                                                                                                           and easy to use OSD                 with SXGA
                                                                                                           functions. The                      resolution that
                                                                                                           steady 110MHz pixel                 delivers high
                                                                                                           frequency keeps                     contrast ratios,
                                                                                                           viewing clear and                   brilliant color
                                                                          consistent. •Exceptional for government, healthcare,                 and superior
                                                                          home office •17" (16" VIS), .23mm dp(H), 27mm dp(D)                  clarity for
                                                                          OSD control •1280 x 1024 maximum resolution                          moving
                                                                          VESA, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA compatible •Plug                          images. With
                                                            #83-9694      and Play EPA Energy Star •CT740G model includes                      its 250 nits
                                                                          stereo speakers in the base                                          high brightness, 450:1 contrast ratio, and a
                                                                              Order #    Mfr. #   Color   Description      (1-9) (10-up)       super-wide viewing angle of 130/130, the FP931 is
                                                                                                                                               ideal for all kinds of video applications. Combined
                                                                              83-10395   CT700G   Beige   CRT            $149.00 $144.00
                                                                                                                                               rotating hinge functions and Portrait Pivot Pro
                                                                              83-10396   CT710G   Black   CRT             149.00 144.00
                                                                                                                                               software, users can type an e-mail or surf the web in
                                                                              83-10397   CT740G   Beige   CRT w/speakers 169.00 164.00
                                                                                                                                               portrait view; play games or calculate spread sheets in
                                                                                                                                               landscape view and simply switch modes with the
                                                                                                                                               touch of a key Features: •Screen size: 19" •Response
                                                                                                                                               time: 16ms •Pixel pitch: .294mm •Contrast ratio:
                                                            #83-10716                                                                          450:1 •Brightness 250cd/m2 •Color: Black and silver
                                                                                                                                               •Mfr. FP91GPLUS
                                                                                                                                                Order #                                       (ea.)
                                                                                                                                                83-10477                                     $369.00

                                                                                                                          7" TFT LCD Wide Screen Monitor with Tuner
                                                                                                                          The 7" LCD monitor features a high resolution liquid crystal display. It is
                         LCD Monitor                                                                                      an extremely fashionable compact size monitor that can be connected to
     AOC’s new LCD displays open up a new dimension on                                                                    any DVD or VCD. This also has a built-in TV tuner, so you can take your
     the desktop. These monitors feature rapid response                                                                   favorite movie or TV show with you wherever you go. Monitor
     times and high contrast ratios to make images vibrant                                                                specifications: •7" LCD display screen supporting PAL/NTSC/SEACAM
     and text easy to read. All units have onscreen displays                                                              •336,960 pixels •Built-in speaker •OSD menu •Audio output: 100mV
     and are tilt able up to 170°                                                                                         •Composite video connector •Adjustable volume •Adjustable contrast
                                                                                                                          TV tuner specifications: •VHF 1~12 receiving channels •UHF 13~56
                                           Contrast                                                                       receiving channels Remote features: •Power button •Channel up/down
     Order #    Mfr. #    Size   Color     Ratio      DP     (ea.)                                                        buttons •Mute button •Volume up/down button •Menu button •TV/AV
     83-9692    LM929     19"    Black     600:1      .29   $259.00                                                       button •0~9 buttons •Wide button
     83-9694    LM520     15"    Grey      250:1      .30    189.00
                                                                                                                              Order #                                                         (ea.)
     83-10715   LM742     -      Black     450:1      .26    199.00
     83-10716   LM729     -      Black/    450:1      .26    289.95                                                           83-10634                                                       $199.00

                                                                                           Video Cards
                                                                                                                                               eVGA MX440
                                                              Nvidia GeForce Graphics Cards                                                    PCI Video Cards
                                          •CineFX 3.0 engine •UltraShadow II technology •Superscalar 16-pipe GPU                               •With features
                                          architecture •64 bit texture filtering and blending •AGP 8x and PCI Express                          such as an LMA™
                                          models available                                                                                     II, Accuview™
                                          Order # Bus                 Model                Memory          Features                (ea.)       Antialiasing
                                          PCI Video Cards                                                                                      (FSAA), the
                                          83-10532 PCI                GeForceFX 5500       128Mb DDR       VGA, S-Video outputs    $72.95      e-GeForce4 MX
                                          AGP Video Cards                                                                                      440-8X offers a
                                          83-10534 AGP                GeForceFX 5500       128Mb DDR       VGA, S-Video outputs     64.95      comprehensive
                                          83-10798 AGP                GeForce 6200         128Mb DDR       VGA, DVI outputs         52.95      set of features
                                          83-10750 AGP                GeForce 6600         256Mb DDR       VGA, DVI outputs        129.00      on a single processor •The e-GeForce4 MX
                                          83-10749 AGP                GeForce 6200         256Mb DDR       VGA, DVI outputs         79.95      440-8X comes standard with displays via
                                          PCI Express X 16                                                                                     VGA and TV-out through an S-video connector
                                          83-10535 PCI Express        GeForce 6600 GT      128Mb DDR       Dual DVI outputs        159.00      •The NVIDIA nView™ multi-display feature can
                                          83-10892 PCI Express        GeForce 6600         256Mb DDR       VGA, DVI outputs        137.00      allow for TV out through the S-video connectors
                                          83-10903 PCI Express        GeForce 7300 GS      256Mb DDR2      VGA, DVI outputs         89.95      Requirements: •Supported O/S Win9X/NT/2000/XP
                                          83-10904 PCI Express        GeForce 7600 GS      256Mb DDR2      VGA, DVI outputs        179.00      •PCI 2.1 compliant
                                          83-10905 PCI Express        GeForce 7600 GT      256Mb DDR3      Dual DVI outputs        229.00       Order #      Description            (1-9)     (10-up)
                                          83-10907 PCI Express        GeForce 7900 GTX     512Mb DDR3      Dual DVI outputs        599.00       83-10391     64Mb SDRAM PCI        $59.95     $56.60

                                                                                                                                EVGA Nvidia FX Series PCI Express Video Cards
                                                                                                                                •Powered by advanced NVIDIA technologies including the CineFX™
                                                                                                                                3.0 engine, UltraShadow™ technology, and the ForceWare™ unified
                                                                                                                                software environment, the GeForce FX and GeForce PCI-X
                                                                                                                                performance-class GPUs deliver high-performance cinematic
                                                                                                                                gaming, unmatched features, rock-solid stability, and compatibility
                                                                                                                                with next-generation games System requirements: •PCI Express
                                                            NET 30                                                              video card slot •Win 9X/NT/2000/XP
                                                                                                                                  Order #            Description                (1-9)         (10-up)
                              Order Online                                                                                        83-10393           128Mb DDR 6200            $129.95        $127.95
      584            www.mcminone.com
                                            Video Cards                                                                             Computer
                                                             Video GPU Replacement
                                                             Cooling Fan                                                                                Section 24
•State of the
art performance                                              •OEM replacement for many
•Experience a whole                                          video card fans •40mm x                                  512K Video Memory
new level of 3D                                              10mm x 40mm fan •Three                                   Drams
performance with                                             wire fan with JST™                                       Used in most of the
revolutionary features                                       2.5mm connector                                          newer style video
and ultimate stability.                                      •12VDC •5000rpm                                          cards. Two drams
Order # Description                   (1-9) (10-up)          •28dB(A) •5.76CFM                                        equal 1Mb. •EDO 256
                                                                 Order #             (1-9)                 (10-up)    x 16, 60ns
83-9894 Radeon 9200 128Mb DDR AGP $125.00$123.00
83-10085Radeon 9600 XT 128Mb DDR AGP 199.95    -                 83-10579            $7.95                  $7.47      Order #                                     (ea.)
                                                                                                                       83-7614                                     $6.95
USB to SVGA Adaptor
•Extending your desktop has never been easier with the USB 2.0 to XGA adaptor! •Install the included software,
plug in the adaptor, and you are on your way to dual monitor computing •Expand spreadsheets over two monitors,
read e-mail on one monitor and view the attachment on the other, make multi-screen presentations without a
second computer, or expand your graphics workstation. Features: •Perfect for adding dual monitor capabilities
to laptops and desktops •USB 2.0 compliant •Plug-and-play compliant •Compact design (1.8" x 4") •6" USB cable
•Supported resolutions: 1024 x 768 16 bits, 800 x 600 32 bits, 640 x 480 32 bits •Connections: USB A male (to PC),
HD-15 female (to monitor) System requirements: Computer with USB 2.0 ports, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
Package contents: USB 2.0 to SVGA adaptor, CD driver and user manual
Order #                                                  (1-9)                                             (10-up)
83-10745                                                $89.95                                             $84.95

                                                             USB 2.0 Video
                                                             Ideal way for the
                                                             novice and expert
                                                             to bring live video,
Pleomax                                                      audio and still
Crystal Series                                               images into your
                                                             computer from various standard video sources,
Web Camera                                                   such as analog video cameras, camcorders, VCRs
Features: •330K pixels color                                 or TV tuners. Specifications: •Operating systems
VGA (640x480) CMOS sensor                                    supported: Windows ME, 2000, XP •Video inputs:
•Adjustable focus dial                                       S-video, composite RCA jack •Image resolution:
•Built-in microphone •No                                     SQCIF, QCIF, CIF (80 x 60, 320 x 240)
capture card and power adaptor                               Requirements: •Available USB port
needed •Supports video conference                            •CD-ROM drive for software installation
applications •Plug and play Specifications: •Image                                                                                          Media
pick-up: 1⁄4" CMOS sensor •Pixels: H645 x V484                   Order #                                  (ea.)
                                                                 83-9876                                 $39.95
approx. 330K pixels •Size: 90mm x 77.5mm x
35mm System requirements: •Windows                                                                                    The Linksys Wireless media extenders lets you bring
98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP •Available USB port                                                                                the digital music, movies and pictures stored on your
                                                                                                                      computer to your home entertainment center, without
Order #          Mfr. #             (1-9)     (10-up)                                                                 running cables through the house. Using a wireless
83-10915         PWC-7000X         $29.95     $27.55                                                                  connection, the media extenders displays your media
                                                                                                                      on the TV for the whole family to enjoy and your
                                                                                                                      digital music collection is finally freed from those
DVD Video                                                                                                             little computer speakers and can play in full glory
Creator                                                                                                               through your stereo system.
•Capture high                                                                                                         #831-2208 Linksys WMCE54AG: •Designed to
quality video                                                                                                         work with and requires Windows XP media edition
and audio file                                                                                                        •Extends your desktop using a 802.11a/g wireless
direct by USB                                                                                                         connection and gives you access to music,
2.0 interface                                                                                                         movies and photos stored on your PC
without a                                                                                                             Order #       Mfr. #             (1-9)       (10-up)
sound card •Simple to install and no external power                                                                   831-2208      WMCE54AG         $349.95       339.95
is necessary •Includes Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE
DVD for the easiest video editing and DVD creation
•The new Movie Wizard helps finish stylish movies in         Composite/S-Video to VGA Convertor
only three steps •Create DVD, video tapes or share on        •Connects any VCR/DVD or game console to a PC
the web Features: •Include video editing software:           monitor •Utilize that old monitor or LCD Features:
Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE DVD •USB 2.0 interface             •Automatic NTSC and PAL video signals detection
captures audio and video •A single snap shot button          •Plug and play, no drivers required •Audio pass
takes still photos Specification: •USB 2.0 compliant         through with amplified (active) speakers •Ability to
•Supports NTSC and PAL video formats •Video                  switch between video and PC input •Supports
input: One RCA composite, One S-video •Audio input:          composite (RCA) and S-video input Specifications:
Stereo audio (RCA) •Dimension 88mm (L) x 31mm                •Connectors: Male DB-15 VGA in, female DB-15 VGA
(W) x 21mm (H) •USB bus powered •Video resolution            monitor out, two RCA composite audio in, 3.5mm line

NTSC: 720 x 480 @ 30fps, PAL: 720 x 576 @ 25fps              in and speaker out, RCA composite video in, S-video in
System requirements: •Computer with USB 2.0                  •Power supply: 9VDC power adaptor included
ports •OS: Windows XP SP1 •CPU: Pentium III 800              •Cables included: HDDB15 pin extension cable and
above •HD: 600Mb of available hard drive plus                3.5mm stereo audio cable •Output frequency NTSC:
additional 4Gb for video capture •Memory: 256Mb of           Horizontal = 31.4685KHz, vertical = 60Hz, resolution
RAM •Display: Windows-compatible display with at             = 720 x 480 •Output frequency PAL: Horizontal =
least 1024 x 768 •Sound card: Compatible Windows-            31.25KHz, vertical = 50Hz, resolution = 720 x 576
sound card for video playback Package contents:              •Maximum VGA resolution supported:
USB 2.0 video adaptor •User manual, CD including             1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz
driver and Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE DVD                                                                               NET 30
video editor software                                            Order #                                   (ea.)       Terms
                                                                 83-9682                                  $59.95                  Order Toll Free
Order #                    (1-9)              (10-up)                                                                            Order Toll Free
83-10746                  $59.95              $57.95                                                                  1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 585
                                                                                                                      1-800-543-4330, FAX
                          Computer                                                                   1 YEAR LIMITED


     Section 24

                                              1 YEAR LIMITED

     PC to TV
     Convertor                                                 MultiPro 2000 Scan Convertor
     Converts a PC                                             with Remote Mouse
     or Mac’s VGA
                                                               Converts a PC or Mac’s VGA output to an S-video
     output to an
                                                               or RCA output allowing you to view your computer’s
     S-video or RCA
     output allowing
                                                               output on a TV/monitor or record it on a VCR.                           MaxView Cinema Kit       1 YEAR LIMITED
                                                               Includes a remote mouse (up to 30') and                    •High performance video convertor kit that includes
     you to view your
                                                               presentation software that makes the MultiPro              free DVD rentals for 30 days from NETFLIX.com,
     computer’s output on a TV/monitor or record it
                                                               2000 the perfect scan convertor to use for business        Cyberlink PowerDVD software and 20' audio and
     on a VCR. Features: •Flic-Free™ and VSPro™
                                                               presentations and internet video conferencing.             video cables ($100.00 value) •Includes MaxView
     technologies for the sharpest flicker free images
                                                               Features: •Mouse controls: 200% zoom, positioning,         video convertor that converts a PC or Mac’s VGA
     possible •Resolution: 1024 x 768 x 16.7 million
                                                               freeze, save, recall, reset and flicker •Flic-Free™        output to an S-video or RCA output allowing you
     colors •Simultaneous display on computer and
                                                               graphics •Resolution: 1024 x 768 x 16.7 million            to view your computer’s output on a TV/monitor
     TV •Plug and Play •Input: HD-15 male •Outputs:
                                                               colors •Wider horizontal (24~56KHz) and vertical           or record it on a VCR. Features: •Flic-Free™ and
     S-video, composite (RCA) and HD-15 females
                                                               (50~85Hz) frequencies •Simultaneous display on             VSPro™ technologies for the sharpest flicker free
     •Includes MediaShow, PowerVCR and utility
                                                               computer and TV •Plug and Play •Input: HD-15               images possible •Resolution: 1024 x 768 x 16.7
     software, 6' S-video and RCA cables, 6' audio
                                                               male for video and PS/2 male for mouse connection          million colors •Simultaneous display on computer
     cable and AC adaptor
                                                               •Outputs: S-video, composite (RCA) and HD-15               and TV •Plug and Play •Input: HD-15 male
      Order #                                       (ea.)      females •Includes utility software, 6' S-video and         •Outputs: S-video, composite (RCA) and HD-15
      83-9025                                      $99.95      RCA cables and AC adaptor                                  females •Includes utility software and AC adaptor
                                                                Order #                                     (ea.)         Order #                                       (kit)
                                                                83-8368                                    $231.29
                 Web Cable            1   YEAR LIMITED
                                                                                                                          83-9027                                     $119.00

     Plus PC to TV Convertor
     •All-in-one video convertor that
     converts a PC or Mac’s VGA                                ConvertX
     output to an S-video or RCA
     output allowing you to view                               Personal
     your computer’s output on a                               Video
     TV/monitor or record it on a                              Convertor
     VCR. Features: •Flic-Free™
                                                               The Plextor
     and VSPro™ technologies for
                                                               ConvertX PVR is the ultimate personal video recorder
     the sharpest flicker free images
                                                               for the PC. The PX-TV402U allows you to connect to
     possible •Resolution: 1024 x
                                                               a satellite TV, cable TV or broadcast TV signal and
     768 x 16.7 million colors
                                                               record programs to your PC. You can then watch the
     •Simultaneous display on
                                                               video from the PC or burn it to DVD. You can also
     computer and TV •Plug and
                                                               connect a camcorder, VCR or DVD player to record                              Convertex MPEG
     Play •Can be powered via PS/2
                                                               home videos to the PC. The heart of the PX-TV402U
     or AT keyboard port or AC adaptor •Cable length:
                                                               is its multi-format encoder chip which converts video                         Video Convertor
     6' •Input: HD-15 male and keyboard ports •Outputs:                                                                    Produce professional-looking, personalized CDs or
                                                               to the format desired as it is being recorded to the
     S-video, composite (RCA) and HD-15 females                                                                            DVDs for friends and family. ConvertX offers the
                                                               PC. Features: •First official DivX certified PC PVR
     •Includes utility software, 6' audio cable and                                                                        unique choice of three encoding formats: MPEG-1,
                                                               product •Hardware encode to DivX, MPEG-4,
     AC adaptor                                                                                                            for recording one hour of premier quality video on a
                                                               MPEG-2/DVD or MPEG-1/VCD formats •Watch,
      Order #                                       (ea.)      pause and record TV •High quality TV tuner                  VCD; MPEG-2, for up to two hours of high quality
      83-9026                                      $89.95      included with free electronic programming guide             video on a DVD; and, for exceptional hard disc
                                                               (EPG) •Schedule recording for when you are away             space-savings, MPEG-4. With a USB 2.0 connection
                                                               •Composite video, S-video, composite audio,                 and ConvertX creating movies has never been
                                                               RF/coaxial inputs •InterVideo WinDVR™ and                   easier. Converex comes with a powerful and
                                                               WinDVD Creator™ software included •USB 2.0                  easy-to-use WinDVD Creator™ software from
     ConvertX                                                  interface for best quality video •One-year full             InterVideo®. Based on the popular WinDVD player
     Digital Video                                             warranty (parts, labor or replacement)                      and WinDVD Creator products from InterVideo, the
                                                               System requirements: P4 1.8GHz equivalent                   software guides you through each step for capturing
     Convertor                                                                                                             and editing video, adding effects, and burning the
                                                               or higher, 256Mb RAM, CD-RW or DVD-RW drive,
     Features:                                                 Windows XP/2000                                             finished product.
     •Capture from
     various sources:                                          Order #      Mfr. #               (1-9)       (10-up)        Order #                (1-9)                (10-up)
     TV, VCR,                                                  83-10623     PX-TV402U-NA       $199.00      $197.00         83-9934               $189.00               $187.00
     camcorder or
     DVD player •Real-time video compression: Video
     is automatically compressed into MPEG-1 (VCD) or
     MPEG-2 (DVD) format while it is being recorded to                            TView Micro SXGA
     your PC •USB 2.0 interface •USB bus powered: No                              The low-cost TView Micro SXGA is the perfect combination of essential features including a
     need for a bulky AC adaptor •Software includes                               compact design to suite any mobile professional. The TView Micro SXGA is both Mac and
     WinDVD Creator 2 software and DivX® licensed                                                                        PC compatible, supporting NTSC, PAL and SCART
     playback software •Upgadeable firmware                                                                              televisions. Features: •Revolutionary new FS400
     •Easy-to-use personal DVD or VCD video creation

                                                                                                                         Chip Technology XGA (1024 x 768) up to 152Hz
     software •One-year full warranty (parts, labor                                                                      Resolution •16.7 million color output (24 bit)
     or replacement) •Unlimited toll-free tech support from                                                              •Micro-touch buttons for position, compression,
     Plextor System requirements: P4 1.8GHz                                                                              brightness, and color control •TrueScale™ digital
     equivalent or higher, 256Mb RAM, CD-RW                                                                              video processing •Composite (RCA) video output
     or DVD-RW drive, Windows XP/2000                                                                                    •Combo SCART/S-video output •Ultra-lite power
     Order #         Mfr. #           (1-9)         (10-up)                                                              supply •Weighs under 7 oz.
     83-10622        PXAV100U        $82.95         $81.95                                                                Order #               (1-9)                  (10-up)
                                                                                                                          83-9424              $124.95                 $123.25
                                                    NET 30
                            Order Online
      586            www.mcminone.com
Gold PCI                                                                                                                                                          Section 24
The TView
Gold PCI
the award-winning
PC-to-TV video conversion                                                                             TView Gold
technology into the convenience of a PCI card. The             The highest quality video scan convertor available
                                                                                                                         TView Micro
TView Gold PCI is easily installed into any available          on the market! This PC-to-TV video scan convertor         A PC-to-TV scan convertor based on the FS400
PCI slot of any Mac or PC desktop computer. Comes              connects almost any computer to any TV, supporting        digital video processing chip that supports up to 1024
with easy-to-use software controls, which allow you            resolutions of up to 1600 x 1280, in 24 bit color. The    x 768 resolution in a small, compact design. The
to command the zoom, pan, and image settings                   Gold is compatible with both Mac and PC, supports         TView Micro is small and lightweight and powered by
through convenient hot keys. Features:                         NTSC, PAL, and SCART outputs, and it comes                the PS2/AT or USB port. The revolutionary FS400
•Revolutionary new FS400 Chip Technology                       complete with a remote for pan, zoom, sharpness,          video processor is what gives the TView Micro its
•Exclusive 2D flicker filter for stable images                 highlight, spotlight, and pointer capabilities.           high quality video output and TrueScale video
•1600 x 1280 (UXGA) resolution up to 152Hz                     Features: •Revolutionary new FS400 Chip                   compression to fit your computer image onto any TV.
•16.7 million color output •Screen sizing and screen           Technology •Exclusive 2D Flicker Filter for stable        The TView Micro will convert computer resolutions
positioning capabilities •Brightness, sharpness, and           images •1600 x 1280 (UXGA) resolution up to 152Hz         from VGA (640 x 480) to XGA (1024 x 768) and cleanly
contrast controls •UniViewer™ monitor pass-through             •16.7 million color output •Screen sizing and screen      display them on your television. Features: •16.7
cable •Composite (RCA) and S-video output,                     positioning capabilities •Spotlight, highlight, zoom,     million color output (24 bit) •Buttons for position,
European PAL/SCART compatible •TrueScale™                      pointer, pointer zoom, image freeze capabilities          brightness, horizontal/vertical, scan and over/under
Digital Video Processing •One year warranty                    •Brightness, sharpness, and contrast controls             scan •TrueScale™ digital video processing
System requirements: •PC with VGA output,                      •Univiewer™ monitor pass-through cable                    •Composite (RCA) or S-video output •Supports
running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or ME                         •Composite (RCA) and S-video output, European             NTSC or PAL •One year warranty •EE-ROM auto
•Macintosh with monitor port, running OS 8.x/9                 PAL/SCART compatible •3 year warranty                     saves TV position and size
 Order #                  (1-9)                     (10-up)       Order #                (1-9)                 (10-up)    Order #                   (1-9)               (10-up)
 83-9426                 $129.95                    $128.25       83-9423               $199.95                $175.00    83-9425                  $96.95               $94.95

                                                                            Flash Memory

                             A                           B
                                                                                                                         Hitch™ USB Transfer
                                                                                                C                        Sima’s Hitch™ is a unique USB
                                                                                                                         accessory that enables song
                    C                           D                                                                        swaps between iPod’s, picture
                                                                                                                         swaps with digital cameras or
                                                                                        D                                video players on the go. Hitch™
                                                                                                                         transfers files between any two
                                   E                                                                                     USB devices without a
                                                                                                                         computer! Whether it’s a single
Memory Stick Media                                                   B                                                   song, an entire album, or a
•Two styles: Memory Stick Pro                                                                                            whole collection, Hitch does it
for most consumer devices and the 1⁄3rd size Memory                                                                      fast. Features: •Works with
Stick Pro Duo for compact devices •Memory capacity                                   Memory Stick Readers                digital cameras, iPod’s and other
up to 4Gb Specifications: Memory Stick Pro and                •Choose from several styles to connect to PCs,             MP3/media players and more •High speed scroll
Memory Stick Pro Duo: •Memory type: Flash                     laptops and other devices                                  wheel for easy file/folder selection •Self powered
memory •Operating voltage: 2.7V~3.6V •Power                                                                              USB 2.0 compliant device with auto power-off •Easy
                                                              Fig.       Order #        Description            (ea.)
consumption: Average approximately 45mA, standby                                                                         transfer button for intuitive operation without
approximately 130µA •Access speed: Writing                    A          MSA-CPC4       PC card adaptor        $62.95    complex menus •LINUX based operating system for
maximum 6Mb/second reading, maximum                           B          MSA-CUS30      USB reader              52.95    powerful operation •File smart operation including
10Mb/second •Operating environment: 0°C~60°C                  C          MSA-CUSM1      6 in 1 reader           16.95    mp3 ID tag information and PTP database for digital
(non-condensing) Memory Stick Pro High Speed                  D          MSA-CM2        Duo adaptor              9.95    cameras •Bright, backlit LCD screen •Upgradeable
and Memory Stick Pro Duo High Speed: Memory                                                                              firmware •4" x 3" x 0.5", 8 oz. weight
type: Flash memory •Operating voltage: 2.7V~3.6V                                                                         (including battery)
•Power consumption: Average approximately 45mA,               16 In One Flash                                            Order #                                         (ea.)
standby approximately 130µA •Access speed:                    Memory Reader
Writing maximum 80Mb/second reading                                                                                      80-6770                                       $179.00
and writing •Operating environment:                           Features: •Size:
-10°C~85°C (non-condensing)                                   60mm x 104mm x
                                                              30mm •Case
Fig. Order #                Size                      (ea.)   material:
     Memory Stick Pro                                         Aluminum
A MSX256S                   256Mb                   $34.95    •Supports following memory types: Compact flash I
     MSX512S                512Mb                    57.95    and II, MD, SD, mini SD, MMC, reduced size MMC,            USB Flash
     MSX1GS                 1Gb                      79.95    SM, SM RAM, MS, MS-Pro, MS-Duo, MS Select, XD              Memory Readers
     Memory Stick Pro Duo                                     •Durability: 10,000 insertion/removal cycles •No           •Accepts
B MSX-M256S                 256Mb                    39.95    power needed System requirements: •Windows                 CompactFlash type I/II,
     MSX-M512S              512Mb                    57.95    ME/2000/XP and Mac OS 9x or higher Includes:               SmartMedia, IBM
     MSX-M1GS               1Gb                     115.00    •USB 2.0 card reader, USB 2.0 cable (4 pin x 5 pin),       MicroDrives, Secure Digital and MMC memory cards

     Memory Stick Pro High Speed                              CD driver, user manual                                     •Allows downloading data directly to your PC and
C MSX256N                   256Mb                    59.95    Order #                  (1-29)                  (30-up)   offers up to 1Gb storage with proper flash card
     MSX512N                512Mb                    89.95
                                                              83-10629                 $19.95                  $18.49    Order#      Description                         (ea.)
     MSX1GN                 1Gb                     170.00
     MSX-2GN                2Gb                     384.00                                                               83-9997     SmartMedia flash reader            $14.95
     MSX-4GN                4Gb                     850.00                                                               83-10738    Eleven-in-one flash reader          24.95
     Memory Stick Pro Duo High Speed
D MSX-M256N                 256Mb                    62.95
     MSX-M512N              512Mb                    94.95
     MSX-M1GN               1Gb                     170.00                                                                NET 30
     MSX-M2GN               2Gb                     382.00                                                                Terms
E LCH-MA           Memory Stick carrying case        16.95                                                                           Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                    Order Toll Free
                   (holds up to 8 devices)                                                                               1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 587
                                                                                                                         1-800-543-4330, FAX
                              Computer                                                                       Flash Memory
                                                                                                                             Vibe MP3 Player
      Section 24                                                                                                             Operating on a single “AAA”
                                                                                   Mini                                      battery (included), users can
                                                                                   Attache®                                  enjoy up to 12 hours of digital
                                                                    •Available in 256Mb,                                     music with high-quality
                             #83-10000                                                                                       SRS-WOW enhanced sound.
                                                                    512Mb, 1Gb capacities
                                                                    •Ultra compact swing                                     These devices sport sleek designs
                                                   #83-10882                                                                 that feature a sliding faceplate to
     USB 2.0                                                        design prevents lost caps
                                                                    •Maximizes storage capacity,                             expose/protect the user control
     Flash Drives                                                                                                            panel and an EL backlit LCD
                                                                    resolution and speed •High
     Includes:                                                                                                               graphics display. PNY’s Vibe
                                                                    performance, low power
     •Flash drive,                                                                                                           digital audio players come with
                                                                    consumption, non-volatile
     100cm USB                                                                                                               ear bud headphones, a USB
                                                                    storage •Will perform in a
     extension cable                                                                                                         extension cable and lanyard.
                                                                    variety of climates, weather
     •Compatibility:                                                                                                         Vibe’s firmware is upgradeable
                                                                    conditions and temperature
     Windows                                                                                                                 from PNY’s website. Features:
                                                                    extremes •One year warranty
     200/XP/XP                                                                                                               •Multi function digital audio
     Pro (drivers                                                   Order #            Description                   (ea.)   player, USB flash drive, voice recorder and FM
     required for                                                   83-10980           512Mb storage                $29.95   radio •MP3 and WMA audio file format support
     Win 98/98SE can be downloaded                                  83-10981           1Gb storage                   39.95   •Five mode equalizer •SRS sound enhancement
     from PNY) Build to order option: PNY can now                                                                            •Upgradeable firmware
     provide custom labeling for orders of 50 pieces or                                                                      Order #           Description                   (ea.)
     more. A variety of styles are available. Please contact
     your MCM account representative for more details                              Evolution                                 83-10531          1Gb Vibe MP3 player          $129.00
     and pricing. Attaché flash drives make great                                  Attache®                                  83-10804          2Gb Vibe MP3 player           169.00
     corporate giveaways for promotions.                            •Available with 256Mb or
      Order #                    Size                       (ea.)   512Mb of embedded flash
                                                                    memory •Increase capacity
      83-10000                   128Mb                     $15.95
                                                                    to 2Gb+ with supported cards
      83-10001                   256Mb                      18.95
                                                                    •8-in-1 flash card reader
      83-10002                   512Mb                      26.95
                                                                    supports: SD, MiniSD,
      83-10491                   1Gb                        39.95
                                                                    MicroSD, MMC, RS-MMD,
      83-10529                   2Gb                        69.95
                                                                    Memory Stick, Memory
      83-10891                   4Gb                       119.00
                                                                    Stick Pro or Memory Stick
      83-10737                   Two pack (2) 256Mb         35.95
                                                                    Duo (some formats require
      PNY Attache' All Terrain Drives
                                                                    adaptors or extenders) •USB
      83-10882                   512Mb                      26.95
                                                                    2.0 compatible •Will perform
      83-10883                   1Gb                        42.95
                                                                    in a variety of climates, weather conditions
                                                                    and temperature extremes •One year warranty
                                                                     Order #           Description                   (ea.)                    128Mb MP3 Player
                                                                     83-10982          256Mb storage                $39.95   •Digital MP3 player •Holds up to 40 songs •Doubles
                        Flash Memory                                                                                         as USB storage device •Auto switching between USB
                                                                     83-10983          512Mb storage                 54.95
      Order #            Size                           (ea.)                                                                and MP3 •Includes play, pause, stop, fast forward
      Compact Flash                                                                                                          and fast reverse •Plays 6~7 hours on one “AAA”
      83-8929            256Mb                        $19.95                                                                 battery •Includes built-in USB cable
      83-8930            512Mb                          26.95                                                                 Order #     Model #                  (1-9)    (10-up)
      83-9653            1Gb                            49.95
      83-10739           2Gb                            67.95                                                                 83-10368    AMF-128                 $99.95     $97.95
      83-10740           4Gb                          122.00
      High Speed Compact Flash
      83-9992            21x 128Mb                      29.95
      83-10884           60x read 66x write 512Mb       44.95                                                                 Stand
      83-10885           60x read 66x write 1Gb         59.95                                                                 •Use with printer,
      83-9994            80x 512Mb                      47.95                                                                 monitor, fax
      83-10741           80x 1Gb                        67.95                                                                 machine or other
      Secure Digital                                                                                                          office equipment
      83-9995            256Mb                          19.95                       Executive Attaché                         •Supports
      83-10408           512Mb                          26.95                       USB 2.0 Flash Drive                       14"~21" monitors
      83-10528           1Gb                            39.95                                                                 •Stackable for multi-level use •Dimensions:
      83-10887           2Gb                            67.95       Executive Attaché is a multi function USB 2.0 flash
                                                                                                                              27" (W) x 18" (D) x 5.5" (H)
      83-10736           Two pack                       44.95       drive designed with the business executive in mind.
                                                                    Elegant styling of a fine writing instrument wrapped       Order #                     (1-9)             (10-up)
                         (one 512Mb and one 256Mb card)
      High Speed Secure Digital                                     around state-of-the-art USB flash drive technology         83-8225                    $25.49             $23.68
      83-10742           66x 512Mb                      49.95       makes Executive Attaché the perfect device for
                                                                    the technology minded executive. Working on a             Desktop
      83-10743           66x 1Gb                        59.95
      83-10888           60x read 66x write 2Gb         94.95       presentation and need to take it with you? Simply         Keyboard Drawer/
      Mini Flash Media                                              copy the file onto Executive Attaché, put it in your      Monitor Stand
      83-10802           128Mb mini secure digital      15.95       pocket or briefcase and go. To access your data,
                                                                    simply plug Executive Attaché into virtually any          •Frees up desktop
      83-10803           128Mb RS MMC                   15.95                                                                 space by keeping
                                                                    PC or MAC without the need for bulky cables or
                                                                    adaptors. Features: •Available in 128, 256, and           keyboard out of the
                                                                    512Mb •Elegant, refillable ball point pen •Compatible     way when not in use
                                                                    with most PC/MAC laptop and desktop computers             •Heavy-duty
                                                                    •Maximizes storage capacity, resolution and speed         platform that supports 14"~21" monitors
                                                                    •High performance, low power consumption,                 •Built-in wrist rest

                                                                    non-volatile storage •Store, erase and reuse. Attaché      Order #                    (1-9)             (10-up)
                                                                    drives can be reused over and over without loss of         83-8224                   $35.39             $32.89
                                                                    quality •Perform in a variety of climates, weather
                                                                    conditions and temperature extremes •Executive            Space Saving
                                                                    Attaché comes with a one year warranty, pen               Copy Holders
                                                                    warranty is 30 days Includes: •Pen, flash drive,
                                                                    3' USB cable, drivers for Win98SE                         •Position paperwork
     Note: Due to fluctuating computer market conditions prices                                                               perfectly with these
     are subject to change without notice.                           Order #        Size                            (ea.)     computer copy holders
                                                                     83-10409       128Mb Executive Attaché drive   $34.95    •Can be mounted
                                                          NET 30     83-10410       256Mb Executive Attaché drive    34.95    at eye level on right or
                                                          Terms      83-10744       512Mb Executive Attaché drive    39.95    left side of monitor
                                Order Online                                                                                   Order #              Description               (ea.)
       588              www.mcminone.com                                                                                       83-1750              Clip holder               $3.12

