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Dental Assistants need to make sure they fully understand the risk of communicable
diseases. A communicable disease is one that is transmitted by saliva, blood, and other
bodily fluids. Dental Assistants are at a very high risk because their hands come into
contact with patient’s mouths all day long. This exposes them to saliva and often blood.
While patients are asked to disclose information about communicable diseases including
HIV, many choose not to. Some communicable diseases such as herpes form sores in the
mouth and Dental Assistants need to be able to identify them. A Dental Assistant should
assume every patient is contagious and take all precautions against infection.

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You can complete your Dental Assistant training in about 12 to 24 months. This will
provide you with the necessary skills to work in a dental facility. If you are interested in
becoming a Dentist or Dental Hygienist, then it is a good idea to train as a Dental
Assistant first. This will provide you with the opportunity to explore the dental field and
know exactly what you are getting involved in before spending four or more years on an
education in a field you are not going to enjoy.

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Dental Assistants can find themselves easily overwhelmed with the level of responsibility
they have and the many duties of their job. Since they work hard to meet all of these
requirements, it is no wonder they can find themselves stressed out and needing someone
to talk to. It is always easier to talk to those who know exactly what you are talking
about. The medical and dental professions are known for taking enthusiastic qualified
individuals and squeezing the very life out of them will took much be asked of them on a
daily basis.

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Dental Assistants are essential to the field of dentistry. They work hard to make sure all
the dental tools are cleaned properly, patients feel comfortable, and they assist Dentists
and Hygienists with dental procedures. In addition, they help with lab work and are
trained in medical emergency procedures. Combined, these duties require individuals
who are energized and ready to help others. Dental assistants much be effective
communicators and fast learners.

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From what I’ve learned over the years about the things you’re
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Becoming a Dental Assistant offers you a great career working with people. You will
generally be working under one or more dentists. This type of career will allow you to
interact with many people as well as get to see various dental procedures take place first
hand. This profession allows you the opportunity to participate in providing dental care as
well as comfort to patients.

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The role of Dental Assistant in the area of Orthodontics is different. They will generally
still be responsible for sterilizing all dental tools. However, they will have more hands on
work inside the mouth of the patient. These tasks include fixing loose brackets, changing
rubber bands, and tightening wires. Many Dental Assistants love working in orthodontics
because of the hands on work they get to do with the patient. They also enjoy getting to
see the patient every few weeks from the beginning of the process until the end.
Generally individuals wear braces for two years or longer.

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Dental Assistants are very versatile. They are well trained in a variety of areas to properly
assist Dentists and Hygienists perform quality dental work on all individuals. The duties
will depend on the state regulations, the type of dental facility, and how that particular
facility has their operations set up. Often the smaller the dental facility, the more types of
duties the Dental Assistant will be trained in.

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There are Dental Assistants who choose to work in prison facilities because they enjoy
the challenge. Others really want to help all individuals, regardless of their criminal
activities. They feel all individuals are entitled to quality dental care. Therefore, they do
what they can to see that that level of dental care is available in all prison facilities.
Others simply do it for the fact that it often pays more than other dental facilities,
especially if you are employed as a Dental Assistant in a Federal Prison system.

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Dental Assistants work hard to help Dentists and Dental Hygienists provide quality care
to patients. They try to provide patients with the knowledge of proper dental care as well
as information about the procedures they are about to undergo. Patients have rights in
regards to their dental care that Dental Assistants need to be aware of and respectful of.

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Dental Assistants are used to working with patients who are suffering from poor dental
hygiene. Statistics show more than 10.5 million people in the United States are affected
by drug and alcohol use. Substance abuse is easily recognizable by Dental Assistants.
Many parents are left completely dumbfounded when the Dental Assistant has to inform
them that their child appears to have a drug dependency and it is affecting their oral
health. Types of drug abuse Dental Assistants encounter include sedatives, barbiturates,
and narcotics.

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