Instructions for Registering for Instructor Led Classes on the IAT by chenmeixiu


									  Instructions for Registering for Instructor Led Classes on
                      the IAT Website
Step 1
        Start by going to the Interagency Aviation Training website at
        If you don’t already have a profile, continue on to Step 2, if you have a profile,
        see Step 3.

        To get a profile, simply click on the sign-up button, follow the instructions for
        filling out the form, and continue to Step 3.

Step 3
        To register for a class, click the login button and enter your username and

Step 4
        Click on View Training Schedule and Register for Instructor-Led Classes.

Step 5
        Check the box       B3 - Combination Helicopter/Airplane Safety, (or whichever course
        for which you happen to be enrolling) then scroll to the bottom of the page and
        click the Show Classes button.

Step 6
        Find the location you in which you are planning to take the course, and click on
        the appropriate link. Then simply click the Register button, and you should be all

Note: It is possible for you to get credit for the course even if you don’t have a profile or
if you have a profile but didn’t register for the class. However, this puts an extra
workload on the instructor, and may create a delay for the whole class to get credit, so
you are highly encouraged to be registered beforehand. It is also encouraged to provide
an email address when you get your profile, as you can easily be contacted about
cancellations and changes.

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