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Tamil Nadu schools                           Bentley announces                              Bush visit expands                           first image-based
to be mapped
                                    3        China initiatives
                                                                                  4         Indo-US Space ties
                                                                                                                                6        navigation device
Google Earth scares governments
                                                                oogle Earth, free software that com-
                                                           G    bines satellite and aerial images with
                                                           mapping capabilities, allows a web user to
                                                                                                              India says no to
                                                           see high-resolution flyover images of the Big
                                                           Ben, the Egyptian pyramids, and even the
                                                           Taj Mahal from any computer. But internet
                                                                                                              Google Earth’s peering
                                                           surfers can also see images of individuals'        Kolkata: Concerned over dis-        manner that can pose no dan-
                                                           homes and government buildings, which              tinct satellite images of its       ger to the country.”
                                                           many find alarming if not dangerous. Since         strategic installations that        Although according to the min-
                                                           its debut last summer, according to the New        Google makes available online,      istry official the method to be
                                                           York Times, several nations have expressed         India has decided to mask           used for masking these images
                                                           concern over Google Earths detailed display        some of the sensitive images        haven`t yet been decided,
                                                           of government buildings, military installations    itself.                             reports doing rounds suggest
                                                           and other important sites within their bor-
                                                                                                              Minister of State Prithviraj        that the images could either be
                                                                                                              Chauhan said the prime minis-       blocked or, high-resolution
                                                           "It could severely compromise a country's          ter`s office instructed the coun-   imagery could be replaced with
                                                           security," V. S. Ramamurthy, Secretary,            try`s defence and science and       low-resolution images making it
                                                           Department of Science and Technology,              technology ministries to evalu-     difficult for subversive elements
                                                           said of Google Earth. Indian laws sharply          ate images of sensitive Indian      to take a close look at important
                                                           restrict satellite and aerial photography.         locations and proceed with          sites and pinpoint their gradient
                                                           Similar sentiments have surfaced in news           measures for masking them.          and location. Officials at the
                                                           reports from other countries. South Korean                                             Internet search engine were not
                                                                                                              “A meeting was held to discuss
                                                           officials have said they fear that Google                                              available for comments on this
                                                                                                              the issue, which was attended
                                                           Earth reveals details of military installations.                                       latest development, but officials
                                                                                                              by representatives from various
                                                           Thai security officials said they intended to                                          from Google India's public-rela-
                                                                                                              departments including defence
                                                           ask Google to block images of vulnerable                                               tions agency said that Google is
                                                                                                              and IT,” said a source from
                                                           government buildings. And Lt. Gen. Leonid                                              willing to cooperate with the
                                                                                                              India`s Department of Science
                                                           Sazhin, an analyst for the Federal Security                                            Indian Government and has
                                                                                                              and Technology, “and the
                                                           Service, the Russian security agency that                                              taken the governmental con-
                                                                                                              Department of       Information
                                                           succeeded the KGB, was quoted by Itar-                                                 cerns about Google Earth and
                                                                                                              Technology has been author-
                                                           Tass as saying: "Terrorists don't need to rec-                                         Google Maps 'very seriously.'
                                                                                                              ized to devise the method and
                                                           onnoiter their target. Now an American com-
A satellite image of a Pune, India airport reveals a                                                          strategy to ensure that images
                                                           pany is working for them."                                                                    (continued on page...2)
few Sukhoi 30 MK1 aircraft                                                                                    of sensitive sites appear in a

Treading the next steps
                                                                         the GDP. Governments across
                                                                         the country are realising the
                                                                         need to rejuvenate their land
                                                                         administrative systems and are
                                                                         infusing it with new ideas and
                                                                         new technology. In this back-
                                                                         ground, Spatial India 2006
                                                                         organised a two-day National
                                                                         Conference        on      Land
                                                                         Information Systems: The Next
                                                                         Steps in Hyderabad on 9th and
                                                                         10th March.
                                                                         Presentations, deliberations,
                                                                         discussions and hot debates
                                                                         dominated the two-day confer-
                                                                         ence that dwelt on issues like
Prof. Wadhwa lighting the lamp to mark the unaugura-                     technology, solutions, case
    tion of Spatial India 2006 conference on “Land                       studies, title security, e-gover-
Information Systems - The Next Steps” in Hyderabad.                      nance, user needs and proce-
                                                                         dures for effective land adminis-
Hyderabad: Land is the most         land records in the country.         tration in its theme-based ses-
dynamic and the most frag-          Land is a bone of contention in      sions. The conference was
mented economic commodity in        about 80% of litigations in the      organized by Spatial India,
the country governed by an          country and unclear land titles is
archaic and obsolete policy of      amounting to a loss of 1.3% to              (continued on page...5)
2                                                                                 Spatial India                                                                            March 2006

