Document Sample
					      Job Title: Customer Service Specialist (Client Services)
      Positions Available: 2
      Status:    Non-exempt
      Benefits Available: Yes
      Location: Helena, MT

      Beginning Salary Range: $24,693 - $26,693 annually DOE

      Application Requirements: To apply for this position, please submit the following:
      1.    Cover Letter of Interest
      2.    Student Assistance Foundation Application for Employment
      3.    Resume Information
      4.    Authorization for Release of Information
      5.    Applicant Survey
      6.    Response to supplemental
      7.    Ten-key test from your local Job Service; taken within last 6 months
      8.    Typing test from your local Job Service; taken with last 6 months

      Deadline: Review of application packages completed bi-weekly with the positions remaining
      open until filled.

      Submit application packets to: Student Assistance Foundation
                                     Human Resource Department
                                     ATTN Maureen Foster
                                     2500 Broadway
                                     Helena, MT 59601

      If none of the applicants meet all of the required characteristics, Student Assistance Foundation
      reserves the right to select a candidate from the applicants.

      If you have questions regarding this position, you may call the Human Resource
      Department at (406)495-7313.

In order for your application package to be considered, you will need to use the following
application form as there have been revisions made. Incomplete or unsigned application
packages will not be considered.
                                               APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT
                                                              2500 Broadway, Helena, MT 59601

                                                 (PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE)

Position Applying For
Date of Application

Last Name
First Name
Middle Name

Address (Street No. or RFD Box No.)
Zip Code
Telephone Number(s): Work
Social Security Number

 How Did You Learn of This Opening?
   Advertisement                    Friend              Inquiry
   Employment Agency                Relative             Other

If you are under 18 years of age, can you provide required proof of your eligibility to work?                       Yes       No
Have you ever applied for employment with us before? If yes, give date(s).                                          Yes       No
Are you currently employed?                                                                                         Yes       No
Do you want to be informed before we contact your present employer?                                                 Yes       No
If hired, can you show proof of authorization to work in the United States?                                         Yes       No
       (Proof of citizenship or immigration status will be required upon employment).

Date available for work       /    /
What is your desired salary range? $
Are you available to work:         Full Time
                                   Part Time - (Please indicate:      Mornings          Afternoon   Evenings)
                                   Temporary (Please indicate dates available             /     /      –        /     /   )
Can you travel if the job requires it? Yes            No
Have you been convicted of a felony? (Conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from employment)               Yes       No
If yes, please explain
                                                   Education and Training
Type of School         Name and Location of School                                  Degrees                Last Year
                                                                                   Graduated?         9     10    11     12
High School
                                                                             Yes      No        GED
                                                              Major                  Degree           1     2     3      4
                                                              Major                  Degree           1     2     3      4
                                                              Major                  Degree           1     2     3      4
Graduate School
Trade or                                                                             Degree           1     2     3      4
Business School
Special,                                                                             Degree           Number of study
Technical or                                                                                          hours or credits
Indicate other relevant training or experience

SPECIALIZED SKILLS (Skills/Equipment Operated) Check the skills you possess.
          LAN (Local Area Network)               MS Word        PC                     MS Excel
          Typewriter                             MS Access      Internet/e-mail        Keyboarding

Describe any other job related specialized training or skills acquired from employment, the United States military
or other experience.

                                         PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES
                     Supervisors and/or co-workers who can vouch for your work experience.
             Name and Occupation                               Address                                    Daytime Phone#
                                                  Work History
          List the last three positions you have held beginning with your most recent or present job:
1. Employer’s Name              Position:                              Date Hired: Date Left:     Rate Ending
Address                                                                Name of Supervisor         Phone

Duties and Responsibilities:                                           Why did you leave?

2. Employer’s Name             Position:                               Date Hired:   Date Left:   Rate Ending
Address                                                                Name of Supervisor         Phone

Duties and Responsibilities:                                           Why did you leave?

3. Employer’s Name             Position:                               Date Hired:   Date Left:   Rate Ending
Address                                                                Name of Supervisor         Phone

Duties and Responsibilities:                                           Why did you leave?
                                           PROBATIONARY PERIOD

I,                                                    hereby acknowledge that should I be selected for
employment by Student Assistance Foundation, as a result of this application and, if hired, per the terms of the
offer letter, I will be employed as a probationary employee during which time continued employment is at the
absolute discretion of the Company.

