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                                                                                                             December 2009 / January 2010

President’s Page        2
Board of Directors      3
Members in Motion       4
Membership              6
Community Projects      8
Fundraising            11
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                                        American Girl Fashion Show
                                        Glynne Bassi, American Girl PR Lead |

                                        In need of a Christmas or holiday present for your daughter,
                                        granddaughter, niece, or neighbor? Look no further! Give these girls an
                                        opportunity of a lifetime and an occasion they’re sure to remember for
                                        years to come – enroll them as an American Girl® model! What a perfect
                                        gift for any girl age 6 to 12.

                                        Planning for the Ninth Annual American Girl Fashion Show is well
                                        underway. We already have over 100 model applications! The fundraiser
                                        will take place March 5 - 7, 2010 at the Golden Valley Country Club. We
                                        will have six shows during the weekend where models can showcase the
For more information visit              current offerings from the American Girl Fashion lines. Tickets are for sale                  on the JLM website; get yours today!

                                        Online applications are available with an emphasis on sizes 6X and 10.
                                        Register now, spaces are filling up. Make this show a wonderful and
                                        beneficial experience with our community and for our community!

                             The Mini is published nine times a year by the Junior League of Minneapolis. No article in this newsletter may be reprinted in
                             whole or part, except in another Junior League publication, without permission of the editor.

                             Junior League of Minneapolis • 410 Oak Grove Street • Minneapolis, MN 55403 • 612-238-8460
    President’s Page                                      Celebrating One…Celebrating All!
                                                          Anna Lyon, President and Cynthia Courtney, Sustainer President

                                            The holidays are truly the most wonderful     While we always love a good party,
                                            time of the year. From family traditions,     we know we have work to do. Actives
                                            the hustle and bustle of crowds,              and Sustainers will join together again
                                            festivities galore, and the first snowfall,   to combine all of our volunteer power
                                            you can feel the change in the air. The       to impact our community on a much
                                            holiday season also provides us with          grander scale. January Impact Days will
                                            the opportunity to reflect on the year        provide group volunteer opportunities
                                            that is coming to an end and gear up for      with an array of times, dates and
                                            everything the New Year will bring. Most      agencies, including Bridging on Monday,
                                            importantly, though, it is a time to enjoy    January 18, which is our country’s
                                            and celebrate with friends and family.        National Day of Service. For more
                                                                                          information, visit the JLM website.
                                            We are thrilled to host events in
                                            December and January that are                 We are so proud of JLM and the respect
                                            aimed at exactly that – celebrating our       and graciousness each member has for
                                            members and friends of Junior League          one another and the united commitment
                                            of Minneapolis and the community we           to our organization and its purpose.
                                            serve. These are opportunities in the         Come celebrate with us in December
                                            League where Actives and Sustainers           and January and be part of our Mission
                                            come together to uplift our organization      in Motion!
                                            and the membership of past and present,       Finally, in this season of celebration
                                            Celebrating One…Celebrating All!
Mission                                                                                   and commemoration, we want to make
                                            We could not be more honored to               a special toast to you – the dedicated,
The Junior League of Minneapolis is
                                            recognize the 2009 Katherine Phelps           purpose-driven women of JLM – wish
an organization of women committed to
                                            Award winner, Emily Anne Tuttle, at           you peace and joy, and express our
promoting voluntarism, developing the
                                            our holiday celebration on Tuesday,           gratitude for all you do!
potential of women and improving the
                                            December 8. Come hear about Emily
community through the effective action
                                            Anne’s passion and commitment to JLM          With warmest regards,
and leadership of trained volunteers.
                                            and her community as she speaks about
Its purpose is exclusively educational
                                            her lifelong journey of service while being
and charitable.
                                            honored by those she has served. Our
                                            next JLM leadership team, the 2010-           Anna B. Lyon        Cynthia A. Courtney
Reach Out Statement
                                            2011 Board of Directors, will also be         President           Sustainer President
The Junior League of Minneapolis            announced. It will be an evening you will
reaches out to women of all races,          not want to miss!
religions, and national origins who
demonstrate an interest in and
commitment to voluntarism.

Board of Directors                          Thank you to our
• President,           • VP Fundraisers,   corporate sponsors:
  Anna Lyon              Lorie Gardner
• President-Elect,     • VP Marketing,           • PLATINUM •
  Sarah Borchers         Leah Maki
• CFO/VP Finance,      • VP Membership/
  Katy Farley            Training,
                                                    • GOLD •
• Recording              Rachel Smith
  Secretary,           • VP Projects,
  Kerry Mahoney          Suzie Wilmot
                                                • SILVER •
• VP Administration,   • Legal Advisor,
  Maggie Kirchoff        Jen Reusse        Eminent Interior Design

• VP Community,        • Sustainer
  Rachel LaTour          Representative,
2                        Carolyn Dahl        December 2009 / January 2010
Board Notes
Kerry Mahoney, Recording Secretary |