Google Earth Scares Governments                                                                                      Camouflaging sensitive
(from page...1)
American experts in and out-
                                      popular tourist spots such as
                                      "pyramids" or "Taj Mahal," and
                                                                             much can change between the
                                                                             time an image is taken and
                                                                                                                     sites from satellites
side government generally             the location quickly zooms into        when it is seen by the public.          New Delhi: Maintaining that it       ters or ask-
agree that fears that Google          focus from outer space.                "You can get imagery to deter-          was not for the Army to take         ing Google
Earth is a security threat are        In the 1990s, the U.S. govern-         mine whether there is a military        steps to restrict Google Erth        to block its
overblown because the same            ment started allowing commer-          base or airfield, but if you want       from showing images of sensi-        service as
images that Google acquires           cial satellite companies to make       to count aircraft or determine          tive installatons, Chief of Army     has     been
from a variety of sources are         and sell high-resolution images        whether there are troops there          Staff J.J. Singh called for a        done      or
available directly from the imag-     to allow U.S. companies to             at a particular time, it is very dif-   multinational effort to address      requested
ing companies, as well as from        compete in a growing market.           ficult to do," he said.                 the problem. The Army on its         by     China
other sources. Google Earth           But many security restrictions         But Google Earth contains no            part was devising strategies to      a     n    d
licenses most of the satellite        apply to those companies. For          classified or restricted images.        camouflage its locations from        Myanmar.
images, for instance, from            instance, U.S. law requires that                                               the prying satellites overflying     `Not         a
                                                                                                                                                                             J.J. Singh
                                                                             The images, which Google
                                      images of Israel shot by U.S.-                                                 the country.                                          Chief of Army Staff
DigitalGlobe, an imaging com-                                                Earth expects to update roughly                                              threat'
pany in Colorado.                     licensed commercial satellites         every 18 months, are a mix of           "This [satellite images] definite-   On the other hand, an agency
Google Earth was developed as         be made available only at a rel-       aerial and satellite photographs,       ly would give an advantage to        reported Google as saying that
a $79-a-year product by a small       atively low resolution.                and their quality varies as a           our adversaries. We concede          its satellite pictures of sensitive
company called Keyhole that           Also, the companies' operating         result of the locations from            that these satellite images pose     installations posed no threat to
Google bought in 2004. It was         licenses allow the federal gov-        which they were taken.                  a threat to our sensitive and        India. "Google Earth is built
reintroduced as a free down-          ernment to put any area off lim-       Chuck Herring, a spokesman              strategic sites. But we are not      from information that is already
loadable desktop program, con-        its in the interests of national       for DigitalGlobe, said that the         the only ones affected. So a         available from a wide range of
sisting of software that can be       security. A 24-hour delay is           federal government had never            major universal effort has to be     both commercial and public
downloaded onto a personal            mandated for images of espe-           asked his company to obscure            there to get it blocked," Gen.       sources. As such, Google Earth
computer and used to "fly over"       cially high resolution.                or blur images. And a Google            Singh said after addressing a        presents no appreciable threat
city streets, landmarks, build-       Vipin Gupta, a security analyst        Earth spokesperson said no              defence seminar organised by         to security, given the wide com-
ings, mountains, forests, and         at Sandia National Laboratories        specific areas lack high-resolu-        the Confederation of Indian          mercial availability of high-reso-
water. For example, type in any       in Albuquerque, New Mexico,            tion data because of federal            Industry (CII) here.                 lution satellite and aerial
street address in the United          told MSNBC that the time               restrictions.                           Gen. Singh is the latest among       imagery of every country in the
States, Canada, or Britain, or        delays were crucial because                                                    a number of senior officials from    world.
                                                                                                                     many countries to complain           "Google has been talking and
ADB to back development                                                      No more route                           about the intrusive nature of the
                                                                                                                     free Google Earth software.
                                                                                                                                                          will continue to talk to the Indian
                                                                                                                                                          Government about any security
of Indian cities                                                             confusion
                                                                                                                     Other officials pointed out that
                                                                                                                     the problem stems from a lack
                                                                                                                                                          concerns it may have regarding
                                                                                                                                                          Google Earth. We are pleased
New     Delhi:    The    Asian        India's urban population is esti-                                              of restrictions on overflying of     to have the dialogue, which has
Development Bank (ADB) said           mated to reach 575mn by 2030,          Bangalore: You don't have to            satellites and on image resolu-      been substantive and construc-
on that it would help the             it added.                              ask around or wait for conduc-          tion (clarity of pictures). They     tive," a Google spokesperson
Government of India develop                                                  tors     at    the     Bangalore        clarified that the Army Chief        told PTI from the company
                                      India's cities, however, are char-
and improve the country's cities                                             Metropolitan           Transport        was not suggesting putting fil-      headquarters in California.
                                      acterised by widespread pover-
through a US$2mn technical                                                   Corporation (BMTC) bus sta-
                                      ty, poor infrastructure, and envi-
assistance grant.                                                            tions to find out the bus routes.
                                      ronmental degradation, ADB
The grant will support the            said. Less than 60% of houses          The BMTC has displayed cus-
Jawaharlal Nehru National             in the cities have sanitation facil-   tomised route maps in three
Urban       Renewal        Mission    ities, and less than half have tap     stations     -     Kempegowda,
(JNNURM), a national fund cre-        water on their premises. About         Shivajinagar and Shanthi
ated to encourage sustainable         40mn people are also estimated         Nagar - based on Global
urban development in India,           to be living in slums, the             Information System (GIS) for
which is expected to invest           Philippines-based regional lend-       the benefit of its commuters.
about US$11bn in developing           ing agency said.                       The map details the route of all
infrastructure in 63 of the largest   "Poor urban development and            the buses that leave or pass the
cities over the next seven years.     management is not only under-          station. The facility, officials
The Government of India will          mining India's ability to deliver a    say, will be extended to 10
contribute US$500,000 in the          decent quality of life to its citi-    more bus stations across the
form of counterpart staff and         zens, it is also constraining          city.
office facilities, to meet the pro-   potential local and national eco-      The idea stemmed from the
ject's total cost of US$2.5mn.        nomic growth", said Nayana             official trip which Chief Traffic
the     Ministry       of    Urban    Mawilmada, an ADB Urban                Manager K S Viswanath had
Development (MUD) is the exe-         Development Specialist. "The           taken to Europe along with the
cuting agency for the project,        need for strong focus and accel-       BMTC MD Upendra Tripathy.
which will be carried out over        erated investment in urban             "We found similar maps dis-
the next three years.                 development is clear".                 played at various bus-stations
With more than 285mn people,          The project will help ensure the       there.
or more than one quarter of the       effective management and dis-          We realised that commuters
population living in cities in        bursement of JNNURM funds              here were finding it difficult to
India, the country has the            by providing consulting support        reach their destination without
world's second largest urban          through a project cell within the      proper guidance. We planned
population, according to ADB.         project directorate at MUD, the        to implement it in Bangalore
Given current trends in popula-       Government agency spear-               taking local needs into consid-
tion growth and migration,            heading the initiative.                eration."

