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					Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Actually, the mystery is not correct to say that the triangle, because the boundaries of the guide ships or
aircraft are missing already in excess of the triangle. Triangle was only an imagination. If we take the
map, we open in the Central America, there are many islands of the West Indies. To find out how the
shape of the Bermuda Triangle, we pull the line from the city of Miami to the city of San Juan, Puerto
Rico, from San Juan to the island of Bermuda, and back to Miami in Florida, USA. Although the actual
Bermuda Triangle mystery is ômilikö Americans, never mind we also talk about it. Actually there are
places like this elsewhere, also in America, namely in a lake called Ontario, and even more
ômengerikanö of the Bermuda Triangle.

Of the various conclusions, the compass needle and aircraft equipment that will be lost and they always
have problems like not seeing the water and from this gejalan concluded, on the seabed there certainly
are a very strong magnetic field, which could interfere with compass or pull the boat up to the deep

Not enough when I described the whole event, and it also does not lead to settlement problems. But the
form of supernatural events in the Bermuda Triangle can be presented and possibly a lot of theories
about the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps there is some disturbance in the air atmosphere in the form
ôlubang langitö. Into the hole that's an airplane without being able to go out again. From the mystery of
"Hole in the Sky" formed a theory about the existence of such a nexus between the world with another
dimension. The hole in the sky was considered a kind of means of transportation, as seen in Star Trek. Or
a hole in the sky was the UFO? People often connect us with the advent of the loss of aircraft UFOs. So,
whether the loss they were being kidnapped by a UFO? In fact, the results only got a question without
an answer.

There are places in the Bermuda Triangle is called Tongue of the Ocean or ôLidah Lautanö. Sea Aloe has
the underwater abyss (canyon) Bahamas. There were several accidents there. Not much is yet known
about the Bermuda Triangle, so that people connect with the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is
another mystery. For example, the mystery of the Sea Dragon has ever appeared in the Cape Ann,
Massachusetts USA, in August 1917. Could sea dragon is a lot to ask the victim? Or Cromwell current in
the Pacific Ocean that causes the ocean waves there or hurricanes, earthquakes on the ocean floor?
Nobody knows.

It is said that around the Bahamas there is a blue hole, which is a kind of sea caves. It used this cave is
indeed there, but after the ice age passed, the cave is submerged. Flow in it is very strong and often
made a powerful suction vortex. many small boats or people who are sucked into the blue hole was
without power, and surprisingly small vessels that is inhaled it will come back to sea after a long time.
But that begs the question is: Could the Blue Hole is able to swallow a giant ship into the ocean floor?

Another mystery that remains unsolved is the mystery of the Sargasso Sea Creatures, which are not
purely imaginary. In the Sargasso Sea, many ships that never got to goal and buried in the seabed. There
gathered ships from various ages, a treasure trove, the bodies of human remains. Mystery wide
Sargasso Sea is 3650 km to 1825 km long and wide, and the strong currents flowing around it once, thus
forming a vast vortex that rotates slowly clockwise. Based sea there are many mountains and cliffs and
canyons that have steep.

Bermuda Triangle is interesting, and scary. It is said that the waters of the Caribbean is a place that kept
many peculiarities, such as lights that obscure origin, the shadows are scary, and out of the sea surface,
the shape is not clear but bigger than a whale. Shaped like a giant jellyfish with whitish skin color and
never witnessed by two people. ôUbur jellyfish raksasaö it like being able to interfere with the compass
needle and absorb physical energy. Maybe ôubur raksasaö jellyfish is not an animal, but a UFO base that
can be in and out of the sea.

Another anomaly near the island of Puerto Rico, was a giant water jets that form the fungus or a
cauliflower. Sea where it has a depth of up to 10 km. This incident was seen by the crew of a Boeing 707
on April 11, 1963. According to them the water mold that has a diameter as wide as half the height of
900-1800 meters. Maybe it's just nuclear testing from the U.S. or other countries? But the Americans did
not membenarkannnya, because it could not have tried to bomb on the flight line. Perhaps the
explosion was from a nuclear submarine Thresher lost the day before, but the location of the loss of the
submarine thousands of miles from there.

There is a place in the waters of Boca Raton, that there there is a pipe diameter of 20 cm. Clearly does
not belong to America (for more information: People of Earth). This event is seen by husband and wife
Lloyd Wingfields. They saw a pillar of smoke there, and when approached by them, seemed a pipe
emerging from the sea floor which is the source of the smoke out. The smoke itself does not remove the
smell and yellowish. Could the pipe sticking from the fire source on the seabed? UFO base in the bottom
lautkah gives? Moreover, the depth of the sea was deep enough, so they did not dare to dive to look
further, they also look at (after) a helicopter experienced engine trouble and attempted an emergency
landing at sea.

Seeing the realities that exist and the evidence dpat maintained it, there arose various forms of theory
that may be different from each other. The theories have pointed to unlock the mystery of the loss of
the ship, among others: The existence of natural hazards / earthquakes that can pull the boat sucked.
The existence of the various currents are gathered in the Bermuda Triangle area, so it may be under
current changed suddenly to the surface and cause the whirlpool. Found the Blue Hole, but it is still
doubtful, because such a large tanker ship / aircraft carrier could not capable of being sucked by the
Blue Hole. Earthquake that caused soil and large cracks to form a vortex and suck water into it. The
existence of tornado or vortex of winds that can cause destruction of an aircraft since struck down.
Another review, in the South Pole there is a large hole that connects the outside world with another
world. There was once a man named Admiral Bryd, seen from an airplane to the West at the south pole
next to the verdant land with a lake that never freezes and wild animals like bison and look like ancient
man. As scientists Bryd who witnessed the events reported, but no one believed it.

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