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Receive a 500GB External Hard Drive


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									                   F   ER
            E   OF

                                                                                                       Receive a

                                                                                                         RRP $149

         Receive a 500GB External Hard Drive
         with the purchase of a Samsung R530 notebook
           1. Purchase a Samsung R530-JT01AU notebook between 10.05.10 and 30.06.10 offer period.
           2.	 Complete	all	required	fields	on	this	claim	form	
           3. Send a legible copy of this completed claim form together with a copy of your purchase receipt by email or fax to:
      or (02) 8458 0785 by no later than 5:00 pm AEST on 28.07.10.

         *First Name: ______________________________________ *Family Name: ______________________________________________

         Organisation: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

         Unit/*Street No.: __________________________________ *Street Name: ______________________________________________

         *Suburb: __________________________________________ *State: ________________ *Postcode: _______________________

         *Phone Number: ___________________________________ *Email: _____________________________________________________

         *Store Chain/Suburb: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

         *Receipt Number: _________________________________ *Date of Purchase: _________________________________________

         *Model Number: ___________________________________ *Serial Number: ____________________________________________

         * Required fields must be completed in full to be eligible for The Offer.

               We would like to keep you informed of future SAMSUNG products and offers.
               Please tick the box if you would like to receive this information.
                                                              TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1.	 Instructions	 on	 how	 to	 claim	 and	 the	 offer	 form	 part	 of	 these	      12.	 If	the	500GB	S2	external	hard	drive	is	unavailable,	the	Promoter,	
    Terms	 and	 Conditions.	 Participation	 in	 this	 offer	 is	 deemed	                in	its	sole	discretion,	reserves	the	right	to	substitute	the	relevant	
    acceptance	 of	 these	 Terms	 and	 Conditions.	 This	 offer	 is	 not	               external	hard	drive	with	a	Samsung	product	of	equal	or	greater	
    valid	in	conjunction	with	any	other	offer.	                                         retail	value	or	equivalent	specification.	
2.	 Claims	are	only	open	to	Australian	residents	aged	18	years	or	                 13.	 The	claimant’s	500GB	S2	external	hard	drives	is	not	transferable	
    over.	Employees	(and	their	immediate	families)	of:	(a)	Samsung	                     or	exchangeable	and	cannot	be	taken	as	cash.	
    Electronics	 Australia	 Pty	 Ltd	 (ABN	 63	 002	 915	 648)	 and	 its	
                                                                                   14.	 If	this	offer	is	interfered	with	in	any	way	or	is	not	capable	of	being	
    related	bodies	corporate	(“Promoter”);	(b)	authorised	retailers,	
                                                                                        conducted	as	reasonably	anticipated	due	to	any	reason	beyond	
    distributors	and	resellers	of	the	Promoter;	and	(c)	any	agencies	
                                                                                        the	reasonable	control	of	the	Promoter,	the	Promoter	reserves	
    associated	with	this	offer	or	the	Promoter,	are	ineligible	to	claim.
                                                                                        the	 right,	 in	 its	 sole	 discretion,	 to	 the	 fullest	 extent	 permitted	
3.	 The	offer	commences	10.05.10	and	closes	at	5:00	pm	AEST	                            by	law	(a)	to	disqualify	any	claimant;	or	(b)	to	modify,	suspend,	
    on	30.06.10	(“Offer Period”).	                                                      terminate	or	cancel	the	offer,	as	appropriate.	
4.	 To	be	eligible	to	claim,	claimants	must	purchase	a	Samsung	R530	               15.	 Any	cost	associated	with	accessing	the	Promoter’s	website	for	
    Notebook,	 model	 code	 R530-JT01AU	 from	 any	 participating	                      the	purpose	of	registering	a	claim	is	the	claimant’s	responsibility	
    Retailers	(“Eligible Product”)	during	the	Offer	Period.	For	the	                    and	is	dependent	on	the	internet	service	provider	used.	
    purpose	 of	 these	 Terms	 and	 Conditions,	 “purchase”	 means	
                                                                                   16.	 The	Promoter	makes	no	guarantee	of	the	availability	of	its	web	
    payment	in	full	of	the	Eligible	Product.	Claims	cannot	be	made	
                                                                                        services	and	will	not	be	held	responsible	for	interruption	of	service	
    on	 back	 orders.	 The	 Promoter	 does	 not	 guarantee	 that	 the	
                                                                                        that	may	interfere	with	the	ability	to	participate	in	the	offer.	
    Eligible	 Product	 will	 be	 available	 for	 purchase	 throughout	 the	
    Offer	Period.	                                                                 17.	 Except	 for	 any	 liability	 that	 cannot	 be	 excluded	 by	 law,	 the	
                                                                                        Promoter	 (including	 its	 officers,	 employees	 and	 agents)	
5.	 To	 claim	 eligible	 Claimants	 must,	 following	 purchase	 of	 an	
                                                                                        excludes	 all	 liability	 (including	 negligence),	 for	 any	 personal	
    Eligible	Product:
                                                                                        injury;	 or	 any	 loss	 or	 damage	 (including	 loss	 of	 opportunity);	
      a.	Visit,	             follow	                   whether	direct,	indirect,	special	or	consequential,	arising	in	any	
         the	 prompts	 to	 download	 the	 claim	 form.	 Complete	 all	                  way	out	of	the	offer,	including,	but	not	limited	to,	where	arising	
         requested	 details	 including	 the	 product	 purchased	 and	                   out	of	the	following:	(a)	any	technical	difficulties	or	equipment	
