Windows by keralaguest


									                 Windows Vocabulary

Window - Each part of a window in the Windows operating system
has a name. The list at the top of each window (usually starts with
File, Edit, etc) is called the Control Menu. The name at the top of the
window is called the Title Bar. The three buttons at the top right are
the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons. All the way to the right,
you may have a Vertical Scroll Bar, and at the bottom, a Horizontal
Scroll Bar. Each scroll bar has a Scroll Box, and at each end of the
scroll bar are Scroll Arrow Buttons. The window itself is generally
referred to as the Workspace and the edge of the window is the

Open - To make an object accessible.

Folder - an object that can contain multiple documents. Folders are
used to organize information.

Maximize - to enlarge a window

Minimize - to convert a window into an icon

Default - A value or setting that a device or program automatically
selects if you do not specify a substitute.

Desktop - The whole computer screen, which represents an office
desktop. With a graphical interface, the icons on the screen resemble
objects that would be found on a real desktop, such as file folders, a
clock, etc.

Restore - means to return a window to its original size.

Close - to exit an application or file, thereby removing the window
from the screen; to finish work on a data file and save it.

Click - To tap on a mouse button, pressing it down and then
immediately releasing it. Note that clicking a mouse button is different
from pressing (or dragging) a mouse button, which implies that you
hold the button down without releasing it. The phrase to click on
means to select (a screen object) by moving the mouse pointer to the
object's position and clicking a mouse button.

Wallpaper - is the monitor pattern or picture or other graphic
representation that forms the background onto which all the icons,
menus and other elements of the operating system are displayed and
moved around. The wallpaper always stays in the background, and
all work is done on top of the wallpaper.

Background - The area of a display screen not covered by
characters and graphics. The background is like a canvas on top of
which characters and graphics are placed. Some monitors allow you
to control the color or shading of the background.

Path - is a list of directories where the operating system looks for
executable files if it is unable to find the file in the working directory.

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