• The Board reviewed the strategic plan for fundraiser
  development and the criteria that will be used to evaluate
                                                                            December Birthdays
  current and potential fundraisers.
                                                                             Sheila Stageberg, December 2
• The Board discussed membership concerns surrounding shift
                                                                             Joan Johnson, December 3
  availability and the ability to fulfill membership requirements.
  The Board created an action plan for how shifts will be able to            Julie Madison, December 3
  be filled throughout the year.                                             Claudia Sefton, December 3

• The Board reviewed details of the Gracious Giving Annual                   Charlene Jundt, December 5
  Fund campaign that was kicked off this fall. We are on track for           Kathleen Teachout, December 5
  completion of the events planned to-date.                                  Megan Olson, December 6
• The Board of Directors and the Finance Management Board                    Jennifer Trujillo, December 6
  approved Backpack Buddies’ request for a budget extension.                 Nicole Kaufman, December 7
                                                                             Frances Lukas, December 7
                                                                             Elizabeth Erusha-Kinneberg, December 8
                                                                             Ann Hewitt Wakefield, December 8
                                                                             Andrea Kramer, December 10
                                                                             Sheila Mossberg, December 10
                                                                             Erin Krueger, December 11
                                                                             Mary Janet Cargill, December 12
                                                                             Sharon Meisnitzer, December 12
                                                                             Carolyn Riley, December 12
                                                                             Peggy Kjorstad-Kaatz, December 13
                                                                             Lani McCollar, December 13

                                                                                                                 Board of Directors
                                                                             Nikki Sevey, December 13
                                                                             Betty Lillehei, December 14
                                                                             Susan Burke, December 15
                                                                             Barbara Michel, December 15
                                                                             Katie Nichols, December 15
                                                                             Margaret Pfohl, December 15
                                                                             Laurie Dolan, December 16
                                                                             Jennifer Schimpf, December 16
                                                                             Krista Forsberg, December 19
                                                                             Katie Itterman, December 19

                                                                             See page 6 for more birthdays

                                               December 2009 / January 2010                                                    3
    Members In Motion                                         Members in Motion in the Community
                                                              Rachel LaTour, VP Community |
    Our members are active and diverse. The following members were recognized by their peers as Members in Motion
    in the community. If you wish to recognize a member in a future MINI publication, please contact Rachel LaTour.

    Kris Nugent
                            No one can forget the Girl Culture exhibit that was brought to the Twin Cities by JLM
                            member Kris Nugent, but then where did she go? Kris moved to San Diego in 2005, but
                            returned to the Twin Cities with her husband Tim last June. Kris jumped right back into
                            Junior League and serves on the New Member Committee. She will help New Members
                            transition into their placements this winter. Kris is self-employed as the Executive Producer
                            and Stage Manager for Business Theatre Events.
                           Outside of JLM, Kris is Board President of Youth Performance Company (YPC). YPC is
                           in its 21st season of fueling the artistic spirit of young artists and fresh off of their second
                           Ivey Award win! YPC has four main stage productions a year, classes and residencies in
    schools, and a ”Young Artists Council” of 20+ teens who write and perform their own shows that have received local
    and national awards.
    When asked about the specifics of her presidential position with YPC, Kris states: “From marketing the teen films
    both locally and nationally (we are perfect for Oprah and Dr. Laura Berman by the way), to growing our individual
    donor program, to just brainstorming on how to expand our audience and people's awareness of who we are, it is
    fun, ever-changing work that definitely gets me out of my comfort zone! Watching our founder and AD, Jacie Knight,
    develop young artists, seeing them perform in such smart, brave, hilarious, touching ways on stage is an experience
    and energy I love to be around, and am thankful for their edgy, boundary-pushing work!”

    Megan Brennan                                              Megan Ruwe
                            Megan is a member of the           Megan and her husband Curt keep busy with their six
                            Reading Circles Committee.         month old son, David. Outside of her home life, Megan is
                           Megan is an attorney at             a member on the JLM Project Development Committee
                           Nichols Kaster, PLLP. She           and is an attorney specializing in employment counseling
                           represents employees in             and litigation at Winthrop & Weinstine, PAs. Megan also
                           cases involving discrimination,     is a member of the Board of Directors of The City, Inc., a
                           harassment, retaliation and         nonprofit that offers a variety of services to assist inner-city
                           breach of contract. Megan           youth and their families.
                           is also an adjunct professor/       Megan also provides volunteer legal services to low-
    moot court coach at the University of Minnesota Law        income owners of small businesses and nonprofit
    School.                                                    organizations through LegalCORPS, a Minnesota-based
    Outside of JLM, Megan serves on the Board of               organization that connects clients to qualified attorneys in
    Genesis II for Families. The mission of Genesis II for     the Twin Cities. She also has represented other pro bono
    Families is to promote social change by strengthening      clients in several matters.
    families and the community through programs that           Megan serves on her law firm's
    encourage self-determination, self-sufficiency and         Community Service Committee,
    healthy family lifestyles. Megan is also on the Hamline    through which she has volunteered
    University School of Law Alumni Board.                     on numerous occasions for local
                                                               organizations such as Feed My
                                                               Starving Children, the Salvation
                                                               Army and the Pajama Program.