Cardiff University, UK, Honours Dr Kasturirangan
                      Bangalore: Dr Kasturirangan,       tion in directing the Indian space programme and
                      Member of the Rajya Sabha          contribution to development of space science and
                      and Director of National           technology including the development of launch
                      Institute of Advanced Studies,     vehicle and satellite technology, applications in the
                      Bangalore       and    former      area of remote sensing, communication and educa-
                      Chairman, ISRO, has become         tion using space systems as well as promoting
                      Honorary Fellow of Cardiff         space science research. Cardiff University recognis-
                      University, Cardiff, United        es great international figures from different fields like
                      Kingdom (UK). The Honorary         medicine, science, business, arts and the media
                      Fellowship was conferred on        who enrich the university community. The conferring
Dr Kasturirangan at the University's Graduation cer-     of Honorary Fellowship on Dr Kasturirangan is thus
emony held in February at Cardiff. The Honorary          an international recognition for his contribution to
Fellowship recognises Dr Kasturirangan's contribu-       space.
March 2006                                                                      Spatial India                                                                                        3
Tamil Nadu schools to be                                                    Balance sheets on water a hit in AP
mapped through GPS                                                                                Hyderabad: Nearly five lakh
                                                                                                  farmers in seven drought-
                                                                                                                                     Systems) funded by the Netherlands through the
                                                                                                                                     UN's FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation).
                       Chennai: As many as 56,000 schools in                                      prone districts of Andhra          "Farmers, when needed, voluntarily reduce
                       Tamil Nadu will be mapped with the help of                                 Pradesh have started main-         standing water in their fields. They even don't
                       the global positioning system (GPS) in order                               taining balance sheets on          mind shifting to crops that require less water," Dr
                       to facilitate future decisions on upgrading the                            water resources, listing           K.A.S. Mani, Project Leader of APFAMS said.
                       schools or distribution of funds.                                          groundwater levels, likely
                                                                                                                                     Each habitat has democratically elected
                    The mapping - the first by any state in India                                 shortage for the crop year
                                                                                                                                     Groundwater Management Committees (GMCs)
                    - will put all the schools on the map of the            and alternate means to meet the shortfall. They
                                                                                                                                     that help the farmers prepare water budgeting for
                    world. The data will contain details on the             factor in data collected through GIS
                                                                                                                                     the crop.
                    number of schools, students in each school,             (Geographical Information System), GPS (Global
number of teachers and the student-teacher ratio in each hamlet.            Positioning System) and geological studies, in           Using non-formal education techniques, the proj-
                                                                            addition to inputs from scientists.                      ect demystified groundwater science for the farm-
The innovative project has been launched by the state's Madurai
                                                                                                                                     ers. It started a magazine called Neella Mucchata
Kamaraj University and Bharatidasan University in collaboration             This model developed by the uneducated farmers
                                                                                                                                     (About Water) in the Telangana dialect to further
with the government programme 'Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan' (SSA),                in 650 habitats is now attracting managers of
                                                                                                                                     the demystification process. The magazine pub-
education for all.                                                          water resources from across the world. It was
                                                                                                                                     lished success stories of farmers who employed
The project began in Pudukottai district last September and is              among the few projects showcased at the World
                                                                                                                                     innovative methods to subvert the water problem,
expected to be completed this September. SSA state project direc-           Water Forum in Mexico recently. Dr S.V.
                                                                                                                                     and project updates.
tor T.K. Ramachandran said the programme had been allocated                 Govardhan Das, in charge of Crop Water
                                                                            Budgeting, presented the model at the confer-            The pilot project launched in Andhra Pradesh will
Rs.9.3 million. Mapping of schools in Tiruchirapally, Erode, Karur,
                                                                            ence.                                                    be completed in 2008.
Nilgiris, Coimbatore and Pudukottai districts of the state have
already been completed, the official said.                                  Guiding the farmers in this effort is APFAMS                            (Source : The Hindu Businessline)
"The mapping will be useful for us to take decisions about upgrad-          (Andhra Pradesh Farmer Managed Groundwater
ing of the schools, allocating funds or for other purposes."
Ramachandran said.                                                          GPS tracking of Indore buses likely soon
The method adopted for collecting data includes physical verifica-
tion of the records in each and every hamlet and then comparing it                                Indore: Indore              City   every bus would have a GPS-based tracking
with the existing survey records. Teachers of the two universities                                Transport Service (ICTSL)          device installed with online data transfer facility.
will collect the data. Each team will have a mapping kit that includes                            will soon introduce that           The idea is to initally flash the estimated time of
a palmtop computer connected to a GPS receiver once equipped                                      uses GPS an online bus             arrival at 50 bus stops.
with Arcview software. Each team will be given the list and                                       tracking system (OBTS) to          Other uses being planned include schedule and
addresses of the schools they need to survey. The team reaches a                                  offer better facilities to com-    itinerary adherence, log of the exact distance
school, the two-teacher team presses a button on the palmtop and            muters in the city.                                      travelled by the bus, punctuality and improvement
the GPS records the latitude and longitude of the school on the             It would be the first time in India that GPS is being    of driving pattern, control over unauthorised and
master server located in the Bharatidasan University campus.                installed to track public transport buses. ICTSL         unscheduled stoppages, better analysis and
"Around 800 teachers are working on the project," said S.                   held a pre-bid conference for the project.               migration to passenger information system.
Vasudevan, a reader in the department of geology, Bharatidasan              ICTSL is planning a control room for OBTS, and
University, who is coordinating the campaign.
In the earlier system of manual surveys, it took two months to com-
plete a block. Armed with a GPS locator, the teams can now do an
entire block in a week. Around 23,000 schools have been success-
fully identified and the data collection is being done.

Five districts selected for
geomorphology study
Tiruchy: Tiruchy district is one of the five districts in India selected
for a national geomorphological study. This was disclosed by
National Remote Sensing Agency Deputy Director A Perumal at
the Bharathidasan University (BARD) while addressing the nation-
al conference on Disaster Mitigation and Management Using
Space Technology, organised by BARD School of Geo-sciences,
Centre for Remote Sensing. The five districts are: Tiruchy (granitic
terrain), Jalore (desert), Himachal Pradesh (Himalayan terrain),
Mahanadhi delta (coastal terrain) and Madhya Pradesh (Deccan
traps). The imageries would be utilised for the development of the
economy. The study will be conducted by the National Resources
Repository in association with the GSI.

GPS comes to aid of
tsunami-affected fishermen
Chennai: Fishermen can now           mark a fishing spot, they can
navigate the seas with ease          easily return to the same spot
and mark fishing spots thanks        the next day and save fuel, time
to the Global Positioning            and man power." The GPS
System (GPS) devices provided        uses coordinates from 12 satel-
by World Vision.                     lites to create a 3-D map of a
World Vision distributed 200         location. It can lock on locations
instruments to fishermen from        and calculate distances and
13 Cuddalore villages as part of     speed of travel. Fisherman
the tsunami livelihood recovery      Vinayakamoorthi                 from
program's ICT- 4D (Information       Cuddalore said, "Earlier, when
Communication Technology for         we had a good catch, we would
Development) initiative.             find it difficult locating the exact
                                     spot the next day. This was time
World Vision had already pro-
                                     consuming, but now, I can
vided these fishermen with
                                     locate and record all my
boats and nets. "A GPS will
                                     favourable spots and get there
facilitate easy navigation for the
                                     the next day without any has-
fishermen," said World Vision's
Samuel Jesudasan. "Once they
4                                                                            Spatial India                                                                           March 2006