Temporary and summer employees are considered probationary during the entire time they are employed by
the Company.

                   (Applicant Signature)                                (Date)

            Please read and understand this statement before signing your application.

Student Assistance Foundation is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and considers all applicants for
employment without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, marital or veteran status,
the presence of non-job related disabilities or any other legally protected status.

I certify that the information provided herein and attached to this Application for Employment is true and
complete to the best of my knowledge.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the above statements. I voluntarily give Student
Assistance Foundation, or their agent, my permission to confirm by personal inquiry, or otherwise, information
provided by me as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I release from all liability or
responsibility, all persons, companies, or corporations responding to such inquiries.

In the event of employment, I understand that false, misleading information or material omissions given in my
application or interview(s) may result in discharge. I understand, also, that I am required to abide by all policies
and procedures of Student Assistance Foundation that may from time to time be changed, suspended, revoked,
terminated or superseded by the Board of Directors and/or management of the company.

                 (Applicant Signature)                               (Date)


I hereby acknowledge that this internal applicant has notified me of their interest in applying for this position.

                        (Current Supervisor’s Signature)                                         (Date)

Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act requires us to maintain records relevant to the determinations of
whether unlawful employment practices have been or are being committed. The following survey helps
to fulfill these requirements.

This applicant survey will be separated from your application. The survey information will be kept
confidential, used only for statistical reports and other lawful uses. Analysis of the information you and
others provide will be used to monitor recruitment and selection practices.


     Job Title:
     Closing Date:


            (A) Newspaper ad                 (D) Inquiry               (G) Internet
            (B) Friend/employee              (E) Relative
             (C) Employment agency           (F) Other (specify)

3.      (M) MALE            (F) FEMALE

4. DATE OF BIRTH (month/day/year):

   Please check the one box that best describes your race/ethnicity:

        (I) American Indian or Alaskan Native
        A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North America who maintains cultural
        identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition.

        (A) Asian or Pacific Islander
        A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian
        subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands. This area includes, for example, China, India, Japan, Korea, the
        Philippines and Samoa.

        (B) Black (Not of Hispanic origin)
        A person having origins in one of the black racial groups of Africa.

        (S) Spanish (Hispanic)
        A person having origins in Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or other Spanish
        Cultures, regardless of race.

        (W) White (Not of Hispanic origin)
        A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East.


     Person with a disability:   Yes         No

(Carefully read this authorization to release information about you, then sign and date in
black ink. You may retain a copy for your records.)

I authorize my employer or prospective employer, Student Assistance Foundation,
through their investigative agent, Orion International Corporation, to obtain any
information relating to my activities from individuals, schools, residential management
agents, employers, criminal justice agencies, retail business establishments, motor
vehicle/registration departments, credit bureaus, consumer reporting agencies,
collection agencies, or other sources of information.

This information may include, but is not limited to, my academic, residential,
achievement, performance, attendance, disciplinary, employment history, criminal
history record information, driving and motor vehicle record, and financial and credit

I authorize Orion International Corporation to disclose the record of my background
investigation to the employer named above.

I authorize custodians of records and other sources of information pertaining to me to
release such information to Orion International Corporation regardless of any
previous agreement to the contrary.

Copies of this authorization that show my signature are as valid as the original release
signed by me. This authorization is valid for one (1) year from the date signed or upon
my termination of my employment with the employer named above, whichever is

Signature (Sign in ink)                          Full Name (Print legibly)

Other names used

Current address                                                  Telephone

Date of birth                      Social Security Number        Date signed

Place of birth
Please read through the attached job description for this position and then
describe the following: why you would be the best candidate for this position;
what unique talents you would bring to this position; and, why you feel you would
enjoy doing this type of work.


Please include the following information in your resume.

Work Experience: Begin with your present or most recent job and include the following:
   Name and Complete Address of Employer
   Telephone Number(s)
   Dates Employed
   Supervisor
   Starting/Present Job Title
   Salary
   Work Performed
   Reason for Leaving

Include any relevant military service assignments and volunteer activities. You may
exclude organizations which indicate race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age,
disabilities or other protected status.

Include relevant prior work experience and explain how that work experience would
assist you to perform the functions of this job.

Explain any gaps in employment.