4                                               December 2009 / January 2010
          Nancy Lindahl                         Association, the Greater Twin       President of Children’s Cancer
                                                Cities United Way, the University   Research Fund and the honor
          Nancy Lindahl is the co-founder
                                                of Minnesota Foundation, the        of being named the first female
          of Creative Strategies Plus,
                                                University of Minnesota Athletic    Commodore of the Minneapolis
          Inc. where she serves as a
                                                Advisory Council, the St. Paul      Aquatennial. Along with her
          consultant to the nonprofit sector.
                                                Foundation, the Minnesota           husband John, she has served
          She is the former Community
                                                Community Foundation, the           as co-chair of the University of
          Affairs Director of KARE-11
                                                Greater Minneapolis Council         Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium
          television where she also was
                                                of Churches, the Buckman            campaign for the past five years.
          the Eleven Who Care executive
                                                Fellowship, the Minneapolis         The Lindahls live in Deephaven
          director and Gannett Foundation
                                                Aquatennial Ambassadors             and are
          fund administrator. Prior to
                                                Foundation, the Mount Olivet        parents
          working at KARE, Nancy was an
                                                Church Council, and the             of two
          elementary teacher and Chapter
                                                Regional Parks Foundation of        grown
          I specialist in the Robbinsdale
                                                the Twin Cities.                    children,
          and Minneapolis School Districts,
          respectively.                         Nancy’s past leadership positions   Megan
                                                include: President of Junior        and
          Nancy has served on over two
                                                League of Minneapolis, National     Peter.
          dozen local nonprofit boards and
                                                President of the University of
          is currently active on the boards
                                                Minnesota Alumni Association,
          of the Minnesota Orchestral

Keira Driansky Simon
                      Keira serves on the Helping Hands Committee this year and works at CarVal Investors where
                      she is responsible for managing investments, primarily in the power and healthcare sectors.
                      Keira, originally from Penn Valley, Pennsylvania, met her husband, David, a Minnesota native,
                      while attending school at Oxford in the UK. The couple moved to Minnesota after finishing
                      graduate school at Harvard in May of 2008. Kiera is proud to say she survived her first winter
                      and jumped right into the Minneapolis community.
                        Keira serves on four nonprofit boards:
                        Orphans Against AIDS (OAA): OAA’s mission is to break the cycle of HIV/AIDS by

                                                                                                                  Members In Motion
ensuring that all children orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS receive a high-quality education. OAA
provides funding for academic scholarships that cover the cost of school fees, school uniforms, school
supplies, books, a desk and a chair, food, transportation to and from school, and basic health care such
as vaccinations and a physician check-up. The organization currently has operations in China, Ghana,
Kenya, Sierra Leona, South Africa, Thailand and Uganda. Unique among peer organizations, OAA incurs no
overhead costs in accomplishing its goals. Volunteers cover all administrative and travel expenses out of their
own pockets
United Cerebral Palsy (UCPM): UCPM’s mission is to advance the independence, productivity and full
citizenship of people with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities.
Yale Science and Engineering Association Board (YSEA): YSEA connects alumni with students, the
University, and each other to strengthen the Yale science and engineering community.
The Baldwin School for Girls – National Board of Advisors (NBA): The mission of the NBA is to
advise the Baldwin school on strategic issues ranging from fundraising to admissions.
                                           December 2009 / January 2010                                                        5
                                           Notes from Nominating
                                           Jessica Zeaske, Nominating Committee |

                                           Have you heard this one? “Leaders lead people. Managers manage
                                           tasks.” How about this one? “Leadership is doing the right thing;
                                           management is doing things right.” There are thousands of books on
                                           types of leaders, ways to manage, and the effectiveness of different
                                           styles. Whether you are looking to gain hands-on managerial skills,
                                           test your corporate leadership skills in a nonprofit setting, give back
                                           to the League by teaching others what you have learned, or just want
                                           to recommend another League member for a position, please actively
                                           participate in the next round of Straw Ballots and Personal Applications.
    December Birthdays
                                           As background, the Nominating Committee places League members
    Continued                              of all levels of experience into a wide variety of leadership positions.
    Laura Ginsburg, December 19            The entire process is confidential and is skills-based; a role’s core
    Marilyn Wooldridge, December 19        responsibilities and required experience are matched with a member’s
                                           desires, skills and experience and the needs of the League at the time.
    Melissa O'Connor, December 20
                                           Over the last several months, the Nominating Committee has been
    Barbara Gullickson, December 21        hard at work placing some of the key leadership positions within our
    Ellen Noyes, December 21               organization. With much excitement, the Board of Directors, President-
                                           Elect, and the Nominating Slate will be announced at our holiday
    Mary Schrock, December 21
                                           celebration on December 8.
    Nancy Swanson, December 21
                                           After the holidays, Nominating will begin seeking members who want to
    Lois Norby, December 22
                                           make their impact by serving in other leadership capacities. In January,
    Carolyn Peterson, December 22
                                           Personal Applications from all members interested in a Chair, Work-up
    Barbara Baker, December 24             Chair or Placement Advisor role are due. In addition, please submit
    Lucia Crane, December 25               a second Straw Ballot with the names of League members you feel
                                           should be considered for leadership roles. In March, leaders for all
    Sara Lannin, December 25
                                           nominated positions outside the Board will be announced and in the
    Tiffany Stuart, December 25            spring, the Placement Fair will be held for all members-at-large who are
    Abigail Mackenzie Kerl, December 26    seeking a general committee placement.