East View Cartographic is official
reseller of Bangladesh Maps                                             Bentley announces China initiatives
                                                                        Beijing: Greg Bentley, CEO of           "China is experiencing an infra-      China's infrastructure community
Minneapolis: East View Cartographic (EVC) has announced that
                                                                        Bentley Systems, Incorporated,          structure boom of historic pro-       can also make each other better
an agreement has been reached to become an official reseller of
                                                                        announced two initiatives in sup-       portions and will invest $800 bil-    in responding to global opportu-
topographic and thematic maps from the Survey of Bangladesh.
                                                                        port of China's massive invest-         lion dollars in infrastructure over   nities."
These nationally produced maps offer the best large-scale cover-
                                                                        ment in its infrastructure. The         the next five years," said Greg       Managing     Bentley    Asia
age available for Bangladesh and are ideal for uses such as proj-
                                                                        first initiative headquartered          Bentley. "It ranks No. 3 in the $4    Operations From Beijing
ect planning, natural resources development, trade and invest-
                                                                        Bentley Asia's operations in            trillion global construction market
ment, humanitarian/ disaster response, academic research, and                                                                                         Early in 2005, Bentley formed
                                                                        China, making the company's             and No. 1 in growth - growing at
even travel and tourism. EVC can provide complete country cover-                                                                                      the Bentley Asia Operating Unit
                                                                        comprehensive software portfo-          an astounding 11 percent rate."
age of 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 topographic maps. The Survey of                                                                                         to provide sales, support, and
                                                                        lio for infrastructure readily avail-   "China has the firm commitment
Bangladesh has also produced a number of specialized series                                                                                           service to this most populous
                                                                        able to the China community.            as well as abundant technical
including 1:10,000 coastal mapping, a Dhaka city plan at 1:5000                                                                                       and fastest-growing part of the
                                                                        The second, Bentley's Power             skills to improve its society
scale, and a variety of political-administrative and thematic maps.                                                                                   world. The operating unit cur-
                                                                        Program, offers this same com-          through world-class infrastruc-       rently has more than 250
MapInfo unveils new version of                                          munity free introductory sub-
                                                                        scriptions to professional com-
                                                                                                                ture. Our software can act as a
                                                                                                                catalyst - helping to join those
                                                                                                                                                      Bentley colleagues throughout
location intelligence platform                                          puter-aided drafting and detail-
                                                                        ing (CADD) software.
                                                                                                                two and maximizing China's suc-
                                                                                                                cess. As partners, Bentley and
London: MapInfo Corporation, the leading global provider of
Location Intelligence solutions, introduced EnvinsaT version 4.0, a
scaleable web services platform for delivering mapping, geocoding,      Russia's Glonass satellites Pakistan gets
routing and enhanced spatial capabilities across the enterprise.
Envinsa v4.0 enables organisations in all industries to combine         available by 2009           satellite data
Location Intelligence with core analytical and operational process-     Moscow: Russia will make its global communication system                      equipment
es, resulting in better decision-making, lower costs, enhanced effi-    Glonass available to India by 2009, Russia's defence chief said.
ciencies and improved service. Location Intelligence is increasing-                                                                                   Islamabad: China has provid-
                                                                        "By the end of 2007, Glonass will become operational for Russian
ly critical to organisations with large and geographically dispersed                                                                                  ed meteorological satellite data
                                                                        users, both civilian and military. By 2009, it will become global and
customers, employees and assets, helping them to more effective-                                                                                      reception      equipment      to
                                                                        open to those foreign states which have signed agreements with
ly allocate resources, manage assets, analyse incidents of crime,                                                                                     Pakistan to help reduce natural
                                                                        us," Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov said. India joined the Glonass
plan retail store locations, or deliver mobile capabilities to field                                                                                  disaster and gather data for a
                                                                        project in 2004. Last year, it signed a bilateral agreement on
based workers. Envinsa v4.0 enables organisations to centrally                                                                                        variety of purposes.
                                                                        Glonass technology safeguards, which made the Indian military a
manage location analysis capabilities and apply them across mul-        full-fledged partner in the construction and use of the Russian alter-        According to Associated Press
tiple functions, maximising business potential.                         native to the United States' Globan Positioning System (GPS).                 of Pakistan (APP), official news
                                                                                                                                                      agency, the provision of equip-
RSI Announces CARTOSAT                                                  “Russian space industry faces                                                 ment by China is a part of on-
                                                                                                                                                      going cooperation in the field of
Certification for ENVI                                                  several important tasks”                                                      space technology for its peace-
Boulder: RSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of ITT Industries, Inc                                                                                        ful use, at bilateral and regional
                                                                        Moscow: Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Sergei                     levels. In a dispatch from
announced that Sierra Atlantic Ltd., its sole Indian distributor, has
                                                                        Ivanov has said that several important tasks are to be carried out            Beijing the news agency said
received certification for ENVI to be used to process data from the
                                                                        in the implementation of the federal space program for 2006-                  the equipment, based on DVB-
Indian CARTOSAT-1 satellite. ENVI, the remote sensing exploita-
tion platform of choice, is one of only two products to meet the        2015. "The Russian space industry is facing a number of problems.             S (Digital Video Broadcast-
specifications and receive certification by the government-contract-    Not all space systems required for economic, scientific, defense              Satellite) technology, would
ed ANTRIX Corporation.                                                  and security purposes have full-fledged satellite fleets," he said at         provide real time data collected
                                                                        a board meeting of the Federal Space Agency.                                  by China's Fengyun meteoro-
The CARTOSAT-1 satellite, which was launched by Indian Space
Research Organization (ISRO) on 5th May 2005 provides stereo                Ivanov said that this primarily concerned remote earth sens-              logical satellite series. The
data suitable for advanced and large scale mapping applications         ing, weather forecasting and fundamental space studies.      "The             equipment was handed over to
with its two panchromatic cameras having spatial resolution of 2.5      development of new delivery vehicles is dragging out, the infra-              Pakistan's           Ambassador
meters.                                                                 structure of ground services requires equipment," Ivanov said.                Salman Bashir recently.
March 2006                                                                        Spatial India                                                                                    5