List professional, trade, business or civic activities and offices held. You may exclude
membership which would reveal gender, race, religion, national origin, age, ancestry,
disability or other protected status.
                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

     Customer Service Specialist (Client Services)

     Student Assistance Foundation (SAF)

     2500 Broadway, Helena, MT 59601
     (406) 495-7800


     Student Assistance Foundation (SAF) is a not-for-profit corporation formed in July 1999
     dedicated to helping assure financial access to post-secondary education opportunities
     for Montana citizens by offering grants, scholarships, educational outreach and other
     financial aid related programs. These programs are funded through such business
     activities as: (1) student loan servicing; and (2) administrative support services to
     MHESAC, schools, lenders, other governmental and not-for profit organizations and the
     financial aid community in their efforts to support higher education.


     Non-exempt, full-time position responsible for assisting with workloads in Contact
     Center, Documents, Financial Controls, Lender Services, Loan Conversion and
     Consolidation, Quality Assurance, Processing, and Loss Prevention departments of
     Student Assistance Foundation. The Client Services Specialist is responsible for
     servicing student loan borrowers’ accounts. This is accomplished by providing excellent
     customer service through making and receiving telephone calls; entering, maintaining,
     and archiving data and documents accurately and timely; performing account research
     in all phases of the accounts; processing forms and applications; and ensuring
     compliance with Student Assistance Foundation’s business policies and procedures and
     applicable federal and state regulations and guarantor procedures pertaining to
     servicing, due diligence, and default of student loans.


     Responsible for making and receiving telephone calls.

     a. Receives and responds to telephone inquiries about specific student loan accounts
        and/or student loan program questions from borrowers, cosigners, endorsers,
        references, lenders, schools, supervisors, and other businesses and agencies.
        Inquiries include, but are not limited to, questions about Student Assistance
        Foundation, lenders serviced by Student Assistance Foundation, MGSLP, servicing
        of borrowers’ loans, and originating or consolidating loans.

     b. Makes telephone calls to locate, encourage, counsel, and assist delinquent
        borrowers to bring their loans current and avoid default.
c. Makes telephone calls to obtain borrowers’ valid address and/or telephone number
   by contacting borrowers, cosigners, endorsers, references, lenders, schools, and
   other businesses and contacts.

Responsible for entering, maintaining, and archiving data and documents
accurately and timely.

a. Receives, retrieves, logs, responds to, and/or archives contracts, files, payments,
   reports, and other business-related documents from borrowers, cosigners,
   endorsers, references, lenders, schools, guarantors, and other businesses and
   contacts. This includes electronic as well as hard-copy forms of documents.

b. Prepares, documents, sends, and/or archives correspondence, mailings, email
   messages, faxes, files, payments, labels, lists, reports, and other documents to
   borrowers, cosigners, endorsers, references, lenders, schools, guarantors, and
   other businesses and contacts.

c. Prepares, assembles, examines, clarifies, files, and/or archives paperwork for the
   default, recall, return, rejection, and supplemental filing and accounting of student

d. Performs electronic work queue and hard-copy tickler activities to service accounts
   for borrowers, cosigners, endorsers, references, lenders, schools, guarantors, and
   other businesses and contacts.

e. Prepares, assembles, examines, clarifies, data-enters, files, and/or archives
   documents, reports, agreements, and/or information for the origination, sale,
   conversion, deconversion, and/or consolidation of student loans.

Responsible for performing account research in all phases of the accounts.

a. Researches and/or reconstructs accounts for accuracy and compliance with
   applicable federal and state regulations and guarantor procedures pertaining to
   servicing, due diligence, and default of student loans.

b. Recognizes, identifies, communicates, and/or corrects servicing errors and
   discrepancies on accounts, reports, files, documents, contracts, agreements, and/or
   systems related to student loans.

c. Performs electronic work queue and hard-copy tickler activities to research accounts
   and information for borrowers, cosigners, endorsers, references, lenders, schools,
   guarantors, and other businesses and contacts.

Responsible for ensuring compliance with Student Assistance Foundation’s
business policies and procedures and applicable federal and state regulations
and guarantor procedures pertaining to servicing, due diligence, and default of
student loans.

a. Develops and maintains a thorough understanding of all Student Assistance
   Foundation, state, guarantor, and federal regulations, policies, procedures, and/or
     b. Applies understanding of all Student Assistance Foundation, state, guarantor, and
        federal regulations, policies, procedures, and/or guidelines to assure their

     c. Ensures all activities are accomplished in an accurate, effective, and timely manner
        to comply with all policies and procedures.

     d. Requests assistance and advises supervisor whenever uncertainties or problems
        arise with any activity.