                                                                                                                                                          Section 24

  A                           B
                                                             C                      D                             Fax Accessories
                                                                                                                  MCM has access to Panasonic’s full line of fax
                                                                                                                  accessories including film, cartridges, toner, drum
                                                                                                                  units and other miscellaneous items. Review the
                                                                                                                  model-to-accessory cross reference chart to easily find
                                                                                                                  the item you need. Don’t see your model listed? Please
                                                                                                                  contact your MCM representative for assistance in
                                                                                                                  finding the accessory for your needs.
                                                                                                                  Fig.   Order #    Mfr #   Description                   (ea.)
                                                                                     H                            A      P-KX-FA65 KX-FA65 Cartridge and ink film        $26.96
  E                           F                          G                                                        B      P-KX-FA93 KX-FA93 Replacement ink film           20.66
                                                                                                                  C      P-KX-FA76 KX-FA76 Toner cartridge                26.96
                                                                                                                  D      P-KX-FA55 KX-FA55 Replacement ink film           26.96
                                                                                                                  E      P-KX-FA133 KX-FA133 Replacement ink film         35.96
                                                                                                                  F      P-KX-FA136 KX-FA136 Replacement ink film         35.96
                                                                                                                  G      P-KX-FA53 KX-FA53 Replacement ink film           15.26
                                                                                                                  H      P-KX-FA77D KX-FA77D Drum unit                    71.96
                                                                                                                  I      P-KX-FA94 KX-FA94 Replacement ink film           32.36
                                                                                                                  J      P-KX-FA83 KX-FA83 Toner cartridge                31.46
                              J                          K                           L                            K      P-KX-FA135 KX-FA135 Cartridge and ink film       26.96
                                                                                                                  L      P-KX-FA92 KX-FA92 Replacement ink film           22.46
Cross Reference
Fax Model #   Order #      Description                   Fax Model #   Order #      Description                   Fax Model #      Order #          Description
KX-F929       P-KX-FA133   Replacement ink film          KX-FLM600     P-KX-FA75    Kit, toner and drum           KX-FP270         P-KX-FA135       Cartridge and ink film
KX-F1000      P-KX-FA133   Replacement ink film          KX-FLM650     P-KX-FA75    Kit, toner and drum                            P-KX-FA136       Replacement ink film
KX-F1006      P-KX-FA133   Replacement ink film          KX-FM106      P-KX-FA65    Cartridge and ink film        KX-FP80          P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
KX-F1020      P-KX-FA133   Replacement ink film          KX-FM205      P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-F1050      P-KX-FA133   Replacement ink film                        P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film        KX-FP81          P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
KX-F1070      P-KX-FA133   Replacement ink film          KX-FM210      P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film                      P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film        KX-FP85          P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film          KX-FM220      P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-F1100      P-KX-FA133   Replacement ink film                        P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film        KX-FP86          P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
KX-F1150      P-KX-FA133   Replacement ink film          KX-FM255      P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-F1200      P-KX-FA133   Replacement ink film                        P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film        KX-FPC91         P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
KX-F2900      P-KX-A144A   Toner                         KX-FM260      P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-A145A   Drum                                        P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film        KX-FPC95         P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
KX-F3000      P-KX-A144A   Toner                         KX-FM280      P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-A145A   Drum                                        P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film        KX-FPC96         P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
KX-F3100      P-KX-A144A   Toner                         KX-FMC230     P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-A145A   Drum                                        P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film        KX-FPC135        P-KX-FA65        Cartridge and ink film
KX-FB421      P-KX-FA94    Replacement ink film          KX-FP101      P-KX-FA65    Cartridge and ink film        KX-FPC141        P-KX-FA65        Cartridge and ink film
KX-FG6550     P-KX-FA92    Replacement ink film          KX-FP105      P-KX-FA65    Cartridge and ink film        KX-FPC161        P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-FHD301     P-KX-FA65    Cartridge and ink film        KX-FP121      P-KX-FA65    Cartridge and ink film                         P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
KX-FHD331     P-KX-FA93    Replacement ink film          KX-FP145      P-KX-FA92    Replacement ink flim          KX-FPC165        P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-FHD332     P-KX-FA93    Replacement ink film          KX-FP151      P-KX-FA55    Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
KX-FHD351     P-KX-FA93    Replacement ink film                        P-KX-FA53    Replacement ink film          KX-FPC166        P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-FL501      P-KX-FA76    Toner cartridge               KX-FP152      P-KX-FA55    Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA77D   Drum unit                                   P-KX-FA53    Replacement ink film          KX-FPG175        P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-FL511      P-KX-FA83    Toner cartridge               KX-FP155      P-KX-FA55    Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA84    Drum unit                                   P-KX-FA53    Replacement ink film          KX-FPG176        P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-FL521      P-KX-FA76    Toner cartridge               KX-FP156      P-KX-FA55    Replacement ink film                           P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA77D   Drum unit                                   P-KX-FA53    Replacement ink film          KX-FPG371        P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-FL541      P-KX-FA83    Toner cartridge               KX-FP195      P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film                         P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA84    Drum unit                                   P-KX-FP136   Replacement ink film          KX-FPG372        P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-FL611      P-KX-FA83    Toner cartridge               KX-FP200      P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film                         P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA84    Drum unit                                   P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film          KX-FPG376        P-KX-FA55        Replacement ink film
KX-FLB751     P-KX-FA77D   Drum unit                     KX-FP245      P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film                         P-KX-FA53        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA76    Toner cartridge                             P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film          KX-FPG377        P-KX-FA92        Replacement ink film
KX-FLB756     P-KX-FA76    Toner cartridge               KX-FP250      P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film        KX-FPG379        P-KX-FA92        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA77D   Drum unit                                   P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film          KX-FPG381        P-KX-FA92        Replacement ink film
KX-FLM551     P-KX-FA77D   Drum unit                     KX-FP265      P-KX-FA135   Cartridge and ink film        KX-FPG391        P-KX-FA92        Replacement ink film
              P-KX-FA76    Toner cartridge                             P-KX-FA136   Replacement ink film          KX-FPW111        P-KX-FA65        Cartridge and ink film

                                                         Phone Stand                                               Desktop Copy Holder
                                                         and Organizer                                             •Fully adjustable for
                                                         This organizer will                                       personal comfort

                                                         help you save desk                                        •Dimensions:
                                                         and drawer space                                          11.75" (H) x 9.5" (W)
Metal CPU Stand                                          by storing many of                                         Order #       (1-9)   (10-up)
•Keeps PC off the                                        the necessary
floor and makes                                                                                                     83-8241       $6.29    $5.35
                                                         supplies needed at
moving PC                                                your desk. It
hassle–free with                                         features a built-in three angle adjustable phone
included castors                                         holder, slide-out angled white board with pen an
•Adjusts from                                            phone index and two drawers to store paper and the
5.25"~7.25"                                              yellow pages or other supplies. Dimensions:               NET 30
•Heavy–duty metal                                        15" (W) x 7.25" (H) x 10.5" (D).                          Terms
 Order #              (1–9)                    (10-up)       Order #             (1-9)                  (10-up)                Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                              Order Toll Free
 83-8230             $19.95                    $19.06        83-8215            $28.99                  $26.67    1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 589
                                                                                                                  1-800-543-4330, FAX
                                                                                                                     Original OEM Inkjet Cartridges
                                                                                                                     •MCM now offers original OEM printer
     Section 24                                                                                                      supplies to guarantee your getting the best
                                                                                                                     print quality possible •These OEM printer
                                                                                                                     supplies are engineered specifically for use
                                                                                                                     with your printer model

     Order #                                                      Order #                                                         Order #
     Mfr. #      Printer Model                          (ea.)     Mfr. #      Printer Model                          (ea.)        Mfr. #      Printer Model                             (ea.)
     Canon                                                        Hewlett Packard                                                 Hewlett Packard
     830-1397    BJ200, BJ1200,B-140, B-150,           $29.95     830-1458    HP Deskjet 820, 820Cse, 820Cxi,       $31.95        830-2235    color inkjet CP1160, CP1160tn           $34.95
     BC-02       BJ-170,BJ-250, B-160, MP1000,                    51641A      850C, 855C, 870Cse, 870Cxi, 1000Cse                 C4923A      digital copier printer 610, officejet
                 Apple StyleWriter                                830-1459    HP Deskjet 722C, 820, 820Cse,          28.95                    d125xi, d135, d135xi, d145, d155xi
     830-1472    BJ-100, BJ200/e/ex, BJC210,            36.95     51645A      820Cxi, 850C, 855C, 870Cse, 870Cxi,                 830-2383    HP LaserJet 1000 series, 1200 series, 69.95
     BC-05       BJC220ex, BJC230, BJC240 series,                             890Cxi, 1000Cse, 1600C, 1600CM,                     C7115A      1220 series, 3300 series, 3310 series,
                 BJC250                                                       1600CN                                                          3320 series, 3330 series, 3380 series printers
     830-1468    BJC-4000, 4100, 4200 series,           34.95     830-1433    HP Deskjet 600, 600C, 650C, 650C/PS, 29.95          830-2386    HP 94-deskjet 6540,                       24.95
     BC-20       4300 series, 4550, Multipass                     51649A      660C, 680C, 682, 682C, 690C, 692C,                  C8765WN     deskjet 5740, deskjet 6210
                 2500, Multipass 3000                                         694C, HP DeskWriter 600, 600C, 660C,                830-2387    HP 95-deskjet 6540,                       27.95
     830-1470    BJC-4000, 4100, 4200 series,           58.25                 680C, 682, 682C, 690C, HP OfficeJet                 C8766W      deskjet 5740, deskjet 6210
     BC-21       4300 series, 4550, Multipass                                 500, 520, 570                                       830-2388    HP 96-deskjet 6540,                       34.95
                 2500, Multipass 3000                             830-1462    HP Deskjet 720, 722C, 890              39.95        C8767WN     deskjet 5740, deskjet 6210
     830-1469    BJC-4000, 4100, 4200 series,            8.03     C1823A                                                          830-2389    HP 97-deskjet 6540,                       34.95
     BCI-21      4300 series, 4550, Multipass                     830-1907    HP Officejet D135                      27.95        C9363WN     deskjet 5740, deskjet 6210
                 Black - Refill 2500, Multipass 3000              C5011A                                                          830-2390    HP 99-deskjet 6540,                       27.95
     830-1471    BJC-4000, 4100, 4200 series,           21.95     830-1908    Hp Officejet D135                      27.50        C9369WN     deskjet 5740, deskjet 6210
     BCI-21      4300 series, 4550, Multipass                     C5010A                                                          830-2391    HP laserjet 42200 series printers       159.00
                 Color - Refill 2500, Multipass 3000              830-2180    photosmart 7550, psc 2210, deskjet 19.99            Q1338A
     830-1401    BLKHC, BJC600, BJC600e,               11.83      C6656AN     5550, photosmart 7350, psc 2110                     Lexmark
     BJI-201     BJC600ex, BJC610, BJC620                                     photosmart 7150, deskjet 450cbi                     830-1479    Color Jetprinter 7000                     32.95
     830-1399    BJC600, BJC600e, BJC600ex,             9.17      830-2185    photosmart 7550, psc 2210, deskjet 34.95            12A1970
     BJI-201M    BJC610, BJC620                                   C6657AN     5550, photosmart 7350, psc 2110                     830-1480    Color Jetprinter 7000                     38.95
     830-1400    BJC600, BJC600e, BJC600ex,             9.17                  photosmart 7150, deskjet 450cbi, 451                12A1980
     BJI-201Y    BJC610, BJC620                                   830-2190    photosmart 7550, psc 2210, deskjet 24.95            830-1479    Color Jetprinter 7000                     32.95
     830-2160    S200, S300, black refill tank          9.99      C6658AN     5550, photosmart 7350, psc 2110                     12A1970
     BCI-24                                                                   photosmart 7150, deskjet 450cbi, 451                830-1480    Color Jetprinter 7000                     38.95
     830-2165     S200, S300, color refill tank        22.95      830-2195    deskjet 3320, 3325, 3420, 3425         17.95        12A1980
     BCI-24C                                                      C8727AN     psc 2110 all-in-one, psc 2110v                      830-2384    E321, E323-Requires toner return        135.00
     Epson                                                                    all-in-one, psc 2110xi all-in-one                   12A7405
     830-1415     Stylus 400, 500, 600, 600Q, 800      23.95      830-2200    deskjet 3320, 3325, 3420, 3425         21.95        830-2385    E321, E323-No toner return required 159.00
     S020093 - Black                                              C8728AN     psc 2110 all-in-one, psc 2110v                      12A7405
     Hewlett Packard                                                          all-in-one, psc 2110xi all-in-one                   830-2392    T630, T632, T634, X630                    79.95
     830-1427     HP Deskjet, Deskjet Plus,            39.95      830-2210    color inkjet CP1160, CP1160tn          21.95        12A7360     and X632/e-Requires toner return
     51626A       Deskjet 400, 400L, 500, 500C,                   C5011A      digital copier printer 610, officejet               830-2394    T630, T632, T634, X630                  114.00
                  520, 540, 550C, 560C, HP DeskWriter,                        d125xi, d135, d135xi, d145, d155xi                  12A7460     and X632/e-No toner return required
                  DeskWriter C, DeskWriter 520, 540,              830-2215    color inkjet CP1160, CP1160tn          34.95        830-2395    T632, T634, and X632/e                  429.00
                  550C, 560C                                      C4920A      digital copier printer 610, officejet                           12A7365               -Requires toner return
     830-1428     HP Deskjet 600, 600C, 650C,          29.49                  d125xi, d135, d135xi, d145, d155xi                  830-2396    T632, T634, and X632/e                  359.00
     51629A       650C/PS, 660C, 680C, 682, 682C,                 830-2220    color inkjet CP1160, CP1160tn          39.71        12A7465     -No toner return required
                  690C, 692C, 694C, HP DeskWriter 600,            C5010A      digital copier printer 610, officejet               Samsung
                  600C, 660C, 680C, 682, 682C, 690C,                          d125xi, d135, d135xi, d145, d155xi                  830-2391    ML-1710, ML-1740                        159.00
                  HP OfficeJet 500, 520, 570                      830-2225    color inkjet CP1160, CP1160tn          34.95        ML1710D3 and ML-1750 printers
                                                                  C4921A      digital copier printer 610, officejet
                                                                              d125xi, d135, d135xi, d145, d155xi
                                                                  830-2230    color inkjet CP1160, CP1160tn          34.95
                                                                  C4922A      digital copier printer 610, officejet
                                                                              d125xi, d135, d135xi, d145, d155xi

     Universal Inkjet 4 Color
     Refill Kit with Paper
     •Universal Inkjet’s
                                                                                                                                                               Toner Refill Kits
     revolutionary new                                                                                                                                      •The makers of the
     WATERPROOF, Archival                                                                                                                                   Universal Inkjet Refill Kit
     Quality Refill Ink and                                                                                                                                 have created the worlds
     Paper System •4 color kit                                                                                                                              first universal toner refill
     for standard color printers                                                                                                                            kit to refill all laser and
     Includes: •60ml cartridge and                                Photo Inkjet                                                                              toner cartridges •This
     printhead wash •64ml colorfast black •32ml                   Refill Starter Kit                                                                        “do-it yourself” refill
     colorfast cyan •32ml colorfast magenta •32ml                                                                                                           solution will work on all
                                                                  This kit is designed to help you get started with
     colorfast yellow •Complete instruction booklet                                                                                                         major laser printers,
                                                                  refilling your own ink cartridges for your photo inkjet
     •Injector kit •Instructional CD-ROM •Five                                                                                                              photocopiers and
                                                                  printer. Includes one injector kit, one 64ml bottle of
     Universal Inkjet ColorFast Paper                                                                                                                       toner-based fax machines
                                                                  black ink, one each of a 32ml bottle of cyan, magenta,
                                                                                                                                                            •Initial savings on the first
                                                                  yellow, light magenta and light cyan ink, one 60ml

      Order #                  (1-9)                    (10-up)                                                                                             use is $50~$300 depending
      83-9259                 $39.95                    $35.95    bottle of cartridge flush for cleaning out cartridges,
                                                                                                                                  on the cartridge •Includes toner, funnel cap, hole
                                                                  syringe and plugs. This kit also includes a five
                                                                                                                                  plug, instruction booklet •Requires reusable hole
                                                                  pack of the remarkable colorfast photo paper.
                                                                                                                                  making tool (#830-1901)
                                                                  Order #                 (1-9 kits)             (10 kits-up)
                                                                                                                                   Order #      Compatibility              (1-9)     (10-up)
                                                                  830-2265                 $39.95                  $38.68
                                                                                                                                   830-1896     Hewlett Packard and       $29.95     $28.95
                                                                                                                                                Canon Laser Printers
                                                                                                                                   830-1897     Canon Personal Photo       29.95       28.95
                                                       NET 30                                                                                   Copiers
                                                       Terms                                                                       830-1898     Lexmark Laser Printers     29.95       28.95
                                                                                                                                   830-1909     Xerox, Sharp Laser Printer 29.95       28.95
                            Order Online                                                                                                        and Photo Copiers
     590             www.mcminone.com                                                                                              830-1901     Laser hole making tool      7.99        7.78
                                                               Inkjet Refill Kits
                                                               •Ink refills for
                                                               most leading
                                                               inkjet printer
                                                               •Compatible with                                                                                  Section 24
                                                               over 300 printers
                                                               and fax machines
                  Refill Super Kit                             •Each kit
Designed for high volume printing, this kit includes           can refill most
larger quantities of ink for refilling most black and          cartridges more than once •Every kit includes a plug
color inkjet cartridges. Kit includes: •Injector kit           extractor, filling needle (blunted for safety), sealing
•250ml of black ink •60ml bottles of cyan, magenta             plugs, syringe and ink •32ml kits also include a 5
and yellow ink •60ml bottle of cartridge flush for             pack of colorfast photo paper
cleaning out cartridges and syringes                           Order #     Description                             (1-9)
Order #                 (1-9 kits)              (10 kits-up)   25ml Bottle Size
830-2270                 $79.95                   $77.95       830-2240 Two bottles of black                     $12.95
                                                               830-2245 One each of cyan, magenta, and yellow     17.95
                                                               32ml Bottle Size
                                                               830-2255 Two bottles of black                      16.95
                                                               830-2260 One each of cyan, magenta, and yellow     24.95
                                                                                                                                             Ink Injector Kit
                                                                                                                                              •Each kit contains a plug extractor,
Inkjet 250ml                                                                                                               filling needle (blunted for safety), three sealing plugs
                                                               Inkjet Cartridge Flush                                      and a syringe •Especially suited for high volume
Ink Refills                                                                                                                users who already have a refill kit #830-2245 or
•Bulk inkjet refills                                           Used for flushing out inkjet                                830-2250 and require additional refilling supplies
offering excellent     60ml                                    cartridges and syringes that                                •Using separate syringes and needles will help
value for the money                                            are used for filling cartridges.                            eliminate possible contamination
•Especially suited for high                                    It can be used in several ways:
volume users who already                                       •Where one cartridge is used                                 Order #      Includes           (1-9 kits)   (10 kits-up )
have a refill kit #830-2245 or                                 to print with different colored                              830-2345     1 syringe            $4.95         $4.58
830-2250 and require more                                      inks the flush is ideal for                                  830-2350     3 syringes            6.95          6.54
ink •Available in black,             250ml                     removing all traces of other                                 830-2355     Extra rubber plugs    0.10          0.08
yellow, magenta and cyan                                       colors and avoiding color
                                                               contamination •To “rejuvenate”
 Order #        Color                   (1-9)       (10-up)
                                                               a cartridge that has been allowed
 250ml                                                         to dry out •Certain types of cartridges
 830-2280       Black                 $39.95       $38.68      contain sponges which become less absorbent to
 830-2300       Yellow                 59.95        57.55      ink over time, using cartridge flush on these can
 830-2290       Magenta                59.95        57.55      improve the internal sponge absorption •Under
 830-2310       Cyan                   59.95        57.55      no circumstances should a cartridge be cleaned
 60ml                                                          with water as this would lead to irreversible
 830-2275       Black                  11.95         11.35     contamination and internal corrosion.
 830-2295       Yellow                 17.95         17.05
 830-2315       Light Magenta          17.95         16.55      Order #         Size              (1-9)          (10-up)
 830-2305       Cyan                   17.95         17.05      830-2335        60ml              $4.95           $4.58
 830-2325       Light Cyan             17.95         17.05      830-2340        250ml             17.95           17.05

                                                                Computer Keyboards

                                                                                                                           Gemini M1 Wireless Keyboard
                                                                                                                           •RF design •Two ACPI hotkeys •44 hotkeys for MS
                   104 Key Keyboard                                                                                        Office and multimedia control •11 programmable
                                                                                                                           function keys •Bundle with Smart office driver and
 •Compact and slim size design •High quality
                                                                Netmedia Multimedia Keyboard                               internet application software •Membrane fashion
 rubber-mechanical key switches •Detachable
                                                                                                                           design•PS/2 available •Compatible OS: Win
 ergonomic wrist support •3 ACPI keys •Dimensions:              •Featuring 23 hot-keys for internet and other              98SE/2000/ME/XP •Switch life: 1,000,000 cycle life
 463.7mm(L) x 147.9mm(W) x 33.3mm(H) •Weight:                   unique functions (including ten user-programmable
 600g •Compatibility: 95/98/2000/NT/ME •Interface:              keys) •127 or 128 key compatible layouts (includes          Order #         Mfr. #           (1-9)           (10-up)
 PS/2 •Switch life: 1,000,000 cycle life •Travel                three additional Windows 98 ACPI keys) •Adjustable          83-10217      Gemini M1         $29.99           $28.83
 distance: 3.5mm 0.3mm •Operation voltage:                      tilt mechanism •Tactile key stroke •20,000,000 life
 +5VDC +5% •Current consumption: Max 40mA                       cycles per switch •High quality rubber membrane
 •Mfr. #Scorpius KII                                            key switch •Detachable ergonomic wristpad support
  Order #                     (1-9)                (10-up)      •Power: +5VDC <20mA max. •Serial data output:
                                                                Synchronous 8 bit •PS/2 connector
  83-9658                     $9.95                 $8.81
                                                                 Order #     Mfr. #                 (1-9)       (10-up)
                                                                 83-9657     Scorpius KI/98N+      $12.95       $11.90

                                                                                                                           Scorpius M1 Multimedia Keyboard

                                                                                                                           •Two ACPI hotkeys •44 hotkeys for MsOffice and
                                                                                                                           multimedia control •11 programmable function
                                                                                                                           keys •Bundle with Smart office driver and internet
                                                                                                                           application software •PS/2 •Compatible OS:
                   Scorpius 98PB Black Keyboard                                                                            Win 98SE/2000/ME/XP
 •Featuring PS/2 interface •Windows 98 keyboard                                                                            Order #          Mfr. #             (1-9)          (10-up)
 featuring with three ACPI power saving keys •High                                  Scorpius 980A Plus Keyboard            83-10219      Scorpius M1           $9.99           $9.26
 quality rubber-membrane key switch •Tactile key                •Includes removable wrist rest and adjustable feet
 stroke •20,000,000 life cycles per switch •Power:              for increased comfort •Includes 5' cable with a USB
 +5VDC @ 40mA max. •Serial data output:                         type A connector and an additional 6 pin mini DIN           NET 30
 Synchronous 8 bit                                              port for a mouse                                            Terms
  Order #                  (1-9)                   (10-up)       Order #                  (1-9)                 (10-up)                 Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                       Order Toll Free
  83-9195                  $7.95                    $7.47        83-9031                 $19.95                 $17.95     1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 591
                                                                                                                           1-800-543-4330, FAX
                            Computer                                                          Computer Motherboards

     Section 24
                                                                                                     Scorpius K3 NT
                                                                                                     Mini Industrial
                                                                                                    Keyboard with
                                                                  •Slim design •18 multimedia control hotkeys •Three
                                                                  ACPI hotkeys •Includes a 19mm trackball and three
                                                                  standard mouse buttons for the pointing device
                                                                  •Removable wrist pad •Quiet soft touch keys
                                                                  with membrane design •PS/2 or USB (see below
                                                                  for part numbers) System requirements:                                     Gemini N2Am Aluminum Design
                                                                  •Win98SE/2000/XP for pre-programmed                                        Keyboard and Mouse Set
                  Scorpiu P21 Multimedia Keyboard                 and office key functionality
                                                                                                                                 Keyboard: •Aluminum enclosure •16 hotkeys with
     •16 multimedia control hotkeys •Streamlined modern            Order #  Mfr. #      Description    (1-9)       (10-up)       multimedia control •Compact slim design •Excellent
     design •Pre-programmed keys for easy internet and             83-10989 KBK3NTP PS2 Mini keyboard $29.95       $28.55        tactile keystroke with high quality rubber membrane
     multimedia access •High quality rubber membrane                                    PS/2 interface                           switches Mouse: •800dpi •Three buttons •Silver
     key switches •Excellent tactile key stroke •Laser             83-10990 KBK3NTP USB Mini keyboard 29.95            28.55     metallic coating •USB interface with PS/2 adaptors
     carving character for white key top •Four LED                                      USB interface                            for both mouse and keyboards System
     indicators (office lock, num lock, scroll lock, caps lock)                                                                  requirements: •Win98SE/2000/XP for
     •PS/2 interface •Mfr. #KBP21                                                                                                pre-programmed and office key functionality
      Order #                   (1-9)                  (10-up)                                                                   •Available USB port •Mfr. #GE-N2AM
      83-10986                  $9.99                   $9.29                                                                     Order #              (1-9 sets)           (10 sets-up)
                                                                                                                                  83-10993              $24.95                $23.25

                                                                                         Keyboard and Mouse Set
                                                                  Keyboard: •27MHz RF technology with 256 IDs
                                                                  •16 multimedia control hotkeys •Compact size with
                                                                  slim key top design •Excellent tactile key stroke with
                 Scorpiu P12 Multimedia Keyboard                  rubber membrane switches •Smart power saving with
     •50 multimedia and office hotkeys •Membrane                  low battery indicator Mouse: •27MHz RF technology
     key switches •No driver needed •USB with                     with 256 IDs •800dpi optical resolution •Three                                  Crystal Series USB Keyboard
     PS/2 adaptor included •Compact slim design                   buttons and wheel mouse •Can be configured for                                   Features: •Standard key layout
     System requirements: •Win98SE/2000/XP                        left or right hand •Low power consumption •PS/2                •Laser printed keycaps for longer wear •Low noise,
     for pre-programmed and office key functionality              with USB adaptors System requirements:                         low profile key switches for quiet and easy typing
     •Mfr. #KBP12                                                 •Win98SE/2000/XP for pre-programmed and                        •Equipped with two USB ports •22 shortcut keys
     Order #                   (1-9)                  (10-up)     office key functionality •Mfr. #GE-N1                          for multimedia and other special functions •Provides
     83-10987                 $14.95                  $13.55       Order #               (1-9 sets)             (10 sets-up)     one ACPI power management key •Ergonomic
                                                                                                                                 key layout System requirements: •Windows
                                                                   83-10991               $24.95                  $23.25
                                                                                                                                 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP •Available USB port
                                                                                                                                 •Mfr. #PKB-7000X
                                                                                                                                  Order #                (1-9)                (10-up)
                                                                                                                                  83-10912              $15.95                $15.25

                                                                                          Gemini P15
              Scorpius 980TPU+ Industrial                                                Wireless Office
     Keyboard with Trackball                                                          Keyboard and Mouse Set
     •18 multimedia control hotkeys •Three ACPI hotkeys
                                                                  Keyboard: •27MHz RF technology with 256 IDs
     •Includes a 19mm trackball and three standard                                                                                                 PLEOMAX
                                                                  •50 multimedia and office hotkeys •Membrane key
     mouse buttons for the pointing device •Removable
                                                                  switches •No driver needed •USB with PS/2 adaptor
     wrist pad •Quiet soft touch keys with membrane
                                                                  included •Compact slim design Mouse: •27MHz
                                                                                                                                                   White PS/2 Keyboard
     design •PS/2 connector with included USB adaptor                                                                            Features: •Membrane type key structure •Three
                                                                  RF technology •Ergonomic design •Receiver is also
     System requirements: •Win98SE/2000/XP for                                                                                   shortcut keys: Power, sleep and wake-up •Ergonomic
                                                                  the battery charger •800dpi optical mouse •Eight
     pre-programmed and office key functionality                                                                                 key layout Specifications: •Power consumption: 5V
                                                                  programmable buttons •Low power consumption
     •Mfr. #KBK5                                                                                                                 DC 40mA System requirements: •Windows
                                                                  •USB interface System requirements:
      Order #                   (1-9)                  (10-up)    •Win98SE/2000/XP for pre-programmed and office                 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP •Available PS/2 port
      83-10988                 $32.95                  $30.55     key functionality •Available USB port •Mfr. #GE-P15             Order #       Mfr. #              (1-9)      (10-up)
                                                                  Order #              (1-9 sets)             (10 sets-up)        83-10917      PKB-700W            $7.99       $7.25
                                                                  83-10992              $28.95                  $26.95


                                                                                                                               Zen Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combination
                                                                                                           •Endorsing balance, serenity and essence in its design, creating a
                                                                                                           refreshing and calm feeling in your busy life •Let Pleomax put you in the
                                                                                                           ZEN mood Zen mouse features: •Unique style 800dpi optical wireless
                                                                                                           mouse •Blue LED lighted scroll wheel •Suitable for both right and left
                                                                                                           handed users •800dpi optical technology offers superior accuracy
                                                                                                           •Integrated buttons in body Zen keyboard features: •Extra slim
                                                                                                           wireless keyboard (2.4cm) •Soft touch keys •Eight internet and
                                                                                                           multimedia shortcut keys •Dimensions: 456mm x 176mm x 24mm
                                                      NET 30                                               System requirements: •Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP •Available
                                                                                                           PS/2 or USB port
                             Order Online                                                                   Order #                  Mfr. #                 (1-9)              (10-up)
      592             www.mcminone.com                                                                      83-10919                 PCK-8000              $69.95              $68.55
                                   Computer Keyboards                                                                                     Computer
Flexible                                                                                                                                                         Section 24
that are
spill and
resistant, child friendly and
silent in operation. Features:                                               Deluxe Plus Keyboard
•Completely waterproof!                                                       The spill-proof and sturdy design makes
Withstands spills, splashes                                                   the DeluxePlus Keyboard a practical
and moisture •Roll it up and                                                  solution for a variety of settings. The
carry it with your laptop •Clean                                 DeluxePlus keyboard also offers easy, comfortable
with standard household cleaners •Helps eliminate                typing with its full-size soft touch keys and
RSI (it’s flat, not raised up at an angle) •Soft and             detachable palm rest. Features: •Four hot
safe to use in a variety of hostile environments                 keys •XP native functions •Standard 104
                                                                 layout (US) •Soft touch keys
Order #     Description                                  (ea.)
83-10138    Black 85 key mini USB flexible keyboard     $28.95   Order #                                          (ea.)
                                                                 83-10121                                         $9.99
                                                                                                                                        Premium Desktop
83-10139    Clear 104 key PS/2 flexible keyboard         28.95
                                                                                                                                         Dress up your workspace and
                                                                                                                                         enhance your productivity with
                                                                                                                           Logitech’s Premium Desktop Optical. In one
                                                                                                                           affordable, easy-to-install package, you’ll get a
                                                                                                                           stylish corded keyboard and cordless mouse each
                                                                                                                           with a bunch of cool features like an optical mouse
                                                                                                                           sensor and extra keyboard buttons to help you work
                                                                                                                           better. Style, comfort, and affordability all in one.
                                                                                                                           Logitech’s Premium Desktop Optical combines a
 108 Key Windows 98 Keyboards                                                                                              cordless optical mouse and a corded keyboard that
 •Six additional keys for Windows 95/98 •Turbo                                                                             includes built-in radio-frequency receiver. Just plug
 function for 2.5~40cps •Sleep, wake and power                                                                             it in and start typing and clicking right away. The
 functions •Compatible with all versions of Windows                           Cordless MX™ Duo                             sophisticated and comfortable keyboard gives you
 •Dimensions: 6" (W) x 181⁄2" (L)                                               Logitech has taken their best              a series of buttons providing one-touch access to
  Order #       Type               (1-9)              (10-up)     keyboard/mouse combination and made it even              favorite tasks and applications, like Windows Explorer
                                                                  better. How? By combining the award-winning              or a Web browser. It also features a detachable palm
  83-8296       PS/2               $9.95               $9.22      Logitech MX™700 cordless optical mouse with the          rest. In the mouse, you’ll enjoy cordless freedom
                                                                  stylish, ultra-flat cordless keyboard. Control music     within a 6' radius of your keyboard and no line of sight
                                                                  and videos from convenient keyboard buttons or           requirements. Features: •Corded internet keyboard
                                                                  take advantage of the extra function keys for            •Cordless optical mouse •Integrated cordless receiver
                                                                  smarter navigation through applications, files,          in keyboard •Seven hot keys •Two “AA” batteries
                                                                  web sites, and more. Enjoy the maintenance-free          •Soft touch keys •Spill proof design •Includes
                                                                  precision and convenience of the rechargeable            iTouch™ software •Palm rest
                                                                  cordless mouse. Features: •MX™ optical engine
                                                                                                                           Order #                                              (ea.)
                                                                  and fast RF cordless technology deliver greater
                                                                  mouse accuracy and control on more surfaces than         83-10122                                            $27.95
                                                                  ever before •Comfortable, contoured mouse shape
                                                                  fits snugly in right hand •Ultra-flat, Zero-Degree
                                                                  Tilt™ keyboard design looks great and feels even
                                                                  better •Customizable keys and mouse buttons let
                                           1 YEAR LIMITED
                                             WARRANTY             you control multimedia and give you fast access
 83 Key Notebook Keyboard                                         to applications and commands •Convenient iNav
                                                                  wheel on keyboard delivers easier application            Duster
 This keyboard offers full 101 key functionality and
                                                                  and web navigation System requirements:
 would be a great choice where small size and low                                                                          General purpose duster is ideal for office
                                                                  •IBM® compatible or Macintosh system •Windows®
 weight are critical. This keyboard uses mechanical                                                                        equipment, PC boards, telecommunications
 gold crosspoint switches for long life. It features              98/NT 4.0/2000/Me/XP or Mac® OS X •Available
                                                                                                                           and A/V equipment. Nonflammable,
 LED indicator lights and a numeric pad in the body               USB or PS/2 keyboard port and PS/2 mouse port
                                                                                                                           moisture free formulation leaves no
 of the alpha layout. It is beige in color and has a              •CD-ROM drive
                                                                                                                           residue and has no ozone depleting
 DIN type connector. It is PS/2 adaptable with                     Order #                 (1-9)                (10-up)    compounds. Removes dust, dirt and other
 adaptor #83-0405. Dimensions:                                     83-9883                $89.95                $87.55     particles without scratching surfaces.
 5.18" (W) x .93" (H) x 11.08" (L)                                                                                         12 cans per case.
  Order #                                              (ea.)                                                                Order #   Mfr. #   Size     (1-5) (6-11) (12-23) (24-up)
  83-7497-P                                            $69.95                                                               20-2620   ES1217   8 oz.    $8.59 $7.74 $6.95 $6.65
                                                                                                                            20-2622   ES1017   10 oz.   10.69 9.66     8.67    8.30
                                                                                                                            20-2625   ES1617   12 oz.   13.95 11.53 10.34      9.91

                                                                              Deluxe Classic
                                                                              Keyboard and Mouse Set
            Ultra-X Keyboard                                      A great choice for budget-conscious people looking

            The Ultra-X keyboard offers a full-size               for comfort, performance and quality engineering.
            standard key layout in a compact size.                The mouse features plug-and-play set-up for
A flat profile and flat notebook-style keycaps provide            Windows PCs plus three customizable buttons
an exceptional typing experience and comfort for                  and a scroll wheel to make desktop navigation easy.
prolonged daily use. The Ultra-X incorporates                     Features: •Responsive keys for an exceptional
plug-and-play hot keys with XP native functions. The              touch •Mouse fits comfortably in either hand
driver-independent hot keys work instantly when the               •Mouse has three customizable buttons and a
keyboard is plugged into the PC. Features: •6 hot                 scroll wheel System requirements: •IBM® or
keys •Notebook keycaps •Standard 104 layout (US)                  compatible system •Windows® 95/ 98/Me/NT
•Soft touch keys •Logitech® logo •Snap-in                         4.0/2000/XP •Two available PS/2 ports                      NET 30
keycap replacement •Electroplated hot keys                        (one for keyboard, one for mouse)                          Terms
Order #                                                (ea.)       Order #              (1-9 sets)          (10 sets-up)               Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                      Order Toll Free
83-10119                                              $34.95       83-9881               $15.95               $14.99       1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 593
                                                                                                                           1-800-543-4330, FAX
                             Computer                                                              Computer Keyboards

     Section 24


                                                                                                #83-9329                                               Wireless Desktop Sets
                                                                                                                           Give your desktop all the best wireless features and
                                                                                                                           Explorer and comfortable, ergonomic design
                                                                                                                           Features: •Wireless optical mouse and keyboard:
                                                                                                                           Includes a wireless optical mouse that accents the
                                                                                                                           stylish design of the keyboard •Smart receiver: Smart
                                                                                                                           technology sends a message when interference or low
                                                                                                                           battery life is detected, reducing the likelihood of
                                                                                                                           interruption •Longer battery life System
                                                                                                                           requirements: •Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
                              Natural Keyboard Elite                                                                       •Pentium 133 or better and 64Mb RAM
     The Natural Keyboard Elite is the comfortable                                                                         •Available PS/2 port
     keyboard that complements your desktop and fits
     your digital lifestyle. Its ergonomic design and                                                                       Order # Mfr. #     Description               (1-9) (10-up)
     dynamic features let you easily navigate music and                                                                     83-10099 BX2-00004 Wireless optical       $79.95     —
     video clips, surf the Web, start programs, and much                                                                                       desktop gray/black
     more Features: •PS/2 Connector •Ergonomic design                                             #83-10098                 83-9329 K4800019 Wireless optical         104.00 $103.00
                                                                                                                                               desktop pro gray/black
     Order #                                       (ea.)
                                                                                                                            83-10098 S51-00001 Wireless optical         89.99    —
     83-10095                                     $39.99                                                                                       desktop elite black/gray