Treading the next steps                 Records,      Government         of   land which is a precious natural     decide on the goal and work for    mapping,      photogrammetry,
(from page...1)
                                        Andhra Pradesh, on this occa-         resource; moving towards             it and save our precious           GPS and others. Stressing the
India’s premier geospatial mag-
                                        sion. Insecurity about the title is   national cadastre – were some        resources. Several States like     need for modernisation of land
azine, in association with
                                        leading to loss of GDP (Rs 1300       of the recommendations that          Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,         records, the conference came
Survey of India, Department of
                                        cr for AP) which is almost equiv-     emerged from the panel discus-       Gujarat, Kerala, Haryana,          up with several note worthy rec-
Science and Technology and
                                        alent to the cost of resurveying      sion. The second day saw an          Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and         ommendations including need-
National Informatics Centre.
                                        (Rs 1500 cr for AP). So, there is     illuminating address by Dr N         Maharashtra, where computeri-      based and sustainable use of
Land title has been the crux of         no major burden on the excheq-        Vijayaditya, Director General,       sation of land records has been    technology; developing a com-
all the discussions, with Prof          uer in taking up ILIS, opined         NIC, who said development is         taken up, presented their case     prehensive land information
DC Wadhwa, an authority on              Vinod Agrawal.                        assessed in terms of what it         studies. Several vendors like      system that addresses legal
the theme and chairman of                                                     offers and does for an average       ESRI, Microsoft and Oracle         issues and inaccuracies inher-
Wadhwa Committee constituted            Arguing that ILIS is too ambi-
                                        tious and not realisable in the       individual. So, it is important to   gave away presenteations on        ent in the present system; use
by Planning Commission to                                                     evolve technologies so that          the latest technology available    of aerial photogrammetry to
study land records in the 1980s,        Indian context, the team from
                                        National Informatics Centre           solutions are citizen-centric and    for building LIS. The conference   speed up record creation; leg-
strongly contending for conclu-                                               not government-centric, he           also hosted an exhibition in       islative amendments to provide
sive land title as the only solu-       (NIC), which has taken up the
                                        Union government’s pilot proj-        said. He then highlighted steps      which NRSA, Avinien, Digital       legal sanctity to create, main-
tion for all the illnesses that                                               to build an integrated cadastral     Globe, Survey of India, Tricad     tain, access, retrieve and pro-
plague the system. Right from           ect       of     Comprehensive
                                        Modernisation of Land Records         management system in the             PCI Geomatics, Vision Labs         vide land information at all lev-
the first five year plan, policy                                              country and exhorted the gath-       and Trimble demonstrated lat-      els and ultimately conferring of
makers envisaged the necessi-           (CMLR), opined computerisa-
                                        tion has given an opportunity to      ering that it is high time we        est technologies in surveying,     conclusive land title.
ty of land reforms but the salient
feature of all the five year plans      understand the lacunae in the
had been the non-implementa-            system and also a direction for
tion of land reforms, Wadhwa            future land reforms. We should
lamented.                               first streamline the existing sys-
                                        tem, consolidate and integrate
Prof Wadhwa’s suggestions               it. Only then, validation and re-
include conferring of conclusive        survey can be done, they
title, provision of title insurance     opined. Supporting this stance,
by the State, issue of title certifi-
cate simultaneously with the            Dr DR Shukla, Technical
registration of property, use of        Director, NIC, argued that all
technology that has people’s            existing laws in the country
confidence and having a record          operate and support the family
for every inch of land in the           values where property is not
country. He suggested Survey            formally divided on the ground
of India to take up survey and          but a mere transfer of owner-
settlement operations in one            ship happens from generation
district to study the feasibility in    to generation, in which context,
terms of time, money and man-           establishing a clear RoR is
power and extend it to the entire       impossible. Earlier, Brig MV
country                accordingly.     Bhat, Additional Surveyor
Computerisation should come             General of India, opined that
at the end of land administration       present drive of computerisa-
to deliver the goods to the pub-        tion is just a stop-gap arrange-
lic and not in the beginning as is      ment and stressed on the need
being done now, Wadhwa                  to bring land information on to a
opined.                                 framework       through    which
                                        everyone can speak to each
Treading Wadhwa’s vision is             other without any ambiguity.
the    pilot     project      titled
`Integrated Land Information            The panel discussion also
System’ taken up by the Andhra          heard the view from the indus-
Pradesh        Government          in   try, represented by Ambati Rao,
Nizamabad district. The project         who opined that as long as the
envisages complete resurvey,            system is transparent and
maintaining clear and conclu-           works, presumptive or conclu-
sive record of title of all private     sive title make little difference.
properties in rural and urban           What is of utmost concern now
areas, title registration, integra-     is the lack of availability of up-
tion of services of all depart-         to-date parcel maps and RoR
ments concerned and digitisa-           data. Throwing open the exist-
tion and auto-updation. A               ing data to the public, getting it
detailed presentation about the         validated and taking up the
ongoing project was made by             challenges that emerge in the
Vinod Agrawal, Commissioner,            process; setting up of stan-
Survey, Settlements and Land            dards; preserving the limited
6                                                                            Spatial India                                                                      March 2006