    Judy Wright, December 27               We know there are League members out there interested in doing the
    Megan Gaillard, December 28            right thing or doing things right, so please start discussing the process
                                           with your League colleagues and friends! Contact your Placement
    Nicole Ritten, December 29
                                           Advisor or Nominating Chair Meleah Follen with any questions.
    Joan Russell, December 29
    Tara Sullivan, December 30
    Nancy Anderly, December 31
    Darla Flanders, December 31
    Denise Kleppe, December 31

6                                         December 2009 / January 2010
January Birthdays
Sandy Day, January 1
Mary MacPhail Taylor, January 1
Patricia Williams, January 1
Cheryle Clausman, January 2
                                            January Impact Days
Joan Warner, January 2                      Karin Abel, Helping Hands Chair |
Melanie Watson, January 2
                                            One of the highlights of the JLM year is the Community
Phyllis Colwell, January 3                  Impact Days in January. These are large-scale volunteer
Katy Farley, January 3                      events during which our members work together in a
Shannah Gillespie, January 3                hands-on situation in the community.

Bethany McAfee, January 4                   Saturday, January 9 (daytime)
Sarah Trachet, January 4                    Kids In Need

Wynn Meeker, January 5                      Tuesday, January 12 (evening)
Chloe Ackman, January 6                     Arc Value Village, Brooklyn Center

Elizabeth Radichel, January 6               Tuesday, January 12 (daytime)
Rebecca Reed Farha, January 6               Second Harvest Heartland

Allison Burns, January 7                    Saturday, January 16 (daytime)
Sarah Curfman, January 7                    Arc Value Village, Richfield

Charlotte Hanley-Jacobson, January 7        Monday, January 18 (daytime)
Jerry Craig, January 8                      Martin Luther King Day (National Day of Service)
Natalie Lau, January 8
Julie Bane, January 9                       Wednesday, January 20 (evening)
                                            Second Harvest Heartland
Karen Avnery, January 10
Bridget Baird, January 10                   Impact Days count as a General Membership meeting
                                            requirement. You can sign up on the JLM website under
Kathryn Hetherington, January 12
                                            Meeting and Event Sign Up.
Bette Englund, January 13
Lauren Hesli, January 13
Mary Nelson, January 13
Sara Sternberger, January 13
Mary Smith, January 14
Ingrid Goerss, January 15
Erin Anderson, January 16
Maria Eggemeyer, January 16
Mary Lou Hughes, January 16

See page 8 for more birthdays

                                       December 2009 / January 2010                                                   7
    Community Projects
    January Birthdays Continued                       Books 4 Kids Update
                                                      Brooke Allocco, Books 4 Kids PR and Communications |
    Ashley McGill, January 16
    Katherine Petersen, January 16                    Books 4 Kids is off to a great start this year. We have collected
    Cynthia Sutter, January 16                        over 17,000 books through over 25 book drives, and we expect that
    Brandi Hagen, January 17                          number to increase over the holidays. Book drives have been hosted
                                                      by individual members, schools and local businesses.
    Teresa Benson, January 19
    Elizabeth Hegi, January 19                        The demand for books among our recipient organizations continues
    Jill Jensen, January 19                           to be high. We have received requests for over 20,000 books to date,
                                                      and the requests continue to come in. We will need help from JLM
    Judy Wallschlaeger, January 19
                                                      membership to meet our aggressive goal of collecting 50,000 books
    Marylouise Bowe, January 20                       this year.
    Patricia Priesmeyer, January 20
                                                      Book drives are a great way to fulfill a requirement under the
    Jennifer VanDerHorst-Larson, January 21           Community pillar, and can be held anytime between now and
    Patricia Fleet, January 23                        February. Ideas for hosting a book drive include putting out a
    Elizabeth Kleber, January 23                      collection box at work, holding a holiday party and asking guests to
                                                      bring books instead of hostess gifts, or hosting a drive through your
    Jennifer Reusse, January 23
                                                      church or other community organization. Books collected can be
    Tracy Crowder, January 24
                                                      either new or gently used.
    Marcy Myers, January 24
                                                      The B4K Committee can supply you with posters, boxes and any
    Sarah Polovitz, January 24
                                                      other materials you need for your book drive. For more information
    Jill Ragatz, January 24                           on hosting a drive, to sign up for a drive, or to coordinate a drop-off
    Hillary Knueppel, January 26                      for books that you have collected, please contact Wendy Fischer or
    Dana Malloy, January 26                           Pam Hoekstra.