         serial	number	details.	                                                        malfunction	(whether	or	not	under	the	Promoter’s	control);	(b)	
                                                                                        any	 theft,	 unauthorised	 access	 or	 third	 party	 interference;	 (c)	
      b.	Once	the	claim	form	has	been	completed,	send	the	claim	
                                                                                        any	claim,	original	purchase	documentation	or	a	external	hard	
         form	together	with	a	copy	of	their	purchase	receipt	by	email	
                                                                                        drive	that	is	late,	lost,	altered,	damaged	or	misdirected	(whether	
         or	 fax	 to:	 or	 (02)
                                                                                        or	 not	 after	 their	 receipt	 by	 the	 Promoter)	 due	 to	 any	 reason	
         8458 0785	 for	 validation.	 All	 purchase	 receipts	 must	 be	
                                                                                        beyond	the	reasonable	control	of	the	Promoter;	(d)	any	variation	
         received	by	the	Promoter	no	later	than	5:00	pm	AEST	on	
                                                                                        in	value	of	the	500GB	S2	external	hard	drive	to	that	stated	in	
         28.07.10.	The	Promoter	recommends	that	claimants	retain	
                                                                                        these	 Terms	 and	 Conditions;	 (e)	 any	 tax	 liability	 incurred	 by	 a	
         their	original	purchase	receipts	for	their	records.	All	claims	
                                                                                        claimant;	or	(f)	use	of	a	500GB	S2	external	hard	drive.	
         must	be	carried	out	by	the	actual	purchaser	of	the	Eligible	
         Product.	Claims	by	any	other	person	will	not	be	accepted.                 18.	 Certain	legislation	may	imply	warranties	or	conditions	or	impose	
                                                                                        obligations	 upon	 the	 Promoter	 which	 cannot	 be	 excluded,	
6.	 The	purchase	date	is	determined	by	the	date	printed	on	the	
                                                                                        restricted	or	modified	or	cannot	be	excluded,	restricted	or	modified	
    tax	 invoice	 submitted	 as	 proof	 of	 purchase.	 Any	 claims	 or	
                                                                                        except	to	a	limited	extent.	These	Terms	and	Conditions	must	be	
    proof	of	purchase	received	after	the	stated	time	limits	will	be	
                                                                                        read	subject	to	those	statutory	provisions	and	will	not	affect	any	
    deemed	invalid.
                                                                                        statutory	rights	that	a	claimant	may	have	in	relation	to	the	return	of	
7.	 The	 Promoter	 reserves	 the	 right,	 at	 any	 time,	 to	 verify	 the	              an	Eligible	Product	or	a	500GB	S2	external	hard	drive.	
    validity	of	claims	and	claimants	(including	a	claimant’s	identity,	
                                                                                   19.	 The	 Promoter	 collects	 personal	 information	 in	 order	 to	
    age	and	place	of	residence)	and	to	disqualify	any	claimant	who	
                                                                                        conduct	 the	 offer	 and	 may,	 for	 this	 purpose,	 disclose	 such	
    submits	a	claim	that	is	not	in	accordance	with	these	Terms	and	
                                                                                        information	to	third	parties,	including	but	not	limited	to	agents,	
    Conditions	or	who	tampers	with	the	claim	process.	Failure	by	
                                                                                        contractors,	service	providers,	offer	suppliers	and	as	required,	
    the	Promoter	to	enforce	any	of	its	rights	at	any	stage	does	not	
                                                                                        to	 Australian	 regulatory	 authorities.	 Validity	 of	 a	 claim	 is	
    constitute	a	waiver	of	those	rights.	
                                                                                        conditional	 on	 providing	 this	 information.	 The	 Promoter	 may,	
8.	 Incomplete,	indecipherable	or	illegible	claims	will	be	deemed	invalid.	             for	 an	 indefinite	 period,	 unless	 otherwise	 advised,	 use	 the	
9.	 The	Promoter	will	not	accept	any	liability	for	any	claims	that	are	                 information	for	promotional,	marketing,	publicity,	research	and	
    lost	or	illegible.	                                                                 profiling	 purposes,	 including	 sending	 electronic	 messages	 or	
                                                                                        telephoning	the	claimant.	Claimants	should	direct	any	request	
10.	 Every	 claimant	 who	 submits	 a	 valid	 claim	 in	 accordance	 with	              to	 access,	 update	 or	 correct	 information	 to	 the	 Promoter.	 All	
     these	Terms	and	Conditions	will	be	awarded	with	a500GB	S2	                         claims	become	the	property	of	the	Promoter.	For	further	details	
     External	 Hard	 Drive	 model	 number	 HXMU050DA	 valued	 at	                       see	the	Promoter’s	privacy	policy	at	
     $149	(RRP).
                                                                                   20.	 The	Promoter	is	Samsung	Electronics	Australia	Pty	Ltd	(ABN	63	
11.	 The	 Promoter	 reserves	 the	 right	 to	 reclaim	 the	 500GB	 S2	                  002	915	648)	of	8	Parkview	Drive	Homebush	Bay	NSW	2127,	
     external	 hard	 drive	 from	 any	 claimant	 if	 the	 initially	 purchased	         and	its	related	bodies	corporate.	
     Eligible	Product	is	returned	after	the	claim	has	been	processed	
     and	 fulfilled	 other	 than	 for	 replacement	 of	 goods	 due	 to	 a	
     genuine	 warranty	 claim.	 This	 clause	 does	 not	 limit	 or	 affect	        Any questions? Please contact the Samsung Support Team
     the	 claimant’s	 rights	 with	 regards	 to	 warranties	 on	 the	 initially	   at: Email:
     purchased	 Eligible	 Product	 either	 from	 the	 manufacturer	 or	
     implied	by	legislation.	

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