ISRO's satellite-based mobile TV
programme progressing well
                                                                         Bush visit expands Indo-US
Hyderabad:The Indian Space
Research Organisation, is
                                    in Hyderabad, Dr K N
                                    Shankara, said the proposed
                                                                         Space ties
going ahead with its design of      spacecraft is a multi-media one.     New Delhi:Indian launchers will      est in co-operating on Earth        South Korea and Belgium in
satellite for its mobile TV pro-    Making of unfurlable antenna         be able to carry US satellites,      observation     projects     and    1999-2001, the Antrix corpora-
gramme. "Satellite design is        needs new technology which           while Indian satellites will have    agreed in principle to establih a   tion, the commercial arm of the
going on. It requires a huge        ISRO is developing, Shankara         access to US components              ground station in India for the     Department of Space, is looking
antenna to be deployed in           told reporters on the sidelines of   under a deal signed by               US National Polar-orbiting          for more.
space and also high power. So,      an international conference on       President Bush during a state        Operational      Environmental      Agreements have been signed
it's in the process. That           electromagnetic interference         visit to India in March.             Satellite System.                   with Italy, Singapore, Indonesia
(unfurlable antenna) is one of      and compatibility.
                                                                         Bush finalised the agreement         The working group will continue     and Argentina for launching
the major elements in that,"        ISRO is also talking to an NRI       with Prime Minister Manmohan         to explore areas for enhanced       their satellites, said Prithviraj
Chairman of Indian Space            group in the US to commer-           Singh after a year of prepara-       co-operation and will also pro-     Chavan, Minister of State in the
Research Organisation (ISRO)        cialise the mobile video technol-    tion by the two countries.           mote interoperability among         Prime Minister's Office, in the
G Madhavan Nair said.               ogy in India.                                                             existing and future space-based     Lok Sabha.
                                                                         The deal was drawn up by a
Director of ISRO satellite centre                                                                             navigation systems to create a
                                                                         joint working group formed in                                            Antrix uses Indian Space
                                                                         June to look at expanding civil      global navigation satellite sys-    Research Organisation's polar
RSI Announces CARTOSAT                                                   space co-operation. The group
                                                                         is led by Indian Space
                                                                                                              tem. India plans to join the
                                                                                                              European Galileo navigation
                                                                                                                                                  satellite launch vehicle for pro-
                                                                                                                                                  viding launch services for other
Certification for ENVI                                                   Research Organisation (ISRO)
                                                                         satellite centre director P S
                                                                                                              satellite programme and has
                                                                                                              had talks on using Russia's
Boulder: RSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of ITT Industries, Inc                                                                                    "The commercial launches will
                                                                         Goel and US State Department         Glonass. Russia is expected to
announced that Sierra Atlantic Ltd., its sole Indian distributor, has                                                                             benefit industries which take
                                                                         principal deputy assistant sec-      launch Glonass spacecraft on
received certification for ENVI to be used to process data from the                                                                               part in supply of various compo-
                                                                         retary Anthony Rock.                 Indian boosters and European
Indian CARTOSAT-1 satellite. ENVI, the remote sensing exploita-                                                                                   nents and sub-systems of
                                                                                                              satellite manufacturer EADS
tion platform of choice, is one of only two products to meet the spec-   "An agreement has been                                                   launch vehicles," said Chavan.
                                                                                                              Astrium is marketing spacecraft
ifications and receive certification by the government-contracted        reached that will permit US                                              Considering the current market
                                                                                                              built with ISRO's commercial
ANTRIX Corporation. The CARTOSAT-1 satellite, which was                  satellites and satellites contain-                                       scenario and heavy competition
                                                                                                              arm Antrix.
launched by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on 5th             ing US components to be                                                  for satellite launches, India has
                                                                         launched by Indian space             Italian satellites too
May 2005 provides stereo data suitable for advanced and large                                                                                     targeted a maximum of 5 per
scale mapping applications with its two panchromatic cameras hav-        launch vehicles," says the US-       Indian rockets will launch satel-   cent of global share, he added.
ing spatial resolution of 2.5 meters. The data are also a source for     Indian joint statement.              lites of Italy, Singapore,
                                                                                                                                                  India, however, sees its launch
generation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM)/Digital Elevation Models        ISRO has been expecting            Indonesia and Argentina into
                                                                                                                                                  vehicle programme primarily for
(DEM). The certification states that ENVI complies with three major      NASA to provide instrumenta-         the outer space in the coming
                                                                                                                                                  meeting domestic needs, he
processing steps: Product Import and Image Processing, Single            tion for its Chandrayaan-1           years with the country eyeing a
                                                                                                                                                  said. Residual capacity is used
Image Triangulation, Stereo Pair Triangulation, These processing         Moon probe, set for launch in        market share of 5 per cent of
                                                                                                                                                  for commercial launches for
capabilities are necessary to create Digital Elevation Models            early 2008.                          global launches. After launching
                                                                                                                                                  other countries, he added.
(DEMs), which provide spatially accurate 3D representations of                                                two      micro-satellites     for
                                                                         The USA has expressed inter-
entire images or features within a target area in an image.                                                   Germany and one each for

 PCI Geomatics supports CARTOSAT-1 satellite data
Richmond Hill: PCI Geomatics        of-the-art satellite carries two     Software Sales. "With the latest     nology is completely integrated     range of applications, including
announced that it has entered       panchromatic cameras that            agreement and support for            with other powerful tools avail-    wasteland, forest cover, and
into a memorandum of under-         take black and white stereo-         CARTOSAT-1, PCI Geomatics            able in Geomatica, including        wetland mapping, as well as
standing       with       Antrix    scopic pictures at 2.5m ground       continues its long-standing tra-     spatial analysis, image pro-        natural resource planning, and
Corporation Ltd. to develop an      resolution of the Earth in the       dition of providing the best and     cessing, and cartographic           agriculture and disaster man-
interface that integrates CAR-      panchromatic region of the           most dependable photogram-           capabilities, which allows you      agement. The data gathered
TOSAT-1 satellite data prod-        electromagnetic spectrum. The        metric tools to manipulate this      to easily extract more informa-     from this new high-resolution
ucts in Geomatica, PCI              cameras are mounted on the           type of data".                       tion from the CARTOSAT-1            satellite is also an excellent
Geomatics         image-centric     satellite to allow for multiple      Geomatica support of CAR-            imagery.                            source of information for gener-
geospatial software.                images of one area, thereby          TOSAT-1 data includes both           CARTOSAT-1 satellite data is        ating accurate digital elevation
Antrix, a corporate arm of the      allowing for accurate 3-D map        rational functions and rigorous      extremely useful for a wide         models.
Indian      Space     Research      creation.                            model based orthorectification
Organization (ISRO), launched       "Since the initial launch of the     capabilities through Geomatica
the CARTOSAT-1 satellite on         IRS series of satellites, our cus-   OrthoEngine.        The       PCI
May 5, 2005, to provide stereo      tomers in India and around the       Geomatics exclusive 'Toutin
data for advanced and large         world have looked to PCI             Model' will facilitate the rigor-
scale mapping applications.         Geomatics for tried-and-true         ous orthorectification function-
CARTOSAT-1, the eleventh            software solutions to take           ality; this model is extremely
satellite in the Indian Remote      advantage of this excellent          successful in orthorectifying a
Sensing (IRS) series, was built     source of timely geospatial data     wide variety of satellite
by ISRO primarily for carto-        from ISRO and Antrix", said          imagery, including high-resolu-
graphic applications. The state-    Michael Agnes, Director of           tion data. Best of all, this tech-

AMOS inks pact with ISRO for                                             NIC bags Oracle’s
supply of high tech collimator                                           eGovernance
Bangalore: A Belgian firm signed an agreement with Ahmedabad-
                                                                         excellence awards
based Space Application Centre for supply of collimator, an optical      New Delhi: The National
instrument that can be used in satellite cameras. Under the 12           Informatics Centre (NIC), State
month contract, Belgium's AMOS (Advanced Mechanical and                  Centre, in the City has received
Optical Systems) SA will be responsible for the design, manufac-         the Oracle eGovernance excel-
ture, test and supply of one meter diameter collimator, as per the       lence award.
specifications required by the Indian Space Research                     The projects that has been
Organisation. The agreement was signed in the presence of Jean-          selected for the prestigious
Claude Marcourt, Minister of Economy, Employment and Foreign             Oracle eGovernance excel-
Trade of Wallonia region of Belgium and Ram Rattan, Deputy               lence awards early this year are
Director, Sensor Department Area, SAC, Ahmedabad. Terming                Card     (Computer        Aided
India as "very important for Wallonia", Marcourt told reporters "the     Administration of Registration
contract will generate other important collaborations in the higher      Department), Project, Land
space sector". The one meter diameter collimator would be used in        Records Project, Rural e-Seva
testing cameras that are flown in Indian remote sensing satellites       Project, e-Panchayat Project
and in general purpose camera usage in space applications.               and Transport Project.
March 2006                                                                     Spatial India                                                                                      7
Rs.1.38 billion    Rocket fuel for ISRO
                                                                           New Delhi: The successful launch of Europe's           lites and boosters, currently dominated by heavy-