    Sarah Punch, January 26                           Please also save the date for the Books for
    Mary Cederberg, January 27                        Bowling event on February 27. This event
    Linda Bartling, January 29                        will be planned by the New Members on the
                                                      B4K Committee and promises to be a fun
    Tiffany McShane, January 30
    Tanya Cottrell, January 31

      Community Roundtables
      Sarah Curfman, Project Development Chair |

      The Community Roundtables are open to all members              January 23, 2010
      and friends in the community. Actives and New                  The Woman’s Club Ballroom
      Members can sign up on the JLM website under Shift             9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Meet, greet and eat
      Sign Up – Project Development. Sustainers can sign             9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Speakers and discussion
      up under Meeting and Event Sign Up. Attendance at a            Topic: Community Panel Q & A
      roundtable counts toward a below the line requirement          March 27, 2010
      under the Community pillar.                                    The Woman’s Club Ballroom
      Topic: Strategic Solutions and Skills Based                    9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Meet, greet and eat
      Volunteering                                                   9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Speakers and discussion

8                                                 December 2009 / January 2010
Junior League of Minneapolis’ Scholarship through the Wallin Foundation
Each year since 2002, Junior League of Minneapolis provides a $2000 scholarship through the Wallin Scholarship
Program to a female high school senior selected on the basis of academic rigor and commitment to the community.
JLM is proud to be a part of the Wallin Scholarship Program alongside individual donors and corporate donors such
as M&I Bank and Medtronic.
Past recipients of the Wallin Scholarship include:
2009: Gabrielle Roberts from Minneapolis South High School
2008: Dannie Paskewitz from Minneapolis Southwest High School
2007: Yer Ly from Minneapolis North High School
2006: Mai Chou Lee from Patrick Henry High School
2005: Danielle Haller from Minneapolis South High School
2004: Rahma Warsame from Roosevelt High School
2003: Tiera Warren from Minneapolis North High School
2002: Rachel Cameron from Patrick Henry High School
JLM is excited to partner with the Wallin Foundation again this spring to choose our next scholarship recipient.

A letter from our most recent Wallin Scholar, Gabrielle Mariah Roberts
My first ACTUAL college semester is going great! I am          language courses. I am still going to study abroad in
taking 17 credits at the University of Minnesota-Twin          China in hopefully spring 2011 or fall 2011. I am just
Cities. I am still pursuing a career in Accounting and         unsure of exactly how long I want to be there! I am really
Finance (double major) as well as minors in Chinese            excited to be around an entirely different culture and
and Public Relations. I am considering a Computer              learn about other cultures in the world.
Technology minor as well. I was also considering the           This semester I hope to begin volunteering with the
Bachelor of Individualized Studies, which would allow          Big Brother Big Sister program. I will be looking into
me to create my own major, a major that encompasses            that after next week’s midterms. I can't wait to begin
everything that I am interested in. But that's just an         with that program. I feel that it will give me experience
option.                                                        dealing with underprivileged youth, and will show me
This semester I am off to a really good start. I am            more than one way to connect with them on a
doing very well in all of my classes and my ABSOLUTE           level that they can understand me as well as me
favorite class this semester by far is…ACCOUNTING!             understanding them. This will help me with my

                                                                                                                     Community Projects
I LOVE this class. I'm so excited to pursue my career          nonprofit organization that I hope to open in the
in Accounting. My second favorite class this semester          future as well, encompassing all of my education
is Business Statistics, which is very surprising because       and personal experiences.
in the beginning of the semester I did not much care           I want to thank ALL of you at the Junior League.
for that course. I guess you can say I am more of an           I can't even put into words exactly how much it
application person than interpretation person, and             means to me that you all choose me to be the
statistics requires a lot of interpretation. Surprisingly, I   woman of Junior League of Minneapolis. I am
am LOVING it. It's weird how I literally apply statistics to   very thankful that I do not have to work as much
many everyday situations and encounters. For example,          and I am able to focus on my school work! It
watching the news...whenever I hear "the average..."           would not be possible without the Junior League!
I automatically think population or sample, what's the         So I again want to thank ALL of you!
standard deviation, is it normally distributed information,
                                                               THANKS SO MUCH! TALK TO YOU ALL SOON!
and the questions continue to flow.
                                                               -Gabrielle Mariah Roberts
Next semester I hope to begin taking my Chinese

                                             December 2009 / January 2010                                                          9
     Community Projects

