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					                Course:        ECN 120 – Principles of Macroeconomics
                Instructor:    Brad Duerson
                Term:          Summer Semester 2011

                                 Instructions for accessing course materials

     1. You may buy directly from the DMACC Bookstore - or - directly from the publisher
           a. If you buy direct from the publisher – do not buy again from the bookstore
           b. If you buy direct from the bookstore – do not attempt to make an online purchase from Dotlearn.

     2. To buy directly from publisher, do a Google search for “Dotlearn”
           a. Dotlearn’s address will have a .com extension.

     3. If you buy your book and with keycode access directly from the DMACC Bookstore – the only
        additional information you will need is the Class Key – DUER1709

1. Go to and click the “Subscribe/Login” button in the student area.

2.   Under “Not Subscribed Yet?,” enter    Class Key DUER1709 in the entry field and click the
     GO button to register and subscribe to your class materials.


     You must register individually to have your name appear on the course gradebook. All students are
     required to register to receive class materials (text, study guide, announcements, grade retrieval, and other

3. You’ll first be asked to create a username and password. Next, you’ll get instructions on how to pay the
   $39.95 subscription fee (i.e., via credit card, online check, personal check, or money order) and how to
   purchase the required printed text ($19.95). Once subscribed, you do not use the Class Key again…ever!
                                                                     Your total cost is only
                                                                     $39.95 + $19.95 half the
                                                                     cost of regular classes.
                     ECN120 – On-line Summer 2011                    DotLearn is fully
                                                                     interactive with many
                                                                     features that can not be
                                                                     replicated in a face-to-
                                                                     face course.

                                                                     You will purchase the
                                                                     hard-copy book for
                                                                     $19.95. Buying a hard
                                                                     copy text is required.
                                                                     Studies show students
                                                                     who purchase and read
                                                                     the hard-copy text
                                                                     perform better in class
                                                                     and have a higher
                                                                     satisfaction level with
                                                                     their educational
4. Once you’ve registered and paid, your name will be automatically entered to the class roster and you’ll
   have access to the class materials from your own home page, called My Locker. From your locker you’ll
   be able to access the class and study guide materials, as well as receive instructor announcements,
   instructor assignments, gradebook results, and other course-related information. Clicking on My Locker
   always returns you to your home page.

5. To access the online text, click the Class Materials button that appears at the top left of your My Locker
   home page. You’ll be given a dynamic table of contents. Clicking on the Chapter you want will reveal the
   sections of that chapter. Click Preview to start at the beginning of the chapter. You can also jump directly
   to a specific chapter section by clicking on the section name.
6. When you scroll down the text for each chapter, you’ll see the following buttons in the right margin:

    Explore It! – These are computer simulations designed to help you master basic course concepts.
    Solve It! –These are computer-generated exercises to help you test your mastery of the concepts.
    Principles in Practice – These are applications of economic theory.
    Global Economy – These are discussions of international issues relating to applications of economics.
    Highlights – This is a convenient summary of the chapter.

    Also, most boxed graphs have Play buttons that give you audio narration and animation.

    The Study Guide button will take you to practice multiple-choice tests, key term reviews, flash cards,
    sketch it graphing problems, highlights (chapter summary), and listen-up audio chapter summary.

You may buy your text/electronic supplements from the DMACC Bookstore for $75 (financial aid OK) or directly from the
publisher for $60 (credit card recommended). If you decide to buy from the publisher, do a Google search for “Dotlearn” and
bring up Dotlearn’s commercial website. If you are buying your text with financial aid, you should buy it from the DMACC
Bookstore. Please do NOT buy the book twice. Buy your resources either from the bookstore OR direct from Dotlean – NOT
from both.

The on-line course is structured so that students complete a certain amount of work every week - with a designated start time
and designated stop time. I have discovered that if the course is not time-sequenced, some students may postpone
completing homework until the volume of homework is very difficult to manage. Students will have structured and time-
sequenced outline that allows them to complete the course from the convenience of their own desktop or laptop.

Most computers work just fine with various learning management systems. However this cannot be guaranteed. Some
individual computers have unusual security settings, filters, bugs, or viruses, which interfere with functionality for BlackBoard
and Dotlearn. The bottom-line is that if a student's computer does not interface well with the on-line course management
system, it is the student's responsibility to find a private or school computer that processes the course information properly.
This would be the case for any on-line course.

I hope this answers all your questions with information that will be beneficial for you.

Looking forward to meeting you,


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