for new satellites
New Delhi: The Indian govern-        Institutes of Technology to
                                                                           most powerful rocket, the Ariane 5-ECA, last
                                                                           week should set Indian Space Research
                                                                           Organisation (Isro) officials thinking. The ECA
                                                                                                                                  lift launchers like the European Ariane and
                                                                                                                                  America Delta and Atlas rockets. Unfortunately,
                                                                                                                                  Isro appears content to rest on its laurels, the way
ment approved expenditure of         become centres of excellence          reportedly carried two satellites weighing four        its administrators focus overly on the PSLV
Rs.1.38 billion on developing a      like IITs (Indian Institutes of       tons apiece into orbit, proving the rocket's capa-     launcher that's earmarked for the moon mission.
new remote sensing satellite         Technology) and help fulfil the       bility to lift ten-ton payloads into geo-stationary    If Isro is to make its mark in the international
and on a grant of Rs.1 billion for   need for quality manpower in          orbits 23,000 miles above Earth. This is the third     launch market, it's imperative that it leapfrogs to
upgrading infrastructure at          the field of engineering, science     flight in a row for the ECA launcher that seems to     the advanced versions of the Geo-synchronous
Bangalore's Indian Institute of      and technology," he added.            have put behind it the disappointment of its           Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) as soon as pos-
Science.                             The new satellite, RESOURCE-          flawed maiden flight, which was destroyed soon         sible. True, when the first GSLV-Mark III flies
The cabinet, at a meeting            SAT-2 is the in-orbit replace for     after launch in 2002.                                  sometime towards the end of 2007, it will enable
presided over by Prime Minister      RESOURCESAT-1 and will pro-            The ECA looks set to garner a large slice of the      Isro to launch five-ton payloads into geo-station-
Manmohan          Singh,   also      vide continuity of remote sens-       lucrative global satellite launch market for the       ary orbit. But by then other players would proba-
approved a proposal to intro-        ing data in a variety of areas,       French-led Ariane programme. Augmentation of           bly have saturated the market and pushed the bar
duce the National Institutes of      the minister said.                    launch capability is vital in the business of satel-   still higher.
Technology Bill 2006 in              The Indian Institute of Science,
Parliament to bring 19 such
institutions within the ambit of
                                     one of the oldest institutions of
                                     higher learning in India, will
                                                                           Trimble acquires Quantm for
the act, Information and             utilise the grant for upgrading its
Broadcasting Minister PR
Dasmunsi said.
                                     infrastructure and for acquiring
                                     instrumentation for cutting-edge
                                                                           pre-design construction planning
"This will enable the National       research, Dasmunsi added.             Sunnyvale:                Trimble    gations. The improved solution      ers, such as Departments or
                                                                           announced that it has acquired       for the proposed route results in   Ministries of Transportation,
Insurance for satellites!!                                                 privately-held            Quantm
                                                                           International, Inc. and its sub-
                                                                                                                significant reductions in project
                                                                                                                planning time and cost.
                                                                                                                                                    and the construction companies
                                                                                                                                                    that support them can all bene-
Bangalore: Allianz, through its      grammes, including pre-launch,        sidiary Quantm Ltd. of Australia     Financial terms of the transac-     fit from Quantm's capabilities.
group company Bajaj Allianz          transport or launch pad, launch,      in an all-cash transaction.          tion were not disclosed.            "Quantm is an industry leader
General Insurance, is bringing       commissioning, in-orbit, de-          Quantm is a leader in trans-         Trimble's              Connected    for optimizing transportation
its specialty line of satellite      orbit and all types of launches.      portation route optimization         Construction Site strategy          route planning. The Quantm
insurance solutions to India.        Until now, most of the insurance      software used for planning high-     seeks to improve efficiency         acquisition positions us to pro-
SpaceCo, a France-based              has largely been purchased for        ways, railways, pipelines and        through a tighter integration of    vide our customers with produc-
Allianz company, has been par-       ensuring that a satellite is          canals. The innovative software      construction process informa-       tivity enhancing products that
ticipating in the reinsurance        placed in orbit and functions         system enables infrastructure        tion. Transportation route align-   cover more phases of a con-
support of the Indian space pro-     properly. SpaceCo is now              planners to examine and select       ments generated by Quantm's         struction project than any other
gramme for Indian Space              exploring possibilities of getting    route corridors and alignments       software add another piece to       supplier," said Bryn Fosburgh,
Research Organization (ISRO)         into a direct relationship with       that simultaneously optimize         the strategy by forming a closer    vice president responsible for
for the last 15 years.               the Indian market through group       construction costs, environmen-      link between the planning and       Trimble's Engineering and
                                     company in India, Bajaj Allianz       tal restrictions, existing feature   design phases of a transporta-      Construction segment.
SpaceCo offers insurance solu-
                                     General Insurance                     avoidance and legislative obli-      tion project. Infrastructure own-
tions to all phases of space pro-

Infotech Enterprises inks deal with GE Energy
Mumbai: Infotech Enterprises Ltd said its UK-based subsidiary,
Infotech Enterprises Europe Ltd has signed a multi-million euro
agreement with GE Energy for providing geospatial data manage-
ment services to Switzerland- based Swisscom Fixnet.
Under this agreement, Infotech would create spatial database for
GE to implement a network planning solution for the Swiss com-
pany, enabling the customer to optimise its project-planning
processes. "We are delighted to be chosen by GE Energy for this
very significant contract. We have been able to demonstrate the
strong process experience and execution capability that GE
needs," Infotech Enterprises Chairman and Managing Director
BVR Mohan Reddy s aid. The project would be executed over a
period of three-and- a-half years. Infotech informed the BSE that
it would also provide related software services such as process
automation, query and generation tools.