                 Noiseless                                                 Wireless
                                                                                                                                                                    3 YEAR LIMITED
                                                                                                                           PS/2 Optical
                 Wheel                                                     3D Mouse
                                                                                                                           Scroll Mouse
                 Mouse                                          •Uses RF for
                                                                communication                                              •Uses an infrared
     •Uses A4’s                                                                                                            sensor for accurate and
     noiseless wheel                                            •Has scroll
                                                                wheel for up/down                                          reliable tracking instead
     •520dpi resolution                                                                                                    of a mouse ball •Scroll
     •Third button under                                        scrolling •Three
                                                                buttons •Zoom                                              feature increases speed of
     wheel •Allows scroll and zoom within office                                                                           navigating through web pages and
     applications •Colored connectors •PS/2 connector           function in office
                                                                applications •Colored connectors •520dpi resolution        office applications by rolling the wheel instead of
     Includes: •A4Tech’s “iWheelWorks” allows you to                                                                       using the directional arrows on the screen •Two
     program programs to launch •Mouse and driver               Includes: •A4Tech’s “iWheelWorks” software to let
                                                                you launch programs, control volume and more               button with programmable scroll/zoom button
     diskette •Compatible with Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP                                                                        •600dpi dynamic resolution •Includes driver
                                                                •Mouse, receiver and driver diskette •Two “AAA”
      Order #                 (1-9)                (10-up)      batteries required (included) •Compatible with             software for Windows 95 and above
      83-9431                 $4.99                 $4.85       Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP                                        Order #                   (1-4)                  (5-up)
                                                                 Order #                  (1-9)               (10-up)       83-8803                  $24.95                 $23.12
                                                                 83-9437                 $15.25               $14.94
                Mouse                                                      Optical Great Eye
      •Uses IR for                                                         Wheel Mouse                                     Pro 4500 Scroll Mouse
      communication                                             •Optical operation therefore no                            •True wheel type internet
      (160° operation)                                          mechanism to get dirty •Scroll                             mouse that increases speed
      •Has two wheels                                           wheel for up/down scrolling •Three                         of navigating through web
      for up/down and                                           buttons, third button is under                             pages and office
      left/right scrolling                                      scroll wheel •Zoom function in                             applications by rolling the
      •Three buttons •Zoom function in office applications      office applications •Colored                               wheel instead of using the
      •Colored connectors •520dpi resolution Includes:          connectors •520dpi resolution                              directional arrows on the screen •Two standard
      •A4Tech‘s “iWheelWorks” software to let you launch        Includes: •A4Tech’s “iWheelWorks” software to              buttons with a programmable wheel/button
      programs, control volume and more •Mouse, receiver        let you launch programs, control volume and more           •Resolution: 400dpi •Includes drivers on a 3.5"
      and driver diskette •Two “AAA” batteries required         •Mouse and driver diskette •Compatible with                diskette •Scroll feature requires Windows 95 or
      (included) •Compatible with Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP          Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP                                       higher •USB adaptor connected requires PC or Mac
                                                                                                                           with USB support •Includes 5' cord with PS/2
       Order #                (1-9)                 (10-up)      Order #                  (1-9)               (10-up)      connector and USB adaptor
       83-9432               $12.19                 $11.99       83-9439                 $13.21               $13.01        Order # Description                   (1-4)      (5-up)
                                                                                                                            83-8801 PS/2 with USB type A adaptor $9.95       $9.22
                                X-Keys Multi-Function Keyboard
                                These auxiliary keyboards work in conjunction with a standard keyboard to reduce the

                                amount of repetitive keystrokes used in many of today’s popular software programs          Two Button PS/2
                                and the internet. They are a must when using CAD and entering e-mail addresses             Scroll Mouse
                                on the internet. Special internal circuitry provides automatic switching between the       •Provides a quality, low
                                X-keys and your standard keyboard. They can also be a stand-alone bootable keyboard        cost solution for replacing
                                for applications that do not require a regular keyboard. Support two layers of multiple    a broken or worn-out PS/2
                                key commands that are stored in an EEPROM, eliminating the need for special                mouse •Dynamic resolution
                                drivers or TSR programs. Includes everything needed to connect to PS/2 or AT key-          (3~3000dpi) and fast tracking speed
                                                               board. Features: •20 keys •Each key is allocated 3          •Programmable for left–hand use
                                                                characters and a total of 480 additional keystrokes are
                                                    NET 30      allocated to any keys that require additional characters    Order #   Description                (1-4)      (5-up)
                                                    Terms                                                                   83-8799   Black PS/2 mouse           $4.99      $4.11
                             Order Online                        Order #              Model                     (ea.)
      594             www.mcminone.com                           83-8175              Desktop                  $99.95
                                                  Mice                                                                              Computer
Lynx M9 Optical
Wheel Mouse                                               Lynx L7 Tiny Optical
•3 buttons and wheel mouse                                Mouse                                                                                       Section 24
•PS/2 •Compatible OS:                                     •Mini 3-button optical
Win 98SE/2000/ME/XP
•Resolution: 400dpi
                                                          wheel mouse •High tech
                                                          optical sensor for all surfaces •USB connector with        3   YEAR LIMITED
•Mfr. #Lynx M9                                            PS/2 adaptor •Bundled with multimedia software
Order #         Color            (1-9)        (10-up)     •400dpi resolution
83-10220        Beige            $5.99         $5.72       Order #                  (1-9)              (10-up)
                                                                                                                     •Scroll wheel allows easy
83-10996        Black             5.99          5.55       83-9196                 $22.95              $20.55        navigation in web pages and
                                                                                                                     documents, zoom capability, and
                                                                                                                     autoscrolling with included Intellipoint v3.0 software
                                                                                                                     •Plugs into serial or PS/2 port •Ergonomic raised
                                                                                                                     back for comfortable use System requirement:
                                                                                                                     •Microsoft® Windows® 95 or later, Windows version
            Lynx Q5 1600dpi                                                                                          3.1 or later, MS-DOS® version 3.1 or later, Windows
            Gaming Mouse                                                                                             NT® Server version 3.51 or later, or Windows NT®
                                                          Lynx L8 Optical Mouse                                      Workstation version 3.51 or later MAC OS: •8.51
•Seven button ergonomic                                                                                              or later, iMac requires iMac update 1.1
                                                          •Designed for both left
design •High performance
                                                          or right handed users                                       Order #                                       (ea.)
mouse for gaming •Accurate
                                                          •Resolution: 400dpi
and instant positioning of cursor                                                                                     83-8530                                      $19.95
                                                          •New optical technology with digital performance
under high speed movement
                                                          •Smart three button optical wheel mouse •No more
•Image processing speed:
5.8m/second •Highest speed:
                                                          dust build up inside ball module; no more cleaning         5 YEAR LIMITED
                                                          •Highly reliable micro-switched with tactile click
1m/second, highest acceleration: 15g
                                                          sound and feeling •Bundled with software driver for
•1600dpi optical sensor rate with three adjustable
sensor rates (400dpi, 800dpi, 1600dpi) •USB interface
                                                          pop-up multimedia functions System requirements:           Intellimouse Optical
                                                          •Available USB port •Mfr. #MSL8U/Black                     •PC and Mac compatible
with PS/2 adaptor •2m non tangle cable •Super
smooth Teflon™ feet System requirements:                   Order #                   (1-9)               (10-up)     •Intellieye™ Technology replaces
•Available USB port •Mfr. #MSQ5                            83-10997                  $7.99                $6.55      rubber ball mechanism with an
                                                                                                                     optical sensor that scans your desktop 1,500 times
Order #                  (1-9)               (10-up)                                                                 per second •No more skipping or sticking pointer
83-10994                $19.95               $17.55                                                                  •Will work on almost any hard surface •Plugs into
                                                                                                                     USB or PS/2 port •Ambidextrous design •Included
                                                                                                                     Intellipoint software enables scrolling features for
                                                                                                                     web pages and Windows 98/NT based applications
                                                                                                                     System requirement: PC: •Windows 95/98 or
                                                          Lynx Q22 1600dpi                                           NT4.0 Service Pack 3 or later MAC OS: •8.51 or
Lynx P1                                                   Laser Mouse                                                later, iMac requires iMac update 1.1
                                                          •Seven button ergonomic                                     Order #                                       (ea.)
Wireless                                                  design •Accurate and                                        83-8533                                      $34.95
Optical Mouse                                             instant positioning of
•27MHz RF technology                                      cursor under high speed movement •Image
•Ergonomic design •Receiver
is also the charger •800dpi
                                                          processing speed: 5.8m/second •Agilent™ laser sensor
                                                          •1600dpi optical sensor rate with three adjustable
                                                                                                                     2 YEAR LIMITED

optical mouse •Eight                                      sensor rates (400dpi, 800dpi, 1600dpi) •USB interface
programmable buttons •Low power consumption               with PS/2 adaptor •2m non-tangle cable •Super
•USB interface System requirements:                       smooth Teflon™ feet System requirements:                   Wheel Mouse
•Available USB port •Mfr. #MSP1-USB                       •Available USB port •Mfr. #MSQ22                           •Cost effective scrolling
                                                           Order #                    (1-9)              (10-up)     mouse •Plugs into serial or PS/2
Order #                  (1-9)               (10-up)
                                                                                                                     port •Included Intellipoint software
83-10998                $22.95               $20.55        83-10995                  $19.95              $17.55      enables scrolling features for web
                                                                                                                     pages and Windows 98/2000/XP based applications
                                                                                                                     Order #                                        (ea.)
                                                                                                                     83-8531                                       $24.95
                                            Lynx P11 Convertible Wireless Optical Mouse
                                            The P11 convertible mini mouse is like having two different sized
                                                                                                                                                           3 YEAR LIMITED
                                            mice. It can be transformed from a mini mouse to a full size mouse       Wheel Mouse Optical
                                            with a comfortable palm cradling cover. •27MHz RF technology             Intellieye™ Technology
                                            with 256 IDs •Three button wheel mouse •Changeable shell from            at a great price!
                                            mini to full size for desk-top use •Low battery indicator •Mouse is      •Intellieye™ replaces the
                                            recharged via the USB cable attachment •Designed for both laptop         rubber ball mechanism
                                            and desktop users System requirements: •Available USB port               with an optical sensor
                                            •Mfr. #MSP11                                                             that scans your desktop
                                             Order #                       (1-9)                        (10-up)      1,500 times per second
                                             83-10999                     $24.95                        $23.25       •No more skipping
                                                                                                                     or sticking pointer
                                                                                                                     •Will work on
                                                                                                                     almost any hard
                                                                                                                     surface •PC and
                                                                                                                     Mac compatible
 Optical                                                                                                             •USB or PS/2 port •Right or left handed users
 Mouse Blue                                                Notebook                                                  •Included Intellipoint software enables scrolling

 Turn any desktop                                          Optical Mouse                                             features for web pages and Windows 95 or higher
 into a bright vibrant                                     •Now there’s a stylish                                    based applications System requirements: PC
 space. Optical mouse                                      mouse you can take                                        •Pentium PC with USB or PS/2 support and
 blue offers a fun                                         everywhere, featuring                                     Windows 95 (OSR2) or higher MAC •OS 8.51 or
 design with a wider                                       Microsoft optical technology for smooth, accurate         later, iMac requires iMac update 1.1
 clear scroll wheel and a signature red optical            performance. Contoured for comfort and scaled down         Order #                                       (ea.)
 glow. Roll and scroll in style! Works on any              in size, Notebook Optical Mouse is always good to go.      83-8707                                      $19.95
 hard surface and includes both PS2 and USB                Features: •Microsoft optical technology •Unique
 connectors. System requirements: •Windows                 clear scroll wheel •Left- or right-handed •USB
 98/ME/NTSP6/2000/XP •Pentium 133 or better                connectivity System requirements:                         NET 30
 and 64Mb RAM •Available PS2 or USB port                   •W98/ME/2000/XP •USB port                                 Terms
  Order #                (1-9)                (10-up)       Order #                   (1-9)               (10-up)                Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                Order Toll Free
  83-9324               $22.95                $20.55        83-9330                  $34.95               $34.25    1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 595
                                                                                                                    1-800-543-4330, FAX
                           Computer                                                                                   Mice

     Section 24                                                 PowerMate, USB                                                                                  IT3800 Bar
                                                                Controller and                                                                                  Code Scanner
                                                                                                                                                               •High performance
                                                                Input Device                                                                             CCD scanner exceeding
     Wireless                                                   PowerMate is the                                                                 most commercial lasers •Bright
                                                                coolest volume knob your computer has ever seen, but                             red illumination line illuminates
     Optical Mouse                                              it’s so much more. You can use it to edit home movies                         the bar code to be read •Easy to
     Turn your desktop                                          or scroll through long documents or create your next                        hold, use and configure, a solid state
     into a vibrant,                                            audio masterpiece. How can PowerMate be this cool?                         scanner with no moving parts •The
     clutter-free space                          A              Because it’s an assignable controller that you can                        decoded output is compatible with
     with the Wireless                                          program to do anything you want, in any application.                    hundreds of cash registers, PCs and
     Optical Mouse.                                             Made of high-quality machined aluminum,                                terminals •Bright, sharp and focused
     Wireless technology, a wider, clear scroll wheel, and      PowerMate feels like a solid volume knob pulled right                   aiming line •Easy to aim and scan codes
     signature red optical glow combine in a fun design.        off the front of a world-class stereo. Its heavy weight                 in any lighting condition from darkness
     Features: •Wheel scrolling •USB or PS/2 connector          and tactile feel are a welcome departure from typical          to full sunlight, tightly stacked bar code sheets,
     •Either-hand use •Ergonomic design •Wireless               plastic USB peripherals. Includes: •PowerMate, 40"           or small, high resolution labels •Interface cables
     •Keep your desktop clutter-free with the wireless          USB extension cable, CD-ROM containing all                 sold separately
     optical mouse that works up to 6' away from the            necessary software, one year warranty System
     receiver (receiver included) •Unique clear scroll          requirements: •Mac: Mac OS 9.0.4 or greater, or            Order #     Description               (1-9)    (10-up)
     wheel •Optical glow •The glowing red base signifies        OS X, USB port •PC: Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP,          83-9081     Scanner                 $229.00   $225.00
     Microsoft optical technology for a smooth                  USB port                                                   83-9082     Interface cable           29.99     28.83
     and accurate experience
                                                                 Order #     Mfr. #          Description           (ea.)
     Fig.   Order #               Color               (ea.)
                                                                 83-10771    1040-PMT        PowerMate Silver     $44.95
     A      83-10092              Periwinkle         $39.99      83-10772    1040-BPMT       PowerMate Black       44.95
     B      83-10093              Metal blue          39.99

     USB Trackball
     •Unique styling with
     detachable wrist
     support for more                                           Keyboard Wrist Support
     ergonomic use                                              •Ergonomically designed •Soft gel and lycra
     •Large trackball                                           material •Helps relieve pain in wrists and forearm
     and buttons •20~6400dpi varible                            when using keyboard continuously •You must feel
     resolution •USB                                            this to believe it! •Dimensions: 19.5" x 3.75" x 1"
      Order #                                        (ea.)      Order #                 (1-9)                   (10-up)
      83-9659                                        22.95      83-9102                $15.25                   $14.66

                                                                                                                           Service Tips
                                                                                                                           for Windows
                                                                                                                           The ultimate in
     •Extra-wide                                                Swivel                                                     Service Shop
     platform fits all                                          Monitor Stand                                              Management that
     regular and                                                                                                           will organize your
                                                                •For 9"~17"
     ergonomic                                                                                                             service shop and
                                                                monitors •Swivels
     keyboards •Keyboard tray size: 22" x 11"                                                                              save you time
                                                                360° •Tilts 12.5°
      Order #                 (1-9)                (10-up)                                                                 and money.
                                                                 Order #                  (1-9)                 (10-up)    Service Module:
      83-8228                $15.95                $14.94
                                                                 83-855                  $10.20                  $9.45     The service module
     Ergonomic                                                                                                             handles all aspects
     Keyboard                                                                                                              of the claim check
                                                                                                                           entry, maintanence, history and printing. The claim
     Undercarriage                                                                                                         check entry is user friendly with search engines,
     with Mouse Tray                                                                                                       equipment tracking, technician tracking, repair
     Stores keyboard
                                                                Monitor Arm                                                statistics, and too many other valuable features to
     and mouse under                                            Great space saving                                         list. Customers: A customer database is maintained
     desk when not in                                           tool! You can swivel                                       for all of your customers and updates automatically
     use to increase workspace. It features an extra-wide       your monitor 360°.                                         or manually from the service module with many
     platform, removable wrist rest and slide-out mouse         Platform is 111⁄4" x                                       search options. Sales Module: A separate sales
     tray. •Keyboard space: 22.5" x 10.75" •Includes all        111⁄4". Holds up                                           module available for over the counter sales. Uses
     necessary mounting hardware                                to 44 lbs.                                                 same parts inventory for quick entry and pricing.
                                                                 Order #                  (1-3)                 (4-up)     Even posts to accounts receivable! Purchase Order
      Order #                 (1-9)                (10-up)
                                                                                                                           Module: A separate module for ordering parts.
      83-8227                $25.29                $23.47        83-3700                 $24.50                 $20.50
                                                                                                                           Includes a vendor list for quick inserting to a new
                                                                                                                           purchase order. Adds the parts you ordered to the
     Keyboard                                                                                                              parts inventory when posted to history. Tracks
     Dust Cover

                                                                Computer                                                   dollars with each vendor. Other modules included
     •Fits most                                                                                                            are Parts Inventory, Accounting, Accounts
                                                                Monitor                                                    receivable, Reports, and Service Manual database
     standard keyboards
     18.5" x 7" or smaller •Will help keep dust, dirt and
                                                                Extension Arm                                              with phone book. This software package is one the
     liquids from damaging your keyboard                        •Heavy-duty                                                most comprehensive we have seen to date. Requires
                                                                steel construction                                         Windows 95/Windows 98-32 bit. Requires 5 meg
      Order #                 (1-9)                (10-up)      •Height: 153⁄4", span                                      hard disk space. Available on CD-ROM.
      83-8243                $4.19                  $3.80       variable: 6"~21",                                          Order #                 Version                 (ea.)
                                                                tray 12" tilting
                                                                ±15° •Desk clamp range 11⁄4"~3" •Holds up to 88 lbs.       81-2960                 CD ROM                $199.95
                                                    NET 30
                                                    Terms        Order #                                         (ea.)
                            Order Online                         83-1995                                        $47.25
      596              www.mcminone.com
                                                              Network Toolbox 2002
How To Build                                                  •Network Toolbox 2002                                                          Computer
                                                              is a complete collection
Your Own PC
Finally! You can build
                                                              of 631Mb, 382 network                                                           Products
                                                              utilities including
your own computer from                                        network management,
scratch! •Your custom                                         diagnosis, monitor,
                                                                                                                                                                      Section 24
PC will not only fit your                                     scanner, tracer, spy,
needs perfectly, but it                                       pinger, remote and
will also save you                                            email, ftp, fax, web,
hundreds of dollars!                                          proxy, telnet, firewall, browser, and all other
•Full motion video shows you how to choose &                  network tools you can ever think of Categories
install every part! •Building a computer has never            include: •Network Information •Network Servers
been easier! •A complete guide to building your own           •Network Clients and Terminals •Network
computer! •It’s easier then you think and we’ll show          Applications •Network Troubleshooting and                      Electronics Pro 2002
you how! Features: Learn exactly what parts to buy            Diagnostics •Network Management •Network                       Contains nearly 1000
and where to get the best deals! •Learn how to                Communication •Protocols supported: TCP/IP,                    electronics programs for
install everything by watching full-motion video!             NetBEUI, UDP, ICMP, IPX. •Hand-picked network                  Windows 2000/ME/95/98.
•It’s like having a computer expert right by your             utilities •Browser-based interface, extremely                  Categories include CAD,
side! •Covers all major computer parts including:             fast and easy to use •Run directly without set-up              calculators, circuits,
CPUs, memory, hard drives, CD-ROM & DVD                       install •Fast decompress/install directly from                 design hardware,
drives, modems, graphic adaptors, sound cards,                CD •For home or office networks •Windows                       schematics, utilities and
floppy drives and more! •New and up-to-date!                  95/98/Me/XP/2000/NT •Microsoft IE •16Mb                        much more. System
•Including how to install Pentium III and                     of RAM •CD-ROM drive •Mouse •SVGA monitor                      requirements: 486 PC,
Celeron CPUs!                                                 •16 bit color video card                                       16Mb RAM, Windows 95/98 and CD-ROM.
 Order #                    (1-9)                (10-up)       Order #                 (1-9)                   (10-up)        Order #                    (1-9)                   (10-up)
 83-9161                   $14.75                $14.25        83-9165                 $9.99                    $9.77         83-9162                    $9.99                    $9.77

                                                              CD Recordable Media
                                                              LIFETIME                                                      LIFETIME
                                                              WARRANTY                                                      WARRANTY

52x 80 Minute                                                 48x CD-Rs
CD-R Media                                                    •Branded products                                             Branded CD-RWs
Samsung CD-recordable                                         can be labeled with                                           •4x and 10x certified •Can rewrite over 1000 times
products are produced                                         a felt marker or professional inkjet labeling system          •Compatible with multi–read CD-ROM and DVD
to Orange Book II                                             and the blank white CDs have a matte finish for               drives •Ideal for routine back–up
specifications.                                               labeling with a pencil, ink pen, marker or                     Order #    Description                    (1-9)    (10-up)
 Order #    Description                      (1-9) (10-up)    professional labeling system
                                                                                                                             83-8905    1 pack 4x with jewel case      $0.95    $0.90
 83-10050   52x 80 minute 10PK               $4.99 $4.69       Order # Description                 (1-9)         (10-up)     83-8906    10 pack 4x with jewel cases     8.95     8.81
            with jewel case                                    74 minute 650Mb with blank printable white surface            83-8907    1 pack 10x with jewel case      1.55     1.49
 83-10051   52x 80 minute 25PK in cake box    8.95 8.50        83-8896 100 pack on spindle        $37.95        $36.55       83-8908    5 pack 10x with jewel cases     7.95     7.78
 83-10052   52x 80 minute 50PK in cake box   17.95 17.35       83-10809 100 pack silver printable 39.95          38.95
 83-10053   52x 80 minute 100PK spindle      29.95 29.25                 on spindle
 83-10494   52x 80 minute 100PK spindle      34.95 33.94       83-10810 100 pack gold printable 39.95            38.95
            inkjet printable                                             on spindle                                                    5 Pack
                                                               83-10811 100 pack silver printable 39.95          38.95      Mini CD-Rs with Cases
                                                                         on spindle
                                                               Branded 80 minute 700Mb                                      •3" mini CD-recordable •210Mb
                                                               83-8899 1 pack with jewel case       0.65           0.61     capacity •24 minutes (3+ hours
                                                               83-8900 10 pack with jewel cases 6.95               6.44     MP3) •170 digital images
Bulk 50                                                        83-10808 30 pack with jewel cases 18.95           18.49      •24x certified •For recording
Minute CD-Rs                                                   83-10807 25 pack on spindle          9.99           9.67     with CD digital cameras,
•Use for mass                                                  83-8901 50 pack on spindle          17.95         17.55      MP3 recorders, and standard
recording of                                                   83-9303 100 pack on spindle         34.95         33.94      CD-R/RW drives •Write once
computer data                                                                                                                Order #                     (1-9)                  (10-up)
•Packaged                                                                                                                    83-9304                     $4.25                   $3.97
on spindle
•730Mb each
 Order #        Quantity             (1-9)       (10-up)
 83-8152         50                 $29.95        $25.70

80 Minute CD-R                                                Certified Digital                                             Bulk Certified Digital
•40x certified •Includes                                      Audio CD-R                                                    Audio CD-Rs
jewel case •Stores up                                         •Includes jewel case •Use                                     •Use to record audio or data
to 730Mb                                                      to record audio or data on                                    on PC •Packaged on spindle
 Order #    (1-9)     (10-up)                                 PC •80 minute •730Mb                                          •80 minute •730Mb each
 83-8150    $1.19      $1.10                                   Order #                   (1-9)                  (10-up)      Order #          Quantity            (1-9)         (10-up)
                                                               83-8151                  $1.49                    $1.38       83-8154            50               $39.95         $37.03

                                                             DVD Recordable Media
                                              DVD-R Printable Media                                                        Order # Description                             (1-9) (10-up)

                           •Customer printable, high capacity, write-once                                                  DVD-R
                           recordable DVD •Print with any inkjet printer                                                   83-10211 1Pk. DVD-R bare media                  $3.25 $3.05
                           Features: •4.7Gb storage, 120/360 minutes                                                       83-10212 3Pk. DVD-R bare media                   7.95 7.67
                           •Superior archival life                                                                         83-10213 1Pk. DVD-R media in round holder        5.95 5.35
Order #               Description                   (1-9)         (10-up)
                                                                                                      DVD-R                DVD-RAM
                                                                                                      Camcorder            83-10214 1Pk. DVD-RAM media in round holder     17.95 16.55
White Matte Surface                                                                                                        DVD+RW
83-10194              4x DVD-R jewel case           $1.75          -                                  Media                83-10818 1.4Gb 30min 1pk with jewel case        10.95 9.88
83-10200              50PK 4x DVD spindle           39.95        $39.09        •Rewritable/one time recording
Shiny Silver Surface                                                           •For one time recording with                   NET 30
83-10201              50PK 4x DVD spindle           39.95          39.09       DVD-R compatible camcorders                    Terms
Thermal White Surface                                                          •Great for special occasion, one time
83-10198              4x DVD-R jewel case            1.75           -          recording •Up to 30 minutes of                            Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                        Order Toll Free
83-10202              50PK 4x DVD spindle           39.95          39.09       video recording/4.7Gb                       1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 597
                                                                                                                           1-800-543-4330, FAX
                              Computer                                                                    DVD Recordable Media

     Section 24                                                        Bulk DVD Media
                                                                       •Packaged in cake boxes
                                                                       on spindle •Up to 16x
                                                                       •See description for speed
                                                                       •4.7Gb capacity
     General Purpose                                                   Order #      Description                        (1-9)    (10-up)                        80 Minute DVD
     DVD Media                                                         DVD+R                                                                                   Recordable Media
     •4.7Gb capacity •Up to 16x                                        83-10720     10pk 8x media                     $4.79      $4.61     DVD media products indicate the next generation of
     certified •Both bulk media and                                    83-10721     25pk 8x media                     11.99      11.51     optical storage technology. Samsung provides you
     Maxell branded media available                                    83-10722     50pk 8x media                     23.97      23.03     with perfect solutions to your storage requirements.
      Order #   Description                       (1-9) (10-up)        83-10726     15pk 16x media                     9.45       9.08     Our DVD media products enable you to make perfect
                                                                       83-10727     25pk 16x media                    15.75      15.13     back-up for audio, video, multimedia and program
      DVD-R                                                            DVD-R                                                               data. DVD (4.7Gb): Samsung DVD discs incorporate
      83-10817 8x DVD-R Pro-grade media           $1.79     $1.74      83-10723     10pk 8x media                      4.79       4.61     a number of vital technologies that make them
               w/jewel case                                            83-10724     25pk 8x media                     11.99      11.51     compatible with the widest range of DVD drives and
      83-10815 8x DVD-R 50pk media                29.95 28.95          83-10725     50pk 8x media                     23.97      23.03     players in the market.
      83-9306 16x DVD-R media w/jewel case         1.55  1.45
      83-10864 16x DVD-R 5pk media                 4.49   -                                                                                 Order # Description                         (1-9)   (10-up)
               w/jewel cases                                                                                                                8x Media
      83-10865 16x DVD-R 10pk media                9.49         -                                                                           83-10648 4.7Gb 5 pack with                  $5.95     -
               w/jewel cases                                                                                                                          movie style cases
      83-10866 16x DVD-R 15pk                      9.49         -                                                                           83-10649 4.7Gb 5 pack with jewel case        5.95     -
               Maxell brand spindle                                                                                                         83-10650 4.7Gb 10 pack with                  8.95     -
      83-10867 16x DVD-R 25pk                     15.95         -                                                                                     slim jewel case
               Maxell brand spindle                                                                                                         83-10651 4.7Gb 25 pack cake box             14.95     -
      83-10868 16x DVD-R 50pk                     29.95         -                                                                           83-10652 4.7Gb 50 pack cake box             27.95     -
               Maxell brand spindle                                                                                                         DVD-R Mini
      83-10869 16x DVD-R 100pk                    59.95         -                                                                           4x Media
               maxell brand spindle                                                                     HP DVD Media                        83-10658 1.4Gb 10 pack with jewel cases     14.95     -
      DVD-RW                                                           •Packaged in cake boxes on spindle •Up to 16x                        8x Media
      83-10208 2x DVD-RW 3pk media                 6.95         6.44   •See description for speed •4.7Gb capacity                           83-10128 8x 4.7Gb 5 pack with jewel cases    6.95    6.44
               w/jewel cases                                           Order #     Description                  (1-9)           (10-up)     83-10129 8x 4.7Gb 25 pack cake box          12.95   11.90
      83-9941 2x DVD-RW 5pk media                  9.95         9.65                                                                        83-10057 4x 4.7Gb 50 pack cake box          23.95   22.55
               w/jewel cases                                                                                                                16x Media
                                                                       83-10728 25pk 8x media                  $14.29           $13.92
      DVD+R                                                                                                                                 83-10654 4.7Gb 10 pack with                 10.95     -
                                                                       83-10730 10pk 8x w/slim jewel cases       7.57             7.37
      83-10812 8x DVD+R 50pk media spindle        29.95 28.95                                                                                         slim jewel cases
                                                                       83-10734 5pk 8x media w/movie boxes       5.00             4.87
      83-10813 8x DVD+R 100pk media spindle       59.95 57.95                                                                               83-10655 4.7Gb 25 pack cake box             17.95     -
                                                                       83-10835 25pk 16x media                  11.95            11.25
      83-9308 16x DVD+R media w/jewel case         1.55  1.45                                                                               83-10656 4.7Gb 50 pack cake box             34.95     -
                                                                       83-10836 50pk 16x media                  24.95            24.25
      83-10859 16x DVD+R 5pk media                 4.49   -                                                                                 DVD+RW
                                                                       83-10837 100pk 16x media                 49.95            47.95
               w/jewel cases                                                                                                                2x Media
      83-9940 16x DVD+R 10pk                       9.95         9.65                                                                        83-9800 2.4x 4.7Gb 5 pack                    8.95    8.50
                                                                       83-10731 25pk 8x media                   14.29            13.92
               w/jewel cases                                                                                                                          with jewel cases
                                                                       83-10732 50pk 8x media                   28.57            27.84
      83-10860 16x DVD+R 15pk                      9.49         -                                                                           DVD+R DL (Dual Layer)
                                                                       83-10733 100pk 8x media                  57.14            55.67
               Maxell brand spindle                                                                                                         2.4x
                                                                       83-10838 25pk 16x media                  11.95            11.25
      83-10861 16x DVD+R 25pk                     15.95         -                                                                           83-10657 9.4Gb 5 pack with jewel cases      32.95     -
                                                                       83-10839 50pk 16x media                  24.95            24.25
               Maxell brand spindle
                                                                       83-10840 100pk 16x media                 49.95            47.95
      83-10862 16x DVD+R 50pk                     29.95         -
                                                                       Lightscribe DVD Media
               Maxell brand spindle
                                                                       83-10841 5pk 8x DVD+R w/slim jewel cases 8.95              8.25
      83-10863 16x DVD+R 100pk                    59.95         -
               Maxell brand spindle
      DVD+R DL 8.5Gb
      83-10814 2.4x DVD+R DL media                 8.29         7.99                                                                       CD/DVD Markers
               w/jewel case
      DVD+RW                                                                                                                               •Permanent markers
      83-9942 4x DVD+RW 5pk media                  9.95         9.65                                                                       designed for CD and DVD •Includes one each red,
                                                                                                                                           green, blue and black markers
               w/jewel cases                                           CD/DVD Labeling Kit
                                                                       •Multi-purpose exact fit                                             Order #         Description             (1-9)       (10-up)
                                                                       applicator ensures perfect                                           83-10141        CD Markers              $4.99        $3.59
     LIFETIME                                                          label placement every time                                           83-10142        DVD Markers              4.99         3.59
     WARRANTY                                                          •Disc labels (matte/white):                                          83-10140        Eraser Pen               1.99         1.43
                                                                       Ten sheets containing a
                                                                       total of 20 disc, 20 jewel
                                                                       case spines and 60
     DVD-RAM Discs                       A                             multi-purpose labels
     •Capacities up to                                                 •Disc labels (glossy/white)
     9.4Gb •Available                                                  one sheet containing a
                                                                       total of two disc, two
     in both cartridge
                                                                       jewel case spines and six                                           Tyvek CD Sleeves
     and disc formats                                                                                                                      •This new CD sleeve is
     •Up to 1000,000                                                   multi-purpose labels •Jewel case inserts (matte) five
                                                                       sheets containing: One standard front and back with                 47⁄8 x 5 and made up of
     rewrite cycles                                                                                                                        Tyvek •It also has a clear
     •Single sided discs                                               spine insert or two slimline front inserts per sheet
                                                                       •Jewel case song booklets (matte) six sheets                        poly window with no flap
     are DVD-ROM                              B                                                                                            •Comes in packs of ten
     read compatible                                                   containing: One booklet per sheet

                                                                       Plus kit includes all of above plus : •eBusiness                    Order#                 (1-9 pkgs.)           (10 pkgs.-up)
      Fig. Order #         Capacity     (1-9)             (10-up)
                                                                       labels (matte/white) four sheets containing a total of              83-9281                   $3.99                  $2.83
      Cartridges                                                       16 labels •Mini CD labels (matte/white) three sheets
      A     83-8910        4.7Gb        $7.95             $7.47        containing a total of 12 labels
            83-8912        9.4Gb         9.95              9.65
      Discs                                                             Order #    Description                    (1-9 kits)(10 kits-up)
      B     83-10870       5x 4.7Gb      4.49               -           83-10148   Multi Label Applicator Kit      $14.99 $10.80
                                                                        83-10149   Multi Label Applicator Kit Plus 19.99       13.99
                                                                        83-10150   50 pack matte label refill kit    9.99       6.99
                                                           NET 30       83-10154   100 pack matte label refill kit 16.99       11.89
                                                           Terms        83-10151   50 pack glossy label refill kit 12.99        9.09
                                                                        83-10152   25 pack jewel case refill kit     9.99       6.99
                               Order Online                             83-10155   50 pack DVD case inserts         16.99      11.89
      598              www.mcminone.com                                             refill kit
                                                            CD Jewel Cases
                                                            •Ten cases per                                                                  Products
                                                            package •Perfect
                                                            for protecting CDs,
                                                            CD-Rs and
                                                            CD-RWs from
                                                            scratches and dirt
                                                                                                                                                                 Section 24
                                                             Order #               (1-9 pkgs.)         (10 pkgs.-up)                                          CD Storage Rack
                                                             83-7980                 $3.99                  $3.59                                             •Holds up to 20 CDs
                                                                                                                                                              in jewel cases
                                                            Rainbow CD                                                                                        •Modular design for
                                                            Jewel Cases                                                                                       stacking vertically
                                                            •Ten per package                                             Order #                      (1-9)                  (10-up)
                                                            •Perfect for                                                 83-8180                     $5.09                    $4.21
                                                            protecting CDs,
                   CD/DVD Labeling Kit                      CD-Rs and
                    Create professionally designed          CD-RWs from                                                 CD Storage Case
labels for your CDs, DVDs, jewel cases, diskettes           scratches and dirt                                          •Holds up to 40 CDs
and Zip disks. Kit includes CD/DVD label applicator,         Order #               (1-9 pkgs.)         (10 pkgs.-up)    without jewel cases
set of assorted labels and jewel case inserts and                                                                       •Includes lock with two
                                                             83-7979                 $4.99                 $4.62
MediaFACE™ design software for Mac and PC.                                                                              keys and labeling system
Software includes digital art for labels and inserts                                                                     Order #       (1–9)      (10-up)
and disk and jewel case templates for popular
                                                                                                                         83-8181      $8.29        $7.29
graphics programs. Optional labels and jewel case
inserts listed below.
 Order #     Description                         (ea.)                                                                  CD Storage
 83-7831     CD Labeling Kit                    $29.95      DVD Storage Boxes                                           Case with
 83-7832     100 white CD/DVD labels             20.15      •Replacements for lost                                      Sliding Drawer
 83-7836     100 jewel case refills              40.95      or stolen DVD boxes                                         •Holds up to 20
 83-7839     40 glossy white CD/DVD labels       27.62      •Outer transparent                                          CDs in jewel cases
                                                            sleeve for title insert                                     •Color coded
                                                             Order #        Description             (1-9)     (10-up)   labeling system
Wipe Out!™                                                                                                              •Includes lock with
                                                             83-10144       Slim 5 pack black       $5.99      $4.19    two keys •Stackable with interlocking tabs
Laser Lens Cleaner                                           83-10145       Slim 10 pack black       9.99       7.20
                                                             83-10147       Slim 10 pack silver      8.99       6.48     Order #                     (1-9)                   (10-up)
•The Wipe Out!™ laser
lens cleaner safely removes                                                                                              83-8199                     $8.19                    $7.92
dust and grime from the
laser inside your CD, DVD,                                                                                               LIFETIME
and CD-ROM drives •Helps                                    CD
to prevent costly repairs!
•Includes cleaning CD and fluid                             Storage Cases
                                                            •Holds 48 CDs
Order #                 (1-9)                    (10-up)
                                                            per case without
830-1904                $9.95                     $9.55     jewel case •Padded
                                                            exterior and
                                                            textured inserts
                                                            help protect CDs
Wipe Out!™                                                   Order #                     (1-9)               (10-up)
CD Cleaning Kit                                              83-8194                    $13.95               $13.34                               4mm and 8mm Tape
•This complete CD                                                                                                                                 Back-Up Cartridges
cleaning system will help                                                                                               •Use in 4mm and 8mm tape back-up drives
you to maintain all of your                                                                                             •Features Maxell’s ceramic coating which acts as
CDs, music, software,                                                                                                   protective armor against heat, humidity and oxidation
DVDs, game discs,                                           CD Jewel Cases                                              •Maxell’s protective features ensure a long life span
anything that comes in the CD format •Includes                                                                          •Limited quantities
                                                            •Replacements for
cleaning fluid and radial cleaning device
                                                            lost or stolen CD                                           Order #        Description                 (1-9)       (10-up)
Order #                (1-9 kits)            (10 kits-up)   jewel cases •Outer
830-1903                 $9.95                  $9.55       transparent sleeve for title insert •Several styles:
                                                                                                                        83-8861        2Gb/4Gb tape                $4.79       $4.43
                                                            Standard (holds one CD), double (holds two CDs), slim
                                                                                                                        83-8862        4Gb/8Gb tape                 7.99        7.42
                                                            (5CM) available in both standard and
                                                                                                                        83-8863        12Gb/24Gb tape              17.95       16.63
                                                            double types
Wipe Out!™                                                                                                              83-8864        20Gb/40Gb tape               9.95        9.65
                                                            Order #         Description              (1-9)    (10-up)   83-8865        Cleaning cartridge           5.25        5.10
CD Care Kit                                                                                                             8mm
                                                            Standard – 1 Clear CD Case
•Universal                                                  83-10159        3 pack                  $1.99     $1.39     83-8866        2.5Gb/5Gb tape               4.99        4.62
CD care kit                                                 83-10160        12 pack                  4.99      4.11     83-8868        Cleaning cartridge          15.99       14.82
repairs up to                                               83-10161        50 pack                 19.95     17.87     LIFETIME
40 scratched                                                Slim – Double 2 CD Cases                                    WARRANTY
CDs, gives you                                              83-10157        5 pack clear             3.99      2.87
40 CD cleanings                                             83-10158        25 pack colored 14.99   14.99     10.80
and 40 laser lens cleanings •Includes cleaning fluid,
radial cleaning device for CDs and cleaning CD
                                                                                                                        A full range of quality
 Order #             (1-9 kits)              (10 kits-up)
                                                            Rainbow CD                                                  diskettes that are 100%
 830-1906             $24.95                   $24.55                                                                   certified and tested,
                                                            Storage Cases                                               with a Full Lifetime
                                                            •Holds four CDs per                                         Manufacturer’s Warranty.