     Responsible for Consolidation processes.

     a. Receives consolidation applications and either approves or denies according to
        established Student Assistance Foundation/MHESAC policy and ensures
        compliance with state and federal regulations.

     b. Identifies borrower debt information through databases such as NSLDS and
        Clearinghouse for each application.

     c. Opens and processes mail on a daily basis.

     d. Prepares files for imaging and follow the established processes to be sure the loans
        are routed through the correct electronic workflow.

     e. Faxes Lender Verification Certificates to lenders requesting payoffs in accordance
        with established procedures.

     f.   Enters history comments onto the servicing system concerning the status of each
          consolidation application.

     g. Monitor all pending files so they will be consolidated as timely as possible.

     Responsible for processing and queues.

     a. Prepares and processes forbearances, deferments, mass separation date updates,
        correspondence, and tasks created by CAM, the system, or manually by other
        departments according to Student Assistance Foundation’s procedures and ensures
        compliance with state and federal regulations.

     b. Responds to borrower correspondence either in writing or orally according to
        Student Assistance Foundation procedures.


     a. Ensures coordinated, systematic, and efficient implementation of Student Assistance
        Foundation’s goals, Corporate Philosophy and Values, and expectations.

     b. Performs other duties as assigned by the Supervisor(s) and/or upper management
        responsible for overseeing this position.

      The Client Services Specialist reports directly to the Supervisor of the department to
      whom s/he has been assigned, and indirectly to the upper management of the




      Access                                      Calculator
      COMPASS System Software                     Excel
      Copy machines                               Facsimile (Fax) Machine
      GroupWise - E-Mail                          Printers
      Internet Explorer                           Word
      Personal Computer                           Typewriter
      Telephone with Voice Mail                   Content Manager


      Contact           Who               Why                          Frequency

      Borrowers, Lenders,                 Inquiry about accounts and                  daily
      Schools                             information about the program

      Student Assistance      Staff       To gather and share information             daily

      References                          To obtain current address and               daily
                                          telephone information

      Cosigners/Endorsers                 To obtain current address                   daily
                                          and telephone information

      Guarantors                          To gather and share information             daily


      a. Proper handling of borrowers, lenders, and all other business-related contacts is
         essential to Student Assistance Foundation’s desired image of being an outstanding
         service organization.

      b. In making decisions on what can be done to alleviate a borrower or lender problem,
         it is essential that the decision not compromise the integrity of the guarantee while
         providing the maximum assistance to the borrower or lender.

      c. Adherence to Student Assistance Foundation’s business policies, procedures, and
         processes and to federal and state laws to assure consistent, successful outcomes
         to servicing activities.

      a. Dependability (required).

      b. Strong organizational skills (required).

      c. Positive interpersonal skills (required).

      d. Strong written and verbal communication skills (required).

      e. Accuracy with numbers and spelling (required).

      f.   Ability to work with details (required).

      g. Self-initiative and ability to work with limited supervision. Ability to work in team
         settings (required).

      h. Strong desire to learn and improve (required)

      i.   Knowledge of operation of personal computers and common software such as Word
           and Excel (required).

      j.   Working knowledge of the National Guarantors Student Loan Program procedures

      k. Knowledge of FFELP regulations/policies (preferred).

      l.   Knowledge of Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act (preferred).


      The knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the responsibilities of this
      position are typically acquired through the following:

      a. High School graduate or equivalent (required).

      b. Two (2) years of personal computer experience, including experience of operating
         software in a Windows environment (required).

      c. Typing skills of 40-45 words per minute (required).

      d. One (1) year of data entry (10 key alpha and numeric data entry skills by touch at
         100 words per minute) (required).

      e. One (1) year of student loan servicing, customer service by telephone, consumer
         collection practices, and/or claim filing and processing (preferred).

      f.   One (1) year filing experience (preferred).

      g. Student Assistance Foundation Precertification certificate (preferred).

      a. Ability to sit at a computer for several hours.

      b. Repetitive tasks such as 10 key activities.

      c. Ability to lift up to ten (10) pounds to move batches of files and to maneuver a
         moving filing system.

      d.   Frequent telephone work. Long periods of time making or receiving calls.

      e.   Working with delinquent and/or irate borrowers may be stressful.

      f.   Work volume fluctuations may be stressful.

