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Queens - DOC


									                     Queen‟s High School (Kingston, Jamaica)

Kirk, I was truly touched by your speech,
the manner in which you delivered it was
sensational. Continue to do what you‟re doing, you‟re
truly a blessing.

Hi Mr. Nugent,
I must say that God indeed made you for a reason
because I was thoroughly moved by your presentation.

You are truly an inspiration, because of you,
„I Will No Longer Write About Depression‟
God Bless

Mr. Nugent
Your speech pulled out something inside of me
That I didn‟t know was there. I will „Pursue my Passion‟
and become one of the greatest woman in the world.
Nikeba Howell

I was truly inspired, you‟ve shown me that I AM the World‟s Greatest!
Continue to do the good work.
Paul-Ann James

God gave me wings, you showed me how to use them,
Eternally, I am grateful.
Jhanelle Francis

Inspired, motivated and truly out of depression,
Since I‟ve heard your story I can fulfill my dreams.
You save lives Mr. Nugent.

Believe me when I say that if I was not motivated,
I certainly am now.

You are a God sent. You‟ve open my eyes and touched my heart.
God bless
Robertha Halcott

Kirk, thanks for your insight. I am really inspired and fired up,
You‟ve brought new meaning to my life.
Simone Barrett

You really inspired me to be a person of integrity. Thanks for coming,
Because of you I am a better person.

I was truly inspired by your speech, it was very motivating and I can
Really relate to it. Thank you
Melisha Smith

Dynamic, powerful, inspirational. Thank you
Roxann (Roxie)

I needed every inspirational word that you said. Thank you.
Robby Ann

I must say that you‟ve shone some light
into our lives. I know that my eyes are now open to more,
Because of you, I now see possibilities everywhere.
Hope to hear and see more of you.

Thank you for your time. You have really
displayed the true meaning of motivation to me, and opened
my eyes to my dreams.
Shaneika Lee

Indeed you have motivated me to „Pursue my passion‟ and it is my earnest
desire that you continue to touch the lives of others the way you‟ve touched
mine today.

You have made me realize how important it is for me to have a dream.
Thank you for waking me up from my nightmare. You are truly an inspiration.
“I AM”

I truly appreciate what you‟ve done for us. Your speech was encouraging.
God bless and I thank you. Be sure to visit us soon.

I wish to express thanks to you for the motivational speech. It encouraged me to live and
not be afraid. I now feel fully alive. Continue to do what you do best, bring Light and joy
to people all over the world.
Tashsema Pusey

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