                                                            case •Set of three                                          Supplied with labels and
                                                            different colors                                            write protect tabs.
                          Wipe Out!™ CD
                                                             Order #     (1-9)        (10-up)                            Order # Qty.      Type                      (1-9)    (10-up)
                          Scratch Repair Kit
                                                             83-8197     $3.09         $2.98                             31⁄2" diskettes
                          •Stop throwing away your
                          CDs! •Wipe Out!™ CD                                                                            83-7390 10        1.44Mb DS/HD formatted $2.55       $2.45
                          repair kit removes                                                                             83-8855 50        1.44Mb DS/HD formatted 13.95       13.55
                          scratches and eliminates                                                                       83-8856 100       1.44Mb DS/HD formatted 24.95       24.26
                          skipping on all CDs,              CD Storage Cases
                          CD-ROMs, DVDs, and                •Holds ten CDs per case                                      NET 30
                          Playstation discs                                                                              Terms
                                                             Order # Color  (1-9) (10-up)
 Order #               (1-9 kits)            (10 kits-up)    83-8187 Gray $3.69 $3.18                                                Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                    Order Toll Free
 830-1902               $19.95                 $19.52                                                                   1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 599
                                                                                                                        1-800-543-4330, FAX
                           Computer                                                                                         Convertible Saddle
                           Products                                                                                         Pac Backpack
                                                                                                                            Features: •Made of
                                                                                                                            polyester Ripstop and
                                                                                                                            Oxford •Offwhite Color
     Section 24                                                                                                             •Three way carrying: On
                                                                                                                            shoulder, hand carry, or
                                                                                                                            as backpack protective
                                                                                                                            computer cradle •Hidden organizer
                                                                                                                            pocket •Side pocket for cell phone,
                                                                                        Powerbrief Case                     sunglasses or MP3 player
                                                                 Features: •Made of water resistant Cowhide Koskin          •Detachable, padded shoulder strap
                                                                 •Perfect for the Apple G4 Powerbook or iBook •Fully        •Hidden back straps •Fits most
                                                                 padded notebook PC compartment is surrounded by            15.2" screen laptop PCs •Limited
                                                                 an internal, lightweight metal frame and has a velcro      lifetime replacement warranty
                                                                 securing strap and adjustable/removable padded             Dimensions: •Exterior: 14.5" x
                                                                 divider •Workstation area with pockets for business        15.5" x 6.5" •Computer compartment:
                                  A                              cards, diskettes, CDs, and pens •Interior pocket           12" x 13" x 1.75" •Weight: 2 lbs.
                                                                 for files and folders •Padded, gusseted front
                                                                                                                             Order #         Mfr. #              (1-9)           (10-up)
                                                                 compartment for printer, digital products, and
                                                                 accessories •Velcro secured, exterior pocket •All metal     80-6230         PON-414OW          $49.95           $47.33
                                                                 hardware •Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty
                                                                 Dimensions: •Exterior: 17" x 11.5" x 6.5" •Computer
                                                                 compartment: 17" x 11.5" x 2.5" •Printer/accesories
                                                                 compartment: 13.5" x 8.75" x 2" •File compartment:
                                                                 13.75" x 9.75" x 2" •Weight: 3.8 lbs
                                                                 Order #       Mfr. #           (1-9)          (10-up)
                                                                 80-6275       NTN-892BK       $89.95          $88.53

                           Hard Sided Cases
     Features: •Made of semi-hard EVA material (black
     color) or lightweight aluminum •Able to fit the new
     16.1" laptop PC screen! •Fully padded notebook PC           Nylon Notebook Cases
     compartment with adjustable divider •Printer/digital        Targus® is a leader
     products compartment with elastic securing strap            in notebook cases and
     •Detachable zippered accessories pouch •Interior            accessories. Their
     flexi-straps for in-house operation •Workstation            nylon cases offer great
     compartment for business cards, floppy disks, CDs,          protection for your laptop
     cartridges, pens, and keys •Adjustable/detachable           and well organized pockets
     shoulder strap with anti-slip backing •Limited              for paperwork and other
     lifetime replacement warranty Dimensions:                   hardware you might need to take
     •Exterior: 18.25" x 12.75" x 3.75" •Computer                along at a cost conscious price. Features:
     compartment: 17.25" x 12.5" x 2.75", printer/file           •Well padded area for your notebook •High-density
     compartment: 17.25" x 12.5" x 2.75", accessories            foam padding •Universal fit for all notebooks •Shock
     compartment: 16.25" x 10.75" x 1.25" •Weight: 4.2 lbs.      absorbing shoulder strap •Top loading design for easy
      Fig. Order #       Mfr. #            (1-9)       (10-up)   access and stability •Made of durable black nylon
      A    80-6245       ALN-417          $82.80         —        Order #      Mfr. #      Description         (ea.)
      B    80-6250       EVN-014B         115.00      $111.00     83-8821      CN01        Notepac            $39.95

     Anti-Glare Glass                                            Notebook and
     Monitor Filters                                             PowerBook                                                  Universal Super
     •Conductive glass                                           Security Kit                                               Bond Security Kit
     eliminates                                                  Secures a long list                                        Secures your PC
     radiation produced                                          of notebooks and                                           and other office
     by your monitor                                             PowerBooks that                                            equipment by
     •Cuts ultraviolet                                           are equipped with                                          anchoring it with a
     and daylight                                                a Micro Security                                           heavy duty steel
     reflections                                                 Slot (“Micro Slot”).                                       cable and super bond
     •Enhances screen                                            Features a steel                                           plates. The three
     sharpness and                                               security cable with quick on- off operation via an         security plates bond
     contrast •Includes                                          integrated combination lock (no locks or keys to           with tough liquid super bond adhesive. Bond the
     ground wire to reduce electric shock •Includes two          lose!). The Micro Slot security scheme requires no         plates to the devices to be secured and thread the
     straps to fasten to monitor for easy installation           screws or adhesive. For this reason it has been            cable to the plates. The cable is then secured by a
     and removal                                                 adopted by almost every manufacturer of portable           padlock to a desk or other permanent fixture.
                                                                 devices. Wrap the cable around a table leg or other        Kit contains: 5' heavy duty steel cable, 40mm
      Order #        Fits                (1-9)       (10-up)
                                                                 permanent building fixture and attach to the               case hardened padlock, three super bond mini plates,
      83-8239        14/15" monitor     $10.39        $9.29                                                                 and super bond adhesive.
      83-8240        17" monitor         13.49        12.39      notebook. Kit contains: 5' steel security cable with
                                                                 integrated combination lock, two security clips, and        Order #   Description                               (kit)
                                                                 a zippered carrying case.                                   830-206   Super Bond security kit                 $19.95
     Memory                                                       Order #                                      (kit)         830-208   5' Heavy duty cable and locking bar       5.99
                                                                  830-200                                     $30.70         830-209   Two mini plates with super bond adhesive 5.99
     Back-Up Battery                                                                                                         83-9136   Super Bond security kit 7'               22.95
     Replacement                                                                                                             83-9137   Super Bond security kit 7' keyed alike   24.95
     battery used in
     Apple computers.
     Replaces Apple

     #922-0750 and                                                                                                                                         1 YEAR LIMITED
                                                                                                                                                                               MADE IN
     Ray-O-Vac 841.
     4.5VDC.                                                                                             Electric Duster
      Order #         (1-9)           (10-49)        (50-up)                                             This compact, hand held blower is the perfect solution for cleaning dust,
      29-3585        $13.29           $11.53          $9.47                                              lint and debris off keyboards, printers, disk drives, fax machines and
                                                                                                         other office equipment. It is the perfect alternative to canned air. This
                                                                                                         package includes the 1⁄2 H.P. blower unit with 12' cord, air pin-pointer
                                                                                                         and air maximizer. It weighs only two pounds.
                                                      NET 30                                              Order #                                                                (ea.)
                                                      Terms                                               83-7546                                                               $49.95
                              Order Online
      600            www.mcminone.com

                                                                                                                                                                      Section 24

                                                                                                                                                Nintendo Type 72 Pin Connector
                                                                                                                                       72 pin connector used in Nintendo NES
                                                                                                                              games. Connector failure is a frequent source of
                                                                                                                              repair problems in Nintendo games. Blinking or
                                                                                                                              garbage found on screen is frequently a result of a
                                                                                                                              bad connector. Redesigned to ensure a quality
                                                                   Data Vac/3 Pro Series         MADE IN      YEAR LIMITED
                                                                                                            2 WARRANTY        replacement connector.
Toner Starter Cleaning Kit                                         Vacuum Cleaner                AMERICA
                                                                                                                               Order #         (1-4)       (5-9)         (10-29)    (30-up)
Use this kit with the Data Vac/2 and the Data Vac/3                This vacuum/blower features two-speed operation             83-3785         $10.39      $9.96          $8.37      $7.69
to clean dangerous toner powder from duplicating                   and toner pick-up capability. Use low speed for fine
systems and laser printers. Comes complete with                    cleaning and intricate areas. Use high speed for           Super Nintendo
five special multi-layered disposable bags and two                 heavy duty cleaning. Features include: •Triple             Type 62 Pin
fiberglass filters for 99.9% efficiency on particles to            filtration system with disposable bag, permanent
.3 microns, crevice tool, 3' hose and air pin-pointer.                                                                        Connector
                                                                   cloth bag and fiberglass bag •Sturdy all-steel
 Order #    Description                                 (kit)      construction •Powerful 1.7 P.H.P motor •Exclusive          Connector failure is a frequent source of repair
                                                                   CFM power control •Convenient cord storage halo            problems in Super Nintendo games.
 83-7542    Toner starter kit                          $49.95
 83-7543    5 toner bags and 2 fiberglass filters       35.95      System includes: •Dual purpose portable power                Order #         (1-4)            (5-9)              (10-29)
                                                                   unit, 3' flexible hose, two 20" extension wands,             83-3150        $10.19            $9.29               $6.99
                                                                   “Pic-all” nozzle, dusting brush, crevice tool,
Micro Vacuum                                                       “powerizer” air maximizer, air “pin-pointer”,              Sega Genesis Type
Attachment Kit                                                     shoulder strap, three disposable paper bags and            Audio/Video Cable
Eight piece kit                                                    micro cleaning tool kit •Dimensions: 7" (W) x
converts any                                                       17" (L) x 7" (D) •Optional accessories listed below        •Replace broken Sega
vacuum cleaner                                                                                                                Genesis cables fast and
                                                                    Order #    Description                           (ea.)    easy •Two RCA plugs to 5 pin DIN plug •10' length
into a powerful
                                                                    83-7540    Data Vac/3                         $189.00      Order #                   (1-9)                     (10-up)
dirt grabbing
                                                                    83-7541    Pack of 5 disposable paper bags        5.99
mini vacuum                                                                                                                    83-1620                  $7.49                       $5.60
                                                                    83-7542    Toner starter kit                    49.95
by converting
                                                                    83-7543    5 Toner bags and 2 fiberglass        35.95
standard hose
                                                                               micro filters                                  DataVac
into a precision
electronics cleaner.
                                                                    83-7544    Carrying case                        61.95
                                                                                                                              Shuttle Cordless
                                                                                                                                                                           1 YEAR LIMITED

Includes 3' flexible                                                                                                          Vacuum/Blower
hose and five nozzle
attachments. Great for cleaning computers, VCRs,                                                                              •Lightweight,
stereo equipment, office machines and much more!                                                                              portable,
Order #       (kit)             (2-4 kits)           (5-up kits)                                                              vacuum/blower
21-3210      $12.67              $11.96                $9.27                                                                  designed to clean
                                                                                                                              dust and dirt from
Mini Vacuum Kit                                                                                                               computers and office equipment •Operates up to 40
•Ideal for computer field                                                                                                     minutes on rechargeable batteries or plug into AC
service •Quickly removes                                                                                                      adaptor for unlimited use •Includes micro cleaning
dust and debris from                                                                                                          tools and blower attachment for cleaning the most
keyboards, etc. Kit                                                                                                           inaccessible places •Package includes charging
contains: •Filter, brush,                                                                                                     station, AC adaptor, four rechargeable “AA”
crevice nozzle, straight and                                                                                                  batteries, micro extension tool, micro cleaning
angled pipettes •Uses two                                                                                                     brush and blower adaptor •Can also be used with
“AA” batteries not included                                                                                                   four alkaline batteries
                                                                   Data Vac/2 Pro Series                    2 YEAR LIMITED
(#292-015)                                                                                                                     Order #                   (1-2)                     (3-up)
                                                                   Vacuum Cleaner
 Order #       (1-9 kits)      (10-24 kits)         (25-49 kits)                                          MADE IN              83-8729                  $29.95                     $27.76
                                                                   This vacuum/blower is a                AMERICA
 21-765         $10.09           $9.26                $8.24        professional cleaning system with
                                                                   toner pick-up capability for total office
                                                                   equipment maintenance. Features
Twill Slim                                                         include: •Triple filtration with disposable
                                                                   bag, permanent cloth bag and fiberglass filter
Compubrief Case                                                    •Sturdy all-steel construction •Powerful 1.17 P.H.P.
Features: •Made of                                                 motor •Exclusive CFM power control •Convenient
high denier nylon twill                                            cord storage halo System includes: •Deluxe power
•Top-loading •Fully                                                unit, 3' flexible hose, two 20" extension wands,
padded notebook                                                    “pic-all” nozzle, “powerizer” air maximizer, crevice
computer compartment                                               tool, soft bristle dusting brush, air pin-pointer,
•Fits Apple iBook G3                                               shoulder strap, three disposable bags and four
and most slim notebooks                                            piece micro cleaning tool kit •Dimensions:
•Hidden front pocket                                               7" (W) x 16" (L) x 7" (D)                                  1 YEAR LIMITED
                                                                                                                                                                                   MADE IN
workstation •Peripheral and media pockets
                                                                    Order # Description                             (ea.)     Data Vac Pro Series Vacuum Cleaner
•Detachable/removable shoulder strap
•Limited lifetime replacement warranty                              83-7539 Data Vac/2                            $149.00     This lightweight, high-powered vacuum/blower is
Dimensions: •Exterior: 15" x 12" x 3"                               83-7541 Pack of 5 Disposable Paper Bags          5.99     specifically designed to sweep up and blow out paper,
•Computer compartment: 12" x 10.5" x 2"                             83-7542 Toner Starter Kit                       49.95     dust and dirt from computers and other office
•Weight: 1.5 lbs •Limited quantities                                83-7543 5 Toner Bags and 2 Fiberglass           35.95     equipment. This cleaning system includes the all

                                                                            Micro Filters                                     steel vacuum/blower unit, 19" flexible hose, crevice
Order #                Mfr. #                            (ea.)      83-7544 Carrying Case                           61.95     tool, air pin-pointer for super-fine spot cleaning, soft
80-6285                NTN-895BK                        $49.95                                                                bristle brush, shoulder strap, five disposable paper
                                                                   Data Vac                                                   bags and four piece micro cleaning tool kit.
                                                                   Carrying Case                                               Order #    Description                               (ea.)
                                                                   Use this case to store                                      83-7537    Data Vac                                 $69.95
                                                                   and transport your                                          83-7538    Pack of 5 disposable bags                  3.99
                                                                   Data Vac/2 and Data
                                                                   Vac/3. It features solid
                                                                   brass hardware and                                         NET 30
                                                                   lift out tray.                                             Terms
                                                                    Order #          (ea.)                                                 Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                          Order Toll Free
                                                                    83-7544         $61.95                                   1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 601
                                                                                                                             1-800-543-4330, FAX
                                Computer                                GEKO Series GPS                                                GPSMAP®76 Hand Held
                                Products                                The Geko series are
                                                                        extremely small powerful
                                                                                                                                       Electronic Map
                                                                                                                                       •Designed for full-featured
                                                                        waterproof GPS receivers                                       navigation •Provides
                                                   #29-650              that weigh in under 4 oz.                                      large number and graphic
     Section 24                                                         The Geko series GPS
                                                                        receivers are designed to
                                                                                                                                       navigation displays
                                                                                                                                       •Features a built-in
                                                                        provide the most commonly                                      basemap showing cities,
                                                                        used navigation functions                                      interstates, coastlines and
                                                                        through a simple user                                          more •Has 8Mb of internal
                                                                        interface. The Geko 101 can                                    memory for storing
                                                                        store up to 250 way points                                     optional MapSource™
                                    Computer Batteries                  and 3000 track log points.                                     detailed maps, including
                                    High-energy, long life,             The Geko 201 adds up to 500                                    marine cartography
                                    lithium batteries used to           way points and over 9000                                       •Memory is preloaded
                                    back-up real time clocks.           track log points. The Geko                                     with worldwide cities
                                    All except #29-655 come             201 also has features like:                                    (populations greater than 200,000), tide data for the
                     #29-1785       with self-sticking hook             WAAS, external power input, up to 20 routes,                   United States and navigation aids such as lights,
                                    and loop fasteners for              upload/download and games. The Geko 301 has                    buoys, sound signals and day beacons •Provides
     #29-655                        easy attachment.                    all of the features of the 201 plus an electronic              precise GPS positioning using correction data
      Order #           Voltage               (1-4)           (5-up)    compass and a barometer. Specifications:                       obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System
                                                                        •Dimensions: 1.9" (W) x 3.9" (H) x .96" (D)                    (WAAS) •Stores 500 personal locations with name
      29-650              3.6                $10.75           $9.53     •Display: 1.1" (W) x 2.1" (H), high contrast LCD
      29-655              3.6                 11.75           10.19                                                                    and graphic symbol •50 reversible routes
                                                                        (64 x 100 pixels) •Battery life: Up to 12 hours                •High-resolution display (180 x 240 pixels) •Backlit
      29-1785             3.6                   6.39           5.71     with two “AAA” batteries •Packages include                     display and keypad •Built-in antenna •Water
     Cross Reference                                                    Geko unit, manual and quick start guide                        resistant •Dimensions: 6.2" (H) x 2.7" (W) x 1.4" (D)
      Manufacturer     Model                                 Order #    •Two “AAA” batteries not included                              •Weight: 7.6 ounces with batteries •Includes: PC
      AST              Premium 286, 386                      29-650     Order #    Description                             (ea.)       interface cable, owner’s manual and quick reference
      Cordata          Cordata                               29-655     80-6115    Geko 101                              $104.95       guide •Requires two “AA” alkaline batteries
      Corona           Corona PC                             29-655     80-6120    Geko 201                               134.95       (not included)
      EverEx           1800A 8MHz, 1800B, 10MHz              29-650     80-6130    Geko car adaptor                        29.95        Order #   Description                 (1-9)  (10-up)
      Kaypro           PC (New)                              29-650                201 and 301(not included)                            80-5460   GPSMAP® 76 GPS system $299.00 $295.00
      Tadiran          TL2150/5BP                            29-1785    80-6135    Geko PC interface cable                 26.95        80-5465   Automotive mounting bracket 31.95    29.02
      Tandon           Targa 286                             29-655                201 and 301 (not included)                           80-5475   12VDC adaptor                22.95   21.27
      Tandy            3000HL                                29-650
      Televideo        4000                                  29-650
      Toshiba          T1100, T1200 T3100,                   29-655
                       T3200, T5200                          29-650
                                                                                                                               eTrex® Series GPS
      Wang             Wang PC                               29-655                                         •One of the smallest GPS units with built-in road and highway detail
      Zenith           Z-141, Z-200, Z-248                   29-655                                         •Perfect for hiking, fishing and automobile travel •Accepts downloaded map
                                                                                                            data from MapSource™, including topographical detail, business and residential
                                                                                                            streets and points of interest such as restaurants, lodgings and attractions •GPS
                                                                                                            receiver continuously tracks and uses up to 12 satellites to compute and update
        #29-2080                                                                                            your position •Stores 500 personal locations with name and graphic symbol
                                                                                                            •Automatic track log •Ten saved tracks let you retrace your path •High-contrast
                                                                                                            LCD with bright backlighting •Up to 160 x 288 pixel display resolution with
                                                                                                            Legend model •Built-in antenna •Waterproof •Dimensions: 4.4" (H) x 2.0" (W) x
      #29-2075                                                                                              1.2" (D) •Weight: 5.3 oz. with batteries •Includes: PC interface cable,
                        #29-2085                                                                            owner’s manual, quick reference guide and wrist strap •Requires two
                                                                                                            “AA” batteries (not included)
                                                        #29-2130                                             Order #         Description                           (1-9)              (10-up)
                                                                                                             80-5440         eTrex® GPS system                   $119.95             $117.95
                                                                                                             80-5445         eTrex® Legend GPS system             199.95              194.95
     Tadiran                                            #29-2110                                             80-5450         Automotive mounting bracket           30.55               29.02
     Batteries                                                                                               80-5455         12VDC adaptor                         40.75               38.71
      Order #          Voltage             (1-4)               (5-up)
      29-2075           3.6                $6.25              $5.71
                                                                5.71                                               KVM Switches
      29-2100           3.6                 6.25                5.71
      29-2105           3.6                 6.25                5.71
      29-2110           3.6                 6.25                5.71                                                                   Compact 2
      29-2130           6.0                11.06              10.61                                                                    and 4 Port
                                                                                                                                       KVM Switches
       Cross reference available in PDF                                                                                                The KVM 2 and
           at www.mcminone.com                                                                                                         4 port switches
                                                                                                                                       can access
                                                                        Mini KVM with Audio Support                                    multiple
                                                                        •Two port KVM with support for audio •Now you can              computers from one keyboard, video and mouse.
     D.A.L Scientific Calculator                                        use all your accessories with one keyboard, mouse              Operation is as simple as pressing a button on the
                                                                        and speakers •No more bulky wiring, simply connect             front panel and entering hot-key command.
     •D.A.L (Direct Algebraic Logic) to                                 two PCs up to the included cables •3 year warranty             Features: •Supports Microsoft Intellimouse,
     simplify entry of equations •Extra                                                                                                Microsoft Intellimouse Pro, Logitech Net Mouse,
     large 10 digit, 2 line LCD display                                 Order #         MSRP              (1-9)           (10-up)
                                                                                                                                       and more •High video quality up to 1920 x 1440 with
     (one line equation and one line                                    83-10176        $49.99           $39.99           $39.13       bandwidth of 200MHz •Hot-key function allows easy
     numeric) •Algebra key lets user                                                                                                   computer access •Auto scan mode automatically
     enter equation and substitute                                                                                                     selects computers sequentially •Keyboard states
     numeric values for algebraic                                                                                                      automatically saved and restored upon switching

     representations •Binary, octal,                                    KVM Switch                                                     •No software required, easy PC selection via push
     and hexadecimal calculations                                                                                                      buttons •Beep sounds for switching port confirmation
                                                                        •4 port KVM •Now
     •32 metric conversions and                                                                                                        •Supports hot-swappable System requirements:
                                                                        you can use all your
     32 scientific constants                                                                                                           •Supports any O/S •PS/2 and video cables
                                                                        accessories with one
     •Mfr. #EL-506L
                                                                        keyboard and mouse.                                             Order # Mfr. #     Description           (1-29) (30-up)
      Order #                                                  (ea.)    •No more bulky
                                                                                                                                        KVM Switch
      830-775                                                 $20.15    wiring, simply connect two or four PCs up
                                                                                                                                        83-10036 KS-102    2 port KVM           $24.95 $22.55
                                                                        to the included cables •Supports up to 2048 x 1536
                                                                                                                                        83-10037 KS-104    4 port KVM            39.95 38.55
                                                                        resolutions •Hot keys for easy switching between
                                                               NET 30                                                                   Cables
                                                                        PCs •Includes flash memory for easy upgrades
                                                               Terms                                                                    83-9599            6' 3-in-1 cable        24.95   24.25
                                                                        •3 year warranty
                                                                                                                                                           (2 x PS/2M-M, 1 x HD15M-F)
                                  Order Online                          Order #     Description    MSRP          (1-9)   (10-up)        83-9600            10' 3-in-1 cable       34.99   32.95
      602               www.mcminone.com                                83-10178    4 port KVM    $129.99       $99.99   $97.84                            (2 x PS/2M-M,1 x HD15M-F)
                                              KVM Swithes                                                                                Computer

                                                                                                                                                              Section 24

KVM Console Switches and Kits
The ProConnect CPU Switches from Linksys let
you take instant command over two or more desktop                             Small Office KVM Switches
or notebook PCs! •Ready to run right out of the box              •KVM switches control multiple computers with
with no software required, the ProConnect Switches               one keyboard, monitor and mouse console •Simple
let you connect the cables from two or more                      plug-and-play setup •Full compatability with all
computers to a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse               major operating systems and support for most
•Switch between PCs with the press of a key, or use              keyboards and mice •Adaptors allow you to control               A
the switch’s cycling feature to switch automatically             Mac or SUN computers through any Tripp Lite PS/2
at time intervals that you select •Available in 2, 4,            KVM Switch •Simple to use switches and adaptors
and 8 port models, every ProConnect CPU Switch                   require no software or system configurations •See                                                             B
virtually eliminates cable swapping while saving                 “KVM Switch Cable Kits” for require cables
you hundreds of dollars in storage space and                     Order # Mfr. #          Description       (1-9) (10-up)
hardware costs •It’s the perfect choice for any file                                                                        MiniView™
server fleet, BBS, internet, or test site where you              831-1928 B006-004-R     4-port KVM     $179.00 174.00
                                                                                         switch - USB                       Micro KVM Switch
need to manage two PCs quickly and easily! •A Note
about cabling: The 8 port Console Switch can only                831-1929 B007-008       8-port KVM      449.00 445.00      •Two port KVM switch with built-in KVM cables
use the specially shielded 10' CPU cable kits                                            rackmount switch - PS/2,AT         and audio support (also available without audio
manufactured by Linksys (#SVPPS10 and SVPAT10)                   KVM Switch Cable Kits                                      support) •6' long molded-in cables to simplify set-up
•The 2 and 4 port Console Switches can either use                831-1930 P754-006       KVM cable 6'       15.95 14.95     •Share speakers among two computers •Supports
the 6' CPU cable kits manufactured by Linksys                                            2 x PS/2, 1 x HD15                 special keys on Mac and sun keyboards •Port
(#SVPS06 and SVAT06) or any other shielded high                  831-1931 P754-010       KVM cable 10'      19.95 17.95     selection through convenient hot keys •Plug-n-Play
grade cable •Customers using AT style computers                                          2 x PS/2, 1 x HD15                 monitor support •Support video resolutions up to
can use only the 2 port and 8 port switches                      83-10710 P774-006       KVM cable 6'       19.99 18.55     2048 x 1536 •Built-in AutoScan mode •LEDs allow
                                                                                         (#831-2180 and 831-2181 only)      for easy status monitoring •Three year limited
 Order #                                                         83-10711 P774-010       KVM cable 10'      29.99 28.75     manufacturers warranty
 Description Model #                       (1-9)    (10-up)                              (#831-2180 and 831-2181 only)      Fig. Order # Mfr. #   Description       (1-9) (10-up)
 831-1830 SVIEW04                       $122.00 $120.00          83-10712 P774-025       KVM cable 25'      44.99 43.55
 4 CPU switch                                                                            (#831-2180 and 831-2181 only)      A 83-9598 GCS62       Two port PS/2    $29.95 $28.55
 831-1831 SVIEW08                        235.00    233.00                                                                                         version-no audio
 8 CPU switch                                                                                                               A    83-10823 GCS632U Two port USB      59.95 57.95
 831-1827 SVAT06 6' AT cable set          24.95      23.64                                                                                        version
 (2) HD15 male, (2) 5 pin DIN male, male 1 female DB-9                                                                      B    83-10827 GCS612A Two port PS/2     47.95 46.50
 831-1828 SVPS06 6' PS 2 cable set        24.95      23.64                                                                                        version
 (2) HD15 male, (2) PS/2 male, (2) PS/2 male
 831-1834                                 29.95      27.95
 10' PS/2 cable kit for SVIEW08                                 2 and 4 Port KVMs
                          Compact KVM Console                   •KVM switches control multiple computers with
                          Switches and Kits                     1 keyboard, monitor and mouse console. Simple
The ProConnect CPU                                              plug-and-play set-up. Full compatibility will all major
Switches from Linksys                                           operating systems and support for most keyboards
let you take instant                                            and mice •Console Extender Kits keep a keyboard/
command over two                                                monitor/mouse console highly accessible and a KVM
or more desktop                                                 switch and connected computers highly secure,
or notebook PCs!                                                located up to 500' away. Accepts two consoles: Local
•Ready to run                                                   (primary) and remote (secondary) •Simple to use                                 Compact KVM Kits
right out of the box                                            switches and adaptors require no software or                •Use one keyboard, one mouse and one monitor
with no software required,                                      system configurations                                       to control up to four PCs or Macintosh® systems
the ProConnect Switches let you                                 Order # Mfr. #         Description        (1-9) (10-up)     •Our patented VSE Video Signal Enhancement®
connect the cables from two or more computers to                831-2179 B030-002-R    Mini 2 port KVM $34.95 $33.95        technology provides rich, 32 bit color at resolutions
a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse •Switch                                          switch with cables                   up to 1920 x 1440 •Throw in all the necessary cables
between PCs with the press of a key, or use the                 831-2180 B022-002-KT-R 2 port KVM         52.95 51.95       and adaptors to get you up and running, and you’ve
switch’s cycling feature to switch automatically                                       switch with cables                   got complete KVM solutions from IOGEAR •Cables
at time intervals that you select •Available in 2               831-2181 B022-004-R    4 port KVM         64.95 62.95       included! Features: •Port selection through push
and 4 port models, every ProConnect CPU Switch                                         switch with cables                   button and hotkeys •PS/2 mouse emulation for
virtually eliminates cable swapping while saving you                                                                        error-free boot-up •Connected PCs can be added
hundreds of dollars in storage space and hardware                                  #831-1960               #831-1961        or removed from the set-up without powering off
costs •It’s the perfect choice for any file server fleet,                                                                   the KVM switch •Plug-n-Play monitor support
BBS, internet, or test site where you need to manage                                                                        •MiniView™ switches support video resolutions
two PCs quickly and easily!                                                                                                 up to 1920 x 1440 •No software required •Built in
                                                                                                                            AutoScan mode •Keyboard lock states are stored
 Order #
                                                                                                                            for each computer •LEDs allow for easy status
 Description Model #                       (1-9)      (10-up)
                                                                                                                            monitoring •Macintosh keys are remapped on the
 831-1825 PS2KVM4                         $89.95      $87.95                                                                PS/2 keyboard •No external power supply needed
 4 port compact switch                                                                                                      •3 year limited warranty Includes: •One MiniView
 831-1826 PS2KVMSK                         69.95       67.95                                                                KVM switch •Up to four sets of premium bonded
 2 port compact switch kit with cables                                                                        #831-1962
                                                                                                                            KVM cables •One installation manual •One quick
 831-1828 SVPS06                           24.95       23.64                                                                start guide •One product registration card
 6' PS2 cable set (2) HD15 male, (2) PS/2 male, (2) PS/2 male                            KVM Switches                        Order # Mfr. #      Description       (1-9)   (10-up)
KVM                                                                                    •TRENDnet KVM switches                83-9592 GCS12       2 port PC        $39.95   $38.55
Switch                                                           allow you to manage multiple PCs with just one

                                                                                                                                                 KVM switch
                                                                 keyboard, monitor, and mouse •Control up to four
Cables                                                           PCs while using a single keyboard, monitor, and
                                                                                                                             83-9593 GCS14       4 port PC         59.95    58.55
•Connects                                                                                                                                        KVM switch
                                                                 mouse and with their hot-plug, auto-scan, audible           83-9586 GCV160      ADB to PS/2       69.95    68.55
KVM                                                              feedback and hot-key operation features
switches to                                                                                                                                      convertor
                                                                  Order#   Model#  Description            (1-9) (10-up)     *Macintosh support requires IOGEAR’s Mac
PCs •Includes a DB-25 male to connect to KVM
switch Features: •PS/2 style: Includes HD-15                      831-1960 TK-200  Two port KVM          $49.95 $47.95       Adaptor (#83-9586)
female, two 6 pin mini DIN (PS/2) male keyboard                                    switch kit with two 4' cables
and mouse connectors, 1⁄8" mono microphone                        831-1961 TK-400 Four port KVM switch 59.95 57.95
connector and 1⁄8" stereo speaker/                                                 kit with 46' cables                      NET 30
headphone connector                                               831-1962 TK-800R 8 port KVM            259.00 254.95      Terms
                                                                                   switch rack mountable
 Order #      Type             Length      Style    (ea.)         831-1963         6' KVM cables            8.99  8.25
                                                                                                                                      Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                     Order Toll Free
 831-1320     4~8 port PC side   6'        PS/2     $25.20                         two PS/2 M/M, one HD15 M/M              1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 603
                                                                                                                           1-800-543-4330, FAX
                            Computer                                                                       KVM Switches

     Section 24

                                                                                       Dual View KVM Switch       Back
     MiniView SE KVM Kits                                      •Two or four port dual view KVM switch with audio          Symphony Multi-Function KVM Switch
     •Featuring the latest                                     and USB peripheral sharing •One dual monitor               •Multi-function USB KVM switch integrates a USB
     in micro-design and                                       console controls two or four dual monitor computers        2.0 hub, ethernet switch, and audio •Controls two
     technology •Set-up is fast                                •Additional VGA display channel provided for dual          or four computers with a single VGA monitor, USB
     and easy; simply plug                                     display of each computer •Additional USB peripheral        keyboard and mouse •Built-in USB 2.0 peripheral
     cables into their                                         ports for the connected computers to share USB             sharing to share printers, scanners and hard drives
     appropriate ports •2, 4 or 8 PS/2 console ports are on    devices, such as printers, scanners, and portable          •Built in 3 port 10/100 Mbps ethernet switch allows
     the front of the unit for easy and convenient access      hard drives •Audio jacks provided for speaker              you to easily network and share internet with your
     •Provides two convenient methods to access the            and microphone sharing •Independent switching of           computers •Share one set of speakers with all your
     connected computers: use push-button selection            KVM, USB, and audio •Easy to install, no software          computers •Independent switching of KVM, USB
     switches, located on the unit’s front panel; or type      required, connecting cables is all it takes •Auto          peripherals, and audio focus •Port selection via
     Hot Key combinations from the keyboard •Cables            scan function to monitor computer operation •Hotkey        hotkeys and front push-buttons •Auto scan mode
     included Features: •Use one keyboard, monitor             selection for OS and keyboard language •LED display        for monitoring all computers •Power on detection
     and mouse to control up to two computers •Works           for easy status monitoring •Caps lock, number lock,        automatically switches to the first powered on port
     with PS/2 compliant computers •Operating                  and scroll lock, states are saved and restored when        •Superior video quality up to 2048 x 1536 •Hot
     system independent •Supports Mac and SUN®                 switching •Hot pluggable add or remove computers           pluggable add or remove computers without powering
     •Plug-n-Play monitor support •Supports video              for easy maintenance •Firmware upgradable                  down the switch •Compatible with multiple operating
     resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 •Easy to install, no        •Keyboard and mouse emulation for error free               platforms (PC, Mac, and Sun) •Includes 6' cables
     software required •Keyboard and mouse emulation           booting •Supports multimedia USB keyboards                 •Three year limited manufacturers warranty
     for error free computer booting •Built in AutoScan        •Superior video quality, up to 2048 x 1536; DDC2B
     mode to monitor all computers •Trim-line, compact         •Three year limited manufacturers warranty                 Order # Mfr. #   Description          (1-9) (10-up)
     design •Three year limited warranty Includes:              Order #  Mfr. #  Description         (1-9) (10-up)        83-10826 GCS1772 2 port KVMP switch $245.00 $241.00
     •One Miniview KVM switch •Up to four sets of                                                                         83-10830 GCS1774 4 port KVMP switch 328.00 325.00
     premium bonded KVM cables (8 port unit requires            83-10824 GCS1742 2 port KVM switch $199.00 194.00
     cables) •One installation manual •One quick start          83-10828 GCS1744 4 port KVM switch 292.00 289.00
     guide •One product registration card
     Order #    Mfr. #   Description        (1-9)   (10-up)
     83-9595    GCS82B   2 port KVM switch $71.95   $69.95                         Two Port DVI KVMP Switch
     83-9596    GCS84B   4 port KVM switch 119.00   117.00     •Two or four port DVI KVM switch with audio and
     83-9597    GCS138   8 port KVM switch 189.00   186.00     USB peripheral sharing •One console controls two
                         (requires cables)                     computers •Independent (asynchronous) switching
      83-9599 G2L1001P 6' KVM 3 in 1        24.95    24.25     of KVM, peripheral USB and audio ports •USB 1.1
                         bonded cable                          compliant •DVI digital and analog monitor support
      83-9600 G2L1003P 10' KVM 3 in 1       34.99    32.95     fully compliant with the DVI specifications
                         bonded cable                          •Computer selection via front panel switches and
      83-9601 G2L5002P 6' KVM Micro Lite    16.95    15.55     hotkeys •LED display for easy status monitoring
                         3 in 1 cable                          •Auto scan mode for monitoring all computers
      83-9602 G2L5003P 10' KVM Micro Lite   24.95    22.55     •Superior video quality 1600 x 1200; DDC2B
                         3 in 1 cable                          •Hot pluggable add or remove computers for
                                                               maintenance without powering down the switch               Order # Mfr. #   Description          (1-9) (10-up)
      83-9586 GCV160 ADB to PS/2 adaptor 69.95       68.55
     *Macintosh support requires IOGEAR’s                      •Supports Windows and Mac host systems                     83-10825 GCS1762 2 port KVMP switch $199.00 $194.00
      Mac Adaptor (#83-9586)                                   •Three year limited manufacturers warranty                 83-10829 GCS1764 4 port KVMP switch 292.00 289.00