17.   TRAVEL

Student Assistance Foundation Benefit Package
  Student Assistance Foundation offers the following benefit package to its employees:

  1. During the first five years of employment, employees earn 18.5 days of annual leave and 12
     days of sick leave each year, subject to initial qualifying periods. During years 6 through 10,
     employees earn 21.5 days of annual leave each year. Employees with more than 10 years
     of service earn 25.5 days of annual leave each year.

  2. Student Assistance Foundation observes 7 fixed holidays per year. These holidays are
     designated at the beginning of each year and in most cases, parallel holidays observed by
     state government.

  3. Student Assistance Foundation grants a service bonus to employees upon successful
     completion of each year’s service. The bonus is given in the form of additional time off.
     After the completion of the first year of service, a bonus of 8 hours of annual leave will be
     granted to the employee. The service bonus increases by 2 hours each succeeding year up
     to a maximum of three additional days of annual leave.

  4. Student Assistance Foundation employees may elect to participate in the retirement program
     (403(b) tax sheltered investment program) whereby the employee contributes an amount of
     their gross salary each pay period. Employees are eligible to participate and contribute to
     the plan immediately. Student Assistance Foundation matches the employee's deferred
     amount up to 6% of their gross salary after the completion of 6 months of employment.
     Student Assistance Foundation uses American Funds as the investment provider and the
     employee directs the investment of their own retirement funds.

  5. Student Assistance Foundation employees may elect to participate in the Flexible Benefit
     Plan whereby employees may contribute pre-tax dollars from their salary for certain medical
     and child care expenses.

  6. Student Assistance Foundation employees participate in the Student Assistance Foundation
     Group Health Plan through Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Student Assistance Foundation
     provides a monthly contribution as determined by the Board of Directors annually to fully
     cover the cost of the employees insurance (contribution for FY06-07 is $475). This plan
     includes medical, dental and vision coverage. Additionally, Student Assistance Foundation
     pays for an employee’s long-term disability coverage and $20,000 of basic life insurance
     through USAble. Employees may elect coverage for a spouse and eligible dependents.
     Premiums in excess of Student Assistance Foundation’s contribution are deducted from the
     employee’s salary on a pre-tax basis. Supplemental life insurance, personal accident
     insurance, short-term disability and long term care insurance is also available at the
     employees expense.

  7. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides short-term counseling for employees and
     their immediate family. An employee may use the EAP for confidential assistance with
     personal problems interfering with their life or work.

  8. Student Assistance Foundation employees are provided the opportunity to participate in
     Wellness Program activities including an on-site exercise program, flu shots and health
9. After one year of service, an employee is eligible to participate in the Computer Purchase
   Program. In this program, Student Assistance Foundation will finance the purchase of
   personal computer equipment with a two-year interest-free loan to the employee.

10. After one year of service, an employee is eligible to participate in the Student Loan Interest
    Rate Reduction Program. Under this program, an employee is eligible for a 3% reduction in
    the interest rate on their or their children’s student loans.

11. Student Assistance Foundation has an Incentive Bonus program in place. Based on team
    performance toward company-wide goals as established each year, each employee can earn
    an additional $1,000 bonus.

12. Student Assistance Foundation provides internal and external training opportunities.
    Employees are encouraged to seek training in areas which jointly benefit them and Student
    Assistance Foundation. Student Assistance Foundation budgets $300 per employee for
    additional external training.

13. Student Assistance Foundation supports staff efforts to complete college degree programs
    that could enhance an employee’s work at Student Assistance Foundation. The Executive
    Vice President of Operations considers staff requests for degree program support. If
    approved, Student Assistance Foundation pays one-half of the tuition cost and loans the
    employee the other half. Once the employee has completed their degree, Student
    Assistance Foundation will write off the loan portion evenly over the following five years.

14. Student Assistance Foundation promotes an Employee Sponsorship Program whereby
    employees are allowed to direct the contribution of up to $50 to the charitable organization of
    their choice each year.

15. “High Five” is a program to recognize and reward employees for going “above and beyond.”
    Any employee can recognize another employee with a “High Five” card. After an employee
    gathers five cards they can be redeemed for a $25 gift certificate at a place of the
    employee’s choice.