      Light from Darkness
      Kathleen Watson, LeagueAires PR Chair |

                                            As the shortest day of the year approaches, many of us look forward
                                            to celebrating change: from long, dark days to ones that are a little
                                            brighter and a little longer; from the old year to the new; from old habits
                                            to new ones.
                                            These themes of light and renewal are seen in some of the world’s
                                            major religions. The Christian liturgical year begins with the First
                                            Sunday of Advent on November 29; the Jewish Festival of Lights, or
                                            Chanukah, begins on December 12. Muslims welcome Muharram, the
                                            Islamic New Year, on December 18; and Wiccans celebrate Yule on
                                            December 21, the winter solstice.
                                          It occurs to me that, in many ways, “light” is really what the singing
                                          sisterhood of LeagueAires is all about. When we start our trouping
      season in mid-January, days are still short, often the sun is hidden behind clouds, and temperatures are
      frigid. For our key audience – seniors who are largely confined to nursing homes, and developmentally
      disabled kids and adults – this can be a bleak time of year, indeed.
      We’re fortunate that we’re able to bring some sunshine into senior residences, group homes, and
      workshops for special-needs adults. We delight in the physical activities of singing and dancing, and – at
      least as important – we love having the chance to be heroes when we bring our music and our smiles into
      our audiences’ lives.
      Sometimes it’s tough to keep singing. It’s easy to get kind of choked up when a frail Army veteran
      struggles to stand during a patriotic sing-along song; when a slumped-over woman slowly straightens up
      and softly joins us in song; when a young man with Down syndrome starts exuberantly waving his arms
      to the music. However, that’s when we know we’re bringing some joy and light into the world. And we’re
      honored to have the chance.
      Nadia Boulanger, French conductor and teacher of musical composition, said, “The art of music is so
      deep and profound that to approach it very seriously only is not enough. One must approach music with a
      serious rigor and, at the same time, with a great, affectionate joy.” LeagueAires certainly know how to do
      both: We rigorously apply ourselves to learning our music, and we joyfully, even lovingly, share the light
      and light-heartedness of it with others. I think Nadia would be proud.
      Life is good.

10                                             December 2009 / January 2010
Simply the Best – JLM Spring Fling 2010
Michelle Thomas, ONF Marketing Director |
Simply the Best                            For $85, you will receive access to    the entire event, and much more. In
April 17, 2010                             the entire event, two drink tickets,   addition, Simply the Best will have a
Wayzata Country Club                       food and much more. For $1750 you      few surprises that you will not want
                                           can purchase a table for 10, and       to miss.
The holiday season is a time for
                                           your group will be invited to a wine
gathering and celebrating with                                                    The holiday season inspires us to
friends and family. We attend year-                                               help those who are less fortunate.
end festivities and in the spirit of                                              The League is fortunate to have
giving get caught in the mad rush to                                              the opportunity to offer services
find the perfect gift for loved ones                                              year-round, connecting with the
that seem to have everything. As you                                              community through our projects. So,
scurry about your holiday season,                                                 grab a cup of cheer and help JLM
the One Night Fundraiser Committee                                                ring in the New Year by purchasing
asks you to think about the spirit                                                tickets to Simply the Best. It will
of giving and how closely it relates                                              be an evening to celebrate the
to the work you do for JLM. Think                                                 successes of the 2009-2010 JLM
about purchasing tickets to Simply                                                year and help support the future
the Best, Spring Fling 2010 so the                                                success of the League.
                                           and champagne tasting pre-party
League can continue to celebrate
                                           sponsored by Barefoot Wine and         Happy Holidays --
the holiday spirit all year long.
                                           Bubbly, sit at a private table with    the One Night Fundraiser Committee
Tickets will be available for purchase     champagne, and receive two drink
via the website on January 6, 2010.        tickets per guest, food, access to


                                              December 2009 / January 2010                                                11
     ‘Tis the Season to Mind the Gap: Corporate Giving
     Greta Gruys, SEGG Gifts and Grants Committee|

     The commitment, compassion and giving from the                  of hours. Furthermore, many companies have grants
     women of Junior League of Minneapolis to their                  available for which JLM may formally apply to advance
     community is absolutely inspiring, and I proudly share          the projects of Kids in the Kitchen, Backpack Buddies,
     with friends and family the positive difference Junior          Books 4 Kids, Between the Lines and Helping Hands.
     League has made in our community. However, have you             The Gifts and Grants subcommittee of JLM encourages
     ever thought to share the mission and impact of JLM             you to look into what your employer may have to offer
     with your co-workers and employer? Your employer may            and take advantage of these funds and grants. A gift
     be able to offer additional financial assistance to JLM to      or grant to the League supports the expansion of our
     further our contributions to women and children within          mission to promote voluntarism, develop women, and
     the community. For example, many companies match                improve our community. Finally, your employer may
     or double employee donations. Some companies offer              be interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of the
     corporate donations to charitable organizations, such           League with the benefits of supporting the community
     as JLM, when you volunteer for a specified number               while simultaneously promoting their business.

       Calling all Dinner Club
       Tasha Roggow-Guswiler
       Cookbook and Dinner Club Director

       January 9 will be the first All Dinner
       Club Dinner Club, co-hosted by our
       Dinner Club Committee members
       and members of Simply the Best,
       our One Night Fundraiser! Dinner
       Club participants will enjoy a variety
       of tastes, flavors and sounds to
       celebrate 2010. Keep watching for
       recipes and menus! In addition to
       general merriment, we’ll be teaming
       up with Backpack Buddies and
       helping collect items for one of our
       newest projects.

12                                                 December 2009 / January 2010
Where does all the money go?
Tara Sullivan, Fundraiser Development Chair |
Sure, we all love a good party, a great cookbook or a fun event. But do you ever wonder where Junior League of
Minneapolis’ fundraising money goes? Of course you do!
In September we shared a diagram to help paint the picture of where fundraising dollars go.

                 Did you know                                           Did you know
                                           AND the money                   that JLM                AND, ask
                that fundraiser
                                            funds training            fundraisers offer          anyone…they
                revenue helps
                                              and great               valuable training         are both FUN to
                  fuel JLM's
                                             membership                experience for          attend and fun to
                                            experiences?                   everyone                work on!!