                                                                Data Comm Switches
                                                                                                                          DB-9 and 5 Pin
                                                                                                                          DIN Serial/
                                                                                                                          Keyboard Switches
     Enables one                                               HD-15 VGA                                                  These switches allow up
                                                                                                                          to four serial/keyboard
     computer to switch                                        Monitor Switches                                           devices to be used on
     between up to four                                        These switches allow                                       one computer without
     monitors and                                              up to four monitors to be                                  constantly changing
     keyboards or one                                          connected to one computer                                  cables. Has up to four
     monitor and                                               or four computers to be                                    DB-9 and four 5 pin DIN
     keyboard to be                                            connected to one monitor.                                  female connectors with
     connected to up to                                        All connectors are female.                                 female outputs. See the Data Comm section for
     four computers.                                                                                                      cables and adaptors needed for installation.
                                                                Order #       Inputs                  (1-9)     (10-up)
     They are available with 5 pin DIN or 6 pin mini DIN
     keyboard connectors. All connectors are female.            83-3310         2                    $31.95    $20.52     Order #    Inputs                       (1-9)    (10-up)
                                                                83-7724         4                      36.95    27.44

      Order #     Inputs                  (1-9)      (10-up)                                                              83-7725    2 DB-9 + two 5 pin DIN      $13.89   $11.93
                                                                                                                          83-7726    4 DB-9 + four 5 pin DIN      39.95     36.00
      83-3295     2 HD-15 + two 6 pin    $43.95     $30.41
      83-7728     4 HD-15 + four 6 pin    29.95       23.91    Port Switches
                                                               These switches allow one
                                                               computer to share multiple
                                                                                                                          BNC Type Switches
                                                               devices or multiple computers                              This switch can be used for
                                                               to share a single device. All                              ethernet, communication
                                                               inputs and outputs have female connectors.                 and CCTV applications.
                                                                                                                          Allows two units to share
                                                     NET 30     Order #   Description       Inputs     (1-4)    (5-up)    one output. All connectors
                                                     Terms      83-1320   DB-25               2       $22.95   $20.66     are female.
                                                                83-1325   DB-25               4        55.95    50.72
                             Order Online                       83-7716   DB-9                2        22.95    18.63
                                                                                                                           Order #         Inputs               (1-4)      (5-up)
      604             www.mcminone.com                          83-7718   DB-9                4        30.95    24.83      83-0155           2                 $15.32     $13.67
                                     Data Comm Switches                                                                                                  Computer
                                       Bi-Tronics Auto            Data Switches
                                       Printer Switches           These switches enable                                                                                          Section 24
                                     •For standard or             up to four RJ-11, RJ-12 or
                                     bi-directional               RJ-14 and two RJ-45
printers •Supports IEEE 1284, Nibble mode •Selects                devices to share the same
input on first come, first serve basis •LED status                input or output. All inputs
indicators •No software needed for easy installation              are switched pin for pin and are female connectors.
•DB-25 female connections on all ports
                                                                      Order #    Type            Input    (1-4)       (5-up)
 Order #                Inputs                       (ea.)            83-0115    RJ-11,12,14       2     $19.95      $14.52
 83-8297                  2                         $30.59            83-7731    RJ-11,12,14       4      23.95        19.80
 83-8298                  4                          50.99            83-7732    RJ-45             2      32.95        26.47

                                                        Video Switches and Extenders

                                                                                               Front                                                                           Front (#83-10872)
Five Port Cat5                                                                                                                            SVGA Multipliers
Audio Video                                                                                    Back                                       •Amplifies and
Extender Kit                                                                                                                              distributes video up                     Back
                                                                                                                                          to 160' from host PC
The DLT50 Video                                                                                                                           •Supports resolutions
Extender System                                                                                                                           up to 2300 x 1920
allows you to                      Back                                                                                                   (#83-10873) •VGA,
extend the distance                                                                                                                       SVGA, XGA and
between the                                                       8 In - 4 Out SVGA Matrix                                                multi-sync                       Front (#83-10873)
computer and up                                                   •Supports eight HD-15 inputs to four HD-15                              compatible
to five remote                                                    outputs •Supports VGA, SVGA, XGA and                                    •DDC and DDC2
monitors up to                                                    multi-sync monitors •Supports audio                                     compatible at
450°. The kit                                                     function with 3.5mm input/output jacks •Supports                        port 1 •Daisy-
includes a local transmitter (DLT50) and one remote               200MHz video bandwidth up to 45' from switch                            chainable to add                        Back
receiver (DLR10). Additional receivers can be                     •Supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 •Ideal for                      additional outputs
purchased for a maximum of five remote monitors                   video broadcasting, remote monitoring, security                         •Includes AC
with audio. No software installation is required and              monitoring, production and industrial control                           adaptor and
the system supports Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 cabling                   monitoring and educational facilities •Controlled via                   users guide
standards Features: •VGA resolutions up to                        RS-232 connection, IR remote or PS/2 keyboard
1280 x 1024 •Local monitor output for monitoring                                                                                          Order #    Description       Bandwidth     (1-9)     (10-up)
                                                                  •Includes IR remote, AC adaptor and users guide
transmissions •3.5mm audio inputs for transmitting                •Integrated LCD display assists in                                      83-10871   2 port splitter   250MHz       $34.95     $32.95
stereo audio as well •Each kit includes one receiver              monitoring functions                                                    83-10872   4 port splitter   250MHz        44.95      42.95
and one transmitter, power adaptor and                                                                                                    83-10873   8 port splitter   350MHz        89.95      84.95
users manual                                                          Order #                    (1-9)                 (10-up)
 Order #  Description                      (1-9)     (10-up)          83-10875                 $499.00                $479.00
 83-10877 5 port Video Extender Kit      $299.00    $289.00
 83-10878 DLR10 remote receivers            89.95     84.95
                                                                                                                                     2 In - 2 Out
                           Cat5 Audio Video Extender                                                                                 SVGA Matrix
                           Kit                                 Front
                                                                                                         •Supports two HD-15 inputs and two          Front
The DLR10 Video Extender System allows you to                                                            HD-15 outputs •Supports VGA, SVGA, XGA
extend the distance between the computer and the                                                         and multi-sync monitors •Supports audio
display monitor by up to 450°. The kit includes a local                                                  function with 3.5mm input/output jacks
transmitter (DLT10) and a remote receiver (DLR10)                                                        •Supports 200MHz video bandwidth up to
No software installation is required and the system                                                      45' from switch •Supports resolutions up to
supports Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 cabling standards                                                           1600 x 1200 •Ideal for video broadcasting,
Features: •VGA resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 •Local                                                      remote monitoring, security monitoring,
                                                               Back                                                                                  Back
monitor output for monitoring transmissions •3.5mm                                                       production and industrial control
audio inputs for transmitting stereo audio as well                                                       monitoring and educational facilities
•Each kit includes one receiver and one transmitter,                                                     •Controlled via pushbuttons on front of
power adaptor and users manual                                                                           unit •Includes AC adaptor and users guide
 Order #                     (1-9)                   (10-up)                                              Order #                 (1-9)               (10-up)
 83-10876                  $169.00                  $165.00                                               83-10874               $69.95               $67.95

                                                                  Two Way
Cat5 Video                                                        SVGA Splitter
Extender Kit                                                      and distributes
Allows you to extend                                              video signal
the distance between                                              up to 210'
the computer system                                               from PC •VGA,

unit and the display                                              SVGA and XGA compatible •Resolution up to 1024 x                                       Four Port Video Splitter
monitor by up to 430'.                                            768 with 100MHz band width •Simultaneously                               •Simultaneously display video on up to four
It accomplishes this                                              cascadable up to 64 monitors •Two HD-15 female                           separate monitors
by means of a local                                               connectors and one HD-15 male connector                                   Order#/
transmitting unit (VE-120L), and remote receiving                 •Includes AC adaptor •Compact size                                        Mfr.#      Description                  (1-9)      (10-up)
unit (VE-120R), connected by standard Category 5
twisted pair ethernet cable. Features: •Uses category                 Order #                  Outputs                (ea.)                 83-9206/   4 port video splitter       $112.95     $109.95
5 ethernet cable•High resolution video: Up to 1600 x                  83-8299                    2                   $39.95                 B114-004-R
1200 at 100 meters •Supports VGA, SVGA, and
multisync monitors •Long distance                                                                                                          NET 30
transmission, up to 130m (430')                                                                                                            Terms
Order #        Mfr. #            (1-9 kits)     (10 kits-up)                                                                                          Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                                     Order Toll Free
83-9608        VE120              $179.00         $174.95                                                                             1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 605
                                                                                                                                      1-800-543-4330, FAX
                           Computer                                                                          USB Accessories
                           Products                                                #83-10430                       #83-10431

                                                                                                                                    USB to
     Section 24                                                                                                                     Category 5
                                                                                                                                    Extender Kit
                                                                                                                                    You can extend
     Amplified                                                                                                                      the distance of
     Video Switches                                                                                                                 a USB device,
     These are boosting                                                                                                             or a hub, to a
     devices used to duplicate                                                                                                      host PC 300'. It can be easily attached and
                                                                                                                    #83-10429       detached with accompanied standard network
     video signals from one
     source to up to eight                                                                                                          connectors. It also has an internal DC power
     outputs. They will extend                                  USB Hubs                                                            supply which supplies power to remote devices
     transmission distance                                      •Four port USB hubs                                                 Requirements: •Windows® 98, 98SE, 2000, ME, XP
     to 210' making them                                        •Choose from low cost USB 1.1                                       •Mac OS 8.6 or greater •Available USB port
     an excellent public                                        to mobile battery powered USB                                       Includes: •Base convertor and remote convertor
     broadcasting system.                                       2.0 •Ultra compact space saving                                     •Mfr. #UCE50
     They are suitable                                          designs •420MP model uses four                                       Order #               (1-9 kits)         (10 kits-up)
     for VGA, SVGA and                                          “AAA” rechargeable batteries for mobile use                          83-9610                $79.95              $77.55
     Multisync monitors. They can also be daisy chained.        Fig.   Order #    Model        Description                  (ea.)
     The input is a HD-15 male and the outputs are
     HD-15 females. AC adaptors are included.                   A      83-10429   CPH-411      4 port USB 1.1 hub           $9.95
                                                                B      83-10430   CPH-420P     4 port USB 2.0 hub           28.95
      Order #                Outputs                  (ea.)     C      83-10431   CPH-420MP    4 port USB 2.0 mobile hub    22.95
      83-7733                   4                    $69.95
      83-7734                   2                     49.95

                                                                USB 2.0 Four Port Hub
          Parallel and Serial                                   •The new USB
                                                                four port hub from Linksys is
                                                                                                                                                    Side                            Front
                                                                the fastest way to connect universal                                                  PLEOMAX Crystal Series
           Line Extenders                                       serial bus devices to your computer
                                                                                                                                                      Four Port USB Hub
                                                                •Plug a modem or printer into your
                                                                desktop •Attach a full-sized keyboard to your                       Features: •Four port hub USB 2.0/1.1 compatible
                                  High-Speed Parallel           notebook •Hook up a scanner or digital camera in                    •AC adaptor: Switching 5V/2.0A •Ports: One
                                  Line Extender                 seconds •If your PC is equipped with a USB port,                    upstream, four downstream •Supports data
                                                                the four port hub makes connecting multiple USB                     transfer rates up to 480Mb •Plug and play
                                 Enables you to extend
                                                                devices to it a snap! •Includes AC adaptor                          •Includes switching power adaptor for heavy
                                 the distance between
                                                                                                                                    power devices System requirements: •Windows
                                 your PC and printer to          Order #           Mfr. #             (1-9)              (10-up)    98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP •Available USB port
                                 up to 1300'. Uses four          831-1818          USBHUB04          $28.95              $27.35     •Mfr. #PUH-7000X
                                 conductor telephone wire
                                 to send signal from PC to                                                                           Order #                  (1-9)                (10-up)
     printer. Includes DB-25 male and 36 pin centronics                                                                              83-10914                $15.95                $15.25
     male connectors on modules and 25' modular cable
     with RJ-11 connectors. Does not require power for          4 Port USB
     most distances. A 9VDC adaptor (#28-3060 and               2.0 Mini Hub                                                        Four Port
     28-3110) can be used for long distances if signal is not
                                                                •Link multiple USB
                                                                                                                                    USB 2.0 Hub
     strong enough.                                                                                                                 Features: •Size:
                                                                devices to one computer
      Order #                                        (ea.)      with ultra-compact hub                                              60mm x 104mm x
      83-8926                                       $49.95      •Fully USB 2.0 certified                                            30mm •Case
                                                                •Includes 4' extension cable                                        material:
     RS-232 Line Booster                                                                                                            Aluminum
                                                                 Order #          Mfr. #                   (1-9)         (10-up)    •Supports both high-speed (480Mbps), full-speed
     •Allows user to more                                        831-2054         U222-004-R              $39.95         $35.95     (12Mbps), and low-speed (1.5Mbps) transfer rates
     than double RS-232 cable                                                                                                       •One red LED for power and four green activity
     runs without a modem                                                                                                           LED per port System requirements: •Windows
     •Amplifies and squares up                                                                                                      ME/2000/XP and Mac OS 9x or higher Includes:
     RS-232 data signals and                                                                                                        •USB 2.0 four port hub, USB 2.0 cable (4 pin x 4 pin),
     transmits to receiver •Boost: Transmit data (pin 2),                                                                           power adaptor (not required for all systems),
     receive data (pin 3), request to send (pin 4), clear to                                                                        user manual
     send (pin 5), data set ready (pin 6), carrier detect
     (pin 8), and data terminal ready (pin 20) •Pins 1 and                                                                          Order #                  (1-29)                (30-up)
     7 (ground) are wired straight through •Connector:                                 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub                           83-10630                 $12.95                $12.62
     DB-25M to DB-25F •Power requirements: AC                   •Provides four hi-speed USB 2.0 ports for your
     adaptor included                                           high-speed connectivity needs •Fully compliant to                   USB 2.0
      Order #                (1-4)                  (5-up)      USB 2.0 specifications and provides a data transfer                 Highspeed Four
                                                                rate of up to 480Mbps •First USB 2.0 hub to pass the
      83-0370               $31.26                  $28.23
                                                                USB 2.0 certification test •Supports Windows® 98SE,
                                                                                                                                    Port Slim Hub
                                                                2000, ME, XP, and Mac OS X or later                                 Ports: •One
     RS-232 to                                                                                                                      upstream B
                                                                Order #            Mfr. #            (1-9)               (10-up)
     RS-422/RS-485                                                                                                                  cable, four
                                                                83-9578            GUH204           $38.95               $37.25     downstream A
     Convertor                                                                                                                      ports •Adds four USB 2.0 hi-speed front-side ports to
     •DCE/DTE selectable                                                                                                            your computer •Backwards compatible with USB 1.1
     and is controlled by                                                                                                           devices •480Mbps data speed; 40 times faster than
     RTS selectable •Point                                      USB Accesories                                                      USB 1.1 •All ports can handle high-speed (480Mbps),
     to point/multidrop                                         •USB accessories from                                               full-speed (12Mbps), and low-speed (1.5Mbps)

     link selectable                                            IOGEAR will make your                 A                             •Supports self-powered mode, using switching power
     •4 wire full duplex/2                                      computing experience                                                indicated by power LED •Plug-and-play installation
     wire half duplex                                           better Features: •Fully                                             •Connects up to a maximum of 127 USB devices
     •DB-25 female to                                           backwards compatible to                                             through cascading multiple hubs •Over-current
     RJ-11 female •AC adaptor included                                                                B
                                                                USB 1.1 •Hot swappable,                                             detection and protection with LED status indicators
      Order #                                        (ea.)      plug-n-play •USB 1.1 and                                            •Works with USB-compliant Windows and Mac
      83-8265                                       $49.95      USB 2.0 compliant •Three                                            computers •Certifications: USB-IF, FCC, CE
                                                                year limited warranty                                               System requirements: •PC or Mac with
                                                                Fig.   Order #    Mfr. #       Description       (1-9)   (10-up)    available USB type A downstream port •Windows
                                                     NET 30                                                                         98/ME/2000/XP/Mac OS 8.6 or later Package
                                                     Terms      A      83-9603    G2LUAB06     6' USB 2.0 cable $9.95     $8.55     contents: •USB 2.0 high-speed hub •User’s manual
                                                                A      83-9604    G2LUAB10     10' US B2.0 cable 12.95    11.55
                             Order Online                       B      83-9605    G2LUB16      16' USB 1.1       27.95    25.95      Order #                   (1-9)                (10-up)
      606            www.mcminone.com                                                          extension cable                       83-10187                 $16.95                $15.40
                                       USB Accessories                                                                          Computer
USB 2.0
Highspeed Four
Port Pocket Hub
•Unique design that                                      On the Go                                                                                  Section 24
slips into your shirt                                    USB 2.0 Hub
pocket •Ports: One
upstream B cable,
                                                         •4 port USB 2.0 hub
                                                         •Compact design
                                                                                                                   1 YEAR LIMITED
four downstream A                                        •Includes AC adaptor
ports •Adds four                                         •3 year warranty                                          USB to DB-9
USB 2.0 hi-speed front-side ports to your computer                                                                 Serial Adaptor
•Backwards compatible with USB 1.1 devices               Order #           MSRP               (1-9)     (10-up)
•480Mbps data speed; 40 times faster than USB            83-10175          $39.99            $29.99     $28.83     •Use to connect your DB-9
1.1 •All ports can handle high-speed (480Mbps),                                                                    serial devices into your
full-speed (12Mbps), and low-speed (1.5Mbps)                                                                       USB port •PC and Mac compatible •Length: 6' •Foil
•Supports self-powered mode, using switching power                                                                 and braid shielding to reduce EMI/RFI interference
indicated by power LED •Plug-and-play installation                                                                 •Gold plated USB type A to DB-9 male connectors
•Connects up to a maximum of 127 USB devices                                                                       •Industry standard color coding for easy installation
                                                         5 in 1 Quick Connect                                      •Plug and Play •Includes drivers •Requires
through cascading multiple hubs •Over-current
detection and protection with LED status indicators      USB 2.0 Bundle                                            Windows 98 or higher or Mac OS 8.6 or higher
•Works with USB-compliant Windows and Mac                •Includes two popular                                     Order #            MSRP         (1-4)        (5-up)
computers •Certifications: USB-IF, FCC, CE System        QuickConnect cable                                        831-1787           $55.99      $22.95        $20.55
requirements: •PC or Mac with available USB type         lengths for one low price
                                                         •18" cable and 36" cable
A downstream port •Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Mac
OS 8.6 or later Package contents: •USB 2.0               •Five popular USB ends USB A male, USB B                  1 YEAR LIMITED
high-speed hub •User’s manual                            male, USB A female, USB mini A male and USB
Order #                 (1-9)                 (10-up)    mini B male •3 year warranty •Connect                     USB to IEEE-1284
                                                         all your peripherals with one cable set
83-10188               $12.95                 $11.28                                                               Printer Cable
                                                         Order #          MSRP                (1-9)     (10-up)
                                                                                                                   •Use to connect a
Four Port USB 2.0          #83-10333                     83-10172         $29.99             $18.99     $17.50     printer to your
Manual Switch                                                                                                      USB port •Allows
                                                                                                                   multiple printers to
•Enables you to have
                                                                                                                   be connected to PC
four computers share
                                                                                                                   without adding additional parallel cards or printer
a USB device •Switch                                     USB 2.0 Quick                                             switches •Supports centronics, nibble and ECP
computers using the
scroll lock key
                                                         Connect Cables                                            modes •Length: 6' •Gold plated USB type A to 36
                                                         •Configure your                                           pin centronics male connectors •Foil and braid
Features: •USB          #83-10333                        cable “On-the Go”                                         shielding to reduce EMI/RFI interference •Industry
2.0 compliant •USB      Back
                                                         with the new                                              standard color coding for easy installation •Plug and
4-channel switch (four
                                                         QuickConnect                                              Play •Requires Windows 98 or higher
USB type “B” connectors
and one USB type “A”                                     Cable Series                                               Order #         MSRP         (1-4)          (5-up)
connector) •Provides                                     From GoldX                                                 831-1784        $39.99      $22.95          $22.61
bus-power of 500mA per                                   •Easily interchange five different connectors to
port •Four LED (green)                                   connect to your PC, printer, scanner, MP3 player,         LIMITED
                                                         digital camera, flash memory, PDA or cell phone           LIFETIME
status indicators System requirements:                                                                             WARRANTY
•Win98/SE/Me/2000/XP (for Mac switches see               •Never be without the right USB cable end
#83-10819 or 83-10820) •Available USB port               •Complete with 6 different interchangeable ends
Order #       Mfr. #               (1-9)     (10-up)
                                                         •Gold plated connectors to ensure data reliability        Monitor/Keyboard/
83-10033      UH-846              $19.95     $18.49
                                                          Order #  MSRP Mfr. #    Description (1-9)     (10-up)    Mouse Extension Cable
2 port Mac compatabile USB Switch                         831-2040 $24.99 GXQU-06 6' cable   $14.95     $13.96     •All-in-one HD-15/two
83-10819      SS2115               14.95       14.37      831-2041 29.99 GXQU-10 10' cable    17.95      17.05     PS/2 male to female cable
                                                          831-2042 34.99 GXQU-15 15' cable    19.95      19.11     assembly used to extend
                                                                                                                   your SVGA monitor, PS/2
                                                         LIMITED                                                   keyboard and PS/2 mouse
                                                         LIFETIME                                                  •Excellent wire management option for computer
                                                         WARRANTY                                                  workstations •6' length •Foil and braid shielding
4 Port USB 2.0
                                                                                                                   to reduce EMI/RFI interference •Gold plated
Share Switch Hub                                                                                                   connectors •Industry standard color coding for
•Enables you to                                          USB Cables                                                easy installation
have two PCs or two                                      •Use A/B cables to connect
                                                         USB devices to PC or Mac                                  Order #           MSRP         (1-9)         (10-up)
Macs share up to four
USB devices •Switch                                      and the A/A cables to                                     831-1780          $39.99      $16.95         $16.43
computers using the                                      extend existing cables
button on the unit                                       •Foil and braid shielding to reduce EMI/RFI               USB 2.0 Datalink Cable
Features: •USB 2.0                                       interference •Gold plated connectors and contacts         Features: •Easy file sharing
compliant •USB                                           •Industry standard color coding for easy installation     and data transfer between two
4-channel switch and                                      Order #    Description             MSRP (1-9) (10-up)    or three PCs via USB ports
hub (two USB type-B                                                                                                •Single chip ASIC high
                                                          831-1777   6' A/B male to male    $14.95 $5.95 $5.51
connectors, four USB type-A connectors) •Provides                                                                  speed USB host-to-host
                                                          831-1778   10' A/B male to male    17.95 8.95   8.60
bus-power of 500mA per port •Four LED (green)                                                                      communication •Dual data
                                                          831-1779   15' A/B male to male    19.95 11.95 11.69
status indicators and two PC indicators •Also includes                                                             buffer supports two-way
                                                          831-1781   6' A/A male to female   14.95 5.99   5.55
AC adaptor for additional self power System                                                                        data transfer •High-speed
                                                          831-1782   10' A/A male to female 17.95 6.99    6.48
requirements: •Win98/SE/Me/2000/XP or MAC                                                                          performance with data transfer
OS8.6 •Available USB port                                                                                          rate of over 15Mb/second
Order #                   (1-9)               (10-up)    1 YEAR LIMITED
                                                                                                                   •Compliant with USB specification V1.1 and V2.0
                                                                                                                   •Bus-powered from either USB port •No external
83-10820                 $29.95               $28.79                                                               power required System requirements: •IBM PC

                                                         USB to Dual                                               compatible Pentium 233MHz or faster •64Mb RAM
                                                                                                                   or more •USB 2.0 or 1.1 port •Windows 98se or
                                                         PS/2 Adaptor                                              above Dimensions: •Length: 9.0", width/depth: 6.0",
                                                         •Use to connect a PS/2                                    height: 1.0" Includes: •USB 2.0 host to host link
                                                         mouse and keyboard into                                   adaptor, driver CD, user manual
4 Port USB 2.0 Hub                                       your PC or laptop’s USB port •Length: 18" •Foil and
•4 port USB 2.0 hub                                                                                                Order #          Mfr. #     (1-29)           (30-up)
                                                         braid shielding to reduce EMI/RFI interference
•Desktop design                                          •USB type A male to two 6 pin mini DIN female gold        83-10028         UC-250     $14.95           $14.25
•Includes 6' USB                                         plated connectors •Industry standard coding for
2.0 cable •Includes AC                                   easy installation •Plug and Play •Requires                NET 30
adaptor •3 year warranty                                 Windows 98 or higher •Suggested list $56.99               Terms
Order #       MSRP                 (1-9)      (10-up)     Order #                    (1-4)              (5-up)                 Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                              Order Toll Free
83-10174      $39.99              $26.99      $25.74      831-1788                  $22.95              $19.95    1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 607
                                                                                                                  1-800-543-4330, FAX
                              Computer                                                                   USB Accessories
                                                                                                               A             USB Datalink Cable
      Section 24                                                                                                             •Connectors: USB A to USB A
                                                                                                                             •Transfer speed: Up to 4Mbps
                                                                                                                             •Single cable solution for
                                                                                                                             network communication
     USB 2.0 A/B Cables                                                                                                      •Ideal for transferring files
     •High speed 480Mb                                                                                                       between a notebook and
     cables •Used for many                                                                                                   desktop •USB full speed
     USB connections                                                                                                         connection •Plug-n-play for easy installation
                                                                                                                             •No external power needed •Compliant with USB 1.1
     Order #      Color         Length        (1-9)    (10-up)                                                               specifications •Supports: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
     83-10676     Beige            3'         $2.99     $2.67                                                                Includes: •Cable, manual and driver disk
     83-10677     Beige            6'          3.99      3.04
                                                                                                                              Order #                  (1-9)               (10-up)
     83-10678     Beige           10'          5.29      3.66    USB Serial
     83-10679     Beige           15'          6.29      4.38                                                                 83-10185                $15.95               $13.95
     83-10680     Black            3'          2.99      2.67
                                                                 •USB to serial
     83-10681     Black            6'          3.99      3.04                                              C
                                                                 adaptors provide
     83-10682     Black           10'          5.29      3.66
                                                                 a convenient                                                USB 2.0
     83-10683     Black           15'          6.29      4.38
                                                                 way of attaching modems, PCs, cellular phones and
                                                                 PDAs to your PC •Fully compliant with USB 1.1               Docking Station
                                                                 standards •Bus powered with no additional power             The USB 2.0
     Lighted USB                                                 needed •2 and 4 port versions contain LEDs to               hi-speed docking                               Front
     A/B Cables                                                  indicate when transmitting data •Compatible with            station gives you
     •High speed up                                              Windows 98SE2/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 8.6~OS X,                  everything you
     to 480Mb cables                                             Linux 2.40 •Package includes driver CD                      need to connect
     •Used for many USB                                                                                                      all your favorite
                                                                  Fig. Order #     Description    (1-9) (10-99) (100-up)     standard desktop                               Back
     connections •Various                                         -    83-10134    USB male A to $22.95 $19.95 $18.25
     colors available •High                                                                                                  peripherals from old to new with a single device. Now
                                                                                   DB-25 male                                with USB 2.0 integration you can use any of your
     bright LED makes                                             A    83-10135    USB male A to 19.95 18.49 17.05
     cable verification easy                                                                                                 peripherals from parallel to PS/2 with faster
                                                                                   DB-9 male                                 throughput simultaneously without the loss in speed.
     Order #      LED Color     Length        (1-9)    (10-up)    B    83-10136    USB A male to 27.95 27.50 26.75           This product is ideal for PC, Macintosh, and notebook
     83-10684     Orange          3'          $4.89     $4.07                      2 DB-9 male                               users with the need of standard desktop ports.
     83-10685     Orange          6'           6.89      5.10     C    83-10137    USB A male to 49.95 46.30 44.24           Features: •Compliant with both the standard
     83-10686     Orange         10'           8.89      5.72                      4 DB-9 male                               specification of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 •Data transfer
     83-10687     Orange         15'          11.89      7.16                                                                rate of up to 480Mbps •USB 2.0 upstream port
     83-10688     Blue            3'           4.89      4.07                                                                •Two USB 2.0 downstream ports •PS/2 keyboard port
     83-10689     Blue            6'           6.89      5.10
                                                                 USB to Serial Convertor                                     •PS/2 mouse port •USB 2.0 file transfer data link port
     83-10690     Blue           10'           8.89      5.72    The USB serial convertor                                    •Serial port •Standard IEEE-1284 parallel printer
     83-10691     Blue           15'          11.89      7.16    is the lightest way to                                      port •10/100 ethernet LAN port •Supports USB 2.0
     83-10692     Red             3'           4.89      4.07    connect your PDA to                                         bus-powered and self-powered modes System
     83-10693     Red             6'           6.89      5.10    the USB port on a Mac or                                    requirements: •Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, MAC
     83-10694     Red            10'           8.89      5.72    PC. This product operates                                   OS 8.0 supported •Available USB port
     83-10695     Red            15'          11.89      7.16    as a bridge between one
                                                                 USB port and a standard                                      Order #        Mfr. #            (1-29)      (30-up)
     83-10696     Green           3'           4.89      4.07
     83-10697     Green           6'           6.89      5.10    RS-232 serial port. Just                                     83-10032       UH-620            $89.95      $84.95
     83-10698     Green          10'           8.89      5.72    connect the cable into any
     83-10699     Green          15'          11.89      7.16    USB port from any RS-232 device or any DB 9P
     83-10700     White           3'           4.89      4.07    male connector, such as, PDA, scanner or printer.           USB to PS/2 Adaptor
     83-10701     White           6'           6.89      5.10    Features: •Compliant with the standard specification        The PS/2 to USB
     83-10702     White          10'           8.89      5.72    of USB 1.1 •Supports RS-232 serial interface                adaptor allows
     83-10703     White          15'          11.89      7.16    •Supports up to 500 kbps data transfer rate                 you to use your PS/2
                                                                 •Supports Plug & Play specification •USB host device        compatible mouse
                                                                 drivers available •Draws power directly from USB            and keyboard as
                                                                 requiring no additional power adaptor System                USB compatible
     Mini USB A/B Cables                                         requirements: •Win98/SE/Me/2000/XP or MAC                   device. Now you
     •USB A Male to mini                                         OS 8.6 • Available USB port                                 can enjoy using your
     USB connector •Both                                         Order #           Mfr. #            (1-29)        (30-up)   keyboard and mouse connected to the PS/2 to USB
     mini 5 pin and mini                                                                                                     adaptor as an USB compatible device. Features:
                                                                 83-10029          UC-320            $14.95        $14.25
     4 pin styles available                                                                                                  •Compliant with the standard specification of
     •High speed up to 480Mb cables •Used for                                                                                USB 1.0 and 1.1 •Supports both UHCI and OHCI
     many USB connections •Cable color is black                  USB 2.0                                                     specifications •Supports USB to PS/2 for SUN
                                                                 Active Extension                                            Microsystems platforms •Converts two PS/2
     Order #     Cable Type         Length     (1-9)   (10-up)
                                                                                                                             devices (keyboard and mouse) to the USB interface
     83-10704    USB A/mini 4 pin     6'       $9.99    $8.74    •Extends the distance                                       •Converts the PC PS/2 port of KVM switch to USB
     83-10705    USB A/mini 5 pin     3'        7.99     7.20    of a USB device up                                          port (PC or SUN platforms) •Supports standard PS/2
     83-10706    USB A/mini 5 pin     6'        9.99     8.74    to 40/80' •The active                                       mouse and Microsoft Intell-Mouse •Supports
                                                                 repeater cable acts as                                      bus-power meaning no power adaptor is needed
                                                                 a single port hub, which                                    •Easy installation with no software driver needed
                                                                 means that multiple cables can be cascaded (up to five
                                                                 to increase the distance between your computer and          Order #        Mfr. #             (1-29)     (30-up)
     USB A/B Cables
                                                                 USB devices) Features: •Connect to CPU or USB               83-10030       UC-451             $10.95     $10.25
     •Double shielded
                                                                 hub •Connect to USB device or 2nd active extension
     •Used to connect
                                                                 cable •Repeater cable length: 5M
     USB devices
     to computer                                                  Order #         Mfr. #              (1-29)       (30-up)
                                                                  83-10031        AR2500-5M           $14.95       $14.25

      Order #       Length            (1-9)            (10-up)
      83-7875        3'              $5.49             $4.83
      83-7876        6'                7.39              6.67    USB 2.0 Printer
      83-7877        10'             10.19               9.15    Adaptor
      83-7878        15'             10.89             10.03     •USB A male
                                                                 to centronics
                                                                 •Connect a parallel
                                                                 printer to any PC
                                                       NET 30    with a USB port
                                                       Terms     •Includes 6' cable, driver disk and users manual
                               Order Online                      Order #                     (1-9)                 (10-up)
      608            www.mcminone.com                            83-10189                   $17.95                 $15.95
                                            Y-Key Adaptors                                                                                   Computer
Y-See Dual                                                          Y-Key Dual
Monitor Adaptor                                                     Keyboard Adaptor
Enables two monitors to
be connected to PC at the
                                                                    Allows two keyboards
                                                                    (standard, children’s
                                                                                                                                                                   Section 24
same time and boosts                                                or specialized) to be
signal for optimum                                                  connected to PC at the                                   Y-Mouse Keyboard
image quality. Supports                                             same time and used at                                    and Mouse to USB
resolutions up to 1280 x                                            the same time without
1024 and up to 32 bit color (4 billion colors). Includes            rebooting your PC. Includes 6 pin mini DIN
                                                                                                                             PC Adaptors
keyboard power tap cables for power source. Can be                  connectors and 5 pin DIN adaptors for compatibility      Enables you to connect
daisy-chained for multiple monitors.                                with all PS/2 and AT keyboards. Can be                   your existing PS/2 mouse,
                                                                    daisy-chained for up to four keyboards.                  trackball or touch pad and
 Order #          (1-4)             (5-9)           (10-up)                                                                  keyboard to a PC USB port.
 83-8171         $94.95            $92.92           $91.95            Order #                                       (ea.)    Includes two female 6 pin mini DIN
                                                                      83-8170                                      $49.95    connections for pointing device and keyboard.
                                                                                                                             Requires Windows 98 or higher.
PS/2 Dual Y - Mouse Adaptor                                                                                                   Order #                                               (ea.)
Allow two PS/2 pointing devices (mice, trackballs or touch pads) to be connected to                                           83-8173                                              $49.95
your PC at the same time. Both devices are active at all times, eliminating the need
to reboot the PC every time you want to change devices. They can be daisy-chained
for multiple devices. Enables you to work more ergonomically and to avoid repetitive
motion problems.
 Order #            Type              Connectors                                      (ea.)
 83-8169            PS/2              Two 6 pin females to one 6 pin male            $49.95