Cisco Layer 3 Switches to Power
Infotech Enterprises
Cisco Systems, the worldwide         4500 series switches with VLAN
leader in networking for the         and SUP engines provide
Internet,   announced       that     advanced security, better moni-
Infotech    Enterprises     has      toring and increased uptime.
deployed a Cisco powered net-        "Cisco is our vendor-of-choice
work comprising of Layer 3           from the startup phase and
Catalyst 4500 Series switches        partnering with Cisco to connect
with Virtual Area Network            3,500 users from multiple loca-
(VLAN) and Supervisor (SUP)          tions in our facility in a secure,
Engines. Infotech Enterprises is     highly scalable and reliable
a software services company          manner assures us of Ciscos
with core competencies in geo-       capability in enhancing our
graphic information systems          business needs. We draw on
(GIS), engineering design and        our strong foundation to create
IT services for the telecom,         measurable business impact for
enterprise, government and           customers around the world,
retail    markets.     Infotech      resulting in long-term relation-
Enterprises combines extensive       ships and Ciscos superior net-
software development capabili-       work design and end-to-end
ties with global delivery and        solutions equip us with the best
project management. Infotech         technology to achieve our
Enterprises chose to deploy          objectives," said Mr. B V R
Cisco equipment to enhance           Mohan Reddy- Chairman and
and monitor their Local Area         Managing Director, Infotech
Network (LAN). Cisco Catalyst        Enterprises.
RNI APENG02599/01/1/2004-TC

8                                                                                   Spatial India                                                                              March 2006

Navman introduces the iCN 750 -                                                 Leica CloudWorx 1.0 for
first image-based navigation device
                                                                                PDMS released
                                                                                Heerbrugg: Leica Geosystems announced
                                                                                the immediate availability of Leica
                                                                                CloudWorx 1.0 for PDMS. This powerful and
                                                                                easy-to-learn point cloud solution is
                                                                                designed for PDMS users who want to take
                                                                                full advantage of accurate, laser scan as-
                                                                                built data directly in PDMS.
                                                                                Leica CloudWorx 1.0 for PDMS is the latest
                                                                                addition to the Leica CloudWorx suite of
                                                                                products that enable professionals to use
Raleigh: Navman, a leading designer and manufacturer of world-                  rich, as-built point cloud data directly in their
class Global Positioning System (GPS), communication and                        native desktop design and visualization plat-
marine products, announced the latest addition to its line of inno-             form. PDMS is part of AVEVA's VANTAGE
vative in-vehicle navigation devices, the iCN 750. A true break-                Plant Design family.                                        CloudWorx toolbars - Access CloudWorx opera-
through in technology, the Navman iCN 750 features NavPix(TM),                                                                              tions easily, conveniently, and fast
                                                                                Key features and capabilities
a unique and intuitive way to navigate to destinations using pic-                                                                           Visualize a new design concept directly in context
                                                                                Measure - Using PDMS' own measuring tools
tures. Designed to change the way people navigate forever, simply                                                                           with reality
select the picture of a desired destination and NavPix will quickly             Automated clash checking - Using PDMS' built-in
                                                                                                                                            High accuracy plus high performance
determine the best route to travel without requiring the entry of any           clash management and reporting tools
                                                                                                                                            Leica CloudWorx for PDMS is based on Leica
address detail. The new iCN 750 features the market's first, high-              PDMS Design Point (D-Point) placement - At
                                                                                                                                            Geosystems' long proven database-centric
resolution 4" WQVGA (480x272) widescreen display, the latest                    "pick point" or "center-of-pipe", D-Point place-
                                                                                                                                            Cyclone™ point cloud foundation, which allows
second-generation SiRFstarIII chipset for rapid satellite acquisition,          ment lets users create intelligent as-built models
                                                                                                                                            users to simultaneously benefit from state-of-the-
an enhanced user and touchscreen interface, and a built-in digital              directly in PDMS using catalog components and
                                                                                                                                            art spatial accuracy and high performance point
camera for adding to the system's NavPix image library.                         objects
                                                                                                                                            cloud management.
Designed for true one-touch navigation, the iCN 750 allows users                Easy point cloud management - By Scan, "Limit
                                                                                                                                            pricing & availability
to click, share, download and explore. With the click of a button, vir-         Box", "Cutplane slices and sections", "Hide
tually any location (favorite restaurant, scenic view, business des-            Region"                                                     Leica CloudWorx 1.0 for PDMS is immediately
tination, house for sale) becomes a geo-referenced digital image                                                                            available from Leica Geosystems. Pricing infor-
                                                                                Supports a variety of laser scanners - Including
that can be saved to the iCN 750's personal NavPix library.                                                                                 mation is available through appropriate Leica
                                                                                native data formats from Leica Geosystems scan-
Innovative software allows users to select favorite destinations                                                                            Geosystems representatives and dealers world-
                                                                                ners, the industry's most popular scanners
from their personal NavPix library and share them with friends and                                                                          wide.
family. Using Navman's new website, users can conveniently
download interesting new destinations to expand their own person-
al NavPix library.
Other advanced features of the iCN 750 include enhanced routing
algorithms ensuring users travel the most intuitive course; improved
speed and accuracy for town, zip code, street, intersection and
house number searches; an extensive Points- of-Interest (POI) data-
base; and two dedicated POI buttons that provide instant access to
the location of nearby gas stations or parking lots - saving time and
eliminating hassle. In the event of traffic jams, accidents or missed
turns, Navman's powerful "Back-on-Track(TM)" feature quickly redi-
rects users to their destination using the nearest viable route.

Nippon Audio introduces
navigation device
Pune: Nippon Audiotronics, the         too, he added. "The device is
Indian franchisee of Kenwood           built-in with a comprehensive
car    audio    systems     has        data on points of interest, pub-
announced the launch of                lic utilities, emerging services
SatGuide, a touchscreen navi-          like hospitals and entertain-
gation device mainly targeted          ment locations such as multi-
at the car users across India.         plexes or malls," he said.
The device will help drivers           Goindi said the company has
quickly locate their destination       acquired the digital roadmaps
without taking their hands off         from Hyderabad-based Sat
the steering wheel, or eyes off        Map Technologies and soft-
the road.                              ware from Destinator, Canada
The company's managing                 while the physical device is
director K S Goindi said that          supplied by Mayo of Taiwan.
the product is relevant in the         SatGuide, priced at Rs 37,990,
wake of the increasingly com-          has been introduced in Delhi,
plex traffic patterns in the           Hyderabad and Mumbai; in the
Indian cities.                         second round, it will be intro-
"The device uses Global                duced in Pune, Bangalore and
Positioning Systems (GPS)              Chennai. "These are the cities
with smart sensors to ensure           in India that are witnessing sig-
the required accuracy. The in-         nificant influx of young profes-
built GPS receivers get signals        sionals and the landscape
from the orbiting GPS satellites       there is also changing thanks to
to ascertain the exact position        increasing construction activi-
of    the   vehicle,"   Goindi         ty," he pointed out. The compa-
explained.                             ny is looking at selling about
                                       1,000 units of SatGuide per
The relevent location map then
                                       month in the initial stage and
appears on the screen of the
                                       sees a major growth in the sec-
device, which has a voice guide
                                       ond year, he said

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