Let’s expand on the first bucket: Junior League of                a warehouse floor plan for maximum efficiency); price
Minneapolis’ community projects. Every time JLM                   negotiation (e.g., getting backpacks or centerpieces
raises money, that money fuels our community projects.            for free); and people management (e.g., making sure
You can follow the fundraising path straight from your            volunteers know what to do, when, and how, and have
checking account to the people who benefit:                       a great time doing it). And speaking of having a great
For example:                                                      time, that’s another halo effect of helping the community
1. You buy a Shop, Save, Share card                               through JLM!
2. The money goes into the JLM budget                             So next time you see an ad for a JLM fundraiser, or
3. Backpack Buddies buys food, using money from the               you’re working on fulfilling your requirements, think
    budget                                                        about where the dollars go and the effect they’re
4. Hungry children have food to eat over the weekend.             having on our community. It’s a three-for-one benefit:
The bonus of our projects is that they’re part of JLM,            participating in a fun event or getting a good product
which means they each have a “halo” effect. What                  (like a cookbook or a Shop, Save, Share card), honing a
kind of halo? Think of the skills you learn on a project,         variety of skills and helping someone in need.
such as inventory management (e.g., how to arrange


                                                 December 2009 / January 2010                                                 13
Interest Groups                                  Melrose Institute for Eating Disorders
The Book Club . . .
                                                       January 15 Tour • Presentation • Lunch
No Meeting December                             11:30 am Tour, 12:15 pm Presentation, Q&A, 1:15 pm Lunch
January 13, 2010                                                  Cost: $12 RSVP by January 8
 Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout
 10:00 am                                 Park Nicollet Melrose Institute
 Hostess: Eleanor Westerberg                  3525 Monterey Drive,
 5816 Amy Drive, Edina
                                              St. Louis Park 55416
February 10, 2010
 My Sister’s Keeper
 by Jodi Picoult                               Pay online at www.
 10:00 am                        or check to
 Hostess: Jan Nelson                      Treasurer, Jane Truckenbrod
 5105 Lake Ridge Road, Edina
 952.938.7703                           Sustainer Snap Shots
Questions, Marilyn Hoghaug
952.474.6672                                                                                 Left: October 24 – Community
                                                                                             Round Table with Dr. McConnell of
Mahjongg . . .                                                                               5Hu5 (Five Hundred under 5)
                                                                                             Front row:Cynthia Courtney,
• Mondays 7:00-9:00 pm
                                                                                             Dr. McConnell, Virginia Conklin
  7:00-9:00 pm                                                                               Back row: Virginia Broberg,
  Caribou Coffee at                                                                          VP Community Rachel LaTour,
  The Bookcase, Wayzata                                                                      Chair Project Development Sarah
  Contact Sharon Richardson                                                                  Curfman, Pat Fleet, Lisa Thompson
Bridge for Beginners . . .
• Contact Heather Durenberger           Right - Fall Book Event, Front: Addie
   952.401.9401                         Ingebrand, Friend Gloria McKinley,
                                        Ann Johnson, Bonnie Hayden, Back:
                                        Carolyn Riley and Terry Hork

                                        and Above, Friend Betty Ann Sebring with
                                        Harriet Smith
                                        Right - Holiday Dinner planning L to R,
                                        Nancy Lindahl, Kathleen Dodson-Smith,
                                        Mary Kay Underwood, Pam Badger, Gloria
                                        Jones (not pictured Cindy Olmanson)
                                        Above, left: Mary Cederberg, Cynthia
                                        Courtney, Heather Durenberger gather to help organize this year’s Phelps Award Dinner
                                        Left, L to R, Becky Odland, Cynthia Jurgensen, Active LeAnn Gfrerer, Vicki Brunsvold,
                                        Mary Cederberg and Sue Hodder planning the December Holiday Celebration
14                                           December 2009 / January 2010
Sustainer President’s Remarks
                                                                                               Bulletin Board
Please note Sustainer President’s Remarks in the front section of the MINI with
JLM President Anna Lyon.                                                                       Pay online at
                             - Cynthia Courtney, Sustainer President 2009-2010       
Sustainer Salutes                                                                              or mail check to
                                                                                               Sustainer Treasurer
•   To Emily Anne Staples Tuttle, 2009 Katharine Phelps Lifetime Achievement Award             (payable to JLM)
    recipient, for being an influential voice for women’s rights throughout her life through   before the reservation deadline.
    advocacy, collaboration, philanthropy, and public service.
                                                                                               Jane Truckenbrod:
•   To Cynthia Jurgensen for chairing December 8 Holiday Celebration with the                  1491 66th Avenue NE, Fridley,
    “talented” Sustainer committee - Vicki Brunsvold, Mary Cederberg, Cynthia                  MN 55432. Invite another Sustainer
    Courtney, Heather Durenberger, Sue Hodder, Becky Odland, Jennifer Shinners,
    and Lisa Walker, in partnership with Programs & Arrangements.
                                                                                               friend to join you!