                                                                       Data Comm Cables
                                                                    DB-9 Shielded
IEEE1394 Quick                                                      Cable Assemblies
Connect Cables                                                      •High quality
•Create three                                                       molded construction
different firewire                                                   Order #          Length           (1-9)       (10-up)
cables to easily                                                     DB-9 male to male
connect to most                                                      83-946           3'               $9.99       $8.91
FireWire™                                                            83-945           6'               11.79       10.67     Null Modem Cables
devices; computers,                                                  83-950           10'              14.99       11.63     These cables allow two DTE or DCE devices to
FireWire™ hubs, digital cameras, hard drives,                        83-947           25'              17.95       14.38     communicate with no conflict in data transmission.
home stereo and digital television equipment can                     83-948           50'              28.95       24.04     The transmit and receive signals are crossed to
all be supported within three interchangeable ends                   DB-9 male to female                                     ensure proper data flow. Each cable is designed with a
•Connect more but carry less with this easy to                       83-941           3'               11.59        9.39     rugged, over-molded construction that provides extra
configure cable solution from GoldX •Never be                        83-940           6'               11.29        9.99     strain relief and a solid connection. Foil-shielded for
without the right Firewire™ cable end •Gold plated                   83-935           10'              12.79       11.45     protection against EMI/RFI interference caused by
connectors to ensure data reliability •Includes                      83-942           25'              18.95       14.38     surrounding office equipment and florescent lights.
handy pouch for extra ends                                           83-943           50'              26.95       22.32     Available in a wide variety of lengths and
Order #  MSRP Mfr. #    Description (1-9)            (10-up)         DB-9 female to female                                   gender combinations.
831-2043 $29.99 GXQF-06 6' cable   $16.95            $16.02          83-8290          6'               10.59        9.32
                                                                                                                             Order #    Description                        (1-9)    (10-up)
831-2044 34.99 GXQF-10 10' cable    18.95             18.08          83-8291          10'              14.19       12.82
                                                                                                                             83-8273    6' DB-25 M/F                      $5.19      $4.83
831-2045 39.99 GXQF-15 15' cable    20.95             20.14         Serial Adaptor Cables                                    83-8274    10' DB-25 M/F                       6.29      5.59
                                                                    •Use to interface IBM                                    83-8276    6' DB-25 M/M                        5.09      4.73
LIFETIME                                                            PC or AT to printers                                     83-8277    10' DB-25 M/M                     12.29      10.63
WARRANTY                                                            with serial ports •DB-9                                  83-8279    6' DB-25 F/F                        5.19      4.83
                                                                    female to DB-25 male                                     83-8280    10' DB-25 F/F                       6.29      5.59
                                                                    connector                                                83-8281    6' DB-9 M/F                         9.99      9.00
IEEE-1394                                                                                                                    83-8282    10' DB-9 M/F                      12.79      11.38
                                                                     Order #         Length            (1-9)       (10-up)
FireWire™ Cables                                                     83-3365         1'                $4.09        $3.11
                                                                                                                             83-8283    6' DB-9 F/F                       10.19       9.19
•Use to connect                                                                                                              83-8284    10' DB-9 F/F                      12.69      10.16
                                                                     83-930          6'                10.09         9.08    83-8285    6' DB-9 female to DB-25 male        8.39      7.58
digital camcorders,                                                  83-925          10'               12.79        10.42
editing equipment,                                                                                                           83-8286    10' DB-9 female to DB-25 male       6.19      5.65
VCRs, cameras, audio                                                                                                         83-8287    25' DB-9 female to DB-25 male       8.29      7.71
players and other devices that have an IEEE-1394                                                                             83-8288    6' DB-9 female to DB-25 female      5.19      4.83
link to a PC •Can also be used for high-speed data                                                                           83-8289    10' DB-9 female to DB-25 female     6.29      5.76
transmission between two PCs •Gold plated
                                                                    DB-25 Extension Cables
connectors •Foil and braid shielding to help reduce                 •Completely shielded                                     PC Universal
EMI/RFI interference •Industry standard color                       •Male to female connectors                               Transfer Cables
coding for easy installation                                         Order #            Description                 (ea.)    A cable terminated in
 Order # Length Connectors        MSRP      (1-9)    (10-up)         83-415             3' male to female          $11.49    9-pin and 25-pin female
 Application PC to PC                                                83-505             6' male to female           12.59    D connectors at both
 831-1768 6'       6 pin to 6 pin $27.99    $8.99    $8.60           83-510             10' male to female           9.79    ends to allow serial
 831-1769 10'      6 pin to 6 pin 34.99     11.95    11.69           83-3325            25' male to female          22.95    communications between
 831-1770 15'      6 pin to 6 pin 39.99     15.95    15.25                                                                   two PCs. When used with suitable software
                                                                                                                             (ie LapLink) two PCs can exchange data and

 Application PC to A/V
 831-1771 6'       6 pin to 4 pin 29.99      8.95     8.60                                                                   programs over the cable link at high speed.
 831-1772 10'      6 pin to 4 pin 37.99     11.95    11.69                                                                   Especially suitable for backing up Laptop or
                                                                    DB-25 Cables                                             notebook computers onto desktop PCs.
 831-1773 15'      6 pin to 4 pin 41.99     15.95    15.71
                                                                    •Completely shielded
                                                                                                                             Order #               Length        (1-9)         (10-49)
                                                                    •Male to male connectors
                                                                                                                             83-3340               6'           $20.95         $14.06
                                                                     Order #      Description              (1-9)   (10-up)   CST-BB336M/5          15'           14.59          13.85
                                                                     83-640       6' male to male         $10.79    $9.76    CST-BB336M/10         20'           28.95          24.72
DB-9 “Y” Cable                                                       83-645       10' male to male         14.19    12.91
•DB-9 female to                                                      83-3320      25' male to male          7.69     7.04     NET 30
two DB-9 males                                                       83-415       3' male to female        11.49    10.32     Terms
                                                                     83-505       6' male to female        12.59    11.29
Order #                    (1-9)                    (10-up)          83-510       10' male to female        9.79     8.81                Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                        Order Toll Free
83-8292                    $4.89                     $4.08           83-3325      25' male to female       22.95    21.06    1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 609
                                                                                                                             1-800-543-4330, FAX
                             Computer                                                             Data Comm Cables
                             Products                                                   Right Angle IBM Type
                                                                                        Parallel Printer Cable            Null Modem Adaptor
                                                                                      •Interfaces IBM PC, Apple           •Effectively crosses the data
     Section 24                                                                       II and other computers to
                                                                                      parallel printers •25 pin
                                                                                                                          transmission lines in our serial
                                                                                                                          ports and enables you to transfer
                                                                                      male RS-232 to right angle          data from one PC to another
                                                                                      36 pin male centronics type         •Male to female connections
                                                              connector •Completely shielded •Gold plated                 Order #                     (1-9)                 (10-up)
                                        A                     contacts •Turn toward pin 1 side •6' length
                                                                                                                          83-0190                     $7.89                  $6.77
                                                              Order #                   (1-9)                   (10-up)
                                                              83-0310                  $10.59                    $8.55    MIDI Cable
                                                                                                                          •High-quality cable used to
                                                                                                                          connect two musical instrument
                                                                                                                          digital interfacing devices •5 DIN plug to
                                                              Parallel File Transfer Cable                                5 DIN plug •6' length
                                                              •Lap link type parallel cable
                                                              •6' length                                                  Order #         (1-9)               (10-49)       (50-up)
                                        B                                                                                 83-1605         $4.59                $3.83         $3.47
                                                              Order #                  (1-9)                    (10-up)
                                                              83-3335                 $12.29                    $10.97
     IEEE 1284 Printer Cables                                                                                             Keyboard/Mouse
     Now you can take advantage                               DB-37 Cables                                                Extension Cables
     of the new high speed                                                                                                Extend your keyboard
     standard for all HP and                                                                                              or MIDI cables to reach
                                                              shielded against
     Cannon parallel printers                                                                                             your CPU. 5 pin DIN male to 5 pin DIN female.
                                                              EMI/RFI interference for a
     connected to enhanced parallel
                                           C                  quality transmission every time •Can be used for            Order #          Type                 Length         (ea.)
     ports. Bi-tronics (8 bits per
                                                              multiple conductor needs as well                            83-7674          Straight             6'            $8.59
     cycle) printers, such as the
     HP5 Laser Jet and the                                    Order #       Description           (1-9)         (10-up)   83-7675          Straight             10'           10.09
     Cannon BJ610 require IEEE                                83-8269       3' DB-37 M/M          $6.49          $5.79    83-420           Coiled               6'              6.89
     1284 cables to support their                             83-8270       6' DB-37 M/M           8.79           7.72    83-425           Coiled               10'             9.19
     higher speed and greater                                 83-8271       6' DB-37 M/F           7.19           6.54
     distance capabilities. This                              83-8272       10' DB-37 M/F         11.29          10.44
     new technology supports up to
     seven external devices, such as printers, tape drives                                                                Keyboard Adaptors
     and scanners. Features include: Backward
                                                              DB-15 Cables                                                •Adapts AT type keyboard to PS/2
     compatibility with existing printers, EPP/ECP            •Use to connect Mac                                         port or PS/2 keyboard to AT port
     support, high speed bi-directional communications,       computers to compatible
                                                              monitors •Use to connect                                    Order # Description                                 (ea.)
     28AWG, 18 twisted pairs for impedance matching, foil
     and braid shielding.                                     DB-15 switch box to PC •DB-15 male to                       83-0405 6 pin mini DIN male to 5 pin DIN female     $6.49
                                                              male •Completely shielded •28AWG                            83-3360 6 pin mini DIN female to 5 pin DIN male      6.39
     Order # Connector   Description      (1-9)   (10-up)
                                                              Order #         Length            (1-9)           (10-up)
     83-7000 A/A         6' DB-25,      $14.69    $10.41
                         male/male                            83-7957         6'                $7.29            $5.53    Macintosh
     83-7005 A/A         10' DB-25,      10.39        7.50    83-7958         10'                9.29             7.05
     83-7795 A/A         15' DB-25,      30.95       23.65                                                                Mouse Extension
                         male/male                                                                                        •6' 4 pin mini DIN M/F cable
     83-7796 A/A         25' DB-25,      42.95       31.66                                                                Order #                     (1-9)                 (10-up)
                         male/male                                                                                    A
                                                                                  C                                       83-8293                     $2.79                  $2.27
     83-7015 A/A         10' DB-25,      23.95       17.48
     83-7020 A/B         6' DB-25        18.95       13.09
                         male/CN36 male
     83-7025 A/B         10' DB-25       17.95       14.01
                                                                                                                                              8 Pin Mini DIN Cable
                         male/CN36 male                                                                                                         •8 pin mini DlN cable in male
     83-7030 A/B         15' DB-25       24.95       19.90                                                                                       to male configuration •All pins
                         male/CN36 male                                                                                                          wired straight through
     83-7794 A/B         25' DB-25       42.95       31.85                                                                               •6' length
                                                              SCSI 1, 2 and 3 Cables
                         male/CN36 male                                                                                   Order #                     (1-9)                 (10-up)
     83-7035 A/C         6' DB-25          7.49       5.65    Choose from the most
                                                              popular selection of SCSI                                   83-0260                     $9.69                  $8.76
                         male/HPCN36 male
     83-7040 A/C         10' DB-25       12.59        9.49    cables without sacrificing
                         male/ HPCN36 male                    quality, price or availability.
                                                              MCM’s SCSI cables conform                                   Keyboard
                                                              to strict SCSI standards                                    Adaptor Cables
                                                              which include twisted pair,
                                                              double shielded SCSI 1 for multiple devices and             •Adapts AT type
                                                              to fast SCSI 2 and ultra SCSI, which handle higher          keyboard to PS/2 port or
                                                              transfer rates and additional device connections over       PS/2 keyboard to AT port
                                                              a 16-bit single cable BUS.                                  •11" length
                                                               Description                                                Order # Description           (1-9) (10-49) (50-up)
                                                               Order #                Connector         (1-9)   (10-up)   83-3960 6 pin mini DIN female $8.09 $6.94    $5.87
                                                               3' CN50, male/male                                                 to 5 pin DIN male
     Parallel Printer Cables                                   83-7100                   C/C            $8.39    $6.25    83-3965 6 pin mini DIN male    7.89   5.77    5.47
                                                               6' CN50, male/male                                                 to 5 pin DIN female
     •Interfaces computers to parallel printers
     •25 pin male RS-232 to 36 pin male centronics             83-7105                   C/C             8.79     8.04
     type connector •Completely shielded                       6' MD50, male/male

     •Gold plated contacts                                     83-7115                   A/A            64.95    56.15
     Order #        Length          (1-9)         (10-up)
                                                               6' CN50 male/MD50 male                                     PS/2 Cables
                                                               83-7125                   C/A            27.95    23.52    Use these 6 pin mini
     83-430         6'             $10.29          $9.27       3' MD68, male/male                                         DIN male to male
     83-435         10'             11.79          10.60       83-7130                   B/B            75.95    67.10    cables to connect
     83-3315        25'             18.95          16.57       6' MD68, male/male                                         switch boxes to PCs.
                                                               83-7135                   B/B            85.95    76.78
                                                               3' CN50 male/MD68 male                                     Order #      Description                  (1-9)   (10-up)
                                                               83-7140                   C/B            18.95    16.61    83-7790      6' m/m straight cable        $7.39    $5.52
                                                     NET 30    6' CN50 male/MD68 male                                     83-7791      10' m/m straght cable         9.49     7.47
                                                               83-7145                   C/B            23.95    21.19    83-3900      6' m/f straight cable         7.89     7.09
                             Order Online                      6' MD50 male/MD68 male                                     83-0335      6' m/f coiled cable          11.39     9.93
      610                                                      83-7155                   A/B            63.95    56.90    83-0290      12' m/f coiled cable         11.69    10.51
                                        Data Comm Cables                                                                                            Computer
USB to PS2 Adaptors
                                                                    Tower Dual
•Convert your USB mice
and keyboards to use PS2
                                                                    IDE Drive Cables
                                                                                                                                                                             Section 24
ports •May not work                                                 •Three 40 pin IDC connectors
with every PS2 device,                                              in-line (no twist)
your device must be made                                             Order #         Length              (1-9)             (10-up)
so that it can use one of                                            83-3355         18"                 $4.89              $3.77
these adaptors
Order#        Type                       (1-9)            (10-up)
                                                                                                                                                   Data Comm
83-9230       USB A male to mini
              DIN 6P female
                                         $4.07             $3.14
                                                                    40 Pin IDE Hard Drive Cable                                                    Connectors
83-9231       USB A female to mini            4.07          3.14    •Popular cable for easy
                                                                    installation of IDE hard drives
                                                                                                                                     Centronics Type Connectors
              DIN 6P male
                                                                    •Provides communication                                          •Solder type terminals •Gold
83-9232       USB A female to mini            4.07          3.14
                                                                    between hard drive and controller                                plated contacts •Sorry-no
              DIN 6P female
                                                                    card •Two IDC sockets •18" length                                mixing of types for
PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Splitter                                        •Can be used with any dual IDE/FDD controller card               quantity pricing
                       •This notebook “Y” splitter                  or any IDE drive                                                  Order #      Type                      (1-9)       (10-49)
                          will allow you to connect                  Order #                  (1-9)                       (10-up)     83-310       36 pin male               $2.96        $2.52
                          your keyboard and mouse                                                                                     83-690       36 pin female              3.88         3.27
                                                                     83-2500                  $6.79                        $5.81
            to the PS/2 port on most laptops except
              IBM and Toshiba •6 pin mini DIN
              male to two females marked keyboard
and mouse •Length: 6"                                                Data Comm Adaptors                                                                         Male
Order #                     (1-9)                        (10-up)
83-8267                     $8.19                         $7.81     Portsaver Adaptors                                                                         Female
                                                                    •Type “D” gender changers                                                                                        *Hood
PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Splitter                                        for monitor, printer or
                                                                                                                                     Solder Type Series “D” Sub Connectors
                           •This notebook “Y” splitter              serial applications •Available
                                                                    in male to male or female to female configuration                •Sorry-no mixing of types for quanity pricing
                           will allow you to connect
           your keyboard and mouse to the PS/2 port on              •Completely shielded •Gold plated contacts                        Order #  Type            (1-9)  (10-49) (50-up)
            IBM and Toshiba laptops •6 pin mini DIN                  Order #   Type                    Pin     (1-9)       (10-up)    83-210   9 pin male      $1.00   $0.93    $0.82
             male to two females marked keyboard and                 83-980    Male to male            9       $3.99        $3.39     83-215   9 pin female     1.00    0.93     0.82
              mouse •Length: 6"                                      83-975    Female to female        9        4.59         3.98     83-220   9 pin hood*      1.00    0.93     0.82
Order #                     (1-9)                        (10-up)     83-0095   Male to male            15       6.86         6.13     83-225   15 pin male      1.00    0.93     0.82
                                                                     83-0100   Female to female        15       7.19         6.48     83-230   15 pin female    1.00    0.93     0.82
83-8268                    $12.19                        $11.76                                                                       83-235   15 pin hood*     1.00    0.93     0.82
                                                                     83-490    Male to male            25       4.53         4.05
                                                                     83-495    Female to female        25       4.53         4.05     83-2270 15 pin HD male    1.20    1.03     0.82
16 Pin Dip Plug                                                                                                                       83-2275 15 pin HD female 1.20     1.03     0.82
•IDC type •Gold plated terminals                                                                                                      83-240   25 pin male      1.00    0.82     0.72
•To be used with ribbon cable                                                                                                         83-245   25 pin female    1.00    0.82     0.72
                                                                                                                                      83-250   25 pin hood*     1.00    0.82     0.72
 Order #         (1-9)              (10-49)              (50-up)    IBM AT Type Adaptors                                              83-905   37 pin male      2.96    2.42     2.00
 83-105          $1.01               $0.81                $0.71     •High-quality molded construction                                 83-900   37 pin female    2.96    2.42     2.00
                                                                    •Thumbscrews for easy hook-up                                     83-995   37 pin hood*     1.73    1.46     1.26
SCSI Interface                                                                                                                        83-915   50 pin female    5.11    4.79     4.19
                                                                     Order #   Type                               (1-9)    (10-up)   *Chrome coated hood ensures proper RF shielding. All
and Drive Cables
                                                                     83-0255   25 pin male to 9 pin female        $8.69     $7.39    hardware is furnished.
•Allows easy hook-up of SCSI disk                                    83-0805   25 pin female to 9 pin male        13.86     12.07
drives and peripherals on personal
computers •Hard disk drive cable for                                                                                                                           25 pin
two SCSI drives •50 pins                                            HD-15 to DB-9 Female Adaptor
Order #     Description      Length        (1-9)         (10-up)    •“D” gender changers for IBM
83-1360     2 IDC            18"          $5.99           $5.15     type computers or monitors                                       15HD pin                                             9 pin
83-3440     4 IDC            36"            5.79           4.41     •Completely shielded •Gold
                                                                    plated contacts
                                                                     Order #                  (1-9)                       (10-up)
31⁄2" Floppy Disk Drive                                              83-0400                  $6.86                        $6.11
Ribbon Cable Set                                                                                                                     Crimp Type “D” Sub Connectors
•Economical cable set allows                                        Port Saver Adaptors                                              •“D” sub connectors with crimp-on connections
hook-up of two floppy disk drives to                                Prevent adaptor failure due                                      •Crimp pins included •15 pin version is high-density
your PC Set contains: •Ribbon cable                                 to continually plugging and                                      •9 and 15HD pin use hood #83-220 •25 pin use hood
with 34 pin socket to 34 pin socket                                 unplugging your monitor, printer                                 #83-250 •Sorry-no mixing of types for quantity pricing
Order #               (1-9 sets)                     (10 sets-up)   or other desktop peripherals from                                 Order #   Type     # of Pins   (1-9)     (10-49)   (50-up)
                                                                    your PC, just use these adaptors                                  83-0445   Male     9           $1.00      $0.82     $0.72
83-1805                 $6.59                           $5.52
                                                                    and avoid mainboard connector                                     83-0450   Female   9            1.00       0.82      0.72
                                                                    damage and repair delays.                                         83-0295   Male     15HD         3.02       2.59      2.28
                                                                     Order #     Description                 (1-9)         (10-up)    83-0300   Female   15HD         3.02       2.51      2.21
                                                                     83-6320     DB-9, male/female           $5.29          $4.73     83-242    Male     25           2.04       1.68      1.46
Tower Dual                                                           83-6325     DB-25, male/female           5.59           4.96     83-247    Female   25           2.04       1.68      1.46
Floppy Drive Cable                                                   83-6330     HD-15, male/female           5.55           4.73
•Ideal for full tower installation of both 51⁄4"                     83-2625     HD-15, female/female         5.78           5.00
and 31⁄2" floppy drives 32" length                                   83-2630     HD-15, male/male             4.99           4.32
 Order #                    (1-9)                        (10-up)
                                                                                                                                     “D” Sub Single Wallplate

 83-3350                    $8.29                         $5.75
                                                                    “D” Connector                                                    •High-quality stainless steel
                                                                    Hardware Kit                                                     construction •To be used with 25 pin
                                                                    Kit contains:                                                    connectors (not included) •Mounting
                                                                    •All the hardware                                                screws included
                                                                    needed for one                                                    Order #        (1-9)              (10-49)          (50-up)
                                                                    connector (two #4                                                 83-660         $2.55               $2.20            $2.00
Ultra ATA 66/100 EIDE Cables                                        screws, two #4
•Works with the newer Ultra ATA hard                                washers, two nut and
drives •40 pin connectors with 80 wires                             screw sets and cable clip with screw)                             NET 30
•Backwards compatible                                                                                                                 Terms
                                                                                                  Price Per Kit
Order #           Length              (1-9)              (10-up)    Order #        (1-9)              (10-99)             (100-up)               Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                                Order Toll Free
831-1473          18"                 $9.95               $8.44     83-735         $0.51               $0.42               $0.32
                                                                                                                                     1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 611
                                                                                                                                     1-800-543-4330, FAX
                                 Computer                                                                Data Comm Connectors
                                                                         MCM High-Quality, Heavy                                                                “D” Sub
                                                                         Metal Ethernet Hoods                                              Cardedge
      Section 24                                                         These nickel plated DB type
                                                                         ethernet hoods are sturdy                                                                                   Centronics
                                                                         enough to provide endurance in
                                                                         almost any environment. The metal hoods ensure
                                                                         proper shielding. Comes with cable strain relief and              IDC Connectors
                                                                         quick connect latch.                                                                       Pin Socket
                                                                         Order #     Description    (1-9)        (10-49)       (50-up)     displacement
                                                                         83-3280     DB-9           $2.04         $2.00         $1.88      connectors (IDC) •No
     Solder Type PC Mount “D” Sub Connectors                             83-3285     DB-15           2.35          2.24          2.04      stripping or soldering
                                                                         83-3290     DB-25           3.06          2.96          2.86      •Gold plated connectors •For use with ribbon cable
     •Sorry-no mixing of types for quantity pricing                                                                                        •Available in “D” sub (25 pin), centronics (36 and 50
      Order #      Type                (1-9)     (10-49)      (50-up)                                                                      pin), cardedge and socket connectors •Socket
      83-0225      9 pin male          $1.32      $1.18        $1.12     “D” Connector                                                     connectors have .100" centers •With strain relief
      83-0230      9 pin female         1.32       1.22         1.15                                                                       •Sorry-no mixing of types for quantity pricing
                                                                         Hardware Kit
      83-0235      15 pin male          1.63       1.53         1.42                                                                       Order #        Type                       (1-9)      (10-49)
      83-0240      15 pin female        1.63       1.53         1.42     Kit contains:
                                                                         •All the hardware                                                 83-970         25 pin male "D" sub        $1.45       $1.16
      83-0245      25 pin male          1.83       1.78         1.68                                                                       83-960         25 pin female "D" sub       1.69        1.39
      83-0250      25 pin female        1.83       1.73         1.63     needed for one
                                                                         connector (two #4                                                 83-0690        50 pin male centronics      3.99        3.19
                                                                         screws, two #4                                                    83-0720        20 pin socket               0.91        0.83
                                                                         washers, two nut and                                              83-0722        26 pin socket               1.01        0.94
                                                                         screw sets and cable clip with screw)                             83-0725        34 pin socket               1.32        1.15
                                                                                                                                           83-0730        40 pin socket               1.73        1.63
                                                                                                      Price Per Kit                        83-0735        50 pin socket               1.73        1.63
                                                                         Order #           (1-9)          (10-99)             (100-up)
                                                                         83-735            $0.51           $0.42               $0.32
     Front                              Back                                                                                               RS-232 25 Pin
     Modular Adaptors                                                                                                                      Line Tester
     Adaptors allow the use of low cost flexible telephone                                                                                 •Allows user to monitor
     wire instead of bulky RS-232 cable. Screw together                  USB Connectors                                                    the status of seven
     hoods with an RS-232 connector one end and an                       •Replacement USB                                                  signals in the RS-232
     RJ-11, RJ-12 or RJ-45 telephone jack on the other end.              headers •Available type A                                         data line: (TD) transmit
     Telco cables and connectors are available separately.               right angle and type A                                            data, (RD) receive data,
                                                                         dual receptacle •(–100)                                           (RTS) request to send,
      Order #          Description                 (1-9)       (10-up)                                                                     (CTS) clear to send,
                                                                         = 100 pack of connectors         A             B
      50F6451          4 wire DB9 F RJ-11          $4.99        $4.11                                                                      (DSR) data set ready,
      50F6453          6 wire DB9 M RJ-11           4.99         4.11    Fig.       Order #                 (1-9)                (10-up)   (CD) carrier detect,
      50F6445          4 wire DB25 M RJ-11          4.99         4.11    A          83-9414                 $2.55                 $2.19    (DTR) data terminal ready •Red LED indicators •All
      50F6446          4 wire DB25 F RJ-11          4.99         4.11    A          83-9414-100             13.21                 11.99    25 pins are wired pin for pin •Male to female
      50F6447          6 wire DB25 M RJ-11          4.99         4.11    B          83-9415                  3.57                  3.31    Order #                     (1-9)                    (10-up)
      50F6448          6 wire DB25 F RJ-11          4.99         4.11    B          83-9415-100             15.25                 14.98
      16F3013          8 wire DB9 M RJ-45           4.99         4.11                                                                      83-700                     $13.08                    $11.70
      50F6456          8 wire DB9 F RJ-45           4.99         4.11
      16F3016          8 wire DB15 M RJ-45          4.99         4.11
      16F3015          8 wire DB15 F RJ-45          4.99         4.11                                                                      Thumbscrew Kit
      50F6449          8 wire DB25 M RJ-45          4.99         4.11                                                                      •Use when making new
      50F6450          8 wire DB25 F RJ-45          4.99         4.11
                                                                         PS/2 Connectors
                                                                                                                                           cables or to retrofit old
                                                                         •Replacement PS/2 headers                                         cables •Allows user to
                                                                         Order #                                (ea.)                      make connection quickly
                                                                         83-10074                               $1.49                      without the aid of tools
                                                                                                                                           •Four piece kit
                                                                                                                                           Order #                 (1-9 kits)              (10 kits-up)
                                #83-3805                                                                                                   83-880                    $0.83                    $0.63
        #83-3800                                                                                                                                      A                                               B
     MCM Plastic Back Hood Kits
     •High impact gray plastic
     •Comes with all installation                                                                                                C
     hardware, strain relief and mounting posts •For
     professional installation use silicone rubber sealant
     (#20-280) as potting compound
                                                                                       A                    B
      Order #   Pins     Size     (1-9 kits) (10-49 kits) (50 kits-up)
      83-3800     9    Up to 1⁄4" $0.49        $0.40        $0.30        Motherboard Connectors
      83-3805    15    Up to 3⁄8"    0.40       0.31         0.20                                                                    D                E
                                                                         •Replace worn or broken connectors
      83-3810    25    Up to ⁄8"
                                     0.50       0.41         0.31        with these high quality connectors
      83-3815    37    Up to ⁄2"
                                     0.71       0.60         0.50
                                                                         Fig.   Order #    Description                         (ea.)       Computer Cable                   C              D
     MCM Quickshell Snap Together Hoods                                  A      83-10075   Stacked 2 USB 1 firewire connector $2.39        Connecting
                                                                         B      83-10076   Stacked 2 USB 1 ethernet connector 2.39
     Useful for quick and clean                                          C      83-10163   Flush mount HD-15 connector         0.99
     cable construction.                                                 D      83-10100   Stacked 3 USB connector             0.51        •Replaces lost or
     Nonshielded high-quality

                                                                                                                                           broken cabling parts
     black plastic. Comes with
     thumbscrews and cable                                                                                                                 Description
     strain relief.                                                                                                                        Fig. Order #           (1-9)          (10-99)       (100-up)
                                                                         DB Hex Nut Kit
                                                                                                                                           Shoulder screw with mount
      Order #     Description        (1-9)      (10-49)      (50-up)     •Use with wall plates                                             A     83-2505          $0.40           $0.31         $0.20
      83-3265     DB-9              $0.89        $0.81        $0.61      •Replaces lost hex                                                Hex locking screw, flat and split washer
      83-3275     DB-25              0.89         0.81         0.61      nuts on connectors                                                B     83-2510           0.55            0.40           0.25
                                                                         •Can also be used as                                              5 x 6mm hex extender
                                                                         a PC board standoff                                               C     83-2515           0.40            0.31           0.20
                                                              NET 30     Kit contains:                                                     Hex locking screws with slots
                                                              Terms      •Ten hex posts and nuts                                           D     83-2520           0.50            0.41           0.31
                                  Order Online                           Order #       (1-9 kits)      (10-49 kits)         (50 kits-up)   Spring latch lock
      612                                                                                                                                  E     83-2525           1.32            1.15           1.04
                          www.mcminone.com                               83-885          $1.69            $1.37                $1.31
RS-232 Jumper Box                                                Macintosh
•Customize your own                                              Monitor Adaptors                                                       Computer
interface devices •Male to
female connectors •25 pin
                                                                 User selectable NEC
                                                                 monitor to Macintosh                                                    Products
•Supplied with all jumper                                        computer adaptor. Supports
wires and hardware                                               six Macintosh modes.
Order #            (ea.)
                                                                                                                                                              Section 24
                                                                 Order #       (1-9)     (10-up)
83-740             $3.45                                         83-3140      $10.76      $8.39

                                                                            Video Cables
High Density
15 Pin Cables                                                    #83-9953                      #83-9962
•For use with IBM
PS/2 computers
•Thumbscrews for                                                                                                          Super
easy hook-up •Beige
                                                                                                                          VGA Cables
Order #     Description                    (1-9)       (10-up)
                                                                                                                          These heavy-duty cables are designed to extend your
83-0345     6' HD-15 male/male            $16.95       $13.02                                                             existing video cable up to 100' with minimal signal
83-0350     6' HD-15 male/female           16.95        12.96    #83-9956
                                                                                               #83-9965                   loss. Use when installing switch boxes or extenders.
83-0355     6' HD-15 female/female         12.29        10.71                                                             •Rating: UL2990 •Double-shielded
83-3345     10' HD-15 male/female          16.95        13.64
                                                                                                                          Order #   Description                 (1-9)   (10-up)
                                                                                                                          83-7849 6' HD-15 male to female      $25.95   $17.69
                                                                                                                          83-7850 10' HD-15 male to female      38.95    27.99
VGA “Y” Cable                                                                                                             83-7851 15' HD-15 male to female      42.95    32.64
Ideal for running two monitors                                                                                            83-7852 25' HD-15 male to female      47.95    39.97
from one computer. One                                           #83-9959                      #83-9967                   83-7853 50' HD-15 male to female      70.95    52.87
HD-15 male to two HD-15                                                                                                   83-7854 75' HD-15 male to female      96.95    81.15
female. 81⁄2" length.                                                                                                     83-7855 100' HD-15 male to female    112.00    94.57
Order #         (1-9)               (10-49)            (50-up)                                                            83-7856 6' HD-15 male to male         25.95    17.68
83-3180        $22.95               $20.37             $18.80                                                             83-7857 10' HD-15 male to male        34.95    25.06
                                                                                                                          83-7858 15' HD-15 male to male        39.95    31.27
                                                                 DVI Cables                                               83-7859 25' HD-15 male to male        46.95    39.41
           HD-15 to BNC Monitor Cables                           MCM is your source for                                   83-7860 50' HD-15 male to male        67.95    50.73
                              •Connects PCs to                   high quality DVI cables and adaptors. MCM offers         83-7861 75' HD-15 male to male       102.00    86.30
                              monitor that requires              a wide range of DVI and DFP cables featuring Single      83-7862 100' HD-15 male to male      118.00    85.28
                             up to five BNC                      and Dual Link DVI-I, DVI-A, DVI-D and DFP                Plenum Rated Cables
                          connections •Connects                  connectors. They are fully recognized by the Digital     83-9207 6' HD-15 male to female       50.95    39.97
                        HDTV decoders to                         Display Working Group (DDWG), which means you            83-9208 10' HD-15 male to female      77.95    64.63
high-definition TVs (HDTVs with RCA connections,                 are getting a quality tested cable guaranteed to         83-9209 15' HD-15 male to female     105.00    85.30
use #33-510, BNC to RCA connections) •Color-coded                provide optimal DVI video reproduction. They are         83-9210 25' HD-15 male to female     116.00   105.88
BNC connections, red green, blue, white and black                ideal for connecting all your DVI equipment, including   83-9211 50' HD-15 male to female     133.00   123.23
                                                                 LCD panels, digital projectors, plasma screen and        83-9212 75' HD-15 male to female     173.00   154.94
Order # Description            (1-9)     (10-49)       (50-up)   HDTV systems. All cables are beige and feature a         83-9213 100' HD-15 male to female    236.00   203.12
83-3165 6' HD-15 male to      $31.95     $26.10        $22.22    1-year warranty to be free from defects in materials     83-9214 6' HD-15 male to male         50.95    39.97
        5 BNC male                                               and workmanship.                                         83-9215 10' HD-15 male to male        82.95    68.74
83-3170 1' HD-15 female to     25.95          23.15     20.04                                                             83-9216 15' HD-15 male to male       105.00    87.77
                                                                 Order#                            Length       (ea.)
        5 BNC male                                                                                                        83-9217 25' HD-15 male to male       120.00   109.72
83-3175 1' HD-15 male to       25.95          23.01     19.92    DVI-D male/male dual link cables                         83-9218 50' HD-15 male to male       121.00   112.19
        5 BNC females                                            83-9953                             1M       $19.95      83-9219 75' HD-15 male to male       151.00   138.88
83-3215 1' HD-15 female to     22.95          20.93     18.12    83-9954                             2M        24.95      83-9220 100' HD-15 male to male      205.00   182.06
        5 BNC female                                             83-9955                             5M        29.99
                                                                 24-9322                             8M        49.95
BNC Male                                                         24-9323                            15M       299.00                      #83-9870                       #83-9871
to BNC Male                                                      DVI-I male/male single link
                                                                 83-9956                             1M        19.95
BNC male connectors                                              83-9957                             2M        24.95
color coded: Red,                                                83-9958                             5M        29.95
green, blue and black for red, green, blue and                   DVI-I male/male dual lnk
horizontal video inputs on each end. 6' length.                  83-9959                             1M        19.95
                                                                                                                                           #83-9872                      #83-9874
Order #      Connections             (1-9)             (10-49)   83-9960                             2M        24.95
83-3195          5                  $49.95             $42.69    83-9961                             5M        29.95
83-3190          4                   20.45              18.40    DVI-I male to HD15 male
                                                                 83-9962                             1M        19.95
                                                                 83-9963                             2M        24.95
                                                                 83-9964                             5M        29.95
                                                                 DVI-D Dual link extension cables                         DVI Video Adaptors                             #83-9875
                                                                 83-9965                             1M        24.95      •DVI adaptors for every
DB-9 to BNC Monitor Cables                                       83-9966                             2M        29.95      interface •DVI-latest
                                                                 83-9955                            5M         29.95      digital video interconnect
•Connects PCs to monitors                                        DVI-D Single link male to DFP                            standard established by the
that require up to five BNC                                      83-9967                             2M        24.95      DDWG (Digital Display
connections •Color-coded BNC                                     DVI-D male/male single link cable                        Working Group) •Fully molded adaptors with thumb
connections red, green, blue,                                    24-9320                             8M        44.95      screws and/or latches provide transition from DVI to
white and black                                                  24-9321                            15M        99.95      both VGA (HD15) and DFP interfaces •Compact in
Order # Description            (1-9)         (10-49)   (50-up)                                                            size these adaptors are very useful in dealing with
83-3185 6' DB-9 male to       $37.95         $35.83    $32.44                                                             difficult interconnection problems

        5 BNC males                                                                                                       Order #    Description                          (ea.)
DB-9 Female                                                                                                               83-9870    DVI 19P male to DVI 29 female       $10.95
to High-Density                                                                                                           83-9871    DVI 25P male to DVI 29 female        10.95
15 Pin Male Cable                                                Apple MAC to Serial Adaptor Cable                        83-9872    DVI 17P male to HD15 female           9.95
                                                                 •Adapts Apple Macintosh to serial                        83-9874    DVI 19P male PFP (HPCN20) female     15.89
•Allows NEC multisync                                                                                                     83-9875    DVI 25P female to PFP (HPCN20) male 12.95
                                                                 connection •Mini DIN 8 pin male to
monitors to interface
                                                                 DB-9 female •7 conductor •6' length
with IBM PS/2 computers
•Thumbscrews for easy                                            Order #                  (1-9)              (10-up)
connection •Beige                                                83-2330                  $8.49               $7.89        NET 30
•6' length                                                                                                                 Terms
Order #                     (1-9)                      (10-up)                                                                       Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                    Order Toll Free
83-0340                    $13.39                      $10.92                                                             1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 613
                                                                                                                          1-800-543-4330, FAX
                           Computer                                                               Data Comm Modems

     Section 24

                                                                                  U.S. Robotics 56K Fax Modems
                                           B                   U.S. Robotics modems include the features and reliable connections you need for surfing the web, including the
                                                               enhanced performance of the new feature-rich V.92 standard. In addition, U.S. Robotics exclusive line probing
                                                               technology detects and avoids obstacles between your modem and your internet service provider (ISP), obstacles
              A                                                that slow down your connection. The modem tells your ISP’s equipment how to avoid these obstacles, so you’ll
                                                               achieve the fastest possible connection. The included Installation Essentials CD-ROM comes complete with drivers,
                                                               a suite of fax and communications software, and all of the tools you’ll need to get up and online quickly and easily.
                                                               Fig.     Order #        Mfr. #             Description                                        (1-9)            (10-up)
                                                               A        83-9885        USR5610B           56K Performance Pro Hardware PCI modem            $79.95            $77.55
                                                               B        83-9887        USR5633A           56K USB external modem                             59.95             57.85
                                    C                          C        83-9888        USR5686E           56K external serial modem                          92.95             91.55
                                                               D        83-9889        USR3056            56K PCMCIA modem with X-jack                       89.95             86.55

