Sermon: Celebrate Christmas by andydeane


									                                      Christmas – Celebrate Christ

From Genesis to Malachi, one can see the progressive message of the coming Savior, the Anointed, the
Seed of David, the suffering Servant, the Prince of peace.

Many willing to die for Christ, but not as many are willing to live for Christ.

The Story of Christmas

   What are some things that you do on Christmas?
      o How many of those things actually relate to Christmas?

   What is Christmas really all about?
      o “The birth of Jesus”
      o But what does that really mean? What’s so significant about that?

   Isaiah 9:6-7 – “For unto us a child is born…”
   Isaiah 7:11-14 – “…call His name Immanuel” (God With Us)
        o God With Us – That’s why we celebrate this day. Because God came down out of heaven to be
            with us. On this day, a child was born that was 100% God and 100% man.
        o Why did God need to come to earth?
                 To save us from our sin
                 Present basic Gospel (sin/death/etc.)

   Christ’s Birth Announced to Mary - Luke 1:26-38
   The Song of Mary - Luke 1:46-55 (Don’t Read)
   Christ’s Birth Announced to Joseph – Matthew 1:19-24
   Baby Jesus is Born - Luke 2:1-7
       o No room for Jesus in the inn
       o Make room in your hearts today.
   The Angels Announce Jesus – Luke 2:8-20
   The Wise Men Worship Jesus – Matthew 2:1-12
   Simeon Sees God’s Salvation – Luke 2:25-35
       o What do you think Mary/Joseph/Jesus looked like? Just like in the nativity scene? Halos?
       o Simeon was searching for Jesus daily and found Him.
       o I wonder if we would have found Him, or if we would have been too busy playing xbox?

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