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									Deeply respected representatives of companies producing board games, and also chief
editors of scanword and crossword papers, TV producers, heads of game sections in
Junior‟s Creativity Houses, casino directors and all working in the sphere of game
I, Safonov Kirill Vasilyevich, a crossword maker from Saint Petersburg, offer to you a
new, vary gambling, and exciting game named „Cross sprint‟. I have been working with
the crossword puzzle for two years and a half, but in this short period I have made up
over 100 collections of scanwords, cluewords, together with classical, Estonian, Italian,
and other word puzzles for Saint Petersburg publishers „Apelsin‟ and „Kanon‟, have
been printed in newspapers „Labor Exchange‟ and „The best word puzzle makers of
Saint Petersburg‟, in the magazine „Tanets‟ („Dance‟), and also in thick compilations of
various authors of the „Neva‟ publishing house
Both senior children of the kindergarten and the venerable members of the „What?
Where? When?‟ club (a popular Russian TV show of an educating character) can play
„cross sprint‟ – all depends on the topics which can easily be varied according to
players‟ category. As far as I know, nobody since the time when the crossword puzzle
was invented in Cape town in the beginning of the XX century by a convict Victor
Orvill has ever tried to combine the crossword or scanword puzzle and typically board
games with the cube, counters, the game field.
I did it for the first time in the world in my game. Very hopefully, in a few years „Cross
sprint‟, as well as „SCRABBLE‟ will conquer the world.
The production of the game does poses absolutely no difficulties. For shops and
supermarkets it is more preferable to produce the game in boxes, it can also be printed
in newspapers or as magazine supplements (in the latter two cases the readers will have
to cut out part of the material with scissors).
„Cross sprint‟ is good for an active home recreation within the family, will superbly
brighten up a party, help „kill time‟ to guards, firemen, to all whose work requires
prolonged spells of monotonous sittings at one and the same place.
Contests in „Cross sprint‟ can be held in Palaces and Houses of children‟s and
adolescents‟ creativity, schools, summer camps, as a means to develop erudition and
intellectual capacities among children and teenagers, both individual players and whole
teams being able to play the game.
The game can be also extremely attractive for TV, and I have no doubts that one of the
TV channels will shortly produce an enticing shows similar to „Brain Ring‟,
„Wonderfield‟, „Weak Link‟, or „How to Become a Millionaire‟ (popular Russian TV
shows), to which millions of TV spectators will be riveted. Yopu can play „Cross sprint‟
also in casinos. As I know, Saint Petersburg casino „Slava‟ was among the first to
embark on holding intellectual contests. Lump sums will be given away to direct
participants of games, also people will be able to put stakes on this or that player or
team. In this case casino managements or those of other entertaining acts will be
enabled to establish contact with bookmaking organizations.
If you want to get acquainted with the rules of the game in more detail

                                    BOARD GAME

                                         A SET

   1. Game field

   2. Cards to red line of game field with mini-crossword puzzles for 6 words – 30
   3. Cards to blue line of game field with mini-crossword puzzles for 6 words – 30

   4. Cards to green line of game field with mini-crossword puzzles for 6 words – 30

   5. Red plastic counter for red line of game field – 1 pc

   6. Blue plastic counter for blue line of game field – 1 pc

   7. Green plastic counter for green line of game field – 1 pc

   8. Cube – 1 pc

   9. Chess clock

   10. List with answers to all cards

                                RULES OF THE GAME:

A game field is a big sheet of paper (for a home game), or hard cardboard, or metal (for
a casino). On it, parallel to each other, three lines of red, blue, and green are drawn (1,
2, 3) with numbered points – stops for counters (see Fig. 1).
At each numbered point a card similar to an examination one is placed down face the
color of which corresponds to that of the line.
Every card has a mini-crossword puzzle of 6 words and questions to them (see Fig. 2).
In the beginning of a game a counter of the corresponding color is placed in a circle
The choice of the line and right of the first move is determined by casting of lots. The
players are also to choose a monitor who is to supervise the game and count on a
separate sheet how many words on a certain card each player fills in.
Players take turns in casting a cube and then making „a move‟ with their counters along
their lines of the game field to the number of points equal to the number shown by the
Coming to a standstill, he is to draw a card lying at the point, and, within a time set by
the players on a chess clock, ALOUD, in the presence of players and spectators (if there
are any), to solve the crossword puzzle of six questions printed on a card.
Players are allowed to use a pen or pencil when solving (a pencil is better, so that
records could then be erased for subsequent players).