•   To Linda Bartling for coordinating the Sustainer Holiday Dinner and to Cindy               January PROJECT IMPACT
    Olmanson for graciously hosting the event in her home on December 17 with the
    following “dream” team – Pam Badger, Gloria Jones, Nancy Lindahl, and Mary
                                                                                                 for Actives and Sustainers
    Kay Underwood.                                                                               at ARC Value Village,
•   To Sara Sternberger for “leading the charge” with Mary Cederberg and Lisa                    Bridging, Kids in Need,
    Weisman in facilitating the Sustainer Member Retention committee - Erin Brass,
    Virginia Conklin, Cynthia Courtney, Bette Englund, Marcia Hammond, Molly
                                                                                                 Second Harvest
    Lagermeier, Velia Melrose, Leslie Niemoeller, Jennifer Shinners, and Mary Kay
                                                                                               January 15
    Underwood. More to follow!
•   To Sustainer Editor Christie Boeder and Sustainer Treasurer Jane Truckenbrod for
                                                                                                 Melrose Institute for Eating
    embracing the new and intuitive Digital Cheetah website by keeping it updated for us.        Disorders
•   To Carol Smith of H!gh F!ve for donating more red JLM clipboards for Sustainer               11:30 am – 1:30 pm
    Reps and Program Planners. Use them proudly, touting the JLM name everywhere
    you go!
                                                                                                 Tour, Presentation, Lunch
•   To the Sustainer Nominating Committee - Sally Blood, Mary Cederberg, Cynthia                 Park Nicollet
    Courtney, Carolyn Dahl, Molly Lagermeier, Patty Murphy, and Becky Odland                     Melrose Institute
    who have been “in motion” to surface qualified Sustainers for leadership positions.
•   To Carolyn Dahl for stepping in as 2009-2010 Sustainer Rep to the Active Board of
                                                                                               January 16
    Directors and to Lisa Weisman for her five months of dedicated service.                      Ultimate Pajama Party!
•   To our dynamic Sustainer Management Board executive committee, an extremely                  For Actives and Sustainers
    proactive group, for serving the Sustainers well - Secretary Dawn Larsen,
    Treasurer Jane Truckenbrod, President-Elect Mary Cederberg, Past President                   6:00 - Midnight
    Becky Odland and Sustainer Rep to BOD Lisa Weisman.                                          Westin Edina Galleria
•   To Virginia Broberg as the 1st President of Giving WoMN Board, whose mission
    is “to nurture women’s leadership in philanthropy by engaging and educating its
                                                                                               January 26
    members while strengthening the Twin Cities through the impact of collective giving.”        Sustainer Management Board
Sustainer Snip-Its                                                                               5:30 - 7:30 pm
•   $100 Sustainer dues are due April 1, 2010. Pay now to avoid the rush. There will be          The Woman’s Club
    a $20 late fee for all members after April 1. Paying on-line for dues and events … so
    easy! Try it! –                                                     February 23
•   Forgot your password? Click on the Member Login page, enter your username or                 Cooking Extravangza
    email address and reset the password. Deb Johnson at headquarters has your                   Pt 1 Competition
    username if your email address doesn’t work.
                                                                                                 Pt 2 Spectator
•   When out and about in the community, take notice of Sustainers “in motion” who are
    making a difference. Share this with VP Community Rachel LaTour at rachellatour@             Reception                                                                                 Minneapolis Club
•   Save the date . . . “Simply the Best” JLM fundraiser for Actives, Sustainers, friends,
    neighbors on April 17, 2010, Wayzata Country Club. Needs auction items: frequent           March Hands-on-Month
    flyer miles, vacation homes, wine tours, ski/beach destinations, bicycles, kayaks,           for Actives and
    sports box seats/tickets, behind the scene tours, meet/greet for kids sporting team,
    race car driving/ski lessons, anything related to theme – “Best of” JLM, Twin Cities, or     Sustainers
    Minnesota. Connect with to share an idea or             American Girl,
                                                                                                 Backpack Buddies,
Sustainer Reflections                                                                            Books 4 Kids Sorting,
•   To Carol Smith on the loss of her father-in-law, Red Smith, Sr.
                                                                                                 Kids in Kitchen
                                                   December 2009 / January 2010                                                     15
   410 Oak Grove Street
  Minneapolis, MN 55403

             VP Marketing                                    Mark your
              Leah Maki
        Communications Chair
           Jennifer Föehl
  Communications Work-up Chair
        Laura Ginsburg               December
              MINI Editor               1: BOD Meeting
              Lauren Hesli              5: Breakfast with Santa
        Sustainer Page Editor           8: Holiday Celebration
           Christie Boeder
            Graphic Design           January
               Jen Abel                 5:   BOD Meeting
          Monday MINI Editor            9:   Leadership & Lattes Training
            Ingrid Goerss
                                       12:   Project Impact Day
          Advertising Sales
                                       19:   BOD & Joint Board Meetings
                                       21:   Third Thursday
            Website Editor
             Deb Johnson               23:   Community Roundtable
                                        2:   BOD Meeting
                                       16:   BOD & Joint Board Meetings
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