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									Puzzle Mats – A great Choice for Sports Mats

When choosing a mat for your gym or fighting facility you want to find a mat that can meet all the needs
that you may have. Mats serve many purposes in the world of sports and exercising and a good mat is
going to meet most if not all of those purposes effectively. A good mat is stability, injury prevention and
much more, making them a must for all sports facilities particularly those where stress is put on the
joints or body in any way. There are many different types of mats available, such as puzzle mats, and
what you are using your mat for will depend on the type of mat you use.

When choosing a mat and a company to buy it from it is important that you consider what sort of sports
and exercise will be done on the mat, as well as how often it will be used, by how many people and
overall what type of wear and tear that you expect it to get. Because of safety issues it is important that
you buy the right mat for the purpose it is intended for, and you should always buy the best mats that
you can afford. Puzzle mats are good basic all around mats that are used for many different types of
sports; these are often the best choice if your facility offers more than one type of sport.

Puzzle mats are mats that have interlocking edges, these types of mats lock together securely
preventing the possibility of mats slipping or rucking up. Normally they have a tight fit much like the
pieces of a puzzle, this is much safer over all since there is less chance of the mats getting pulled up,
tripped on, or having them skid under duress. Puzzle mats each come with two edge pieces allowing you
to build your mat to the size you want then finish off the edges to a flat finish.

Puzzle mats are easy to care for and can be taken apart easily washed and then replaced. This is not
something you can do with some other traditional mats as they can be much more difficult to set into
place properly. With puzzle mats you can dismantle them, clean them and the surface beneath them
and then simply put them back together.

Puzzle mats are also far more portable than other types of mats so if you need to move your mats to
another gym or area it is simple to do, dismantle them, stack them up and transport them to their new
location. Then you can put them back together, if the area is smaller or a different shape, that is no
problem since one of the big benefits of puzzle mats is being able to fit them to the size of the area they
are intended for.

If you are looking for high quality puzzle mats for your sports or fitness facility take a look at the mats at
Zebra Mats, they offer the highest quality mats for the ultimate non slip surface and durability.

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