                                                                                                                            3 YEAR LIMITED

                                                    D                                                                       56K PCI Modem
     56K V.92 Modems
     Get ready for the fastest and easiest dial-up                                                                          with Speakerphone
     connection ever! Hawking 56K modems come with the                                                                      •56Kflex and V.90
     newest V.92 technology that enables you to receive a                                                                   compatible •Easy driver
     phone call while you are online. You will be assured to                                                                upgrades through the web
     receive that important call when you are on-line. The                                                                  •Voice support •Includes
     V.44 new compression standard results in improved                                                                      TAD connector to connect
     data throughput for faster download of internet data.                                                                  to a sound card with
     Get ready to experience Hawking’s most powerful                                                                        TAD capability, phone
     dial-up modems ever!                                                                                                   cord and driver •Free
     Fig. Order # Mfr. #    Description        (1-9) (10-up)   56K PCI V.90 Softmodem with Voicemail                        Creative MediaRing
                                                               •PCTel chipset based modem for Windows •Supports             Talk™ 99, COMMUNICATE!
     A    831-2306 HM92P    56Kbps v.92       $15.89 $15.23
                                                               multiple mailboxes •Includes Bitware forn windows            LITE, Audiohighway.com,
                            data/fax PCI modem
                                                               on CD Requirements: •Pentium 166MHz or higher                HEAT.NET applications included
     B    831-2307 HM92U    56Kbps v.92        44.76 42.92
                                                               processor •Windows 95/98/ME/XP •Suggested list               System requirements: •100MHz Pentium PC or
                            data/fax USB modem
                                                               $15.95 •Limited quantities                                   higher, 16Mb of RAM, 25Mb hard disk space and
     C    831-2308 PN5614XP 56Kbps v.92        53.41 51.22
                                                                                                                            Windows 95 or higher
                            data/fax external modem            Order #                                           (ea.)
     D    831-2310 PN612    56Kbps v.92        50.00 47.95     PCTEL56K                                          $9.95       Order #                                          (ea.)
                            data/fax PCMICA modem                                                                            83-8726                                          $44.95

                                                                                  Data Comm Networking Products

     56K Modems
     •The Trendnet fax modems give you faster, more
     efficient internet upload and downloads •They are
     ultra fast with V.92/V.90/K56Flex standards that
     provides you with the highest possible data
     communication rates and reliable fax transmission
     •In addition, the TFM-PCIV92 complies with the
     latest V.92 standard, which provides Quick Connect,
     Modem-on-Hold, and 48Kbps Upload Rate features for
     your internet connection •The Trendnet fax modems
     deliver fast and easy installation with free                                      EtherFast® 10/100
     communication software •You can browse through                                    Network Adaptors
     more web sites faster now with Trendnet fax modems
     for time and cost savings                                 •Now you can connect to any 10/100/1000Mbps

                                                               hub or switch •The EtherFast® 10/100 •The
      Model#/                                                  plug-and-play compatible device attaches to any              Compact Network Switches
      Order#     Description            (1-9)      (10-up)     USB-enabled PC or hub via a USB Type B receptacle            Migrate your network to Fast Ethernet’s 100Mbps
      TFM-PCIV92                                               •The 10/100 network adaptor features a maximum of            speed with the 10/100 compact switches. These new
      831-1964 V.92 Internal PCI modem $17.95      $16.95      1000Mbps throughput, easy-to-read LEDs, compact              compact switches from Linksys offer a new design
      TFM-560X                                                 design, a 1-year limited warranty, and free 24/7             that’s perfect for space-sensitive applications. Apply
      831-1965 V.90 External modem      42.95       39.95      technical support!                                           this switching power to your 10/100BaseT network,
                                                               Order # Model # Description               (1-9) (10-up)      and your data traffic efficiency improves several
                                                                                                                            times over.
                                                    NET 30     831-1808 USB100TX USB 10/100 adaptor     $42.95 $41.55
                                                    Terms      831-2079 LNE100M Managed 10/100           28.95   -           Order #    Mfr. #     Description        (1-9)    (10-up)
                                                                                 PCI adaptor                                 831-2204   SD205      5 port switch     $39.95    $39.09
                            Order Online                       831-2080 LNE100TX 10/100 PCI adaptor      19.95      -        831-2205   SD208      8 port switch      54.95     52.95
      614            www.mcminone.com                                            w/WOL                                       831-2206   SD216      16 port switch     89.95     86.95
                Data Comm Networking Products                                                                                           Computer

                                                                                                                                                               Section 24

EtherFast® Workgroup Switches                                                                                                                                  Workgroup and
Migrate your network to Fast Ethernet’s 100Mbps            #831-2291                                                                                           Server Network
speed with the EtherFast® 10/100 Workgroup                                                                  #831-2296                                          Interface Cards
Switches. These new compact switches from Linksys                                                                        Need to upgrade your network without taxing your IT
offer a new compact design that’s perfect for space-                                                                     budget? 3Com® NICs give you a cost-effective way to
sensitive applications. Apply this switching power to                                                                    migrate all the way up to Gigabit Ethernet. •Get a
your 10BaseT network, and your data traffic efficiency     #831-2292                                                     dramatic throughput boost, optional advanced server
improves several times over. Connect your file server                                                                    features, and more •These auto negotiating
to the switch’s auto-sensing ports, and speed up access                                                     #831-2297    10/100/1000Mbps NICs work with your existing
time for all your users in just one move. And when                                                                       Category 5e Category 6 copper wiring
you’re ready, switch your way to full duplex speeds of
up to 200Mbps, the speed is yours!                                                                                        Order # Mfr. #         Description        (1-9) (10-up)
 Order #      Mfr. #           Description        (ea.)                                                                   Workroup NICs
                                                           #831-2293                                                      831-1851 3C905-TX-M    10/100 Managed $52.95 $51.95
 831-2072     EZXS16W          16 port switch    $89.95                                                                                          PCI Card
 831-2073     EZXS88W          8 port switch      59.95                               #831-2298
 831-2074     EZXS53W          5 port switch      42.95

                                                           Network Hubs and Switches
                                                           •The Hawking switches and routers are an ideal
                                                           solution for the small office/home office user and
                                                           small to middle-sized workgroups •Designed for
                                                           easy installation, high performance, and seamless
                                                           migration between 10BaseT and 100BaseTX
                                                           network speeds •Including up to (24) 10/100M
                                                           auto-negotiation, auto-MDI/MDIX ports •Each port              OfficeConnect Dual Speed Hubs
                                                           delivers up to 200Mbps throughput, which can give             (3C16755 and 3C16753)
Broadband Routers                                          workstations a congestion-free data pipe for
•The Linksys EtherFast® Cable/DSL Routers are the          simultaneous access to the server •Switches can               •3Com’s new OfficeConnect Dual Speed Hubs are
perfect option to connect multiple PCs to a high-speed     operate in either half or full-duplex modes, and              simple and reliable •This product family delivers
broadband internet connection or to an ethernet            store-and-forward architecture filters eliminate error        flexible, high-speed 10/100 technology, leads the field
back-bone •Allowing up to 253 users, the built in NAT      packets and improve efficiency •Expandability is as           in quality and reliability, and is backed by a lifetime
technology acts as a firewall protecting your internal     simple as cascading two or more switches together             warranty •All this and highly affordable too •Choose
network •Configurable as a DHCP server for your                                                                          simple and reliable networking solutions from 3Com,
existing network, the EtherFast® Cable/DSL Router          Order # Mfr. #        Switch Description    (1-9) (10-up)     the small business specialist
acts as the only externally recognized internet device     831-2291 HFS8T        8 port 10/100 mini   $34.95 $32.95      Order #  Model #     Description         (1-9) (10-up)
on your local area network (LAN) •The router can also      831-2292 HFS16T       16 port 10/100        71.95 68.95
be configured to block internal users access to the        831-2293 HFS24T       24 port 10/100       114.00 109.00      831-1865 3C16755     5 port 10/100      $63.95 $62.25
internet •Not only will all of your PCs now be able        Gigabit Switches                                                                   dual speed hub
to enjoy your lightning fast broadband internet            831-2295 HGS5T        5 port 10/1 00/1000  70.95 67.95        831-1866 3C16753     8 port 10/100       87.95   87.25
connection, they will also be able to share internal       831-2296 HGS8T        8 port 10/100/1000   98.95 94.95                             dual speed hub
network data •With the dual-function speed and             831-2297 HGS16S       16 port 10/100/1000 327.00 313.00
power of the EtherFast® Cable/DSL Router, your             831-2298 HGS24S       24 port 10/100/1000 408.00 391.00       OfficeConnect® Dual Speed Switch Plus Family
network will take off at speeds faster than you ever                                                                     •3Com’s OfficeConnect Dual Speed Switch Plus range
imagined possible •Choose from 1, 4 or 8 switched                                                                        •Outstanding features, quality and reliability make
10/100 ports to support your growing network                                                                             rich networking easy •Priority queuing in the
Order #     Model #      Ports           (1-9)   (10-up)                                                                 switches enables customers to implement Networked
                                                                                                                         Telephony today or tomorrow •The Auto MDI/X
831-1801    BEFSR11      1 WAN, 1 RJ-45 $54.95   $52.95
                                                                                                                         feature simplifies the installation process by
831-1802    BEFSR41      1 WAN, 4 RJ-45 64.95     62.95
                                                                                                                         automatically adapting to any type of twisted pair
831-2207    BEFSX411     1 WAN, 4 RJ-45, 89.95    86.95
                                                                                                                         ethernet cable
                         VPN support
831-1803 BEFSR81         1 WAN, 8 RJ-45 94.95     92.95                      #831-2301                    #831-2302       Order #  Model #      Description     (1-9) (10-up)
                                                                                                                          831-1872 3C16791      8 Port 10/100 $128.00 $126.00
                                                                                                                                                Switch Plus
                                                                                                                          831-1873 3C16792      16 Port 10/100 229.00 227.00
                                                                                                                                                Switch Plus


                         EtherFast® 10/100                 10/100 Network Adaptors
                                                           •Now you can connect to any                  #831-2305
                         Print Servers                     10/100/1000Mbps hub or switch
The EtherFast 10/100 PrintServer is the easiest            •The 10/100 or 10/100/1000 network adaptors from
                                                                                                                                      OfficeConnect Switch (3C16794)

and fastest way to add up to three printers to your        Hawking allows you to instantly connect to a network          High quality small office networking at its most
network. Because it is equipped with up to three           •The plug-and-play compatible devices attaches to             affordable! The OfficeConnect Switch delivers
high-speed printer ports, the 10/100 PrintServer           any PC or network via PCI, USB or PCMCIA slots                flexible, high-speed 10/100 technology, leads the field
allows any PC on the network to print to any               •The 10/100 or 10/100/1000 network adaptors                   in quality and reliability, is backed by a lifetime
combination of laser, color, bubble jet, ink jet, and      feature a maximum of up to 1000Mbps throughput,               warranty and yet is highly affordable.
even dot matrix printers. The EtherFast 10/100             easy-to-read LEDs, compact design, a one year                  Order # Model # Description            (1-9) (10-up)
PrintServer is the ideal choice for both large             limited warranty, and free 24/7 technical support!
corporations and small workgroups with printer                                                                            831-1870 3C16794 8 port 10/100 switch $92.95 $90.95
sharing needs. Each PrintServer comes with a full           Order #    Mfr. #    Description             (1-9) (10-up)
suite of management utilities and support for multiple      831-2301   PN102TX   10/100 PCI adaptor     $10.95 $9.99      NET 30
network protocols.                                          831-2302   HUF2      USB 10/100 adaptor      20.95 19.95      Terms
                                                            831-2303   HGA32T    10/1000 PCI adaptor     20.95 19.95
 Order #  Mfr. #       Description                (ea.)
                                                            831-2304   HGC1      10/1000 cardbus adaptor 35.95 34.95                 Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                    Order Toll Free
 831-2075 PPSX1        One port print server     $99.95     831-2305   HGU1      10/1000 USB NIC         50.95 47.95     1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 615
                                                                                                                         1-800-543-4330, FAX
                           Computer                                             Data Comm Networking Products
                                                                                                                                              10/100 NWay Switches
                                                                                                                     •TRENDnet’s high performance auto-sensing NWay switches
     Section 24                                                                                                     are designed specifically to boost your network performance by
                                                                                            eliminating network congestions and unnecessary network traffics •Each port on the
                                                                    switch, not only provides dedicated bandwidth, but also negotiates between 10Mbps and 100Mbps network
                                                               speeds •Some models also have module bays for optional multimode SC type fiber module that allows connection
                                                               to another fiber device up to 2Km away (in full-duplex        Order # Model#            Description     (1-9) (10-up)
                                                               mode) •Switch kits include 2-10/100 PCI cards, cables
           LIFETIME                                            and switch Features: •Compliant with IEEE 802.3               831-1755 TE100-S55Eplus 5 port mini $19.95 $18.95
           WARRANTY                                            10Base-T, IEEE 802.3µ 100Base-TX standard •16                                           switch metal case
                                                               UTP/STP RJ-45 10/100Mbps NWay auto-sensing ports              831-1947 TE100-S5P        5 port mini    16.95   15.55
                                                      B                                                                                                switch 1
                                                               •Store and forward packet switching •Half- and
                                                               full-duplex operation for each port •802.3 flow control for   831-1948 TE100-S8P        8 port mini    22.95   20.95
                                                               full duplex connection and back pressure flow control for                               switch
                                                               half-duplex connection •Auto-learning of network              831-1949 TE100-S16E       16 port mini 47.95     45.95
                                                               configuration •Built-in 8K entries per device for Filtering                             switch
                                                               Address Table •512Kb per device RAM buffer •MDI-II            831-1950 TE100-S16        16 port rack 59.95     57.95
                                                               uplink port (shared with port 1) for easy expansion                                     mount switch
                  A                                            •Broadcast storm protection •5 year warranty                  831-1951 TE100-S24        24 port rack 74.95     72.95
                                                                                                                                                       mount switch

                                    PCI Ethernet Cards                                Gigabit Copper Switches
     •TRENDnet’s ethernet cards are plug and play high                                 •TRENDnet’s NWay Copper Gigabit Switches
     performance 10/100Mbps fast ethernet PCI adaptors         consists of 10/100/1000Mbps Copper Gigabit ports and 10/100Mbps
     •TRENDware’s ethernet cards utilize the latest in         fast ethernet ports with all ports delivering auto-sense connection
     chipset technology and 32 bit bus mastering interface     speed and duplex mode •Users can connect Gigabit Servers to the
     and their plug and play (PnP) function makes them         Gigabit ports to increase network performance or uplink Copper
     fully auto-configurable •These PCI adaptors               Gigabit Switches together to create high-bandwidth Gigabit backbone •TRENDnet’s
     automatically sense and switch to either 10Mbps           Copper Gigabit Switch provides simple migration, scalability, and flexibility to handle new applications and data
     (20Mbps or 200Mbps in full-duplex mode) •Backed           types making them a highly reliable and cost effective solution for high-speed network connectivity Features:
     by TRENDnet’s limited lifetime warranty                   •Full/half duplex transfer mode for each port •Wire speed reception and transmission •Store and forward switching
                                                               method •Integrated address look-up engine •Extensive front-panel LEDs •Broadcast storm protection
          Description                                          •IEEE-802.3x flow control for full-duplex •Back pressure flow control for half-duplex •Optional rack mount
     Fig. Order #          Model #       (1-9)    (10-up)      kit for 19" standard rack •5 year warranty
     A    10/100/1000 PCI ethernet card
                                                                Order #    Model#             Description               10/100 Ports       Gigabit Ports        (1-9)         (10-up)
          831-1934         TEG-PCITX    $15.95    $13.95
     A    10/100 Realtec chipset                                831-1935   TEG-S18TX          9 port Gigabit Switch          8                  1              $74.95         $72.95
          831-1953         TE100-PCIWN 8.95         8.25        831-1938   TEG-S224TX         26 port Gigabit Switch         24                 2               99.95          97.95
     A    10/100 Realtec with WOL                               831-2223   TEG-2248WS         52 port Gigabit Switch         48                 4              309.95            -
          831-1954         TE100-PCIWA 8.95         8.25        831-1939   TEG-S80TX          8 port Gigabit Switch          0                  8              125.00         122.00
     B    USB ethernet adaptor                                  831-1937   ETH-800i           Rack mount kit                                                    12.95          11.95
          831-2224         TU-ET100C     14.95     14.25

                                                                                                                                                           Media Convertors
                                                                                                                                                          •TRENDnet’s TFC-110
                                                                                                                                                          series Fiber Media
                                                                                                   #831-2221                                              Converter transforms
                                                                                                                                                         10/100Base-TX UTP/STP
                                                                                                                                                         media to 100Base-FX
                                                               10/100 PCMCIA                                                                             media and vice versa
                                                  #831-1973                                                                                              •The 10/100Base-TX port
                                                               Ethernet Cards
                                                                                                                                                        auto-sense 10 or 100Mbps
                             USB Print Servers                 with Express Port                                                                        connection speed,
                             TRENDnet’s USB print              •The perfect solution              #831-2222
     servers are ideal network solutions designed to           for connecting to today’s                                                               half-/full-duplex mode,
     transform any conventional USB printer into a shared      high-speed networks                                                                    and auto-selects MDI-X /
     resource on your network. With its “Automatic IP”         through your portable                                        MDI-II media type •The fiber connection can be
     feature, the print server will automatically configure    computer •They are                                           multi-mode SC, MT-RJ, or single-mode SC connector
     its IP address, making installation quick and easy. For   Plug and Play compatible                                     and it has a slide-switch for selecting half- or
     advanced management, you can configure the print          and support and include drivers for all popular              full-duplex mode •This convertor will give your
     server using the Windows-Based Wizard, Admin              network operating systems •TE100 Features:                   switch/hub the ability to interface with fiber
     Software or Web Browser. These print servers support      •Compliant with IEEE 802.3 for 10Base-T and IEEE             connection over a distance up to 75km Features:
     Internet Printing Protocol, so users can print remotely   802.3m for 100Base-TX •10Mbps/100Mbps data rates             •Compliant with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T and IEEE
     to the USB printer via the internet. These print          auto-negotiation full-duplex mode Media                      802.3u 100Base-TX/100Base-FX standards
     severs are the most cost effective way to add a USB       coupler support for Category 3/5 (100Base-T) and CAT         •10/100Base-TX auto-negotiation RJ-45 port
     printer anywhere on your network!                         5 (100Base-TX) PC card hot swap supported                    •100Mbps fiber port with multi-mode SC, MT-RJ,
     Order # Mfr. #       Description         (1-9) (10-up)    diagnostic LEDs lifetime warranty                            or single-mode SC connector •Status LED indicators
     831-1972 TE100-P1U   1 port USB         $54.95 $47.95     Order #     Model #          Description       (ea.)         for power, link/activity, full-duplex, and speed
                          print server                         831-2221    TE100-PCBUSR     10/100 PCMCIA   $18.95          •5 year warranty
     831-1973 TE100-P21UP 3 port (2 USB,      79.95 69.95                                   adaptor                             Order#   Model#        Description    (1-9) (10-up)
                          1 DB-25) USB print server            831-2222    TEG-PCBUSR       100/1000 PCMCIA 22.95               831-1955 TFC-110MSC    10/100Base-TX $59.95 $57.95
                                                                                            adaptor                                                    to 100Base-FX
                                                                                                                                                       w/SC connector
                                                                                                                                831-1956 TFC-110MST    10/100Base-TX  59.95 57.95
                                                                                                                                                       to 100Base-FX

                                                                                                                                                       w/ST connector

                                                                                                   USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet Adaptor
                                                                                                   The USB 2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adaptor is a high performance and highly
                                                                                                   integrated USB2.0 bus ethernet controller with embedded 7K 16 bit SRAM.
                                                                                                   The adaptor supports both 10Mbps and 100Mbps ethernet function based on
                                                                                                   IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3u LAN standard. Features: •Compatible with IEEE
                                                                                                   802.3u 100 BASE-T, TX, and T4 •Single chip USB to 10/100Mbps fast ethernet
                                                    NET 30     controller •Supports both bus or self powered mode •Embedded 7K 16 bit SRAM, 256 16 bit SRAM and 8 FIFO
                                                    Terms      •Supports both full-duplex or half-duplex operations •Provides a MII port for both ethernet and PHY interface
                            Order Online                       Order #                                                  (1-9)                                            (10-up)
      616             www.mcminone.com                         831-2124                                                $22.95                                            $22.25
       Data Comm Wireless Networking Products                                                                                             Computer
                                                                                                                                                                Section 24
        A                                                      C                            D                E

                                                                                                                                      A                         B
                        802.11B/G Wireless Networking Products
                       •Wireless-G is the 54Mbps wireless networking standard that’s almost five times faster
than the widely deployed Wireless-B (802.11b) products found in homes, businesses, and public wireless hotspots
around the country. Since they share the same 2.4GHz radio band, Wireless-G devices can also work with your
existing 11Mbps Wireless-B equipment. •Set up a high-speed Wireless-G (802.11g) network in your home or office
•Also interoperates with Wireless-B networks (802.11b at 11Mbps) •Advanced wireless security with 128 bit WEP
encryption and MAC filtering •Toll free technical support and three year limited warranty
Fig.   Order #         Mfr. #                    Description                                     (1-9)           (10-up)
A      831-1940        TEW-311BRP                22Mb access point and router                   $46.95           $44.95
B      831-2211        TEW-430APB                54Mbps wireless access point with bridge        54.95            52.95
C      831-1942        TEW-303PI                 22Mb PCI card                                   22.95            21.95         C
D      831-1943        TEW-301PC                 22Mb PCMCIA card                                22.95            21.95
E      831-1944        TEW-224UB                 11Mb USB adaptor                                22.95            21.95

                                                                                                                                 E                          F

                                                                                C                        D

  A                                      B
                                                                                                                                              802.11G 54Mbps
                                                                                                                           Wireless Networking Products
                        108Mbps Pre-N MIMO Wireless Networking Products                                                    Wireless-G is the upcoming 54Mbps wireless
Get up to 800% more coverage and 8x the speed of regular 802.11g with new MIMO technology. Eliminate dead                  networking standard that’s almost five times faster
spots in your wireless coverage. •Ideal for small business and home applications •802.11b/g Wi-Fi compliant                than the widely deployed Wireless-B (802.11b)
•Up to 108Mbps speed •2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency •MIMO technology •Average range of 100~450 meters                           products found in homes, businesses, and public
•Toll free technical support and three year limited warranty                                                               wireless hotspots around the country. Since they share
                                                                                                                           the same 2.4GHz radio band, Wireless-G devices can
Fig.   Order #            Mfr. #                       Description                                                (ea.)
                                                                                                                           also work with your existing 11Mbps Wireless-B
A      831-2213           TEW-601PC                    108Mbps wireless PCMCIA card                              $59.95    equipment. •Set up a high-speed Wireless-G (802.11g)
B      831-2214           TEW-603PI                    108Mbps wireless PCI card                                  69.95    network in your home or office •Data rates up to
C      831-2215           TEW-610APB                   108Mbps wireless access point                              99.95    54Mbps, five times faster than Wireless-B (802.11b)
D      831-2216           TEW-611BRP                   108Mbps wireless router 4 port                             99.95    •Also interoperates with Wireless-B networks
                                                                                                                           (802.11b at 11Mbps) •Advanced wireless security with
                                                                                                                           128 bit WEP encryption and MAC filtering •Toll free
                                                                                                                           technical support and three year limited warranty
                                             A                     B                  C                          D
                                                                                                                           Fig. Order # Mfr. #   Description                (ea.)
54Mbps Wireless                                                                                                            A 831-2055 WRT54G Four port wireless router $79.95
Print Servers                                                                                                              B 831-2056 WAP54G Wireless access point          79.95
TRENDnet’s TEW-P series are                                                                                                C 831-2057 WMP54G Wireless PCI adaptor           63.95
direct attached print servers                                                                                              D 831-2058 WPC54G Wireless PCMCIA adaptor 63.95
that transform a stand-alone                                                                                               E 831-2200 Wireless USB adaptor                  69.95
parallel or USB printers into a shared network printers. The TEW-P series provides IEEE 802.11g 54Mbps                     802.11G with SpeedBooster technology
wireless interface for integrating into existing wireless network. Features: •Wi-Fi compliant with IEEE 802.11g                 831-2198         Four port wireless router 184.95
and IEEE 802.11b wireless devices •IEEE 1284 standard male centronics bi-directional parallel interface (DB-36)                                  with USB adaptor
or USB 2.0 high speed printing port •One RJ-45 10/100Mbps auto-MDIX fast ethernet port •Supports email                     A 831-2201            Four port wireless router 99.95
printing and FTP printing •Supports UPnP (universal plug and play) for Windows XP/2003 •Supports Mac                       C 831-2202            Wireless PCI adaptor       79.95
10.2 “Rendezvous” zero-configuration function •IP assignment support for DHCP, BOOTP and RARP •Includes                    D 831-2203            Wireless PCMCIA adaptor 79.95
windows-based administrative program and web-based configuration •Printing access control/display and email                E 831-2199            Wireless USB adaptor       92.95
notification for printer error messages •Toll free technical support and three year limited warranty                       Range Expander
Fig. Order #             Mfr. #                           Description                                             (ea.)    F 831-2210            802.11G range expander 89.95
54Mbps print servers
A     831-2217           TEW-PIPG                         54Mbps parallel print server                           $79.95
B     831-2218           TEW-P1UG                         54Mbps wireless PCI card                                79.95
C     831-2220           TEW-P21G                         54Mbps 2USB and 1 parallel print server                 99.95
11Mbps wireless and wired print server
D     831-2219           TEW-PS1U                         11Mbps USB print server                                 79.95

                        802.11B/G Wireless

                        USB Adaptor and Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder
The 802.11g wireless USB 2.0 adaptor combines features from Wi-Fi detectors
and standard 802.11g wireless adaptor to deliver the perfect solution for mobile
users. Built-in LCD display helps you determine an access point’s security
scheme (WPA, WEP), signal strength, and wireless standard (802.11b or
802.11g) without turning on your laptop! •Toll free technical support and three
year limited warranty
Order #            Mfr. #                         (1-9)                     (10-up)
831-2212           TEW-429UB                     $56.95                     $54.95                                          NET 30
                                                                                                                                      Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                     Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                           1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 617
                                                                                                                           1-800-543-4330, FAX

     Section 24

          Data Comm Wireless Networking Products
                                                                                                                                 A                            B

                                                                                                                                                         10/100 Pan/Tilt/Zoom
                                                                 A                           B                                                           Network Cameras
     Broadband                                                                                                                  The Hawking Net-VisionTM HNC800PTZ is a high
                                                                                                                                performance standalone camera system with its
     Network Booster                                                                                                            own built-in CPU and web server, which make it an
     The Broadband                                                                                                              ideal solution for remote monitoring, surveillance,
     Booster is a plug and                                                                                                      or sending live video over the internet. The camera
     play device that is                                                                                                        allows remote access and management from anywhere
     placed between your                                                                                                        in the world via the internet or an existing LAN, and
     internet modem and                                         C                             D                                 supports the 10/100Mbps wired fast ethernet
     router that eliminates “internet lag” in your network.                                                                     standard. The HNC800PTZ features a CCD image
     It manages and “boosts” your internet applications as                                                                      sensor and MPEG-4 compression to provide a superior
     they exit your network onto the internet for a more                                                                        quality picture and streaming video at up to 30 frames
     efficient usage of your network’s bandwidth. The                                                                           per second. The camera features 10x optical zoom and
     result is a “lag-free” experience from all internet                                                                        10x digital zoom, and can pan across 270°and tilt
     applications! •Toll free technical support and two                                                                         through 135°. Included with the camera is a powerful
     year limited warranty                                                                                                      management and control software application that
     Order #       Mfr. #              (1-9)        (10-up)                                                                     allows the user to playback video, record directly to
     831-2269      HBB1               $83.95        $80.95      E                                                               the hard drive, operate pan/tilt/zoom controls, and
                                                                                                                                trigger automatic recording by motion detection. A
                                                                                                                                built-in microphone also enables audio monitoring.
                                                                                                                                Versatile and full-featured, the Net-VisionTM
                                                                                                                                HNC800PTZ offers a broad array of applications and
                                                                                H                                               can be used to monitor various critical locations such
                                                                                                                                as homes, offices, banks, schools, childcare centers,
                                                                                                                                hospitals, and other industrial and public areas. The
                                                                                                         J                      HCN700PT has many of the same features
     802.11 b/g                                                                                                                 but only a 4x digital zoom lens.
     Network Locator                                                                                                            Fig. Order # Mfr. #     Description (1-9)   (10-up)
     The Hawking WiFi                                                                                                           A    82-11275 HNC800PTZ w/zoom     $775.00 $743.00
     Locator is the most                                                                                                        B    82-11285 HNC700PT w/o zoom     393.00 377.00
     stylish, reliable and
     accurate WiFi signal
     detector on the market!                                                                                      K
     With just a press of a
     button, the HWL1 will         #831-2273
     search for any 802.11b/g
     wireless networks within the vicinity and display the    54Mbps Wireless Networking Products
     signal strength using its five LED lights. The HWL1      Wireless-G is the upcoming 54Mbps wireless
     is also equipped with a flip-open hi-gain directional    networking standard that’s almost five times
     antenna that helps you determine exactly where the       faster than the widely deployed Wireless-B (802.11b)
     “hot-spot” source is coming from. Simply point the       products found in homes, businesses, and public
     directional antenna towards the source and press         wireless hotspots around the country. Since they
     the “locate” button. The signal filters on the HWL1,     share the same 2.4GHz radio band, Wireless-G devices
     filter through all unwanted 2.4GHz signals, such         can also work with your existing 11Mbps Wireless-B
     as BlueTooth, cordless phones and microwaves,            equipment. •Set up a high-speed Wireless-G (802.11g)
     providing a reliable and accurate reading each and       network in your home or office •Data rates up to
     every time. •Toll free technical support and two year    54Mbps, five times faster than Wireless-B (802.11b)               Wireless-G
     limited warranty •The HWL2 includes all the              •Also interoperates with Wireless-B networks
     features above but adds a 802.11b/g USB adaptor          (802.11b at 11Mbps) •Advanced wireless security with
                                                              128 bit WEP encryption and MAC filtering •Toll free               Network Camera
     Order #       Mfr. #             (1-9)         (10-up)
                                                              technical support and two year limited warranty                   The Hawking Net-VisionTM HNC720G is a high
     831-2272      HWL1              $43.31         $41.53                                                                      performance Wireless-G stand-alone camera
     831-2273      HWL2               83.95          80.95    Fig. Order # Mfr. #       Description       (1-9)       (10-up)
                                                                                                                                system with a robust set of advanced features that
                                                              Wireless Routers                                                  make it an ideal solution for remote monitoring,
                                                              A    831-2259 H2WR54G Dual wan            $142.00   $137.00       surveillance, or sending live video over the internet.
                                                                                        wireless router                         The camera allows remote access and management
                                                              B    831-2260 HWR54G 4 port                 59.95        56.95    from anywhere in the world via the internet or an
                                                                                        wireless router                         existing LAN, and supports both the 802.11b/g
                                                              C    831-2261 HWBA54G Wireless bridge 108.00            103.00    wireless and 10/100Mbps wired fast ethernet
                                                                                        and access point                        standard. The HNC820G features a CCD image
                                                              D 831-2262 HWUR54G Wireless                108.00       103.00    sensor and MPEG-4 compression to provide a superior
                                                                                        range extender                          quality picture and streaming video at up to 30 frames
                                                              Wireless Network Adaptors                                         per second. The camera features 4x digital zoom for
                                                              E    831-2263 HWC54D HiGain cardbus 69.95                66.95

                                                                                                                                exceptional clarity, and can pan across 270° and tilt
                                                                                        adaptor PC card                         through 90°. The camera also features two-way audio,
                                                              F    831-2264 HWU8DD HiGain dish            76.95        73.95    including a built-in microphone, and “low lux mode”
                                                                                        directional antenna                     for monitoring in low-light environments. Versatile
                                                              G 831-2265 HWU54DM HiGain mini              69.95        66.95    and full-featured, the Net-VisionTM HNC720G offers a
                                                                                        USB adaptor                             broad array of applications and can be used to monitor
                                                              H 831-2266 HWC54G Wireless cardbus 30.95                 29.95    various critical locations such as homes, offices,
                                                                                        adaptor PC card                         banks, schools, childcare centers, hospitals, and other
                                                              J    831-2267 HWU54G Wireless USB           42.95        40.95    industrial and public areas.
                                                                                        network adaptor
                                                    NET 30                                                                      Order #       Mfr. #               (1-9)      (10-up)
                                                    Terms     K    831-2268 HWP54G Wireless PCI           43.95        41.95
                                                                                        network adaptor                         82-11280      HNC720G             $463.00     $444.00
                            Order Online
      618            www.mcminone.com
Wireless-G Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Network Camera                                                                                                                                                            Section 24
The Hawking Net-Vision™
HNC320G is a high
performance Wireless-G                                             A                                  B
                                                                                                                                                           Category 5E
stand-alone camera system with
a robust set of advanced features                                                                                                                     Crossover Cables
that make it an ideal solution for
                                                                                                 10/100 Pan/Tilt/Zoom                           •Used to directly connect hub to hub,
remote monitoring, surveillance,                                                                 Network Cameras                                PC to PC or Mac to Mac •Color: Red
or sending live video over the                                   The Net-VisionTM Wired Network cameras are                        Order #           Length            (1-9)           (10-up)
internet. The camera allows remote                               high performance stand-alone camera systems with                  831-1716             3'            $1.99            $1.84
access and management from anywhere in the world                 built-in CPUs and web servers, thereby providing                  831-1718             5'             2.49             2.32
via the internet or an existing LAN, and supports both           an ideal solution for remote monitoring, surveillance,            831-1719             7'             2.99             2.77
the 802.11b/g wireless and 10/100Mbps wired fast                 or sending live video over the internet. The cameras              831-1720            10'             3.99             3.70
ethernet standard. The HNC320G can stream video                  allow remote access and management from anywhere                  831-1721            25'             7.99             7.20
at up to 30 frames per second. The camera features               in the world via the internet or an existing LAN. They
4x digital zoom for exceptional clarity. Versatile               support the 10/100Mbps wired fast ethernet standard,
and full-featured, the Net-VisionTM HNC320G offers               and as a result, the cameras can stream live video at
a broad array of applications and can be used to                 up to 30 frames per second. Included with the camera
monitor various critical locations such as homes,                is a powerful management and control software
offices, banks, schools, childcare centers, hospitals,           application that features playback, recording, and
and other industrial and public areas.                           other functions. The camera can also be utilized in
Order #       Mfr. #              (1-9)           (10-up)        mixed operating environments that include Windows,
                                                                 Mac, UNIX, and Linux systems. They offer a broad
82-11290      HNC320G            $199.00          $191.00        array of applications and can be used to monitor
                                                                                                                                   In-Line Coupler
                                                                 various critical locations such as homes, offices,                Easily join Category 5 patch cords and still
                                                                 banks, schools, childcare centers, hospitals, and                 maintain the high standard of EIA/TIA Category 5.
                                                                 other industrial and public areas.                                Moves, adds and changes are hassle-free when you
                                                                                                                                   can join two or more patch cords to fit your unique
                                                                  Fig.     Order #        Mfr. #             (1-9)       (10-up)   application. Specifications: •Standard: Meets
                                                                  A        82-11295       HNC300           $129.00      $124.00    EIA/TIA 568-A Category 5 •Modular jack: PCB
                                                                  B        82-11300       HNC210             94.95        90.95    RJ-45 jack with captive pin •Enclosure: UL
                                                                                                                                   94VO material •Dimension: 1.93" (L) x
                                                                                                                                   0.69" (W) x 1.18" (H)

             Data Comm Cables and Accessories                                                                                      Order #

                                                                       Enhanced 350MHz
                                                                       Category 5E UTP Patch Cables                                Category 5
                                                                       These new cables offer data transmission rates of           In-Line Coupler
                                                                       up to 155Mbps, a 50% improvement over standard              Extends Category 5
                                                                       Cat. 5 cables. Supports today’s 100Mbps fast                patch cords without
                                                                       ethernet standards. Specifications: •4 pair                 losing Category 5 performance. Locking mechanism
                                                                       24AWG unshielded wiring •RJ-45 connectors                   design for easy feed-thru panel installation. PCB
                                       Enhanced New Connector          •Meets EIA/TIA 568A standards                               design for maximum reliability. Maintain Category 5
 Molded Snagless Connectors                                                                                                        performance with this in-line coupler. Allows joining
           Gray        Blue         White     Yellow          Black        Red        Green          Orange                        of Category 5 patch cords while maintaining EIA/TIA
 Length   Order #     Order #      Order #    Order #        Order #      Order #     Order #        Order #    (1-9)    (10-up)   Category 5 requirements. Ideal for unusual
    2'   831-1351 831-1352                   831-1353       831-1354                                           $1.79      $1.53    applications where longer patch cords are required.
    3'   831-1355 831-1356       831-1357    831-1358       831-1359     831-1360     831-1361      831-1695    1.89       1.64    Accepts RJ-45 jacks with captive pins on either end of
    4'   831-1362 831-1363                   831-1364       831-1365                                            2.29       1.95    coupler. Dimensions: 1.18" (H) x 0.69" (W) x 1.93" (D).
    5'   831-1366 831-1367       831-1368    831-1369       831-1370     831-1371     831-1372      831-1696    2.49       2.15    Enclosure material rated UL94-V0. Meets EIA/TIA
    6'   831-1373 831-1374                   831-1375                                                           2.89       2.46    T568A or T568B Category 5 requirements. UL listed.
    7'   831-1377 831-1378       831-1379    831-1380       831-1381     831-1382     831-1383      831-1697    3.09       2.77     Order#       Description                   (1-9)   (10-up)
   10'   831-1392 831-1393       831-1394    831-1395       831-1396     831-1397     831-1398                  3.89       3.49     N-16N2482    5 In-line coupler             $7.59    $7.41
   14'   831-1403 831-1404       831-1405    831-1406       831-1407     831-1408     831-1409      831-1699    5.09       4.42     N-50N580     UTP, 1, 2⁄3, 6 crossover      14.97    13.05
   15'   831-1410 831-1411                   831-1412       831-1413                                            5.39       4.62     N-50N579     Coupler, shielded T568A/B     17.67    15.41
   20'   831-1414 831-1415                   831-1416       831-1417                                            6.79       5.86     N-50N578     1, 2⁄3, 6 crossover           17.67    14.96
   25'   831-1418 831-1419       831-1420    831-1421       831-1422     831-1423     831-1424      831-1700    8.09       7.10
   50'   831-1425 831-1426       831-1701    831-1427       831-1702     831-1703     831-1704                 12.09      10.91
  100'   831-1428 831-1705                   831-1706       831-1707     831-1708     831-1709                 20.19      18.74