Red line                       Blue line                      Green line
FINISH                         FINISH                         FINISH
30                             30                             30
29                             29                             29
28                             28                             28
27                             27                             27
26                             26                             26
25                             25                             25
24                             24                             24
23                             23                             23
22                    22                       22
21                    21                       21
20                    20                       20
19                    19                       19
18                    18                       18
17                    17                       17
16                    16                       16
15                    15                       15
14                    14                       14
13                    13                       13
12                    12                       12
11                    11                       11
10                    10                       10
9                     9                        9
8                     8                        8
7                     7                        7
6                     6                        6
5                     5                        5
4                     4                        4
3                     3                        3
2                     2                        2
1                     1                        1
START                 START                    START
Red line              Blue line                Green line
                        Fig. 1 Game field

                                     1. (across): A repetition of sound in
                                     1. (down): A street on the bank of a
                                        river or canal.
                                     2. A      hunter‟s   wind     musical
                                     3. A cord or string on boots for
                                        drawing together.
                                     4. A high perennial medicinal herb
                                        with yellow flower heads.
                                     5. A melancholy poem devoted to
                                        amorous motifs or general

                                     1. (across) echo
                                     1. (down) embankment
                                     2. horn 4. Arnica
                                        lace 5. elegy
 Fig. 2. Example of a card
ATTENTION! Only a player who fills in all 6 words of the crossword puzzle within a
time allotted to him can hold the point he has taken. Otherwise he is to subtract from the
number of the point he has stopped at, the number of words he has not filled in right,
and move his counter by that number down from the point, closer to „START‟ point,
and farther from the desired „FINISH‟ point.

The winner is the player who is the first to reach „FINSIH‟ point.

Dear players! Don‟t worry if you fail to fill in the first or even the second word of the
crossword puzzle immediately. If you know for sure the answers to questions 3, 4, and
5, you may fill in the difficult words a little later, being helped by the letters of the
correctly filled-in words. It is not necessary to solve a puzzle in the numerical order, the
most important is to solve it within the allotted time. A word can be even filled in
during the last 10 seconds of the allotted time.

If a player has to go down in the very beginning, he arrives again at „START‟ point, and
after two moves of the contestants starts over from it to „FINISH‟.

If close to „FINISH‟ point a player casts more scores on the cube than he has points left
from the point he is at to the desired „FINISH‟ point, he simply goes over all the points,
stops at „FINISH‟ cell and wins the game.

If a player who went down arrives, after he casts the cube, again at the point from which
he has just drawn the card, he is allowed to cast the cube until he either arrives at a point
with a card lying at it, or at „FINISH‟ point at the end of the game.
If a weak player goes down six points, and there are no cards at all seven points (he
solved them earlier), he is allowed, without casting the cube, to draw the card after the
one from which he had to go down. But if at the end of such “empty” line there is
„FINISH‟ point, the player may reach it only when there is a card with questions nearby.
Otherwise the player loses the game.

The list with answers should be concealed during the entire game. The questions and
answers can be verified only after completion of the game. The list with the answers can
also be with the monitor who himself does not take part in the game.

Prompting is expressly FORBIDDEN, but each player must protest against his partner‟s
word provided he knows for sure that the word is wrong.


The game owing to a variety of questions, can be issued in a number of series: 1-2-3-4
times a month, each time with new words and definitions. The number of lines on the
game field can be increased (7-8 lines are optimal). The lines may also be made longer,
but the number of points on each line, as you already understood from the rules of the
game should be dividable by 6. At your discretion additional cards can be placed at
„FINISH‟ point, or „FINISH‟ point be transferred down, to point 30.
Crossword puzzles and questions to them can be compiled both manually and with the
help of a computer program.

When making up a program, it is necessary:
   a) to track down repetitions of words both within a set and in different series, so as
       each time new words are proposed to players;
   b) to avoid ambiguous definitions, such as:
            1. River in Russia: KAMA (four letters are also contained in: LENA,
                NEVA etc.).
Clear attributes characteristic precisely to a given word, surname, or geographical name
should be indicated in each question for convenience of players, for instance:

   1. River in Russia on which Saint Petersburg is situated: NEVA.
   2. Principal male part in a film by E. Ryazanov „ A forgotten melody for the flute‟:

A children‟s, thematic, TV variants of the game are possible, and also on a scanword
basis – all depends on your taste and market demand.

                                            Kirill Safonov, author of the game

                                            198302, Saint Petersburg,
                                            ulitsa Marshala Kazakova 1/2, apt. 387.
                                            Phone: 157-86-59.

                                            November 1, 2002.


Kirill Safonov, author of the game

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