 Assembled Cables
             Gray         Blue          Yellow         Black         Red             Green           White
 Length     Order #      Order #        Order #       Order #       Order #          Order #        Order #     (1-9)    (10-up)
   3'                   831-1430                     831-1432      831-1433         831-1434       831-1710    $1.69      $1.53
   5'                   831-1436      831-1437       831-1438      831-1439         831-1440       831-1711     2.49       2.15
   7'      831-1441     831-1442      831-1443       831-1444      831-1445         831-1446       831-1712     2.79       2.39
  10'      831-1447     831-1448      831-1449       831-1450      831-1451         831-1452       831-1713     3.89       3.49
  14'      831-1453     831-1454      831-1455       831-1456      831-1457         831-1458       831-1714     5.09       4.01
  25'      831-1459     831-1460                     831-1462      831-1463         831-1464       831-1715     6.09       5.24

                                                                                                                                   Cable Manager
RG-58                                                            Rainbow                                                           Economically organize up to 12 cables. Ideal for home
                                                                                                                                   or office. Kit contains six single clips, two cable holder
ThinNet                                                          Cable Ties                                                        bars, two six capacity cable clips and cable labels.
Ethernet Cables                                                  •Organizes
                                                                                                                                   Order #                                              (kit)
High quality cables                                              computer cables,
with male BNC                                                    audio and video                                                   83-6550                                             $5.17
connectors on each                                               cables or cables of any kind •Quantity of 50 (five
end. They are made with RG-58 C/U type cable.                    colors, ten each) •61⁄4" x 1⁄16"                                   NET 30
 Order #                Length                     (ea.)          Order #                         (1-9)                 (10-up)     Terms
 831-1110                 10'                     $3.99           83-8245                        $3.09                   $2.59                 Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                              Order Toll Free
 831-1115                 25'                      7.99
                                                                                                                                   1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 619
                                                                                                                                   1-800-543-4330, FAX
                              Computer                                               Data Comm Cables and Accessories
                                                                                                                                          Shielded RJ-45
                                                                                                                                          Modular Connector
      Section 24                                                      Colorful CAT5e                                                      Polycarbonate bodied RJ-45
                                                                                                                                          plugs with nickel-plated brass
                                                                      Modular Plugs                                                       shielding plate primarily for
                                                                      •Designed for                                                       use with STP cable but also
     Professional                                                     both solid and                                                      suitable for use as a high quality replacement
                                                                      stranded                                                            for standard RJ-45 plugs. Contact material is
     CAT5e Cable                                                      cable •Seven                                                        high-strength copper alloy. Contact plating is gold.
     Ends Kit                                                         assorted colors
                                                                                                                                           Order #                   (1-24)                 (25-up)
     •75 CAT5e RJ-45                                                  •Unshielded
     modular plugs                                                    RJ-45 •8P8C                                                          CNRJ45/SH                 $0.99                   $0.95
     •Low-profile                                                     •50 micron
     strain relief boots:                                             gold contacts
     20 each of blue                                                  •50 per package
     and gray, ten                                                     Order #    Description              (1-9 pkgs.) (10 pkgs.-up)
     white and five                                                    831-2231   Assorted colors 7pcs each $14.95        $14.49
     each of yellow,                                                   831-2232   Red modular plug 8P8C       14.95        14.49
     black, red, green                                                                                                                                                                     #831-2141
                                                                       831-2233   Blue modular plug 8P8C      14.95        14.49
     and clear •Color                                                  831-2234   Yellow modular plug 8P8C 14.95           14.49
     code your CAT5e                                                   831-2235   Green modular plug 8P8C 14.95            14.49
     cables with                                                       831-2236   Purple modular plug 8P8C 14.95           14.49
     this kit                                                          831-2237   Orange modular plug 8P8C 14.95           14.49
      Order #                  (1-9 kits)              (10 kits-up)    831-2238   Black modular plug 8P8C 14.95            14.49
      831-2226                  $39.95                   $37.95
                                                                                                                                          Category 5E Patch Panels                         #831-2145
                                                                      Strain Relief                                                       •Certified for 350MHz CAT 5e networks •Available
     Professional                                                                                                                         in two styles: 1. CAT 5e 110 style connectors and
     Strain Relief                                                    Boots                                                               punch down blocks with color coded labeling for
     Boots                                                            •Designed for                                                       T568A and 568B wiring schemes 2. CAT 5e feed
                                                                      5~5.5mm cable                                                       through connectors for easy cable installation; no need
     •Designed for                                                    •Seven assorted                                                     for punch down tools •Backward compatible
     5~5.5mm cable                                                    colors •Make                                                        with CAT 3, 4 and 5 cabling
     •Seven assorted                                                  professional cables
     colors •Low profile                                                                                                                  Order #     Description                 (1~24) (25~49)
                                                                      with these boots
     boots slides easily                                              •50 per package                                                     110 Style punchdown connectors
     over modular                                                                                                                         831-2144 12 port wallmount patch panel $24.95 $23.64
     connectors •Make                                                 Order #            Color          (1-9 pkgs.)       (10 pkgs.-up)   831-2143 12 port wallmount patch panel   19.95 17.46
     professional cables                                              831-2239           White            $3.29              $2.99        831-2142 24 port rackmount patch panel   34.95 25.70
     with these boots •50 per package                                 831-2240           Red               3.29               2.99        831-2141 48 port rackmount patch panel   59.95 51.45
      Order #        Color         (1-9 pkgs.)        (10 pkgs.-up)   831-2241           Grey              3.29               2.99        Feedthrough connectors
                                                                      831-2242           Green             3.29               2.99        831-2147 12 port rackmount patch panel   29.95 25.70
      831-2246       White           $8.79                 -          831-2243           Blue              3.29               2.99        831-2146 24 port rackmount patch panel   59.95 49.95
      831-2247       Red               8.79              $7.90        831-2244           Black             3.29               2.99        831-2145 48 port rackmount patch panels 79.95 72.05
      831-2248       Grey              8.79               7.90        831-2245           Yellow            3.29               2.99
      831-2249       Green             8.79                -
      831-2250       Blue              8.79               7.90
      831-2251       Black             8.79               7.90
      831-2252       Yellow            8.79               7.90
      831-2253       Clear             8.79               7.90

                                                                      CAT6 RJ-45 Modular Plugs and Boots
     CAT5e RJ-45                                                      •Unshielded or shielded RJ-45 •8P8C •50 micron
                                                                      gold contacts •Loading bar makes for easy insertion
     Modular Plugs                                                    •Designed for solid or stranded cable
     •Unshielded RJ-45                                                                                                                                          Category 5E Patch Panels
                                                                      Order #     Description               (1-9)               (10-up)
     •8P8C •50 micron
     gold contacts                                                    Plugs                                                               •Designed for T568A or T568B wiring applications
                                                                      831-2254 8P8C unshielded 50pk        $24.95              $23.49     •Built–in wire management •Rack mount models
      Order #    Description             (1-9 pkgs.) (10 pkgs.-up)    831-2255 8P8C unshielded 100pk        36.95               35.49     fit standard 19" enclosures •Gold X 24 Karat
      831-2227   8P8C stranded cable 50pk $12.95        $11.95        831-2256 8P8C shielded 50pk           29.95               28.49     Warranty is a three year product limited warranty
      831-2228   8P8C stranded cable 100pk 19.95         18.95        Boots - for 5.5~6.0mm cable                                         against defects in materials and workmanship
      831-2229   8P8C solid cable 50pk     12.95         11.95        831-2257 Gray professional boot 50pk   8.79                 7.90    •The 24 port patch panel includes 1u wall mounting
      831-2230   8P8C solid cable 100pk    19.95         18.95        831-2258 Blue professional boot 50pk   8.79                 7.90    bracket at no additional cost
                                                                                                                                          Order #      Description                 (1-9)    (10-up)
                                                                                                                                          831-1722     12 port wall mount         $32.95    $30.85
     Punch Down Tool                                                                                                                      831-1979     12 port rack mount          46.95     45.89
     •Insert and cut                                                                                                                      831-1980     24 port rack mount          59.95     57.95
     cable terminations                                                                                                                                w/wall mount kit
     effortlessly with this                                                                                                               831-1981     48 port rack mount         125.00    121.00
     high quality punch down tool                                                                                                         831-1983     Cut/crimp/strip tool        29.95     28.79
     •Adjustable high/low settings •Impact absorbing grip
     •Storage compartment with unique locking device
                                                                                                                                          Impact Punch

     provides convenient storage for spare blades and helps
     prevent blade loss                                                                                                                   Down Tool
                                                                      Punch Down Blades                                                   Durable molded
      Order #         Description                         (ea.)
                                                                      Precision machined                                                  tool features
      22-5280         Punch down tool with 110          $31.95        blades for use with the                                             adjustable tension
                      and 66 type replacement blade                   #22-1770 impact                                                     spring and ball bearing quick release head.
      22-5325         110 type replacement blade           9.99       punchdown tool.                                                     Screwdriver is not needed to interchange blades.
      22-5330         66 type replacement blade            9.99                                                                           Handle has storage compartment for extra blade.
                                                                       Order #    Type                    (ea.)        (2-9)   (10-up)
                                                                                                                                          Blade not included.
                                                                       22-1771    66 type with cutter    $10.51       $9.73     $8.39
                                                          NET 30       22-1773    110/66 combo            10.51         9.73     8.39     Order #          (ea.)               (2-9)       (10-up)
                                                                       22-1774    630A type               10.51         9.73     8.39     22-1770         $31.26              $29.04       $25.00
                               Order Online
      620              www.mcminone.com
                Data Comm Cables and Accessories                                                                                                         Computer
                              1 YEAR LIMITED

Network Accessories
•Prepare yourself for Copper Gigabit Ethernet with Trendnet’s CAT 5e RJ-45 UTP Patch Panels •These patch
                                                                                                                                                                                Section 24
panels are certified 350MHz CAT 5e, which are necessary
                                                          Order# Mfr. #      Description           (1-9) (10-up)
for Copper Gigabit Ethernet •Trendnet’s 16/24/48-port
350MHz enhanced CAT 5 Patch Panels are ideal for          831-1966 TC-P16C5E 16 port CAT5e        $39.95 $34.95
Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)                         patch panel                                                  TSR-600V Power
network applications •Using Trendnet’s CAT 5e now, will   831-1967 TC-P24C5E 24 port CAT5e         45.95 43.95                            Rated Raceway
prepare you for more bandwidth in the future                                 patch panel
without re-cabling your network Features: CAT 5e grade    831-1968 TC-P48C5E 48 port CAT5e         92.95 89.95
                                                                                                                                          TSR-600V is ideal for
110 style connectors with color coded labeling for T568A                     patch panel
                                                                                                                                          applications containing
and 568B wiring schemes •1000Base-T Gigabit Copper        831-1970 TC-CT68   RJ-11/RJ-45           22.95 19.95
                                                                                                                                          both communications
Ethernet ready •Backward compatible with CAT 3, 4 and                        cut/crimp/strip tool
                                                                                                                                          and power cables. It
5 cabling •Meets EIA/TIA 568A and ISO/IEC 11801           831-1971 TC-PDT    Punch down tool       29.95 27.95
                                                                                                                                          is completely tamper
•1 year warranty                                                             w/110 and Krone blades
                                                                                                                                          resistant and self-locking
                                                                                                                                          due to a hidden positive
                                                                                                                                          latch, providing secure installation of wire and cable.
                                                                                                                                          The TSR-600V is manufactured from U.L 94V-0 rated
                                                                                                                                          PVC material. Features: •Office white color (other
                                                                                                                                          colors are available) •Meets new UL5A and CSA 22.2
   Fig. 1          Fig. 2          Fig. 3              Fig. 4                                                                             No. 62-93 Standards •One raceway system for both
                                                                                                                                          low voltage communications and power cabling •All
                                                                                                                                          fittings incorporate a minimum 1" bend radius per
                             Nylon Cable Tie Mounts                                                    Acrylic Adhesive                   TIA/EIA 568-A and 569-A standards • Junction boxes
                                                                                                       Foam Tape                          can be used for electrical or data outlets •UL listed for
Size Codes for Cable Tie Mounts Miniature;                                                                                                power up to 600V
I-Intermediate; S-Standard; H-Heavy (including Light                        2-sided polyethylene foam tape for mounting duct to
Heavy-LH)                                                                   control panels. Reduces transmission of vibration,            Order #
                                                                            joins uneven surfaces, cushions gaskets and attaches          Mfr. #     Description          Quantity   (1-9)   (10-up)
                                                     Use With                                                                             Small Raceway 3⁄4" x 11⁄2" x 6'
                                                                            a variety of materials. UL recognized. 72 yard length.
 Code Fig. Size (W) x (L)          Mounting          Cable Ties*                                                                          831-2163 6' straight section       1       $7.95   $7.35
 A     1      0.50 x 0.50"         Adhesive          M                       Order #      Mfr. #                  Width        (ea.)
 B     1      0.75 x 0.75"         Adhesive          M,I                     831-603      P32W2A2-50-72           0.50"       $47.42      831-2164 Joint cover              10       12.95   11.69
 C     1      1.00 x 1.00"         Adhesive          M,I,S                   831-375      P32W2A2-100-72          1.00"        99.00      TSR1W-14
 D     1      1.50 x 1.50"         Adhesive          M,I,S,H                                                                              831-2165 Inside corner            10       13.95   13.03
 E     2      1.00 x 1.00"         Adhesive          M,I,S                                                                                TSR1W-33
 G     3      0.37 x 0.75"         #8 Screen         M,I,S                                                                                831-2166 Outside corner           10       13.95   13.03
 H     4      0.62 x 0.88"         #10 Screw         M,I,S,H                                                                              TSR1W-29
*Order cable ties separately                                                                                                              831-2167 Right angle              10       13.95   13.03
 Order #       Mfr. #           Code        Qty.        (pkg.)                                                                            TSR1W-25-1
                                                                                                     Wire Marker                          Medium Raceway 1 ⁄4" x ⁄4" x 6'
                                                                                                                                                              1     3
 831-624       ABM1M-A-C        A           100        $39.21
                                                                                                                                          831-2168 6' straight section       1        8.95    8.04
 831-473       ABMM-A-C         B           100          51.76                                       Tape and Dispensers                  TSR2W-6A
 831-474       ABM2S-A-C        C           100          74.95              PMD-0-9 dispenser includes ten 8' (2.44M) rolls               831-2169 Joint cover              10       13.95   12.83
 831-771       ABM100-A-C       E           100          69.64              of tape, black legends, 0 thru 9, on white ground.            TSR2W-14
 831-472       TA1S8-C          G           100          26.60              Mfr. #PMD-0-9.                                                831-2170 Inside corner            10       14.95   14.17
 831-573       TM3S10-C         H           100          39.90
                                                                             Order #                   (1-9)                 (10-up)      TSR2W-33
                                                                             831-571                  $32.75                 $31.94       831-2171 Outside corner           10       14.95   14.17
                            Corrugated Loom Tubing                                                                                        831-2172 Right angle              10       14.95   14.17
                      Available in black polyethylene. Tubing is slit                                                                     TSR2W-25-1
and can easily be slipped around an existing wire bundle to provide                                                                       Small Raceway ⁄4" x 1 ⁄2" x 6'
                                                                                                                                                        3       1

abrasion protection. 100' spool.                                                                                                          831-2173 6' straight section       1       15.95   15.06
Order #               Mfr. #                       (I.D.)                    (ea.)                                                        TSR1W-6A
                                                                                                                                          831-2174 Joint cover              10       14.95   13.99
831-789               CLT50F-C20                   .505                     $36.64
831-790               CLT62F-C20                   .665                      43.00
                                                                                                                                          831-2175 Inside corner            10       16.95   15.33
831-791               CLT75F-C20                   .760                      57.95
831-792               CLT100F-C20                  1.090                     66.91
                                                                                                                                          831-2176 Outside corner           10       16.95   15.33
                                                                                               B                      C
                                                                    A                                                                     831-2177 Right angle              10       16.95   15.33
                            Cable Mounts &                                                                                                TSR1W-25-1
                            Wiring Accessories for
                            Use Without Cable Ties
 Fig.       Bundle Diameter       Size (W) x (L)            Mounting            Order #        Type                Qty.     (1-9 pkgs.)
 A          0.19"                 0.75 x 0.62"              Adhesive back       831-721        ACC19-A-C           100        $44.75
 A          0.38"                 1.00 x 1.00"              Adhesive back       831-442        ACC38-A-C           100         46.07
 A          0.62"                 1.12 x 1.25"              Adhesive back       831-745        ACC62-A-C           100         62.78
 B          0.20 Sq. in           0.75 x 0.75"              Adhesive back       831-518        LC3-A-C8            100         27.52
 B          0.36 Sq. in           1.00 x 1.00"              Adhesive back       831-732        LC5-A-C8            100         35.82
 B          0.93 Sq. in           1.50 x 1.00"              Adhesive back       831-731        LC10-A-L8           50          25.11
 C          0.19"                 0.38" Wide                #8 Screw            831-515        CCS19-S8-C          100           8.50                           Cable Marker Books
 C          0.38"                 0.50" Wide                #10 Screw           831-516        CCH38-S10-C         100         16.66
                                                                                                                                                                and Dispenser Kit
                                                                                                                                          PSCB blank white self-laminating pre-assembled

                            Nylon Cable, Clamp and Marker Ties                                                                            marker books. Protects handwritten legend. PLD-1 kit
                                                                                                                                          contains dispenser, roll of markers and marking pen.
Natural nylon (type 6/6) cable ties for most applications pass UL 94V-2 flammability test
and meet all applicable military specifications. Operating temperature range: -40°C~+85°C.                                                                Overall        Write-On
Minimum loop tensile strength stated is strength when tested in accordance with                                                           Order # Mfr. #  Size           Area         Qty. (pkg.)
MIL-S-23190E. UL recognized.                                                                                                              831-519 PSCB-12 1.5" x 0.5"    0.62" x 0.5" 180 $19.22
 Max. Bundle           Min. Loop       Cross Section/                                                                                     831-843 PLD-1   1" x 1.5"      1" x .36"    200 21.19
 Dia.        Length    Tensl. Stgh.    Width          Order #       Mfr. #       Qty. (pkg.)       Order #   Mfr. #  Qty. (1-9 pkgs.)
 0.87"       3.9"      18 lbs.         Min. 0.09"     –             –            –     –           831-452   PLT1M-M 1000 $25.37
                                                                                                                                           NET 30
 1.25"       5.6"      18 lbs.         Min. 0.09"     831-461       PLT1M-C      100 $12.25                                                Terms
 2.00"       8.0"      18 lbs.         Min. 0.10"     831-462       PLT2M-C      100 14.61         831-466   PLT2M-M 1000      23.58
 2.00"       8.0"      40 lbs.         Int. 0.14"     831-463       PLT2I-C      100 18.40         831-467   PLT2I-M 1000      45.40                  Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                                                     Order Toll Free
 3.00"       11.4"     40 lbs.         Int. 0.14"     831-464       PLT3I-C      100 24.34         -         -       -          -         1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 621
                                                                                                                                          1-800-543-4330, FAX
                             Computer                                            Data Comm Cables and Accessories

      Section 24
                                         Brand Universal
                                      Wiring Duct Covers                             Slotted                                    Solid                  High-Density Slotted
                                     Designed for slotted,
                                     high-density slotted,
                                     and solid wiring ducts,                                                                    Order #      Type           (W) x (H) (1-9 pkgs.) (10-24 pkgs.)
                                     ordered separately.            VOLTREX™ Brand Wiring Ducts                                 N-51N2344    WDLT-0404-72      1 x 1"   $54.14       $36.65
                                     Versatile snap-on                                                                          N-51N2346    WDLT-0408-72      1 x 2"    75.07        50.81
                                     design with nonslip                                                                        N-51N2349    WDLT-0604-72    1.5 x 1"    61.25        41.46
                                     liner. Made of                 Slotted Wiring Ducts                                        N-51N2350    WDLT-0606-72    1.5 x 1.5"  78.53        53.16
                                     high-impact PVC                Slotted wall design enables numerous wire                   N-51N2351    WDLT-0608-72    1.5 x 2"    75.27        50.95
     material. Color: Gray. Flammability rated UL94V-0.             breakouts. Double-scored breakaway duct                     N-51N2354    WDLT-0804-72      2 x 1"    74.30        50.29
     UL recognized, CSA certified. Made in the U.S.A.               fingers make larger breakouts easy. Restricted              N-51N2355    WDLT-0808-72      2 x 2"    81.69        55.29
     Sold in packages of 24' in four 6' lengths.                    opening design prevents unintended removal of               N-51N2356    WDLT-0812-72      2 x 3"   134.88        91.29
     Order#        Type           Duct Width  (1-9)      (10-24)    wires. High-impact PVC material. Color: Gray.               N-51N2359    WDLT-1208-72      3 x 2"   105.43        71.36
                                                                    Flammability rated UL94V-0. UL recognized,                  N-51N2360    WDLT-1212-72      3 x 3"   133.51        90.37
     N-51N2366     WDCT-03-72       0.75"    $18.20      $12.29     CSA certified. Made in the U.S.A. Order duct                N-51N2362    WDLT-1608-72      4 x 2"   118.54        80.23
     N-51N2367     WDCT-04-72       1.00"     18.74       12.66     covers separately. Sold in packages of 24' in               N-51N2363    WDLT-1612-72      4 x 3"   153.23       103.71
     N-51N2368     WDCT-06-72       1.50"     26.98       18.21     four 6' lengths.                                            N-51N2364    WDLT-1616-72      4 x 4"   183.69       124.33
     N-51N2369     WDCT-08-72       2.00"     28.84       20.05
     N-51N2370     WDCT-12-72       3.00"     37.21       25.87
     N-51N2371     WDCT-16-72       4.00"     45.59       31.69     High-Density Slotted Wiring Ducts
                                                                    High-density slotted wall ducts come with narrow fingers, equaling a 2-to-1 ratio compared to standard slotted
                                                                    wiring ducts. The narrow fingers reduce fanning of the wires to the terminal blocks for a neater appearance and
                                                                    to accommodate more compact designs and components in control panels, communications closets, and other
                                                                    applications. Made with a versatile mounting hole pattern which lines up with DIN 35 rail; the mounting hole
                                                                    rows are also consistent with standard slotted wiring duct, so the two ducts can easily be interchanged.
                                                                    Double-scored breakaway duct fingers make larger Order #           Type          (W) x (H) (1-9 pkgs.) (10-24 pkgs.)
                                                                    breakouts easy. Restricted opening design prevents
                                                                                                                          N-97N9469 DHD-1X1.5           1 x 1.5"   $77.96     $52.77
                                                                    unintended removal of wires. Color: Gray.
                                                                                                                          N-97N9470 DHD-1X2             1 x 2"      91.62      62.02
                                                                    Flammability rated UL94V-0. UL recognized,
                                                                                                                          N-97N9475 DHD-1.5X2         1.5 x 2"      92.89      62.70
                                                                    CSA certified. Made in the U.S.A. Order duct
                                                                                                                          N-97N9479 DHD-2X2             2 x 2"      94.05      63.66
                                                                    covers separately. Sold in packages of 24' in
                                                                                                                          N-97N9480 DHD-2X3              2x 3"     154.82     104.79
                                                                    four 6' lengths.
     LetraTag Label Printer                                                                                               N-97N9484 DHD-3X3             3 x 3"     153.23     103.71
     This highly efficient labelmaker makes it easy to label
     and organize everything in your home. Label files in
     your home office and storage boxes in your basement.
     Organize photo albums. Label light switches and
     circuit breakers and much more. Prints on 1⁄2" wide
     tape. Designed to fit neatly into the palm of your
     hand, with a simple ABC keyboard ideal for adults
     and children. Prints labels on 1⁄2" (12mm) wide tape in                                                                            LabelPoint
     a variety of materials and colors. Features: •Prints                                                                               350
      ⁄2" (12mm) paper, plastic or metallic •Wide range of
     symbols and edit features •Two-line printing •Large                                                                                •Dymo’s most
     LCD display for easy editing and preview •Built-in                                                                                 powerful hand
     memory saves last label •Powered by six “AA”                                                                                       held labelmaker
     batteries (not included) •Dimensions (WHD):                                                                                        •Perfect for
     2.6" (65 mm) x 3.1"(79 mm) x 8.3"(210 mm)                                                                                          professionals in
     Package contents: •LetraTag, instruction                                                                                           any trade, includes bar
     manual, warranty card                                                                                                              codes, electrical symbols,
                                                                                                                                        background effects and a
     Order#      Description                        (1-9) (10-up)                                                                       built in tax calculator Features:
     830-2005    Silver Letratag                   $25.95 $25.25                                                                        •Compact, hand held design
     830-2010    Paper labels-white/black type       5.95   5.41                                                                        weighted for optimum balance
     830-2015    Plastic labels-white/black type     5.95   5.41                                                                        •Prints on 1⁄4" (6 mm), 3⁄8" (9 mm), 1⁄2"
     830-2020    Metallic labels-silver/black type   5.95   5.41                                                                        (12 mm) and 3⁄4" (19 mm) D1 tapes •ABC keyboard
                                                                                                                                        with large keys for easy data entry •4 line printing
                                                                                                                                        •2-line, 15-character LCD display for editing and label
                                                                                                                                        preview •Horizontal, vertical and mirror printing
                                                                                                                                        •Built-in memory stores last label plus 10 additional
     Labelpoint 200                                                                                                                     labels •Auto-numbering, repeat printing and tax
     •Compact size for printing                                                                                                         calculator •UPCA/E, EAN8/13, Code-39, and Code-128
     labels anywhere they’re                                          Desktop Labelers                                                  bar codes •Uses Six “AA” batteries or optional power
     needed •ABC style                                                •Full featured labelers can be used with a PC or                  adaptor. (not included) •Dimensions (WHD): 4.5"
     keyboard for quick entry                                         stand alone •Printing on up to 13⁄4" tape available                (114 mm) x 8.3" (212 mm) x 2.8" (70 mm) •Weight:
     of label messages •81⁄2                                          (check labeler for sizes) •DYMO software allows                   1.96 lbs. (890g) Package contents: LP350, 3⁄4" black on
     character LCD display for                                        for importing of logos, small pictures or barcodes                white tape cassette, instruction manual, warranty card
     convenient editing before                                        •All units include LCD displays with up to four                   Order#       Description             (1-9)      (10-up)
     printing •100 character                                          lines •Operates with six “AAA” batteries (not
                                                                                                                                        830-2025     LabelPoint 350Gray     $89.95      $87.95
     memory for creating repeat                                       included) or optional AC adaptor •All units
                                                                                                                                        830-2050     AC adaptor              16.95       16.25

     labels •Prints horizontal                                        include instruction manual, sample tapes
     and vertical labels in three sizes for labeling                  and DYMO software
     versatility •Prints upper and lower case letters                                                Max. Tape
     •Operates on six “AAA” batteries included.                        Order # Mfr. # Description Size (1-9) (10-up)
      Order #                Description                  (ea.)        830-2380 17280 Label             13⁄4" $112.00 $109.00
      830-891                Labelpoint 200              $79.95                             Manager 400
      830-2050               AC adaptor                   16.95        830-2050 40077 AC adaptor                16.95 16.25
                                                                      Don’t forget batteries (#293-265)
                                                        NET 30
                              Order Online
      622             www.mcminone.com
           Data Comm Cables and Accessories                                                                                     Computer
                                                        Tape for Dymo Electronic Labelmakers
                                                B       •Adheres to virtually any smooth, clean surface                                                Section 24
                                                        •Initial adhesion is excellent and bond increases
                                                        over the first 24 hours •Resistant to most chemicals,
                                                        acids and also to moisture, weather, abrasion and
                                                        corrosion •Withstands extreme temperatures between
                                                        0°F (-18°C) and 150°F (65°C) in continuous use
                                                        •Durable 12 mils thick •Ultraviolet stabilizer helps     RhinoPro 5000 Labeler
                                                        maintain color brightness •Length of tape is 23'         When it comes to labeling
                           C                            •Check your labeler for tape size required               cables, wires, patch panels
                                                    D                                                            or almost anything on your
                                                        Order #             Color                        (ea.)
                                                                                                                 worksite, quickly and
                                                         ⁄2"                                                     professionally, no
                                                        830-971             Black on clear             $15.36    portable compares
                                                        830-972             Blue on clear               15.36    with RhinoPRO.
                                                        830-974             Black on white              15.36    Features:
                                                        830-975             Blue on white               15.36    •“Hot Keys”
                                                        830-976             Red on white                15.36    provide automatic
                                                        830-977             Black on yellow             15.36    label formatting
                                                        830-978             White on clear              15.36    for wires and cables,
PC/Mac Label Printers                                   830-979             White on black              15.36    terminal blocks, patch panels,
LabelWriter 400
                                                         ⁄8"                                                     vertical and fixed length labeling •Symbol keys
Prints sharp text and high quality images on            830-2060            Black and clear              14.95   make it simple to add the most commonly used
labels up to 21⁄4" (56mm) wide. These labels are        830-2065            Black on white               14.95   symbols (ohm, ground, data, phone, fax) to labels
ideal for envelopes and packages, files, binders,
                                                         ⁄4"                                                     •Smear-proof thermal printing resists solvents,
videos, name badges, CDs, internet postage              830-980             Black on clear               20.19   heat and moisture •Horizontal and vertical printing
and even more                                           830-983             Black on white               20.19   •Includes impact-resistant rubber bumper •Bright
LabelWriter 400 Turbo                                   830-984             Blue on white                20.49   yellow color means this tool won’t get lost Available
Fastest label printer available at 55 labels per        830-986             Black on yellow              20.49   in three configurations: •Standard: RhinoPro
minute! Handles more than 40 standard label             830-987             White on clear               20.49   5000 labeler, one 3⁄4" white flexible nylon cassette and
sizes up to 21⁄4" (56 mm) wide, including               1"                                                       users manual •Installer kit: RhinoPro 5000 labeler,
envelopes and packages, files, binders,                 830-2080            Black on clear               14.95   3
                                                                                                                  ⁄4" flexible nylon cable wrap cassette, 1⁄2" permanent
videos, name badges, CDs, internet                      830-2085            Black on white               22.95   polyester label cassette, a 1⁄2" metallized label cassette,
postage and even more                                                                                            six “AA” batteries and users manual •Hard case kit:
LabelWriter Twin Turbo                                                                                           RhinoPro 5000 labeler, hard carry case, 3⁄4" white
Imagine twice the features and twice the                                                                         flexible nylon cassette, 3⁄4" white permanent
productivity! The LabelWriter Twin Turbo                                                                         polyester cassette, six “AA” batteries, AC
gives you exactly that. Designed for those who          RhinoPro 3000 Labeler                                    adaptor and users manual
use a wide variety of labels, or those with large                                                                 Order # Mfr. # Description             (1-9) (10-up)
                                                        The fast, intuitive labeling
batch printing needs, this printer is perfect.
                                                        printer designed for                                      Labeler
Offering the fastest print speed in it’s class
                                                        professional installers of                                830-2356 15517 RhinoPro 5000 Labeler $110.00 $107.00
and like all LabelWriter printers, it comes
                                                        residential computer, audio,                              830-2398 17379 RhinoPro 5000          144.99 142.99
with add-ins, that let you print directly from
                                                        video, security, and HVAC                                                installer kit
Microsoft® Word, WordPerfect®, Outlook®,
                                                        systems. The RhinoPro 3000                                830-2357 15603 RhinoPro 5000          199.00 194.00
QuickBooks®, ACT!® and others with a click
                                                        comes with an impact-resistant                                           hard case kit
of a button. Prints labels up to 21⁄4" wide
                                                        rubber bumper to survive a fall                           Accessories
(56 mm) at a whopping one second per
                                                        from your ladder or belt. We                              830-2397 15606 Hard carry case         26.99 25.74
label, up to 1000 labels at once.
                                                        made it bright orange so it
LabelWriter Duo
                                                        won’t get lost in your truck.
Includes all the features of the LabelWriter
                                                        Features: •One touch “hot
400 plus a powerful durable plastic label printer
                                                        keys” flagging and fixed length
too. Print permanent plastic, polyester and nylon                                                                                Labels for
                                                        labels, plus dedicated keys for
colored labels in 1⁄4", 1⁄2" 3⁄8", 3⁄4" and 1" sizes
Features: •Compatible with Windows 98, 2000,
                                                        common audio/video, electrical and safety symbols        RhinoPro 1000, 3000 and 5000 Labelers
                                                        •Works with heavy duty RhinoPro labels up to 1⁄2"        Order # Mfr. # Description                     (1-9) (10-up)
XP and Me. Also Macintosh OS 8.6, and 9.1
                                                        (12mm) wide Includes: RhinoPRO 3000, one black
•Package contents: Printer, power adaptor,                                                                       White flexible nylon-perfect for wire and cable labels
                                                        and white 1⁄2" (9mm) wide flexible nylon tape and user
USB cable, roll of labels, Windows/Mac software                                                                  830-2367 18488 1⁄2" labels                    $16.95 $16.02
                                                        manual Requires: •Six “AA” batteries not included
on CD, printed Quick Start Guide                                                                                 830-2368 18489 3⁄4" labels                     18.95 18.08
                                                        Order #          Mfr. #                (1-9)   (10-up)   Yellow flexible nylon-perfect for wire and cable labels
Fig.Order # Mfr. # Description     (1-9)    (10-up)
                                                        830-2359         15605                $99.95   $97.80    830-2365 18490 1⁄2" labels                     16.95 16.02
 A 830-2399 69100 LabelWriter 400 $99.99    $96.99                                                               830-2366 18491 3⁄4" labels                     18.95 18.08
 B 830-2400 69110 LabelWriter 400 129.99    124.99                                                               White permanent polyester-perfect for hard or flat surfaces
                   Turbo                                                                                         830-2361 18482 3⁄8" labels                     14.95 13.96
 C 830-2401 69115 LabelWriter 400 179.99    176.99                                                               830-2369 18483 1⁄2" labels                     14.95 13.96
                   Twin Turbo                                                                                    830-2370 18484 3⁄4" labels                     16.95 16.02
 D 830-2402 69120 LabelWriter 400 209.99    205.99      RhinoPro 1000 Labeler                                    Metallized polyester-perfect for hard or flat surfaces
                   Duo                                  This portable industrial                                 830-2362 18485 ⁄8" labels
                                                                                                                                                                14.95 13.55
                                                        label printer is entry level                             830-2363 18486 1⁄2" labels                     14.95 13.96
                                                        in terms of simplicity, but                              830-2364 18487 ⁄4" labels
                                                                                                                                                                16.95 16.02
                                                        advanced when it comes                                   White heat shrink tube labels-black letters 5' roll
                                                        to features. Easy to handle                              830-2403 18051 ⁄4" heat shrink labels
                                                                                                                                                                22.99 22.65
                                                        and afford, it fits in the                               830-2404 18053 3⁄8" heat shrink labels         24.99 23.99
                                                        palm of your hand and is                                 830-2405 18055 ⁄2" heat shrink labels
                                                                                                                                                                26.99 25.99
                                                        economically priced. Thanks                              830-2406 18057 ⁄4" heat shrink labels,
                                                                                                                                                                28.99 27.99
                                                        to its thermal-transfer                                                     5000 series only

                                                        printing, your labeling wont                             Yellow heat shrink tube labels - black letters 5' roll
                                                        be compromised by moisture,                              830-2407 18052 1⁄4" heat shrink labels         22.99 22.65
                                                        heat or smearing. Features:                              830-2408 18054 3⁄8" heat shrink labels         24.99 23.99
                                                        •One touch “hot keys” flagging                           830-2409 18056 1⁄2" heat shrink labels         26.99 25.99
                                                        and fixed length labels, plus                            830-2410 18058 3⁄4" heat shrink labels,        28.99 27.99
                                                        dedicated keys for common audio/video, electrical                           5000 series only
                                                        and safety symbols •Works with heavy duty
                                                        RhinoPro labels up to 1⁄2" (12mm) wide Includes:
                                                        •RhinoPRO 1000, one black and white 1⁄2" (9mm)
                                                        wide flexible nylon tape, user manual Requires:           NET 30
                                                        •Six “AAA” batteries not included                         Terms
                                                        Order #          Mfr. #           (1-9)        (10-up)
                                                        830-2358         15604           $49.95        $48.36
                                                                                                                             Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                            Order Toll Free
                                                                                                                 1-800-543-4330 1-800-765-6960 623
                                                                                                                 1-800-543-4330, FAX

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